Walker Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Located near Havana, Arkansas, but in ruins.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Anglin, Charles s/o James Brunson & Lula M. (Walker)10 Apr 192321 Oct 1934
Anglin, James "Jim" s/o James Brunson & Lula M. (Walker) 21 Sep 191113 Dec 1915
Anglin, James Brunson "Brunce"18 Feb 187612 Jan 1952
Anglin, Logan s/o James Brunson & Lula M. (Walker)9 Jul 191711 Aug 1934
Anglin, Lula M. (Walker) d/o John Alexander & Nancy Jane (Nelms) w/o James Brunson (M) 3 Oct 191029 Jun 188823 Sep 1968SSDI
Fink, Henrietta Caroline (Walker) d/o Thomas A. & Malissa (Dicy) w/o Levi (M) 3 Sep 18687 Apr 18421882
Forrester, Nancy Irene (Anglin) d/o James Brunson & Lula M. (Walker)17 Dec 19144 Jul 1954
George, Theora Mae (Waters) d/o Thomas & Theora A. (Walker) w/o Ervin14 May 190613 Jan 1988
Graham Familyno dates

Lamb, Girl d/o Tom & Aliceno marker

Mason, Lafe - Blindno marker

McGugan, J.L.18 Jun 18639 Jan 1906
McGugan, James T. s/o T.C. & T.J.3 yr 4 mo 2 da7 Jun 1874
McGugan, Johnno dates

McGugan, M.C.18581935
McGugan, Mary w/o Johnno dates

McGugan, Meck B.18 Dec 185217 Jan 1932
McGugan, T.---3 Feb 1871
McGugan, Verna d/o N.K. & C.Z.27 Oct 190527 Jul 1912
Powell, Druzilla O. (Walker)29 Mar 1916 13 Oct 2001SSDI
Powell, Noel G. s/o Noel E. & Lousinda (Jean)19 Sep 191616 Nov 1990
Slay, Beulah F.3 May 18924 May 1969
Slay, E.R. Civil War CSA Rody's Co. 4th AL Cav.no dateafter 1915CPF
Slay, E.S.11 Mar 18816 Apr 1960
Slay, Mollie w/o E.S.19 Nov 18809 Jul 1914
Slay, S.E. w/o E.R.31 Aug 184110 Aug 1914
Walker, Cassandra Elizabeth "Cassie" (Rogers) d/o Joseph Jefferson & Mary Louisa (Hodges) w/o John Thomas5 Oct 187420 Jun 1957
Walker, Dora w/o Irvin Quincy18821923
Walker, George Wade s/o John Alexander & Nancy Jane (Nelms)18 Jun 187912 Mar 1948
Walker, Inf./o James Ira & Julia Clementine (Slay)19021902
Walker, Irvin Quincy s/o William Thomas Benjamin & Mary Francis (Lynch)1894no date
Walker, James Ira s/o John Alexander & Nancy Jane (Nelms)6 Oct 18711 Oct 1949
Walker, Jeff D. s/o E. & Dora24 Jul 19076 Aug 1912
Walker, John Alexander s/o Thomas H. & Malissa (Dicey) 9 Nov 184514 Nov 1918
Walker, John Thomas s/o John Alexander & Nancy Jane (Nelms)22 Apr 187126 Sep 1938
Walker, Julia Clementine "Julie" (Slay) d/o Enoch & Sarah (Burfield) w/o James Ira (M) 23 Jan 18942 May 18782 Aug 1968SSDI
Walker, Malissa (Dicey) w/o Thomas H.
Additional Info from Linda Craig
9 Jan 18199 Mar 1880
Walker, Mary Alma (Hendrix) w/o Oliver Hazard Perry1862ca. 1928
Walker, Maudie Priscilla d/o John Thomas & Cassandra Elizabeth (Rogers)3 Feb 18981900
Walker, Nancy Jane (Nelms) d/o John Morris & Mary Susan (McBride) w/o John Alexander (M) 30 May 186912 Dec 1848 14 Nov 1918
Walker, Oliver Hazard Perry s/o Thomas H. & Malissa (Dicy)1858no date
Walker, Ora19051907
Walker, Thomas H. M/1 Malissa (Dicey) ___________ M/2 Hulda ___________
Additional Info from Linda Craig
24 Apr 18179 Mar 1888
Walker, Vernia Isabel "Verna" (Hodges) d/o Martin Alexander & Mary Lonie (Jones) w/o George Wade (M) 16 Jul 19096 Oct 188827 May 1962
Waters, Lillie d/o Thomas & Theora A. (Walker)19001900
Waters, Theora A. (Walker) d/o James Alexander & Nancy Jane (Nelms) w/o Thomas25 Mar 187426 Oct 1950
Waters, Thomas1 May 187426 Mar 1963

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