Sweet Home Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 13 Oct 1994 by Julia Taylor and Cornelia Daniels. Directions updated Summer 2005. From Centerville, Ark. take Hwy 154 East. Turn right at Sweet Home Church sign. The cemetery is almost hidden. It is not located behind the Church. There is no cemetery sign. There will be a road opening among the trees on the left and you can see the stones from your car. This was old Pleasant Ridge Methodist Church and Lodge Hall "Jugamo Lodge" where Mark Thompson gave name of Sweethope Cemetery. A.M.E. Methodist Church (Black) was so far back in the woods it was moved because the roads would get so bad in the winter. Additional information was furnished by Izadore, Nell, and Henry Thompson.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Barnum, Harryno dates

Bonds, Bobno dates

Burns, Aquillano dates

Burns, Eddie Leeno dates

Coleman, Sybilno dates

Collins, Benno dates

Collins, Blancheno dates

Collins, John

Collins, John Henry23 Sep 191310 Jul 1975
Collins, Mary Celeste w/o John Henry (M) 12 Oct 19401918Living
Cravens, Tomno dates

Davis, Earlno dates

Davis, Lavira (Dickens)no dates

Davis, Willno dates

Dickens, Aaron20 Mar 187821 Aug 1948
Dickens, Albertno dates

Dickens, Annie Bell23 Apr 190627 Sep 1999SSDI
Dickens, Eddno dates

Dickens, Herman27 Dec 190912 Apr 1979
Dickens, Inf./o Hermanno dates

Dickens, Jimmie (Perry) w/o Aaron9 Oct 18828 Dec 1974SSDI
Dickens, Loydno dates

Hicks, Little Davidno dates

Hicks, Pearlno dates

Jacoway, Alex b. SC h/o MarthaMay 1849

Jacoway, Bessie
5 Feb 1920
Jacoway, Maettano dates

Jacoway, Sod

Lincoln, Mary82 yr 2 mo 29 ds4 Jun 1953
Linker, Arlieno dates

Linker, Georgeno dates

May, Lemno dates

McClaire, Corinano dates

Moore, David18461918
Oats, Sandyno dates

Perry, J.P.6 Jan 186029 Mar 1911
Reid, Jimno dates

Richardson, Fentress26 Jul 192128 Jan 1993SSDI
Sloan, Alex - Member of Royal Lilly Circle
20 Mar 1924
Smith, John H.Oct 1864no dates
Smith, Pricilla w/o John H.Jan 1878

Smith, Redmondno dates

Stewart, Johnnyno dates

Taylor, Artense (Dickens) d/o Aaron & Jimmie (Perry) w/o Marion22 May 19154 Mar 2001SSDI
Taylor, Stanleyno dates

Thompson, Charleyno dates9 May 1962
Thompson, Edd h/o Lizzie b. TXJul 1863

Thompson, Edgar59 yr ?? mo 29 da7 Mar 1950
Thompson, Elton f/o Izadore & Henry4 Nov 188420 Apr 1975SSDI
Thompson, Elton Izadore III27 Apr 1952 Mar 1957
Thompson, Inf. s/o Edd & LizzieB & D27 Nov 1901
Thompson, Inf. Twins of Edd & Lizzieno dates

Thompson, Jereneno dates

Thompson, Larry Joe s/o Henry & Annie B. (Williams)8 Mar 19556 Aug 2002SSDI
Thompson, Lee Pfc. WWI US Army6 Dec 1888 18 Dec 1973WWIR SSDI
Thompson, Lee Dora17 Nov 194818 Dec 1948
Thompson, Lutherno dates

Thompson, Mariannano dates

Thompson, Nancy (Lewis) w/o Eltonno dates

Thompson, Otha L.3 May 1938Dec 1979
Thompson, Tommyno dates

Thompson, Tommy Lewis21 Jul 19561 Oct 1978
Tucker, Billno dates

Tucker, Claree23 Oct 19096 Aug 1965
Tucker, Elreeno dates

Tucker, Ethen

Tucker, Rhodie

Veazy, Bessie18771936
Veazy, Leeno dates

Veazy, Leonard19121917
Veazy, M.no dates

Veazy, Roscoeno dates

Williams, Alexandria8 Feb 18727 Oct 1899
Williams, Baldall4 Jul 18485 May 1925
Williams, Ed Isom
99 yr
Williams, Katie w/o Prince12 Dec 186417 Nov 1904
Williams, Marinano dates

Williams, Princeno dates

Williams, Sam Cuyerno dates

Williams, Several small children of Bill & Gertrudeno dates

Wilson, Andrew - Member of Pleasant Ridge Temple 1324, Dardanelle, AR
10 Jul 1922
Wilson, Hackno dates

Wilson, Jackno dates

Wood, Maggie L.18 Mar 187627 Dec 1965
Woods, Hackno dates

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