Shepherd Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Updated directions to Shepherd Cemetery: Many thanks to Ralph Mungle for sending in these updated directions.

From Dardanelle take Rt 22/Rt 7 to Hwy 28. Follow Hwy 28 (right) to County Road (CR-40) (right). Follow CR-40 to CR-420 (this is not well marked but goes to the left from CR-40 - a sign reading "Omega Community" is at the turn off of CR-40, a dirt road when I visited). When you come to the "old chicken barns" on CR-420, turn left behind the barns (don't pass the barns). Go to the dead-end at a house. The cemetery is located to the right of the house with a gate and chain link fence. Before you make the trip, be advised that most graves are marked with only fieldstones and so far my research has not located a plot map. Good Luck.

Original directions:
Copied and updated June 1991 by Marilyn Roberts and Cornelia Daniels. This cemetery is located in the Omega Community. From Dardanelle, take Hwy # for about 7 miles. Then turn right on County road # for about 2 miles. Turn left at the Omega Community sign.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Archer, Maud w/o C.C.22 Aug 18797 Feb 1901
Blankinship, Charles Wiley Pvt. Ark. 7 Inf. 3 Div. WWIca. Nov 189015 Jul 1919WWIR
Boyd, Eva Lee (Shockley) d/o William Van & Mary Etta (Drake)
Additional Info from Lynn Bain
15 Sep 18789 Oct 1951
Carrell, Lillian d/o William W. & Grace Ardella (Shepherd)28 Jul 19046 Nov 1905
Carter, Edd h/o Esther f/o Larry, Lanny, Lelon, Rosalie2 Jan 19133 Apr 1993SSDI
Dale, Billy James s/o Cecil & Milda (Pennington)3 Jan 193024 Mar 1930
Dean, ----no date

Dean, David Lee19201941
East, Ula M. d/o J.O. & N.A.20 Feb 189815 Apr 1900
Eldridge, Janie3 Oct 188128 Jan 1957
Foster, Estell7 Oct 19112 Apr 1937
Frasur, Dora M. (Holt) Dean6 Jan 189211 Nov 1970SSDI
Frost, Carl J.21 Oct 191329 Jan 1944
Frost, Jimmy Ray10 Oct 194111 Oct 1941
Garner, Ethel L. w/o J.T.25 Oct 18885 May 1924
Hames, Georgia (Pennington) d/o John Myers & Lillie (Martin) w/o Roy Homer4 May 190231 Jul 1923 SSDI
Hancock, Sara w/o William18721964
Hancock, William "Milt"18731947
Hastings, Lucy Ann (Northcut) d/o Issac & Philia Ann (Stotts) w/o Isaac T.10 Oct 18597 Jul 1881
Hastings, Miles Erwin s/o William Henderson & Parlee F. (Shepherd)18 Jan 188426 Sep 1890
Hastings, Parlee F. (Shepherd) d/o John Jr. & Temperance (Epps) w/o William Henderson11 Apr 185521 Jan 1887
Heath, Mary Evelyn (Holt) w/o Matthew Willis8 Jan 187413 Jul 1951
Heath, Matthew Willis s/o William & Susan Adline (Campbell)11 Apr 18631 May 1910
Holt, Albert L.21 Jul 19001912
Holt, Alice I.10 Apr 19071 Jul 1935
Holt, Eliza Lacy3 Jul 187119 Jul 1923
Holt, James Wilburn17 Jul 187115 Oct 1957
Holt, John Henry27 Aug 187628 Dec 1934
Holt, Maud L.10 Aug 18824 Jun 1922
Holt, Mildie E.18451917
Holt, Minnie69 yr12 Jan 1953
Holt, Minnie (Clements) w/o John Henry1 Mar 18815 Apr 1931
Holt, R.D.14 Jan 184328 Aug 1934
Holt, Sibyl E.16 May 190213 Dec 1918
Howard, Etta O. d/o T.F. & Mary Ann6 Sep 189828 Oct 1907
Howard, J.V.B.3 Mar 185524 Aug 1886
Howard, James F.12 Nov 185113 Dec 1889
Howard, John Lee s/o T.F. & Mary Ann29 Oct 189912 Sep 1912
Howard, Joseph Halston s/o William P. & Melinda W. (Hasting) b. VanBuren Co., TN31 Jan 184916 Jan 1903
Howard, Mary Ann w/o T.F.4 Oct 18674 May 1901
Howard, Melinda W. (Hasting) w/o William P.26 Dec 181523 Jan 1892
Howard, Samantha Jane (Campbell) d/o Willis Nichols & Louella Elizabeth (Cates) w/o Joseph Halston2 Dec 185315 Jan 1938
Howard, Thomas J.1 Oct 190413 Feb 1905
Howard, W.M.29 Jul 185421 Nov 1909
Howard, William P.15 Apr 181625 Jul 1859
Hulsey, Jordon Monroe gf/o Burl dates

Hulsey, Burel Verlin s/o Lafayette Monroe & Margaret Ellen (Shockley)8 Oct 19015 Oct 1902
Jennings, Edgar A.18801920
Jennings, Janie E. w/o William D.27 Mar 18456 Mar 1897
Jennings, William D.14 May 183618 Mar 1919
Jones, Fred - north side of Leo Kuhn grave under cedar tree no marker

Kimbrough, Lorene (Pennington) d/o John Myers & Lillie (Martin)46 yr16 Sep 1956
Kuhn, Leo5 Aug 190428 Jan 1928
Lewis, Bonnieno dates

Lewis, Doshano dates

Lewis, Ellano dates

Lewis, Howellno dates

Lewis, Jepseyno dates

Lewis, Johnno dates

Lewis, John H. "Johnnie"10 Dec 189929 Aug 1989SSDI
Lewis, Joseph W.20 Aug 184823 Jan 1926
Lewis, Levicy A.15 Jul 185131 May 1896
Lewis, Liddyno dates

Lewis, Lora Verda w/o John H.10 Sep 1909 6 Jul 2002SSDI
Lewis, Maryno dates

Lewis, Paulno dates

Lewis, William Ed s/o John H. & Lora Verda11 Jun 193112 Dec 1941
Logan, John Henry2 Aug 187014 Sep 1910
Martin, Annie5 Apr 18845 Jun 1903
Martin, Edgar9 Apr 18904 Aug 1891
Massey, J.C. 1st h/o Mary (Kuhn)185523 Jul 1889
Massey, Mayesno dates

Moore, George T. s/o Rufus C. & B.V.14 Sep 190418 Oct 1904
Moore, Virginia V. d/o Rufus C. & B.V. (Shepherd)19 Apr 190317 May 1903
Moore, Zelma d/o Rufus C. & B.V. (Shepherd)7 Oct 190820 Mar 1910
Mungle, Gilbert M.
Additional info from Ralph Mungle
6 May 18885 Nov 1912
Mungle, Rueben Rudolph
Additional info from Ralph Mungle
12 Jan 189923 Oct 1918
Northcut, Alice C. (Hames) d/o Newt w/o Samuel A.19 Feb 18781 Jan 1911
Northcut, Isaac Civil War CSA Co. E 1st Regt. AL & TN Independent Vidette Cav. b. TN20 Mar 183324 Feb 1898
Northcut, Philia Ann (Stotts) w/o Isaac of McMinnville, Warren Co., TN22 Jan 183710 May 1897
Northcut, Ruthie d/o Samuel A. & Alice C. (Hames)26 Oct 190727 Aug 1910
Pennington, Addie d/o James Henry & Missouri Elizabeth (Martin)28 Aug 190430 Jan 1918
Pennington, Betty w/o Joshua Tinsley1837 1929
Pennington, Billie Anne d/o Herbert Ray & Jewell (Hames) 2 Oct 193422 Nov 1941
Pennington, Carrie d/o John Myers & Lillie (Martin)no marker

Pennington, Elizabeth Pantefee (Kuhn) d/o Henry & Jane w/o Joshua TinsleyNov 1838Nov 1925
Pennington, Herbert Ray Pvt. US Army WWI s/o John Myers & Lillie (Martin)4 May 1897May 1977 WWIR
Pennington, Inf./o Joshua Tinsley & Elizabeth Pantefee (Kuhn) - 2 gravesno marker
Pennington, Inf./o Van Larry & Willie - 2 gravesno marker

Pennington, James Henry s/o Joshua Tinsley & Elizabeth Pantefee (Kuhn)8 Aug 187114 Jun 1919
Pennington, Jewell (Hames) w/o Herbert Ray9 Aug 19052 Feb 1999SSDI
Pennington, John Myers s/o Joshua Tinsley & Elizabeth Pantefee (Kuhn)20 Jul 187518 Jul 1940
Pennington, Joshua Tinsley s/o Grandison & Sarahca. 1837ca. 1890
Pennington, Lillie (Martin) d/o Thomas K. & Mildie (Hale) w/o John MyersDec 18773 Jan 1963
Pennington, Mary E. "Betty" d/o Van Larry & Willie (McLemore)1 Jan 189215 Nov 1923
Pennington, Missouri Elizabeth (Martin) w/o James Henry8 Mar 187726 Aug 1966SSDI
Pennington, Orpha d/o John Myers & Lillie (Martin)no marker

Price, Elisha A.
Price, Etta A. w/o Elisha A.
Price, Roscoe M.10 Mar 190415 Jul 1996SSDI
Price, Veda (Carter) w/o Roscoe M.3 Oct 19085 May 1985
Robinson, L. Juanita WWII Ark. Tec. 4 Women's Army Corps5 Aug 190428 May 1961
Rounsaville, Ambrose B.13 Jun 188021 Jun 1911
Rounsaville, Ercie Mae16 Mar 190920 Apr 1910
Rowe, Carolyn d/o Harvey & Carolyn (Lewis)B & D22 Aug 1954
Rowe, H.B. Jr. s/o Harvey & Carolyn (Lewis)B & D7 Oct 1954
Shepherd, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Keller) d/o John & Mary "Mahala" (Cranfield) 1st w/o Zora Tivis22 Apr 187010 Jan 1905
Shepherd, Forrest8 Aug 18961 Jul 1904
Shepherd, James Calvin s/o John Jr. & Temperance (Epps) 21 Jan 18337 Mar 1923
Shepherd, Jerusha (Hamlin) w/o James Calvin23 Oct 18303 Dec 1917
Shepherd, John Jr. b. VA10 May 18102 Jul 1880
Shepherd, John Washington s/o John Jr. & Temperance (Epps)Nov 184011 Mar 1915
Shepherd, Mary Ann "Molly" (Hollingsworth) d/o William & Myra (Sparkman) w/o Tillmon Charles22 May 18548 Mar 1898
Shepherd, Nancy Jane (Shepherd) d/o John Washington & Ann (Schultz) w/o Andrew JacksonSep 1860Jul 1913
Shepherd, Temperance (Epps) w/o John Jr. b. VA23 May 181423 Feb 1891
Shepherd, Tillmon s/o Zora Tivis & Tishie (Tilmon)4 Aug 190822 Oct 1916
Shepherd, Tillmon Charles s/o John Jr. & Temperance (Epps)15 Nov 18494 Mar 1896
Shepherd, Tishie (Tilmon) w/o Zora Tivis22 Sep 188123 Dec 1925
Shockley, Alton Ashford s/o Luther Ashford & Lina (Randolph)14 Jul 1901Mar 1977SSDI
Shockley, Aubrey s/o Johnny13 Jun 1913 13 Aug 1914
Shockley, Avis s/o William Robert & Effie Ora (George) 2 Nov 191428 Dec 1991
Shockley, Beatrice Mae (Cannon) d/o Thomas James & Cynthia Jane (Kuhn) w/o Francis Hiter29 Nov 19015 Sep 1982SSDI
Shockley, Bransford Lee s/o William Burrell & Emaline (Denney)13 Mar 185515 Mar 1935
Shockley, Bransford Lee Jr. s/o Bransford Lee & Josephine (Miller)17 Jul 188027 Jan 1918
Shockley, Effie Ora (George) d/o Hardin W. & Emma (Blackwell) w/o William Robert22 Feb 18937 Jun 1966
Shockley, Francis Hiter s/o Bransford Lee & Josephine (Miller)4 Sep 189320 Nov 1968
Shockley, Gordon H. s/o William Robert & Effie Ora (George)23 Apr 190729 Aug 1973
Shockley, Hettie R.B. s/o Bransford Lee4 Jul 189310 Sep 1897
Shockley, Hiter B. "Hoot" (Mason) s/o Francis Hiter & Beatrice M. (Cannon) h/o Ida (Dickens)11 Apr 193214 May 2003SSDI
Shockley, Johnnie Pearl (Pennington) d/o Van Larry & Willie (McLemore) w/o William Hiram7 Oct 18963 Jan 1973
Shockley, Josephine (Miller) w/o Bransford Lee24 Sep 185422 Dec 1944
Shockley, Lina (Randolph) w/o Luther Ashford18741938
Shockley, Loyd Harley SFC US Army WWII s/o Francis Hiter & Beatrice Mae (Cannon)4 Mar 191827 May 1980SSDI
Shockley, Lula B.12 Apr 190921 Feb 1941
Shockley, Luther Ashford s/o Bransford Lee & Sarah Elizabeth (Gamble)18 Apr 18741956
Shockley, Macy V. d/o Art
Additional Info from Mike Shockley
4 Dec 191020 Nov 1918
Shockley, Maggie L. d/o C.A. & L.E.29 Jul 191123 Oct 1911
Shockley, Mary Etta (Drake) d/o William Carter & Hattie (Gamble) w/o William Van
Additional Info from Lynn Bain
19 Aug 185615 Mar 1926
Shockley, Opal L. d/o William Robert & Effie Ora (George)10 Aug 190419 Jun 1919
Shockley, Travis Lefaye "Ted" s/o William Robert & Effie Ora (George) h/o Gwendolyn (Littleton)17 Aug 19218 Jun 1991
Shockley, Ulyssis S. s/o William Van & Mary Etta (Drake)
Additional Info from Lynn Bain
16 Oct 187415 Sep 1935
Shockley, William Van "Bill" s/o William Burrell & Emmaline (Denney)
Additional Info from Lynn Bain
3 May 185322 Feb 1924
Shockley, William Hiram s/o William Van & Mary Etta (Drake)9 Sep 189512 Sep 1950
Shockley, William Robert s/o Bransford Lee & Josephine (Miller)23 Feb 18787 Sep 1924
Shockley, Wilson Jr.12 Aug 191916 Feb 1974
Snell, Houston27 Feb 18941 Nov 1947
Twiggs, Genevea F.27 Dec 191026 Nov 1964
Warren, Inf. s/o Robert Ewing & Jerusha Helen (Shepherd) 16 Aug 188914 Sep 1889
Warren, Jerusha Helen (Shepherd) d/o James Calvin & Jershua (Hamlin) w/o Robert Ewing m/o E.K. & Maude26 Dec 186713 Nov 1893
Williams, Fannie D. w/o John P.12 Mar 185822 Nov 1893
Williams, John P.20 Jul 185524 Aug 1883
Young, Geneva A. (Carter) d/o Johnny & Sadie (Ames) w/o Leo11 Apr 19167 Aug 1991
Young, Leo24 Nov 19158 Jun 1992

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