Valentine Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 5 December 1991 by Arline Gray and Mable Roseborough. This cemetery is located between Havana and Waveland, Arkansas. It is on the Piney Road about 2 miles west of Hwy 309, near the Doyle Burrows home. Many monuments flattened.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Bailey, Annie18 Feb 189018 May 1895
Bailey, Caroline "Callie" w/o James K.3 Nov 185314 Nov 1925
Bailey, Claude s/o James K. & Caroline27 Jun 18853 Jan 1905
Bailey, Clayton s/o James K. & Caroline25 Feb 199117 Feb 1909
Bailey, James K.7 Jun 18553 Nov 1914
Bailey, Louthenia28 Dec 188028 Sep 1883
Benefield, Lenis (King) w/o G. Clarence6 Apr 18841907
Brewer, Elizabeth w/o J.M.11 Dec 182221 Jul 1885
Brewer, J.M.96 yr24 Aug 1896
Cameron, Herbert Lee s/o R.A. & Ella Mae29 Jul 192222 Apr 1924
Etnson, Artha Jane22 Nov 190510 Mar 1907
Fink, Lillie Ann (Adams) d/o Simon Wylie & Cleo Patra Palestine (Nelms) w/o Silas SanfordNov 18991920
Jestice, James H.20 Mar 185826 Nov 1940
Jestice, Joseph Thomas "Joe" s/o James H. & Mary Isabel (Valentine)18781937
Jestice, Mary Isabel (Valentine) d/o Benjamin Gilbert & Sarah Jane (Welch) w/o James H.6 Aug 18576 Nov 1940
Jestice, May w/o Joseph Thomas18821946
Jestice, W.H.----6 Jul 1926
King, Amos12 Oct 191311 Jul 1932
King, W.A.18491904 dates

M. dates

M. dates

McMillen, Lena19 Aug 188630 Jul 1901
McMillen, Marcus17 Oct 185425 Feb 1901
McMillen, Ruby2 Oct 189831 Jul 1900
Oates, Addie d/o J.D. & Lavonia Irene24 Oct 189113 Dec 1892
Oates, Bedford Forrest s/o J.D. & Lavonia Irene10 Jul 189310 Oct 1894
Oates, Lavonia Irene w/o J.D.25 Oct 1872 6 Jun 1894
O'Kelly, Hallie Vernon d/o Henry Benjamin & Rebecca Dyer (Bushart)18 Feb 19012 Feb 1902
O'Kelly, Henrietta "Etta" d/o Henry Benjamin & Rebecca Dyer (Bushart)24 Jan 189014 Jul 1914
Riley, Mary Lee d/o L.L. & Josie1 Mar 19185 Jun 1919
Southard, Porter Edward3 Oct 19121 Feb 1913
Stirlen, Hattie-----------28 Aug 1879
Stokes, Mary Elizabeth d/o William Fletcher & Margie Elizabeth (Waters)28 Sep 190822 Apr 1918
Sullivan, G.T. - carved on rock20 Nov 18852 Oct 1892
Valentine, Gilbert Green s/o Benjamin Gilbert & Sarah Jane (Welch)Dec 18641943
Valentine, Inf's.3 in rowno dates
Valentine, Jamesno dates

Valentine, Lucinda E. "Pet" (Smith) d/o William & Virginia Ann (Corley) w/o William Elijah18541926
Valentine, Luty Ann d/o Benjamin Gilbert & Sarah Jane (Welch) - carved on rockMar 1860no date
Valentine, dates

Valentine, Thomas Edgar s/o Benjamin Gilbert & Sarah Jane (Welch)7 Sep 185814 Jul 1885
Valentine, William Elijah s/o Benjamin Gilbert & Sarah Jane (Welch)Sep 18521936
Valentine, Zeliah M. d/o James Price & Eliza J. (Fite) 31 Dec 19047 Sep 1905
Walker, Henry s/o E.D. & Audie29 Jun 19141 Jun 1916
Walker, John Calvin Jr. s/o John Calvin Sr. & Mary Catherine (Cunningham)13 Feb 186218 Feb 1895
Waters, Coheht "Shott" s/o Robert Frank & Ola20 Nov 191616 Jun 1918
Waters, Evelela11 Nov 187128 Feb 1884
Waters, John A.7 Sep 188624 Feb 1910
Waters, Margret L. (McBride) d/o John A. & Rebeccah (Wilson) w/o Robert Frank18511917
Waters, Robert Frank18421920
Welch, Sarah Elizabeth (Lannum) w/o Thomas K.1806no date
Welch, Thomas K.1807no date
Wimblerly, Ella Fair20 Feb 189622 Apr 1897

The following information was sent in by Joseph F. Stokes 14 May 1992. There are no head stones for the ones listed below.

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Stokes, Bessie d/o William Fletcher & Margie Elizabeth (Waters)10 Jun 19062 Jul 1924
Stokes, Essie d/o William Fletcher & Margie Elizabeth (Waters)10 Jun 190628 Sep 1922
Stokes, Margie Elizabeth (Waters) w/o William FletcherJul 187025 Mar 1936
Stokes, Roy Jefferson s/o William Fletcher & Margie Elizabeth (Waters)1 May 190330 Jan 1926
Stokes, William Fletcher15 Sep 18521 Dec 1928

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