Waltreak Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated February 1992 by Basil Hunt. Waltreak Methodist Church adjoins this cemetery. Buchanan Memorial - This was erected in memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan in 1953. They lived in Dutch Creek Valley over 80 years and were devout Methodist. By directions of their will, the funds for the erection and maintenance of this Church in memory of their only Child, Tessie Buchanan Mitchel who preceded them in death by 30 years. The cemetery is located along Highway 80 west of Danville. It's on the right side of the road and very easy to locate.

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Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adams, Albert McCoy s/o David Jr. & Lucinda28 May 182822 Mar 1902
Adams, John Lee s/o Albert McCoy & Martha Jane (Shipp) 19 Sep 187031 Dec 1897
Attaway, Lula A. "Lucy" (Sipes) d/o Alfred & Mary F. (Lowery)21 Aug 18705 Feb 1957
Black, Elisha J.188214 Jan 1957
Black, Henry31 Dec 192630 Sep 1988
Black, Ida w/o W.O.18881929
Black, Marcell w/o Henry5 Nov 1928Living
Black, W.28 yr7 Jun 1938
Black, W.O.18881958
Buchanan, Jennie w/o John A.186920 Sep 1950
Buchanan, John A.20 May 186217 Mar 1936
Burch, Margaret Arminta (Hunt) w/o William Napoleon4 Oct 186920 Jan 1905
Burch, William Napoleon (Mason) s/o Napoleon Bonaparte & Jane17 Apr 186326 Mar 1916
Burnett, Allie w/o Walter10 Mar 190014 Oct 1985
Burnett, Walter23 Sep 188925 Jul 1965
Chaney, Luella17 Feb 19389 Jun 1938
Cowger, Mary Hattie (Sipes) d/o Alfred & Mary F. (Lowery) w/o Thomas J.23 Mar 187921 Sep 1963
Crosby, Roy Neal s/o Jessie L. & Jane Ann (Sipes)12 Mar 190015 Jul 1900
Damon, Annie Mabell d/o Henry Ames & Elizabeth Jane (Walker)6 Feb 191422 Sep 1937
Damon, Clarence Belmont s/o Henry Ames & Elizabeth Jane (Walker)28 Dec 1900Oct 1983SSDI
Damon, Elizabeth Jane (Walker) d/o Benjamin Franklin & Mary K. (Sanders) w/o Henry Ames20 Jan 1873Mar 1945
Damon, Henry Ames s/o James C. & Susan (Stevens)20 Feb 1857Feb 1931
Damon, Stella w/o Thurman20 May 19119 Nov 1985SSDI
Damon, Thurman10 Feb 1911Mar 1982SSDI
Damon, Vera w/o Clarence19061970
Duke, John Jr. s/o William Parks & Sarah Parthena12 Oct 187125 Mar 1952
Duke, Sarah Parthena w/o William Parks30 Jul 184714 Dec 1921
Duke, William Parks (Mason)26 May 1841 22 Oct 1938
Envoy, Pebble d/o Alvin & Lilly15 Mar 191111 Aug 1911
Frazier, Johney s/o J.R. & Victoria10 Jan 188931 Oct 1891
Frazier, Nettie A. d/o J.R. & Victoria23 Dec 188425 Jul 1904
Frazier, R.F.M. s/o Nettie A.
1 mo 18 ds
Frazier, Vennie2 mo 17 ds25 Oct 1883
Frazier, Victoria w/o J.R.12 Feb 186618 Feb 1890
Frazier, Willie J. s/o W.N. & M.V.10 Sep 189328 Oct 1893
Glover, Mary14 Jul 189310 Apr 1895
Harris, Judee (Morris) d/o Thomas J.C. & Mariee11 Sep 194811 Jul 2005SSDI
Havner, Daniel "Dan" s/o Lee & Jewell (Damon)1 Jan 194213 Mar 2006SSDI
Havner, DouglasB & D13 Jul 1890
Havner, Emma d/o R. & M.C.28 Jan 189725 Oct 1906
Havner, Eunice (Keener) d/o Roe 2nd w/o Hubert24 Sep 189319 Dec 1975SSDI
Havner, Hubert s/o Richard17 Dec 18919 Oct 1973SSDI
Havner, Jewell (Damon) d/o Charlie & Mary Jane (Howerton) w/o Lee6 Dec 191317 Nov 2002SSDI
Havner, Lee s/o Lee & Elizabeth (Campbell)6 Dec 190629 Dec 2000SSDI
Havner, Rev. Martin Berry "Dar" s/o Obediah & Ruth (Stone)29 Dec 18379 Apr 1910
Havner, Mary Belle w/o Richard24 May 185627 Oct 1915
Havner, Melvin M. Ark. Pvt. 1 Cl. 53 Inf. s/o Hubert & Lela (Jones)22 Jan 191527 Dec 1945
Havner, Moses E. s/o Richard & Mary Belle26 Nov 18885 Jul 1891
Havner, Reba d/o Hubert & Eunice (Keener)31 Mar 192826 Dec 1986
Havner, Richard "Dick"25 Feb 184022 Nov 1919
Heifner, Richard Dixon18 Mar 184821 Dec 1919
Henry, Gladys Pauline8 Oct 190222 Sep 1904
Henry, Mattie Bell22 Dec 189510 Dec 1904
Howerton, Bobbie2 Apr 19267 Jun 1927
Hudson, Coady Leon27 Oct 192323 Jun 1998SSDI
Hudson, David28 Jul 188528 Aug 1916
Hudson, Inf.2 Feb 19362 Feb 1936
Hudson, Jessie5 Aug 19391 Mar 1954
Hudson, Lena Ester (Miller)11 Sep 1895 16 Oct 1970
Hudson, M.A.18681943
Hudson, Pearl w/o William D.8 Feb 1908 9 Aug 1977SSDI
Hudson, Sallie5 Jan 194226 Jan 1946
Hudson, W.A.1861no date
Hudson, Wash18 Oct 18871 Jul 1959
Hudson, William David17 Nov 19075 Sep 1984SSDI
Hutchens, Callie C. (White) d/o J.H. & L.A. (Hearn) w/o J.M.25 Oct 185225 Nov 1904
Hutchens, J.M. (Mason) Civil War CSA Co. D 3rd MS Regt. Cav. Pvt. 1862-1865 s/o Redmon & Cassey (Peirson) - Dutch Creek Lodge #269, Waltreak Postmaster for 20 years, born in GA2 Jan 182722 Dec 1907
Hutchens, Mary A. (Hearn) w/o J.M.31 Oct 185015 Aug 1890
Jackson, Elmer11 Aug 189431 Mar 1954
Jackson, Jodie J. s/o J.J. & Z.A.2 Oct 18874 Jun 1890
Jones, Clyde Arthur3 Feb 189912 Sep 1975SSDI
Kendrick, L.A.no dates

Kendrick, Lena23 Feb 18915 Jun 1909
Kitchens, Beatrice "Berniece" (Miller) d/o Alfred Andrew & Ester Mae (Butler) w/o Lonnie Gray24 Dec 192111 Feb 2001SSDI
Kitchens, James K.3 Apr 18814 Feb 1964
Kitchens, Jessie L.5 Jan 18872 Jun 1949
Kitchens, Laura4 Mar 188627 Mar 1946
Kitchens, Lonnie Gray22 Dec 19198 Apr 1979SSDI
Kitchens, Lucy M.7 Jan 18908 Aug 1962
Kitchens, Zelph B.13 Feb 188411 Jun 1968SSDI
Ladd, John18581937
Lucas, Edgar Marvin
Additional Info from Ken Lucas
18 Mar 18822 Jan 1931
Lucas, Maud (Havner) d/o Richard & Mary Belle
Additional Info from Ken Lucas
24 Mar 188516 Dec 1911
McInturf, Carl D.19 Jun 19328 Oct 1991
McInturf, Eliza Belle (Black) d/o Anaise & Josephine (Pruitt) w/o James Claude18861932
McMullin, Marcus T. s/o A.J. & M.E.10 mo 10 ds3 Sep 1883
Mitchell, Charles H.1 Nov 189520 May 1953
Mitchell, Tressie O. (Buchanan) d/o John17 Jun 189211 Aug 1921
Morris, Edgar M.14 Aug 18864 Jun 1887
Morris, Thomas J.C. h/o Mariee28 Jul 190326 Jul 1986SSDI
Patterson, Martha10 mo 10 ds1881
Phillips, Rev. J.B.27 Nov 185128 Sep 1922
Phillips, Mary17 Jun 18655 Mar 1941
Prescott, Maggie d/o M.E. & L. Ann8 yr 5 mo 15 ds5 Sep 1882
Sanders, Loretta18861958
Scott, W.I. - native of McNairy Co., TN
3 Dec 1882
Shipp, Fannie C. (Bradley) w/o Rev. John Calhoun12 Sep 186324 Jul 1903
Shipp, Saluda J. (Smith) d/o Peter & Mary M/1 Harrison L. Leeth M/2 Rev. John Calhoun Shipp11 Oct 18386 May 1898
Sipes, Alfred s/o Jacob & Jane (Steel)7 Jan 18374 Jan 1917
Sipes, Mary F. (Lowery) d/o Abraham w/o Alfred9 May 183928 Feb 1899
Sipes, William P. s/o Alfred & Mary F. (Lowery)14 Sep 186215 Feb 1901
Smith, Marie (Williams) d/o Jesse & Effie (Payne)6 Mar 19062 Jun 1979SSDI
South, Joseph A. s/o J.T. & Malissi Deetha8 Aug 186923 Jan 1892
South, Malissi Deetha w/o J.T.7 Jul 1840 13 Mar 1900
South, Suzie d/o J.T. & Malissi Deetha11 Feb 187426 Jul 1886
Templeman, R.F.18591897
Watson, Sue1886192?
Williams, Bertha Mae9 Feb 189821 Jul 1926
Williams, Jesse David "Bob"4 Jul 18778 Jun 1964
Woodall, Dora V.19341934
Woodard, Florence26 Jun 188218 Dec 1955
Woodard, Grady M.17 Apr 1896Jan 1987SSDI
Woodard, Lonie D. w/o Grady M.31 Oct 190427 Feb 1975SSDI
Woodard, Wiley15 Feb 188316 Aug 1970SSDI

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