Utley Cemetery, Logan County, Arkansas

Copied and updated Oct 1991 by Louie and Anna Talley. This is on the Harkey Valley road. From Dardanelle take Hwy. 27 to Chickalah. After you cross the Chickalah Creek bridge, turn right. It's approximately 11 miles down the road. There's a sign at the front of the pasture located in front of the cemetery. This sign is just past the sign for New Blaine and Spring Lake. Turn right just beyond the cemetery sign. Go up the lane and turn right at the house. The road beyond the house is in very poor condition.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adaire, Bundie - carved on rockB & D 1904
Adaire, Inf. s/o George & AnnaB & D1 Sep 1920
Adaire, Margaret A.14 Nov 18703 Nov 1959
Adaire, Sissie - carved on rockno dates

Bidwell, Christopher Ray16 Mar 197021 Apr 1991
Brink, Maverna18941953
Chandler, Ollie Ozeal6 May 19187 Mar 2001SSDI
Chandler, Ollie Wayne7 Dec 19611 Mar 1987
Chandler, Peggy Lee w/o Ollie Wayne29 Oct 1959Living
Chandler, Ruby Jewell w/o Ollie Ozeal12 Jul 1922Living
Couthren, Elizabeth Jane "Eliza" (Copeland) w/o Marion Edward18599 May 1942
Couthren, Ike18 Mar 18911 Dec 1947
Couthren, J.O.8 Sep 19281 Jul 1992
Couthren, Marion Edward18591926
Couthren, Neicia (Capps) Lawhon24 Dec 18566 Nov 1928
Cross, ------ (4 children with just cross on concrete block)

Fairless, Fred W.25 Oct 18818 Feb 1903
Fairless, James F.6 Oct 18828 Sep 1902
Gunter, Ethel May (Lipe) d/o Henry David & Susan (Rogers) w/o William MonroeJul 1892May 1915
Haney, Henrietta6 Apr 18868 Feb 1903
Haney, Jacey188027 Apr 1902
Haney, JogleyB & D27 Apr 1902
Harkey, Alpha L. (Eastern Star)8 Jun 185312 Jul 1921
Harkey, J.W. s/o J.S. & Permelah A.26 Jun 186916 Aug 1896
Harkey, Permelah A. w/o J.S.20 Dec 1866 4 Apr 1899
Harkey, Semeon B. s/o J.S. h/o Maccis M.10 Dec 18702 Nov 1902
Housley, Nancyno dates

Jones, Beulah Irene d/o Marvin & Florence19171918
Jones, Charles Ray22 Sep 193626 Jan 1937
Jones, Edward M.18 Jul 188622 Jan 1964
Jones, Everett McKinley "Joe"6 Nov 1900 29 Dec 1927
Jones, Gneales Aay????22 Sep 193525 Jan 1937
Jones, H.L.9 Jun 190727 Nov 1907
Jones, Inf. d/o Homer & PrueB & D5 Dec 1936
Jones, Inf. d/o Homer & PrueB & D19 Dec 1942
Jones, Inf. s/o Homer & PrueB & D19 Jul 1939
Jones, Irene27 Apr 191028 Jul 1910
Jones, James H.25 Jan 18625 Jan 1944
Jones, Mary14 Jan 190915 Nov 1913
Jones, Nettie w/o James H.23 May 186620 Jun 1943
Jones, Ruth w/o Edward M.24 Jun 18885 Feb 1937
Jones, Wendell19351945
Jones, Will21 Oct 190612 Jun 1935
Linke, Alice E. - on same marker with Jacey & Henrietta Haney - sister or relative6 Apr 188425 Feb 1908
Lipe, Daisy d/o Simon Peter John Wiley Green & Mary Isabelle (Carter)no dates

Lipe, Ella D. d/o Simon Peter John Wiley Green & Mary Isabelle (Carter)27 Nov 188230 Jul 1886
Lipe, Ellen w/o Martin21 Jan 18406 Apr 1901
Lipe, Henry David s/o Sandy J. & Elizabeth C. (Shue)25 Sep 184817 Sep 1896
Lipe, J. Arthur s/o Simon Peter John Wiley Green & Mary Isabelle (Carter)16 Aug 188423 Jul 1886
Lipe, Levi A. s/o Isaac & Mary (Fink)4 Mar 18501 Sep 1853
Lipe, Mary10 Nov 182520 Feb 1887
Lipe, Ollie Josephine "Josie" (Tritt) d/o Milton Demoss & Maryetta (Rains)no dates

Lipe, S.J.7 Dec 185920 Dec 18--Broke
Lipe, Susan (Rogers) d/o John Henry & Mariah w/o Henry David12 Aug 185312 Sep 1901
McCutcheon, Mamie E. w/o Raymond O.20 Jul 19113 Sep 1995SSDI
McCutcheon, Raymond O.12 Apr 191329 Jun 1984SSDI
Owen, Ira Lee s/o Loyd & GeorgaB & D27 Apr 1945
Parker, Carlos19281929
Parker, Geneva Faye (Kirkwood) d/o Henry Edward & Lelah (Cooksey) w/o William Eugene17 Jan 191817 May 2004SSDI
Parker, Inf. d/o William B. Harrison & Myrtle (Jones)B & D9 Jun 1917
Parker, Myrtle (Jones) w/o William B. Harrison23 Dec 1892Aug 1975SSDI
Parker, William B. Harrison20 Jan 1889 Apr 1982SSDI
Parker, William Eugene s/o William B. Harrison & Myrtle (Jones)25 Mar 191625 Oct 1997SSDI
Rheuark, Thomas N. h/o Johnnie (Hall)
Tombstone picture
Robinson, Myrtle A. d/o J.F. & Lillie6 May 18997 Aug 1900
Rowland, George Washiton - home-made cement marker20 Jul 187528 Jul 1875
Tyler, Christian ShaunB & D25 Nov 1997
Utley, Carrie31 Jul 187725 Mar 1896
Utley, Cora L.2 Oct 188330 Sep 1918
Utley, Eugene1 Jul 189229 Apr 1893
Utley, George W. Civil War CSA Pvt. Sadler's Gordon's AR Inf.12 Feb 184028 Jun 1920CPF
Utley, Jane w/o George W.26 Jan 184710 Oct 1909
Utley, Joe S.5 Nov 18726 Feb 1901
Utley, Myrtle1 Feb 189030 Aug 1908
Utley, Nora20 Aug 187021 Jun 1893
Utley, Sarah6 Jan 18452 Jul 1876
Winner, Ethel May d/o William M. & Margaret M.31 May 190514 Jul 1907
Winner, Margaret M. w/o William M. (M) 12 Jul 189612 Jan 18783 May 1922
Winner, Nolan O. s/o William M. & Margaret M.31 Jul 19147 Jul 1916
Winner, Solan s/o William M. & Margaret M.6 Sep 19093 Jul 1910
Winner, William M. h/o Margaret M. & Dora (Farnam)20 Jun 187112 Oct 1929

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