Sugar Grove Cemetery, Logan County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 20 Oct 1994. Resurveyed 6 Sep 2003 by Steve Farris. This cemetery is located in Logan County, but is used by people in both Yell and Logan Counties. From Danville, take Hwy 10 to Havana. From there take Hwy 217 to cemetery.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adams, Gloria Janet5 Oct 196113 Dec 1962
Allcorn, George W.2 Mar 190522 May 1942
Ammones, Emma w/o R.L.Oct 186818 Oct 1896
Ammones, Inf. d/o R.L. & Emma10 da 1895
Ammones, Verdie d/o R.L. & Emma1 yr 1894
Armstrong, DavidB & D17 Jun 1986
B, S.C. (Carved on Rock)no dates

Barnett, Nancy w/o Thomas76 yr 10 mo 29 da4 Jun 1882
Barnett, Thomasno marker

Beck, Catherine w/o William Jasper6 Oct 184422 Feb 1908
Beck, William Jasper6 Aug 183825 Feb 1908
Boney, James W. "Jim"1 Jan 19009 Feb 1960
Boney, Luzetta Susan (Bradford) w/o James W.27 Feb 19129 Jun 1962
Brown, J.W.28 Oct 183917 Dec 1902
Brown, Little Fay s/o J.E. & P.E.13 Dec 1902can't read
Brown, Oscar Gene1 Aug 192816 Sep 1932
Brown, Raymond s/o J.E. & P.10 Jan 18978 Jul 1906
Buffington, D.M. (Mason)9 Aug 186726 Feb 1908
Buffington, Eugene10 Aug 19428 Jul 1944
Bullard, Sarah Shay - no tombstoneB & D1999
Burton, James Jacob s/o James Emory & Dortha Ann (Lyons) 23 Dec 185722 Jul 1941
Burton, Jimmy s/o James Jacob & Sarah Caroline (Loveall) no dates

Burton, Johnny s/o James Jacob & Sarah Caroline (Loveall)no dates

Burton, Sarah Caroline (Loveall) w/o James Jacob21 Jul 186719 Sep 1937
Buttram, Ann (Huffaker) w/o Noah d/o Jacob ' Margaret (Bodkin)4 Jun 18035 Oct 1854
Buttram, Emma R. (Barnett) Logan d/o Thomas & Nancy M/1 James Logan Jr. M/2 Hon. Jacob Buttram1842no date
Buttram, Inf. s/o Jacob & Margaret Josephine (Wilson) 23 Jun 18631863
Buttram, Inf. d/o Elihu Embre & Sarah (Wattenbarger)6 Oct 18559 Jan 1856
Buttram, Inf. d/o Jacob & Margaret Josephine (Wilson) 19 Jul 18515 Oct 1851
Buttram, Inf. s/o Jacob & Margaret Josephine (Wilson) 12 Oct 186013 Oct 1860
Buttram, Hon. Jacob s/o Noah & Ann (Huffaker)16 Dec 18291904
Buttram, Margaret Josephine (Wilson) w/o Jacob d/o George 20 May 182611 Jan 1878
Buttram, Melvill Leonidas s/o Jacob & Margaret Josephine (Wilson)27 Jan 18598 Jun 1861
Buttram, Noah Jacob & Julia ANn (Kelton)7 May 180419 Jul 1851
Buttram, Sarah (Wattenbarger) w/o Elihu Embre15 Apr 182610 Dec 1885
Buttram, Thomas McMinn s/o Jacob & Margaret Josephine (Wilson)31 Jan 18557 Apr 1878
Chappell, Harrison Calvin s/o James & Ruth (Foster)
grave moved from Mobley Cemetery
181710 Sep 1877
Chappell, M. d/o A.C. & Susan
grave moved from Mobley Cemetery
Chiles, Emer2 Nov 187128 Dec 1931
Chiles, James Paul6 Sep 19555 Mar 1949
Conley, Inez d/o M.C. & Donie14 Feb 190214 Nov 1903
Cooper, Mary J. w/o B.H.9 Nov 186112 May 1904
Cupp, G.W.7 Jul 18547 Jan 1901
Cupp, Henry18741957
Cupp, Margaret w/o Henry18571903
Daggs, Rev. Charles Olen31 Aug 191228 Apr 1987SSDI
Daggs, Velma (Townsend) w/o Rev. Charles Olen25 Oct 1911Living
Doshier, Charles ArthurB & D28 Oct 1937
Drewery, Vida Pearl (Farris) w/o Kenneth - no tombstone19 Jan 19367 Oct 1999
Englebright, MichaelB & D16 Jun 1955
Farris, Billy Wayne11 Jun 1943Living
Farris, Dale b/o Lawton H.
Additional info from Steve Farris
10 Oct 194528 Mar 1959
Farris, Elsie (Wells) w/o Jessie29 Jan 192128 Feb 2001SSDI
Farris, Jessie12 Oct 191614 Nov 1996SSDI
Farris, Lawton H. b/o Dale
Additional info from Steve Farris
31 Aug 193918 Aug 1960
Farris, Linda Faye (Haynes) w/o Billy Wayne (M) 25 Jul 1961 20 Oct 194230 May 2002
Farris, Ruth Ann (Williams)
Additional info from Steve Farris
27 Jul 19482 May 1988SSDI
Fennell, Burton s/o G.L. & M.E.29 Nov 18944 Dec 1897
Fennell, Celia E.29 Oct 189113 Sep 1892
Fennell, Columbus s/o G.L. & L.A.10 Jul 19084 Oct 1908
Fennell, Della E. d/o Stith Alexander & Martha Emille (Wilkins)28 Oct 189113 Sep 1892
Fennell, Ella w/o Miron13 Oct 189315 Dec 1966SSDI
Fennell, John W.12 Apr 186610 Feb 1890
Fennell, Martha Emille (Wilkins) w/o Stith Alexander d/o Charles Thomas & Mary Catherine (Townsend)1 Mar 187116 Oct 1944
Fennell, Mattie E. w/o Lewis9 Nov 1863 4 Jan 1899
Fennell, Mertis J. w/o Stith Alexander20 Nov 186418 Mar 1885
Fennell, Minnie d/o G.L. & M.E.27 Nov 18914 Aug 1892
Fennell, Miron18891965
Fennell, Nancy w/o G.M.13 Sep 18381 Feb 1933
Fennell, Stith Alexander2 Jun 186023 Dec 1951
Fennell, W.R. (W of W)27 Jan 189316 Oct 1917
Freeman, Erma L. (Wilkins) w/o Merrion L.13 Mar 192717 Jul 1992SSDI
Freeman, Emma Lou d/o Merrion L. & Erma L. (Wilkins)31 Aug 19441 Sep 1944
Freeman, Jacob Wilson28 Feb 18722 Sep 1897
Freeman, Junior s/o Merrion L. & Erma L. (Wilkins)B & D9 Apr 1950
Freeman, Merrion L.14 Jul 1921Living
Freeman, Mineola J. d/o J.W. & M.S.26 Oct 187725 Jan 1895
French, Margaret Susan (Simpson) w/o Thomas d/o Frederick & Louisa J.Aug 184924 Mar 1926
French, Oscar H. s/o Thomas & Margaret Susan (Simpson) 26 Jan 1889bef. 1900
French, Thomas Civil War Union 120 Ind. Inf. Co. G. s/o William & Nancy23 Oct 184312 Jan 1909
Gann, Larica - no tombstoneB & D1993
Gantt, Albert David s/o Albert Thurman & Oma (Luther)27 Sep 191724 Jun 1918
Gantt, Albert Thurman s/o David & Sally18911923
Gantt, Oma (Luther) w/o Albert Thurman d/o James Madison & Nancy Cynthia Elizabeth (Robertson)1 Sep 18891942
Gantt, Thresia May d/o Albert Thurman & Oma (Luther)6 Feb 19227 Nov 1922
Garner, Lorene w/o Roscoe C.12 May 1925 Living
Garner, Roger s/o Roscoe C. & Lorene29 Apr 1948Living
Garner, Roscoe s/o Roscoe C. & Lorene29 Apr 194831 Dec 2002
Garner, Roscoe C. USNR WWII M.M.29 Nov 192022 Mar 1957
Gilliam, Doyle F. "Jack" TEC 5 US Army WWII2 May 191624 Oct 1989
Gilliam, James G. "Gib"18 Feb 18804 Sep 1972SSDI
Gilliam, Dr. J.N.11 Dec 18402 Mar 1906
Gilliam, M.E. w/o Dr. J.N.18 Jul 1845 8 Aug 1926
Gilliam, Nettie w/o James G.1 Jan 1886 22 May 1963
Gilliam, T. (Mason) s/o J.N. & M.E.7 Jun 188718 Dec 1910
Glazer, Mattie (Kellar)1 Jun 1910no date
Graham, Clyde Lee24 Jul 1908Aug 1968
Graham, Gernia Faye w/o John T.23 Apr 19053 Nov 1981SSDI
Graham, John T.16 Feb 190415 Feb 1969
Gray, Ellen C. w/o John A.28 Feb 1865 15 Sep 1938
Gray, John A.4 Apr 185724 Dec 1914
Gray, John Claud Ark. Pvt. Co. I 38 Inf. WWI27 Feb 18885 Nov 1964WWIR
Gray, Roy s/o John A. & Ellen C.19 Feb 189929 Jan 1900
Gray, Walter s/o John A. & Ellen C.4 Mar 189817 Mar 1898
Greenwood, Sherman Roy s/o John Dalton & Lela Ann (Davis)26 Oct 190620 Mar 1917
Hall, Mary Ann "Mollie"30 Apr 18869 Oct 1958
Hall, Otis B.19091979
Haller, Charlie T.2 Feb 192115 Dec 1990SSDI
Haller, Eastell19121914
Haller, Floyd William7 Nov 188618 Feb 1962
Haller, Katie Rebecca w/o Floyd William21 Aug 189023 Jul 1975SSDI
Haller, Lorene L. w/o Roy L.9 May 1924 28 Feb 1995SSDI
Haller, Roy L.22 Feb 191917 Sep 1985SSDI
Haller, Veasey E.3 Jan 19061 Jan 1953
Hand, Inf. s/o C. & N.A.on rock

Hand, Thomas17 Mar 190612 Oct 1909
Henderson, Inf./o James & Margaret (Buttram)
More Information!
Additional Information from James Michael Henderson

no marker
Hill, J.E. s/o Johnnie E. & Jessie L. (Hise)B & D1 Nov 1920
Hill, Jessie L. (Hise) w/o Johnnie L. d/o Thomas Lafayette & Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson)13 Oct 190126 May 1987
Hill, Johnnie E.20 Feb 189915 Jan 1981
Hill, Johnnie Faye s/o Johnnie E. & Jessie L. (Hise)2 Feb 19262 Sep 1937
Hill, Lorene9 May 192428 Feb 1995
Hill, Roy22 Feb 191917 Sep 1985
Hipp, J. Wesley9 Jun 186231 Jul 1953
Hipp, Susie J. w/o J. Wesley24 Aug 1866 10 Mar 1957
Hise, Beatrice (Hodges) w/o Lemuel Martin24 Feb 190626 Jan 1936
Hise, Collestia C. (Smith) w/o James Richard d/o Jack & Martha Ann (Pointer)31 Jan 187731 Dec 1902
Hise, Cynthia Ann (Havner) d/o Obadiah w/o James Madison (M) 12 Oct 186517 Dec 184211 Jun 1934
Hise, Desmar Jackson s/o James Richard & Collestia C. (Smith)19 Nov 19028 Apr 1968
Hise, Don2 Aug 19282 Mar 2000
Hise, Edward E. s/o James Madison & Cynthia Ann (Havner)20 May 187613 Dec 1922
Hise, Glendon s/o Henry Madison & Lucy Dean White (Lewis)6 Feb 19215 Jul 1922
Hise, Henry Madison s/o Thomas Lafayette & Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson)28 Nov 189823 Jul 1975SSDI
Hise, James Madison s/o Henry & Elizabeth (Bryson)16 Apr 18382 Oct 1916
Hise, James Richard s/o James Madison & Cynthia Ann (Havner)18 Feb 18744 Feb 1958
Hise, KennethB & D21 Dec 1933
Hise, Lester M. s/o James Richard & Collestia C. (Smith) 23 Aug 18978 Apr 1898
Hise, Lucy A.20 Aug 190914 Jul 1939
Hise, Lucy D. w/o Henry Madison14 Dec 1902Jan 1987SSDI
Hise, Mart H. s/o Thomas Lafayette & Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson)30 Aug 190921 Mar 1978SSDI
Hise, May L. (Mahoney) w/o Recil H.9 Feb 19177 Sep 1967
Hise, Recil H. s/o James Richard & Collestia C. (Smith) 23 Jan 19012 Aug 1977SSDI
Hise, Richard Cecil23 Apr 19145 Aug 1986SSDI
Hise, Rose Nell7 Apr 193212 Jul 1932
Hise, Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson) w/o Thomas Lafayette24 Mar 186811 Feb 1948
Hise, Sybil (Pettitt) w/o Richard Cecil16 Jan 191624 Jun 1986SSDI
Hise, Thomas Lafayette s/o James Madison & Cynthia Ann (Havner)11 Oct 18664 May 1942
Hise, W.J.31 May ----11 Apr ----
Hogan, Samuel Shudy18551946
Horton, Charlie W. s/o David Newton & Jennie16 Aug 190828 Oct 1908
Horton, David Newton18821964
Horton, Hulda Jane w/o J.W.12 Sep 1850 1 Nov 1901
Horton, James M.29 Mar 18844 Aug 1920
Horton, Jennie w/o David Newton3 Dec 188615 Feb 1968SSDI
Horton, J.W. (Mason)184811 Feb 1936
Horton, Livey (Hipp) d/o J. Wesley & Susie J. w/o James M.31 Aug 189025 Mar 1908
Horton, Viola18771957
Hunter, Inf. s/o Claud C.B & D27 Nov 1937SSDI
Hunter, Lee18 Jul 187112 Nov 1918
Hunter, Mary w/o Lee18 Jan 187131 Jul 1961
Jacobs, Kathy Melissa5 Mar 196511 Mar 1965
Keller, Stewart F. WWII Ark. Pvt. H.Q. Det. Sta. Com.20 Jun 190014 Oct 1958
L, N.L. (Initials Only)no dates

Lammons, Emma w/o L.Oct 1868no date
Lammons, Inf. d/o L. & EmmaB & D 1895
Lammons, Verdie c/o L. & EmmaB & D1894
Lemmond, Billy W.20 Mar 193918 Oct 1997SSDI
Lemmond, Lee Roy24 Nov 196817 Feb 1990
Lewis, Lydda Mae (Burton) d/o James Jacob & Sarah Caroline (Loveall) w/o Wesley Smith7 Jul 189826 Jul 1966SSDI
Lewis, Opha R. Marion c/o Wesley Smith & Lydda Mae (Burton)B & D11 Apr 1925
Lewis, Wesley Smith15 Feb 187422 Nov 1959
Loyd, Becky19 Sep 189519 Jan 1970
Loyd, Mary Ellen "Dollie" (Donathan) w/o William Luther d/o Jeremiah Benjamin & Mary (Dunn)14 Oct 18778 Dec 1957
Loyd, Eugine J.5 Jan 19261 Mar 1926
Loyd, General L. Jay US Army WWII Pvt. s/o William Luther & Mary Ellen "Dollie" (Donathan)30 Mar 19015 Jul 1978SSDI
Loyd, John T. (Mason)22 Oct 18777 Jul 1941
Loyd, Lawrence F. s/o William Luther & Mary Ellen "Dollie" (Donathan)14 Nov 190817 Sep 1910
Loyd, Lee Exier11 Mar 188125 Oct 1960
Loyd, Mary Ellen35 Oct 193222 Dec 1932
Loyd, Mayme1 Nov 19011 May 1927
Loyd, Mertis Ann d/o William Luther & Mary Ellen "Dollie" (Donathan)12 Dec 19065 Aug 1935
Loyd, Ona May d/o William Luther & Mary Ellen "Dollie" (Donathan)22 Jun 18993 Mar 1900
Loyd, Orland L. s/o William Luther & Mary Ellen "Dollie" (Donathan)24 May 1897Apr 1976SSDI
Loyd, William Luther16 Oct 187417 Aug 1955
Lyles, -------------
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Lyles, Fannie (Williams)
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Lyles, Infant
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Lyles, Thomas
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Malnes, N. Fayon rock

Marion, Opha R.11 Apr 192514 Jul 2000
Marshall, Fay Suttles2 Nov 1911Living
Martin, Charles W.22 Oct 190018 Aug 1958
Martin, Golda A. w/o Charles W.14 Jun 19007 Dec 1974
McConnell, Linnie Pearl19191956
McDonald, Emma L. w/o Herman J.5 Jun 192527 Sep 2000SSDI
McDonald, Herman J.28 Apr 191617 Oct 1991SSDI
McGee, Wallace W.22 Oct 191918 Oct 1996SSDI
McLaren, Robert R.18791947
McLaren, Sarah Ethel w/o Robert R. (M) 25 Feb 190418861958
McLaren, Vergnia A.10 Jul 184717 May 1900
Mercer, J.C.14 Sep 184614 Sep 1931
Mercer, Joe6 Jan 1900Nov 1972SSDI
Mercer, Joe Ann193414 Feb 1953
Mercer, Loyd J."Sonny" Pfc. USA WWII s/o Lloyd Louis & Minnie Mae (Lamb)27 May 19262 Jul 1974
Mercer, Martha6 Jul 1904Apr 1982
Mercer, Mary W. w/o William B.18781953
Mercer, William B.18761937
Merriman, Ella d/o J.W. & E.J.1 Oct 18814 Aug 1904
Miller, Maggie (Wilkins)18801908
Mizell, Benny J.H.10 Jan 19474 Feb 1997SSDI
Mizell, Linda Faye w/o Benny J.H.22 Aug 194916 Aug 1998SSDI
Mobley, Albert S. s/o J. & I.
grave moved from Mobley Cemetery
13 Jun 187318 Dec 1891
Mobley, Ida I. d/o Joseph A.
grave moved from Mobley Cemetery
31 Dec 18792 Feb 1882
Mobley, John P. s/o Enoch Monroe & Mary Jane "Mollie" (Gantt) gs/o Joseph A. & Isabelle (Ladd)
Additional Info from Marie K. Bailey
4 Apr 189730 Apr 1944
Mobley, Joseph A. s/o William & D. (Gilley)
grave moved from Mobley Cemetery
Additional Info from Marie K. Bailey
8 Oct 18462 Feb 1882
Mobley, Joseph David s/o Enoch Monroe & Mary Jane "Mollie" (Gantt) gs/o Joseph A. & Isabelle (Ladd)
Additional Info from Marie K. Bailey
8 Sep 19037 Mar 1904
Mobley, Virginia A.10 Jul 184717 May 1900
Montague, Bobby Joe15 Aug 192922 Apr 1994
Montague, James Daniel9 Oct 197226 Mar 1992
Mullen, Debbie (Farris) w/o Mike m/o April R. & Elizabeth R.12 May 1962Living
Mullen, Mike21 Feb 1956Living
Murphy, Niva Ione d/o R.M. & M.B.10 Feb 191024 Feb 1912
Nelson, Helen - no tombstoneno dates

Nelson, R.A. - no tombstoneno dates

Nelson, Ross - no tombstoneno dates

Nelson, Ruth B. (Williams)7 Feb 190721 Feb 1990SSDI
Nolan, Lee T.
grave moved from Mobley Cemetery
no dates

Nolen, Louise19261944
Oliver, Bobby A.12 Jun 196422 Nov 1986SSDI
Ostendorf, Inf. s/o Ben & Rozella12 Dec 190219 Dec 1902
Ostendorf, Rozella w/o Ben1 Dec 187116 Dec 1902
Parish, Carl A. (Mason)19051942
Parish, Inf. s/o Jess E. & Anna26 Jul 190628 Jul 1906
Parish, James I. (W of W)12 Apr 186011 Jun 1917
Parish, Lela C. w/o P.H. (Eastern Star)28 Aug 18974 Mar 1926
Parish, Maggie A. w/o James I. (Eastern Star)21 Dec 187222 Feb 1907
Parish, Zelia M. w/o Carl A.1906Living
Parrish, Charlie Brown18 Jan 19094 Dec 1918
Pledger, Lillie d/o William Asa & Susie (Wilkins)18 Aug 190023 Mar 1902
Pledger, Susie (Wilkins) w/o William Asa28 Nov 187316 Feb 1938
Pledger, William Asa7 Aug 187229 Nov 1933
Popejoy, Donna Marie8 Sep 19808 Jul 1984
Popejoy, Tammy Joe16 Oct 196128 Aug 1984SSDI
R----------, Billyno dates

Rankins, Granville Franklin25 Apr 1906 17 Aug 1988SSDI
Rankins, J.C. s/o Jack & Josie21 Dec 192213 Aug 1923
Rankins, Verna (Townsend) w/o Granville Franklin4 Jan 1914Living
Rasdon, Michael19672003
Reed, Glenda M.8 Feb 194114 Jul 1994SSDI
Reynolds, Leran Steward19201943
Ritchie, Lillian M. w/o Silas D.18 Mar 193031 Aug 2003
Ritchie, Silas D.11 Feb 19132 Mar 1989SSDI
Roland, Martha8 Mar 18401 Jul 1933
Satterfield, James M. s/o M.L. & P.E.20 Dec 18749 Jul 1901
Satterfield, Maggie V. d/o M.L. & P.E.11 Mar 187711 Mar 1899
Scarbrough, William M.Jul 1851no date
Schlinker, Herbert Lee30 May 191711 Jun 1991SSDI
Schlinker, Iva Lee (Smith) w/o Herbert Lee28 Mar 1928Living
Scott, Ann Marian d/o Milas T. Sr. & Celia7 yr 6 mo 1 da18 Jul 1852
Scott, Celia w/o Milas T. Sr.55 yr 9 mo 5 da29 Dec 1863
Scott, Charles A. s/o Milas T. Sr. & Celia7 yr 9 mo 28 da31 Dec 1853
Scott, Golda Mae8 May 192029 Oct 1923
Scott, Herman L.6 Feb 1927Jan 1984SSDI
Scott, 3 Inf. s/o Thomas G. & Joannano dates

Scott, James Earl18 Jun 193720 Jan 1991SSDI
Scott, James O.13 Dec 190816 Dec 1978SSDI
Scott, John67 yr 8 mo 24 da9 Apr 1848
Scott, Joseph Andrew6 Jan 1989Jun 1989SSDI
Scott, Katherine w/o John59 yrs 11 mo 9 da23 Nov 1844
Scott, Lora Melinda w/o James O.28 Mar 191320 Mar 1964
Scott, Mary K. d/o Milas T. Sr. & Celia18 yr 10 mo 16 da9 Dec 1851
Scott, Milas T. Jr. s/o Milas T. Sr. & Celia13 yr 9 mo 29 da5 Nov 1861
Scott, Milas T. Sr.45 yr 6 da10 Nov 1850
Scott, Milton C.28 yr 9 mo 23 da25 Apr 1851
Scott, Nora E. d/o E. & L.E.20 Oct 190111 Mar 1902
Scott, Norma Evelyn10 Sep 193730 May 1984
Scott, Sadie Ann w/o James Earl3 Mar 1940Living
Self, Dee F. w/o Willie A.14 Sep 188514 Apr 1956
Self, James William "Bud" s/o Virgil Sommerfield & Annie (McDougal)May 18871915
Self, Ted19011915
Self, Willie A.15 Jun 189023 Nov 1981
Self, W.W.on rock

Sewell, Agnes Juanita11 Apr 192321 Jan 1930
Sewell, George18761941
Sewell, Lee H.11 Oct 187619 Aug 1941
Sewell, Lee H.1 Feb 187110 Jan 1963
Sewell, Myrtle (Doshier) w/o F.R. (M) 4 Jul 192720 Apr 1906
8 Apr 1942
Singleton, Minnie Mae w/o William J.1882 1947
Singleton, William J.18811953
Sipes, Lois Virginia (Wells) Witt6 Oct 191827 Nov 1996SSDI
Sipes, William Fred26 Sep 19084 Mar 1989SSDI
Smith, Beulah w/o R.H.7 Jun 189523 Nov 1918
Smith, Donnell Dean22 Jun 193417 Jul 1934
Smith, George Washington Civil War CSA Co. A 2nd Ark. Mtd. Rifles h/o Rachel Catherineno date6 Aug 1932CPF
Smith, William James b. Spartanburg, GA2 Oct 185031 Dec 1887
Sowell, Bertha (carved on rock)Aug 1917 20 Mar 1919
Springer, Jefferson Davis25 Aug 19058 Jun 1964
Suttles, Ada F. w/o William J.24 Aug 18839 May 1957
Suttles, Oben c/o William J. & Ada F.B & D1914
Suttles, William J.25 Aug 187530 Jun 1940
Swint, Leland T.22 Jul 192826 Sep 1935
Swint, Raymond H.25 Feb 190912 Sep 1980SSDI
Swint, Vera (Wilkins) w/o Raymond H.9 Apr 1912Living
Terry, Carl Gene s/o Frank & Retha19 Aug 195614 Jul 1974
Terry, Donald James14 Dec 197716 Dec 1977
Terry, Hannah E. w/o Melvin23 Dec 1927 6 Jul 1999
Terry, Jerry Wayne s/o Frank & Retha30 Jul 19521 May 1964
Terry, Mary Irean26 Jul 192322 Sep 1924
Terry, Martha Jane w/o William G.9 Apr 190727 Aug 1983SSDI
Terry, Melvin11 Oct 1926Living
Terry, Osker J.A.13 Jul 192921 May 1998SSDI
Terry, William G.12 Jun 190225 Sep 1983SSDI
Thresher, Jennie L. (Williams) d/o G.W. & M.F.15 May 18801 Oct 1905
Tillery, Ethel L. w/o Jessie6 Feb 1905 11 Jan 1981SSDI
Tillery, Emmet19261931
Tillery, James (Mason)185415 Feb 1937
Tillery, Jessie "Jess"15 Aug 18984 Apr 1970SSDI
Tillery, Julia Lee w/o Robert Henry5 Jun 1933Living
Tillery, Lucinda w/o James18581933
Tillery, Nora w/o William Newton19041932
Tillery, Robert Henry31 Jan 1925Living
Tillery, William Newton12 Nov 187629 Nov 1959
Townsend, Benjamin Franklin s/o William & Emille Arder (Freshour)20 Oct 18699 Jan 1957
Townsend, Bernice Maudella8 Nov 192226 Jan 1969
Townsend, Charley William S1 US Navy16 Aug 19224 Oct 2002
Townsend, Chiles Earl28 Jun 19304 Sep 1975
Townsend, Earl M.17 Jun 191326 Oct 1914
Townsend, Elizabeth Jane (Fennell) w/o Marion Frances18831932
Townsend, Emma Jane (Yandell) w/o Benjamin Franklin20 Jan 188427 Oct 1936
Townsend, Euel s/o W.C. & Inez13 Nov 191611 Jul 1918
Townsend, Henry (Mason) s/o William & Emille Arder (Freshour)7 Mar 186320 Mar 1916
Townsend, Ida Florence w/o Marion Albert27 Nov 18681 Feb 1918
Townsend, Isabelle27 Sep 190031 Jul 1977
Townsend, James Newton25 Jan 190019 Apr 1962
Townsend, Jessie d/o Marion Frances & Elizabeth Jane (Fennell)16 Feb 190611 Jul 1908
Townsend, Kenneth W.13 Oct 193920 Jul 1983SSDI
Townsend, Marion Albert12 Mar 186327 Jun 1953
Townsend, Marion Frances s/o William & Emille Arder (Freshour)Feb 186715 Jul 1946
Townsend, Martha E. w/o W.M.Jun 183225 Aug 1905
Townsend, Ora1 Mar 190310 Jun 1991SSDI
Townsend, Rachel Cornelia (Hooper) w/o Benjamin Franklin d/o Peter & Mary (Burton)9 Apr 187220 Aug 1905
Townsend, Rosa Charlotte (Wilkins) w/o William Alexander d/o James Alexander & Martha O. (Estes)9 Mar 187013 Mar 1942
Townsend, Roy s/o M.F.20 Apr 190921 May 1909
Townsend, Susan E. w/o Kenneth W.3 Feb 194220 Jul 1993
Townsend, William Alexander (Mason) s/ James Alexander30 May 186522 Jun 1940
Townsend, Wyatt B. WWI6 Jan 188718 Feb 1965WWIR
Tracy, Ellis Preston4 Feb 19223 Jan 1991SSDI
Tracy, Vela V. w/o Ellis Preston29 Sep 1918Jun 1984SSDI
Walker, Inf. s/o Dave & Dellano dates

Walker, J.T. c/o John & LillieB & D3 Mar 1941
Walker, Lillian d/o C.W. & L.V.23 Oct 187730 Sep 1893
Walters, Charles (FHM can't read)-- Apr ---215 Jun 1939
Walter, Jessie s/o G.W. & Ella18 Jan 190521 Aug 1907
Ward, Dury E. s/o Simon & Deffie23 Sep 189925 Jun 1901
Ward, Ida E. w/o A.J.21 Nov 186720 Jan 1902
Ward, Mike V. s/o A.J. & Ida E.1 Dec 19019 Feb 1902
Ward, Robert E. s/o A.J. & Ida E.12 Sep 189719 Jan 1902
Ward, W.J. (Mason)31 May 186111 Apr 1902
Watkins, Tennie w/o Wilbia A.25 Sep 1875 8 Mar 1955
Watkins, Wilbia A. (Mason)2 May 18718 Jan 1956
Weatherall, Nannie w/o S.L.18 Aug 1876 26 Nov 1906
Weaver, Mollie w/o J.G.17 Sep 184715 Jan 1912
Wells, James Howard Sr.4 Feb 189027 Mar 1954
Wells, Myrtle Lue Ella (Hood) d/o Richard & Rebecca (Mobley) w/o James Howard Sr.28 Apr 18917 Mar 1941
West, Daniel16 Oct 18849 Oct 1909
White, Emma28 Mar 187412 Mar 1928
White, Myrtle Mae (Mobley)23 Oct 1900 1 Jul 1979
Widener, George W.31 Dec 192516 Feb 1993SSDI
Widener, James D. "Bo"12 Aug 19566 Aug 1996SSDI
Widener, Mae (Tillery) w/o George W.10 Nov 1924Living
Wilkins, Barton1 Dec 19004 Aug 1970
Wilkins, Dearlyn d/o J.T. & Ida31 Jan 19017 Feb 1901
Wilkins, Ella w/o James William23 Oct 187728 Oct 1934
Wilkins, Elva Graham22 Jan 1913Living
Wilkins, Herbert1 Nov 190831 Dec 1908
Wilkins, Inf. s/o C.H. & W.19 Oct 189821 Oct 1898
Wilkins, James Clinton5 Jan 186619 Feb 1923
Wilkins, James William23 Oct 187410 May 1951
Wilkins, Jeanno dates

Wilkins, Joseph H. "Joad"18751959
Wilkins, Lydia18771922
Wilkins, Mary Jane w/o W.A.10 Nov 1842 29 Oct 1938
Wilkins, Martha Almeda (Scott) "Medie" w/o James Clinton d/o Eli H. & Martha Elizabeth (Ashmore)11 Feb 187131 Mar 1944
Wilkins, Mollie E. w/o Joseph H.7 Nov 18724 Jan 1910
Wilkins, Otes s/o Joseph H. & Mollie E.12 Apr 189921 Nov 1900
Wilkins, Sam18751944
Wilkins, Samuel O.26 Aug 191410 Sep 1914
Wilkins, Serena w/o Sam16 Sep 1884May 1976SSDI
Wilkins, Sherman s/o Newton Cornelius & Ethel (Terry) 18 Feb 191830 Jun 1919
Wilkins, W.A. (Mason)12 Jan 183010 Oct 1902
Wilkins, Willey s/o James William & Ella24 May 190822 Jul 1908
Wilkins, Willie E. w/o Joseph H.7 Nov 18724 Jan 1910
Williams, -------------
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, -------------
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, A.H.26 Oct 185225 Feb 1885
Williams, Bray
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, Clemie
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, Glenn Allen s/o Troy Glenn & Vangie LeeB & D17 Oct 1946
Williams, G.W.16 Jan 185116 Mar 1902
Williams, Henry
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, Henry L. s/o G.W. & M.F.
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
8 Sep 188911 Jan 1891
Williams, Joe
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, Lonnie
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
17 Apr 186020 Dec 1900
Williams, Lucien
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, Mattie F. d/o G.W. & M.F.1 Sep 189123 Feb 1908
Williams, M.F. w/o G.W.27 Sep 18501 Jul 1906
Williams, Nellie M. s/o W. Sanford1882 1959
Williams, Randy
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, Rebecca A. w/o W. Sanford29 Dec 187422 Nov 1918
Williams, Sarah
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Williams, Troy Glenn20 Mar 1919Jul 1982SSDI
Williams, Vangie Lee w/o Troy Glenn6 Feb 19201 Jun 1965
Williams, W. Sanford18741947
Williams, William
Memorial Picture
Picture courtesy of Steve Farris
no dates

Wong, Marcella J. (Hise)24 Dec 195531 May 1994SSDI
Wright, Frank C. s/o J.E. & Mollie L.4 Sep 188720 Jun 1915
Wright, Gladyce25 Aug 190930 Oct 1916
Wright, Inf. s/o Rue C. & Rosa T.B & D4 May 1928
Wright, J.E.13 Mar 18989 Sep 1900
Wright, Mattie E. d/o Rue C. & Rosa T.24 Nov 190424 Dec 1907
Wright, Rosa T. w/o Rue C.7 Feb 188530 Jul 1980SSDI
Wright, Rue C.11 Dec 188027 Jan 1974
Wright, Warren G.28 Mar 190330 May 1979SSDI
Yarber, Billy W. - no tombstone19 Dec 194714 Jul 2001SSDI
Yarber, Clinton Ray13 Mar 195114 Dec 1995SSDI
Yarber, Loraine (Scott)9 Dec 19222 Feb 1953
Young, Samuel Woodful11 Oct 190125 Dec 1982SSDI
Young, Stella Marie w/o Samuel Woodful31 Jul 1904Mar 1995SSDI

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