Upper Spring Creek Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Revised directions courtesy of Liz Kincheloe:
Located in Ranger, Arkansas, Highway 27 between Dardanelle and Danville. Turn on County Road 23 and follow to the cemetery. Located 3.4 miles from Highway 27 on County Road 23. Cemetery is taken care of.

Copied and updated by Mabel Roseborough and Arline Gray. Originally typed by Gloria Craig.

Photograph provided by Kevin Moore.

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Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Apple, Dulcie L. w/o Edgar W.6 Nov 1903 20 May 1970
Apple, Edgar W.23 Jul 189427 Aug 1944
Apple, Pearl s/o Milton & Ellender "Ellen" (McBride)7 May 188828 Jul 1973SSDI
Apple, Tina (Lamkins) w/o Pearl18881972
Asher, America w/o Samuel9 Jul 184729 Jul 1922
Asher, Gracie21 Aug 187619 May 1953
Asher, John L.21 Dec 187815 May 1952
Asher, Lee Allen11 Mar 188622 May 1953
Asher, Samuel24 May 18426 Apr 1924
Asher, Sidney J.20 Nov 186813 Jan 1945
Askew, Glenn A.28 Nov 189419 Mar 1985SSDI
Askew, Inf. d/o Glenn A. & Marie (White)B & D31 Jan 1927
Askew, Marie (White) w/o Glenn A.7 Apr 190319 Jun 1980
Baker, Genevieve w/o Albert H.22 Aug 190614 Feb 1993
Baker, John Flemon (Mason)10 Mar 182923 May 1897
Baker, Josie d/o John Flemon & Virginia O. (Bull)4 Feb 187420 Mar 1902
Baker, Virginia O. (Bull) d/o Willis & Martha w/o John Flemon28 Dec 184023 Aug 1876
Barker, Lawana d/o W.V. & Luddie11 Jan 190916 Feb 1910
Barker, Luddie w/o W.V.27 May 188910 Jan 1915
Barker, Nora d/o W.V. & Luddie23 Sep 191113 Oct 1911
Barnett, Fay18931900
Barnett, Mary E. (Gault) w/o William W.Y.18541937
Barnett, William W.Y. s/o Matthew Huston & Fidelia J. (Simpson)21 Dec 18501939
Barnett, Winnie Fay d/o William W.Y. & Mary E. (Gault) 1 Jan 18933 May ----
Barrick, Merideth Ann d/o Earl & Maxine17 Apr 194720 Oct 1954
Blackwell, Ida M. w/o William Clarence24 Jan 188826 Feb 1915
Blackwell, Ruby Willie (Gantt) d/o Joseph Warren & Anna Oden Rosetta Isabella (Humphries) w/o William Clarence31 Dec 18961 Apr 1947
Blackwell, Vera A. d/o William Clarence & Ida M.30 Jun 19072 Nov 1907
Blackwell, William Clarence (Mason)2 Dec 188227 Jan 1966SSDI
Blackwell, William G. s/o William Clarence & Ruby Willie (Gantt)B & D12 Jul 1934
Bland, Infantno dates

Bowden, Ada (Swilling) d/o Berry T. & Cordelia A. (Haney) w/o Clomer L.19 May 188428 Nov 1947
Bowden, C.L. Jr.25 Jun 191225 Nov 1912
Bowden, Clomer L.10 Oct 188219 Aug 1948
Bowden, H.S.18841951
Bowden, Julian6 Apr 191024 Jun 1910
Bowden, Mary J. w/o W.J.20 Jul 186311 Sep 1940
Branch, Joseph S. "Bud"24 Dec 1904Jun 1979
Branch, Nettie Helen (Anderson) d/o Gust & Claudia L. (Sides) w/o Joseph S.17 Jul 192221 Aug 2005SSDI
Branch, Sidney Lewis s/o Joseph S. & Nettie Helen (Anderson)19511954
Breashears, Alyce Elizabeth (Miller) Buckles d/o Edmond & Mae (Stephens) M/1 __________ Buckles M/2 Ned Breashears14 Aug 191417 Feb 2005SSDI
Breashears, Lavenia (Carroll) w/o William Boyce (M) 9 Aug 196929 Oct 1949Living
Breashears, William Boyce s/o Ned & Alyce Elizabeth (Miller)30 Jan 194817 Sep 1977
Broadstock, Donald F. Ark. Pfc. US Army WWII19 May 191514 Jan 1973
Broadstock, Dora E.31 Oct 18767 Apr 1949
Broadstock, Iva A.2 Jan 18822 Aug 1953
Broadstock, Phoeba Elizabeth26 May 1877 6 May 1960
Broadstock, Thomas18319 Dec 1919
Broadstock, William Thomas Pfc. US Army WWII30 May 1906May 1978
Brock, Phil Pfc. US Army WWI20 Dec 1896 19 Jul 1976SSDI
Brown, Brannon Troy26 Feb 191119 Apr 1938
Brown, Brannon Twiggs25 Nov 18707 Jun 1950
Brown, C.C.13 Jan 184517 Feb 1905
Brown, Eloise Grace18981990
Brown, Fred L.4 Jan 187714 Oct 1905
Brown, G.W.25 Feb 184220 Feb 1923
Brown, George Alan26 Mar 18893 Jun 1889
Brown, Henry W.20 Mar 190419 Jun 1982
Brown, James F. Civil War Union Co. D 161 Infantryno dates

Brown, Lillian C. w/o William E.15 Jul 188426 Aug 1939
Brown, Lillie B. (Dowell) w/o Brannon Twiggs9 Mar 187710 Apr 1953
Brown, Madge L.11 Jun 19007 Sep 1986
Brown, Otho C.11 Jun 188222 Jan 1966
Brown, Sarah D. w/o C.C.16 Sep 184622 Jan 1934
Brown, Verna D. w/o Henry W.6 Oct 1904 22 Aug 1967
Brown, Vina Mae w/o Otho C.5 Jan 18901 May 1957
Brown, William E.18741942
Brown, William Ernest20 Jul 189017 Aug 1892
Brown, Zola (Sanders)12 Oct 188715 Jun 1947
Bruton - (2 same surname)not readable

Bruton, Arthur7 Apr 188110 Apr 1913
Bruton, Dr. H.P. s/o James & Sarah Angel15 Jul 184018 Apr 1891
Bruton, Lee - erected by Maud Barnett18761937
Bruton, Louella (Fowler) d/o Coleman & Martha R. 1st w/o H.P.20 yr 8 mo 3 da19 Dec 1876
Bruton, Mollie L. (Stafford) d/o Dr. Stafford 2nd w/o H.P. 22 yr 10 mo 3 da13 Sep 1883
Burfield, Elizabeth18541910
Burfield, Jim18501913
Caldwell, C.W.19 Aug 185813 Feb 1915
Caldwell, Chester19224 Dec 1940
Caldwell, Mary E. w/o C.W.20 Jun 18598 Dec 1903
Cameron, Martha Adeline (Vaughn) d/o William & Hannah (House) w/o Thomas Rush17 Nov 184230 Jan 1890
Cameron, Thomas Rush8 Jan 18291912
Campbell, O.F.3 Apr 189013 May 1945
Campbell, Willie A. w/o O.F.5 Mar 1904 12 Dec 1993SSDI
Carl, Frank J. IL Sgt. 1 Mech. Regt. As WWI7 Oct 189131 Dec 1949
Carroll, Herbert William s/o W.B.22 Oct 192210 Apr 1930
Carroll, W.B.18891932
Chambers, Boyce W.15 Jun 192713 Jan 1956
Chambers, Infantno dates

Chambers, Prudie18871937
Chambers, Robert B.29 Oct 188225 Feb 1945
Chambers, William I. CA Sgt. Army Air Forces WWII11 Aug 19217 Apr 1974
Choate, Amy Belle d/o J.H. & Bettie29 Sep 187910 Jun 1902
Choate, Roosevelt s/o Thomas & Allosha28 Jun 19001 Jul 1901
Claude, Imo Jean d/o Wadeno dates

Cline, Bobby15 Feb 1937Living
Cline, Helen (York) d/o Hugh Melton & Lula Bell (Ingram) w/o John E.16 Feb 191918 Sep 2004SSDI
Cline, Patsy w/o Bobby9 May 194310 Feb 1974
Cobb, Clyde H.17 Aug 18903 Feb 1960
Cobb, Eulurle w/o Forrest Vandon29 May 189916 Dec 1944
Cobb, Forrest Vandon12 Apr 18991 Feb 1986SSDI
Cobb, Ollie J. w/o Clyde H.10 Jan 1887 7 May 1963
Cobb, Otho & Otto - TwinsB & D 1 Aug 1915
Cobb, Virginia d/o Clyde H. & Ollie J.16 Jul 191721 Oct 1918
Cobb, William H.14 Jun 185914 Aug 1937
Cobbler, Jimmy Craig24 Mar 186230 Jul 1920
Cobbler, Mary V.19 Nov 187110 Jun 1968
Cobbler, Nola (Sisson)9 Apr 191720 Jul 1964
Cox, Dorothy Maxine (Dill) d/o Andrew & Beryl (Light) w/o Gene28 Apr 193226 Apr 1997SSDI
Crownover, ---------------not readable

Crownover, Alpha A. w/o John H.10 May 186426 Jun 1938
Crownover, Effie Azzielee w/o Jered J.17 Mar 187513 Aug 1956
Crownover, Henry Grady Ark. Pvt. 127 Infantry 32 Div. WWI
Additional Info from Judith Harkey Carley
28 Oct 18936 Jan 1950WWIR
Crownover, James J.10 Feb 18276 Apr 1909
Crownover, Jane (Swilling) d/o William & Susan w/o John T.8 Dec 1848no date
Crownover, Jered J. (Mason)187214 Aug 1928
Crownover, John H.11 Jul 18613 Dec 1936
Crownover, John T. s/o Daniel D. Jr. & Polly (George)10 Apr 183820 Apr 1916
Crownover, Julie12 Jul 187328 Feb 1928
Crownover, Lee A.3 Mar 187928 Jul 1881
Crownover, Malvie (Harkey) d/o John Kay & Edna (McBride) w/o Henry Grady
Additional Info from Judith Harkey Carley
6 Sep 190828 Apr 2001SSDI
Crownover, Norman s/o R.H. & M.F.12 Aug 190414 Oct 1905
Crownover, R.H.5 Apr 188121 Sep 1921
Crownover, Rebecca J. w/o James J.4 May 1839no date
Crownover, Robert7 Jan 187724 Sep 1902
Crownover, T.D.29 Jul 185915 Aug 1934
Crownover, W.H.26 Mar 186721 Aug 1938
Crownover, Willie w/o W.H.4 Nov 187111 Sep 1936
Dart, Exie Louella (Reed) d/o Noah & Louise Idella (Hibbs) w/o Thomas Melvil
Additional Information by Jane
20 Oct 189315 Jan 1978SSDI
Dart, Irene S. (Reed) d/o Clavin Mathias & Mary Lee (Sherril) w/o Melvin Ray
Additional Information by Jane
2 Jun 192026 Sep 1972
Dart, Mary Ruth d/o Thomas Melvil & Exie Louella (Reed)
Additional Information by Jane
26 Apr 19263 Feb 1931
Dart, Melvin Ray (Mason) s/o Thomas Melvil & Exie Louella (Reed)
Additional Information by Jane
22 Apr 191625 Aug 1993
Dart, Thomas Melvil s/o Thomas Isaac & Ellen Elizabeth (Fiddler) gf/o Jane
Additional Information by Jane
30 May 188631 May 1961
Demmitt, Augusta19 May 1878no date
Demmitt, Charley T.5 Sep 190022 May 1944
Demmitt, Wilber Franklin Pvt. US Army WWII6 Feb 191914 Feb 1988
Dennis, Carter8 May 192529 Oct 1985
Dennis, Geneva "Gee" (Lane) w/o Zack (M) 6 Oct 193418 Feb 19157 Jun 2003
Dennis, Hazel Dale15 Dec 1930no date
Dennis, Zack "Bud"3 Jul 19139 Oct 1987
Dickey, Raymond Leon US Army WWII s/o Alfred Francis & Clyde Harriet (Moudy) h/o Margaret (Adams)1 May 192120 Mar 2004SSDI
Dimitt, Herbert Ray Ark. Cpl. 768 Bomb Sq. AAF WWII s/o Jesse Howard & Myrtle Mae (Crownover)31 Jan 19168 Nov 1958
Dimitt, James Howard s/o Jesse Howard & Myrtle Mae (Crownover) h/o Geraldine "Judy"2 Dec 193219 Feb 2004SSDI
Dimitt, Jesse Howard19 Aug 18733 Apr 1953
Dimitt, Jessie Raymond30 Dec 190623 Nov 1981
Dimitt, Judy Darlene d/o James Howard & Geraldine "Judy" 11 mo1 Jun 1953
Dimitt, Myrtle Mae (Crownover) w/o Jesse Howard3 Jul 18865 Feb 1966
Dimitt, Verl Leon s/o Jesse Howard & Myrtle Mae (Crownover)20 Nov 192229 Nov 1984 SSDI
Dixon, Robert Leon Ark. Pfc. Army Air Force WWII24 Feb 192818 Jul 1973SSDI
Dow, Archie Oram Cpl. US Army6 Jun 1905 24 Mar 1979SSDI
Dow, Lawana E. w/o Archie Oram14 Dec 190611 Aug 1978SSDI
Duncan, J.A.18691954
Eddy, Elizabeth J. (Moore) w/o Samuel22 Aug 185226 Nov 1923
Edmonds, Paul P. s/o William & Nellie (Hartman) h/o Chung Hi Kim19 Feb 191730 Mar 2001
Elmore, A.J.18861948
Elmore, Annie Bell (Lane) w/o Odell (M) 4 Oct 192415 Oct 190224 Jul 1980SSDI
Elmore, Bartley Coleman2 Apr 187614 Mar 1951
Elmore, Inf. s/o John H. & Mary C.21 da2 Apr 1884
Elmore, John H.6 Oct 184123 Jul 1901
Elmore, Katy L. w/o R.R.21 yr 10 mo 17 da2 Nov 1898
Elmore, Lavern d/o Vernon14 Feb 193915 Feb 1939
Elmore, Mary C. w/o John H.18 May 1842 6 Aug 1895
Elmore, Mary M. w/o Bartley Coleman1880 1950
Elmore, Nellie O. (Haney) w/o Bartley Coleman22 Jun 187918 Jul 1912
Elmore, Odell M/1 Annie Bell (Lane) M/2 Irene (Sides)30 Oct 19036 Oct 1992SSDI
Farrow, Fannie (Barnett) d/o William W.Y. & Mary E. (Gault) w/o William Aldine6 Sep 188223 Jan 1968
Farrow, Glenn H. s/o Thomas Hannibal Jr. & Sarah Ella (Gant)29 Jun 190917 May 1975SSDI
Farrow, Inf. s/o J.L. & A.B & D 23 Mar 1914
Farrow, Inf. s/o Thomas Hannibal Jr. & Sarah Ella (Gant) 20 Jun 190824 Jun 1908
Farrow, Libbie27 Jun 191327 Jun 1987SSDI
Farrow, Lowery s/o T.H. & Sarah J.4 yr26 Jan 1906
Farrow, Mary Bell (Barnett) d/o William W.Y. & Mary E. (Gault) w/o William Aldine18891919
Farrow, Oscar s/o T.H. & Sarah J.13 yr20 Feb 1904
Farrow, Sarah Ella (Gant) w/o Thomas Hannibal5 Jun 189021 Aug 1981
Farrow, Sarah J. w/o T.H.22 Jun 185817 Jan 1927
Farrow, T.H.18561930
Farrow, Thomas Hannibal Jr.18861931
Farrow, Thomas Lee3 Jul 193631 Jul 1954
Farrow, William Aldine18831962
Feland, Dora w/o John M.4 Jun 188221 Aug 1964
Feland, John M. (Mason)9 Jan 18765 Dec 1953
Ferguson, Elwanda (Madden) d/o Lula Bertha w/o Dalton Deward 27 Feb 192228 Oct 2004SSDI
Ferguson, Freda A. d/o John G. & Maggie (McBride)21 Oct 192317 Sep 2001SSDI
Ferguson, Mack s/o John & Maggie (McBride)55 yr28 Mar 1991
Ferguson, Norma "Jean" (James) d/o Troy & Ozelma (Wilkinson) w/o Robert M. Jr. (M) 8 Apr 19678 May 19408 Aug 2006SSDI
Ferguson, Robert M. Jr. s/o Robert M. Sr. & Ina Gene (King)21 Jul 19415 Jan 2001SSDI
Fink, Modean B. "Modenia" (Gray) d/o John A. & Tabitha (McBride) w/o Newt L.24 Feb 188627 Aug 1968SSDI
Fink, Newt L. s/o Levi & Henrietta Caroline (Walker)16 Jul 187516 Jul 1957
Fisher, Nona Evon6 Jun 192614 Sep 1988
Follendore, Baby GirlB & DSep 1919
Follendore, Ellen (White) w/o Ezekiel G.2 Nov 188321 Dec 1946
Follendore, Ezekiel G. (Mason)4 Jul 1864 13 Oct 1945
Fowler, ---18881973
Fowler, Anna Lee Vernell d/o Lee Right & Mattie Sarah26 Oct 192731 Oct 1927
Fowler, Coleman61 yr 10 mo 17 da24 Dec 1877
Fowler, Eula Mae (Cline) d/o John E. "Jack" & Helen (York) w/o Jamie9 May 194810 Nov 2000SSDI
Fowler, Fern C. w/o Frankie G.14 Dec 190013 Nov 1979SSDI
Fowler, Frankie G.11 Mar 1900Living
Fowler, Inf. s/o Frankie G. & Fern C.B & D10 May 1929
Fowler, Lee Right18 Dec 1903Apr 1973SSDI
Fowler, Lillie w/o Pearl18951957
Fowler, Martha R. w/o Coleman46 yr 2 mo 22 da18 Oct 1875
Fowler, Mattie Sarah w/o Lee Right1907 Living
Fowler, Minnia A. w/o States R.C.9 Apr 186326 Feb 1934
Fowler, Morris R. Ar. A.A. US Navy WWII23 Apr 193024 Nov 1948
Fowler, Pearl Doyt s/o Pearl & Lillie4 Mar 19186 Mar 1926
Fowler, States R.C.9 Jun 186017 Feb 1937
Fullen, Ada O. w/o Fred1879no date
Fullen, Fred18851947
Fullen, Herman Hazel s/o A.J. & S.L.14 Apr 189712 Nov 1899
Fullen, J.W.8 Jan 187721 Nov 1903
Fullen, Mildred d/o Fred & Ada23 Aug 19166 Dec 1917
Fullen, Ofa Ilar d/o J.W. & M.M.21 Nov 190130 Jun 1903
Fullen, Willie Odell s/o A.J. & S.L.1 Oct 189419 Sep 1898
Fuson, A.A. "Zanner"18771961
Fuson, Mary (Madden)18841944
Garner, Ardenia w/o Jess22 Sep 189011 May 1961
Garner, Clem6 Aug 18939 Apr 1964SSDI
Garner, Ernest R.6 Jul 1911Oct 1980SSDI
Garner, Jess11 Jul 188822 Jan 1971SSDI
Garner, Mary F.10 Jun 186126 Aug 1906
Garner, Maude w/o Clem25 Jan 1901Living
Garner, Rena L. w/o Ernest R.3 Oct 1914 3 Jan 2000SSDI
Garner, Thomas T.7 Aug 18568 Nov 1910
George, Chester Boyd s/o Nicholas Winton & Cora Mae (Robinson) h/o Edna (McDonald)20 Mar 192030 May 2003SSDI
George, Edna L. (McDonald) Nunn d/o Joseph & Fannie (Dixon) M/1 William Nunn Jr. M/2 Chester George15 Nov 192124 Dec 2004
George, W. Ervin19021958
Gilder, Jane15 Dec 183010 Mar 1895
Grace, Dr. Jesse Lee s/o John David & Eloise (Fowler) 2 Nov 192526 Jun 2000SSDI
Grace, Dr. Jessee Kent Col. US Air Force WWII Korea22 Jan 190615 May 1978
Grace, Dr. John (Mason)186812 Jun 1937
Grace, John Brannon2 Jul 19338 Mar 1950
Grace, John David (Mason)189915 Jul 1945
Grace, Lula Eudora (Baird) (Eastern Star) d/o David W. & Martha Isabella (Orr) w/o John (M) 26 Dec 1893187122 Jan 1940
Grace, Mary C. (Summers) d/o Jasper M. & Vera Velma (Burge) w/o Jesse Lee (M) 21 Jun 19467 May 192713 Apr 2006SSDI
Grace, Naomi B. w/o Jessee Kent17 Aug 190722 Oct 2000
Grady, Omer16 Jul 190715 Mar 1911
Graves, Damon Lynn s/o Larry Graves & Kathy Caudill11 Oct 19739 Sep 2003SSDI
Graves, Myna Louise3 Aug 189330 Jul 1988
Graves, Thadeaus L. Ark. Sgt. 3 Co. 164 Depot Brigade WWI29 Aug 189029 Apr 1960
Greer, George L.19 Jul 185310 Jul 1925
Greer, Nell (Woodson)2 Dec 187228 Oct 1950
Hale, Lela w/o Miles Henry18861924
Hale, Leta w/o Miles Henry24 Jun 19008 Nov 1967
Hale, Loy M.30 Mar 19112 Mar 1993SSDI
Hale, Mable M. w/o Loy M.11 Jul 191222 Nov 1958
Hale, Mary S.8 Nov 186218 Feb 1883
Hale, Miles Henry17 Jun 188223 Feb 1961
Hall, Edna E. w/o J.M.19 Jun 187020 May 1909
Haney, Elizabeth w/o T.S.15 Nov 184918 Feb 1916
Haney, T.S.11 Feb 184424 May 1925
Harkey, Aaron G. s/o John Kay & Edna (McBride) h/o Vera (West)20 Apr 191124 Jun 2003SSDI
Harkey, Edna (McBride) d/o Nathaniel Scott & Emma (Johnson) w/o John Kay (M) 19 Jun 190627 Mar 18834 Sep 1962
Harkey, Geneva d/o John Kay & Edna (McBride)25 Jul 191827 Sep 1992SSDI
Harkey, Joe Henry s/o John Kay & Edna (McBride)13 Feb 19151 Nov 1958
Harkey, John Kay s/o William Isaac & Artemasia (Vick)7 Oct 187310 Nov 1956
Harkey, Nathan s/o John Kay & Edna (McBride) h/o Roberta (Walls)
Additional Info from Judith Harkey Carley
15 Sep 19126 Dec 1994SSDI
Harkey, Nellie M. (Scott) w/o Virgil Mansfield
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
11 Nov 190129 Oct 1991 SSDI
Harkey, Virgil Mansfield Pvt. Ark. US Army WWI s/o Isaac Wilson & Virginia Caroline (Dooley)
Tombstone Picture
Military Marker
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
17 Feb 189119 Jun 1969 WWIR SSDI
Harris, Amanda V. w/o J.T.Mar 1872Apr 1901
Harris, S.R.54 yr 4 mo 18 da16 Jul 1874
Harris, Thurman2 mo 5 da29 Sep 1888
Hasen, Frank10 May 18736 Dec 1942
Hastings, James Reginald Jr.Sep 198418 Nov 1984
Hawkins, Roxie (Baker) w/o Samuel W.1860 1938
Hawkins, Samuel W.18491930
Head, Ben20 Jan 188113 Apr 1949
Heffington, Lois24 Dec 186616 May 1956
Hibbs, James gg-uncle/o Jane
Additional Information by Jane
8 Jul 18741 Aug 1942
Hix, Dorinda Faye (West) d/o James O. w/o Jerry8 Mar 19577 Jul 1998SSDI
Hood, Lavoy11 Apr 19242 May 1924
Hood, O.H. Jr.9 Feb 192618 Feb 1926
Hoover, Mary E. (Taylor)22 Apr 193613 May 1982
Hovey, Edna May (Dimitt) d/o Jesse Howard & Myrtle Mae (Crownover) w/o Herbert J.22 Oct 191112 Sep 1993SSDI
Hovey, Herbert J.25 Oct 1890Mar 1985SSDI
Howard, Effie May (Barker) w/o Joseph Henry18851927
Howard, Joseph Henry s/o Joseph Halston & Samantha Jane (Campbell)1 Jun 1883Jul 1964
Howard, Joseph Lindon "Jim" s/o Joseph Henry & Effie (Barker) h/o Lillian Beth (Meeks) (M) 21 Feb 193815 May 191630 Jan 1998SSDI
Howard, Ray21 Feb 192128 Feb 1930
Howard, Rex Ark. Pvt. 1 C1 494 A.A. Arty. A.H. Bn. C.A.C. WWII22 Feb 19217 Jun 1946
Ives, Addie E. (Wales) w/o Rufus F.9 Jan 18754 May 1950
Ives, Cecil s/o Rufus F. & Addie E. (Wales)16 Nov 1899Jul 1955
Ives, Norma Irene (Lampkins) d/o William Daniel & Esther Atha (Farmer) w/o Cecil9 Jul 19053 Apr 1991
Ives, Rufus F. s/o Amos Quincy & Amanda Marie (Andrews) 6 Oct 187629 Jan 1948
James, Ozelma (Wilkinson) w/o Troy6 Jan 19109 Aug 1973SSDI
James, Troy3 Apr 190311 Jun 1962
Jarnagin, Elsie L.23 Jun 190912 May 1977
Jarnagin, Everett H.2 Mar 190618 Apr 1974
Jarnagin, Flossie A.25 Dec 190513 Sep 1954
Jones, F.C.7 Feb 185415 Sep 1933
Jones, Hubert O. s/o F.C. & Dora13 Oct 18875 Jul 1902
Jones, Lorene (Benedict) d/o Dennis & Mae (Beanblossom) w/o Norman Ray8 Aug 192112 Apr 2003SSDI
Keathley, Jemima Ann d/o Denver L. & Vernie Beatrice (Farrow)2 Aug 19394 Aug 1939
Keathley, Vernie Beatrice (Farrow) d/o Thomas Hannibal Jr. & Sarah Ella (Gant) w/o Denver L.9 Dec 191218 Jun 2003SSDI
Keener, Manuel E. Sr. s/o Gentry & Nomia Esther (Barnett)20 May 19278 Dec 1998SSDI
Keirsey, Buddy s/o S.N. & Maggie17 Dec 19089 Nov 1920
Keirsey, Dovie19131926
Keirsey, Ella d/o William J. & Sarah Josie10 Nov 192115 Jun 1922
Keirsey, Sarah Josie w/o William J.30 Apr 1883Mar 1982SSDI
Keirsey, Walter E. s/o N.M. & M.P.19 Dec 186518 Dec 1884
Keirsey, William J.27 May 18614 Feb 1942
King, Ferman Clifford6 Nov 19011 Dec 1985SSDI
King, Mary Nancy21 May 191028 Mar 1991
Kirkwood, Ben18641939
Kirkwood, Hiley18 Jan 1889Nov 1952
Kirkwood, Carlina J. w/o Jimmy4 Jun 19404 Apr 2005SSDI
Kirkwood, Louella w/o Ben18621938
Kirkwood, Syble w/o Hiley24 Sep 1906Oct 1972SSDI
Knight, Belle w/o Samuel F.1878no date
Knight, Dalton Hale "Cougan" Pfc. US Army Korea s/o Fred & Sarah Lavada (Hale)22 Feb 193115 Jul 1989
Knight, Fred Ark. G.M. 3 US Navy WWI11 Jun 190231 Jul 1958
Knight, Jackie Joe s/o Fred & Sarah Lavada (Hale) h/o Sandra2 Feb 194227 May 1994
Knight, Mollie Jean d/o Fred & Sarah Lavada (Hale)19331939
Knight, Samuel F.18751956
Knight, Sarah Lavada (Hale) w/o Fred11 Jan 19096 Mar 1986SSDI
Knight, Teddy Joe s/o Dalton Hale & Thelma (Barker)21 Mar 19588 Aug 2004SSDI
Lamle, Corene L. w/o Harry E. (M) 3 Dec 19255 Nov 19094 Mar 1986
Lamle, Harry E.4 Mar 189814 Sep 1987
Lampkin, Dewey Wilson18971964
Lampkin, Fred Martin3 Mar 191118 Nov 1989SSDI
Lampkin, Maude Marie w/o Fred Martin6 Jun 19237 Oct 2004SSDI
Lampkin, Verna Lea (Frazier) d/o Will V. & Caledonia (Tucker) w/o Dewey Wilson1 Apr 189423 Sep 1978SSDI
Lampkins, Charles R. "Charlie"11 Feb 189228 Nov 1965
Lampkins, Chess26 Dec 19017 Jul 1971SSDI
Lampkins, Clennis s/o Charlie R. & Dorothy (Corbin)26 Mar 191615 Oct 1917
Lampkins, Dorothy (Corbin) d/o John Wesley & Sarah Emmaline (Tucker) w/o Charles R.17 Sep 189129 Dec 1993SSDI
Lampkins, E.J. w/o M.S.22 Jul 18543 Jan 1933
Lampkins, Edwin Leo s/o Charles R. & Dorothy (Corbin) h/o Anna Jo20 Nov 19182 Dec 2005SSDI
Lampkins, J.W.8 Aug 19227 Jul 1946
Lampkins, Leo O. s/o Charlie R. & Dorothy (Corbin)14 Jan 192117 Jan 1989SSDI
Lampkins, M.S.17 Dec 185618 Jun 1916
Lampkins, Ollie w/o T.C.16 Sep 186716 Mar 1954
Lampkins, Shirley Sheryl24 Oct 1937Living
Lampkins, T.C.10 Dec 186125 Feb 1939
Lane, Bennie Vernell Harkey 1st Lt. US Army WWII
Military Marker
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
5 Jul 192123 Jul 1991 SSDI
Lane, Clyde M.13 Sep 191230 Sep 1976
Lane, Grace M. w/o Tommie16 Aug 1897Jul 1984SSDI
Lane, Rosie (Walker) d/o William Thomas Benjamin & Mary Francis (Lynch) w/o Samuel Hugh14 Jan 187620 Sep 1961
Lane, Samuel Hugh25 May 18705 Apr 1934
Lane, Tommie18931954
Lane, William F.18651941
Langston, Elis Elijah
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info from Elmer Langston
28 Dec 189324 Jun 1984SSDI
Langston, Minnie (Parker) w/o Elis Elijah
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info from Elmer Langston
14 Jan 187726 Aug 1970
Lawrence, Joseph Bert22 Feb 1883Jul 1970SSDI
Lawrence, Levira "Vira" (Jean) w/o Joseph BertSep 18881959
Lawrence, Willard J. s/o Bert & Vira (Jeans) h/o Lillian Sue US Army14 Jan 191814 Nov 2003SSDI
Lewis, Jones A.20 Feb 192228 Apr 1988
Lewis, Walsie Jane19241954
Liles, Inf. s/o Sid & Idano dates

Liles, James18741952
Liles, Martha w/o James18851944
Lipe, Andrew Jackson "Dutch"
Additional Information by Jane
23 Dec 189223 Jul 1968SSDI
Lipe, Dorris (Bird) d/o Delta Warren & Nora Louella (Maxwell) w/o Glenward G.5 Sep 19247 Jun 2004SSDI
Lipe, Ella (Dart) d/o Thomas Melvil & Exie Louella (Reed) w/o Andrew Jackson
Additional Information by Jane
1 Jan 191210 Mar 1988SSDI
Lipe, Glenward G.26 Jun 192126 Aug 1978
Lipe, Herbert L.19284 Sep 1949
Lipe, Isaac s/o Henry & Leah (Blackwelder)5 Jun 18337 May 1898
Lipe, Maurice Edgar s/o Will & Sophia C. (Tucker)1 Sep 191913 Feb 1976SSDI
Lipe, Willie5 Apr 1890Apr 1980
Madden, Albert E.26 Jul 18883 Jun 1931
Madden, Arnetis18681938
Madden, Azlee S. (Taylor) w/o Ellie G.1898Deceased
Madden, Betty Lou23 Nov 1932

Madden, Carrie D.21 Sep 1904Mar 1972
Madden, Daisy Louise w/o Everett Ethridge (M) 18 Oct 19476 Jun 1926

Madden, Earl13 Aug 190122 Sep 1953
Madden, Eddley I.1 May 19108 Dec 1969
Madden, Edith E. w/o Earl25 Dec 1897Sep 1985
Madden, Elizabeth30 Mar 190029 May 1947
Madden, Elizabeth w/o F.A.18521914
Madden, Ellie G.5 Dec 1892Jun 1973SSDI
Madden, Emma w/o Harve3 Feb 1886Nov 1977SSDI
Madden, Everett Ethridge15 May 19248 Jul 1989
Madden, F.A.18501914
Madden, Florence E. w/o Ira Lock4 Nov 191016 Mar 1990
Madden, Harve18731954
Madden, Ira Lock8 May 1886Oct 1965
Madden, James s/o Samuel R. & Pamelia A. (Davis)16 Jan 18443 Jan 1922
Madden, James Boyce22 May 19272 Feb 1984
Madden, Lee Arthur13 Dec 190421 May 1928
Madden, Leon19011971
Madden, Lillian M. w/o Eddley I. (M) 26 Jun 194924 Oct 1925Living
Madden, Linnis A. Ark. Cpl. 757 Tank Bn. WWII11 Feb 191917 Apr 1945
Madden, Lola (Waters) d/o Thomas & Theora A. (Walker) w/o Roy O.10 Apr 1903Nov 1976SSDI
Madden, Lula Bertha26 Aug 18972 Jun 1989
Madden, Ozlee S.18981981
Madden, Pamelia A. (Davis) w/o Samuel R.17 Feb 182526 Mar 1890
Madden, Roy O.7 Dec 18988 Jun 1967SSDI
Madden, Samuel R.31 Mar 182024 Aug 1885
Madden, Sarah16 Mar 18579 Jul 1927
Madden, Thad18771914
Madden, Vugia
12 Feb 1938
Mahan, John Franklin s/o Arthur & Maggie (Rainey) h/o Helen (Lipe)15 Aug 191522 Jul 1998SSDI
Majors, Elwin L. Ark. S/Sgt. 15 Air Force WWII s/o Joseph Ladd & Mattie (Lampkins)28 May 19197 Jul 1944
Majors, Joseph Ladd s/o Henry Martin & Parolee Francis (Henry)4 Oct 189021 Feb 1967SSDI
Majors, Mattie (Lampkins) w/o Joseph Ladd2 May 18975 Jul 1952
May, A.C.24 Nov 18422 Jun 1907
May, Bonnie Fay (Hancock) d/o Luther & Laura (Haygood) w/o Othel Leo26 Dec 19242 Jun 1998SSDI
May, Dewel Lee WWII Air Force s/o John L. & Mattie A. (Brand)12 Feb 191913 Feb 2006SSDI
May, Jennie w/o A.C.14 Feb 1873no date
May, John L.26 Nov 188427 Sep 1974SSDI
May, Mattie A. "Dona" (Brand) w/o John L.22 Jun 189515 Jan 1988SSDI
May, Oneita Marie (Hancock) d/o Joe & Ila (Bailey) w/o Dewel Lee3 Jun 19229 Aug 2004SSDI
May, Othel Leo s/o John L. & Mattie A. (Brand)20 Jan 192116 Aug 2005SSDI
McCarley, Abraham18001 Dec 1854
McCarley, Sarah (McDaniel) w/o Abraham17 Jan 18123 Jul 1882
McClanahan, Ann H. (Madden) d/o Samuel R. & Pamelia A. (Davis) w/o E.K.18601950
McClanahan, Bertha Elnora "Nora" (Branch) d/o John W. & Ada (Mendosa) w/o Rueben E.18 Aug 190030 Jun 1998SSDI
McClanahan, E.K.18421925
McClanahan, Rueben E.18971960
McClanahan, Winnie E.18941935
McCleskey, Ida
29 Jan 1904
McCleskey, R.L.11 Feb 186619 Jun 1903
McClure, Homer Grady15 Mar 188615 Jul 1965
McClure, Lula w/o Homer Grady17 Jun 1895 27 Mar 1981
McCrary, Rev. T.A.21 Oct 18664 Jun 1925
McDonald, Annie (Rheuark) d/o Thomas N. & Johnnie (Hall) w/o Joe M. twin s/o Fannie (Rheuark) Sims26 Mar 190320 Nov 1995
McDonald, Billy L. s/o Cecil & Wahneta (Elmore) h/o Deloris7 Jun 19334 Aug 2002SSDI
McDonald, Cecil3 Sep 190030 Jan 1952
McDonald, Edmond21 May 191419 Dec 1984SSDI
McDonald, Joe M.13 Oct 18922 Feb 1978SSDI
McDonald, Lilie19091985
McDonald, Lynn14 Sep 19372 Dec 1976
McDonald, Mary Frances27 Jun 193824 Aug 1980SSDI
McDonald, Tempa w/o W.M.18681942
McDonald, Rev. W.M.18661958
McDonald, William19101987
McGugan, Jimmie19 Mar 188314 Jun 19--
McGugan, Ophelia w/o Jimmie16 Aug 1880 13 Jan 1959
McKeever, Cleddie11 Oct 190631 Aug 1911
McWilliams, Homer25 Dec 18959 Mar 1974
McWilliams, Minnie (Page)21 Jan 190415 Nov 1975
Melton, Henry William (Mason) s/o Green Jackson & Margaret Caroline (Melchor)14 Oct 186716 Feb 1950
Melton, Martha (Crownover) w/o Henry William9 Jan 186619 Mar 1925
Menefee, Carmen w/o J.L.18901955
Menefee, J.L.18811954
Miller, Albert I.18941958
Miller, Henry T.4 Feb 18659 Jan 1945
Miller, Laura Belle w/o Henry T.9 Apr 187320 Oct 1937
Moore, Alcey E.2 Oct 184723 May 1877
Moore, Alice M. (Choate) w/o James Burkett13 Jul 186522 Oct 1936
Moore, Emma (Luker) d/o William w/o James Burkett2 Feb 18732 Feb 1920
Moore, Inf. c/o James Burkett & Alice M. (Choate)27 Nov 18884 Dec 1888
Moore, Inf. s/o James Burkett & Emma (Luker)B & D12 Jan 1907
Moore, James Burkett s/o Francis Marion & Margaret (McMullen)25 Sep 186325 Mar 1931
Moore, Marion Oratie s/o James Burkett & Alice M. (Choate)29 Oct 18856 Aug 1893
Moore, S.P. (Eastern Star)13 Dec 18683 Nov 1901
Moore, William M. s/o James Burkett & Alice M. (Choate) 13 Jun 188011 Jul 1972
Morris, Robert Glenn s/o James Elbert & Rosa Nell (Elmore)5 Nov 195610 Aug 2001SSDI
Moudy, Barnie (Mason)14 Dec 18965 May 1937
Moudy, Bernice w/o Delbert O.1903Living
Moudy, Delbert O.18991954
Moudy, Dellie E. w/o Will H.5 Sep 1873 12 Sep 1949
Moudy, Earl O. Ark. Pfc. 157 Co. M.P.C. WWI15 Jun 189511 Apr 1955WWIR
Moudy, Edna (Melton) d/o Henry William & Martha (Crownover) w/o Odell I.8 May 18985 Mar 1960
Moudy, Ella w/o Barnie11 Oct 1902May 1989
Moudy, Eva E. w/o Willie T.20 Feb 1893 24 Sep 1987SSDI
Moudy, Ferdinand T. Sr.28 Feb 190726 Apr 1977
Moudy, H. Goldy (Dimitt) d/o Jesse Howard & Myrtle Mae (Crownover)2 Dec 190831 Aug 1978
Moudy, Harriet E. w/o W.J.8 Mar 184618 Feb 1895
Moudy, Hattie Jane d/o W.J. & Harriet E.28 Aug 188828 Aug 1905
Moudy, Isaac Andrew Pvt. US Army WWI7 Dec 189217 Nov 1980WWIR SSDI
Moudy, J.T. "Jim"8 Nov 188817 Jan 1956
Moudy, James Alfred21 Dec 19048 Sep 1906
Moudy, John Q.18741952
Moudy, Leota13 Nov 192030 Jun 1922
Moudy, Lettie J. w/o John Q.18721963
Moudy, Mabel J. (Howard) d/o Joseph Henry & Effie May (Barker) w/o Isaac Andrew29 Jan 19172 Feb 1999SSDI
Moudy, Odell I.23 Apr 18987 Feb 1970
Moudy, R.G.9 Oct 189624 Sep 1962
Moudy, Rachel w/o Ferdinand T. Sr. (M) 19 Jan 193023 Sep 190419 Jan 1997
Moudy, Ray B.16 Apr 19148 Jul 1980
Moudy, Velma d/o I.N. & Belle14 Oct 19109 Aug 1911
Moudy, W.J.1 Jan 183929 Mar 1910
Moudy, Wayne White5 May 1892Apr 1975
Moudy, Will H.7 Jan 187112 Dec 1954
Moudy, Willie T.8 May 18913 Feb 1964
Murphy, R.M. Sr.6 Sep 18798 May 1942
Nation, Maud (Murphy)15 Oct 188917 Dec 1982
Netterville, Inf. s/o Ovid & Jeanette
Netterville, Inf. s/o Ovid & Jeanette
New, Buena d/o T.D. & N.A.13 Feb 19037 Jun 1905
Newton, Mary Alean (Elmore) d/o Odell & Annie Bell (Lane) w/o Paul7 Dec 193624 Nov 2003SSDI
Nuckles, James L.26 Apr 188415 Jun 1971
Page, Bonnie "Bessie" d/o William T. & Sonora A. (Honey) 18 Aug 189227 Feb 1911
Page, Earl s/o William T. & Sonora A. (Honey)6 Jan 188710 Jan 1946
Page, Margaret Pauline d/o Earl & Minnie (McWilliams)B & D23 Jun 1925
Page, Minnie (McWilliams) w/o Earl21 Jan 190415 Nov 1975
Page, Orland s/o William T. & Sonora A. (Honey)2 Mar 18899 Aug 1889
Page, Seth s/o William T. & Sonora A. (Honey)5 Jul 187931 Dec 1908
Page, Sonora A. (Honey) w/o William T.28 Jun 186016 Feb 1906
Page, Stella d/o William T. & Sonora A. (Honey)27 Feb 188329 Jul 1883
Page, William T. s/o Robert & Eliminah "Jemima"1 Jan 185029 Jun 1908
Parker, Carrie w/o J.G.18451924
Parker, Hattie E. w/o Thomas J.16 Feb 18875 Jun 1967
Parker, J.G.18491928
Parker, J.W.
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
17 Jul 19239 Jun 1940
Parker, James Ray19281953
Parker, Jess18761945
Parker, Laura w/o Jess18831927
Parker, Littleton C. Ark. Pvt. Co. F 153 Inf. WWII22 Aug 19167 Aug 1959
Parker, Roy E. Ark Pvt. Co. A 61 Signal Bn. WWII29 Dec 191822 Oct 1967
Parker, Ruby Nell w/o James Ray1931Living
Parker, Thomas J.27 Feb 188216 Sep 1967SSDI
Parks, Joe s/o S.H. & Mary4 Jul 1902 1 Nov 1903
Payne, Kate8 Jul 190215 Mar 1991SSDI
Payne, Zelmar18981955
Pearson, L.C.9 May 187820 Jun 1907
Poindexter, Noble J. s/o Theo & Ida (Parker) h/o Ida (Barclay)3 Sep 191115 Apr 1998SSDI
Polmere, Grace Ann (Smith) d/o John Calvin & Elizabeth Jane (Reed) w/o Allen18 Jan 192122 Nov 2000SSDI
Putman, Johnnie Mae (Moudy)19081934
Pyle, Franklin Ray h/o Patricia (May)8 Dec 194329 Sep 1990
Reed, Calvin Mathias Pvt. US Army s/o John & Elizabeth (Kimbrough)
Additional Information by Jane
25 Jul 189628 Jun 1973
Reed, Louisa Idella (Hibbs) d/o Lovett S. & Mary Ann (Tyner) w/o Noah g-gm/o Jane
Additional Information by Jane
Reed, Mary Lee (Sherril) d/o John & Virginia w/o Calvin Mathias
Additional Information by Jane
16 Jun 190214 Jul 1978SSDI
Reynolds, Jeany S. s/o J.F. & M.G.29 Nov 19113 Sep 1912
Rheuark, Lora L. w/o Charlie23 Oct 1901 12 Oct 1992SSDI
Rippeto, Cleveland Lee23 Aug 18838 May 1962
Robbins, Wahneta (Elmore) McDonald d/o Bartley Coleman & Nellie O. (Haney) M/1 Cecil McDonald M/2 Elmer Lee Robbins23 Dec 190630 Jun 2001SSDI
Roberts, Mary Jane (Eddy) d/o Samuel & Elizabeth J. (Moore) w/o William Thomas (M) 15 Apr 1890 buried Holdenville, OK20 Aug 187124 Dec 1951
Roberts, William Thomas s/o Capt. A.J. & Caroline (Rutledge)15 Nov 185817 Oct 1913
Rogers, Rev. George Steven s/o Edly Henry & Mahala Amelia
Additional Info from Dona Ritchie
27 Feb 185119 Sep 1935
Rogers, Martha Jane (Fink) w/o George Steven
Additional Info from Dona Ritchie
11 Feb 18565 Dec 1932
Sain, RubyNov 1876Mar 1947
Sanders, L. Dee20 Sep 189722 Feb 1968SSDI
Sanders, Sarah J. w/o L. Dee31 Aug 1904 Living
Scott, Fannie Tennie (Shockley) w/o Henry Clay
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
May 18781967
Scott, Henry Clay s/o John Wesley & Pauline (Whitby)
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
Oct 18631955
Scott, Opal Jewell (Madden) d/o Ellie G. & Azlee S. (Taylor) w/o Jimmie Thomas25 Jun 191931 Mar 2005SSDI
Sherrell, Clifford25 May 190315 Dec 1974SSDI
Sherrell, Clifford Leroy (Mason)7 May 192524 Mar 1967
Sherrell, Happy w/o Clifford20 Sep 1906 Jan 1976
Sides, Cyril W.19041937
Sides, Lorene Zenna (May) d/o John L. & Mattie A. (Brand) w/o Robert C.
Additional Info from Bobby Sides
13 Sep 19177 Apr 1991SSDI
Sides, Robert C.
Additional Info from Bobby Sides
12 Mar 191015 Feb 1987
Sides, Robert Eugene "Gene" s/o Robert C. & Lorene Zenna (May) h/o Willa Dean (Warren)
Additional Info from Bobby Sides
25 May 193925 Oct 2004SSDI
Simmons, Rydal (McGugan)4 Feb 191027 Oct 1982
Sisson, Jimmie Craig24 Mar 186220 Jul 1920
Sisson, Johnnie Mae7 Jun 192516 May 1926
Sisson, Mary V.19 Nov 187110 Jun 1968
Slayden, Arthur18691938
Slayden, Burl Corbin16 Jul24 Jan 1946
Slayden, Mary w/o Arthur18731936
Slayden, William18991931
Smith, Bobby Wayne Jr. s/o B.W. & Barbara30 Sep 19673 Oct 1967
Smith, Dollie18891940
Smith, Fred T.14 Jun 191116 Oct 1971
Smith, George Floyd15 Oct 19161 Nov 1986
Smith, John Calvin20 Jul 189121 Dec 1968SSDI
Smith, Myrtle1934Living
Smith, Vennie19131960
Smith, W.A.29 Jul 189010 Apr 1974
Stroud, James Wesley1 Mar 189112 Dec 1968SSDI
Stroud, Mary Evelyn w/o James Wesley19 Jul 189110 Jan 1961
Stubblefield, Steven Keith16 Dec 197117 Mar 1990
Swezea, C.E.15 May 184518 Nov 1906
Swilling, Bernice19041922
Swilling, Berry T. s/o William & Susannah W.16 Sep 184727 Mar 1886
Swilling, Clomer L.10 Oct 188219 Aug 1948
Swilling, Cordelia A. (Haney) d/o James & Elmira (Crownover) w/o Berry T.18 Jul 185031 May 1933
Swilling, Freddie d/o W.A. & L.2 Mar 190520 Apr 1906
Swilling, George W.18 Apr 184520 Aug 1899
Swilling, Georgia N.no dates

Swilling, Lovic E.12 Mar 188026 Aug 1901
Swilling, Mary E.18471924
Swilling, Roberta18841915
Swilling, Samuel E.18741932
Swilling, Sanford H.5 Feb 187719 Aug 1889
Swor, E.T. Jr.
10 Mar 1928
Thomson, Carl s/o W.E. & S.V.29 Sep 188424 Feb 1907
Thomson, Edwin23 Jan 19073 Jan 1910
Thomson, Henry Burruss s/o W.E. & S.V.26 Apr 189915 May 1901
Thomson, Linard29 Jul 190512 Feb 1906
Thomson, Reece3 Jan 19042 Jul 1904
Thomson, S.V. w/o W.E.12 Jan 186221 Jan 1907
Thomson, Sue E. d/o W.E. & S.V.12 Jul 18829 Sep 1902
Thomson, W.E.6 Oct 185620 Oct 1920
Thomson, Windell3 Aug 191918 Oct 1925
Tidwell, Fonzo Elijah s/o Henry Samuel & Mary Clifton (Fowler) h/o Beulah (Varnell)24 Jun 19143 Apr 2004SSDI
Tidwell, Thelma (Langston)
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
24 Oct 19407 Sep 1984 SSDI
Tramel, Denise11 Aug 195416 Jan 1970
Tramel, Flossie A.25 Dec 190613 Sep 1954
Tramel, Kirby Lee A.2 Jan 190824 Jun 1908
Tramel, Leona Bell21 Mar 187923 Mar 1914
Tramel, Sally J. w/o William P.26 Sep 187327 Aug 1933
Tramel, Samuel V.13 Feb 190231 Oct 1971SSDI
Tramel, Sidney10 Aug 191115 May 1912
Tramel, William P.25 Dec 185319 Dec 1934
Turner, Haskel19141932
Vick, Ailcy C.18661951
Vick, William D.18761945
Wadsworth, Lucy P.22 May 19044 Nov 1987
Wadsworth, Walter W.30 Jul 1898Jun 1966SSDI
Walker, Frank A. s/o Thomas B. & Catherine (Weaist) h/o Syble (Miller)20 Mar 19078 Nov 2000SSDI
Wallace, Clarence OH Pvt. Co. I 138 Inf. WWI14 Feb 188812 Dec 1955
Watts, James F. Jr. "Butch" s/o James Franklin Sr. & Frances (Strahan) h/o Paula (Dickey)29 Oct 194610 Jan 2004SSDI
Watts, Thelma L. (Barker) d/o William Thomas "Top" & Alleen (King)28 Feb 193521 Nov 1998SSDI
West, Anna R. w/o George N.27 Oct 1879 15 Jun 1967
West, Armenta27 Oct 188729 Dec 1968
West, Doyle Keith s/o James O. & Lela Faye24 Jan 196216 Oct 1998SSDI
West, George N. (W of W)18781957
West, Inf. s/o George N. & Anna R.B & D26 Apr 1908
West, James O. h/o Lela Faye26 Aug 1918 4 Jul 1987SSDI
West, Linda Darlene25 Oct 195320 Nov 1989
West, Marcus P.27 Sep 197218 Apr 1988
West, Paschal P.16 Apr 184516 Oct 1929
West, Rebecca H.16 Sep 184217 Oct 1921
West, Turner J.17 Nov 1902Jul 1958
White, America (Redman) w/o James Logan8 Dec 186520 Mar 1943
White, George W.14 Mar 186519 Feb 1923
White, Inf. s/o Lee & Verna (Payne)B & D20 May 1914
White, James Logan24 Dec 185617 Oct 1935
White, Jane (Patrick) w/o George W.1 Dec 186820 May 1947
White, Lee7 Feb 188829 Dec 1967SSDI
White, Lelia (Madden)28 Nov 188817 Dec 1970SSDI
White, Maye w/o Sam21 Dec 191021 Dec 1941
White, Robert A.14 Nov 18817 Sep 1958
White, S. Elizabeth w/o Robert A.28 Oct 189028 Mar 1979
White, Verna (Payne) d/o Ezra & Mary E. (Hale) w/o Lee 21 Aug 189213 Aug 1993SSDI
Williams, Anna Bell d/o O.W & Lottie23 Oct 19096 Oct 1910
Williams, Lynn s/o O.W. & Lottie7 Jan 19145 Aug 1914
Wilson, Aaron Arzo Pfc. US Army Ark. WWII10 May 190623 Jun 1972SSDI
Wilson, Eva Joe (Wallace) d/o Luke & Pearl w/o Aaron Arzo26 Nov 191422 Apr 2005SSDI
Wilson, Mahala L. (Rogers) d/o George Steven & Martha Jane (Fink) w/o Joe24 Jun 187714 Jan 1962
Winget, Erma Feral13 Jul 192610 Mar 1939
Winget, Ina Fern13 Jan 192610 Mar 1939
Winget, J. Ronald14 Apr 193517 Apr 1935
Woodson, Dixie11 Mar 187721 Oct 1945
Woodson, Floyd s/o Dixie & Maud18 Nov 190429 Sep 1912
Woodson, Green W. (Mason)19 Dec 183218 Feb 1904
Woodson, Maud w/o Dixie6 Jan 188126 Oct 1952
Woodson, Paul R.19131963
Woodson, Paul Raymond Tec 4 H.Q. & SVC Co 925 Engr. AVM Reg. WWII17 Apr 191520 Feb 1963
Woodson, Susan E. w/o Green W.14 May 183719 Jun 1929
Yancey, John Quinton s/o William Tona & Mary (Sides) h/o Bobby Sue (Mosely)27 Jul 192916 Aug 1998SSDI
York, Hugh Melton Ark. Pfc. Co. F 113 Engr. WWI10 Jun 18921 Oct 1958WWIR
York, James Allen Sr. s/o Hugh Melton & Lula Belle (Ingram)28 Mar 192114 May 2005SSDI
York, Lula Bell (Ingram) w/o Hugh Melton15 Dec 189222 Nov 1968

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