Shed Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and Updated 8 Apr 1994 by Basil Hunt. From Plainview, take State Hwy 28 to Rover. From there, take State Hwy 27 to Onyx, at Onyx turn on Hwy 314 to Hollis. Shed is about 2.4 miles from Onyx. There is a Cemetery sign on the Hwy. and the road has been renamed "Shed Cemetery Road" for 911 purposes. It is hard to see. Turn right at the sign and go until you cross a low water bridge. The cemetery is about two-tenths of a mile from the bridge. It's on the right side of the road and on the roadway..

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Barrows, Emily A. w/o J.N.3 Oct 188910 Jan 1909
Barrows, Essie Arthula (Nichols) (Eastern Star) d/o John N. & Hester (Gallion) w/o Willis A.21 Mar 189328 Apr 1973SSDI
Barrows, Joseph A.B. Twin s/o J.N. & Emily A.12 Dec 19093 Feb 1910
Barrows, Orene d/o R.J. & Arminda18 May 19132 Mar 1914
Barrows, Willis A. (Mason)27 Dec 188912 Feb 1980
Barrows, Willis A.F. Twin s/o J.N. & Emily A.12 Dec 19091 Feb 1910
Bishop, RubenelleB & D27 Jan 1927
Blackwood, Bessie d/o Jim M. & Zylthia A.6 Aug 190625 Dec 1906
Blackwood, Inf. d/o Jim M. & Zylthia A.B & D20 Aug 1905
Blackwood, Inf. d/o Jim M. & Zylthia A.14 Feb 190821 Feb 1908
Blackwood, Jim M.18741959
Blackwood, Zylthia A. w/o Jim M.18831922
Boggs, J.T.24 Jul 185330 Nov 1930
Brooks, Georgia Ann w/o J.Y.18501923
Brooks, J.Y. (Mason)18451924
Cooper, Dolphis s/o N.T. & L.B.11 Dec 189813 Apr 1910
Cox, Lillian May "Lillie" (Gallion) d/o Benjamin T. & Tennessee Augusta Ann (Shadwick) w/o Olgar A.22 Feb 189813 Jul 1989SSDI
Cox, Olgar A.23 Jul 189613 Jan 1982SSDI
Davis, Allen B.10 May 191812 Apr 1937
Davis, Sarah E. w/o W.L.1 Mar 185920 May 1922
Davis, Sarah Nettie (Lefforge) d/o Charles w/o Seth Benton 12 Feb 189117 Mar 1969SSDI
Davis, Seth Benton5 Jan 188013 Jun 1965
Davis, W.L.5 Apr 185612 Feb 1922
Dunn, Georgia Ann w/o Henry C.12 Feb 188213 Jul 1959
Dunn, Henry C.18701951
Eubanks, Janice (Lovell) d/o Charles & Jeanette w/o Bill 18 Jan 19382 Nov 2001SSDI
Eubanks, Sarah Josephene w/o Thomas Grady28 Jul 191610 Apr 1993
Eubanks, Thomas Grady7 Aug 19115 Nov 1988
Ferguson, John W.15 Dec 18713 Mar 1940
Finley, Agnes19 Mar 191420 Mar 1922
Finley, Leona E. w/o J.T.13 Mar 191018 Apr 1941
Finley, Thomas18451917
Furr, Robert N.18551907
Furr, Sarah E. (Spears) w/o Robert N. (M) 7 Nov 188018581920
Gallion, Anna A. "Annie" (Shadwick) d/o James Monroe Sr. & Mary Ann w/o Benjamin T.7 Dec 186630 Nov 1951
Gallion, Benjamin T. s/o Madison & Elizabeth (Rutledge) 28 Mar 184027 Apr 1926
Gallion, Harrison WWI Ark. Pvt. US Army s/o Benjamin T. & Anna A. (Shadwick)24 Nov 189717 May 1970WWIR SSDI
Goodman, J.C. - carved on stoneno dates

Gossage, Carrie C. (Hill) w/o George C.19 Dec 188315 Dec 1969
Gossage, Delila18581941
Gossage, Elva (Crawford) d/o William & Nancy (Green) w/o Dewey9 Dec 191627 Nov 2005SSDI
Gossage, George C.8 Apr 18775 Dec 1959
Gossage, Grace May w/o Pat William7 Apr 19032 Mar 1986
Gossage, Henry H. (W of W)1 Dec 189530 Jun 1919
Gossage, James P. (Mason)3 Feb 19066 Mar 1969
Gossage, Janey w/o Robert Amos6 Apr 1906 7 Apr 1986
Gossage, Kernettie May d/o George C. & Carrie C. (Hill) 4 Feb 190228 Feb 1902
Gossage, Norma Joyce6 Nov 193128 Aug 1992
Gossage, Pat William6 Jan 189010 Jul 1960
Gossage, Robert Amos6 Dec 191212 Mar 1987
Gossage, S.H. (Hence)1 Oct 188710 Oct 1961
Gossage, Sam19 Jul 192426 Jan 1983SSDI
Gossage, Steve H.21 Jul 185222 Apr 1924
Gossett, Alpha Jane (Hull) d/o Pearl Columbus & Hattie Viola (Cox) w/o William H. "Bill" Sr.4 Jun 19457 Feb 1998SSDI
Gossett, William H. Sr. "Bill" US Army Air Force WWII s/o James Simpson & Nora Maude (Roe)15 Dec 191916 Sep 2004SSDI
Hardberger, Charles s/o Rev. Rufus M. & M.M. f/o Ollie (Hardberger) Eubanks30 Nov 186026 Oct 1944
Hardberger, Liller (Rigley) 1st w/o Charles (M) 21 May 1882 1866no date
Hardin, Core E. d/o Grant & Lillie (Gray)7 Mar 19009 Mar 1906
Hardin, Dr. Edmond18321910
Hardin, Grant (Mason)187214 Mar 1944
Hardin, James P. s/o Grant & Lillie (Gray)30 Apr 19058 Sep 1905
Hardin, Lillie (Gray) w/o Grant187219 Apr 1950
Hardin, Martha Jane w/o Edmond18441899
Hardin, Pearl (Nichols)30 Mar 19005 May 1987
Hardin, Steve s/o Grant & Lillie (Gray)6 Oct 190610 Jun 1907
Hull, Ezra24 Mar 185531 Mar 1924
Hull, Hattie Viola (Cox) w/o Pearl Columbus20 Oct 190113 Jun 1991
Hull, Martha E. (Stokes) d/o Francis Marion w/o Sam L.19 Aug 189719 Aug 1937
Hull, Nancy w/o Ezra2 Aug 186130 Apr 1925
Hull, Pearl Columbus "P.C." WWI Ark. Pvt. US Army18 Nov 18948 Feb 1974WWIR SSDI
Humphreys, Anderson20 Jul 18347 Sep 1924
Humphreys, Francis A. w/o Anderson5 Jul 18369 Jun 1902
Johnson, M.E. w/o J.T.29 May 185529 May 1929
Johnson, Tom4 Sep 18617 Apr 1945
Joiner, Missouri (Collum) w/o Thomas Jefferson4 Feb 184822 Sep 1913
Jones, Mildred E. (Stokes) d/o F.M.29 Jun 188520 Nov 1939
Keener, dates

Keener, Jess Clay4 Mar 19083 Nov 1986SSDI
Keener, dates

Keener, Nellie w/o Will18781937
Keener, Nettie w/o Odie H.16 Dec 189314 Jul 1950
Keener, Odie H. s/o Will16 Mar 189212 Nov 1970SSDI
Keener, Will18801952
Lee, Julia K.13 Jul 189912 Jan 1976
Lefforge, Charles5 Dec 18678 May 1941
Masterson, Minnie (Allen) w/o Noah (M) ca. 180819 Aug 189010 Mar 1913
McCoy, Inf. s/o LeonB & D9 Mar 1932
McGaugh, Dovie M. (Nix)2 Apr 186025 Jun 1907
Morgan, W.H. - carved on stone10 mo 22 ds22 Sep 1879
Nichols, Aaron10 Mar 18971 Sep 1917
Nichols, Bill s/o John N. & Hester (Gallion)19 Feb 18954 Mar 1985
Nichols, C.C.3 Feb 185724 Jul 1916
Nichols, Harrie B.19021951
Nichols, Hester (Gallion) d/o Benjamin T. & Sarah (Ketchersroth) w/o John N.13 Aug 187021 Sep 1921
Nichols, Inf. s/o John N. & Hester (Gallion)B & D15 Feb 1897
Nichols, John N. s/o John & Rebecca (Green)9 May 186520 May 1951
Nichols, Martha Caroline25 Sep 185526 Jun 1952
Nichols, Mary Corinne (Nooner) d/o D.D. & Hattie (Tedder) w/o Robert Enos19031962
Nichols, Mary Cornelia (Hames) d/o Hillery Drew & V. Evelina (Nooner) w/o William R. (M) Feb 190928 May 18864 Nov 1943
Nichols, R.L. Jr. s/o R.L. & EffieB & D1936
Nichols, Riley s/o John N. & Hester (Gallion)8 Jan 190417 Sep 1906
Nichols, Robert Enos s/o John N. & Hester (Gallion)30 Dec 18978 Jan 1969
Nichols, Samuel Alexander s/o John N. & Hester (Gallion) 27 Jul 188715 Feb 1895
Nichols, Tommy s/o John N. & Hester (Gallion)18881890
Nichols, Vernell21 Jul 192131 Jul 1984
Nichols, Walter (Mason) s/o John N. & Hester (Gallion) h/o Iva (Barrows)18 Jul 18923 Apr 1928
Nichols, William R.25 Feb 18856 Mar 1938
Nix, Rev. B.S. "Uncle Bud"1 May 183519 Feb 1900
Nix, Dulice d/o E.E. & Clarano dates

Oliver, William Y. Civil War Union Co. H 1st AR Inf.1 Nov 184726 Jul 1921UPF
Overby, Eva Lee13 Sep 19089 Apr 1955
Partain, Addie L. (Keener) d/o Tom & Betty (Sims) w/o George17 Apr 189630 Jul 1989SSDI
Partain, Arthur L.25 Dec 19262 Apr 1979
Partain, George f/o Fred, Verlie, Erma Neal & Louis17 Aug 189426 Jul 1933
Partain, Louis s/o George & Addie L. (Keener)14 Dec 191616 Mar 1934
Partain, Ola B. (Keener) d/o Tom & Betty (Sims) w/o Robert Lee3 Apr 189426 Sep 1983SSDI
Partain, Robert Lee s/o Moses & Barbara (Ratliff)3 Apr 189225 Dec 1941
Reed, Omer H. s/o L.V. & N.F.24 Sep 19045 Oct 1910
Sailor, Mary GladysB & D29 Jan 1929
Saunders, Alice w/o T.P.18541934
Saunders, Eddie S.18731952
Saunders, George B. Jr.6 Nov 192131 Oct 1982
Saunders, Laura J. w/o George B. Jr.16 Apr 1920living
Saunders, Lotta A. w/o Eddie S.18821953
Saunders, T.P.18361905
Saunders, Tom b. Carbondale, IL18791929
Saunders, Tom Frank18 May 19126 Oct 1979
Spears, David "Davy"18701923
Spears, George18621925
Spears, John L.28 May 18871 Mar 1937
Spears, Josie w/o George18671952
Spears, Polly Ann (Green) w/o David1873 1921
Standafer, Cecil H.14 Sep 1900Jul 1964
Standafer, Marie (Yates)30 Dec 191517 May 1993
Stewart, Eva Agnes11 Aug 19004 Jan 1928
Stewart, Baby Pauline3 Jan 19284 Jan 1928
Stokes, Francis Marion16 Sep 186227 Dec 1942
Tate, Vyles T. s/o L.T. & V.G.15 Aug 190819 Nov 1910
Thomas, Anna E.30 May 184714 Nov 1924
Thomas, Benjamin T.18455 Mar 1897
Thomas, James F. (W of W)20 Feb 187128 Jul 1915
Watkins, Lucy Ann b. IL15 Feb 184216 Apr 1926
Whitaker, Mahan15 Sep 18804 Nov 1924
Williams, E.O.H.9 Apr 185425 Nov 1901
Williams, G.W.B & D25 Dec 1897
Williams, J.8 Jan 18543 Dec 1907
Yates, Addie (Johnson) w/o Thomas Walter18891929
Yates, Albert T. s/o John C. & Nancy Jane (Stokes)13 Apr 187210 Jul 1954
Yates, Alfred s/o Thomas Walter & Addie (Johnson) h/o Essie (Keener)2 Jul 191120 Nov 2003SSDI
Yates, Bertha A. d/o William R. & Lew E.31 Mar 190412 Sep 1910
Yates, Charles L. s/o J.B. Sr. & Joan (Dickinson)B & D2 Feb 1951
Yates, Donald Wayne s/o Alfred & Essie (Keener)8 Jun 19373 Jan 1976
Yates, Edgar William WWII Ark. Pvt. US Army s/o Thomas & Mattie (Barrows) h/o V. Anice (Hames) Yates Wilson - she is buried in Nooner Cemetery3 Jan 192019 Jan 1979SSDI
Yates, Ellington28 Sep 1891Oct 1922
Yates, Elva D. w/o Edgar William22 Mar 1923living
Yates, Francis Jane d/o John B. & Isabelle29 Nov 19011 Sep 1910
Yates, George Lee24 Feb 19463 Nov 1957
Yates, Inf. d/o John C. & Nancy Jane (Stokes)B & D1 Jul 1895
Yates, Isabelle w/o John B.3 Nov 186523 Sep 1953
Yates, J.B. Sr. s/o Lee David & Mary Issabell (Gossage) 2 Jan 19278 Nov 2001SSDI
Yates, Joan (Dickinson) w/o J.B. Sr.10 Sep 19303 Jun 1992SSDI
Yates, John B.1 Dec 187011 Sep 1947
Yates, John C. (Mason)5 Jan 184921 Mar 1915
Yates, Joseph Greenville18742 Apr 1928
Yates, Joseph Henry s/o John C. & Nancy Jane (Stokes)5 Nov 188224 Sep 1883
Yates, Lee David18 Jul 189412 Aug 1983SSDI
Yates, Lew E. s/o William R.26 Oct 1884 29 Apr 1968
Yates, Margaret w/o Rice B.14 Jan 1892 Sep 1979
Yates, Mary26 Dec 18171878
Yates, Mary Issabell (Gossage) w/o Lee David10 Dec 189017 Nov 1970
Yates, Mattie (Burrows) w/o Thomas1881 1926
Yates, Mildred w/o Warren27 Nov 19288 Nov 1992
Yates, Monroe Alexander2 Jan 190512 Jun 1992
Yates, Nancy Jane (Stokes) w/o John C.15 May 185612 Feb 1930
Yates, Rice181830 May 1895
Yates, Rice B.1 Sep 1896Jul 1979
Yates, Robin Nicole7 Oct 198615 Sep 1987
Yates, Roxie Lee d/o Lee David & Mary Issabell (Gossage) 14 Oct 191610 Aug 1921
Yates, Roy1 May 191023 Mar 1988
Yates, Sarah Eliza d/o John C. & Nancy Jane (Stokes)15 Dec 188323 Aug 1884
Yates, Steve Russell - FHM faded - can't read
Yates, Tan Cornelius s/o John C. & Nancy Jane (Stokes) 13 Nov 18899 Sep 1911
Yates, Thomas18761948
Yates, Thomas Walter18875 May 1957
Yates, Verner H. d/o Lee David & Mary Issabell (Gossage) 22 Dec 191419 Feb 1915
Yates, Virginia M. (Blackmon) d/o Henry & Marie Elizabeth (Yates) w/o James Albert12 Oct 193512 Mar 2004SSDI
Yates, Warren29 Mar 192112 Jul 1980
Yates, William R.3 Nov 188030 Dec 1961

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