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Bill Wells 22 April 2007
Any info on the Few or Bigelow name in Yell County will be appreciated.

Dana Breashear Sharpton 22 April 2007
I am looking for information on Cynthia/Sinthia Nix Bowden. She was born in AR 16 March 1869 and died in Plainview 3 June 1928. I am trying to find out her maiden name and anything else about her anyone may have. She married my Great-Grandfather W. Tom Nix b: 23 Dec 1869 ?/D: 13 Feb 1905 in Plainview. About 1910 she married William H. or K. Bowden. He had a daughter (I assume from a previous marriage) named Bertha Bowden born about 1895, and she had a daughter, Mattie Frances Nix born about 1896, from a previous marriage to my G-Grandfather. She also had a daughter named Emma Mae Nix born 1892 in Plainview. Any information about Cynthia/Sinthia's maiden name and W. Tom Nix' first name would be greatly appreciated.

James H. Riley 22 April 2007
I am researching Thomas Redding who moved from Texas to Yell County and died in January, 1850. He was married to Sarah Mode Riley, widow of Thomas Riley who was one of the family for which Riley Township is named and who was killed by Comanches in Texas. Any information or suggestions for research will be appreciated.

Amelia Duncan Allen 22 April 2007
My name is Amelia Duncan Allen and I am doing research on my family. The line is Nathan Duncan who married Elizabeth ? in 1847 in Wilkes North Carolina. They moved to Greene TN and then to Irons Creek, Yell County, Arkansas. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Amelia Allen 22 April 2007
I am seeking information on Allen, Spears and Mastersons of Yell County Arkansas. Joe Allen married Mary Susan Spears and they had three children: Edward Ruben, Minnie C? she married Noah Masterson and George W. Joe and Mary Susan are buried in Shed Cemetery and I believe Minnie Masterson is also.

TL Mauldin 22 April 2007
Mauldin - My Great Grandparents are buried at Dacus. I found a previous query about Bobby (Cook) Larson that references Thomas and Harriet Mauldin. How could I contact that person, I may be able to share some information with them. I will be visiting Dacus over Memorial Day with my Dad and Uncle, the grandsons of Thomas and Harriet. Any other information on them available would be appreciated.

Linda Morris 22 April 2007
I am looking for any information on the Pickens family of Yell County, AR. I would especially like to find out where Joseph C. Pickens and Robert Andrews Pickens are buried. Joseph moved to AR in 1856 and Robert is his son. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Brenda Brewer 22 April 2007
I am looking for anyone with information on the Tom Keener family in the Yell County area. I know that William Keener's first wife was Nancie Brown. I know that there were two sons Jess Keener and Pete Keener. I believe they are still living in Yell County.

Barbara Howard 22 April 2007
I am searching for the burial location for Sarah W. Carter. It is told that Sarah died near Dardanelle, when the Carter family were in route to TX. It is said that her husband Charles, carved her stats on a sandstone rock. This death date would be after 1910 and may be 1914. Any information would be so appreciated.

Barbara Lancaster 22 April 2007
I am searching for decendants of Henry Gillaspie (b. @ 1798 VA). He first married Nancy Gallaher (b. 1817 TN). Children were Patrick Henry Gillaspie (1841-1904) and William H. Gillaspie (1846-1932). Both Patrick and William moved to Yell Co., AR in the late 1880s. There Patrick married Jane Mize and had issue John W. b. 1888 and Charley b. 1891. Brother William married Pauline Oaks and had issue Isora, Thomas, Evie, Pearl, Lafayette, and William. I believe these people remained in the Yell Co. area. I have extensive info on the descendants of James M. Gillaspie (son of Patrick's earlier marriage) who left AR for TX. I'm happy to share.

William Hayman 22 April 2007
I am seeking any information, maiden name/given names, marriage date, place of birth, etc., of Mrs. N.A. Boling, b 1848, d 27 Aug 1903, 2nd wife of Silas Boling, b 1832, d 1906, raised a family in Harkeys Valley.

Tom Chism 22 April 2007
I am looking for information on the Chism/Chisum family in Yell County. They lived mostly near Danville. Thank you.

Bryan Adams 22 April 2007
I am trying to locate the parents of the following people. The following are siblings.

  1. George Washington Adams (b. 30 Jun 1882 in Sugar Grove, Logan County, Arkansas)
  2. Eliza Jane Adams Cocherell Cobbs (b. 1873, died in California)
  3. Joseph Adams (b. 4 Aug 1879 in Yell Co. Arkansas)
I have been told by family members that their mother's last name was Lane, but I have been unsuccessful in finding anything. Any information would be most appreciated.

Mark W. Cassidy 06 March 2007
I am looking for G-Granddad, Joseph T. Penland, b. 1844,IN. Married Mary E. Edmonson,1872 in Little Rock, Mary (Mollie) d. 1874. Joseph remarried M. Harkrider they in turn moved to Ola, c.1899.

Our last bit of data on Joseph is 1900 he witnessed a land deal with J.N. Harkey & the AR. census. Penland family orig. from NC, left c. 1804, on to OH, then to IN, after 1865 migrated to AR, we think those cold IN winters might have been the reason. Thank you.

Will Christensen 06 March 2007
I'm looking for information on former baseball pitcher James Huey Walkup (cousin of James Elton Walkup), who was born in Havana, Nov. 3, 1895. Any help would be appreciated.

Sally (Scott) Von Bruenchenhein 04 February 2007
I am looking for information about John Scott b. 1780 in North Carolina, married to Elizabeth Andersen and later to Elizabeth Brown. He is buried at the Cemetery in Sugar Grove.

Odetha Baribeau 03 February 2007
Thanks to a query on this site from about one year ago, I located some of my Collins cousins from Yell County. However, I'm still searching for the interment site of my grandfather Crocket Collins from Yell County. Unfortunately my cousins were not able to answer this question. However it was suggested that he might have been laid to rest in a cemetery that isn't currently being used. He expired in Yell County 10 April 1927. I've been unsuccessful in finding Yell County Cemetery index information online. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks for your assistance.

Anita Stevenson 03 February 2007
Can someone tell me why the Cemetery Marker in front of the Smith Family Cemetery says "Established 1800" -- when the earliest burial there is 1858?

Coral Stone 03 February 2007
I am looking for the 2nd family of Lonnie (Alonzo?) McDonald, whose family are believed to have come from Yell in Arkansas. He was married to Carol Chandler, and they had two sons. He was posted to Hawaii with the US Army in the 1950's, where they divorced soon afterwards. His father may have been Lonnie Cecil b.1900 in Logan, his father William Madison b.1866 Arkansas, and his father William Johnson who d. in 1900 in Yell.

Sandy 03 February 2007
Looking for info on a Tom Dobbins family who lived in Danville in 1947. I am looking for his wife's first name. She is my husband's great-aunt. Would like info on her line if anyone has it will share what I have.

Sharon Hale 03 February 2007
My father, Lendol Hale, was born in Yell County on January 5, 1923. He is a descendant of the Hardin George and Angeline Miller George line. His grandmother was Ada George Hale and his grandfather was Darling Pickney Hale.

I would like to make contact with any person who has information about the George family or the Hale family. I know that Hardin George donated the land for the Mt. George Cemetery in Yell County. If my calculations are correct, Hardin George is my gggggrandfather.

Also, Okey Snell Hale married Thomas Matthew Hale, Ada George Hale's son, (I think in Yell County) and they had 5 sons born in Yell County (Ola, Arkansas) before they moved with Ada George Hale and several of her sons to Louisiana. This period was in the "Great Depression" era. They had 3 children born who did not live to make the trip. Okey Snell Hale, Ada George Hale, Melvin Hale and his family and Uncle "Bob" Hale are all buried in the Legend Memorial Cemetery in Newellton, Louisiana. Lendol Hale, Doyle Hale, Eddie Hale and Edward Hale (Okey Snell Hale and Thomas Matthew Hale's sons) are also buried in that cemetery. My father, Lendol, was born in Ola, Yell County, Arkansas in 1923. Doyle (my father's brother) was born in Ola in 1927. Russell (another brother of Lendol) was born in Newellton, Louisiana in 1930. Eddie and Edward (twins and Lendol's brothers) were born in Newellton, Louisiana in 1932. So, the trip for the Hale families from Yell County, Arkansas to Louisiana had to be some time between 1927 to 1930. I understand that they left Arkansas and went to Louisiana to find work.

If you have any information about the Snell line (Okey Snell Hale moved from Tennessee to Yell County as a young woman), please get in touch with me. Okey Snell had sisters Mamie, Nellie, Brownie and a brother, Houston Snell. Houston Snell is buried in the Shepherd Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas.

So, I am looking for any person who can give me information about the following families: George, Hale or Snell.

I look forward to finding new family members! Thank you in advance for getting in touch with me.

Jim D. Sanders, Jr. 03 February 2007
I am looking for information on Sanders in Yell County. My great-grandfather was Jacob Issac who married Mary Jane Gee. They both lived in the Dutch Creek Township area. His parents were Francis Marion and Rachel Boumgarner(?). Francis was born abt 1820 in TN and died 1880 in AR. Rachel was born abt 1821 in KY and died 1880 in AR. Jacob was born 1860 in Pope County, AR and died in Yell County, AR on Dec 8 1907. I am trying to find more information on Francis and Rachel. Thanks.

Shirley Bomar 03 February 2007
I am looking for information about Henry Seaton, born August 13, 1820 and died cir. 1900 in Yell County. His wife was Nancy J. Lee Seaton born in 1825, died in Yell County, death date unknown. After her death, Henry married Martha Lambert born 1861 and died in 1904 in Yell County. There is some speculation that he was buried in Liberty Grove Cemetery in Yell County. He was a farmer living in Crawford Township, Yell County in 1900. Henry and Nancy are my great-grandparents. I would love to know more about them and especially when they died and where they are buried. I have been unable to locate Liberty Grove Cemetery either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Eva 03 February 2007
any obits for family members:
Verdie/Verda Page Miller 1952, buried in Danville Cemetery
Nettie Myers Gatlin died cira 1920?
Eursa Myers Gatlin died ?
all in Yell County around Danville.

Charles B. Cole 03 February 2007
In the 1850 Census of Magazine Township at the residence of Thomas E. Jones, there is a Rebecca Massingale - does anyone know the name of her parents?

Eunice McCorkle Conley 03 February 2007
I would like to correspond with descendants of Felix Hargrove McCorkle, born 1853 in Jackson, TN, died 18 Sep 1927, Yell Co., AR, buried in Dacus Cemetery Does anyone have a picture of Felix Hargrove McCorkle or his family?

Floy Montgomery 03 February 2007
Oct 03, 1887 there was a train accident in Porter, Yell Co., AR, that killed several people. The engineer was John H. Collins and I believe he was my great-grandfather. May have been the D&R railroad or another well-known company. Porter is close to Lake Nimrod, and I was told there used to be an old railroad track through there. Was told they took his body to Ft. Smith to embomb and then on to St. Louis, MO, to bury at Calvery Cemetery. He was 28 years old. He left a wife and two small daughters, one being my grandmother Sophronia "Fronie" Collins. Does anyone know of the incident or know how I could find more about it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jennifer Haines 03 February 2007
I am searching for any information regarding the Phillips family in Yell County around 1870 or after. Specifically any connection to George Washington Phillips or anyone related to him. Please contact and we can share information.

John Morton 12 November 2006
Bookout, Mize, Starnes and Shinn families.

These families lived in Yell County in 1800's and 1900's and are connected by blood and marriage.

Samuel L. Bookout and Richard B. (R.B.) Mize are my g-grandfathers.

Ruby Bookout and Elmer Mize are my grandparents. Elmer died in late 1920's. Ruby then married John Starnes.

The oldest Starnes I can trace is Mary Jane Lunsford Starnes who was married to a John W. Starnes. After he died she married Charles Kitchens (a Civil War veteran) around 1900.

My great aunt Nancy (Nannie) Bookout married Shirley Mize (Elmer's brother). Shirley died in late 1930's. She then married William Madison Shinn.

Any information on these families of Yell County would be greatly appreciated.

Raymond L. Hatfield 12 November 2006
I am tracing my wife's family tree and am running into several dead-ends. I hope someone here can help. I've traced her mother's father's lineage to Thomas W. Taylor of Harkeys Valley and her mother's mother's linage to the Nichols (W.R. and Parthinia). First I need to know what their daugher "Rucini" (born 1881) real name was - She was buried as "Belle Gooch" in Jacksonville. Also, any information on a Myah Thompson she married would be greatly appreciated. Secondly, any additional information on the Taylors or the Nichols would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!

Kimberly Gasperson 12 November 2006
I am looking for the person who posted this inquiry.
"I am looking for information regarding the Moody family of Yell County. My was Ashbury Moody, married to Barthena Hare Moody. They are buried near Gravelly. My gr. grandmother was their daughter, Sarah Serilda Moody. She had a sister, Laura, and brothers, Monroe and Walter. Any information would be greatly appreciated." I have information for you. Please email me. 12 November 2006
My great-grandfather, Joel Watt Barrington, was born in Galley Rock, Yell County, Arkansas in 1844. Joel Barrington enlisted at Louisburg, Arkansas, at age 18 July 11, 1864. Mustered in 19th of Sept 1864 at Little Rock, Ark. (Veteran's Records from National Archives, Civil War Union veteran, discharged 8 Aug 1865 in Clarksville, Arkansas.) Military Headstone--indicates he served in Co. G-2nd Arkansas Infantry. He married 20 Mar 1870, Elizabeth Ann Shanberger and they moved to Prescott, Arizona in 1880. I have information to share about him and Elizabeth, but need information on his parents. I believe? their names were Scippio Barrington and Elizabeth Parker, who were both born in Tennessee. CENSUS: Joel W. Barrington Age: 3 Estimated birth year: abt 1847 Birth place: Arkansas Gender: Male Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Upper Fourche, Yell, Arkansas. Joel W. Barrington Age in 1860 Census 14 Birthplace: Arkansas Home in 1860: Galley Rock, Yell, Arkansas Gender: Male Head of Household: John Huggins Post Office: Dardanelle. After the 1860 Census his mother, father, siblings just disappear. Any information on the Barrington family's living in that area would be greatly appreciated. I would like to find more on Joel's parents and grandparents.

Rowena Vincent 12 November 2006
I am searching for a William Henry McKenzie & wife Alice M. (Dora) McKenzie. They were in Danville, Yell County in 1895. Their youngest daughter Dora Ethal McKenzie was born June 14, 1895 in Danville, Yell County, Ark. Would anyone know where they went from there, when and where they died? I am unable to find an obituary for them. Could someone look in a newspaper to see if there is a death notice for them after this date. I have heard they died from Typhoid from a flood in that area but have been unable to find anything about it. I am hoping someone else is working on this line and can help me find them. Thank you in advance for any help.

Mark W. Cassidy 12 November 2006
I am looking for g-grandfather, Joseph T. Penland, b. 1844 IN. He's listed in 1900 Yell Co. census (V 42/ed 153/sh. 4) as m. to Mollie Harkrider-Penland.

JTP was a widower, 1st wife Mary E. (Mollie) Edmonson, d. 1874 in Little Rock. We think he d. between 1900-1910, in Yell or Conway Co.

His only child Samuel Ambrose Penland, moved to Chicago c. 1900. Granddad didn't know his parents.


Tammy McMinn 12 November 2006
I am researching my husband's family for him and our children so they will know their heritage. However, it is a challenge and very addicting. I believe that Samuel McMinn who donated this land could be my husband's Great-Great-Granddaddy. I would love any information you could find on the McMinn family. I know his great-grandfather was William H. McMinn buried in Gibson County, TN. Please reply if you can help. Thanks.

Billie D. Brown 12 November 2006
I am looking for info. on the Browns late 1800's early 1900's. I think my great-grandfather's name was Buckie Brown. My grandfather's name James Wesley Brown. My father's name was John Henley Brown. Any info. would greatly be appreciated.

Vicky Welch Putnam 12 November 2006
I'm looking for the parents of Joseph Henry Putman, b. Dec 1869 d. 1945 buried in Hunt's Chapel Cemetery, Rover, AR. He married Missouri Eden in Sept. of 1890 in Yell Co., AR. He is possibly the 11 yr. old "orphan" listed living with John and Sarah Lackey of Lower Lefave township in Yell Co., AR. (I don't know the connection between the Putman's & Lackey's). Joseph and Missouri had 11 children, my husband's grandfather, Columbus Barnwell Putman, is one of the boys. Any help/advise would be appreciated.

Janet Dickinson 12 November 2006
I am looking for information, including burial site, for William C. Winningham, b. about 1836. He is my great-grandfather. His wife, one child, and one grandchild are buried at Petillo Hill Cemetery in Dardanelle. I cannot find any information about him after the 1880 Census. My mother informed me his wife's maiden name was Martha Ann Weaver, b. about 1842. Thank you for any help you can give.

Patricia A. Irvin 03 September 2006
I am looking for any of the Bumgarner family who lived in Yell County Arkansas 1880 to 1920. Thank you.

Clem Burroughs 03 September 2006
I am seeking information on the daughters of Peter Starmes Tidwell, Nancy and Matilda. It is belived that either Nancy or Matilda married Horace Camden Burroughs, son of William Burroughs. They lived in Yell County near the Punkintown area around 1880-1885. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 03 September 2006
I am searching for a Walker Family, whose father, William B. Walker moved his children away from Winston Co., AL about 1875 following the death of his wife, Mary Vaughn Walker, who died during the birth of Hulda C. b. 1873. Hulda, my grandmother, was raised by grandparents. The children were: Sidney A., b. 1856 (GA); James W., b. 1860 (AL); Elizabeth C., b. 1862 (AL); Jonathan C. and Mary J. twins, b. 1866 (AL); Lucinda J., 1868 (AL); Sarah F., b. 1871 (AL). Should anyone have a clue, please contact me using the subject 'Your William Walker Family'.

Bridgett Klingler 03 September 2006
I'm looking for any information on the Turner family. The oldest information I can find is from the 1860 census
James Turner 34 Alabama
Francis Turner 22 Tennessee
Jno Franklin Turner 7 Arkansas
William Turner 5 Arkansas
Jeffery Turner 2 Arkansas
Then they where living with the Alexander Garrison family in 1870.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yvonne Rogers 01 September 2006
I am searching for the descendants of Patrick B. King. He lived in Bluffton, Yell Co. Patrick was born in 1836 and passed Dec. 19, 1898. My husband's great-grandmother was Emily King Rounsaville, Patrick's daughter. She was married to Franklin Andrew Rounsaville. Emily also had a sister Louisa Rebecca King who married Hartwell Byrd Rounsaville, Franklin Rounsaville's brother. I would like to locate descendants of Patrick B. King to share family information.

Sharon Hamilton 01 September 2006
I am writing the history of Plainview and adding the history of surrounding communities for the Plainview 100th Birthday to be celebrated in 2007. If anyone one has pictures, information on businesses, schools or families from Plainview, please contact me. Also, need addresses of descendants so they will receive information on the celebration.

Jane 01 September 2006
I am searching for anyone with connections to the Dilbecks or Frosts in Yell County. Thanks.

Annette McClenahan 01 September 2006
I am looking for information on Addie Hunt Webb (buried in Riley Creek). Family website with family history notes mother of Addie is Rebecca Louise Woodall and father is William (Bill) Hunt, also the wife of Arthur Webb (buried in Riley Creek). Death record states mother is Lou Coverdale. Looking for anyone who may know the Hunt/Webb Family, lived in Danville. Addie's children would be Tressie Webb Quinn (deceased) (not sure of burial), Clarence Webb (deceased) (believe Riley Creek), Harold Webb (deceased) (believe Riley Creek), and Ruby Nell Webb Miller (deceased) (Brearley in Dardanelle).

Roger Waters 01 September 2006
I am looking for the location of Valentine Cemetery. We found the Piney Cemetery on Piney Road. We also found another cemetery just off Piney Road going toward Waveland. This cemetery was not marked but appeared to be a family cemetery (Nelms primarily). Can you help by giving me the location of the Valentine Cemetery in reference to these two cemeteries?

Laverne Dunn Elsey 01 September 2006
I am looking for the family of Andrew Almarine Dunn; wife, Zenith H. Holden; children born in Rock Creek, Yell Co., AR.
James Henry, b 23 Jan 1873
Mary Evangeline, b 07 Dec 1874
John Franklin, b 04 Sep 1876, d 24 Oct 1876, bur ?
Thomas Jefferson, b 04 Oct 1877
William Alexander "Jack", b 01 Dec 1879
Margia Ann, b 04 Oct 1881
Leoniel Lorene "Leo", b 22 Feb 1883
Lewis Carisford "Louis", b 31 Jan 1885
Jesse Armfield, b 28 Apr 1887
Infant, b & d same day, 17 Sep 1892
Charles Lester, b 21 Dec 1893
Anything on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sonja Fletcher 01 September 2006
I am trying to locate the heirs of A.A. Hashbrook.

Winnie Yandell 01 September 2006
I am looking for information on the Vance, Sinclair and McNutt families, some of whom were on 1880 Yell Co. Census. Any info on John Vance's family, also Minerva Vance, his mother, after 1880 will be appreciated. I am looking for Anderson Sinclair, Jr.'s grave in Yell County. His 1st wife was Rebekah and she is bur. in Yell Co. Second wife is Sarah, d. 1909, bur. in Pittsburgh Co., OK. I believe she moved on after he died. Any and all information is appreciated.

Kim Miller 30 July 2006
I am looking for information on Joseph Edmondson Reed and his family Czarinia. He died June 14, 1887, in Yell County and she passed Feb 8, 1885 in Yell. Any information on these two or their family would be appreciated. Thanks.

Randall Houp 30 July 2006
I am searching for a photograph of William H. Fergeson, born 1830 in Virginia, died 1910 in Yell County, Arkansas. Buried in Havana Cemetery, Havana, Yell Co., AR. Yell County Sheriff, 1864-1872.

Glenda K 30 July 2006
I am looking for Francis Allen Self Deavers, wife of A.M. Deavers. They were m. 1881 - Conway, AR. She may have died abt. 1889. Children - Amanda Self, James Rodgers, and ?John Deavers. A.M. bought land in Yell Co., 1890. Looks like A.M. Deavers and John went to I.T. late 1889-1900. Please help if you know this family. Thanks.

Becky Thill 30 July 2006
After 20 years of looking I found in my grandfather's military papers, where he requested from Yell County a copy of his marriage certificate dated Oct 1912. I also found a copy of his request for the death certificate dated Dec. 21, 1913 for his wife Palla Smith, dying in Danville, Yell Co., AR. He specifically asks for her death certificate in her maiden name of Smith. He calls her by a nick name of "Pallie".
I would love to find any of the three: Obit, Death Certificate, Marriage certificate.
Parties involved: Charles Robert Davis, born 10/14/1892, Johnson Co., AR, living in Sequoyah County, OK, married Palla Smith in Oct. 1912, at Yell County, AR. Palla Smith died, death date Dec. 21, 1913 Danville, Yell Co., AR.
Story goes... He married her, moved her to Sequoyah Co, OK, she gets home sick, and believes she is pregnant, and wants to go to visit her parents. He is putting in crops [he is a farmer]. He gives in and puts her on a train back to her parents for a short visit, it is raining and she gets chilled and wet waiting for the train. She goes.
He doesn't hear from her, his letters are not answered; he realizes that he is going to have to go find out what is going on in person. He goes to her parents and finds that she died of pneumonia and her parents buried her months before and they never contacted him to tell him. Seems they didn't like the fact that they married and he took her to Oklahoma.
HELP!!!! Can any one find some records for me???? Thanking you very much for all consideration.

Melissa Howerton 30 July 2006
I am seeking land record information regarding Frederick W. Pollard
Land Office: Dardanelle
Document No. 142
80 Acres
Misc Doc. Nr: 7308
Issued March 01, 1877
Act or Treaty: May 20, 1862
Land Desc. 1 S1/2SW 5th PM No 4N 26W 34
I am interested to see if there is any documentation provided with this record as to whether he was Cherokee Indian or if not what type Indian?

Donna 30 July 2006
I am looking for any information on James Petis or Phineas Johnson that lived in Yell County. He was born in 1839 Feb, married a Mary Jane Evans. They had a son William Columbus Johnson who married a Hester Viola Coats, who is buried in Yell County. When she died he married her sister Serena Coats. I would love any information on the Coats, too. Thanks.

Rowena Vincent 30 July 2006
I am searching for the death of William Henry McKenzie born 1860 in Texas; on the 1870 Ark census, Scott County, Tomlinson Twp., Black Jack Post Office with mother and brother. 1880 Ark census, same place but living with Uncle I would guess. In 1884 he married Capitola S. Holland, and they had one son. In 1890, he married M.A. Wade, they were living in Barber, Scott County, Arkansas. They had six children, the last daughter was born in Danville, Yell County, Ark. June 1895, so I think he died between 1895 & 1900. I have heard that Ark had a flood, and he and his wife and two daughters died of typhoid fever but can't find when they died or where they are buried. 1900 census shows the three other children living with his brother, Gabe and their family. Hope someone can help me find this family. Thanks for any help you can give to me. Thank You.

Bruce Harrod 30 July 2006
My Grandfather Jesse Harrod was the Pharmacist and owned the drug store in Belleville in the 40's & 50's. He died before I knew him. I would like to hear from the folks in Yell County that knew him and more about the drug store, and also more about why he became known as Doc Harrod. If anyone has any pictures of inside or outside of the drug store, I do not have any. My father Robert and all the other children of Jesse have died except Nell. The only picture I have seen of Jesse is his graduation class for pharmacy. My other Grandfather was Ollie Tubbs and I believe operated a sawmill near the Belleville school. Thank you for any pictures that anyone may have of my family.

Jokuti 30 July 2006
I am trying to find out when and where Lewis/Louis Williams died. He married Nancy Jane Morris on 1 Oct 1865. He had three children: Thomas, Mary and the youngest, Joel Allen Williams, who was born in 1873. I believe he served in the Civil War, although not 100% sure. Supposedly he died not too many years after the war. He is on the 1870 census with his family in Yell Co., but by 1880, Nancy is a widow and living with her three children in Polk Co. I believe he probably died in Yell County, but it could also be Polk Co. Thanks for any help!

LeMoyne Jones 30 July 2006
I am trying to locate any information about my great-grandfather, John Darnon who came to Dardanelle on a steam boat that broke down sometime around the 1880's. He stayed and became a commercial fisherman on the Arkansas River. He apparently was part Indian. He married and had 2 daughters Lillie and Ina. He was later widowed, remarried and had sons William Darnon, Brad Darnon and maybe other children. I was told he was buried in an unmarked grave at a cemetery called Mars Hill. However, I cannot find a listing for a Yell County cemetery by that name. I think he has a great-granddaughter in the Dardanelle area named Lola Jane (Darnon) Pemberton. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Angela Femrite 18 July 2006
I am looking for proof of the middle name of Henry M. Billingsley, b. 16 Apr 1846 in Alabama, d. 25 Nov 1926 in Bluffton, Yell, AR. He married twice: (1) Mary Angelina McDonald, b. 14 Feb 1845 in Arkansas, d. 12 Mar 1881 in Bluffton, Yell, AR. (2) Sarah Ann Smallwood, b. 10 Aug 1862 near Carrollton, GA, d. 03 Mar 1932 in Mena, Polk, AR. I have had reports of Henry's middle name being Monroe and others state he is Madison. The problem is that many genealogists are assuming that his middle name is Madison and using records of a Madison Billingsley; however, there was a man named Madison M. Billingsley. The people I believe to be his parents (and who I have continuously been told by other researchers are his parents) are William G. Billingsley and Sarah Lucinda Pollock. All the records I have found show them with a Madson Billingsley as their child, yet later in his life (when he left home) he is always either Henry M. or H.M. Billingsley. If it is possible I would like to know what his gravestone says, and that, hopefully, will say his middle name. Failing that, any information that might point me in the direction of finding this out would be greatly appreciated. It was my Grandmother who told me his middle name was Monroe; however, she is unsure since he died the year she was born. Many thanks.

Lisa Frost 18 July 2006
I am looking for information on Isaac Edward Ritchie who was my great-great-grandfather. There was a posting on this site from Sharon Alley with information about him, but her email address in no longer valid. I have information about the descendents of Isaac Edward Ritchie by way of Ellen Ruby Ritchie who was Alonzo Edward's sister and am looking to fill in some gaps.

Kathryn 18 July 2006
I am looking for information on the following persons or family members that lived in or near Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas, in 1800's: Eli Crow, Aldon Powers, Adah McCarty, Anderson Peeler and David McCollum. Thank you.

Della Steele 18 July 2006
I am researching the Bennett and Dowdy families of Yell Co., Arkansas. Grundy Albert Bennett, b. 11 Nov 1880, married Dora Elizabeth Dowdy, b. ? (possibly Jan or Jun 1891 in Yell Co.). They were probably married in Yell Co. All of their children were born in Yell Co.
William Othey Bennett, b. 27 Sep 1909
Ruby P. Bennett, b. 15 Jun 1914
Elaine Bennett, b. ? (she died in Yell Co.)
Artie Lee Bennett, b. ? (female)
Gladys Bennett, b. 6 Feb 1916
Jewel Truman "Sonny" Bennett, b. 18 Aug 1926
Grundy's father was William A. Bennett, b. Dec 1851 in possibly Yell Co., and his mother was Thuressa. Dora's parents are unknown. I would appreciate any information that I can get. Thank you for your time.

Rachel McCurry 18 July 2006
I would like to know more about Ura McCurry Hames, buried in Dacus Cemetery, mother of 6 from Yell County. She was married to George Hames. I am hoping she is related to my McCurry and Brown relatives also buried at Dacus Cemetery. I think Ura may be my great aunt through Luther and Jos. Elijah McCurry. Most of my McCurry relatives migrated from Yell Co., Arkansas to California in the 1930s and 1940s. I am also researching Blythe-Norfleet-McEntyre relatives from this part of Arkansas. Thank you.

Sue Horning 18 July 2006
I am seeking descendants of Ruby Millsap and Asberry Powers, residents of Danville area. My father was a cousin of Ruby, and I have a photograph of Ruby when she was young and pictures of her parents, Jim and Phebe Millsap.

Sharon Yarber Keith 18 July 2006
I am looking for the burial place of William Henry Williams, b. Mar 1875, d.about 1921 and Mollie Maude Delia Farrar Williams, b. about 1885, d. 1911. They were buried in an old cemetery somewhere in or near Russellville, AR, in a old cemetery near the river. A man by the name of Jim Corbitt was supposed to have made homemade markers for the graves. Thanks.

Loretta 21 May 2006
I am looking for information on any Sturgeon families in Yell Co., also the last name of Harger. Thanks.

Rhonda Sloan 21 May 2006
I am looking for any and all info on my great-grandmother Dirinda Quigel-Freeman-Pruce. She was b: June 19, 1885 in Dardanelle, Yell, AR - d Tulsa, OK May 3, 1969. Her father was William Henry Harrison Quigel, b 1856-1919 & Mary Bowman-Smith-Quigel, b. abt. 1843-1887. Mary died in childbirth in Dardanelle, Yell, AR, but I can't find any record of her. William's parents were James 1835-1919 and Emily Quigel 1837-1912 also of Dardanelle, Yell, AR. Any info on this family would be wonderful.

Crystal Head 21 May 2006
I am looking for any information about my Grandfather, James Marcus Benefield (AKA Dugan Benefield) - born in Alabama in 1880 - 1900 Briggsville, Yell County, AR census places him in the home of Jas. Haney as a boarder. In 1905, he married Mary Agusta Smith. Their children are as follows: Marvin Chalmer, Hilda May, James Marcus Jr., Cleo, Vivian Arlene, Wilbur Carmax, John Boyce (my father) and Gerald Modene. One child, Rudolph, died as an infant. My Grandfather's occupation was farming and/or as a barber. Any information would be appreciated.

Ida Garner 21 May 2006
I am looking for the family of Jesse Hood and Emma Chappel-Hood. Death certificate states buried in Moore's Chapel but no record. Thank you.

Dennis Lesh 21 May 2006
I'm looking for information on Aileen Sisco (I'm not sure the first name is spelled right) who lived in Dardanelle, AR, for many years and passed away (I'm not sure what year). Can anyone tell me what year she died and what cemetery she is buried in? She is a longtime friend of my mom (Ava M. Lesh).

Odetha Baribeau 21 May 2006
I am searching for my cousins from Yell County, AR. They would be the children and grandchildren of Silas C. and Mary M. Collins. Silas and Mary's children were named:
Zetta (Zettie)
Hetta (Hettie)
Idell (married R.Q. Burns 4/14/1934)
Elsie E.
Brownlo I.
Ozelma I.
Leola L.
Bonnie L.
I am hoping to obtain information to fill in the pieces of the puzzle regarding my mother Ruby Lea Collins and her parents Crocket and May (Doyle) Collins. Silas and Crocket were brothers. Any and all information is welcome. Thanks.

Odetha Baribeau 21 May 2006
I'm trying find proof of the death of my grandmother M.M. (Mae or May) Doyle Collins. May was married to Crocket Collins, and the family resided in Yell County, AR. Crocket's death certificate was issued in Yell County in 1927. Originally I thought my grandmother expired in OK around 1928. However, I've found information that suggests she may have expired prior to 1926. I'm uncertain if her death occurred in AR or OK. I do know that she was still alive in Feb. of 1924 when her daughter, my mother, was born in Belleville, AR. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Rachel McCurry 21 May 2006
I am searching for info on relatives or descendants of Annie Louisa McEntyre Norfleet, married to William "Billy Gann" Norfleet. Her children included Erma Lee Blythe McCurry. She lived around Dardanelle and Fort Smith and Aplin with the Norfleet and McCurry families, and left during the Dust Bowl Era for the Central Valley, California. Any connection to living relatives still in Arkansas will be appreciated. Thank you.

Rachel McCurry 21 May 2006
I am searching for info on my g-grandfather, John Morgan Blythe, buried in Smyers Cemetery in 1917, and married to Alice Norfleet Blythe. I am also searching for info on my g-grandfather, Joseph "Elijah" McCurry and his wife Dovie Brown McCurry, buried in Dacus Cemetery in 1821 as well as J.G. and Sarah Evaline McCurry buried in Dacus Cemetery. All lived in and around Yell County. Thank you for any help!

Sharon 21 May 2006
Does any one know of any burials for any Sweet? I have searched the web for George or Mary Jane Sweet, or a Joseph Sweet, who may be Tennie's brother. According to my great-grandmothers death certificate--she was born in Yell County July 17, 1868. She died Jan 28, 1949, in Agra, OK. I know where she is buried. I have not been able to find any further information on her family, than what I have below. On her death certificate her parents are listed as George Sweet and Mary Jane Silverton Sweet. I believe I have found her in Yell County in 1880-mother is listed as A. Sweet [I am wondering if this A. Sweet may be an aunt], and a Joseph Sweet, is also listed. Any help, would be greatly appreciated on this family.

Descendants of George Sweet
Generation No. 1
1. George1 Sweet He married Mary Jane Silverton.
Child of George Sweet and Mary Silverton is:
i. Tennssee "Tennie"2 Sweet, b. 17 Jul 1868, Arkansas; d. 28 Jan 1949, Agra, Lincoln County, Oklahoma; m. George Osborne Johnson; b. abt. 1847, Strauton, Virginia; d. 27 Sep 1910, Agra/Parkland, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.
Notes for Tennssee "Tennie" Sweet:
Believe this is her, have not been able to find her with her parents who are listed on her death certificate. Have also found this A. Sweet, as Amanda Sweet.
1880 US Census for Riley Township, Yell County, AR
Sweet, A. head widow age 49 b. AL AL SC Keeps house
Sweet, Joseph son age 15 b. AR GA AL works on farm
Sweet, Tennisee daughter age 10 b. AR GA AL at school
It has been said that Tennie was crippled in one foot [Kenneth "Dale" Toles--said she had Polio, and that had crippled her in one foot--first time I had heard about the Polio] the above census is marked as her being disabled [can't remember the exact words used, but that is what it meant]. In later years she was in a wheelchair. I have been told also that she was full blood Indian, I believe Cherokee, but have not been able to prove this, and when I asked Kenneth "Dale" Toles, about it, he had heard something to that effect but also had no proof.
More About Tennssee "Tennie" Sweet:
Burial: Greenwood-Bethel Cemetery--Parkland, Lincoln County, Oklahoma
Notes for George Osborne Johnson:
Have found his name as Osburn, Osbourne, Osborne M. , Osborn M. and George. His nickname was "Oz". Per Kenneth Dale Toles his great-grandson--he only heard him called George Osborne "Oz" Johnson.
Found in the 1880 US Census for Charlottesville Township, Albemarle, VA
Smith, Melisa Head age 26 b. VA PA VA Farmer
Smith, Robert Brother age 20 b. VA works on railroad
Smith, Sallie Sister age 18 b. VA
Smith, Bertie Sister age 16 b. VA
Johnson, Osborne age 9 b. about 1871 VA PA VA [birth year [1847] is not compatable with my Osborne Johnson
More About George Osborne Johnson:
Burial: Greenwood-Bethel Cemetery--Lincoln County, Oklahoma

Jayme Anderson 21 May 2006
My Staggs family connection comes from Yell County:
This is the family of William Staggs. If anyone has any further info they are willing to share, that would be wonderful. Thank you.

Pamela Ellis 02 April 2006
Davidson, Curtis, Howell
Any info on Elvira Davidson, 1802-ca. 1872, VA-AR, married first name unknown Curtis before 1834 and English Jesse Howell in 1835. Her brother was Robert Davidson 1805-Jul 1852, VA-AR. Sister was Margaret Frances Davidson, m. William White Rankin. Children were Robert D. and English Jesse Howell. Interested in parents' names and name of first husband.

Billy G. McBride Jr. 02 April 2006
We are still looking for memebers of the McBride line from Yell Co. We now have census records that show John A. McBride 1802 still living in Riley Twp. Also his children. Have also located his grand children in Oklahoma of which are my uncles and grandparents. We need help to locate these members for a family reunion. Thank you.

Cheryl Carter Lakey 02 April 2006
I'm looking for information on the Campbell (Elizabeth May & Peter Harvey) and the Carter (Walter M.) families. My grandparents were Bill and Geneva Carter. My grandfather operated the Lion's gas station in Dardanelle for many years. My grandmother owned and operated a little neighborhood grocery across from the old Dardanelle high school. Any information I can find on any of these families will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Marlene VanKleef 19 March 2006
I am looking for information from or on these families:
Pruett (Pruitt, Prewitt)
Thank you in advance for any help - it will be appreciated.

Glitz 19 March 2006
I am seeking info on Nancy Jane Smith (Craven may possible connect to her also for on the back of her pic is written Craven) she was b. 1831, Tazwell Co., VA, and d. 1906, San Saba Co., TX. She married William J. Harkey, 1847, Yell Co., AR. Any help with her would be greatly appreciated. TIA

Cyndy Woller 19 March 2006
I am looking for any information on a Lizzie Hyden. I have a obituary of my great-grandfather which lists a survivor Miss Lizzie Hyden. Another kind person gave me information which may be Lizzie.

Elizabeth L. Hyden born 1870 died 7/29/1945 in Yell Co.

I found a grave listed at Rock Creek Cemetery. I am hoping to find additional information, such as parents' names. My great-grandfather's didn't list parents. Thank you.

Amy Keirsey 19 March 2006
My sister and I have been trying to find out about our great-grandfather. His name is Samuel Nimrod Keirsey (aka Bud). He was married to Maggie and had six children that we know of by the names of: May, Daisy, Martha, William, Buddie and Thomas. We know he did time at the AR State Pen. between the years 1918-1920. He died when he was approx. 83. That is about all we know about him. If anyone has any info. please let me know. Thanx.

James Little 19 March 2006
I'm looking for information on Blanton, Bridges, Burns, Tidwell families who came to Arkansas sometime between 1828-1835 from Illinois. They may be listed as having come from Tennessee.

Debbie Johnson 19 March 2006
I am searching for Lewis Green Oglesby, b. 1835 AL and wife Bernetta Elizabeth Oglesby (McCain), b. 1841 AR. Lewis Oglesby bought land in Yell Co. Homestead was filed in Dardanelle. Signature date: Nov.10, 1882. This is the end of paper trail on Lewis Oglesby. I have searched cemetery listings, but was unable to find where he or his wife are buried. Land description Section # 5 Township 2 North Range 32 West, number of acres 123,4100. Any information will greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

Wanda Matthews 19 March 2006
I am looking for information about the families and any remaining Yell County descendants of my maternal grandparents. My grandfather, William Granville Kelley, lived in Dardanelle, Arkansas, was born in the late 1880s, and was one of 11 children. He later moved to Holdenville, Oklahoma. He was married three times, but the first two died. My grandmother, Minnie Kendrick, was his third wife. She was approximately 15 years younger than Granville, and I believe her mother's maiden name was Guthrie (possibly related to Arlo???). Minnie had at least two brothers, one of whom was named Lawrence Kendrick, who became a well-known Baptist preacher in Little Rock, and an older sister who died in a house fire when Minnie was a young teenager (around 12 or 13, I believe). I would love any information about them. I also know that a couple of the Kelley siblings married members of the Lay family, who apparently were country neighbors. Any information about that family would also be wonderful. I would love to communicate with anyone related or who knows anything about these families. Here's hoping for some exciting news!

Marlene (Farnsworth) VanKleef 19 March 2006
I recently found out that I am a decendant of Joel/Josiah Pruitt/Pruit/Prewitt and Martha J. Tate of Yell County. Please, I need all the help I can get. Thanks.

Marcy Heil 19 March 2006
Hello -- I am looking for death information for Catherine Linn Arnold, born October 1881, married June 25, 1899 to Gilbert Monroe Arnold. Died in child birth in Plainview, Arkansas, Yell County in 1908 or 1909. I searched all the cemetery lists, but found nothing. Haven't had any luck in the death lists or obituaries, either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

W.L. Robinson, Jr. 19 March 2006
My Father was born in Yell County in 1901, according to his Birth certificate. His father was L.G. Robinson and at the time he told me it was "Indian Territory". His service records were destroyed in a fire, so I have not been able to get information from that source. I always thought he was from Holdenville, Oklahoma, because we visited his aunt there in 1940. Father was Capt. Wilbert Louis Robinson, and he died in 1945 in Lawson Gen. Hospital in Atlanta in 1945.

Ruth McElrath 19 March 2006
I am looking for as much info as is available on the last names Reyer and McElrath. Thank you.

Retha Carter 19 March 2006
I am searching for the Cemetery in Yell County, Arkansas, where Chaney M. Bailey and his wife are buried. I was told by his neice that they were buried in Red Hill Cemetery. I have checked their online records, and he is not listed. I am also searching for the burial place for Joseph P. Bailey and his wife Nancy Delcina Bailey - they might be listed as J.P. and N.D. Bailey. They are from the same area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Diane Stearns 19 March 2006
I am searching for Martha (Inman) McLaughlin after 1860. She married John "Jack" McLaughlin 12/30/1844 in Yell County. In 1850, they are living in Magazine Twp., Yell County. In 1860, they are living in Ward Twp., Yell County. I am unable to find them in the Federal Census Records after that date. Martha was the daughter of Anthony Inman with his first wife. Martha was born in Tennessee about 1826. John McLaughlin was born in Illinois about 1806. They did not have any children as of 1860. Thank you.

Linda Hoagland 16 January 2006
I am looking for info on my grandpa, William Henry Wheeler, dob 7/3/1892 in Wing, Yell Co., Ark. My grandma was Weltha (Riddle) Wheeler. My dad was John Henry Wheeler, dob 6/17/1920 in Rover, Yell Co., Ark. My dad also had 1 brother, Clell M. Wheeler and 2 sisters Mary Jo (Wheeler) Moudy and Chleo (Wheeler) Rice.

Joyce McClure 16 January 2006
My great-uncle, William Ivie (Ivy/Ivey) lived in Dardanelle, AR, and was married to Emma Moit (Mort?). They were married in Henderson County, Kentucky, April 11, 1877, and buried at Brock Cemetery in Yell Co., AR. Priscilla Caroline Ivie, my great-grandmother, married Isaac Thomas Babb in Henderson, KY, August 1, 1872. The two families were moving to Arkansas along with other families when Caroline gave birth to a daughter, Hattie. She died giving birth, and her brother and sister-in-law, the William Ivies, took the baby and raised her. Hattie, my grandfather's baby sister, married a Satterfield in the Dardanelle area and had one son, Kenneth. All have passed on. Perhaps there are others who would like to research these families with me. Thanks for your assistance.

Linda Hoagland 16 January 2006
I am looking for info about my Dad, John Henry Wheeler, who was born 6-17-1920 in Rover, Yell Co., Ark. to William Henry Wheeler and Weltha Riddle Wheeler. I will be very grateful for any help. Thank you.

Peggy Sallings 16 January 2006
I am searching for any information on John and Ruby Lee, who lived in Yell County in 1900. They had 5 children. John was a farmer. He was born around 1857, and Ruby was born around 1866. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm stuck!

Rollin Pearson 16 January 2006
Priscilla Bradford -- she is buried in in Yell Co. -- under Priscilla Pearson. She died in 1943 I think -- need dates.

Betsy Snyder Harris 13 November 2005
I would like old photos of the following men: M.A.J. Bonville; Thomas J. Daniel; Benjamin B. Banks and Thomas C. Banks. Thank you.

John Capps 06 November 2005
I am looking for the burial place of Madison Jefferson Rogers.

Gene Fort 06 November 2005
I am seeking any available information on C.C. Fort. He married Mary S. Harp in Yell County on 15 Dec 1870 as noted in Volume I of Yell County Marriage Records, page 34. However, his name is listed as C.F. Fort instead of C.C. Fort. He migrated to Magazine Mountain, Ark. then to Collin County, Texas.

Shirley Wilson 22 October 2005
I am looking for anyone who may know anything about the Redhill Cemetery (aka Pointlookout Cemetery). My aunt, Jessie Blackburn is buried there and we would like to know if anyone may know of where her grave is. We would really like to put a head stone up for her. I am also researching the Seaton and Spears family in Yell Co. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Wendy Stanberry 16 October 2005
I am looking for descendants of Thogal Denton and Bonnie Mae Stanberry.

Timothy Ray Allman 16 October 2005
I am looking for information on Cinthia Martin (b: Apr 1830 in South Carolina) who is the mother of Mary Alice Martin (b: Aug 1868 in Arkansas). Both are shown living in Yell County, Arkansas in the Ward Township area in the 1880 Census. Mary Alice married John W. Barnett (b: Jul 1848 in North Carolina) on 6 Jan 1881. Cinthia Martin in 1900 is living with her granddaughter Achie Harmon (b: Aug 1885) (not sure if the name is correct) next door to John W. Burnett (b: Jul 1820). Mary Alice Martin and John W. Barnett produced the following children: James Alford (22 Apr 1882), Edward (29 Jan 1884), Maggie (Mar 1887), Dora (May 1889), Nellie my grandmother (Nov 1890), Maude (Mar 1893), Hattie (Mar 1895), Ruby (Jul 1897), and Roy (23 Nov 1905). Nellie married Freeman Taylor Almon (10 Feb 1877 in Heard County, Georgia). Any information on these people would be appreciated.

Richard L. Combs 16 October 2005
I'm seeking information on the George N. Combs family who are listed in the 1870 census of Yell Co. Could someone look to see if their son Marcus Lafayette Combs was born in Yell Co. in abt. 1875? Thanks for your help.

Kim Jones 15 October 2005
I am looking for information on the Dewitt family. The family lived in the Dutch Creek Area and were said to be Cherokee Indian. Roane Dewitt and wife S.F. Dewitt had the following children: a daughter, L.C. Dewitt, born 1866, Arkansas; W.J. Dewitt, a son, born 1862, Ark; then J.E. Dewitt, son, born 1870, Ark; then my gr-grandfather, John Lewis Dewitt, born 1873, Ark. He is buried in Golden City Cemetery near Booneville, Ark., and his brother, Tom J. Dewitt, born 1879, Ark also buried in Golden City Cemetery. We have no idea of Roane's wife's name or the first 2 sons and daughters names - just initials. My great-grandfather married Sarah Frances Tidwell, and Tom married Minnie Clay. If anyone has any info on these familes please contact me.

Shirley Taylor Andrews 15 October 2005
I am looking for information on John (Thomas) Andrews living in Waveland, Yell, Ark. 1900 age 35. born 1864 in Alabama - no wife listed.

Aaron 16
Rachel 11
Henry J. 9
Etta B. 5

Thank you.

Jane Foster 15 October 2005
I am seeking information regarding Riley Moss. Was Marshal of Danville in 1942. Killed a man. Was sent to jail. Would like more info.

Sarah Russell 15 October 2005
I am looking for all birth announcements from July of 1966 at the Dardanelle hospital or any info on a girl baby born to Ruth and Leo Winters. If anyone has them or knows where I can get them please let me know. Please put the subject "1966 papers". Thanks.

Connie Madison 15 October 2005
I'm trying to find the obituary for Robert Nordin, Jr. died 01-01-2000, father died 5-4-2000, mother Jessie Nordin 02-09-2000. I'm a family friend, but didn't know this had happened. Sounds like an accident. Where can I find information on what happened? They are all buried in Birta Cemetery. Any info would be appreciated. My Mom is elderly and was close friends with Robert Jr. and had heard this. She would like to know what happened. If there's a way to find the article in a newspaper please advise.

Ronald E. Bata 15 October 2005
I am researching my family in Yell and Logan Counties. In the late 1820's my great-great-great grandfather, James Nicholas Bata moved from Virginia into then Pope County near Gala Rock Community, which is now Carden Bottoms. He married a local girl on March 22, 1839, named Nancy McCalister. She was the daughter of John McCallister, and they were originally from Alabama. They had four children: John Patrick, Asa, Lorenzo Dow, and Nancy Parlee Bata. John Patrick Bata was my great-great grandfather, and he and Asa may have been born out of wedlock according to the 1850 census. John Patrick Bata was born about 1834 and Asa Bata was born about 1836. That would have been before Nicholas Bata and Nancy McCalister were maried. I have some of Nicholas Bata's old papers that named the four children as the grandchildren of John McCalister. Nancy died about 1846, and Nicholas married Ann Wyatt January 23, 1848. They had other children. Sometime before February 5, 1861, when my great-grandfather Andrew Alexander Bata was born, John Patrick Bata married a Margaret E. ?. John Patrick fought on the Confederate side during the CivilWar and was paroled in 1865 from Memphis, Tennessee. Margaret paid personal property taxes in Yell County in 1866 and that's the last mention of the family. They just vanish. The next record I can find of them is Andrew Alexander Bata owning land in the east end of Logan County where my grandfather Reuben Alexander Bata and his siblings were born. I would like to find the marriage record for John Patrick and Margaret Bata and where they moved after leaving Yell County. In the late 1950's my grandfather Reuben showed me two graves in a small cemetery near Lavaca, Arkansas, in Sebastian County. He told me that he believed that the graves marked with native rock stones were the graves of John Patrick and Margaret Bata. No census or any other information available shows them ever being in Sebastian County, so I have no proof. If anyone has information concerning this family I would appreciate an email.

Buddy Stinnett 28 September 2005
I have all the info on the Stinnetts in Yell County, Ark., and other counties in Ark. from the 1800's to 1930. If anyone needs this info. just e-mail me. This took me eight years to find this info. and it's free to anyone.

Kay Stauffer 28 September 2005
I am searching for information on Matilda Jones or her family. She was born in Tennessee and age 73 on the 1910 census. She was in the household of a son, George Jones and family, Dardanelle Twp., Yell Co., AR. I am interested in the family especially the husband and parents of Matilda Jones. Thank you.

Jodi Sutherland 28 September 2005
I am looing for information on Horace Poplin. He was born in 1893, and died in 1978. He was buried in Earl Ladd Memorial. Any information would appreciated.

Clif Stone 03 August 2005
I'm attempting to find information on my great-grandfather who lived in Yell County starting in the mid-1860's until he died many years later. His name was William Henry Clay Stone. I've found some information on the county voter's list; but that's about all. Any information would be appreciated.

Jean Huggins Wingert 03 August 2005
I am researching Huggins, John H.; Isom, Nathaniel; Wood/Woods, Joseph m. Lillian Johnson. Any information appreciated. John H. Huggins lived in Wilson Dist., Yell Co., ca 1870, where can I find land records for him? Thanks.

Wendy Joyce Cabler 03 August 2005
I am looking for info on James Pledger and his wife Mary "Polly" Ford, both of whom supposedly died in Yell Co., AR on Sep 4 or 14th, 1866 and are buried there. They were from Elbert Co., GA and may have been visiting family in Yell on their way to Texas with the family unit. Any info is much appreciated. Mr. Pledger was originally from Granville, NC and his parents were Thomas Pledger Sr. and Nancy Leavistor (sp.???). Thanks.

Charles R. Jones, Sr. 03 August 2005
Roland McKelvey (Roll) - He is supposed to be buried in Brearley Cemetery, and there is supposed to be a tombstone marker. Also would like the street address of the Brearley Cemetery so it can be located easily.

Sandy Freeman 03 August 2005
I am looking for Barbara Choate that placed a query for W.A. Choate. W.A. was married to my great grandmother, Mary Vinsett Kerr Choate. Barbara's email address that is listed in the query is invalid. Any help appreciated.

Iris Horne 31 July 2005
I am looking for more information about the parents of John Calvin Scott, Jr. All we know is they were supposed to be John Calvin Scott, Sr. born in TN and unknown Barnett, born in SC. We cannot find any of the family before the 1900 Lee County, MS census. Sometime around 1903, they moved to Arkansas and are found in the 1910 census Yell County, Rover Twp., Dist. 175, Series T624, Roll 68, Part 2, Page 240B, and also the 1920 census Yell County, Compton Twp., Dist. S180, Roll T625_86, Page 3A, ED 180. Also, the 1930 census in Montgomery County, South Fork Twp., Dist. 9 Roll 86, Page 2B, ED 21.

Some of the towns they lived in are Briggsville, Forester, Wing, Ola, Danville, Mt. Nebo, and Mickel? Switch.

John Calvin Scott, Jr. was born 1864 in MS.
He married Margrett Gabriellen MacDuffy born in 1866 in AL
Both of them, and probably their son Glen also, are buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery in Briggsville, Yell County, AR.

Their children were:
Ada R. born 1892 MS
Harrison born 1896 MS
Jesse Jennings born 1898-99 MS
Glen born 1903 MS
Daisy born 1906 AR


Barbara McConnell 31 July 2005
Thom(p)son Cemetery, located on Hwy. 7 between Centerville and Dardanelle, AR, originally had 60 or more headstones. Only two are left. Yell Co. Home Demonstration Club copied all of these stones' information in the early 1950's (this is a rough guess). These records were stored at Danville, AR in the Agricultural Extension Office for many years, but can no longer be found. If anyone out there has knowledge of persons buried in this Cemetery, please get in touch with Yell Co. Genealogical Association. Thank you.

Angelia Griffin 31 July 2005
I am the great-granddaughter of Alma Wardlaw Dodd McBride, 5-20-1899/10-30-1980. I am doing Native American research for our family. I was told there was Indian blood on this side of our family. I have found no proof of this. Does anyone know anything to prove or disprove this info?

Bobbie (Cook) Larson 31 July 2005
My Grandfather was Orester Pascal Cook of Ola, Arkansas. He was married to Miantha Noma Mauldin, born 8-10-1884 and died summer of 1968 and is buried in the Mt. George Cemetery in Mt. George. I believe she came from up north of Ola. Her parents were Thomas & Harriet Mauldin. She had 2 brothers - John Mauldin & Wesley Mauldin - and possibly a sister. I have lots of information on the Cook's but would be interested in learning anything I could about Noma (Mauldin) Cook. After O.P. Cook died, Noma was married for a short while to another person - no name. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

James Covington 31 July 2005
I am seeking information on David Apple and his wife Elizabeth (Hale) Apple. I know they were married in Yell Co., Oct. 8, 1868, and owned 40 acres of land in Dardanelle (purchased Feb. 1, 1883). David also had a brother named Milton and the father of the two brothers was Elisha Apple. Elisha came from North Carolina. This is all the information I have and would be appreciative of anyone who could provide some clues or information. Thanks in advance.

Christine Reeder 31 July 2005
My grandmother was Dora Elizabeth Johnson born January 22, 1885 in Yell County, Birta, Arkansas. She married John Wallace Ellison and moved to Garland County, Arkansas. Does anyone have her parents' names and any siblings' names? Thanks!

Pamela Faith Stepp Bewley Holden
I am looking for family connections of John Wesley Stepp. One son was named Edward Thomas Stepp. Anyone with information please contact me.

Rhonda Richmond Burks 04 July 2005
I just found my ggggrandparents in Thompson Cemetery in Yell County, John Wesley and Emily Susan (Cox) Cofer. Can anyone tell me where this cemetery is, and if it is on private property. I would love to meet any decendants of the Cofer-Cox family. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I would love to see this cemetery. Thank You.

Carol Anderson 04 July 2005
I am seeking information regarding Elias Harvey Bradfield, buried in the Sandlin Cemetery, Ola, Yell County, Arkansas, born 23 May 1849, died 11 Nov 1910. Most likely related to the Davis family.

Freda L. Cowdell 04 July 2005
I am looking for family information of John Monroe Williams and wife, Flora Jane Mathis Williams. Providing family information is correct, I expect they may have been there as early as 1892/3. Family notes the youngest of their surviving of 5 children, Benjamin Franklin Williams, was born in/around Dardnelle, Yell Co., AR. I suspect that my grandfather, Marion Frank Williams, and older brother of Benjamin, was also born in Yell Co. I also suspect that John Monroe may have died in Yell Co; if not there, then in Perry Co., AR. John Monroe Williams is said to be from KY and Flora Jane Mathis Williams from MS. I know nothing of John or Flora's parents or siblings to date. I'd appreciate any direction anyone might give me to finding proof that John Monroe and Flora Jane were indeed in Yell Co. in the 1890's. Lots of guesses and no certainties at this point.

Brandy Whala 04 July 2005
I am looking for any information on a George Edmund Whala or Whaley. According to what info I have he was born in 1890 and died in 1951. He was married to a woman named Ida. I don't know what her maiden name was or when they were married. Also I am looking for any info on a Madge Whala - the only info that I have on her in that she married a Preston Cantrell. the license date that I have is 12-04-1939. Any info that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Judy Fox 04 July 2005
Hi, I'm looking for any info about my grandmother, Edith Elizabeth Bernard. She was born 10 Aug 1891 in Yell, Pope, or Logan County, Arkansas. She had a sister, Grace and a younger brother, Jesse, who was deaf. She married her teacher, John Kelly Leach 2 July 1906. This is all I know. Any help would be great. Thank you.

Evelyn Harris 04 July 2005
I am hoping someone will have information on the following names in Yell Co. They are Patterson, Geurin/Geurian, Jones, Harris, Blaylock. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much.

Charlie Brown 18 June 2005
My GGgrandfather was Andrew Gilkey, born around 1841 s/o Samuel Gilkey my GGGgrandfather. I am trying to find any information I can about Andrew and his death. I know his wife was Stacy and that they were married in Yell Co. around 1866. They had one son Samuel born in 1867 in Yell Co. Stacy and baby (Samuel) are listed in the Arkansas census in 1870 but no Andrew. I also know Stacy remarried in 1872 to an F.P. Martin, so I'm sure Andrew was out of the picture between 1867 and 1872, but I don't know what happened to him. I did find their son (Samuel) in a 1880 census in Alabama with the family of F.P. Martin but Mr. Martin had a new wife. Any information you could provide me on either Andrew or Stacy (Gilkey) would be greatly appreciated.

William Sweeney 18 June 2005
I wish to contact whoever is in charge of Russell Cemetery about a grave marker matter. Can someone provide a telephone number? Thank You.

Jeff Brock 18 June 2005
I am looking for information on Martin L. Stewart (married to Mary Susan) and his decendants - William A., Thomas E., George, Alta, and Ray. They lived next door to relatives - William, Flore, Thomas, James Andrew, Emily, Mallie Chester. They lived on Ola and Rover Rd. in Gilkey Township on the 1900 and 1910 census. Any information will help. I am also looking for information on Mary Cromwell Stewart.

Barbara 18 June 2005
Can you tell me whether Holla Bend was in Pope County or Yell County during the latter 1890's? Also, would anyone know the name of the school in Holla Bend, Arkansas, during the later 1890's?

Marlene 18 June 2005
We have been searching for my g-grandmother. Her name was Alice L. Williams. Apparently she is buried in the Birta Cemetery. We cannot seem to find anthing else about her, but her dau. Maggie Leona married my grandfather James Martin Farnsworth and spent most of their married life around and on Dutch Creek. I do know gramma died and was buried there when daddy, Ongie Loy and his brother James Walter were young - Daddy was 13 yrs old at the time. We are wondering if Alice L. (which may stand for Leona also) died enroute to Ark. from Tenn. or other southern states which many of our family did originate from. Alice L. Williams was full-blood Cherokee. Alice was married to Thomas "Jack" Jefferson Williams, and they had 3 children - Allen or Alan, Maggie Leona, Allie or Lizzie. If you can supply me with any info on this family I would appreciate it so much. Thank you and God Bless you!!!

Sandra Howe 17 June 2005
I am researching Benjamin Rook. I have heard he is buried at the Aly Cemetery, but cannot find a marker or information. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

G. Kimble 17 June 2005
I would like to hear from anyone who is acquainted with or related to Issac (Zack) Woolard.

Flint McCullough 17 June 2005
The Young Gravelly (Mt. Vernon) Cemetery lists a Nancy McCullough 1826 - 1890 w/o Andrew. I am looking for McCulloughs from the 1870 Arkansas census - mother Nancy A. 1830 North Carolina and children Julius A. 1855, Eliza Jane 1857, Mary Ann 1860, William Sylvanus 1861, all born in Arkansas. Do you have any more info on the Nancy at Young Gravelly Cemetery. Does w/o Andrew mean he is listed on the headstone but not interred there. Thank You.

Charlotte Johnson 6 June 2005
My mothers name was Virginia Kennon. She was from Danville, Ark. She had a son that was given up for adoption in 1938? She lived in a boarding house along with my adopted mother, Elsie McCarrol. Family is buried in Danville, Blue Ball, etc. Kennons, Hunt, Miller. Anyone having any info about my mother's family, I would love to hear from you. Also my mom always talked about going to the cemetery over the mountain when she went to decoration at Danville. I have no idea where that would be also. Thanks in advance for any help.

Marlene Farnsworth VanKleef 6 June 2005
I am searching for Farnsworth, Ladd, Kitchens, Williams, especially my grandmother Maggie Leona Williams Farnsworth. In 1993 we searched every cemetery from Waldron to Danville. The only one we didn't search was Birta just out of Danville. She and my grandfather James Martin had 2 boys, Walter and James Loy. Gramma was about 33 yrs when she died, approx. 1872. They lived on Dutch Creek, they were related to all the above, plus Millards. If anyone can help me with these names and the burial place of grandma, hopefully Birta. Thanks ever so much.

Vickie 6 June 2005
I am searching for information on the following families in Yell Co. They also resided in Pope and Johnson Counties. Reece Hogan Hickey who married Siller Giles Bragg. Siller is the peson I am having the most difficulty in getting information on. She appears in the census records as Celer/Siller/Silvery and is finally buried in New Hope Cemetery as Sarah w/o Reece Hogan Hickey. I am not sure that Sarah and Siller are the same person. Reece is the son of William David Hickey. Reece and Siller had a daughter Mattie Jane Hickey who Married John T. Rice. John is the son of Zachariah Rice and Lucinda Hardin. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

Linda George 1 May 2005
I am looking for info on the marriage of my father, Grant Conley, possibly from Havana, and Ann Cline, of Wing, in Yell County. I have the feeling it didn't last long. My dad was born in 1911, so I'm guessing that it was in the late 20's or early 30's. Thank you!

Mary Yates Villeret 29 April 2005
I would like to correspond with anyone connected to John Aaron Sugg and Mary "Polly" (Laycock) from Carroll Co., TN. They moved to Yell Co., AR shortly after the 1880 Census and are buried at the Mountain Springs Cemetery. I am desc. from one of the children that remained in Tenn., Nancy Ellen Sugg and John W. King, my Grt.Grt. Grandparents. I would like to have any info on them after going to Ark. or does anyone have a picture of them or know where exactly they lived? I understand that their son William Riley and wife Mary Elisabeth (Bridges) had a very large home in the area. Does anyone know if it is still there? I will gladly exchange any info I have.

Lisa Breashears 29 April 2005
I am looking for any information on my Grandmother, Lida Ellen Aldrich, born: August 13, 1897, in Lafayette, Indiana. She was married to Francis Breashears in Plainview, Arkansas. Thank you in advance. 29 April 2005
I am looking for my grandmother's grave. Her name was Minerva (Virden) Hawkins. She was reportedly buried at Earl/English Cemetery and moved to Salem Cemetery, but I am unable to find her name on the listings for Salem Cemetery. 29 April 2005
I am looking for any information pertaining to my ancestry. My grandfather's family were the Hawkins'. My grandmother's family were the Virdens. I have some information but not much. Thank you for any information you can help with.

Larry Denton Davis 23 April 2005
I have a photo of my g.g.grandmother, Camilla Herring Denton, who was the wife of Daniel Lamon Denton. Her parents were Bryant & Percy (Millard) Herring. The full-length photo was made sometime before 1907 when she was nearly 80 yrs. of age. It was taken in a studio in Norman, Indian Territory (now OK) while she was visiting her son & family, Charles Bryant Denton---my great grandfather. Would anyone like a copy of this photo. I have no way to transmit it via the Internet, but will make copies of it for the exact price of the copy + postage.

Cheryl (Gillespie) Davidson 23 April 2005
Both sides of my family are from Yell County, so I would be interested in information on both sides; however, I have more info on some lines than others. My grandparents still live in the area, so if others out of state have questions related to what an area is called now, I might be able to help there. My names of interest are (maternal line): Thacker, Carrouth, Kimbrough, Kitchens, Dilbeck, Conway, Blanton, Grier, Jordan, Pillow, Templeman, Havner, McBee, Holland. (Paternal line): Gillespie, Ringer, Reece, Watson, Barrick, Waits, Treat, Clements. I believe all of these were in Yell County at one time or another, as most deceased are buried in this area. Thanks!

Roy Chadwick 23 April 2005
Hi good people of Yell Co, I am looking for info on my GGfather Allen Bond believed to been born abt 1850 in Yell Co, AR, and possibly of Native American descent. He married Sarah Wilson from KY abt 1866/1868 possible KY. They lived in Campbell Co, TN abt 1880. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks very much. Surnames: Bond, Chadwick, Choate, Coffelt, James, Keele, Lankford, Seitz, Vaughn, Wilson.

Jimmie Winters 23 April 2005
I'm trying to trace my grandmother's side of the family. Her father was John J. Page. Her mother was Lucy A. Page. I found them in Pope County, AR on the 1910 and 1920 census. I think I found them in Yell, AR on the 1900 census, but lost them from there. I think he had more than 1 wife. I appreciate any help that you can offer.

Dianne Cartwright 23 April 2005
I am seeking information on Katy E. Burcham b. about 1907 in Yell Co., Ark. Daughter of James Harrison Burcham?, sister of William Andrew Burcham. Who did she marry and who were her children. Does she have any ties to the Lyle Family? Does she have siblings other than W.A.? Obits?

Nancy Sorensen 23 April 2005
I am looking for Maggie Surratt. I believe Maggie was a black woman. Maggie lived in Dardanelle in 1900-01. Maggie is the mother of Wallace Lankster born 2/27/1900 or 2/28/1901 and Beatrice Lankster born about 1904. Lankster has many spellings in the records: Langston, Langster, Lankster. In 1910 Wallace went to live with his father Wallace L. Lankster in Oklahoma. Family story is that Maggie died sometime between 1912 and 1915. Any assistance or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Phyllis Hershey Carlson 23 April 2005
I was recently in Dardanelle to attempt to find cemetery or burial records for Harold A. Hershey, born Sept. 9, 1903; died November 6, 1904. Parents: Reuben and Anna Hershey. I looked through some records at the city clerk's office, but didn't find his. They lived at 414, 416 Front Street from 1904-1906. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Cheryl Carney 23 April 2005
I am in desperate need for a book called History of Newton County Arkansas, posting here may help me in finding some information. I am looking for this book for my mother's 85th birthday, she has family mentioned in the book, the Wishons and the Villines, but I am having a difficult time finding any information on this book or any similar book with the Wishons and Villines mentioned, can anyone please help me in locating this book? Thank you.

Glenda DeVoe 23 April 2005
I am searching for death dates for Amos E. DeVoe and wife Harriet. They are found on the 1910 census living in Mountain Twp, Amos is 60 and Harriet 57. I have gone through all the Yell County Cemeteries, so they are probably in unmarked graves. Which of the two courthouses is likely to have land transactions, will probate, etc. for Mountain Twp?

J. David Buxton 23 April 2005
My folks are the O'Kellys of County Derry and Yell County, AR. When my grandmother was 4 or 5 a meteor found it's way to their farm. It's remains are now in a museum in Austria. Any info on that or my family are apprieciated. Thanks!

Terri Waller 8 March 2005
I am looking for any information on the Gross Family. I have gone as far back as my grandmother's great-grandfather married to Julia Ann Byrne on October 6, 1867. She married an A. Gross that was born in 1843 and died between 1870-1880. Can anyone help me with the initial A.? I want to know what this stands for so I can go further back. A. Gross and Julia Ann had a son named Joseph Gross born 1870. Joseph Gross married Louisa E. Bannister in 1896 and they had 4 children. If anyone can help I would love to hear from you. Thank You!

Delisha Gee Hart 8 March 2005
I am searching for information on Charles Hiram Gee, who married (I believe) Fereby Jane Smith, they are on the 1880 census for Yell Co. I know that Fereby died and Charles re-married. The first marriage is the one I am searching, for that is the wife he had my great-grandfather with (Henry VanBuren Gee). Any information on Charles or Fereby would be wonderful.

Charlee Krupp 8 March 2005
I'm at my wit's end! I am trying to find my great-grandmother. She died as Ellen Isham in 1900, and while we believe her maiden name started with a "W", we really have no idea of what it really was. I believe that she may have died in Arkansas. This is what I know:

Ellen married John N. Isham in Earlsboro, Oklahoma on March 21, 1895, according to an old family Bible. A cousin tells me:

In my Grandfather's memoirs he told of living in the Creek Nation of Indian Territory. John Newton Isham and Ellen Wixom were married March 21, 1895 at Earlsboro, Oklahoma. They had one daughter, Nellie Mae. John's wife, Ellen, died when Nellie was about 3 years old. John sold everything and in the fall of 1900, he took the train to Gunnison with his daughter, Nellie and my Grandfather.

With all of this in mind, the 1900 Riley Township, Yell County, Arkansas census lists (censored for space):

Name, Relation, Race, Sex, Marital, Birth, Age, Birthplace, Father's Birthplace, Mother's Birthplace
Isham, John N., Head, W, M, Widowed, March 1860, 40, TN, TN, TN
------ Nellie M., dau, W, F, Single, Feb 1897, 3, OK, TN, TX

Census also gives two other names, a brother, Irving J. Isham age 17, and a sister, Arma Isham(?) age 16. I have no records of Arma Isham at all. The 1910 census shows John and daughter Nellie back in Oklahoma, in what looks to be "South Fox Township, Lincoln County." It shows Nellie's mother's place of birth as Arkansas instead of Texas.

Now you know as much as I do, please help me find my great-grandmother so that she's not lost in history. Thank you.

Ann Davis 8 March 2005
I am trying to find where my great-grandparents are buried. My great-grandfather was Lee McCormack. His first wife was Mary C. ?. They are on the 1870 Yell Co. Rover Twn. census. He was born in 1847. She was born in 1863. In 1880 he was listed as a widow. In 1900 his wife is Mary, born in 1858. They are listed on the 1910 and 1920 census. Same place. Yell Co. Maumelle Twp. Any information as where to look would be appreciated.

Frank Barnett 16 February 2005
I would like any information on my grandfather, George Washington Rainey. We think his wife was Madale Manus. She died during giving birth to my mother or soon after. My mother's name is Oma Marie Barnett. My mother lived on a houseboat at Dardanelle. She was born Sept. 30, 1912. We are not sure her mother's name is right. My mother and father, Bennie Jackson Barnett are laid to rest in Paragould, Ark. My father was a minister of the Church of God. Thank you.

Loucinda Buford 16 February 2005
I am looking for information on the parents of Emerson Etheridge Sloan and Myrtle Vail (Lockhart) Sloan and any information regarding their brothers and sisters. They lived in Magazine Twp. and later near Birta, then in Wing, AR (near Rover in Yell Co.) for the rest of their lives. Myrtle died in 1926 and Emerson in 1932. I know that James Sloan was Emerson's father, and that he died between 1900 and 1910, but do not know where he is buried. His mother Mary Sloan is buried in the Birta Cemetery. I know that Myrtle's parents went to Louisiana, and I have been told they were buried in Ashley Co., AR, but I have not been able to find any record. Any help is greatly appreciated, and I would enjoy meeting any distant cousins. Have notebook, will travel!!

Randy Goodman 16 February 2005
I am looking for infomation on my great-grandfather James Henry Higgins. He and my great-grandmother Dora Robinson were married October 25, 1894 in Yell County. James Henry died at a young age but not before fathering my grandfather Herman Henry Higgins. Any assistance would be more than appreciated. Thanks!

Mary White 16 February 2005
I am researching my ancestors and John Wade, brother to Sarah Jane Wade McCabe. Sarah Jane was married to Matthew M. McCabe and was the daughter of Edmond Wade and Sallie ?? Sarah Jane and Matthew M. had a daughter Sarah Ann who married a Hubbard. I ran across the Yell Co. Cemetery list and would like to know if there is a place where I can find more about Sarah's family and maybe correspond with a decendant. Thank you.

Connie Allmand 16 February 2005
I am trying to find out information on George Harlan Vinson. I know he was born in 1879 in Arkansas. He is listed in Yell County, Arkansas on the 1910 Census records. He was married to Etta Mary (Willard) Vinson, and on the Census records it listed that his sister in law Ida Willard lived with them. I have been unable to find where George is buried or when he died. I know that Etta remarried at some time, moved to California and died there in 1970. I am trying to eventually find out if he died in Yell County, Arkansas. They had a daughter Augie Marie Vinson. Any information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mary Cameron 16 February 2005
I am looking for family information concerning Mary Elizabeth McGlasson who was adopted in MO in approx 1965, also looking for older sister Stella. Thank you.

Ken Potts 16 February 2005
Charles D.Potts moved to Arkansas about 1867 from Georgia. He died at Ola, Arkansas. I am looking for help to find his death date. He was born 1842, and I suspect he died around 1910?

Pamela Faith Stepp Bewley 16 February 2005
My father, Eugene Thomas Stepp, born in Fowler, Arkansas, July 31, 1917. Parents were Thomas Edward Stepp of Gainsville, Georgia, and Roxie Edith Phillips Stepp of Knoxsville,TN. Ended up in Oklahoma where Eugene married Mary Ann Bates, had children, and everyone migrated to California, ended up in Madera, CA. Anyone related or have information please contact me.

Donna Turner 26 January 2005
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, Almina/Alvina/Elmina Hanna. She was born about 1850 in Mississippi, was in Johnson County, Arkansas in 1870, married Chancel D. Brewer shortly after and was in the household of her sister and brother-in-law, Lucinda and Pleasant Cotton, in Yell County in 1880. She married Adam Wiggins shortly after, and they evidently remained in Yell County until their death. They had 4 children, Easter Anthum, Lucian, Charlie and Lue Rilla before Adam's death in about 1888 or 89. I can find no record of her after Lue Rilla was born in 1888. If anyone has any info on this family, would you please let me know. Thank you.

Martha Lightfoot 26 January 2005
I am looking on information about the Macedonia Baptist Church in Yell Co. This is where my grandparents went to church with their family. I am doing research on my family and any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Barbara 26 January 2005
I would like to find out whether any cemeteries in existance in the 1880's were flooded by a lake or dam or flood waters and, whether or not, if flooded by a dam, etc, any of the cemeteries were moved/relocated. I have been trying to locate burial places of both of my great-grandparents for many years unsuccessfully. One great-grandfather reportedly died in Dover, AR, the other Holla Bend - I do not know whether during the 1880's these two towns were in Yell County or Pope County. Any help would be appreciated - I would just like to know the names of the cemeteries which may have been flooded.

Pamela Prater 26 January 2005
Hello, I am looking for a listing of a cemetery in Dardanelle, AR. The cemetery is called Rose Valley, but I don't see it listed under Yell County cemeteries anywhere. I have some ancestors buried there, a Joe and Elizabeth Bushman. Does anyone know if Rose Valley Cemetery exists under another name now? Thanks.

Tishaka Snider 26 January 2005
I am doing a little research on Percy Kenneth Rook Jr. from Dardanelle, Arkansas. He was the son of Lena May Crain Rook and Percy Kenneth Rook. Kenneth (Kenny Boy) was found dead in the 70's with the cause of death "supposedly" Russian Roulette. I need any information you can provide me in reference to his death. Please help! Thank You!

Barbara 26 January 2005
Would anyone be able to tell me anything about a school named Carden Bottoms School - my grandparents attended the school in the 1890's. Is the school district still there or where might I find records on the school? Thank you so very much.

Lloyd Record 17 January 2005
I am seeking any information on Lucinda C. Lamb. She was born 8 May 1852 in Yell County, Arkansas. She married Isaac Tilman Bradley in about 1872.

Bonnie Sivyer 22 December 2004
I found an old Arkansas map which showed Dardanelle in Yell County. There was another town or community adjoining it called New Hope. I have been unable to find anything online regarding New Hope. My Great-Grandfather, John Holt, died in Dardanelle in 1923. My Grandmother said he was buried in the Alfalfa Graveyard across from the New Hope School. Years later one of John's sons (who had attended the burial) returned to the site of the graveyard and reported back that it was gone and a road or highway was in it's place. If anyone has info on the community of New Hope from the 1920's or the mysterious "Alfalfa Graveyard", or where the school was located in New Hope in the 1920's please contact me. Thanks so much!

Tricia Frame 18 December 2004
I am looking for the Obiturary for Jesse Howard Dimitt born 1873 died 3 April 1953. He is buried in the Upper Spring Creek Cemetery. I would also like to find the obituary for his wife Myrtle May Crownover Dimitt born 3 July 1886 died 5 February 1966. Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you.

Tricia Frame 18 December 2004
I am searching for information on this family:
Dimitt Jesse H born abt 1874 Indiana..father
Dimitt Myrtle M. born abt 1886..wife
Dimitt Raymond born abt 1907..son
Dimitt Edna M born abt 1912..daughter
Dimitt Herbert R. born abt 1916..son
Dimitt Ovel L born abt 1920..son
Dimitt Verl L. born abt 1923..son
All except Jesse were born in Arkansas. I would like to correspond with anyone searching this family. Thank you.

June Carter 16 November 2004
Allen A. Carter, born abt. 1822 in N.C. Moved to Yell Co., Magazine abt. 1866. First wife, Armena, Second wife, Louisa. Children: John W., James M., George F., Frances R., Alice A., Henry Augustus, James M. Would appreciate any info on Allen and/or his children. Thank you.

Rachael Reeves 16 November 2004
I am looking for information on Andrew Patrick who owned land in Dardanelle, Yell Co,, AR, in 1892 and also Leonard B. Purdom who also owned land there in 1892. Their wives were Elizabeth and Eunice respectively. Eunice and Leonard Purdom were married. I assume Andrew died there sometime before 1890. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Bonnie Sivyer 16 November 2004
I am seeking information on the death of my great grandfather, John Holt. John lived in the countryside just outside of Danville, Arkansas, where he died in his home in 1923. My Grandmother recalls him being buried in the Alfa Cemetery across the road from New Hope School. I have been unable to locate any such cemetery or school. Decades ago, a relative who attended the funeral said he returned to the cemetery and found it gone and a highway where it used to be. If anyone has any information about John aka Kent, Kinch, Kinchlow, Holt; or the cemetery please email me. I've checked the death records and he is not listed. Is there microfilm available of newspapers from the Danville area where I might find an obituary? He was married to Vera Louise (Campbell) Holt and they had the following children:
Nellie Holt
Garwood Holt
Garland 'Leroy/Roy' Holt
Violet Holt
(John died 2 weeks and 2 days after Violet's birth.)
Any help or information would be appreciated. Thank you!

Victoria Thompson 12 September 2004
I'm looking for information on Doctor William J. Stafford and his wife Mary Jane (Steele ?) Stafford. Lived in Danville, Yell Co., at least 1860 to 1900. Children as listed in 1860, 1870 and 1880 census records: Alice, Emma, Elizabeth, George, Robert (also a doctor), Ellen G. Haven't found their marriage record yet. I need to determine if Mary Jane really is Mary Jane Steele. Birth date, place are right and family information is that Mary Jane married a Doctor Stafford and lived in Arkansas.

Mike Lipsey 5 September 2004
I have a question about Lucille Agnes Wilson (nee Richardson), 1911-2001, who is buried in Sandlin Cemetery. Can anyone provide me with further information about her husband? I have a name (that must have come from my grandmother Lipsey) of E.B. Wilson and nothing else. Since the Sandlin listing noted that information about Lucille had come from the SSDI, I checked that; and she's listed as Lucille R. Wilson (R. presumably for Richardson?), last residence Cordova, Shelby, Tennessee. There is an E.V. Wilson, 1922-2000, last residence the same, in the SSDI, but he's 11 years younger than Lucille. I don't want to invade Mr. Wilson's privacy if he is still alive, but if he has passed away I would appreciate knowing about it. My connection to the family is via the Tippin line.

Charles Jones 5 September 2004
I would like to obtain a death certificate for Lesa Erickson, wife of Andrew G. "Andy" Erickson. Any information on either husband or wife would greatly be appreaciated. Thank you.

Franklin L. Matthews 5 September 2004
I am searching for information on John L. (Leroy) Matthews, born in GA/TN?? 1806-, died Sep 1867, possibly in Dardanelle, Yell County. Moved from the Lawrence County, AR area in 1850-60's to Dardanelle. Owned a farm near Dardanelle, which, from court house records, he sold in 1865. Trying to determine whether he moved on or was buried in the Yell County area. His wife, Nancy, lived in Texas in 1870's. Thanks.

Sandy Freeman 10 August 2004
I am looking for the families of John C. Vinsett, daughter Mary Vinsett was my Great-grandmother. She was married to Julius Kerr; he was born in 1859 in Arkansas, son of Benjamin Craven Kerr and Nancy A. Wilson. Julius and Mary were married on January 3, 1884 in Arkansas. After his death, Mary remarried to W.A. Choate on September 5, 1885. Mary had 1 daughter with Julius, Amanda May Kerr, born February 15, 1885 in Conway, Arkansas. W.A. Choate raised Amanda after the death of Mary, date unknown. Mary's mother was Amanda Clack Vinsett, who along with John C. Vinsett are buried in Yell County at Moore's Chapel Cemetery. I am looking for any information on the Clack family, Choate family, Vinsett and Kerr family. Thank you.

Dorotha Phillips 10 August 2004
I am trying to find the maiden name of the first wife of Thomas Edwin Thompson. I know that her first name was Hattie, but would like to know her maiden name. They are both buried in Red Hill Cemetery, Yell Co., Arkansas. I would appreciate any help, Thank you.

Ruth Reynolds 25 July 2004
Abram Flanary/Flannery married Louine/Louise McDonald in Yell Co., AR, 1870. He is listed in Crawford Co., AR, census.

1875 the family is in Meridian, Bosque Co., TX. Living with the family is Charlotte (Charity) Elizabeth Dun. Charlotte thought to have parents with the last name of Irwin/Erwin/Irvin. They died during Civil War. Father from Ireland, mother born MO. Charity born MO. The "story" is that after her parents died she was taken in and possibly adopted by a Dun family. Her marriage cert. lists her as "Charity E. Dun".

Did Charity live with the family of Louine McDonald in Yell County, Arkansas, prior to Louine's marriage? Trying to determine at what point Charity came to be with the McDonald Flanary family and what relation she is to Louine and Abram.

Champagne Minx 25 July 2004
I have been searching for information on my grandmother, Eula Mae Allen (Craft), and her parents. I was able to find images of the Craft family plot on your website. I haven't been able to find any information on any of the ancestry search engines for my great-grandfather James A. Craft. He is listed as still living on your site, but he would be 110 by my calculations. How can I find out more about my family? Thank You.

Gary A. Rodgers 5 July 2004
I'm looking for the birth record of my mother, Mollie Maxine Osborne b. 27 Nov 1917 and any records of her father, George Osborne/mother, Sarah Myrtle Wilson. Thanks.

Jimmie Beck Bandgren 5 July 2004
I'm looking for Marshall and Osborn (Osburn or Osborne) ancestors. My grandfather was John David Marshall born January 1869 in Missouri. Married Roxie Bell Osborn Stevens in Yell County in 1901. Roxie Bell was born in either Mississippi or Alabama and had two children, William and Woodson Stevens from former marriage. Roxie Bell and John David had three daughters, Ellen, Nancy Eula, and Cora Bell. Any information is appreciated.

Glenda Devoe 5 July 2004
I am searching for deaths of Amos E. Devoe and his wife Harriet. They moved to Yell County sometime between 1900 and 1910 census. In 1910 they were living in Mountain Township. At that time they were ages 60 and 57 respectively. Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

Charles Gist 30 May 2004
I am still looking for information on the Riddles of Yell county. There is a record of the marriage of William H. Riddle 24, to Elizabeth Learer? 25, both of Yell County on Nov. 10, 1870. E.L.Riddle 35, a widow born in GA is listed on the 1880 census in Gravelly Hill, Yell County with a son J.D. Riddle 8 born in AR, a daughter Mary Riddle 5, born in AR and a son W. Clearman? 12 also born in AR. I can not find anyone else with the last name of Learer or Clearman in the area. Who are the parents of William H.? J.D. is my gr-gr-grandfather he married Margaret Melbina "Millie" Jones in 1893. They were the parents of William Howard Riddle who married Drusha Lambert and Weltha Riddle who married a Wheeler .Any info will be appreciated.

Lois Dimmitt 23 May 2004
I am looking for the burial site of Odell Dimmitt. He was a deaf son of William Thomas Dimmitt. At the time of his death, he was living on the north side of Spring Lake with his brother, Ora Joseph Dimmitt and wife Eva. Also living with or near them was his mother, Sarah P. Dimmitt and her mother, Martha Weems. I feel his burial would not be far away from the area of Spring Lake, but so far I've found no trace of where he's buried. This would've been in the 1920's. Thanks.

Dorotha Willard Phillips 21 May 2004
I am trying to find information about Cleo Ellis Willard. She is buried in Oakland Cemetery, Ola, Yell Co., Arkansas, but there is no record of her being buried there. If anyone knows anything about Cleo Ellis Willard, please email me. She died in 1936. There should be a record somewhere of her. Thank you.

Ann 29 April 2004
Hi, I am looking for any information on a Susan Hulett that married my g-grandfather James Tam. I found the marriage but any information on her would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nancy Dawson 25 April 2004
I am searching for information on Addie Witt married to Robert Bob William Reich on or about May 1894. She was his second wife and they had a daughter Nola Reich born on April 16, 1904. Nola was my grandmother and died in July 1970. Addie Witt was living in Yell County when she gave birth to a Therbert Homer Reich on October 2, 1901 according to birth records for Yell County. Nola also had a sister named Eller. Nola was married to James Edward Asbury. I do not know who Addie's parents were. I would appreciate any information on her or her relatives.

Linda Craig 08 April 2004
I am looking for any information on the Thomas H. Walker and Melissa (Dicey) Walker from Yell County during the 1880 time frame. I am extremely interested in his daughter Mary Elizabeth Walker who married William Newton Jones, was later divorced, and I understand that she remarried. However, I cannot find anything on the second marriage. If anyone has information that would be helpful, I would appreciate the help. 06 April 2004
I am looking for any information on a James Albert Hix that lived in Yell County in 1870. His son James Jeno was born in Danville, listed on the 1880 census in Jack Co., TX. George Washington Hix born Arkansas; William Jefferson and James Jeno, Arkansas; John Thomas, Ida June, Mary Veda, Doc Burny, Paul born Texas. James Albert died around 1900 to 1908 in Texas; his wife Elizabeth Luranna Ishmael died around 1903. The Hicks now live around Marrieat, Oklahoma by the Red River.

Linda Finch 06 April 2004
Many of my relatives are buried in the Blue Mountain Cemetary. My grandfather, Morris Allen Hall was raised in Blue Mountain, and his parents are buried there. My great-great-grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Ashley. Do you have any information on these names? I am trying to start searching my family tree. Thanks.

Forrest William Hood 30 March 2004
I am researching the Hood and the Rogers families of Yell Co., AR. My father was Artie William Hood from Waveland, AR. My mother was Mildred Marie Rogers from Belleville, AR. Anyone having any info on either family would be a great help. Thank you.

Larry Wilson 29 March 2004
I fould Selonis Stokes on the 1870 census, Yell County, Galley Rock Township - living with James Gilbert & Isabelle Gilbert. He is listed as 18 and in school. I would like to know what happened to his parents. Thank you.

Phyllis Marble 28 March 2004
I am searching for any info on James Carroll "Jim" Moudy. He was born in Yell County, AR in 1826 and was supposed to have been hanged by the Confederate Army in 1866 around Little Rock. I'm his gg-granddaughter.

Iris Horne 20 March 2004
I am seeking information about Leota or Leoda McBride, born Feb. 1881 in Yell County. Who did Leota marry? One source has she married J.D. Hickman of Birta, AR, and that J.D. went hunting in the Piney Woods around Birta and was never heard from again. Another source (Pope County marriage book M) has Smith, John S. 38 Dardanelle McBride, Leoda 40 Dardanelle 09 Oct 1920 M-245 S.R. Price, JP. Is this the same Leota? Did she marry twice? What happened to her? Any information appreciated.

Elmer Langston 20 March 2004
I am researching the following surnames: Minnie Parker, Minnie Langston and Nanne or Nannie Lane, Gallip Langston, Elijah Langston, Joe Parker, Kellie Garner. If you have any information or if I may help you Please contact me.

Dorotha Phillips 20 March 2004
I am looking for info about Cleo Willard. She is supposed to be buried in Oakland Cemetery in Ola, Arkansas. She was my sister-in-law, and I am trying to find her birthdate, but she is not listed in this cemetery. Do you have records that would tell me her birthday? She died 9-18-1936. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Rhonda Dyer 20 March 2004
I am attempting to find information about Elias C. Cathey and John Anderson Cathey. John was married to Martha Brown in 1875. Elias was married to Sarah Turner. I found a grave in Yell Co. with "Cathey, Martha d/o Patsy, there is also a grave of Patsy Brown. I have other information on these people. Would like to know if John Anderson Cathey is the son of James W. Cathey who is the son of Elias C. Cathey. Would also like to know who Elias C. Cathey's father is, his mother was named Margaret.

Lyman Foster Reynolds 09 March 2004
I am looking for any information about my great uncle, Matthew or Mack Thompson, being shot in the back in Yell Co., AR, in the early 1900's. He was born ca. 1865. This is a hand-me-down family story and the town of Plainview was mentioned. Any clue would be so helpful and appreciated.

Noreen Houpt 04 March 2004
I'm looking for info on my great-grandmother, Biddie Arnetha Emmaline Caroline Cannon. She was originally from AL, lived in AR, OK, moved to Casa, AR after death of husband, King David Tidmore in Nov 1920. She died in Casa, AR, 12 Dec 1926. It is believed she lived with one of her children in Casa. The only other info I have about Biddie is that she was born 18 Mar 1860 in Montgomery Co., AL, md. 29 Jan 1880 in St. Clair Co., AL. The Tidmore family she married into were from Hoke's Bluff, AL. She and my great-grandfather raised a large family. She had a brother named Bob. I have found info about a Robert Cannon in Pope Co., AR but nothing to link him to my family line definitively. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Steven Pyle 22 February 2004
Allen Green was killed in a Stillwell, OK jail in the early 1900s. He was in jail for running moonshine. He was married to Mary Chandler who was half Cherokee Indian. He owned 80 acres in Yell County. The land was sold for 200 dollars and they moved to Oklahoma in the late 1800s/early 1900s. I am looking for information to try to trace ancestral roots to the Arkansas Cherokee Tribe. Thank you.

Brenda Jones 22 February 2004
I am looking for info on Nellie May West, first husband Arthur Hudson, md. ca. 1920-1. Nellie was born in Yell Co., and I know she married her second husband, James Thompson, in Yell Co. I thought maybe someone might know about him.

Charlene Peel 08 February 2004
I am looking for information regarding Amos Hood Morris who lived in Yell County for many years and died there in 1990. He was also an ordained minister there. He was with his 5th or 6th wife at the time of his death. Her name was Juanita Jessie (Martin) Morris. My mother was his first wife, her name was Minnie Juanita Martin and was not related to the widow. Amos and first wife had 3 children, twins that died at birth and a daughter Seva, that is now 65 years old. He had one daughter Marie by his second wife Ealzy Perry. His 3rd wife was Minnie Mae Lindsey and they married in Tarrant County, Texas. We wonder if he had children by Minnie Mae or by another wife Beulah ________? There are clues that there was another wife, perhaps 2 more. I would be interested in any information about his life in Yell County. Thank you very much.

Beverly 05 February 2004
I am looking for information on the following family members - time frame - around 1890 - 1900. Sarah Taylor - widow, lived in Marvinville, Arkansas. Elizabeth Keplinger - widow, also lived in Marvinville, Arkansas, possibly living with Sarah. Eliza and Elbert Vaugh, Yell Co., Arkansas. All information from Civil War pension file. Please contact me direct. Thanks.

Richard Lowe 05 February 2004
I am looking for any information on the descendants of Thomas Jefferson Robinson and Pearl Candacy Lowe Robinson - both buried in Sandlin Cemetery, Yell County. Pearl Candacy was my great-great aunt. Their children were Anna Pearl, Charles and Thomas Dillard (apparently named after my GGfather). Any information would be appreciated.

Scott McGlasson 05 February 2004
I am looking for contact information for Hannah Hillyard. She grew up in Dardanelle, AR. Daughter of Larry Hillyard. Thank you so much for any information available.

Sherry Taylor House 26 January 2004
At one time you had a cemetery listed for "Cardon Bottoms". I can't seem to find that in the new listings. I'm trying to find out about my g-grandmother, Alice Vanover Taylor, who was buried in Cardon Bottoms, I think it was called "Neely Cemetery". It was located right on the banks of the Ark. River. When I was there several years ago, the gentleman across the road said it hadn't been maintained since the early 1950's. Do you know anything on this cemetery? I am also trying to find information on her husband, William Hampton (Joe) Taylor, who is buried at Needmore Cemetery. Any information would certainly be appreciated.

Norma Ginn 17 January 2004
I am seeking information on the Vosburg family: George S. & wife: Elizie. 1910 they were living in Yell County, AR.

Ann Hood 14 January 2004
I am seeking information on a P.L. Hood (Patrick Leonider) who married a Miss J.G. Johnson in Yell County, Arkansas, on August 25, 1884. He was 38 years old; she was 24 years old. Their marriage produced one son: Brusail Hood born December 17, 1887. I need to know J.G. Johnson's parents' names - on the marriage license, it says they both lived in Chickalah. It is said that P.L. Hood was a county constable in 1896, and he remarried in 1896 so I would like to know what happened to his wife J.G. Johnson. I am assuming that she died since he remarried. If so, where could she be buried? Any help will be helpful. Thank you.

Kay Brandt Hughes 10 January 2004
I am looking for information on my great uncle, James W. Brandt, born 10-21-1881. I know he lived in Earl, Arkansas in 1926. He was buried in Louisiana in 1970. I would like to know who he married and if there were children. Anything else that you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.

Mary 09 January 2004
I am looking for information on Thomas J. Tucker, (aka T.J. Tucker) born 1920, somewhere in Arkansas, and died Dec. 1871. His first marriage was to a Hester _____ (unknown) born 1826 in AR. They had 5 children:

  1. Thomas J. born 1841 in AR
  2. William H. born 1850 in TX
  3. James M. born 1852 in TX
  4. Florida born 1856 in TX
  5. Ginge born 1858 in TX
The family was listed in the 1860 census for Red River Co., Texas.

Something happened to Hester, because Thomas next shows up in Pope County, AR, married to America J. Mann. (Maiden surname was Dillard. She had been married to William P. Davis 1868 in Pope County, AR. She then married Henry Mann 1861 in Pope Co., before marrying Thomas. They had 2 children: Sonora A. Tucker born 1869 in Yell County, AR, and Arizona Tucker, born Dec. 11, 1871. T.J. was murdered in a gun fight near Morrillton when Arizona was three days old. T.J. and America lived in Galley Rock Twp. America went on to marry a John McCallum after Thomas' death, and later a Matthew Hanks. She is supposedly buried in Moore Hill Cemetery, but there is no gravestone. It is believed that Thomas J. Tucker's firstborn, Thomas J. moved back to Yell Co., AR from TX.

Any information on the background or ancestry of Thomas J. Tucker, any family members, birth dates, places, marriages, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Darlene Smith 03 December 2003
I'm looking for info on W.M. Brown and his ancestors and descendants. W.M. Brown was born abt. 1850. His wife was Elizabeth, born 1856. Their children were:
John - b. 1866
Andrew - b. 1868
Mary W. - b. 1870
Madorz - b. 1872
Charles - b. 1875
William - b. 1888
Arminda - b. 1889
That is all the children they had at time of 1880 census.

Paul Smith 03 December 2003
I am looking for great-grandmother and great-grandfather Frances Pearlee Thompson who married Neil or Neiless B. Smith in about 1885 or 1886. She was about 16 at the time. Her parents were on the 1870 census - her family was in Yell County, Bluffington Post Office. I can't find anything until 1900 when she shows up in Indian Territory, Atoka County married to my great-grandfather N.B. Smith with five children. She died in 1903 or 1904 in childbirth. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Dakota Vaughn 03 December 2003
At the Piney Cemetery there is a strange grave site located across from the Biggs family plots. It has one thin natural rock marker at each end of a large flat stone (also natural rock) and more rock raised below the flat stone, it looks like a bed. On the thin marker located furthest of the Biggs plots there is a fadded cross chiseled in it. Could you tell me who this grave belongs to? No name or date is apparent. Thank you.

Barbra London Talkington 18 November 2003
I am looking for any information regarding William D. Keltner or Nancy Keltner, listed in the 1880 Yell County Census as living with the Choate family. I have record of William D. Keltner, a circuit-riding Church of Christ minister, preaching at the Mt. George Church of Christ in 1864.

Eberly (Christy) Simanson 18 November 2003
I would like any information on Roy Christy or his family. I am his granddaughter. I found a baby buried at the Sulphur Springs cemetary listed as the infant of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Christy. My dad is David Glendon Christy, Sr. Thank you for your help.

Carol Wilson Lopez 09 November 2003
I was sent an obit. for Jane Wilson, died 1881 in Yell County - found her listed in the Brearley Cemetery. "MY" Jane Latimer Wilson married to Robert Wilson-the information I got had her in 1880 living with a daughter - Mary Wilson Adams who on her (Mary) cemetery records had her as "w/o A.B. Adams d/o Dr. J.A". If Jane was her Mother (as in the 1880 census) her Father should have been listed as Robert Wilson not a "Dr. J.A.". Can anyone help me with this?

Jane Wilson died 1881 (all this per the information from J.B. Lemley's book). It listed her Sons (that was right), had her birth year and place (that, too, was right). Were there two Jane Wilson's - died same year? born same place (Tenn.)? The Jane Wilson that I am trying to confirm information on was my GGGG Grandmother - Jane Latimer Wilson - married to Robert Wilson who was born in 1789 and died ? he was buried ? This is very confusing, and I hope someone can help me make sense of all this. Thanking you in advance.

Mary 09 November 2003
I am looking for Martha Tucker (Handlin), born in Casa, Yell County, AR. She also went by the name of Sissy Tucker. Thanks.

Frank Hawkins 09 November 2003
I am looking for information on Frank H. Hawkins' family - he was born 1850 in Mississippi, married Melvina Coker in Yell County, AR May 30, 1882

Nicole Henke 26 October 2003
I am looking for info on the following family:

William A. Duke (1815/1881) married to Sara B. (unk), then later to Elizabeth Wade.

Children include Beverley and James (twins), James C., Hiram A., William E., John M., Mary E., Hezekiah, Polly J., Hosea.

Thanks for any assistance.

Lou 19 October 2003
I'm looking for Walter Sutherland, b. abt. 1801, was in Austin's First Old 300 to come to Texas. He acquired land on the Brazos River in 1824, and married Cassandra Arnold in 1827 in Washington County, Texas. He died in Washington County in 1837. He had a friend named Thomas H. Barron who he knew in Arkansas. Does anyone know anything about him?? Thanks.

June Kelly Fowler 04 October 2003
I would like information on Jeremiah Curl and his wife Rebecca Susanna Calvert Curl. They moved from Blount County, Alabama about 1870. They were in Tennessee for a while. Then moved to Aly, Yell County, Arkansas. The only children that I know of are: Wesley, Vivie, Willie and Mary. They may have had other children. They are buried at Aly, which there may be a church by the name of Union Community Church. Jeremiah used the name Jerry, also, J.M. He served with the 12th Alabama Cavalry, CSA. If anyone could help me with this family information I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to know if there are any "Curl" descendants in that area.

Linda Counts Hatcher 30 September 2003
I am looking for informaton on a Henry Counts, b. 1835, d. 1929, said to be buried in Salem Cemetery in Yell County, but he is not on the cemetery listing. He is the son of Juliu Counts and Emily Steelman. I would appreciate any information on this Counts family. Thank you!

Darlene 30 September 2003
I have been trying to find information on my Walker family from Yell, Arkansas. I have this information:

James W. Walker family
James W. Walker (born in 1851 from Tennessee), his wife Julia P. Jernigan (born in 1861 (family from Georgia). Their children were all born in Yell, Arkansas: Amanda (Mandy) 1885, their daughter Fern (Lola or Lolu possible nickname) born in 1895), their son Oval born in 1896, their son Vird (born in 1887)

Vird Walker Family:
Vird Walker born in 1887, his wife Flora Gordon Barnett (born in 1891) in Arkansas. Their children: Lois and Troyce Walker (twin girls born in 1915), Lynn Walker (born in 1910) and Betty Lou (born in about 1930).

Lois married a man named Young and Troyce married a man named Talmage Ammons.

I would appreciate any info from anyone who may know anything about this family. Thank you.

Norm D. Ward 21 September 2003
I would like to hear from anyone who are the decedents of Wards, Hogans, Gilkeys, and Andersons. Most of these families lived in and around Plainview, Yell Co., AR. E-mail me and lets exchange information. Thanks 21 September 2003
My grandfather was born in Cardens Bottom, Yell County, Ark. His father's name was Everette Moore. Everette's brothers' name was George W. Moore. My grandfather name was George Washington Moore his brothers' names were Earl and Robert. The mother was Mary Lee Moore. It is said Everette Moore was a hard-working farmer and became deranged. His brother George took him in and still he slit his own throat. The small family then moved to Atkins, Arkansas where Mary married a Harkey. Are there any Moores out there from Cardens Bottom. Thank you

Victoria Davis 31 August 2003
I am trying to locate any information on the Eubanks or Bryant line from Yell County after 1870. I am trying to locate the husband of my Davis girls. Mattie (Martha) Davis married S.G. (?) Bryant in 1874. (Mary) Elizabeth Davis married Joseph A. Eubanks 1875. Thanks.

LaNell Rone Grant 31 August 2003
I am trying to find out about my great-grandfather Richard L. Rone. He was born in TN 1848, moved to AR abt. 1880, married to Amanda Russell. They lived in Yell County. Also his son Luther T. Rone. married Lillie Mae Bennett.

Kevin Cocherell 31 August 2003
I believe my Grandfather (Charles Lafayette Cocherell) was born in Yell County and that Benjamin Francis Cocherell was his father. I am trying to locate records that will verify this and allow me to continue working on the history of my family. I know my grandfather married in Waveland to L.L. Adkinson. There are Adkinson's and Cocherell's buried in Rock Creek Cemetery. I am looking for records to verify the children of B.F. Cocherell. Thanks.

Michelle Capps Grady 31 August 2003
I'm looking for the meaning of the word "Ola" as in the town Ola in Yell Co. Reason: Tracking info. on Le Ola Rogers, daughter of Mattison Jefferson "Mad" Rogers he ran an old hotel in Blue Mountain.

Larry Walker 31 August 2003
I am descended from two families that that have Yell County roots. However, I cannot seem to extend the lines any further. I would appreciate any information you have on the following individuals.

Thomas H. Walker
Born April 29 Sevier County, Tennessee
Died March 9, 1888 Yell County, Arkansas
Married 1837
Malissa ???
Born 1820 South Carolina
Died March 9, 1880 Yell County, Arkansas
Both are buried in the Walker Cemetery

Francis Marion Justice/Jestice (?)
Born 1833 Cherokee County, Georgia
Died April 20, 1907 Yell County, Arkansas
Perhaps buried in the Valentine Cemetery in an unmarked grave
Married (?)

Frances A. "Fannie" Nelms/Nellums (?)
Born 1861 Place Unknown
Died March 31, 1923 Yell County, Arkansas
Perhaps buried in the Valentine Cemetery in an unmarked grave

Nita Gallaspy 31 August 2003
I'm seeking information on Ann Willis Scott, who died in Yell in 1879. She was b. 1812 TN; m. 1833 Maury TN; spouse: William Scott; children: Lucille; Mary Jane; William D.; Elizabeth Ann; James Yelverton; B.H. (Berry); John Pillow. Most of my ancestors who lived in Yell, are buried in Spring Creek cemetery, but William D. was buried at Chickalah Methodist in 1929. Ann may have lived with him. I am hoping someone in Yell has researched this family and knows the parents of Ann Willis. Thank you in advance for your time and trouble.

Lisa Karst 16 August 2003
I am looking for information on Young Dean Downen (7/26/1881-6/18/1910) s/o Sam D. Downen and Virgie T. Clark Downen. Buried in New Bethel Cemetery. Married Sally Evaline Ogelsby (year unknown). His twin girls, Cleo Virginia Downen Hunt and Carl Dean Downen Forrest were born on the day that he died. I would like to know how and where he died, and what he did for a living. Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you.

Lauren Mercer 16 August 2003
I am looking for any information regarding Vernon Eugene "Sonny" Mercer of Ola. If anyone has any information at all it would be a big help. Thank you so much.

Leland Johnson 27 July 2003
I am looking for anything on the surnames Grigsby, Mobley, Robinson, Goddard, Gross. Lonzoe S. Mobley married Bertha Grigsby in about 1917 to 1920. They both grew up in Yell County. She was born about 1899. She had a sister, Maude, that married a Robinson in Yell County. Any information would be appreciated.

Tony Twist 27 July 2003
I'm hoping someone can give me info on William Young - had kids named John, Elmisa, Sarah, Martha, William, Josha, Calvin. He was a minister in Yell County, Ark. in 1860.

Mark Phillips 19 July 2003
I am looking for information on my grandfather George Graves Manning (Plainview). He is buried in Salem Cemetery. I also would like information on my g-g grandfather George Manning. I never knew any of them, and any information would be helpful. Also, I would like information on Ulysses Phillips (Plainview) (Salem Cemetery) and before if at all possible. These are other relatives in my family tree.

Bonnie Mulenex 19 July 2003
I am trying to locate any Mulenex's in Yell County in the 1800 or 1900s. The last name may have been spelled different. I am looking for a Tom Mulenex, his parents, or a John or Johnny. I believe Johnny was born in Gravelly. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Carol Hunter 19 July 2003
Researching Madron - Doyle
My gf Carroll Doyle's 2nd wife was Ollie Mae Madron. Carroll died in OK in 1979, Ollie in CA in 1986. According to my info, they were married in Yell Co., probably after 1920. I would appreciate if anyone can do a lookup and/or confirm that. I am descended from Carroll Doyle and his 1st wife, but would like any info about Carroll's children with 2nd wife Ollie.

Sherry Green 10 July 2003
Hello, I have been searching the history of my mother, her name was Evelyn Graham before marriage, 2 brothers Lester and Lloyd Odean, 1 sister Bevie, her parents were Cohin Eslin Graham and Floye Dee Graham (Woodard). She was raised in or around Waltreak or Dutch Creek, Yell County, AR. We do not know anything about my grandfather (Cohin) or his family, as to where they came from, we think he had a brother named Boone, Hammy, and sisters named Lucy and Lilly. And his dad's name may have been Hamilton but not sure and no idea of the mother's name. Now for my grandmother (Floye Dee) she has sisters named Reece, Virgie, and Byrtie, brothers Chester (Chet) Paul and Vernon, we know her mother's name is Nina and buried in Square Rock Cemetery, but no information on her father. No name. Any information will be great, thank you.

Jo Ann Bretherick 10 July 2003
Was there a college or university founded by a Mitchell family in the late 1800s or early 1900s in this area? This has been reported by older members of my family that were born and raised around Yell and Montgomery Counties. I also have a Great-Grandfather who was a U.S. Deputy Marshall in the Oklahoma Territory, James Elwood Johnson, that is buried in this area. Do you have on record the name and location of the cemetery? My mother said the name of the cemetary was Whitely until about 50 years ago and she doesn't remember what they changed it to. Thank You.

Norma Ginn 10 July 2003
I'm searching for information on Elizabeth R.W. Davis b. 1833 in AL. Her first marriage: Jared W. Cherry on Jan 23, 1850 Carroll Co., MS. Second marriage: D.R. Stevenson on Sep 26, 1872 Carroll Co., MS. Third marriage: John W. Burnett on Sep 15, 1886 Yell Co., AR. I would very much like to have her death date and burial location. The last location of her was on the 1880 Yell Co., AR Census. 01 July 2003
I am seeking info on the two daughters of Dora Gilmore Walker and John Walker. Dora passed away in 1931 and the children was adopted by someone. The oldest daughter was probably born in 1925.

Maxine Satterfield 01 July 2003
My grandmother, Mary Virgina Smith, b. May 1871 in Yell Co., AR, married Gunnery Shelton Wilburn in the year 1889 perhaps in Yellville, Yell Co. AR. (By 1900 they lived in Indian Territory, Choctaw Nation and had been married 11 years and had six children. I am trying to locate information regarding this marriage.) I need help.

Jo Ellen Maack 21 June 2003
Does anyone have any information on a small Catholic Church located on a hill near Carden Bottoms. My great-great grandmother, Louise Schmatzler Reimann died of yellow fever in the early 1880s and is supposed to be buried near the church. Any information on Carden Bottoms would be appreciated.

Delores Stallcup Floyd 21 June 2003
I am looking for John Stallcup, my great-grandfather. We visited his grave site approximately ten years ago near Plainview, AR. His grave was in the back of someone's home. I don't remember the year he died but my father said he lived to be ninety something. He died while my father was away in World War II. We know he was married to Docia Stallcup who died March 13, 1915. There were two children - John Samuel and Hebekah Stallcup. I would like to locate any records concerning this family history. Thanks for anything you might can find.

Linda 21 June 2003
I need additional info on Nancy Elizabeth Walden, born 11 Nov 1866 and died 19 Dec 1929, burial Mt. Zion Cemetery. Father: James Henry Mother: Mary Susan (Adams). Thank you in advance for your help and any leads.

Patty 21 June 2003
I am doing family tree research and want information on the Garrison, Harris and Blaylock families. Most of them are buried at Moores Chapel Cemetery. If anyone has info, please email me. I am more interested in the older folks, history, etc. Thanks for any help.

Terry Byrd 06 June 2003
I am looking for any relative of Henry A. Hutson or Nettie Mae Hutson. Because of divorce family has been seperated during the 1940's. I believe Henry has passed but his daughter Nettie Mae may be still alive. Henry Hutson was born in Yell County, AR, before 1914?? Henry married Betty I. Steckman in Muscatine, IA in 1934. Please if you have any information email me. Nettie has a brother trying to find her and any other family members. Thank you.

Norma Ooley Herman 03 June 2003
I am searching for information on my gr-Uncle, Nathan Ooley born circa 1828-1832 Owen County, Indiana, and his wife, (unknown name) and 2 children: Sylvanus, born circa 1862, Indiana and Rosa, born circa 1870 Missouri. Nathan and his 2 children were listed in the 1880 Dardanelle, Yell County, Ark Census. I can not find him after that nor his children. Please contact me with any information that you might have on this family. I do not belong to the Yell County list, so please email me. Thank you.

Vicki Davis 03 June 2003
I am researching the following surnames: Davis, Walker, McKenzie, Dillard, Tackett, Tucker, Hanks. If you have any information or if I may help you Please contact me.

Sandra L. McCorkle 03 June 2003
My father is Richard L. McCorkle, and he was born in Fayetteville, AR, in 1933. I am seeking any information on his family. His father is Tollie D. McCorkle, born in 1895, died in 1959. He is buried at the Dacus Cemetery. Tollie was one of the 129 Yell County men called to service in 1918. He was married to Ethel ??? and they had nine sons. Any information, dating back as far as possible, on my father's family would be greatly appreciated.

Katie 01 June 2003
I am related to the Mariah A. Caylor Family that moved there from Pickens Co., Georgia, her children are William D., Charlie O., Mary F., Marion Lawrence, and Ella. I do not know what year they moved there but this family is on the 1900 census of this County. Marion and Allie Lee (Kuykendall) Caylor are my great-grandparents, they are on the 1910 and 1920 census of Yell County, AR. After this I don't know where they went because I can't find them on the 1930 census in Arkansas ,Kansas, or Oklahoma. I do know that they were in Kansas in 1929, they are on the Wichita City Directory and in 1934 this family is in Colgate, Coal Co., OK., the reason I know this is my grandmother Artie Lee (Caylor) Whitney died 24 May 1934 and her obit. gave the information where her parents were living. Artie was b: 13 Aug 1913 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR. I have not been able to find a birth certifacte for her as yet, but I have not given up either. I am interested in finding out any information on the Caylor and Kuykendall Families, so please help in any way!!!!!! Thank you.

Martha Merritt 26 May 2003
I am trying to locate the burial place for my Great-Grandmother, Amanda Lacy. She died in 1878 in the Wild Cat Hollow area. She was the wife of William Isac Lacy.

Mark Morris 26 May 2003
Iam looking for info and burial location of Jim Morris. Old Bible states he is "buried in Carden Bottom below Dardanelle, Arkansas" sometime after 1900.

Debra Boyd 26 May 2003
My family settled in Arkansas in the 1830's. William Poor was listed in Scott County census in 1840 and mentioned in the History of Yell County as one of approximately 50 men "who did so much to help the county prior to 1850. He accompanied several families moving from Giles County, Tennessee. His son was John S.F. Poor and shows up on the Yell County census in 1850. I believe William Poor (my ggggrandpa) settled there in the early 1830's (probably near Bluffton). I think William must have died between 1840-1850. John and Merzey married in Yell County in 1846 and were still there on the 1850 census, but moved to Newton County, Missouri by 1860.

Pat Hood Bond 26 May 2003
I would like information on, or contact with, descendants of Joseph Warren Spainhour and his wife Harriet E. (Hettie) who are listed in the Blufton Twsp. of the 1920 Yell County census. She was my grandmother's half-sister. I think her maiden name was Williard.

Dixie Lee Crow 24 May 2003
I am interested in any information on James A. Crow, dob 4 Nov 1859, dod 15 Apr 1936, married to Dama Lipe 7 Mar 1878. Her dob 28 Aug 1860, dod 3 Sep 1931. Two of their children, Arizona Crow dob 14 Nov 1881 death unknown and Arthur Lee Crow dob 20 Feb 1886, dod 16 Jun 1952 are buried in Russell Cemetery.

These are my great-grandparents. My grandfather was born in Bellville, Yell County, AR 20 Sep 1896 - Clark Herbert Crow. I am searching for information on the rest of his siblings and the burial place of my great-grandparents. From the documentation I do have there were 10 children born to James A. and Dama Crow:
Ellen Marandy 9 Dec 1878
John Martin 14 Feb 1880
Arizona Crow 14 Nov 1881
Lafe Jackson 12 Dec 1883
B.S. 21 Dec 1885
Arthur Lee 20 Feb 1886
Patsy 19 Feb 1891
Mary Candace 7 Nov 1893
Clark Herbert 20 Sep 1896
and James Andrew Jr. 12 Feb 1904
some are listed on Guillon-Miller Rolls and James (my great-grandfather) is listed in the 1896 Dawes. Other than what I have given, I do not know about marriages, deaths, etc. so anything would be great.

Robert K. Luttrell 18 May 2003
I recently bought an 1849 Bible in NW AR that belonged to John Wilson May 9, 1814 - January 1, 1863, with a lot of family history written in it plus two newspaper articles from 1900 - one saying that Ella M. Graham Oct. 27, 1866 - February 22, 1900 was buried there. About 18 Wilson's are recorded in it.

Margaret Cotten Shirley 18 May 2003
I am searching for Hugh Harris b. August 23, 1780 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina, d. August 11, 1857 in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas. Hugh Harris married Nancy Good on March 29, 1803 in Tennessee. She d. November 11, 1855 in Saint Francis, Arkansas. They had 1 child (that I know of): 1. Elizabeth Hunter Harris b. in North Carolina. married Joab Cotten. Thanks for any help on these people.

Mona Miles 04 May 2003
I am looking for information on William Thomas Rounsaville, Effie M. Vines Rounsaville, and Patricia Ann Rounsaville. Who are Patricia's parents and how did she die? A school yearbook was dedicated to her in 1962. Any information would be helpful.

Donna Turner 04 May 2003
I am looking for information on Mahala J. Clark, born about 1850. She was living in the household of William and Francis Kennerly in Yell County when the 1870 census was taken. She married John Emory Owen later that year. They had a son, Thomas Matthew Owen and were divorced in 1875. Mahala is my great-grandmother and I cannot find any information on her after that divorce. Any information would be very, very greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Mary Lewis 27 April 2003
I am looking for anyone that might know anything about John H. Edwards, who was a Circuit Riding Preacher in Yell County, who was married to Obedience Katherine "Kassie" Parrish. They both died and were buried at Dardanelle in 1905. One of their daughters, Ola Edwards, married Virgil Mason and had a son, Virgil, Jr., in 1904. She also died in 1905. All three died with pneumonia. They were my great-grandparents. I would appreciate any information you might know. Thanx.

Elaine Pledger 27 April 2003
My husband is a decendent of Simeon Pledger. Does anyone know anything about a Cherokee Indian connection in the Pledger family? Thanks.

Boyd Watkins 27 April 2003
I am looking for a Walter Franklin Ashlin and May Ellen Jones living in Stillwater, AR around 1900 to 19l0. They had a son John Franklin Ashlin born in 1906 in Stillwater. Any info would help. Thanks.

June Cole 27 April 2003
My husband's side of the family have several connections to Yell County. The surnames are Griffin, McLemore, Boals, Haston. My husband's great-grandparents, James Wiley Griffin, b April 20, 1857, Gibson County, TN; and Mary Jane Boals, b. approx. 1860, TN; were listed on the 1880 Census of Yell County, in the Magazine Township. Their children were listed as Virgil S. Griffin, age 2; and George W. Griffin, age 5/12 December. Virgil was my husband's grandfather. We know that Mary Jane died when VIRGIL was young and that James Wiley Griffin married Modena Day in 1887. We would love to hear anything concerning the death and burial place of Mary Jane Boals. We would also love to hear from anyone that might have connections to any of the other surnames. Thank you very much for your help.

C. Gilmore 13 April 2003
I am looking for any info on (Dora Gilmore) Walker married to a John William Walker. All I know is she died in 1931, Yell Co. Thanks

Alice Josey 13 April 2003
I am looking for info on Martin C. Smallwood. I believe he is buried in Yell County but not certain of cemetery. He may be the father of Rebekah J. Smallwood Weatherall. He could have been the son as well. He was supposedly involved in helping move displaced Indian persons from Georgia or Mississippi to Oklahoma territory. Thank you very much.

Martha Lightfoot 27 March 2003
I am trying to find information on my grandfather James Patton Millsap, born Blue Ball, Yell County, Arkansas. He, along with his brother Austin, were orphaned at a early age when their parents died within days of each other. As no one talked much about this I don't know if he was raised by relatives or maybe put in an orphanage. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Marjorie A. Johnson 27 March 2003
I am looking for information re: Col. G.W. Lemoyne, born about 1824, married Penelope P. Walton, probably in Dardanelle, Arkansas; father of Theodora Clay Lemoyne Shinn (born Dec. 4, 1844 in Dardanelle), W. Barlow Lemoyne (b. Dec. 10, 1847, died Sept 20, 1937 in Dardanelle), Mamie Lemoyne, Elizabeth "Ninnie" Lemoyne Brown, George W. Lemoyne (born 1857 in Dardanelle) and Fannie Lemoyne Baskette.

April Goff 22 March 2003
August Medenwald was a Cabinet Maker/Coffin Maker/Undertaker in Dardanelle from 1870-1914. I am working on a biography of him and a transcription and abstraction of his account books. I am also trying to locate examples of the furniture he made. If anyone knows of any examples still in existence please email me. Thanks in advance for any help.

Carla Jackson 22 March 2003
I am looking for the grave of Sarah Carter. My family tells me that although the family lived in the Evening Shade, Sharp County, AR area, Sarah was buried near Dardanelle, Yell County, AR. I'm told her grave is in the mountains under a large oak tree and her husband carved her name in a large rock near her grave. I am not sure if this is in an actual cemetery or just in the woods. Has anyone heard of this? Sarah Howard was married to Charles "Charlie" Carter in 1889 and Sarah died about 1910. They had 5 children: Lester, Edgar, Mae, Ransom and Eldon. Thank you.

Ruby Grady 22 March 2003
I need information concerning Rose Ann Carpenter Taylor-died Yell Co. about 1882; also birth of Clarissa Luida Taylor (my grandmother) born Yell Co. 1873. Thanks.

Nicole Kinder 22 March 2003
I am looking for descendants of Robert Herbert Kee. He was born on April 26, 1909. He was one of three children of Oscar Sydney Kee and Myrtle Mae Shackelford of Yell County, Arkansas. Robert's other two siblings were Luther Freeman Kee - who was born March 25, 1907, and Edna Adelaide Kee - who was born on November 07, 1923.

I know his paternal grandfather was J.William Monroe Kee. He was born in Alabama - where we don't know. He came to Yell County, Arkansas, when he was little. There he stayed and married Eliza Johnson on August 05, 1881. That is all I know about her. We do know they had six children together. If there is any information that might help could you please let me know.

Robert Herbert later met Edythe Lucille Bullard. She was born on October 30, 1916, in Yell County, Arkansas. Her father was Britt Bullard, and her mother was Ora Mae Webb. Robert and Edythe married on January 27, 1934 in Yell County, Arkansas. They had five children together: Joyce Jeanette Kee, Gearldine Jo Ann Kee, Robert Herbert Kee Jr., Linda Faye Kee, Jimmy Wayne Kee. They had sixteen grandchildren,and many great grandchildren.

If you could help on any of this information please let me know. Thank You.

Willie Sides 22 March 2003
I am looking for information on Parks, Phillips, Sides and Martin, all from the Yell Co. area.

David White 22 March 2003
I am looking for information on James Monroe Blackwell. He was my great grandfather. His third (?) wife was named Genevra (or Cineva?) Sutton. This marriage produced three children: Wiley Blackwell, Quantrell Blackwell and Geneva Virginia Blackwell. Geneva Virginia Blackwell was my grandmother - born in 1907, died last month (2/03). Thanks, very much!

Dorothy Baldwin 22 March 2003
I would like to hear from any of the Kitchens from Yell Co., especially something about Z.B. Kitchens buried at Waltreak Cemetery. Also anyone related to Mary and Clem McClure buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. I recently visited the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery and there where flowers on these graves. Thank you.

Linda Ball 21 February 2003
I am searching for a John H. Hill that is listed in the 1880 census in Yell Co. He married a Mary E. and had the following children: John, James F., William H., Robert N., Marion Coleman, Myrtle A., Dave M., AND Nica...though later Nica was spelled Nicie, which could be a nickname, too. Thanks.

Ron Bata 21 February 2003
Around 1830 James Nickolas Bata 1811 - 1866 moved from Virginia to Galley Rock then Polk County, Arkansas. He married Nancy McCallister 1812 - 1846 March 22, 1839. They had three sons John Patrick Bata was the eldest b. about 1833. John Patrick was my great-great-grandfather. He married a Margaret E. (last name unknown) and fought in the Civil War on the Confederate side. Andrew Alexander Bata, my great-grandfather, was born in 1861. John Patrick enlisted at Bata's Mill Feb. 28, 1862 in the 3rd Arkansas Calvary, Company K. Civil War records show him being pardoned at Memphis, TN in 1865. Margaret Bata filed personal property taxes in Yell County until 1866 then the family disappears and I can't locate further information. If anyone has found further information as to where they moved I would appreciate their help. My grandfather thought they had moved to Sebastian County and were interred in a cemetery near Lavaca, Arkansas, but I can find no information proving this. Andrew Alexander Bata moved into Logan County in the late 18 hundreds, where my grandfather Reuben Alexander Bata was born in 1887. Thanks.

Kelli 21 February 2003
I am looking for information on the Charles "Charly" Andrew Jackson Kitchens family. One of his grandchildren was Merril Eugene Kitchens. If anyone knows of him or his wife, have him contact me. His name was mentioned in a book on Yell County. Merrill's uncle was Dee Kitchens. I am looking for more information on Dee, his marriage, and his death. I know that Charly Kitchens was living in Gravelly Hill during the 1900 Census.

Sonya (Sanders) Gaines 21 February 2003
I am looking for information about Sanders/Horn/Buchanan. My gr. grandfather was William Andrew (Andy) Sanders, who married Loretta (Etta) Horn. Loretta is buried at the Waltreak Cemetery. I would have thought that Andy would have been buried with her but it isn't listed on the website. Andy's parents were M.L. Sanders (father), born about 1850, and Margaret E. (Buchanan) Sanders born about 1860. I found them as married in Yell Co. July 26, 1877 and at Dutch Creek for the 1880 census. At that time they had a daughter S.E., who was born about 1875, a son J.T.F. (maybe called John or Tom), born 1879, and William A. born 1880.

My gr. gr. grandmother, Margaret E (Buchanan) Sanders was a relative to the John Buchanan the cemetery there is named for. I have some information about her family. M.A. (born about 1828 in Tenn.) and Mary E. (born around 1827 in Tenn.) were her parents.

Dorla Stork 09 February 2003
Hi - I am wondering if there is any additional information available on someone. I found a C.C. Frisbee buried in the Birta Cemetery, b. 10/30/1843-12/25/1903. Does anyone recognize this individual? Thank You.

Jenny Henry 09 February 2003
I am seeking information on N.J.(Nancy Jane) Vint. She was married to A.J.Vint on 5 Jan 1890 in Yell County, Arkansas. He was 39, and she was 39. Does anyone know where she is buried, or anything about her. This was her third marriage. Her maiden name was Moore. Thanks.

Bob Bowman 09 February 2003
Mary Jane Collum, born 1855 Madison County, MS, was married to a Stevenson, possibly an Indian and lived in Yell Co., AR, until she died in the 1890's. They had a child, Tomie Avora Stevenson, b. 1891 who was sent to live with her aunt Etherline Pennington in Pelahatchie, Rankin Co., MS. Does anyone know about this family and/or the Indian father?

Lori Dorminey 09 February 2003
I am looking for descendants of those buried in the Sulphur Springs Cemetery Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Betty Dunn 09 February 2003
Williams Atchison Arnold: My grandfather, Thomas J. Williams, his daughter, Allie Atchison, and sister-in-law, Millie Arnold, are all buried at New Bethel Cemetery outside of Plainview, AR in unmarked graves. Does any one know where they are buried? Thomas J. d. March 1910. Allie was married to Jack Atchison and died at child birth after 1910. Millie d. before 1910. Is there a place who would have records of the cemetery? I was told they were buried at the end of the fence row before it was moved. I would appreciate any help.

Bobbie F. (Dickinson) Himes 09 February 2003
I would like to hear from any decendants of W.N. Dickinson and/or Robert and E.E. King. My father was Sidney Dickinson. My mother was Mima King. They were raised and married in Yell Co. Both sets of grandparents are buried there.

Sheila Pierce 25 January 2003
I am trying to find out information on my family that lived there in the 1900's. The first is Charles Kirkpatrick Dearman, whose occupation was farming. He came from Kentucky and was possibly born in 1874. He was 30 years old when his first son was born. His wife was Lucy Mary McKinney, probably born 1879 because she was 25 when her first child was born. She was born in Arkansas but birth certificate doesn't say where. She was a homemaker. Her first born son was Sam Henry Dearman born October 2, 1904 (he later changed his first name to James). The second child was also a male and he was born around 1906, his name was Willard D. Dearman. Her tombstone says her name is Lucy Kennedy Gwen, born 1880 or 1881. She died in 1932 and may be buried in Bald Knob or Bebee, Arkansas. She lived with a Mr. Briggles when James was a teen and he made my grandfather leave the county. He wouldn't even let him stay with people in the next county. James moved to Little Rock, Arkansas and was a carpenter by trade. He died in August of 1979 and is buried in Sumner Cemetary in Lonoke County. His mother Lucy was supposed to have been a full-blooded Indian and was to be granted land by the government but died before she received it. Willard moved to California and died there. I hope that I am not writing too much, it is just that I am trying to find out about my heritage. This information has not been told to any family members and I would like for my grandfather's life to go and so the grandchildrn will know of him and his family. Any help will be appreciated. I know Charles was Irish but that is all. Again thank you for your help.

Teri Rose Harris 25 January 2003
I noticed on one of the cemetary sites for Birta that T.W. Williams is buried there. I am nearly certain that this is Thompson Ward Williams of KY originally. I am searching for the grave of our George N. Williams, about 1900. I received an old manuscript that stated that our George Harris' father was buried in Birta, Arkansas. I am confused as to whether this would be his birth father, George N. Williams or the man who raised him (whom he also called his father) William Harris. I was actually looking for this information when I saw T.W. Williams. T.W. was executor of the will of William Harris. All of these people lived in Greenup and Carter County, KY on the 1880 KY Census. Any help or information is appreciated. Thanks so much.

Sue McCoy 25 January 2003
W.B. Toney married Angeline Vinsett, 1889 in Yell Co., AR. Does anyone have information on W.B. Toney?

Sherry 25 January 2003
I am seeking information on Leo (Lee) Spencer. He was the son of L.W. and Nancy Gorden. I don't know his birth date, but his father's birth was 1849. Lee married Hattie Burroughs. Their children were Bennie, Hazel and Edna Muriel Spencer. Any information you may have on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Karne Briones 12 January 2003
My grandmother is Celia Millard, daughter of Ernest and Ora Manning Millard. She has a sister Ola, Evelyn and a brother Oather. Earnest also married Opha Mullings and had 5 more children, Henry, Syble, Estelle, Bobby and Luther. I am looking for any information on the family and any living relatives. I have found many relatives listed as buried in Egypt Cemetery in Yell County.

Rick Langston 12 January 2003
I am looking for family information about Bertha Hendricks. I do know she was married to Elisha Langston and where she is buried, but that's about it. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Ron Huddleston 05 January 2003
I am searching for information about the Huddleston and Smathers families in Yell County, AR. I found a query from a Judy Oxford seeking information about our great-grandmother Lena Custer. I attempted to respond to her query but her e-mail address is obsolete. If anyone has any information that would be helpful it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Valerie Seay 04 January 2003
Pendergrass, Robert J., or Underwood, James Munroe, or Pendergrass, Agnus Emma
I am in search of any information that someone might share about a murder that occurred in the Dardanelle Township, AR on 8/31/1883. The Dardanelle Post records that Robert J. Pendergrass (date of birth 8/24/1827 in North Carolina) was murdered near his home by James Munroe Underwood (date of birth 11/20/1853 in Tennessee). Mrs. Agnus Emma Pendergrass was also implicated in the murder but later released due to insufficient evidence. I can only find reports in the Post and a few clues from courthouse records. I am distantly related to both of these men and currently live near to the murder site. My family has always told me about this family tragedy and I would love to learn more. Where did the family bury R.J. Pendergrass? Where did Agnus and her two children go after the murder? Where might I find descendants of these people, who know more. Any and all information will be much appreciated!!! Thank You.

Meg Wolfe 04 January 2003
Hi all, I have been told by my 99 and 86 year old Aunts, that their birth mother, Allie Lee Burt Self is buried in or around Egypt Cemetery in Egypt, Arkansas. After looking through the Egypt Cemetery listings, I am disappointed. I cannot find her anywhere. I thought she might be buried next to her father who is W.L. Burt, buried in Arkansas somewhere, but I cannot find him either. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Becky 04 January 2003
I am looking for information on Mary E. Pledger born 25 Aug 1882 and died 24 Apr 1968. She married Alonzo (lonnie) N. Fowler. She is buried in Yell County and I am looking for information on her mother and father. Thank you.

Mark W. Cassidy 28 December 2002
G-Grandfather Joseph T. Penland, b. 1846 IN, m. Mary (Mollie) E. Edmonson, b. 1847 Salem, MS, in Little Rock, 16 Nov 72. Grandfather b. 1874. 1880 Pulaski Co. census has grandfather "orphaned". 1900 Yell Co. census has Joseph, with a Mollie Marknider. My question is "what became of Mary?" Thanks.

Rainey Ashcraft 28 December 2002
My mother's family (Rainey) has connections in Arkansas. I have 2 portraits from my mother's side and the history and origin are totally nonexistent to say the least. The portraits can be seen at: If anyone has any input on the history of these two children, please email me. Thanks.

Phil Weaver 28 December 2002
I am searching for any records you may have on Clarence E. Weaver, who lived in Yell County in the 1920s. He was buried in Moore's Chapel Cemetery in 1958. Thank you.

Harold Moore 28 December 2002
There is an unnamed, unmarked graveyard in Carden Bottom. The graveyard is located about a mile north of a hunting lodge not so far from the Arkansas River. It is now but a raised mound of earth, just three or four feet above the flood plain of the surrounding cotton fields, rectangular in shape and hand-built that way by the locals at an unknown date. I understand the grave markers were removed sometime in the 1940's and dumped somewhere nearby at an unknown location, probably in the river. It was an apparent attempt to return the land to farming but the removal of the stones did not go unnoticed and the raised acre or so of land is still evident, never bladed down as planned, but overgrown with weeds and small bushes.

I suspect that my great-grandparents, Elisha Moore and Elizabith (Taylor) Moore are buried there along with many of the early residents of Carden Bottom. Some records show that they were buried in "Carden Bottom".

Does anyone have any information concerning the name of the graveyard, if it ever had a name and if there is a list of names of people buried there? How long was that rectangular mound used as Carden Bottom's graveyard?

Jim Smith 06 December 2002
McReynolds, Smith, Talley, & Robinson
Could Wanda Brewer or Anna Moudy Talley please get in touch with me? I would like to share information on the families buried at McReynolds Cemetery in Logan County, Arkansas.

Becky Roberts 06 December 2002
I am looking for the marriage information for a Jim Roberts and Elizabeth Green abt 1886-87. They married in Dardanelle, Arkansas and had 4 sons:

  1. Earl Roberts
  2. Preston A. Roberts b. 03/01/1889
  3. Charlie Roberts b. 03/04/1892
  4. Benton Roberts
Elizabeth and Jim were born in Lubbock, Texas but were married in Dardanelle. Thank you,

Catherine Parker 06 December 2002
I am looking for any information of George R. Parker, b. 1858, d. 1935, and his wife, Susan Finley Parker, b. 1856, d. 1939, who had a farm at Cardens Bottom until about 1930, when they moved to Dardanelle. George, Susan and family moved from Alabama to Arkansas about 1890. They are buried at New Hope Cemetery. Any information will be appreciated. George is a dead end on our family tree. Thank you.

Vicki Davis 06 December 2002
If you are from the Russellville, Dardenelle or Centerville area and still live there, I would like ask a couple of questions. Please contact at my email.

Billy B. Middleton 06 December 2002
I am looking for information on the Middleton family who resided in Yell County prior to 1860 until after 1880. John R. moved from Franklin Co. (now Colbert), AL prior to 1860. John R. and son James were killed by bushwhackers during the Civil War. Major James S. and brother Benjamin S. are in Oct. 1870 voter list in Spring Creek precinct. James's widow is in 1880 census as Jane Hyle. In Russell Cemetery there is a Luna Boyce d/o John Mason and Della Middleton. Her relationship, if any, to James/Benjamin is unknown. Would like to make contact with any descendants.

Linda Monetti 17 November 2002
I am looking for information on a J.C. Roberts, went by Jake C. Roberts, lived in Yell County 1900's - 1912 ??? married in Lamar County, Texas, in 1903. I am looking for sisters and brothers of this J.C. Roberts, do not know parents. Any help greatly appreciated.

Dreama Wardell 17 November 2002
Riley Pierson/Pearson, AL?/TN, came to Yell County before 1880 and later came his brother Ussery Pierson, born 1825, TN or AL. Ussery Pierson and wife Susan McNeill (b. 1835) are buried in the Galla Rock Cemetery without tombstones. They left Memphis, TN in 1879, dying from the disease that ravaged Memphis from 76-79. They brought their young twins, David Clinch and William to family to raise. (Riley?) Although, family oral history has that David Clinch was raised by the Shinns and William died young, but was in the H. Love household, both in Pope Co. If anyone has any information on these families, my email address is

Rhoda Holt 17 November 2002
I am looking for info on Pearl or/and Audie Nuckolls/Knuckles who lived in Yell County around 1920. They had a daughter who is buried in one of the cemeteries in Yell Co. No idea which one. Probably no marker. Her name was Martha. Pearl and Audie are my grandparents.

Vicki Davis 17 November 2002
Could someone please help, I need a couple of Obits from the Dardanelle Newspaper or nearby area.
Joseph Leoneous Davis (21 Jan 1831- 6 Sept 1927)
Margaret Rebecca Davis (9 Nov 1856 - 19 Jun 1936)
Thank you so much!

Jim Magness 17 November 2002
I'm looking for any information on John R. Magness, wife Shara Morgan. They lived, I believe, in the Danville area. They had a son, my grandfather, William Henry, born 23 October 1882. Any information on these people would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Jeannie L. (Baker) Lievsay 17 November 2002
I am looking for the decendants of John L. Baker & Mary K. (Birdeye) Baker. They lived in or around Yell County, Arkansas. They had two children, Elizabeth and Arthur Lee Baker. Arthur Baker was born in Plainview or Ola, Arkansas. He was born in March of 1895, passed away in 1990. He was married to Nettie Mae (Carrie) Baker. Her father's name was John Carrie. Mary K. Baker passed away in around 1895, around the time that she gave birth to my grandfather, Arthur Lee Baker. If any one has any information on this, please email me at Thank you. P.S. My father John Herman Baker keeps talking about Kingston, Arkansas. They may have lived there also. Thank you.

Billy Gray 17 November 2002
I am looking for info on a township by the name of Riley, Yell County. My Great Grandparents were from there. At least that is what it says on their marriage license. They were Samuel T. Gray and Amy Ann Crow, both from Riley. They were married on Nov. 26, 1886. I would love to find out more about this little old town. Thanks for the help in advance.

Charlie Peters 02 November 2002
I am looking for information on Jane S. Janway and Samuel Rutherford (Relford) Peters, married in Scott County, 24 Feb. 1889. Jane was 22 and Relford 36. Relford lived on the Yell County line in Gravelly. I believe Jane gave birth to my Grandfather Charles Peters in late 1889 or early 1890. Jane is said to have died during his birth or shortly after, any information on either of these people would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Vicki Davis 02 November 2002
Does anyone have or know where I can find a picture of Centerville around 1900-1915? Also of Dardanelle? Does anyone have any info on the Davis family that owned a General Store there around that time? Does anyone know any info on the Walker Family that lived in Centerville same time or before? Thanks.

Jerry Blankenship 02 November 2002
I'm looking for information on Cyrus A. Tapley (Tarpley?). He married Sarah Carter in 1872 in Yell County, Arkansas. She was the daughter of William G. and Drucilla (Lynn) Carter of Gally Rock/Dardenelle area, Yell Co., Ark. I have a lot of information on the Carters and Lynns, but nothing solid on Cyrus after 20 years of research!!! He was born about 1852 in Tennessee or possibly Mississippi. The only clues I have in Yell County are a John Tapley that died in 1873. Probate record shows M.C. Hale as administrator. No relatives listed. The other is E.D.M. Stephenson married to Jennie Tarpley in 1871. She is evidently the widow of Francis P. Tarpley of Carroll Co., Tennessee, and the daughter of James McMullen who migrated to Yell County. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Linda Monetti 02 November 2002
I am looking for any information on the J.C. Roberts family line. Could be Jake C. Roberts found in census 1910 yell county as Jake C., married to Maude A. Parish/Roberts. Had children Oscar, Claude, Pete or Lete, all born in Arkansas. Married Maude in Lamar County, TX, in 1903. He stated he was born in Missouri and his parents were born in the United States. I'm thinking they might be Indian because of the statement of where born, but don't know. Any info on J.C. Roberts in Yell County would greatly appreciated - brothers, sisters, if owned land anything

Vicki Davis 02 November 2002
Can anyone give any info on William P. Davis abt. 1828-1864, son of Judge Caleb and Elizabeth Davis? I know he was in the Civil War, but I would like to know where and when he died. He married America Dillard, and had four children, Joseph Leoneous Davis, b. 1851; Margaret A. Davis, b. 1849; Martha Davis, b. 1853; and Mary Elizabeth Davis 1857. Any info on any of the relatives would help. Thanks.

Paula Ores 02 November 2002
I am looking for information on the Parkison/Dowdy/Boyd families that were in Yell County during 1870 through 1900. Peter, William M.C. and Mary A.(Pollyanna) were all buried in Ben Cemetery, Ranger, Arkansas. Mary Parkison Dowdy and Clara Parkison Dowdy, daughters of W.M.C. and Mary are also buried there along with a brother and wife Elcannah P. and Rebecca. Eliabeth and W.S. Boyd, sister of W.M.C. and daughter of Peter, was in the county during this time also, haven't found were they were buried. Anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to find relatives still there...possibly Dowdys. Thanks.

Lois Cheryl 02 November 2002
I am looking for Rebecca E. Starr Landrum Lee. She may be buried in Yell County.

Vicki Davis 19 October 2002
Could anyone do a obit lookup for me? Erastus Walker, b. 1856, lived in Yell Co., but may have died in Yell or Pope Co. I believe it was Nov 1890, but someone else has 13 Sep 1900.

Robert Foster 19 October 2002
Anyone having information on James William Foster (born June 1859 - died 1939) and his wife, his children John David (born 7 July 1887 - died 28 July 1959), Charles, Oscar S. (born 20 January 1892 - died January 1981 in Ola, AR) and Anna M. please contact me. I am trying to find his wife's name.

Jay Woodard 19 October 2002
I am doing research on my family. They came from Arkansas and that is as far back as I have been able to trace them. My great-grandfather was James Wesley Woodard, and he had a brother named Opal Harkey Woodard, another named Arthur Woodard, and a sister named Willota. Also Ripley Jeremaih Woodard was I think another brother. They were from Danville and one was a lawyer there. Sure would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

Ruby Richter 19 October 2002
I have been searching for information on William Oscar Richter, born in 1868 in Newark, Ohio. He later lived in the Adona area with his wife, Wilma Ida Hambright born in Casa, Ark. They had six children: James Albert, William Otto, Archie Graden, Vernon Verl, Lytle Wayne, and Alzy Renee. William Oscar lived about 95-100 years so should have died in about 1963-1968 and I have reason to believe that he may have been in the Yell County area when he died. His son William was living in the Ola or Dardanelle area when we saw him last in 1971. Any info or leads would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance for anything that you might contribute.

Sherrie Simmons 16 October 2002
I am looking for any information on a Daniel Newton Morgan born abt 1886 in Yell Co., AR, married a Dolly Butcher had a Mae Bell Morgan and a Reba Nell Morgan. Thanks for your help!

Dorothy 16 October 2002
I am looking for some info about the Mitchells of Yell Co. Jasper Mitchell and Nancy Ann on the 1860 census had four daughters: Martha C. age 12, Rachel age 9, Mary Ann age 6 and Sarah age 4. Mary Ann is on the 1880 census married to C.W. McClure. Does anyone knows what his name is and where he is buried at? Mary Ann and Nancy are buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Does anyone knows when Jasper Mitchell died and where? Sarah married a Kitchens and lived in LA, so I am wondering if Jasper moved away from Yell Co. Sarah died in 1926, buried in Dutch Creek Cemetery. Can anyone tell what name it goes by now? Also in a family Bible there are Christopher Columbus and P.L. Mitchell listed. On the 1880 census C.C. and P.L. Mitchell are listed as sons of M.A. Mitchell. Can anyone tell me about this family of Mitchells? Also listed was W.T. born Feb. 19, 1860, N.B. August 23, 1867 and E.C. March 5, 1869. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who is related to the Mitchells or has any info on any of names mentioned above.

Brian Patrick 16 October 2002
I am desperately trying to find a picture of Nancy Saphrona Huff. She was born in Arkansas in 1853, and survived the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Her married name is Mrs. G.D. Cates, and she is the daughter of Peter Huff and Saladia Ann Brown Huff. Any help at all in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Cathy Lippert 16 October 2002
My great-grandparents, Charles Abijah & Catherine Ann (Meagher) Watson, lived in either Dardanelle or Russellville when they were first married. Their first child, Charles Edward Watson, is buried at Brearley Cemetery. I'm interested in information about and descendants of my great-grandfather's sister, Lavona Watson (1839-1886) who married Lewis Christian Hall (1839-1928). Their children were: Augustus Watson "Gus" Hall (1866-1949) married Willie G. Stone (1868-1950), (Charles) Edward "Ed" Hall (1870-1962) married Eve Elsa Bidez (1878-1953), Phebe Severina "Rena" Hall (1873-1961) married Louis Edward Love (1855-1941), (Lavona) May "Lizzie" Hall (1875-1882), Anna Louisa Hall (1877-1952) married Will Long Fowlkes (1872-?), Leslie May Hall (1883-1969) married (Antoine) Neill Bohlinger (1884-1969).

Dorothy Baldwin 16 October 2002
My Great Grandmother Sarah T. Kitchens, died March 1926, is buried at Dutch Creek. Her place of death was Plainview. Her father's name looks like T. Jasper Mitchell. Can anyone tell me where I should look for Dutch Creek? Some say Waltreak. She was susposed to be born at Walnut Tree in 1855. Married Zephariah Kitchens in AR. My Grandfather is son in law to Sarah Kitchens. His name is Joseph Loden, born March 10, 1878 in AR, married Mary M. Kitchens. Some say she was born in AR also.

If you can tell anything to help me please email me.
Dorothy Baldwin
P.O. Box 1903
North Little Rock, AR 72115

Teresa 16 October 2002
I am trying to find any information I can on my grandparents. Their names are John Thomas Finley & Leona Blackwood Finley. They are buried in Shed Cemetery in Yell County. Some of their children's names are: Charles H. Finley, John Wesley Finley in Pine Bluff, Daughters Madge, Ann, Joyce, Janie. They were from Steve County, but they are buried at Shed Cemetery in Yell County. If you have any information please let me know. Thank you. 16 October 2002
I am seeking information on George Joshua Spears, born in Yell County January 1, 1865. He died in 1938 in Paris, Texas. He supposedly had a sister Alphie. Their father was reportedly killed in the Civil War. Please respond to

Lea Price 27 September 2002
Robbins: I am looking for Elizabeth Robbins of Yell Co., AR, born [?] 1870. She married William [Bill] Marshall Wilburn. Not sure when this family moved to Kiowa Indian Terr. or Reservation. Children seem to have all been born in Oklahoma before 1900. If you have any information on these people please e-mail me thanks.

Dick Cooper 27 September 2002
Yell County Marriage records--Smathers, Daniel Spouse: Grass, Julia A.: Marriage date: Mar. 20, 1870---can anyone help me with any information on this marriage--looking for a lost Julia Grass--any information on either one of these folks appreciated.

Jane Ikemura 02 September 2002
I am told my gg-grandfather is buried in Dean Reed Knob Cemetery, Harkey's Valley, Yell County, Arkansas. I can find no record that such a cemetery exists. Has anyone heard of it? Thank you.

Erica 02 September 2002
I have been looking for information on my great grandmother and great grandfather. Their names are Leona Blackwood Finley and John Wesley Finley. I have been searching for answers a long time and could find none. My grandfather said that his mother died giving birth to one of his siblings and I know nothing at all about his father. Please if anyone knows anything please email me I really want to know more about my heritage and ancestry. There have been many rumors of what tribe my great grandmother was in and I would really know which is true. They are still a part of me and I would like to know what my heritage is.

Penny Worden 02 September 2002
I am trying to find the burial place of a Cinthy/Sintha/Cinthia Grist. She is listed in 1880 Yell County census, Riley District living with my great grandfather John Marion Grist. I lost track of her after 1880 census. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

LaDonna Mayer 02 September 2002
I am looking for any information on my great grandfather and great grandmother Mayer. Their son Oral "Odie" James Mayer was my grandfather and I am trying to find information on them. I know that GGF's name was William Mayer born 1886 or 1868, died 1944, and he married a woman named Mary (ggm) b. 1872? d.1928.

Sherry Peterson 02 September 2002
I am doing some research on my husband's family and all web sites have turned up void information. Eldridge Peterson was adopted by his grandparents Minnie Black Peterson and Bird Peterson. Minnie was a Cherokee Indian (full blood). She died circa 1954 and was buried in a private plot. Bird Peterson then moved to California where he died. Minnie had three other children: Noah, Ida Mae and Carlos Eugene. Any history, information or insight or memories would be greatly appreciated.

Melanie 24 August 2002
I am looking for info on a William Henry Wheeler. He was married to a Wilth Riddle. They had 4 children, Clell Wheeler, and Chloe Wheeler Rice, and Mary Jo Wheeler Moudy, and John Henry Wheeler. He was born June 17,1920 in Rover, AR. He was raised in Yell County.

Tom Knight 24 August 2002
Knight: Who were the parents of Knight, Arthur Lee 10 May 1906 - 9 Feb 1990 and Knight, Hallie (Mott) 22 Dec 1907 - 25 Feb 1991, both buried Moore's Chapel Cemetery, Yell County?

Jane Ikemura 18 August 2002
Dart - looking for any information on this surname. Several of my relatives are supposed to be buried in the Upper Spring Creek Cemetery in Yell County. These are all descendants of Nimrod Williams Dart and married into these surnames: Fiddler & Reed.

Jayme Berry 18 August 2002
I am looking for information about my g-g and g-g-g grandparents. Byrd and Dora McElrath lived in or near Ola in the late 1800's. They are both buried in Sunlight Cemetery near Plainview. They have several daughters, whom were all named after flowers (Pink, Rose, Myrtle, Daisy, Lily) and three sons, (Clint, Dane, and Stanley). I haven't found them on any census yet. Dora's parents, Absalom and Emaline Reyer also lived in Yell County. Absalom's name is listed on the 1868 voter's list and on the 1872 list from Dardanelle. That is the only evidence I have found of them in Yell County so far. I would appreciate any information anyone might have concerning them. Thanks.

Gary Cooper 18 August 2002
I am looking for information on Mary Stapleton. I think her maiden name was Lackey. Also any information on John and Melissa (Lackey) Elliott. John and Melissa are buried in Havana Cemetery. John Smith Elliott was born May 31, 1862, in Salisbury, Rowan County, NC, died March 18, 1907, in Havana, Yell County, AR. Melissa (Lackey) Elliott was born November 30, 1868, in Dallas County, MO, died Sept. 22, 1868, at Havana, Yell County, AR. Mary (Lackey) Stapleton was Melissa's sister and lived around Havana about 1915. My Grandmother was Della Florence (Elliott) Cooper. She and my Grandfather lived in Havana until they moved to Oklahoma about 1921. What I am looking for is information on John and Melissa's family. I can't find anything in NC or MO on them, and also information on Mary Stapleton.

Vicki Davis 18 August 2002
I am looking for any information or newspaper stories about two incidents. Please help!
1) Erastus Walker died in a sawmill accident in Sept 13, 1890. Erastus Walker was the son of Joel and Sarah (Stinnett) Walker. Married to Mary Jane (Webb) Walker Oct. 3, 1887, in Yell Co. His four children were Andrew J., Belle N., Maggie And Eva Irene Walker.
2) Early 1900's (?) General store burns down in Yell Co. My Grandfather, L.H. Davis, was the owner. The General store might have been in Centerville or Dardanelle. Lonnie H. Davis married Eva Irene Walker in Yell Co. in 1908. His parents were Joseph Leonoeus and Marquerite Davis of Yell Co. His sister was Lula R. (Davis) Shepherd.

Becky 04 August 2002
I am looking for information on the Jim Robinson and Ethel (Hill) Robinson family. They are buried at Needmore Cemetery. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Vicki Davis 01 August 2002
My grandfather used to talk about Boot Hill in Yell County. Can anyone tell me the history or location? Thanks.

Richard Dycus 01 August 2002
I am looking for information on the Southeast corner of Graves Cemetery located in Logan County, Arkansas. I am trying to locate the grave sites of the Cox Family. There are some Cox grave sites in this area. There appear to be several unmarked graves in this area also. I would like to find out the names for these unmarked grave sites. If anyone can help me please e-mail me. Thanks.

Victoria Brough 21 July 2002
I am looking for information on my great grandmother Della Tennessee Turner or Della Tennessee Carter. She was born in 1893 and died around 1932. I believe she is buried in Yell County, possibly Ola, Arkansas. I am trying to find her burial site. If anyone has any information please contact me.

Nancy Whitman 21 July 2002
I am researching a Joseph Harwood who was married in Yell County on 9-8-1906. He married Lucendia Matilda. Together they had Clayton, Augusta (my grandmother), Grover and Walker. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

Vicki Davis 13 July 2002
I am looking for info on my Grandparents. Lonnie Henry Davis born in Centerville March 17, 1887. Eva Irene (Walker) Davis, born May 3, 1890, both born and married (1908) in Centerville. I know very little about either family. Lonnie's sisters were all from Centerville:
Lula Davis Shepherd - daughter was Margaret Shepherd Eiklberry
Arta Davis Shook
Bernie Davis Maynard
Clara Davis Warner
Lula's family is still in the area? I think Hum Cook was my Grandmother's nephew (and I remember Terrell And Pauline?) And the Crows? I want to think are related? Grandpa told stories about owning a general store and it burning down (maybe after 1908). I have a great picture from that time. I know my Grandparents are in it, but there are 10-12 others, probably the family, I do not know. Please try to help with any info. Thanks.

Myra Yarbrough Nickla 13 July 2002
My father was Samuel Monroe Yarbrough, born March 08, 1917, in Chickalah, Yell County, Arkansas. He died April 07, 1990 in Pulaski County, Little Rock, Arkansas, and buried in Pine Crest Memorial Park Cemetery, Alexander, Arkansas. Sam married my mother April 21, 1946, in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas, at Rt #1, Parent's home, by Rev. E.W. Faulkner. Bettye Leigh Walker was born December 11, 1924, in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas, in her parents' home, which sat on a hill between Russelville, Pope County, Arkansas, and Dardanelle. Her father was Aulder Cornellius Walker, known by his family as "Jack" Walker. He was born March 07, 1891, in Centerville, Yell County, Arkansas, and died November 12, 1969, in his daughter's home in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas. He was buried November 15, 1969, in Pine Crest Memorial Park Cemetery, Alexander, Arkansas. Jack married my grandmother, Ethna May Harris, born October 31, 1902, in Mena, Polk County, Arkansas. She passed February 10, 1984, in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, and was buried February 13, 1984, in Pine Crest Memorial Park Cemetery, Alexander, Arkansas. They married June 20, 1921, in Ola, Yell County, Arkansas by a J.P. W.A. White, clerk and witness J.B. Choates. Aulder Cornellius Walker's father and mother were Cornelius Avington Walker, born February 09, 1858, in Dardanelle Township, Yell County, Arkansas. He married Lydia Ann Miller, born August 31, 1858, in Jasper, Newton County, Arkansas, and died November 19, 1949, in Centerville, Yell County, Arkansas. November 21, 1949, they buried her in our family cemetery, Mount George Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas. The cememtery is behind a Church of Christ building. His father was Elijah Walker born September 15, 1812, in Tennessee, birthday on stone, and mother Lucy Ann Elizabeth George born March 06, 1828, Limestone County, Alabama, and died September 1918, in Magazine Precinct, Yell County, Arkansas. She was buried September 1918, in Mt. George Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas. She was a short little lady, full of stamina and fire. Lucy George, the firstborn of Hardin George and Angeline Miller, was born in 1828. She was married July 04, 1844, in Danville, Yell County, Arkansas. The George family fought on the Union side, and most attended the Church of Christ. My father's side attended Methodist Episcopal Church South. My grandfather's mother was German, and her family and father, Jonathan Franklin Miller, were from Mooretownship, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, and are in Records of Salem Lutheran and Reformed Congregations, Mooretownship, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 1774-1840. Surname: Miller Given Name: Jonathan Franklin Title: Description: Baptized Event: Baptism Date: 26 Jan 1833. Jesse Franklin Miller and Jensa Jane Nicholas are the parents of Jonathan. I would love to find out more about my kin if anyone can help.

Rene Ward 13 July 2002
I am looking for Lee Carter b. abt 1862. I found a Lee Carter in the 1900 census for Yell Co., AR, Dardanelle Town Twp. sheet A #2 but I can't make out much of it. Can anyone tell me all the info on that census? The same family can also be found in the 1910 census Yell Co., AR, Dardanelle Twp. But as luck would have it I can't make out any more on it than the 1900 census. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Collin Bailey 13 July 2002
I am looking for information about the Walter and Ollie (Tubbs) Hurst family (late 1800s) - where they lived and raised their family. Walter's parents were Jim and Annie Hurst. Ollie Tubbs' mother was Julie Tubbs married to Jacob Lamb. Thanks.

Curtis Pierce 26 June 2002
I'm looking for information on Lulu Pierce/Pearce, 22, married W.S. McCarroll, 25, 1 June 1898, by D.J. Weems, M.G., Book G, pg.495, Dardanelle Courthouse. Can anyone assist with information on this family??

Curtis Pierce 26 June 2002
I'm looking for information on A.B. Cox, 22 that married Lillian Pierce/Pearce, 22, Yell Co., 10 May 1899, by W.C. Hunnincutt, recorded in Book G, page 568 at the Dardanelle Courthouse. Can anyone assist with information on this family??

Curtis Pierce 26 June 2002
I'm looking for information on Edward Roscoe Pearce/Pierce that married Ollie Ford (daughter of Joseph E. Ford married Amanda Kelley on February 11, 1886 in Yell County, Arkansas.) They had a daughter named Elizabeth Ford Pearce/Pierce. She married Paul Bernard Dean. Can anyone assist with information on this family??

David D. Redman 26 June 2002
I am searching for information about William A. Redman, born October 1, 1822, died March 16, 1901, buried Lower Spring Creek Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas. Homesteaded 160 acres of land at Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas July 21, 1879. There is a possibility that he was a riverboat captain.

Dorla Stork 26 June 2002
I am looking for information on C.C. Frisbee and his wives. He was married first to Emily Carson and then he married her sister Sarah Carson. He and Emily had 3 children. Emily and Sarah are the daughters of Wilson Carson and Jemima Burnett Carson, who I am also looking for in that area. Any help or leads would be much appreciated. I have searched for a very long time for these people. Thank you.

Mary Bales 26 June 2002
I am trying to locate information on the birth of Maggie (Margarat?) Stark. She was born in Dardanelle in 1877 to a David Stark and Elizabeth Duncan Penman Stark. He possibly worked in the mines or on the railroad. A son-in-law by the name of William Epple was in this area at this time also. Any information on any of these people would be greatly appreciated.

Mary Bales 26 June 2002
I am searching for information on the birth of Divinnia Mae Stark born May 19, 1885 in Dardanelle. Her parents were David Stark and Elizabeth Duncan Penman Stark. David worked in the mines or on the railroad. A family connected is the Epple family who worked on the railroad. Also any information on the death of David would be appreciated. He died July 5, 1890. I have no information on what happened to this man since his last child was born in Yell Co. I thought he might have died and was buried there. His widow and children relocated to Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Thanks.

Darrell Hudson 26 June 2002
I am looking for information regarding A.H. Hudson (may be Alphey Huey, Alphie Hughey) 2/5/1837 - 7/9/1902. Enlisted in the Ark. Infantry 7/16/1861, Co. F, 6th Regiment. Anything related such a birth/death/marriage records. Only marriage info I can find says "Married to the sister of Mary Holley S. (may be Slack) Mary Holley S. was married to Mathew Wilson". Children were Will Hudson, Sam Hudson, and Augustine. Augustine married Sam Powell. Will and some of his descendants (my line) are buried at Waltreak Cemetery. If this holds true, A.H. Hudson will be my ggg-grandfather (through Will). Thank you for any information you can provide.

Reginia Winn 26 June 2002
This is in reply to a query posted by Roger Wayne Davenport, Jr., 5/26/2002. I have some information on Virgil O. Davenport that I feel would fit in with thepicture you are trying to build. He married Della Jones in Yell Co., AR. If you are interested in this information you can contact me at

Jeannie (Baker) Lievsay 25 June 2002
I'm looking for information on the parents of Auther Lee Baker. He married Nettie Mae (Carrie) Baker around 1921 or 1922. They had 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls. His mother passed away during or right after giving birth to Auther. Auther had 1 sister. I believe her name was Elizabeth? She was living in Atkins, Pope County, AR. She passed away around the late 30's or early 40's. I'm looking for his parents' name. All the information I have is they were living around Ola, Plainview, or Birta, AR. The family that raised them was living around Ola. Auther Lee Baker is my grandfather. He was born in the late 1800's. I believe it was around 1898. All information will be helpful. Thank you. p.s. they also lived around the Kingston, AR area of Yell County.

Jeannie (Baker) Lievsay 25 June 2002
I'm looking for the parents of John L. Baker and Mary K. (Birdeye) Baker. G-grandmother passed away after 2-1895. They lived around Plainview, AR; Ola, AR, and Kingston Community. They had two children, Elizabeth (I believe) and Arthur Lee Baker. Any information will be helpful. My father is John Herman Baker, born 4-28-1924. His brothers are Kenneth, Paul, Victor, and Edward (he died in a car wreck in 1956) and 5 sisters: Elizabeth (died at birth?), Frankie (Baker) Black, Bonnie (Baker) Hutchins, Lois (Baker) Stapelton, and Mae Ruth (Baker) Harkey. These children are descendants of Arthur Lee and Nettie Mae (Carrie) Baker. My g-great grandparents on grandmother Nettie Mae Baker are John and Ellen (Bolin) Carrie. They lived around the same places in Yell County. Any information will be grateful. Thank you.

David McGoveran 02 June 2002
I am interested in locating someone who can do a bit of courthouse records research in Yell County for the period 1902-1908. Please contact me directly.

Darlene Ironmonger 27 May 2002
I am looking for the family of J.B. Davis that married Lucinda Collins March 15, 1894, in Yell County, Arkansas. Some of his siblings were George, Benjamin and Mary who married a Tom Rackley. Lucinda Collins' parents were John Wesley Collins and Sarah Chandler and came into Arkansas from Vencennes, Indiana. Thank you.

Sherry Bigger Haxby 26 May 2002
I am seeking info. on Joseph Evander Bigger, from Oxford, MS, living in Havana and in Dardanelle 1885-1890, later Amity and Rosboro. Married Mary Spann. A builder by trade. My grandfather, John Edgar Bigger was born in Dardanelle about 1889. Four other children born later. J.E.B. died in 1929 in Forrester Ark. Any information appreciated. Thanks.

Roger Wayne Davenport, Jr. 26 May 2002
Samuel Sidney Davenport was born 1841 in Tennessee, grew up in Tippah County, Mississippi, and moved to Arkansas. He was the son of Samuel William Davenport and Jane (Billidge) Rutledge. Mary E. Wright (1844?--??) was the first wife of Samuel Sidney Davenport and appears to be the daughter of Berry (1812-1893) and Mary (1810-1895) Wright from Georgia. Mary E. and Samuel S. Davenport had three sons and then she either died or she and Samuel got divorced as her parents (Berry & Mary Wright) raised the 3 sons and Samuel remarried 1 year after their youngest son's birth. The three sons of Samuel Sidney Davenport and Mary E. Wright were:
William Henry Davenport (1869-1940)
Virgil O. Davenport (1873-1952)
James A. Davenport (1875-?)
Samuel Sidney Davenport was married at least twice. Evidently Mary E. (Wright) Davenport may have died sometime immediately following the birth of the third child, James A. Davenport who was born in 1875. Either she passed on or something happened because the 3 sons were raised by their Grandparents, Berry and Mary Wright in Magazine Township as listed in the 1880 Yell County Census. Berry and Mary Wright were also listed having children named Nancy O. Wright (1842?--??) and John T. Wright (1856?--??) in the 1870 census. Samuel Sidney Davenport left his 3 sons, William H., Virgil O. and James A. Davenport with Berry and Mary Wright and married Emily Martin of Mt. George, Arkansas on 11-28-1876. It also appears Samuel Davenport's first wife Mary E. Wright's little brother, John T. Wright, may have married Samuel's 2nd wife's little sister who was Mary Jane Martin (1854-1940) on 2-8-1877.

I am looking for Davenports descended from Samuel Sidney Davenport and Emily (Martin) Davenport or a Martin or Wright who might have information regarding Samuel's life and death. I am most interested in finding a picture as no one descended from the first 3 sons even knew their father was Samuel Sidney Davenport or that their mother was Mary E. Wright. All they knew was that they were raised by their Grandparents and none of them even remembered the grandparents' names. Mary and Berry Wright, Virgil O. Davenport, and John T. Wright are all buried in the Dacus Cemetery right near Mount George, Arkansas (Dardanelle) and it seems odd that nobody ever remembered the relationships. William H. Davenport is buried in the Deberrie Cemetery near Aplin along with an Alvin Wright. Most of these folks lived within about a 10 mile radius of Mount George between 1868 and 1885.

Can anyone help me build this picture?

Bruce Perry 26 May 2002
I am looking for information on Sallie C. Bingham. Born Oct. 16, 1816. Died Nov 21, 1873. Buried in Section 1, Brearley Cemetery in the Perry section. Could possibly have been married to King Perry or James K. Perry, or was a Perry who married a Bingham. Sallie was often a nickname for Sarah and I have two Sarah Perry's in my database. Help please.

Judy 26 May 2002
Does anyone have any stories of the shenanigans that happened on Eldorado Street in Dardanelle, Arkansas, Yell County? When did Dardanelle become a dry county? Was Eldorado Street located near the downtown section? Were there bars or what along the street? Just curious.

Judy 26 May 2002
My Nunley line was found in Yell County about 1885. My GGrandfather was Joseph Spurlock Nunley (he married Laura Ellen Wilmoth). I am connected through his son John Riley Nunley. My Dad is Julian Franklin Nunley. Dad was born in 1920, and raised in Dardanelle, AR.

Other children of Joseph and Laura Wilmoth Nunley were: Robert Raymond Nunley, Cynthia Nunley, Jessie Nunley, Callie Nunley, Washington Hester Nunley aka Chester Jones, Ollis (Iler) Nunley, Cina Belle Nunley, Ninetta (Nettie) Nunley, and Euvella (UV) Nunley.

B.F. Batchelor was my GGrandfather. He was found in Yell County in 1866 when he married Ruth Ellen Marshall. Their daughter, my Grandmother, was Ninnie Belle Batchelor. She married John Riley Nunley.

Other children of B.F. Batchelor and Ruthie were: Dora Helen, James Walter, Mary Jane, Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie), Artilla (Tillie), and Robert Batchelor.

Leo Alphonzo Manes was my Grandfather. Leo was born in 1898. He moved to Yell County as a child. His parents were Williamson McNair Manes and Mary Ann Shipman. Leo's daughter was Wanda Lee Manes. She was born in 1920. She was my Mother. Leo Manes married Willie Lee Austin in 1917 in Yell County. Willie was the daughter of Mollie Graham Austin and John Henry Austin. Leo and Willie's children were Wanda, William Alphonzo, Albert, Edwin Petran and Bobby Lee Manes.

If anyone is connected to these names, I would love to hear from you! Thanks!

Debbie Oerman 26 May 2002
I am looking for Lela Elems. She married Francis Marion Carter in Plainview. I have a marriage record that states she is from Gilkey but can't find anything on her. Looking for her parents. Thanks.

J'Nell Beck Truitt 26 April 2002
I am searching for any information about a relative, May Marley Isom, b. 1884 TX, married Joseph Isom 1906 in Johnston Co., OK, and died in Yell Co., AR Jan 1982. Can anyone do a lookup and send me the census of 1920 or 30 for this family? I do not know their children's names. Or possibly, a biographical sketch or obit for either May or Joseph is available, or cemetery records. Any help will be appreciated!

Steve D. King 26 April 2002
I am seeking information on a John Tannahill family. Research shows he was in Yell County about 1853-1860. His sister, Janet was married to Joshua Toomer. Both are buried at New Hope Cemetery. Any information would be most appreciated. The John Tannahill family eventually settled in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Azle, Texas to be more specific.

Carol S. Hunter 26 April 2002
I'm looking for information about my ggrandfather, Alfred Wyatt, who lived in Ola, Yell County, AR. He married Mary (last name unknown ? maybe Native American) and had three children: David, Cora (later married a George) and Mary Jane. This would have been in the late 1800's to the first half of the 1900's.

Janet K. Theberge 25 April 2002
I am looking for information about Laban Kelley b. August 6, 1797 in North Carolina. He came to Arkansas very early. His son was born there in 1821, and lived in what became Yell County, Arkansas. His wife's name was Tirzah (Terza, Tirza, etc.) Christian, and his known children were: Elijah Leek Kelley, Laban Christopher Kelley, Henry Kelley, Nancy Teresa Kelley, Joseph Alexander Kelley, John (or Joseph) Jackson Kelley, and Caroline Kelley. Laban may have had another son or possibly a brother named Jesse George Kelley. Laban bought land in Mississippi in 1843, so I presume he left Arkansas around that time. He later went to Texas, and arrived there in 1852.

Tim Jones 25 April 2002
My great-grandfather Levi Bauze Addy Jones married Nancy A. _______ in Yell County in 1846. Her surname is Coleman, Holman or Holiman. We are not sure which is correct. Can anyone help me with this. They lived after the marriage at Nola, AR, where they are buried in Parks Cemetery. Thanks.

Jonne McGugan Jenkins 25 April 2002
I'm looking for information on the McGugan family from Yell Co. My dad was Carl Eugene McGugan, Jr. Grandparents: Carl Eugene McGugan and Raye Patton McGugan. I am new at this and would appreciate any connections. Thank you.

Darlene Batty 25 April 2002
I am looking for anyone with knowledge of any of these Walker family members: James W. Walker, born 1850 in Tennessee but moved to Yell, Arkansas where their relatives were born. James Walker was married to Julia Jernigan (her family was born in Georgia), their children all born in Yell, Arkansas: Amanda (Mandy) Walker born 1883, Vird R. Walker born 1887, Lula or Lola (Fern) F. Walker born 1895, and a son named Opal possibly born in 1896. Vird R. Walker (James W. Walker's son) was born in 1888 in Yell, Arkansas. His wife was named Flora Gordon Barnett (From Arkansas) born in 1891 (I believe she had a stepfather not named Barnett). Their children: Lynn Walker born in 1910 in Yell, Arkansas; Lois and Troyce Walker (Twins) born in 1915, and Betty lou Walker, born in 1930. Lois married a man named Young (he may have been from Arkansas, however they moved to Bixby, Oklahoma and lived there). Troyce married a man named Ammons (possibly from Arkansas, however they moved to Bixby, Oklahoma and lived there. Betty Lou married a man named Condell Pollard (possibly from Arkansas, however they moved to Bixby, Oklahoma and lived there.) Lynn Walker married Lurreta Grace Harbert in California after his military service and they remained in California. Lynn Walker played baseball and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1933. I believe he was playing ball in Arkansas possibly when he was drafted. Mandy and Fern Walker lived all their lives in Arkansas, in Yell I believe and I do not believe they ever married (They are James W. Walker's daughters). I do not know what happened to Opal. Anyone with any information about any of these Walker family members please contact me at my email.

Mary Johnson Morris 31 March 2002
I am looking for David George Brearley, son of Dr. Joseph H. Brearley. He married Sarah (Sally) English and had six children, but I can not find them on any census. Sally died and he married Annie Brown in Danville in 1885. I would like to find his grave and any descendants.

Charlene Holland 31 March 2002
I am looking for information on the name of the Land Receiver at Dardanelle in 1876. I am also wondering if there is a list of the Land Receivers from early in the 1800's to the early 1900's.

Ralph Mungle 17 March 2002
I am looking for help in locating obituaries for Gilbert M. Mungle, b: May 06, 1888, d: November 05, 1912, and his brother Rueben R. Mungle, b: January 12, 1899, d: Oct 23, 1918. Both are buried in unmarked graves at Shepherd Cemetery in Omega Community. Where can I begin my search to locate written obits or possibly contact a newspaper archive that will respond? Thanks.

Rose Ashmore Hillhouse 17 March 2002
My Mother's parents Volley White and Sally White operated a hotel in Belleville in Yell County in the early 1900s. Does anyone have any information regarding this? My grandfather lived in Yell County until his death in 1942. I would like any information about his family.

Randy Hartzell 14 March 2002
I'm looking for the parent and siblings of George Davis who married Josephine Hatfield on September 20, 1874 in Yell County. George is my g-g-grandfather. Hand-written notes from relatives indicate that George's father was killed in the Civil War, but I have no name and no proof of that. I know that in the 1900 census, George and Josephine were living in Leflore County, Oklahoma (Choctaw Nation at that time) and a Matilda was living with them. She is identified as "mother" and her birthdate is listed as November 1824. Her birthplace is listed as North Carolina. North Carolina is also where the census indicates George's mother was, I am assuming that Matilda is George's mother (not Josephine's).

Ralph Mungle 14 March 2002
My great-grandfather Rev. W.M. Mungle (William) was a Minister of Jesus Christ in the Missionary Baptist Church. His obituary says, "He was known all over Yell County and in fact all over Dardanelle Association, having been the Pastor of many of the churches in Yell County." Can anyone help in directing me to a possible history of his ministry between 1906-1920. I understand that the family lived in Dardanelle, Belleville, Danville and Plainview. Any help or directions for continued research would be appreciated.

Weldon Mersiovsky 14 March 2002
My grandmother, Letha Cordelia Hudson was born on 11 Jun 1887 on the White River in Arkansas and married Delbert Clark on 15 Sep 1906 in Danville, Yell County, Arkansas. I am looking for her parents. Any lead would be appreciated. Thanks

Sharon Funk 14 March 2002
I am looking for anyone searching the McKinney or Long families in Yell County. I have a marriage on a John McKinney and Nancy C. Long. Surnames: McKinney, Long, Johnson, Pickens, Braziel, Thompson, Martin, Ragsdale, and Funk.

Ralph Mungle 14 March 2002
I am looking for information on the Mungle family, Rev. William M. Mungle and Susan Frances Weaks who first lived in Dardanelle then moved to Plainview. Rev. Mungle and grandson Ruby are buried at Old Danville Cemetery. Any info appreciated.

Greg Spraggins 02 March 2002
I'm trying to find out if my great grandmother was born in Danville in 1902, Jan 9th. Her name was Arrilla Jane Stephens. Her mother was Sarah J. Hammett and her father was Jesse Stephens. Any help? Thanks.

Joan Talley 02 March 2002
John William Hickerson married Maud C. Barnett. They are buried at the Mt. Zion Cemetery near Dardanelle. John's father was T.B. Hickerson, wife Sarah Roberts also buried at Mt. Zion. I am searching for Maud's family line (Barnett). John and Maud were my grandfather and grandmother. They left Dardanelle and moved to their son's home in No. Little Rock. Their son was Newland Bascomb Hickerson.

Margaret Deal 02 March 2002
I am searching for Arthur Deal, d. Nov. 18, 1981. Also Bessie Lee (Deal) Cross, d. July 30, 1984. I've been told that they are buried at Cotton Town Cemetery, Dardanelle, AR. I would appreciate it very much if someone would tell me where the cemetery is located.

Debra Boyd 22 February 2002
I am researching my family history. I know that my great, great grandparents were married there in 1846. Their names were John Poor and Merzey Vickrey. I am also researching John's parents. I don't haveconfirmation, but suspect they may be William and Margaret Poor who would have moved to Arkansas in the early 1830's from Tennessee. They eventually ended up in Scott County in 1840. I am also interested in any information about Merzey's parents who were Absalom and Lavina Vickrey. They moved to Arkansas from Tennessee around the same time. Thanks for any help. I am planning a trip there in March 2002 to research further.

Bill Briggs 22 February 2002
I am looking for information on the Briggs family as far back as it goes in Yell County.

Barbara Choate 22 February 2002
I am looking for any information on W.A. or W.C. Choate. W.A. Choate was married to Mary Kerr on Sep 10, 1885 in Yell Co., AR. I then show him married to Malinda Vinsett on Dec 23, 1894 in Yell Co., AR. He and his brother later went to east Texas where W.A. married Mary Leanna Goodwin and W.C. married Mattie Chandler. I am desperately trying to find the parents and siblings of these two brothers. I have found quite a bit of information, but have failed to find out who their parents are. If anyone has any information I would be ever so grateful as I have run into a brick wall. I know that W.A. was born in Ft. Smith, AR according to a family bible. Thank you so much.

Kerrie Williams Bryant 17 February 2002
I am in search of information about a movie made in Dardanelle. Probably silent, early 1900's, around 1917 to 1925. The movie was made using the "Dardanelle Rock". A great uncle of mine, Fred Archillies Williams (b. 1898, d. 1970), played the stunt double for the star. He climbed the rock. I would love to hear from anyone who might know the name or where I could find out any information about this. Thank you.

Lois Faulconer 12 February 2002
My great grandmother was born Eugenia Ann Breshears in Dallas County, MO, and married Bailey Green in 1876. Bailey died in 1916 and she married Benjamin Murrow. I found a listing where she is buried in Ben Cemetery but don't know where Benjamin is buried and where they were married. They had no children but she and Bailey had 10. Thanks.

Joyce 12 February 2002
I am seeking the descendants of Louis Cass Adams, the son of John Rile George Washington Nance Adams from Union Co., SC who came there in 1856. JRGWN Adams was married to Sarah Davis, d/o Vincent Davis and a woman surnamed Haney in Union/York Co., SC. The Haney woman's relatives had come to Yell much earlier than the Adams family did. Some of the Davis relatives may also have come there. Many if not most of the Adams children of "Cass" and his wife, Sally Jackson, moved to Oklahoma. Cass was murdered before 1900 in Yell County. Thanks.

Yvonne Morgan 12 February 2002
My ggrandfather, David Henry Shepard, is supposed to be buried in the Shark Cemetery, according to his death certificate. He is not listed there, but is indeed, buried at Yocum Pond Cemetery, with his wife, Susan Harriet Irvin. Does any one have any info on the Shepards or the Irvins? Susan's father, William Henry Irvin, was in the Union Army, and fought in the battle at Pea Ridge, Ark. Four days after the war, he was on his way home, and some Confederate women fed him and his men some poison pies andthey all died. The women didn't know the war was over. Sad story. Any info. would be great.

Robert Campbell 12 February 2002
I am interested in connecting with descendants of Ellis and Nancy Fair. Their son Nathan Easley Fair was a resident of Yell County most of his life. Their son George F. married Martha E. Baird in Yell County October 8th, 1871.

Diane (Forrester) Acree 12 February 2002
I am interested in any information concerning the Forrester Family who lived in this area. My father grew up in this area. My grandfather and great grandfather are buried in the Havana Cemetery as well as other relatives. Any info would be appreciated. 03 February 2002
An earlier (June 2000) query was regarding a Nancy M. Burnett. My wife's grandfather, John Marion Burnett, had a sister named Nancy M. who was born about 1849 (from the 1860 Yell Co. census). Their grandparents were John Wesley Burnett (b. July 8, 1820, d. Feb 1, 1905 in Yell Co.) and Phoebe Caroline Wilson (b. about 1820). John Wesley's father was William Lowry Burnett. We don't know much more but would be glad to exchange info on family.

Jesse Markham 03 February 2002
I am looking for information on a lady named Mary Alice "Molly" Barnhill. She was born between 1860-1885 in Dardanelle, AR. She went on to marry a man named Shakespear(Shakespear may not have been his first name) Anderson. They eventually moved to Nunley, AR. I am not sure where they married or where they lived throughout their life, but I would greatly appreciate any help that could be given. Thanks!!!

Reginia 27 January 2002
I am still looking for information on the William C. Jones Family of Yell Co. I am sure that his family was in Yell Co. between 1880? and until some of them married off or died. I have found my grandparents, Sarah (Sallie) Jones married J.D. Shepherd in Yell Co. Also the Shepherds were in Yell Co. I have found the Shepherd Cemetery and would like to correspond with anyone researching either of these two families. There must still be someone in the Dardanelle area who would know or remember either of these two families. Thanks.

Mary Ellen Crabb Ledford 27 January 2002
I am seeking information where William P. Crabb, b. 1829 Giles Co., TN, d. 1894 Yell Co., AR is buried? His second wife, Mattie Lue "Lucinda" Livingston died before he did and is possibly buried in Yell Co., AR also? When/where? Thanks lots.

Jo Cox 24 January 2002
I am searching for death/burial information for Charlsie/Charlene Cox, would have been about 1900, give or take a couple of years.

Sheilla Lampkin 20 January 2002
I am looking for information on any museums in Yell County. My husband is a Lampkin from there and we'd like to visit.

Rick Lawrence 30 December 2001
I am trying to locate whatever happened to a Howard Smallwood. This gentleman was reportedly the person who murdered John Wesley "Wes" Yates in 1925 for fooling around with Smallwood's wife. Does anyone know if he was prosecuted, sent to prison, charges dropped, etc. and when Smallwood died?

Rick Lawrence 30 December 2001
I am looking for information on the parents of James D. Parker (husband of Christenia Rhodes). James was born 3/27/1850 in TN and died 12/26/1900 in Yell County. He had a sister, Mary C. Parker b. 1854 who married a Thomas Blaylock. I have no other info on her or on Blaylock. James & Mary's mother is listed in the 1860 census as M.A. Parker. I am trying to ascertain what her name, date of birth, date if death were, and who her husband was. It is believed they came to Yell County from Franklin, Madison County, TN before the Civil War. Any info on this family would be appreciated. I am the great grandson of James.

Donna Lambert-Taylor 21 December 2001
I am looking for information about my g-g-grandparents, Crawford Bates and Frances Susan Bates. On the 1880 Census Susan is listed as a widow. I also found a patent of some land in Dardanelle, AR where the names was changed from both names to Frances S. Bates, widow of Crawford Bates. If anyone could send me any information on these people I would be most appreciative. I have hit a brick wall where they are concerned. I am pretty sure her maiden name was Edwards and she was born in Alabama. I have heard he was born in MO or possibly TN. I would love to have a copy of an obit, or anything that might point me in the right direction to find who his and her parents might have been. They had several children, some born in MS and some in AR. My g-grandmother Lena Corelle Bates was born 1874 in Batesville, AR. She married William Benton Lambert in Chisolmville, AR in Oct. 1891. (Her brother also married W.B. Lambert's sister in a double ceremony.) I have a copy of Lena and W.B.'s marriage license. Thanks for your time.

Justin Cothran 17 November 2001
I am looking for any information about John and Elizabeth Cothern. They are listed in the 1880 Cen. in Spring Creek area of Yell County. Other spellings of name are: Cothran, Cochran, Cauthron. These are my great-great grandparents. I know almost nothing about them. They had at least one son, Silas Cothran. (1900 Cen. lists him as a Cochran.) Any information would be appreciated. Are there tax lists from this time period that I could look at?

LaDonna Timmerman 17 November 2001
Does any one know anything about "NIGHT RIDERS" that were supposed to be active around 1925 in Dardanelle?

Linda Jolly 15 November 2001
I am looking for information on Valera Briggs who married Chester Asa Williamson, lived in Briggsville around 1938-1943. I would like to know the marriage date of Valera, nicknamed "Bead" and Chester. Anyone related to the Briggs family or who knows about Chester Williamson while in Arkansas would be great. Chester is my grandfather. Thank you.

Stephanie 11 November 2001
Yell Co. Woods

Obediah Wood b. November 2, 1821, Anderson Co., TN; d. April 17, 1909, Yell Co., AR; m. Sarah A. Gray (some say Garrett)

Their Children:

  1. James Wood b. 1838
  2. John Henry b. 1840 m. Arminta Wood (First Cousins)
  3. Hannah b. 1844
  4. Sarah T. b. 1848
  5. Lewis C. b. 1850 m. Mary S. Stinnett
  6. George b. 1854
  7. Nancy M. b. 1856 m. T.J. Vaughn?
  8. Margaret b. 1858
  9. Charity b. 1860
Obediah is connected to the Woods in Marion Co., AR but how???

Marion Co. Woods

"Old Johnny" was his nickname ------ Some have said

John W. Wood b. 1815 Anderson Co., TN; d. CW (bushwhacked). m. c1832 AR ? Mary Jane Hudson

They're in 1850, 1860 Marion Co. Censuses, but I don't find Mary there in 1870.

John W. Wood's father was William "Dancin' Bill" Wood, mother Hannah Austin. They were killed in the Mountain Meadow Massacre heading for California.

These are the brothers of "Dancin' Bill"

* I have seen other's post a sister also?

Children of John and Mary Jane:

  1. Thomas D. b. 1834 d. 1882 TX m. Mary Jane Everett
  2. William b. 1835
  3. John B. b. 1838 m. 1867 Nancy Everett
  4. Elizabeth b. 1839
  5. James b. 1841
  6. Lucinda b. 1843 m. Ezekial W. "Zeke" Hampton
  7. Arminta b. 1846 m. John Henry Wood (First Cousins)
  8. George b. 1850 - not with family in 1860
  9. Obediah b. 1853
  10. Mary b. 1955 m. a man from Yell Co., AR
Anyone that is related to these Woods, please can you help me in any shape or form to stack this "Wood Pile" up nice and neat? Thanks Kindly.

Jane DeFreese 11 November 2001
I am seeking information on the Dilbeck and Frost families of Yell County. Thomas Dilbeck or John Joel Dilbeck and Samuel Frost. Any help will be appreciated.

Jo Moore 10 November 2001
I am looking for information on George and Margaret (Stanbury) Wallace. They had seven children - all I know is:

  1. Seth Wallace
  2. Jack Wallace
  3. Zeal (Zell) Wallace
  4. Pink Wallace married Abbie Howard - 1919

Mary Francis Robinson 10 November 2001
I am looking for the burial site of my gggrandparents. C.B. Dildy died around 1888-1890. His name is also Cooper Bennet Dilday. Malinda Ellis Dildy may be spelled Dilday. My grandfather was an elder in the old Sutton Baptist Church. He is mentioned in the minutes of the church as "C.B. Dildy". Thank you for your help.

Linda Craig 10 November 2001
My grandfather - Cleason D. Jones, was the son of William Newton Jones and Mary Elizabeth Walker. He was raised by his maternal grandparents, Thomas H. Walker and his wife Melissa Dicy Walker. They were living in the Yell County area around Danville, Havana, and Magazine. I would love to make contact with anyone from the Walker family. Cleason D. Jones married Nancy Annie Schott, who was the daughter of Hugh Schott and I am unsure who her mother was. I do know that she later married a member of the McBride family and had a daughter named Fannie. Any information from either of these families would be appreciated.

Paul Griffin 27 October 2001
I am searching for info on James C. Griffin (1814-1886) and family. I know that he and his daughter Drucilla Griffin Warren are buried at Hale Cemetery, Omega Community, as shown on the Yell Co. website. I would like to know if there is any further information regarding James C. Griffin and family in Yell County. I have fragmentary information indicating that James C. died in Tennessee on 30 Jan 1886, but was buried at Hale Cemetery. Any idea why this might be?

James C. Griffin's wife was Mary Sarah Nipper. Their children were: Thomas Green, Mary J., Eliza, John William, Drucilla, James Wiley, and Philip L. Griffin.

Jo Cox 27 October 2001
I am searching for information on the marriage between Charles R. Cox and "Chock" Hammond. Bride is known only as "Chock", this was probably a nickname. Her father was a Dr. in Yell Co. Marriage was probably in late 1800's or early 1900's. She is supposed to have died not long after the marriage. Thanks.

Larry and Marlene Trimm 27 October 2001
We are looking for information on John Harlin Adams and Liza (Wooten) Adams. Their children were Forrest R. Adams, married Artie Wasson; Mabel Adams, married to Trimm, Hill, Muckleroy; Sylvia Jane Adams married Bellar; Pearl Adams, married Knoy, Lee B. Adams, married a Juanita unknown. This family came from Dardanelle, AR. Mabel is my husband's grandmother and his Dad, L.C. Trimm was born in Dardanelle, AR September 13, 1926. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

BA Baer 27 October 2001
I am looking to locate a William Hoyle Young, born in Ola, Arkansas in 1912. In the 1920 census of Yell County, Arkansas, I found no minor by this name. The family may have moved on by then. He later moved to the Clackamus, Oregon area in the 1920/30's, had two or three children and has since become missing. He is my grandfather and I am hoping to get any family information, so I may add this to our family history.

Pat 07 October 2001
I am searching for the families of two ladies who married into the Winter family. Etta Nunn b: 1893 married Ira Winter 1909 in Yell Co., AR. Orbie Edwards b: 1890 married Sidney Winter in 1906 in Yell Co., AR. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

June 07 October 2001
I am trying to find the family of M.G. Catlett of Yell County. Hope that someone can help me. Thanks.

Jolene Thomas 07 October 2001
My husband's father, Nathaniel David Joshua Thomas, was born in Wing, Yell Co., Arkansas. His father was John Samuel Thomas, his mother was Elizabeth Frances Castleberry. I would like to have any information on any of these people. Also, Elizabeth's father was David Castleberry.

William Cardin 29 September 2001
My Grandpa was the owner of Cardin Point. Maybe you can help me out. I know where he is buried, but I have more people buried there. Can you tell me who would have record of Cemetery. I know the one that has tombstones, but someone should have a record of who and where. Hope you can help. Thanks.

Sharon 29 September 2001
I am looking for William Lawson Stanphill in Yell County, Ark. He married Nancy Ellen Lovette the 3rd day of Nov. 1886 in Yell County, Ark. Thanks.

Shawn Miller 29 September 2001
Henderson, Jethro Payton, listed in the 1870 Yell Co. Dardanelle Twp. census with wife Malinda. All children have first names that start with "D". Really stuck with this one.

Bruce Perry 29 September 2001
I am looking for information on Arthur Perry, son of James K. Perry in Dardanelle.

Dean & Sherry Stapleton 29 September 2001
I am looking for the family of Scott Royall. I know he lived in Danville in 1900. Any information would be helpful. He had a son Max Royall. Thank you.

Jim Webb 29 September 2001
I am looking for any family history regarding my Grandmother Ellie Evergreen King, maiden name Frizell, that lived in Ola, AR and passed away in the early 70's. Mother King's DOB is 09-20-1875. Any information that you may have regarding her and her relatives would be appreciated. Thank you.

Dale Overbey 29 September 2001
I am seeking information on the family of Henry Lafayette Neighbors, born 16 May 1888, died 8 Sept 1973, Yell County, AR. Married: 22 Aug 1909, Franklin County, AR to Ollie Pearl Lessley, born 15 Feb 1890, died Mar 1984, Yell County, AR

Kelly Jo Seaton Smith 22 September 2001
I am searching for information regarding George G. and Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Crawford) Hutto. According to his gravestone in the Nooner Cemetery, he was born 4/6/1851 and died 11/28/1910. She is buried there also, but without dates. They had one child that I know of--Sarah Ann. She was born 11/22/1872 and married Samuel Whitesides Seaton. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

LaDonna Clark Timmerman 22 September 2001
Anyone who knows any thing about William Riley Clark before 1892 or after 1908 please e-mail me. He is my grandfather. I know he had a brother, who had no children. There is a Family Name of Rose. I think they are half brothers and sisters. He left Ark. and I know he went to Elk City, Okla. I have pictures from there. He ended up in Idaho with his youngest son, Cooper (Bunch) Clark. He died in Boise, Idaho in 1943? at the Old Soldiers Home and is buried in Meridian, Idaho beside a g-grandson, a son of Jack and Beck Bradley. William Clark is my grandfather. Any information you have is greatly welcomed. Thank you.

Loretta Callahan Hall 22 September 2001
I have relatives buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, all last name "Woodard", and I understand that the cemetery is in bad shape. Can someone let me know if it is? I live in Charleston, SC and never get to Ark. any more but would sure like to know that the cemetery is being taken care of. Thank you so much.

Jo Cox 08 September 2001
William J. and Josie Cox in 1900 Yell Co. census. May have a Keener connection. Thomas Keener and kids William, Susan, Oda, Ola, Addie L. are living nearby. There was a marriage in 1902 between Andrew Cox and Lula J. Keener. Thanks.

John Janet Wasson 08 September 2001
Searching for g-grandparents: Luis Westcott and Luesety Cronen. One child known born in Ola, Yell County, AR - Clarence, May 1919. Any information on these surnames, or even this town, welcome. Thank you in advance.

Hettie 08 September 2001
I am trying to locate the Emma Verden family. She married Jess Richard Short 13 Oct 1900. If anyone has any information on the Verden or Short families who lived in Yell County in the area of Nimrod Lake, Plainview or Ola, I could sure use your help.

George Lassiter 01 September 2001
I am searching for the birth family of Jennie Garner. I don't have her exact date of birth or death, but I know she was married to William M. Fryar, born 6-19-1849 died 7-30-1916, children Laura Fryar (Lassiter), George, Alice (Bristow), William (Will). According to reliable sources, Jennie Garner is buried in Mountain Springs Cemetery. She may be Fryor, M.J. born 11 Jun 1854 died 12 Oct 1900 listed in the cemetery database.

Cheryl Overstreet 01 September 2001
John M. Nelms, son of John Morris and Mary S. McBride Nelms, married ?? and had a son Dan Nelms. He then married Susan J. ?? (maybe Frame) and had Mary M., Martha, Samuel A. and Wincie L. He then married Nettie S. ?? and had James D. and Sidney L. Anyone with info on this family, please contact me at 25 August 2001
I am looking for family history for Wilma Ida Hambright, b.1877 in Casa, Arkansas. She married William Oscar Richter, b. 1868 in Newark, Ohio. They had six children: William Otto, Vernon Virl, Archie Graden, James Albert, Lytle Wayne, and Alzy Rene. She may possibly be the daughter of Green Hambright...speculation only.

KH 19 August 2001
I am still looking for Arnolds relatives. They came to Yell Co. around 1908. Catherine Amelia (Millie) Lynn Arnold, supposed to have died after child birth, buried around Plainview. I am looking for Gilbert Monroe Arnold.

KH 19 August 2001
Does anyone in Waveland know W.J. Arnold buried at Rock Creek Cemetery?

Connela Itzen 19 August 2001
I am seeking any information on Hammons that died when they were children and buried in Harkey Valley Cemetery. They are supposed to be first cousins. Their mother's name was Mary, her sister was Aurora (Carroll) Warren. Also my mother said her sister Faith Warren was buried at age three in Harkey Valley. She died with whooping cough. Any help will be appreciated.

Deborah Barnett 14 August 2001
I have a gggrandfather I would like to find out about. His name was Henry Augustus Carter born May 26, 1847, and died September 8, 1939. "Uncle Gus" as he was called was at one time the mayor of Danville and also owned a hotel and general merchandise business. He was reported to be a Mason. He had four daughters and a son: Mrs. Rosie Landers, Mrs. J.M. Lusby, Mrs. Riley Moss, Mrs. Charles Clements, and John Carter. The reason I am having problems is the destruction of documents in numerous fires in Danville. Any help you can offer is much appreciated.

DeWayne Jones 11 August 2001
I am looking for information concerning the Few family, some of which are buried in the Russell Cemetery, Belleville, Yell County, Arkansas. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jim Fullilove 11 August 2001
I am looking for a William Weldon Fullilove (a.k.a. W.W.). He died 25 November 1886 in Yell County, AR. It appears that 2 of his wives are buried in the Egypt Cemetery, but he is not. I just found outthat a descendant of Elizabeth Holt wrote my sister and William Weldon is buried next to her. Now I need to find out where Elizabeth Holt is buried.

Diane McQuivey Anderson 11 August 2001
I found the following two entries in the Piney Fork Cemetery of Yell County, Arkansas:
Nellie (McQuivey) Barber born 1876 died [nothing listed]
Samuel Jethro Barber born 1872 died 1956
I would like to know the death date of Nellie and the full death date of Samuel so they can be included in our family database located at I would also like to know if they had any children? Can you help me?

Odetha Baribeau 20 July 2001
Mae (Doyle) and Crockette Collins lived in Belleville, Yell County, in 1924. Child Ruby Lea was born to the couple that year. I am seeking any information relative to the couple who were my grandparents. Thank you.

Debbie Gragg 20 July 2001
I am wondering if someone could tell me if there are any cemeteries in Bellville? If so, what are the names of the cemeteries located in Bellville? What is the present population of Bellville? I am researching my Great-Great-Grandfather, John Porter Jarnagin, and he is supposed to be buried in Bellville, according to his Granddaughter, who is still living at the age of 91. I would so appreciate any info someone might have on Bellville and cemeteries that might be there.

Debbie Gragg 20 July 2001
I would like to find any information I can on John Porter and Sarah Elizabeth Rogers Jarnagin, my Great-Great-Grandparents. As far as we know they lived in the Bellville area, from 1893 to about 1912. Our information says that John Porter owned a sawmill or sawmills. The family story is that his lumber built some of the finest homes in the area. John Porter is supposed to be buried in the Bellville area. If there are descendants still living in the Yell Co. area we would so love to hear from you or anyone who might know something of John Porter Jarnagin or the Jarnagin family.

Sam Dickens 20 July 2001 - New e-address needed!
Who can tell me about the Galley Rock community? I want to know what kind of place it was, how it came to be, what remains today, etc. I had three family lines that lived there from the 1840s' to the 1880s': Campbells, Mitchells and Prewitt. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Rick Lawrence 08 July 2001
I am looking for info on two branches of my family. The first is the ancestors of my grandfather, Frank Parker, 1898-1972. His father was James D. Parker. His grandparents, we believe, were David (?) & Matilda A. Parker from Jackson or Jackson Co. TN. I have no info on David and Matilda but believe they both died between 1868 and 1898 in Yell County.

The second is I am looking for info on Delia Shipp(e) who was married to James Wilson in NC and who migrated with the Wilson family to Yell/Scott County before the Civil War. I believe she was born @1800 and married @1818. Her d.o.d. and burial site is unknown but it is in Yell/Scott County I am sure. Any help with Delia is of course highly appreciated!

Mavis Jennings 08 July 2001
I am looking for any information on ancestors of John A. Williams (b. 1854, d. about 1901) married Ellen Octavia (Octivia) Simmons Light in 1883 in Yell Co. They are buried in Shed Cemetery in Yell Co. Their children were Burt (married Stella), Olius (married Gladys & Nonie), Laura, Lula (married J.R. Dennis, Sr.) John Loy (married Buna), William Franklin (married Nancy Clarenda Barnes); Bletch (married Mae).

Janna 08 July 2001
I am seeking contact with descendants of Bob (Robert) Fleming, b. Oct. 4, 1843, d. Mar. 4 1956, and John Fleming, b. Sept. 19, 1870, d. Jan. 21, 1943. These men are both buried in the Moore's Chapel Cemetery. I believe that they are the brothers of my grandfather, Nelson E. Fleming, b. 1868 to Pernell and Susan Ward Fleming. I am also seeking contact with descendants of Silas Fleming, b. Sept. 4, 1900, d. Mar. 10, 1978, also buried in the Moore's Chapel Cemetery. Silas was a first cousin to my father, Carl Fleming. I believe that they had contact with each other until adulthood. Nelson also has a son buried in this cemetery. Nelson married Mildred Palestine Knight about 1901 and her father, George W. Knight is also buried there. I would like very much to exchange and share information.

Boyd Watkins 03 July 2001
I am looking for a William Howard Watkins married to a Fannie Nalinda Atkins and lived in Birta or Leslie, AR. Their children were Raymond DOB 1913, Willie DOB 1910 and Fannie DOB 1917. William Howard Watkins' mother was Mary Graham, who was married to a John Watkins before she married John Henry Austin. Any info would help. Thanks.

Jerry 30 June 2001
I am looking for the parents of Sarah Elizabeth Underwood. She was married to Lorenzo Dow Harper of Driggs, Logan Co., AR on Nov. 8, 1865 in Yell Co., AR. She passed away Nov. 1, 1867 - burial place unknown. Any and all information would be a great help and appreciated.

Monica Gibson 30 June 2001
I am looking for information regarding the Moody family of Yell County. My was Ashbury Moody, married to Barthena Hare Moody. They are buried near Gravelly. My gr. grandmother was their daughter, Sarah Serilda Moody. She had a sister, Laura, and brothers, Monroe and Walter. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Melissa 24 June 2001
I'm looking for information on a Perry or Alvie Emberton. I believe, but am not sure their father was a policeman for Yell County. Alvin and Perry would have lived in Danville, Arkansas. They had a younger sister named Carla and an older sister but not sure of her name. I used to live next door to them when I was younger. The 2 boys would probably be in their 30's now.

The Rev'd Canon Henry White, M.A. (Oxon) 24 June 2001
Father Monty has written a fascinating story of his recent visit to Yell County, along with some nice photographs he took of Nimrod Lake, Plainview, Briggsville, Bluffton, and Gravelly. I thought it would be nice to tell the folks at Yell and Perry Counties of Father Monty's story called "Liars Headquaters." Nice reading, I think. Here's the link: Please enjoy!

Doris Vandiver Carroll 21 June 2001
I am searching for my gggrandmothers burial site in Yell County, somewhere around Sonora, Arkansas, and the dates of her birth and death. She was married to George Johnson. She was born in the late 1830's to 1850's. She probably died in the early 1900's. Her name was Elizabeth Harbeston Vandiver Cummins Johnson. She had an adopted daughter named Fanny who probably went by the Cummins name. Elizabeth gave birth to only one child with her first husband Aaron T. Vandiver. His name was George Alexander Vandiver. I am sure that her birth and death dates will be in records or on her tombstone. I would appreciate any help on this matter. Thank you.

Paula Hill 10 June 2001
Looking for the parents of Charlie William Adair, b. Dec. 1853, d. 1910, buried at Moore's Chapel Cemetery. 1st marriage to Nancy Ann Mobley, 2nd marriage to Sarah Alice Jones in 1895. Children of Charlie and Nancy are: Sarah E. Adair b. Sept. 1885, William Columbus Adair b. 1 Oct. 1887 d. 5 Jan. 1950, and Isaac Adair b. June 1891. Children of Charlie and Sarah are: Stella b. Aug. 1896, Vida b. 1899, Eulis b. 13 Dec. 1909, Julis b. 13 Dec. 1909 (twin of Eulis). The 1900 Census lists Charlie's father as born in Tennessee and his mother born in Arkansas. Any help locating Charlie's or Sarah Jones' parents will be greatly appreciated.

Jan Davis 04 June 2001
1910 Dardanelle, Yell County Census:

Otho Mims, 33 or 35 (hard to read)
Wife, Lizzy 34(?)
daughter Darlene or Delores, 7
daughter, Elisis Lou (?) 2
son, Russell, 2/12

This portion of the census is very hard to read.

I am looking for information on Otho's family, including father and grandfather. This is Oscar Mims' first cousin, Otho's father would be John M. Mims' brother, if I have my information right. I have been unable to research beyond John Mims. Thank You.

Alton G. Littleton 02 June 2001
I am searching for family information on my great grandmother Susan McGraw Littleton, wife of Noah Littleton. I am pretty sure that Susan's mother was Harriet L. McGraw. Both are buried at Rock Creek Cemetery. Thanks in advance.

Fred Tetor 28 May 2001
I am seeking information on James Teeter (Teter), 3rd Arkansas Cavalry, enlisted 28 Feb 1862, Yell County. Sent to Mooresville, MS hospital, August 1862. Please contact Fred Tetor. Thanks.

Odetha Baribeau 28 May 2001
I am seeking information about my grandparents Crockett and Mae Collins, who were known to live in Bellville, Yell County, AR in 1924. The couple had three daughters: Lillian, Odethel and Ruby. Mae expired between 1924 and 1928 and the children were placed for adoption. I am uncertain if Mae was buried in Yell County. I haven't found her name on the Yell County cemetery registry on this site. Please address information to my e-mail address: Thank You.

June McKee 28 May 2001
I am looking for Langstons in Yell County. Elijah Langston. Possibly in Stafford (??) or Belleville. Thanks.

Laura L. Becker 28 May 2001
I am looking for info on Mary Gertrude Morris, born in 1871. Her married name was Lee and she was called Mollie. She had 2 sisters that I know of, Minnie and Laura. I have pictures of them at their father's place on Short Mtn., Logan Co., Ark. I believe that she also had some brothers.

Franklin Jones 24 May 2001
This is very much a preliminary and general query, but I am the descendant of James Ellis Truett, who lived in or near Dardanelle or Russellville in the mid-19th century, and who died there in 1865. I am looking for any information about him, or his family in Arkansas, and any information about the site of his grave. Thank you.

Norman Johnson 24 May 2001
I have pieced together a chronobiography of my GG Grandfather, George W. Chester. He moved his family from Newton/Scott County, MS to Yell County around 1879. I'm willing to share my information with anyone who is interested. I also have a large list of descendants from George and his wife, Georgia Thornton.

Also, there are a number of Chesters buried in the New Bethel Cemetery. I strongly believe they are related to George in some way but haven't found the connection. Does anybody have any information on this family of Chesters? Thanks! 19 May 2001
Looking for information on Wade Hampton Wilson and his wife Martha Ann Ball. They probably lived in the late 1800's. Another set of names are William Marshal Haston and his wife Emma Sophronia Walker, same time frame. Thank you.

Dovie Rose 06 May 2001
I am trying to locate any info on Charles Wiggs and wife Martha (Evans or Adams). They lived in Yell County and had three children listed as being born in Dardanelle. Born 1882, 1883, and 1887. Apparently in 1888 Martha gave birth to another child who died a few days later. Within a very short time (weeks) both Charles and Martha died leaving their three children alone. I found the 2 youngest with an aunt in Indian Territory in 1900, but have not been able to locate the oldest girl named Theodosa Wiggs.

Cheryl R. Shook 28 April 2001
I am looking for information on W.T. (William Thomas) Shook and Minnie Wiseman. They were married in Yell County on January 20, 1893, by Justice of the Peace R.E. Mann. I am seeking information on the parents of W.T. Shook.

Barbara 28 April 2001
I am trying to find information on my great grand parents, George and Lucinda McTigrit Goss. I believed they lived in Yell Co. about 1900-1910. I was told he was a photographer in Young Gravelly. Found where they sold land in April 1910. Then they were found in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. Any information would be appreciated.

Karen Hickman 28 April 2001
I am seeking information concerning a great aunt and uncle born in Spring Creek Twp., Yell County. Anna Marie Josephine Puthoff was born October 13, 1868 and Fred was born June 26, 1870. I would like to locate their birth records or baptismal records. What Catholic church would be the closest to thislocation? Does anyone have an ancestor who was a blacksmith in this area at the time? Their father Frank list his occupation as a blacksmith in the voter registration record of 1868. Thanks in advance to any help you may give me.

Pat Sheffield 15 April 2001
I am looking for the burial spot of Amos Hood Morris. Last known address was in Danville, Yell Co., AR. Date of death is May 19, 1990. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Dennis McBride 15 April 2001
I am looking for information on Abner McBride and his decedents. Abner is my great-great-grandfather. I have information that ties him to Havana, Arkansas. Nothing concrete. Please respond with any information.

Charlie Peters 15 April 2001
I am looking for information concerning my great grandfather Rutherford Peters. He was in the 1880 census for Gravely Hill township, Yell County. He and his wife M.J. (I believe Mary Jane) were listed as farmers from Tenn., 2 daughters, Mandy 8 yrs. (born in Tenn.) and Mary 6 yrs. (born in Ark.) I believe my grandfather Charlie C. Peters was born in 1886 on Gravely Hill. Rutherford was alleged to have died in Texas between 1903 and 1907. Rutherford had a brother Timothy F. Peters who is buried in Yell County and a brother Samuel R. who I have no information on. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Katrina Johnson 15 April 2001
I am researching the family of Gertrude Harris Shipp Johnson born February 22, 1874/5 in Yell County. Her parents were Sam Harris and Lydia Lusk. She is said to be on the Dow Registry. She was supposed to be married to a Mr. Shipp before she married Thomas Paul Johnson. She died in October 1933 in Saline County, Arkansas. If you recognize any of these names I Would appreciate your letting me know.

Sharon Hammond Cords 08 April 2001
Looking for information on the death date and burial place of Sarah "Sallie" Rinehart McQuilliams (also spelled McWilliams). She was living with her daughter and son-in-law in Dardanelle, Yell Co., AR. after 1910. Sallie was born in Jackson Co., TN in 1828 and married Churchwell Anderson McQuilliams 08 Dec 1845 in Tishomingo Co., MS. She is found in Conway Co., AR in 1880, widowed, living with her 11-year old daughter, Belle, and her son, Henry F. McQuilliams and daughter-in-law, Martha C. Hammond. She is found again living with her daughter, Sarah "Sallie" McQuilliams Hammond in 1900, Plumerville, Conway Co., AR., but after 1900 the family moved to Dardanelle, Yell Co., AR. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this lady has just "disappeared" after 1910 at 82 years of age!! Thank you.

K. Hyslop 08 April 2001
I am doing research on my family. I am mainly interested in Lucy J. Lewis. She died in 1927. Where could I find her obit or the funeral home that handled the service? She is buried in the Birta Cemetery. Thank you in advance for your help.

Mary Wetwiska 08 April 2001
I am looking for information on the Hugh L. Pharis Family. They moved to Dardanelle, Ark. in the later 1840's. Hugh L. & Margaret Sears Pharis had the following children: Meigs, Robert C., Mary Elizabeth, Nancy, Suzanna, William F., John H, Sarah, & Margaret. Margaret died in 1857 giving birth to her last daughter. Hugh died in 1858 leaving several small children. Does anyone have any information on any of these children? And does anyone have any information on Nancy? Would like to exchange information. Thanks very much.

Betty Jo Smith 08 April 2001
I am searching John Calvin Blaggs and wife Josephine Ann Harris. I found them on 1880 married but no children then. The first child I found was Jess but can't prove it. My Aunt Ruby married into the Blagg family in Lamar Co., Texas. Wallace Leeroy (Roy) was youngest son of John C. and wife Josephine Ann Blagg.

Patrick Hogan 22 March 2001
I am researching my father's side of the family. In particular I am looking for information on Mary Hogan (buried near Black Springs) and her husband who is buried in Yell County near Plainview. They had sons Frank (1888), Louis, Pete, Gilford and possibly others. My grandfather Frank married Pearl Roberts. He worked in the sawmills throughout the region. Any information that may help me fill in some blanks would be appreciated.

Vernon H. Usher 22 March 2001
I am trying to trace my grandfather Coker's ancestry: His name was John Wesley Coker and he was born I think in 1880 in Ola. I found his cousin Henry R. Coker married to Cora Davis as being buried in Birta Cemetery, in Yell County. I remember visiting them in Ola in the 1950's. Any help someone can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Donna Chisholm 22 March 2001
I had listed my Great-grandmother as Louise McFarland, I found out her name is Margrette Louise McFarlin. She married William Henry Hall. They had a set of twins born in Yell County July 2, 1889. The twins were named Claud and Maud. There were two other children that I know of Morgan and Ely (Ely is female). There may have been a son named James. If this sounds like a part of your family tree. Please contact me.

David Littleton 11 March 2001
I've been trying to find where my Great Grandfather died and was buried. His name was Noah Littleton and he was first married to Sarah Ford. Their children were James M. and Minnie A. His second wife was Susan McGrow or McGraw. Their children were Raymond, Sid, Albert and Dailey. I have a document stating that his father was James John Littleton. His first wife Sarah Ford and Minnie all died in Franklin Co. Sarah and Noah were also married in Yell co. I found that James M. also lived in Richland Twp., Yell Co., Ark. I have no idea where that is. Noah left his second wife and family without a trace about 1903. He was on the Census Record in Spiro, OK in 1910 living with a family named Hobbs. It could be that when he died he was buried with some of his first family in Yell Co., but so far I've not been able to locate. Is there anyone out there that could shed some light? Thanks.

Michelle Wilson 05 March 2001
I am interested in finding any information on the Wilson family. Full name Eugene Dudley (Doug) Wilson married to a Emma Ward 12/8/1903 (my grandparents) in Belleville, Arkansas. They moved to Cove, Arkansas. He worked for a sawmill near Smithville. Any Information would be helpful.

Annette Cummings 05 March 2001
I am looking for persons related to C.W. Ensey. He was living in Waveland, AR when he died in a boating accident in August of 1964. He was my Grandfather. My grandmother was Flossie Mae Holt before she married him.

Ron Hall 05 March 2001
I am trying to locate any information about James Monroe Hall. He was married to Emma McClaskey. They were the parents of my father, Nosmo Odell Hall, who was born in Yell County about 1901. Any help would be appreciated. 05 March 2001
I am looking for the family of Ernest Hanna who was an engineer on the D & R Railroad.

Ray Lammie 05 March 2001
I'm looking for anything on Lula Crowell. In 1880 she was 9 or 10 and was from Gravelly Hill, Yell County. She is my great-grandmother.

Sondra Lowrey-Weaser 22 February 2001
I am looking for any information on my great grandfather, WilliamGatlin. He married Margaret A. Scott in Yell Co. on 2/1/1874. My grandmother, Ercie (Ursey) Gatlin was born on 2/16/1875. He died soon after, for Margaret married Joseph Mitchell in 1881. I would like any information on William's death, parents, etc.

Judy 22 February 2001
I am searching for a Betty Sue Love. She would have lived in Dardanelle, Yell County, AR...and possibly Russellville, Pope County, AR. Betty was good friends of my dad, Julian Nunley. This would have been in the 1930's. My dad will soon be 81. He has asked me to find out what became of Betty. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Judy 22 February 2001
I would like to connect with the family of Ida Belle George (1878-1955). She is buried at Birta Cemetery in Yell County. She was married to J. Marion George (1868-1941). Thanks.

Donna King 22 February 2001
I am looking for living descendants of William Samuel Bowden born 1861, Pope Co., AR, d. 1948, in Yell Co. and is buried in Ringer Cemetery at Centerville. Some of his children include Mary Rhoda Louisia Bowden Mann, Nancy E. "Bettie" Bowden Wallian, Bessie Bowden West. His son, Sparlin Bowden was b. May 26, 1887, d. Dec. 15, 1963, and is buried in Ringer Cemetery. Sparlin's children are Lettie Marie, Alfred Lee, William Harvey "Bo", Arthur Garfield, Lana, Ann, Betty Lee, and Robert Lee.

Harry P. Savery 17 February 2001
Looking for info. about Alfred Savery and his wife ElizabethWright. Moved from Lancaster, PA to Chula, AR abt. 1855. Had one son William Savery...two daughters who died young. Alfred served as Justice of the Peace for a short while. Thanks for any info.

Judy 15 February 2001
I am trying to get information on an Aileen Flurry. I am "supposing" Flurry is her last name. Aileen's mother was Iris Stapp Flurry. She was Married to A.D. Flurry of Yell County/Logan County, Arkansas. A.D. Flurry is Buried at Mt. Zion in Yell County. His second wife, Iris is buried in an unmarked grave in Mt. Zion. Iris died at the age of 22. She may have died in childbirth...or gave birth to Aileen before she married A.D. Flurry. I would like to know who raised Aileen? Where has Aileen lived since the death of her mother? If anyone has any information that may help me locate Aileen..please email me. Thanks.

Darlene Chanley 15 February 2001
I am searching for any information on Jake Jones b. Aug 22, 1881; d. Oct 7, 1959; married to Etta (do not know maiden name) b. Jan 1, 1885; d. June 3, 1922. They are both buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, I believe in Dardanelle.

Jake is my G-uncle. Sisters are Rosa Ann Jones Madron (my grandma), Hannah Caroline (Carrie) Jones-Madron-Stout. I found his parents in an 1870 Rover Township, Yell County census. Their names were Jess (Jesse or Jessie) b. abt. 1840 & Hannah Jones b. abt. 1846. It listed children at that time
Mary age 4yrs
Monti Z. age 2 yrs
Emilene age 2 months
Emma age 2 months
There were other children in between these 4 & my query Jake Jones & his sisters. Thank you so much.

Janelle Diaz 15 February 2001
My father is looking for living descendents of Dr. John B. Foster who passed away around 1930. He has some important info to pass on to the family. My father knew Dr. Foster as child (about 5 yrs. old). Please respond. Thanks.

Bobbie (Cook) Larson 10 February 2001
I would like to contact someone within one of the Yell County Libraries as I am searching for a book. The title is "Lest We Forget" by Lola Person Cooper written in 1972.

Jean Ewing 03 February 2001
I am looking for the children and grandchildren of Tom and Lillie (Horn) Crawford. Lillie was born on 2-7-1893 and died on 4-7-1979. My Grandfather was born on 1-23-1889 and died on 7-29-1966.

Linda 03 February 2001
JONES - Searching for parents of Benjamin Dryden Jones (1854-1910). Benj married Mary Jane (1864-1904) Hunt (d/o Alfred & Minerva) in Yell Co. in 1880. Benj was born somewhere in Missouri. Unsure if his parents came to Yell. Benj and Mary Jane are buried in Hunts Chapel Cemetery.

Orin Rockhold 28 January 2001
I'm researching my grandfater, Alonzo Simpson born Yell Co. 4/28/1896 according to family. My question is how can I find the districts of Yell Co. in order to research federal census records? Thanks.

Brandie Coberley 21 January 2001
I am researching my family starting with Martin Downs and Nancy Vadilla Downs. I believe Martin Downs was born abt. 1848 in Dardanelle, Yell, Arkansas. Married to Nancy Vadilla Hatchett 22 Oct. 1872, Yell, Arkansas. Death about 1899. They had possibly a lot of children but I am interested in W.E. Downs (William Edward). He was born abt. 1873, Yell, Arkansas. His wife was Lilly Axley - not really sure when she was born. I know Nancy Vadilla Hatchett Downs is buried in Brearley Cemetery. I also know Martin Downs was on the voter list of Dardanelle Precinct 14 Oct. 1872. If anyone has information about any of these people it would be greatly appreciated.

Virginia Sivley 15 January 2001
My grandfather John Thomas McGann was born in the Dardanelle-Danville Area Aug. 2, 1879. His mother died from giving birth to him. No one knows her name. She was married to William Thomas McGann. Would there be a death certificate for her? Would there be any information on him or his brother Neadham. The boys were raised by a Mr. Hatcher who was a horse and mule trader in the Danville area. The father left them with Mr. Hatcher. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Kay Reed Bedford 15 January 2001
Seeking info on the Brown, Stinnet, Scott, and McBride families who were in Yell Co. in the 1840's. Am particularly interested in a Wm. Scott, b. 1782 NC, wife Celia Conn who were in Duchess Creek Twp. on the 1850 census. Did this Wm. have a brother John, b. 1780 NC who first m. Catherine Anderson, then Elizabeth Stinnet Brown in 1847? William's son Nathaniel, b. 1817 m. Louisa Jane McBride, dau. of Hugh McBride, b. ca. 1795. Was Hugh from Lawrence Co., AL? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Virginia Sivley 15 January 2001
I have a picture of my great great grandfather that has the name John Thomas McGann, Sr. Dardanelle, Arkansas on the back of it. The name John was marked out and William was written above it. Do you have any information on any McGanns in the Dardanelle area. There is no date and no other identification. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Tracey Ellen Owens 15 January 2001
I am looking for any information on John Mitchell and Frances Priest Mitchell. They were the parents of Ellen Jane Mitchell (26 Oct 1874 ? 13 Aug 1965) who married John Henry "Bud" Williams (1850-1930). I believe that Granny Ellen and Grandpa Bud were both born and lived their entire lives on Dutch Creek. Grandpa Bud and Granny Ellen are both buried in Egypt Cemetery. I had thought John and Frances Mitchell would be buried in the Mitchell Family Cemetery, but they are not listed. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I would like any info on John Henry "Bud" Williams. I believe he is the son of Joel Williams (Feb. 1810 - January 21, 1876) and Caroline Owens Williams (8 Jan 1830 - 17 Jan 1876), but I cannot confirm this. I would be interested in learning anything about Joel Williams and when he came to Dutch Creek and who his parents were. He was a Mason. Both he and Caroline Owens Williams (the daughter of Belitha and Susan Ragsdale Owens of Humphreys County, Tennessee and the brother of Jared "Major" Owens who married Mary Terry) are buried in Egypt Cemetery. Thanks!

Bob Zaha 04 January 2001
Looking for information on Thomas Wilson, b. April 1873 who married Cynthia Wiley August 1890 in Greyridge, Missouri. Cynthia later married a Mangram from the same area. I have little or no information for Thomas Wilson. I know Cynthia Wiley had adopted out her brother James Newton Wiley. James and Cynthia's parents were Samuel Wiley and Martha Barber. Any one who has information on any of the above please contact us.

Judy 04 January 2001
I am searching for information on my GGrandfather, John Henry Austin. He was born in 1846, supposedly in Mississippi. He died in 1908 in Birta, Yell County, Arkansas. John Henry Austin served in the Spanish American War. I was told of a book that lists information about the men who served in the war. It is called "Arkansas' Spanish American War Soldiers." If anyone has the book and can do a look up...I'd really appreciate it! I know he was married to a Susan M.?, a Tennia Johnson, and a Mary (Mollie) Watkins. John Henry Austin had two sons: Arthur and Bedford. Both sons lived in or near Rover, Arkansas. John and Mollie had a daughter named Willie Lee Austin, my Grandmother, in 1900, Casa, Arkansas. Any help will be much appreciated in locating my descendants. Thanks.

Lisa 28 December 2000
I am looking for information on Alvin William Bottoms. He was born in 1885 in Arkansas and he was a farmer. His wife's name was Rhoda Bevel. She was born in 1890 in Illinois. They lived in Danville at some point. They had a daughter named Wilma Lavelle, she later changed her name to Joan. I know that they had at least one other daughter. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Barbara Barnes 28 December 2000
Looking for info on Dr. Tom Pool in Yell Co. until 1940's. His mother Rebecca was living with him in 1910 census. Any info on Rebecca or Dr. Tom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ken Baker 28 December 2000
Baker, William Gilford b. 7/24/1874 Yell County; son of William Jackson, b. 7/17/1842 MS (W. Jackson Baker and father James A. both fought Civil War out of Montgomery County). Looking for any Baker from Yell Co.

Jason Jones 28 December 2000
I am requesting parental information on Essie Trantham Born: 22 Oct 1912 in Yell County. If possible, could you also send me the parents birth dates? Thank you.

Mark W. Donner 28 December 2000
I have many lines in Yell County, two of which are Grist and Vinsett (Vinesett). One relative was Noah Hosea Grist who married 1st to Evaline Vinsett on Jan 23, 1874 in Havana by Judge J.B. Edington JP, Book A, page 385. I am related to both of these lines. I know how I am related to Noah Grist, however Evaline is proving to be a mystery. Could someone help figure out who her parents are and thus solve (part) of this problem? She most likely goes back to John C. Vinsett, but how? Thank you for your kind attention.

June Griffith 12 December 2000
I am trying to locate the parents of M.G. Catlett, who I think came from GA. M.G. is on the Tax Roll 1873. Thanks.

Danny Williams 12 December 2000
Trying to find info on Benjamin Rufus Fisher who married Lessi May Walls on Sept. 20, 1894 near Steve, Yell Co., Ark. He died April 26, 1955 of hardening of the arteries and kidney poisoning. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Wagoner, April 28, 1955.

Children of Benjamin Rufus Fisher and Lessi May (Walls) Fisher:
Mary Ethel Fisher, born Oct. 17, 1895 near Steve, Yell Co., Ark. Died Sept 3, 1949.
Joseph Amaziah Fisher, born Feb. 3, 1897 near Steve, Yell Co., Ark. Died Mar 5, 1948 near Wagoner, OK
Benjamin Clifford Fisher born Aug. 17, 1899 near Steve, Yell Co., Ark. Died Nov. 7, 1948 Wagoner, OK
Kenneth Eugene Fisher born Feb. 11, 1902 at Appleby, Nacogdoches Co., TX. Died Mar 21, 1949 Wagoner, OK
Ruby Ophelia Fisher born Jan. 3, 1905 in Grandview, Johnson Co., TX.
Edith Grace born July 23, 1909 in Hobart, OK.
Francis Abbie Fisher born Feb. 12 1911, near Tipton, OK.

Pat 12 December 2000
My grandfather was Reason Rainwater, buried at Aly Cemetery. His wife Arilda or Elrida Jane Elders is the person I am trying to find. Any help is appreciated.

Kenneth Inman 12 December 2000
I am researching my maternal grandparents R.A. (Robert Andrew) Venable who married Iris Jane Hawkins in Yell County in 1887. My mother Opal Edna Venable was born in 1903 and her death certificate lists Whitney, Arkansas as her birthplace. I would like to obtain a copy of the marriage license, if one exists, but do not know where to send this request. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Douglas G. Frame 28 November 2000
Seeking information regarding Anna Frame, daughter of Robert M. and Sarah M. Frame of Yell County AR. She married Lester Boss prior to 1910. No other information is known regarding Anna or Anne. All information regarding Anna or Lester would be greatly appreciated. 28 November 2000
I'm trying to find information on my great grandparents. John W.F. Walker and Dora (Gilmore) Walker. Dora died in Dardanelle in 1931 and I don't know what happened to John Walker after. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 10 November 2000
I'm looking for information on Louisa Elizabeth McDonough (nee Stephenson) who, according to family records, is buried in Cottontown Cemetery in Yell County. However, I can not find Cottontown Cemetery in the list of cemeteries in this county. She died on June 5th, 1886. Any information on her or the Cemetery would be appreciated.

Michael L. Jobe 10 November 2000
I am looking for any information on Aaron Jobe. I have some data from the 1870 census:
Dardanelle Township
p. 545
Aaron JOBE, 48, TN, farmer
Martha Ellen, 32
George M., 17, MS, from Aaron's 1st wife
Elizabeth K. RICE, 10, ARK, from Martha's 1st husband
Thomas W. Jobe, 2, ARK
Can anyone supply an actual copy of this document? I would greatly appreciate any information on this family line. Aaron Jobe is my gr. gr. grandfather.

Renita Eubanks McDaniel 05 November 2000
I am seeking information on my husband's great grandmother Amanda Jane McDaniel. It's said that she had lived with a John Long and his wife following the tragic death of her father and two brothers from bushwackers back in 1861. I would like to find out where Amanda Jane McDaniel is buried at or any other information one might have. Thank you.

Jack W. Yarbrough 02 November 2000
I am looking for information on (Jack) A.C. Walker born Mar 8th 1891, I think in Centerville, AR. A.C. stands for Aulder Cornelius. He was married to Ethna Harris and lived just across bridge from Dardanelle, in yellow brick ranch home. He had a daughter Bettye Lee who went to school in Dardanelle. I am looking for his parents, for my genealogy. I think they lived at Centerville, and possibly buried at Mt. George Cemetery. He had a brother named Seth, I think born Oct 1900, and a few sisters. Maybe his parents would be on Census report in 1880 or 1890 for sure on 1900. Any info on any family would be appreciated, also his sisters and relations.

K. McMinn 02 November 2000
I am searching for the widow of James R. McMinn about 1875 to 1889. Sarah Corn McMinn remarried after James died. If anyone has any information or the marriage date, I would really appreciate a response.

Bob Fowler 31 October 2000
I am looking for any information on the Sullivant family. I would also like to find out where the community they lived in, Spring Creek Township, is located. I have information on this family and would like to find others who can shed some additional light! Please contact me if you have information or if you are looking for information regarding the Sullivant family of Yell County.

Sharon Hammond Cords 28 October 2000
Seeking any information on Dan Hammond, s/o Elijah B. and Sallie (McWilliams) Hammond. Born 1881 and died about 1940 in Dardanelle, Yell Co., AR. Dan is listed in the Conway Co. Cemetery book as being buried in an "unmarked" grave in Plumerville Cemetery, Plumerville, Conway Co., AR. Who gave this information to the Conway Co. Genealogical Society? Records show he died in Dardanelle, Yell Co. AR. Thank you in advance for any insight that received.

Barbara Hale Reynolds 28 October 2000
Pullen Family
My 2nd great grandparents were Dr. James "Jim" H. Pullen and Eva J. Unknown. According to census records, Eva was born in Pennsylvania in 1864. Jim was born in Arkansas March 31, 1858. Their daughter Myrtle Mae was my great grandmother. She married Edgar Royal Jones. Edgar was the son of Levi B. Jones and Mary Elizabeth Griffith. I have a funeral card for Jim and Eva's daughter Myrtle Mae Pullen Jones, which shows she had at least four sisters: Nita who married Tom Daniel; Ollie who married Mr. Howell; Bessie who married Mr. Van Dover; and Marjory who married Mr. Dixon.

I found on a Yell County list of cemeteries an entry for Jim & Eva in Sandlin Cemetery, which gave their birth and death dates. It also listed their infant daughter Vera. I also found on this same list Bessie, her husband M. Arch Van Dover; Marjory and her husband M.E. Dixon and three of their children: Melvin Ernest, Janette, and Jack. There was alsoan entry for Olive Howell and Thomas W. Howell and I wonder if Ollie was a nickname for Olive.

Dr. Pullen owned 1/2 interest in a drug store, owned a plantation and Eva ran a boarding house in Yell County (possibly in Ola). They had a black cook named Della whose specialty was pies. Their daughters were given piano and organ lessons, taught to be fine seamstresses and good cooks.

If anyone has any further information on this family, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.

Sherri Higgins Clark 28 October 2000
My great grandfather Jason Woodville Higgins and his wife Frances Emmeline Anderson lived in Belleville, Yell Co., AR. My grandfather Claude Estes Higgins, his sisters Lillie Mae and Dovie Alice Higgins were also born there. I am told that Jason owned the whole town of Belleville, all 5 buildings. He also owned a grist mill, a blacksmith shop, a livery stable and horses. He owned an orangutan and an elephant. Are there any pictures of these businesses? Where do I find any information on this? I also would like to find my grandfather's birth certificate. Where do I need to look? Thank you.

Lisa 28 October 2000
I am looking for info on my grandmother who was born in Yell County. Her name was Minnie Belle Walker born ca. 1895-1899. We are trying to track John Thomas Walker her father. After my grandmother was born they moved to Okla., where my ggrandmother died and shortly thereafter the girls orphaned. We do not know where he came from but do think his father's name is William. Thanks.

Bob Thompson 05 October 2000
Looking for any info on Uriah Thompson listed as a farmer, 51 years old in 1868, in the Spring Creek Precinct.

Barbara Hale Reynolds 01 October 2000
Looking for information on Henrietta E. Hutchinson "Etta", born 1856 in Alabama. She married Henry W. Duncan. Henry was the son of Elijah Duncan and Amanda Church. Both Etta (died March 1925) and Henry (died October 1921) are buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Yell County. Etta was the sister of my 2nd great-grandmother Priscilla Emmarine Hutchinson Johnson. Any information would be appreciated.

I'm also looking for Margaret Louisa Priest (born about 1846) who married 1) Jack Tate (possibly Amos Jackson Tate) and then 2) Mont Hutchinson (possibly Henry M. Hutchinson). Louisa was the daughter of Samuel Priest.

Other surnames: Hale, James, Jones, Pullen 01 October2000
I posted a query regarding my grandparents Estill Abner McBride and Mary Elizabeth Williamson were married, I think, in Yell County but can find no record of their marriage in abt. 1906. They were the parents of my father Roy Washington McBride. I still would like information on McBrides. While reading the previous queries I saw that IreneAnderson, May 13, 2000 was asking about Pete Rosco Holstead and Ida Bell Delk. I do have some information regarding them. Rhonda Hawkins, June 1997 was asking about Francis Elizabeth Biggs who was born in 1866, Dardanelle, AR. Eliza Twiddle Biggs married Pete Rosco Holstead having the 4 daughters abt. 1880. There is a Searcy County, AR history for Holstead on the web site. Thanks!

Nancy Misenheimer 01 October 2000
Looking for Kindrick/Kendrick researchers who can tell me who the William Kendrick is on the marriage records of Yell Co. He married Nora Heflin in 1881 in Yell Co., but think he is of the Stone Co., AR Kendricks. Thanks so much.

Linda (Wade) White 26 September 2000
I am looking for information on a William G. Brown. He married Rebecca A. Adams in Yell Co., AR on 3/19/1894. Rebecca was born in Yell Co. abt. 1876. Her parents are James Henry and Martha J. (Walls) Adams. Her father was from Grundy Co., TN. I would like to talk to anyone that can help me. If you are researching the surname Brown in Yell Co., AR please see if you have a William G. in your families. Will share any information I have on my Adams families. Thanks.

D.H. Drum 26 September 2000
Hi, I am looking for information on a James David Hampton, or just James D. Hampton who lived in Arkansas, possibly in Yell County, somewhere between 1920 and 1929. He had an aunt there, Millie M. Hampton Rector wife of James Bennett Rector. They had 8 children who lived and died there: Lara Jane, Rachel Elizabeth, Robert Lee, Nora Florence, George Leonard, Clara Bell, Charles Lenis, Joseph Jefferson. Any info on James David Hampton is welcome. He is said to have had two sons while there. Thanks.

Michael Vines 26 September 2000
My father is James J. Vines. He lives in Mountain Home now. I have a brother that lives in Ola and one that lives in Plainview. I also have one sister that lives in Oklahoma City and another that lives outside of Conway. I have lost all of my old photos. I am looking for old photo albums from 1969 to 1985 that have the Vines family in them. My email address is: Please contact me if you have them -or- know some one who has them -or- if you just have a story you would like to share about me -or- any of the Vines. 15 September 2000
I am researching my family and am searching for any information on Jake Jones b. 22 Aug 1881, d. 7 Oct 1959, married to Etta (don't know the maiden name) b. 1 Jan 1885, d. 3 Jun 1922. Both are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Dardanelle, Arkansas. I am looking for any descendants of this marriage union also. Jake is my g-uncle, his sister Rosa Ann Jones Madron (born in Yell County) was my grandmother, also another sister, Carrie Jones-Madron-Stout. Possibly a brother Elmore Jones. I got a lead that his fathers' name may be Pinkham B. Jones, but can't verify that (he would be my g-grandfather). Can anyone familiar with Dardanelle help me out? Or tell me how to go about finding the information on my own? I've come against a wall. Thank you.

Ben Cooper 15 September 2000
Looking for relatives of Paralee Brown. She married William H. Spellings 08-21-1881 in Danville. William's first wife, Susan "Jane", was buried in the Russell Cemetery near Bellville, ca. 1880. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

K. Street 10 September 2000
I am looking for information on my great-great-grandfather Guy Moss (born 1872, died 1913 in Birmingham, AL), married to Martha Jane Smith (born 1869, died 1953), whose daughter was Ida Mae Moss (born 1896, died 1922). All three are buried in New Bethel Cemetery, Yell County, AR. The 1868 Yell County Voter's List has 2 Mosses listed: W.A. Moss, age 30, and A. Moss, age 21. Is there perhaps a connection? If anyone has information on Guy Moss, I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

Nelda Inman 10 September 2000
Looking for parents of g-g-grandmother Hester Ball. She was living with a family named Spillers in the 1850 census, Yell Co. Married my g-g-grandfather Joe Inman in Yell County in 1853. Family moved to Missouri after the Civil War.

Joe Mercer 4 September 2000
Looking for 2 G-G-Uncles. Actual Name is Messer later changed to Mercer. Louis Bryant Murcer b. 1850 Tippah Co., MS. 5-11-1895 given 160 acre land grant in Yell Co. Lafave Dist. Believed to have died there. Wife Martha "Mat"; kids, Wesley, Mary, George, William & Zella. From 1880 Yell Census. His brother Franklin Mercer might have lived with him. Unable to find death dates.

Kim 4 September 2000
I am researching my great-grandmother Clara Elizabeth Phillips, b. Yell County, AR, possibly in Rover, 1893. Parents unknown. Brother Tom was a postal Worker. Sister Mary moved to Louisiana married Joseph Johnson in 1913 who was there to build bridges.

Sharon L. (Fite) Holland 4 September 2000
My great-grandfather, great-grandmother, great-step grandfather, and many more are buried in Yell County. I need help locating them. I think I just found one of them in the Atkins Cemetery Listing. Her name was Elizabeth Atkins. I would love to find more of her family.

My great-grandfather, Marcus Lafayette Fite, is buried there in Yell County somewhere. I need some help locating him. My great-grandmother Martha Jane Nix Fite married a Jones after Lafayette Fite died. I need help finding her. Her grandmother was Elizabeth Atkins. Isham Nix and Martha Ann Atkins were her parents. Thank you.

Pat Dawson 4 September 2000
Barry/Dawson Connections - In the Yell Co. Community Descriptions I find reference to 'Arkansas Valley Cotton Oil Company' in Dardanelle. H.L. Wilson, pres. and J.K. Barry, Sec. Was the year 1842 or later? Does anyone know anything about this company? I am particularly interested in finding more information for J.K. Barry. I am searching for more information on Andrew Barry and Chrissy Barry Summers who are found on the 1910 Census on Chickalah Mt. Road. Andrew is listed as the head of the household a single man, age 48, Chrissy is the sister, widowed, age 42. Also in the household were nephew and family J. Wister Dawson. I believe that James Wister was the son of Laura Barry Dawson, who married J.W. Dawson in March 1886. All three of the Barry siblings were born in MS. According to the Censusboth the father and mother of Andrew and Chrissy were born in NC.

Could Chrissy be a nickname for Christine? I found George R. Summers born 1870 died 25 Aug 1900 of Wyandotte Co. KS in the Mt. Springs Cemetery. Could he be the deceased husband of Chrissy?

If you have any information for these Barrys or Dawsons, I would be very grateful for your help. Thanks!

Nancy King 4 September 2000
I am looking for information on McMinns in Yell County. My grandfather was Auburn Hugh born July 24, 1900. By word of mouth I am told his parents were Seth Thomas and Nancy Marlow. I have found some information on a Samuel T. that married a Nannie Marler 1978, could this be his parents? I have not found the names of their children yet. Auburn's brothers and sisters were Ethel, Annie, George, Monroe, Lee and Minnie. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Charles Hobbs 4 September 2000
I have files that show that my great-grandfather moved his family into Riley Twsp. circa 1835-1840. His name was John I. Finch, wife Elizabeth Hood. John I. Finch passed away and Elizabeth Hood remarried to JessieGatlin. Can anyone tell me if they have any connection to John I. Finch or per chance know the date of his death and where buried.

Neecee 4 September 2000
I am looking for information on the families of Allen and Amanda (Buckner) Ross. They are supposed to be buried in Plainview, Arkansas. They are my great-great-grandparents. They had six children. Order uncertain. Any info would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

1. Frank Ross
2. George Ross
3. Lucien Ross (spelling uncertain)
4. Albert Ross
5. Grace Ross (married a Burnett or Barnett)
6. Mandy Ross (married a Hicks)

Hugh L. Green 4 September 2000
Can someone tell me the date the Salem Cemetery was established? It is the cemetery near the Kingston community. Thanks.

Faye 4 September 2000
I am going for descendants of Charles "Charlie" N. Meyers who lived in Dardanelle in 1880 census. His wife was C.C. Meyers. Any descendants of these folks out there?

Reginia Winn 13 August 2000
Would the person that did Dacus Cemetery, please check for Mandie Melvina Jones or possibly Wallace. She is supposed to be buried there but did not find her. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sam Dickens 13 August 2000 - New e-address needed!
Does anyone know where Londy Evaline (Woodall) Wilson or her husband George is buried? I strongly suspect that one or both of them are buried at the Riley Creek Cemetery in an unmarked grave. I have been told by a funeral home director that the state of AR started keeping burial records in 1914. Now, can anyone suggest to me who I might see or where I might go to inquire about those records? Thanks.

Gina Finch 13 August 2000
I'm looking for a James Smith, possibly from Yell Co. He is somehow connected to my great grandmother Sarah Rebecca Smith who married James M. Rackley and lived in Coal Hill, Johnson Co. I'm looking for the parents and siblings of Sarah. Is James Smith a possible nephew or cousin? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 13 August 2000
Estill Abner McBride and Mary Elizabeth Williamson were married about 1906 in AR, probably Yell County. Estell Abner McBride was born February 27, 1888 in Havana, Yell County, AR (or that is what I've been told.) Can't find anything on their marriage license so would like more information on Estell Abner McBride if anyone should know. They had Roy Washington McBride (my father) Jonie Richard, Bessie Mae (still alive), Tony E. McBride, Tessie Luverne McBride. I have information on all the above is anyone should need or want. Thank you!

Homer Cain 05 August 2000
Seeking information on the family and descendants of Mollie F. (Cain) and Thomas Allison, who were married in Yell County, Arkansas on March 13, 1886. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Billie Boyd 05 August 2000
Wyatt Holmes Burt married Y.L. "Jane" Hatfield on February 1, 1880. They were the parents of three children:
Elzy Francis (Frank) Burt - b. November 17, 1880
Eurie Floyd Burt - b. August 25, 1882
Lillian Burt - b. January 6, 1885
Jane Hatfield Burt, and two children, Eurie Floyd and Lillian died. Wyatt Holmes Burt then married Phoebe Catherine Malone, my grandmother, in 1888.

I would like to know the name of Y.L. (Jane) Hatfield and the names of her parents and siblings. Also, what happened to Jane and her two children and where they are buried. Would appreciate any information. I have some information on the surviving child, Elzy Francis (Frank) Burt, who moved to Texas with the rest of the family in the late 1890's.

Stephanie 30 July 2000
I am looking for a George and Bertha Lena Wood - brother and sister. I have been unable to locate any links to this George. He was to have had two sons - One named Gene or Eugene. George either ended up in or around Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

Bertha Lena b. May 29, 1891 Dardanelle, Yell Co., AR, married last name Dorey. Ended up in Poteau, Oklahoma.

Mark Wieser 22 July 2000
I am searching for information on Lucas Wieser of Dardanelle - stonemason - died 1916 - came to Dardanelle in 1872 - Born Baden, Germany. Married Sophia, sons Frank and Herman - Naming my soon to be born son after Lucas - Hoping for info/photo.

Donna Wilson-Chism 22 July 2000
This is not about any person or family but I do have a question. Can anyone tell me about this Peidemont Academy that was located in Gravelly (Gravelly Hill), Yell County, Arkansas. Also can anyone let me know more about this wonderful small town where my grandmother is still living at. Thank you.

Judy L. Rodgers 22 July 2000
Andrew Jackson Sturch died January 18, 1863 in Dardanelle, Yell Co., Arkansas. I'm trying to find his burial place. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Carol Livingston Hudson 22 July 2000
Hiram E. Livingston married Martha J. Pigg Aug. 15, 1867. They supposedly had two daughters. One girl was named Labelia and I don't know the sister's name. They may have had 3-4 girls and one boy. Hiram was working in Yell Co. as a carpenter. Can anyone add to this info. Any and all info greatly appreciated. Thanks.

David Martin 09 July 2000
J.W. Reavis and Marcina Cornelius married in Yell Co., 1880; lived there until his death after 1900. They lived in the Rover area. Their children were
1. Alice Reavis m. John Henry Baggs
2. Walter Hop Reavis
3. Florence Mae Reavis m. William David Baggs of Montgomery Co., AR
4. Daughter m. Clymer
5. Annie Reavis m. Bert Shoemake
6. Pat Reavis
7. Argie Reavis
8. Geretrude Reavis m. Will Tucker
Maricena died in Cotton Co. Oklahoma at the home of daughter Florence Mae (Reavis) Baggs, 1916; buried in Scott Oak, AR. J.W. Reavis buried at Rover, Yell Co., AR, beside two sons Pat and Argie. James William Reavis was the son of David Reavis of Moore Co., TN. Maricina was the daughter of W.A. Cornelius of Yell Co., AR

Donna Chisholm 09 July 2000
I am looking for information on the Hall and McFarland families. William Henry Hall, born around 1845, married Louise McFarland. They were in Yell County in 1889. They had a set of twins Claud and Maud, born July 2, 1889. There were also 3 other children: Morgan born around 1800, Jimmy and another daughter named Ellie. The twins were the youngest. Any information would be appreciated.

Linda Pollock 09 July 2000
I have located my great Aunt Katherine Scarbrough Ensey on the 1920 Census, Yell Co., Dutch Creek. It shows her age as 48. Her children's names were Ray 18, Lawlea 16, Manuel 15, Marion 13, Alexander 9, Ellor 6. I am searching for information as to anyone that knows this family or any of them. I would like to hear from them or about them. I would appreciate any help in communicating with her children and families. Thanks.

Debbie B. Wheeler 09 July 2000
John William Wilkerson aka J.W. Wilkerson b. 1856 MS, d. 1935. Married: Lula E. Parker b. 1880 ?AL, d. 1956. They were married in OK, lived and raised all children in Rover/Plainview, AR (Yell County). Lula is 5/8 Cherokee Indian. Would like any previous info on Wilkersons or Parkers. I have list of children which includes my grandfather.

Anne Palmer 09 July 2000
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, Nina Jacoway. I have a good bit of info on the Jacoways, but very little on Nina herself. I think that she was the daughter of a William Jacoway, who lived in Yell County. She may have married a Charles Smith. I also think that she may have died at a fairly young age, during the flu epidemic (c. 1916-1920?). Any information on Nina, or the Jacoways in general, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Janet Masters 09 July 2000
My ggrandfather Aaron V. Davis was born in TN abt. 1832. I have just received information that he died somewhere in Yell County, Arkansas. He is listed on the Perry County (Galla Creek) census as A.B. Davis. My ggrandmother'sheadstone reads "Wife of Aaron V. Davis". He is missing from the 1900 Census and the last time he shows up is here.
1880 Perry Co., AR
A.B. Davis age 47 b. TN
Kirish age 25 wife b. KY
John age 20 b. AR
Thomas age 15 b. MO
Leaner age 13 (female) b. MO
George Ann age 10 b. MO (female)
Mary E. age 9 b. MO
Nancie age 7 b. MO
Van Dalson age 3 b. AR
Charley age 2 b. AR
When did Aaron die and where is he buried? Thank you. 09 July 2000
Seeking information on a Winter or Winters family in Yell Co. in 1880's. Father's name is John Thomas Winter/Winters and wife's name is Parlee Jane Thomas Winter/Winters. In the 1880 census they are listed with daughter Mary, age 3, and were from Alabama. My grandmother Maggie Augusta Winter/Winters was born in Ola, Arkansas in 1894 and married a local boy named Eugene Partin. The Winter/Winters family must have lived there off and on because some of their 9 children were born there and others in Oklahoma. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Charles V. Williams 09 July 2000
I am interested in discovering anything about my great-grandfather Hiram A. Williams. He is shown in the 1880 Yell County Federal Census page 61. He was from the state of Alabama and born circa 1846. His then wife was Roxy (or Roxanna) Tittle born circa 1848 from the state of Mississippi and daughter of Samuel Tittle. I would like any information available, more particularly who his father was (upline information).

Ed Cain 09 July 2000
I am looking for information on the date of death and burial place of Carmen Kansas Cain. I believe she died in 1903 or 1904. She was married to Hector Valentine Cain and their house was located in Yell County next to the Scott County line.

Anita Knox 09 July 2000
Looking for info on John C. Parker b. 22 Oct 1861; d. 25 Mar 1911; buried Danville Cemetery, Yell Co., AR; married 1. Delpha Sophronia Roach b. 30 Dec 1862, Chester, IL; d. 7 Mar 1901; buried Danville Cemetery, Yell Co., AR. (Parents: James Madison Roach and Matilda H. Pope)
Children of John and Delpha
1. Maggie Mae Parker b. 7 Mar 1886; d. 11 Jun 1966, Idabel, McCurtain Co., OK; married a (Ben) Parish
2. Ira b. abt. 1887-1890; d. abt. 1926-1930 Yell Co. or surrounding co.'s in a hospital; married 1. Martha Rose Worsham, 2. Emra Stinson
3. Mary Alice b. 12 Jun 1891, Grant Co. AR; d. Mar 1967, Yell Co., AR; married 1. Floyd Bledsaw, 2. Milas Weldon
4. Martha Annie b. 20 Apr 1892, Cottontown, Yell Co., AR; d. 2 Jan 1933, Henietta, TX; married Herbert R. Reich
5. Charles Eber b. 19 Mar 1896, Cottontown, Yell Co., AR; d. 9 Mar 1952, CA; married Emmer Stinson
6. George C. b. 2 Jan 1898, Cottontown, Yell Co., AR; d. 17 Mar 1913; buried Danville Cemetery, Yell Co., AR

John's 2nd wife was Cynthia Leetter Parkinson
their child, Calvin Elcaney b. 14 Jun 1904, Danville, Yell Co., AR; d. 23 Dec 1963, CA

Any info on these family members would be appreciated:

Donald Nathan Biggs 20 June 2000
I am looking for any info on Kindred Nathan Biggs b. Sept. 19, 1896, where unknown, d. June 1983 in Ola. I need to know his brothers, sisters, mother, father and any other relatives before him.

Tom Harris 20 June 2000
I am interested in any information on a Dr. Linzy that was a doctor in Plainview in the 1800's.

Eva Breshears 20 June 2000
Trying to get information on cemeteries in the Onyx area. My GGrandfather supposedly is buried there. Name was Ed Breshears or some derivative of that. Died in 1905. Thanks.

Lisa McDonald 10 June 2000
I am looking for information on the McDonald and Elmore families of Belleville, AR. My grandfather Lonnie Cecil McDonald married Wahneta Elmore abt. 1923. His parents: W.M. McDonald and Tempie Killion. Her parents: Bartley Coleman Elmore and Nellie Haney. Have virtually no info -- anything would be appreciated.

Scharlett Golden 08 June 2000
I am looking for the families of my great-grandparents Nancy M. Burnett/Barnett? and William B. Walker. Grandma was born on 12/03/1848, d. 09/05/1933. Grandpa was born 01/12/1849, d. 08/22/1900. Both are Cherokee or part Cherokee. Grandma was from Dardanelle and we think Grandpa came from Missouri. They have 6 children that I know of: Four sons: Yance William b. 04/15/1869, d. 01/15/1925; Hugh (no dates on stone); Jonie Washington b.06/22/1887, d. 04/05/1969 and Herbert Walker. Two daughters: Molly Walker Todd b. 1872, d. 1939 and Ada Walker Stocky b. 03/20/1877, d. 02/24/1964. All are buried at the Alleene, AR cemetery with the exception of Herbert, he is buried in Ashdown, AR. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Nancy Burrough 08 June 2000
I am searching for the daughters of Samuel and Sarah Van Devender Tittle: My great-grandmother, Mexico "Mexie" Tittle Dacus had 6 sisters. All seven of the daughters were born in Mississippi. Five daughters are confirmed on the 1860 (Attala County, MS) census and according to later records, two more were born within the next two years. By 1880, 5 of the sisters had made their way to Yell County, AR, apparently without their parents. Their names:

Roxana "Roxy" Tittle Williams b. 1853 MS (spouse: Hiram Alphonse Williams) b. 1846 AL

Samuella "Ella" Tittle Guest b. 1856 MS (spouse: George B. Guest) b. 1843 TN residing in Wilson Township

Florence Tittle Austin b. 1863 MS (spouse: Charles E. Austin) b. 1858 IL residing in Dardanelle Township

Mexico "Mexie" Tittle Dacus b. 1857 MS (spouse: Hezekiah Dacus) b. 1855 AR

Jemmie Tittle b. 1861 MS (unmarried in 1880, living with sister Roxy Williams)

I just "lose" all of the above, except great-grandma Mexie, after 1880. Any clues would be much appreciated.

Pat 03 June 2000
Dacus/George/Partin/Sloan/Winters: I am seeking any information and especially pictures and documents about: Candace "Kansas" George b: 1862 in AR to 1936 (Dacus Cemetery). Her parents were Wm.P. & Lueiz (Dacus) George. Kansas married Ben F. Partin b: 1856 to 1895 (Dacus Cemetery) (Don't know where or when they married). They had children, one named Eugene B. Partin b: 1889 to 1981. He was born and died in Yell Co. He married Maggie Winters b: 1894 in Ola, AR to 1988 in CA. They had 6 children, some born in AR and some in OK. I am Eugene and Maggie's granddaughter. When Ben died, "Kansas" married someone named Sloan (SP) and had two sons, Hobart and Rosco. Maggie Winters' family is listed in the 1880 Yell Co Census:
Winters, John 27, farm laborer, AL AL AL
Jane, 21, wife, AL AL AL
Mary, 3, dau, AL
They had about 9 children, some died at infancy: William Dow, Ira Clarence, Ben Franklin, Johnny, Sidney Alexander, Mary Lou Verma, Robert Noel. I do have some pictures I would gladly share, they are in bad shape but you can make most of them out. Thanks, Pat

Betty Clowers Price 03 June 2000
I am looking for information on the Abernathy, Clowers, Moffett families in Yell County. Thank you!

Betty Rupe Reddy 03 June 2000
I am looking for information on my father, Earl Rupe who was born in Danville, Arkansas in 1901. I believe he started to school at Chalybeate Springs in about 1907. I have learned that there is a photograph of all students in the school taken in 1907. I am very interested in obtaining a copy of this picture, and any other information on the Rupe family.

Ted and Diane Edwards 03 June 2000
My great-grandmother was Mary Elizabeth (Allen) Smith who was born 1868 and died 1957, her husband, my great-grandfather was John Boyce Smith. My father John Boyce Benefield was named for him. I can't find a cemetery record for John Boyce Smith. Could it be the one listed in Mt. Zion Cemetery as John Bosie Smith son of J.N? Is there any other information on this John Bosie Smith other than born 9/9/1862 and died 11/25/24? Like who was his wife? Who were his parents? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Carol Vaughn Spencer 25 May 2000
Mansel Lafayette Vaughn and Lucinda Barnett were married in March 1899 in Dardanelle, AR. She was born 10/11/1873. His birthdate is 1/2/1862. I have information on Mansel, but none on Lucinda (Lou). She had Native American ancestry. Any information would be helpful.

Margie Buckmaster 25 May 2000
Could anyone please tell me if there is a book out or anything online about Mt. Pleasant Cemetery at Waltreak, Arkansas? I'm trying to locate it as an ancestor of ours is supposed to be buried there. His name is Silas Ray and died in December of 1906.

Marty Adcock 25 May 2000
I am looking for any information on George Washington Hefner and Delilah Morrison Hefner. Delilah died in 1900 in Carden Bottom, Yell Co. George Washington then married Mrs. Emily C. Robey. He died in 1909 in Carden Bottom, Yell Co. I have not been able to find where George and Delilah are buried. Any help would be appreciated. I know that they belonged to the Missionary Baptist Church. Thanks!

Kim Callan 22 May 2000
I'm searching for any information on William Alexander Callan m. Mary Alsie Tillman. They had 4 children. One was born in Dardanelle (Olen B. Callan 23 Sept 1904 with a midwife in attendance-Lillian Marie Ryburn). William was born in CA in 1872 and Mary was born in CA in 1874. Of the 4 children, there were two living in 1904, including Olen. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Carole Hutchings 20 May 2000
J. Alfred Evans and Rebecca White were married in 1864 in KY. They had Tom, Mary Emma, Romulous, Prince Albert, Rebecca Jane and Dimmet. They moved to AR and are found in the 1880 census of Crawford County. In the 1900 census, Prince Albert and his first wife, Harriet Wardlaw and their family are found in the Wilson Township of Yell County. Mary Emma married Jess George, and they are buried in the Mt. George Cemetery. So are Prince Albert and Harriet. Rebecca Jane married Caz Pickens, and I have no more information on her. Dimmet married Lettie Johnson (later, she married Prince Albert when he was a widower). If you have info about some of these families, please contact me.

Robert Bowman 20 May 2000
Mary Jane "Mollie" Collum born 1855 Madison Co., MS and died 1897 in Yell Co., AR was married to William Theodore Stevenson. Her second husband might have been an Indian from Yell Co., AR and a child born, Tommie Avora Stevenson b. 1891. When mother died, the little girl was sent to Mississippi to live with her Pennington uncle. Any help on this will be appreciated. 15 May 2000
Searching for Henry Green Bingaman Family, b. 1841; d. 1893, MO; m. Sarah E. Children:
Nannie E. b. 1881, AR; d. 1965, MO
Lula b. 1884
Sherman b. 1886; d. 1891, MO
Lara b. 1887
Moved to Bly, Mo. prior to 1891. He was in Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Need parents of Henry and Sarah and places of birth.

Irene Anderson 13 May 2000
I need proof of by grandparents' marriage. My grandparents were Pete Rosco Holsted and Ida Bell Delk. They were married in Yell County in 1901. I cannot find and records to prove this.

Linda Beauchamp 13 May 2000
Found a listing in the cemetery records for L.E. Shipley, 18 Mar 1853 - 7 Mar 1890, in the Bluffton Cemetery. I believe this may be my g-grandmother "Lizzie" Elizabeth Shipman who, according to family oral history, was buried under the name Shipley as her husband, Allen McElmurry "Mack" Shipman, was in trouble for selling liquor to Indians. Allen and Lizzie had a daughter, Alice, who married Lon Carpenter. Among the Carpenters buried at Bluffton Cemetery are James A. Carpenter (1902 - 1905) and Lillie Truman Carpenter (1906 - 1908), both listed as children of Lon and Alice Carpenter. Any information that would help document this information would be appreciated. I have a picture taken of the tombstone in the 1950's but the writing is not readable.

Tina Cannon Reeves 13 May 2000
Looking for information on John W. Cannon m. Elizabeth Denton Cannon. They had the following children:
William M. Cannon b. 1835 TN m. Ardena Harkey and moved to San Saba, TX
Mary Ann Cannon b. 1837 m. James A. Woods moved to Logan Co.
George W. Cannon b. 1839 m. Martha Mills. George died in the Civil War
Hester T. Cannon b. 1842
John J. Cannon b. 1847 m. Josephine Axley
Newton C. Cannon b. 1849 m. Josephine Tate lived in Logan County
Any info would be appreciated.

Margaret Beckett 29 April 2000
Potter and Garner. I am looking for information about my grandfather John Columbus Potter. He married my grandmother in 1912, I think in Plainview, Ark., but am not sure. My grandmother's name was Mary Elizabeth Garner. Her mother's name was Laura Garner, and her father's name was Jack Garner, I think. My grandfather's mother was named Sally Hide Potter, and I think his dad's name started with a D. Any information would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks!

Linda Lynch 28 April 2000
Lena Custer Smathers (my great grandmother) was married in Pope Co. to Samuel Smathers and they lived in Cardens Bottom until her death ca. 1906. They had the following children:


From what I can find, her parents were William and Mary J. Custer and she had a brother named Walter Custer. She also had John and Joseph Petray as her cousins or stepfather and stepbrother. They show up in the 1880 census in Delaware Township, Yell County, AR and she shows up in the 1900 census as Ellenia and living with Mary Petray a Myrtle, Walter, Henry M. Williard and her son Elmer.

I would like to communicate with anyone who is in any way connected with the Custers, Petrays, or Smathers.

William and Mary are my great-great-grandparents, and the Petray family is also related. My great-grandfather was Samuel Smathers, born in Texas or Arkansas, that is not verified as yet. He lived in Carden Bottoms, Casa, and most of his life in Sherrill and is buried somewhere around Dardanelle.

Rick Ford 28 April 2000
I am researching the White family of General Cluster White of Yell Co., AR, Gilkey Township. G.C. White married Nancy Ann Vastine Ford in 1880 in Yell Co. They had 5 children: Mylie b. 1885 in Texas, Mamie 1890 Yell Co., Lillie 1894, Oma 1896, Lola A. 1899. In the 1910 census they had my grandfather G.C. Ford and his two sisters Ethel and Mable as Nancy was their grandmother. Any info on these people would be very helpful. I would like to know who they married and where they ended up. Thanks.

Terry 28 April 2000
Looking for Descendants of Oliver Ellis

1. Oliver Ellis was born abt. 1805 in NC. He married (1) Ann. She was born abt. 1812 in NC, and died 1871. He married (2) L.J. Howard Nov. 26, 1873 in Yell, AR. She was born abt. 1840 in TN.

Located Oliver in:
1850 Census Old Town Beat, Dallas Co., AL
1860 Census, Smith Co., MS
1868 Yell Co, AR Voters List: Galley Rock Precinct, Oct. 8/9/10, 1868: Oliver Ellis, 62, farmer
1870 Census Mountain Twp. (PO Chicklah), Yell Co., AR
1872 Yell Co, AR Voters List: Mountain Precinct, Sept. 14, 1872: Oliver Ellis
1873 Yell Co, AR Voters List: Mountain Precinct, Oct. 9, 1873: Oliver Ellis
1880 Census Mountain Twp., Yell Co., AR

Found Ann Ellis (1812/1871) buried at Mountain Springs Cemetery, Yell Co., AR.

Children of Oliver Ellis and Ann are:
i. William M. Ellis, b. abt. 1838, AL
ii. John M. Ellis, b. September 14, 1839, Dallas, AL
iii. Sophrona L. Ellis, b. abt. 1841, AL
iv. Rebecca E. Ellis, b. October 23, 1842, Dallas, AL
v. R.R. Ellis, b. February 20, 1844
vi. Henry C. Ellis, b. November 14, 1845, Dallas, AL
vii. Jasper W. Ellis, b. August 09, 1847, AL
viii. O.L.J. Ellis, b. October 20, 1849
ix. Levi I. Ellis, b. abt. 1850, AL
x. Walter B. Ellis, b. August 24, 1851, Dallas, AL; m. Barbara Ann Lynn, November 28, 1872, Yell, AR; b. February 08, 1857, Itawamba, MS; d. 1924
xi. Francis M. Ellis, b. abt. 1855, MS

Children of Oliver Ellis and L. Howard are:
xii. Charles D. Ellis, b. abt. 1875
xiii. Joseph C. Ellis, b. abt. 1873 17 April 2000
I want to make a trip to Yell Co., Old Shark Cemetery and Geigersville on Dutch Creek. Can someone tell me something about this place called Shark? Thanks.

Karen Nichols 17 April 2000
I am continuing to research the Grigsby, Ritchie, Rogers families of Yell County. I am trying to locate Melissa Ritchie Grigsby in the 1910 census of Yell County. Three of her children by her first husband, John Ritchie, married Rogers. Hardin m. Mehala Rogers, Manerva m. D.E. Rogers, Mary or Nancy m. Bent Rogers. She also had a son Nicholas. Melissa may have spent her final years living with one of these married children. B.F. Grigsby died in 1900 according to the CSA widow's pension that Melissa filed. Her daughter Manerva signed that application as a witness. If anyone has information on Melissa or her children by John Ritchie I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Bill Humble 14 April 2000
I am looking for a city in Yell or surrounding counties called Bar. I am trying to obtain information on the marriage of William Robert Moore and Erma Lee Miller. From all indications they were married in September of 1927/1928. They were my wife's mother and father. Thank you.

Carolyn Lipsmeyer 01 April 2000
Samuel Wesley Davis married Sarah Frances Griffin in Yell Co. around 1890. His father was Enoch Davis and his mother was Elizabeth Biggs Hampton Davis. Sarah Frances' father was Charlie Griffin and her mother was Mary Jane Lewis. I would like to hear from anyone interested in these families.

Patti Bales 29 March 2000
I'm looking for anything to prove my Gr-gr-grandfather, Elijah M. Wardlaw lived in Yell Co. (Probably Dardanelle). I have his son John in Crawford Co., but his dau. Nancy is probably in Yell Co. for awhile. His wife was Temperance Bagwell Wardlaw and they both were b. about 1830's. I have no death date or place, but think they may have been there. Mrs. E.B. Wardlaw was married about 1877. Thought the middle initial could be wrong. Thanks!

Glenda Suit 29 March 2000
I am looking for information and relatives of Robert J. Adams born in Tennessee, died after 1892 in Yell County, Ark. He first married Julia A. (Francis) Smith from Grundy Co. Tenn. and they had Andrew Jackson Adams and J.H. Adams born before 1861 in Tenn. He was in Yell Co. 1892 and he apparently married a second time. I need name and info on first and second wife.

Charles McCool 29 March 2000
I am seeking additional information about the McCool family on the 1910 Yell County census. They are listed as Dwelling/Family Number 93, Town of Plainville, Lamar Township.

Alfred M. McCool, age 57, is head of household. Actually, the name should be Andrew (Andrew Mathis McCool). The family is on 1900 Saline County census. The wife is Elizabeth L., but should be Emily. Alfred and three sons are listed as laborers at the sawmill. What was the name of the sawmill? When did it close?

I believe that Andrew Mathis McCool (AKA Alfred) and Albert McCool (AKA Arthur M.) died between 1910 and 1920. Is there a good source of deaths in Yell County during this period? Thank you.

Carolyn Morningstar 29 March 2000
Wife Catherine (Forest or Forrest) Carpenter born 1800 in Kentucky lived in Yell County, AR in 1870 and died between 1870-1880. Husband was Levi Carpenter born 1803 in Georgia, died in Hamilton County between 1850-1860.

Carpenter Children are Samuel, William, James, Elizabeth, and Simeon. They lived most years in Taney County, MO, may have made a trip to TX to visit relatives and died there. Catherine is living with younger son, Simeon, in Newton County, AR in 1860 and with Rachel Furgerson or Fergusen and children Amy, Uni, Soh, Rebecca, and Robert in Dardanelle, Yell County, AR in 1870.

If you have any info on any of the names listed above, I would appreciate it and will trade info. Catherine is my gggg-grandmother. Thanks!

Barbara Moore Green 12 March 2000
I am searching for Josiah N. Moores d. date and where he was buried. I feel that it was in Egypt Cemetery. William C. Moores was a bro., Sarah L. Hunt, a sister and James E. and Edna Millard were his wife's parents. Could it be in an unmarked grave? Are there many there? I was there a couple of years ago and it looked like a few that were close by to the William C. Moores family. My g-grandmother, Sarah E. "Sallie" Millard Moores md. Jessie Geiger in 1862, so Josiah N. died between July 1860 census and 1862. She also outlived Jessie Geiger and I haven't located where he is buried either. Could they have been in the same place? With Lawner Joseph Moores (s/o W.C. and E.) being buried Egypt Cemetery 1859, I feel that, if possible, that is where they buried Josiah. Also, Sallie's parents are there. If anyone has run across any info on him, in any Yell Co. Cemetery, could you please let me know? Thanks you.

Linda Pollock 12 March 2000
William Scarbrough was married to Rebecca Lou Archie. Rebecca was b. 1850. Their children were: Mary Catherine Ensey b. 1868, d. 1952, bur. near Waveland, AR; Thomas (Scud) Scarbrough b. 1882 Paris, AR, d. 1960, bur. at Modesto, CA; Clarence (Buck) H. Scarbrough b. 1883, d. 1960, bur. Scott Co.; Ella Mae Graham b. 1887 Danville, AR, d. 1960 Stockton, CA; Willis D. Scarbrough b. 1887 Magazine, AR, d. 1960 Waldron, AR; Lenard R. Scarbrough b. 1890, d. 1985 Modesto, CA; Floyd W. Scarbrough b. 1889 Magazine, AR, d. 1984 Modesto, CA; Paul Scarbrough b. 1892 Magazine, AR, d. 1979 Broken Bow, OK

Joy Magby 05 March 2000
Georgia L. Thornton married George Washington Chester. Son Robert Edward Lee Chester b. 1866 Wing, Yell Co. I have pictures and willing to share. Please write: Joy Magby, 81 Kelly Rd., Carlsbad, NM 88220 or call 505 236-6204.

Leigh Ann Montgomery 05 March 2000
I am looking for information about William G. Piper and Lydia Jane Arnn Piper who were married 5/11/1907 in Bellville, Yell County.

I am especially interested in Lydia Arnn's family history (parents, siblings, etc...) this was my maternal Great Grandmother who died in 1911 when my grandmother was 3 years old. Any information would be helpful.

Georgia Fruen Aeverman 05 March 2000
I am seeking information on the following people who lived in Yell Co. in the 1870's and 1880's.

Joseph and Cordelia Fruen
Josephine, Evaline and Calvin Dickerson
William Edward Fruen

Joseph died in early 1880. Cordelia filed a notice of publication in the newspaper, stating her intention to make final proof in support of her claim at the land office in Dardanelle, as the widow of Joseph Fruin/Fruen. The following are her witnesses:

Edward Dozier, Albert Hood, William Ray and Boone Logan, all of Southern Home, Yell Co. AR.

Cordelia (sp. Cadelia) appears on the 1880 census in dwelling 67. Albert Hood is in Dwelling 57, William Ray in dwelling 66 and Jonathan B. Logan is in dwelling 76. These witnesses were her neighbors, maybe even relatives. Can anyone shed a little light on these folks? Thanks.

S.M. Petty 05 March 2000
I am in search of information on John Steven Spears b. abt. 1805, m. Josephine (Mary) b. 1804 SC. Children are: George, James (Jim), William (Bill), John, Dewy. George married Mary (Josephine) Greene. Emma Mary (White) Chalk b. 1877 Mississippi, son William Robert Chalk. Ada Perce d/o C.C. and Adaline Perce. This is all I have if anyone could add to it.

Paula Moore 19 February 2000
Searching for parents of Amanda M. Glass married W.C. Murphree 1883, Yell Co. Had two sons from previous marriage to King. James and Robert Newton King. Robert Newton King and family are buried Salem Cemetery near Plainview, AR. Amanda is buried Hanna, OK. Her daughter from Murphree is Rosa Lee born Morrillton, AR 1886. Any info appreciated. Other affiliated names: Frizell, Reed, Coburn, Clendening.

Cindy Norris 19 February 2000
I'm looking for info on Yell County Families:
Elisha S. Keathley
Eliza J. McCarroll Keathley
Listed in the 1880 Census


Jesse Giles Keathley - Danville, Ark.
Oscar Turner Keathley 1882 Yell Co. (son)
Ollie Keathley 1884 (daughter)
Jake C. 1886 (son)
Elsie 1888 (daughter)

Thank you in advance for any info you might have on this family.

Jim Sanders 17 February 2000
I am searching for info on my great-great grandfather, John Lewis. His wife was Martha Marie. John and Martha were probably born in the 1840's. My great-grandparents were Elam Alfred Lewis (b. 1872 d. 1944) and Martha Jane Sims (b. 1872 d. 1949). Both are buried in Davis, OK. Thanks!

Sam Dickens 17 February 2000 - New e-address needed!
Information sought on Abraham Wilson and Deborah (Debby) Williams. They were married in Yell Co. in 1841. Abraham and his family was from Indiana; Debby and her family was from Alabama. I believe there were at least two Williams families already in Yell Co. when the Wilsons (along with Coles, Rileys, perhaps others) arrived from IN. Early Yell Co. marriage records show numerous marriages between these families. Abraham and Debby had children Allen, Levi, Lorenzo, George (my GGGrandfather) and John. I am especially interested in finding the parents of Abraham and Deborah but would love to hear any info on this large group of related families. It is probable that many of them moved to Scott Co.

Sam Dickens 17 February 2000 - New e-address needed!
Information sought on Alfred C. Prewitt (Pruit). 1860 Yell Co. census finds an 8-year old Alfred Pruit living in the Hiram Dacus residence. There are others there as well, including William Toland and his wife Saphronia. 1870 finds Alfred living with the Tolands at Galley Rock. Shortly after 1870 Alfred marries Emily Campbell and has children: Mary, Rebbecca, Lucretia and Lewis. In 1880 census his name is spelled Prewitt. He died around 1884 and was buried on the banks of the AR River. The river was up and they could not get across to the graveyard. His grave later slid into the river. He was my great-grandfather and I would greatly any information at all on him.

Mary Parsons Sigmon 17 February 2000
I am looking for information on my grandmother, Bena or Venia Nichols Parsons. She married my grandfather James E. Parsons on June 29, 1913. I have searched everywhere for info on her. I would like to know her parents' names. She died when my Dad was 3 years old so he didn't really know anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. She probably died around 1921-1923. I think she was born in 1879.

Patti Salsbury 17 February 2000
I am searching for information regarding my 2xggrparents William Terry m. Eliza Cathy. They were married in Yell County on 18 Feb 1877. I have no further info on William, however I believe Eliza's parents to be Jim Cathy m. Polly Gafford. Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks!

M. Stone Peden 17 February 2000
I am looking for any information on my grandparents Berry Frank Stone and Lela Weaver. Lela is possibly the daughter of Frank and Mary Weaver of Yell County. I do know their children were possibly born in Yell County in the early 1900s. Daughters: Ina, Elva, Ona (died at age 9 and buried in Yell County), Zella and sons: Atlas and Willie Edward. Later children born in Carter County, OK are sons: Trilby and Donald and daughters: Rosa Lee and Vonna Jean. I have no information on my grandfather. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone may have.

Tony Fanucchi 17 February 2000
I am searching for information on a Capt. James Laferry who served with the 4th Arkansas Regiment Cavalry in the Civil War. He settled in or around Dardanelle after the Civil War. I also would be interested in a possible marriage between the Laferry and Farmer families. All info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Teresa Smith 7 February 2000
I am looking for information on the Bennett, Dowdy and Parkison families from the Ranger area. Any information is appreciated.

Charlotte Williams 7 February 2000
I am seeking info on Lavennia McBride, b: late 1800's in Yell Co., AR. She married unknown Harris, abt. 1918. They had 1 child Leonard Harris, b: 1920. She died young, when Leonard was 4 yrs old, abt. 1924, in Yell Co., AR, possibly Chalybeate Springs. Her known siblings were: Lester, Ed, Charlie, Ollis, and Leota McBride. Leota married: Hickman.

Leonard has never seen a picture of his mother and desperately hopes to find a McBride family member who may have one. Thank You!

Dolores Hinzman 30 January 2000
I am looking for information on Louis/Lewis Savage. He was a school teacher in Yell Co. during period of abt. 1910-1920.

Anita Knox 30 January 2000
I need help finding a John C. (Calvin) Parker & Delpha S. (Sophrane, Sophrone, Sophronie) Roach. They were married May 18, 1883 in Yell Co., AR. They were both from Magazine Township. Recorded at Danville John d/o/b Oct 22, 1861 b/p ??? d/o/d Mar 25, 1911. Delpha d/o/b Dec 30, 1862 b/p ??? d/o/d March 7, 1901. Both are buried at Danville Cemetery with a son, George C. d/o/b Jan 2, 1898 d/o/d Feb 17, 1913. I need to know where they were born, who are their parents, names of their sisters & brothers. They are my great-grandparents. Their daughter, Martha Annie Parker died in 1933 of TB after moving to SE OK. I'm getting nowhere with them just their death & marriage dates.

Anita Knox
HC75 Box 240
Broken Bow, OK 74728

Teresa Smith 30 January 2000
I am looking for information on Henery C. Dowdy, born in 1855, died in 1939, buried in Ben Cemetery, Ranger, AR. I'm looking for his parents. I'm new at all this and I'm stuck. They would be my ggggrandparents.

Glenda Burch 30 January 2000
The following information is what little I have. William Griffith came to Yell Co., from Illinois. Their children were all born in Yell County, Havana. Would love to find someone who is researching this line. They went from Yell County to Sebastion County, Arkansas. Thanks for any and all help.

Descendants of William Griffith

1 William Griffith
.. +Nancy
......... 2 Robert Jackson Griffith 1848 - 1930
............. +Lydia Saint John 1845 - 1920
.................... 3 George William Griffith 1871 - 1930
.................... 3 Mary Elizabeth Griffith 1873 - 1966
.................... 3 Green F. Griffith 1876 - 1965
.................... 3 Claud B. Griffith 1880 - 1959
.................... 3 Robert Jackson Griffith 1883 - 1963

Sharron Alley 24 January 2000
Isaac Edward Ritchie, born possibly in Arkansas around 1863, married Polly Stevens. I would like to find someone that is researching this family. My father was one of his sons, Alonzo Ritchie. Then there was Ellen, Allen, Garry, Charlie, and Robert. They lived in Arkansas, possibly by relatives around the Ft. Collins area and Ozarks. When my grandfather died, my father was put in a home and raised for a few years by a woman named Lou Martin. Can anyone out there be of any help in finding my father's family, I have no idea where he was originally from but possibly his mother's last name was House, and traveled at times to Indian Terr. in the Redlands of Oklahoma.

Stacy L. Jones 24 January 2000
I am looking for my ancestors Wilson C. Jones and Mary Jane Darby Jones. They are buried in the Dacus Family Cemetery near Mt George. F.C. Jones of Belleville was my gr-gr-grandfather. I can trace them back to Madison Co., TN where they married in 1845, but have hit a "brick wall" beyond that and would appreciate any information anyone might have! Thanks!

Elaine Haraway 24 January 2000
I am looking for information on my grandmother's family. She was Fannie Bright McCall born Shark, Ark. 12/17/04 to Minnie Lee Sadler of Bluffton, Yell Co. born around 1870 and Paul Jackson McCall born 12/05/1867. They had several children born there: Mary Roberts McCall, James McCall, Julius McCall, Bruce McCall, Pauline, Clara, Irene, and Nell McCall. I do not know who Minnie Sadler's parents were or Paul J. McCall's. He was supposed to be in state politics (a representative?). They moved from there in the 1920's to New Mexico where they died. Could Minnie's parents be a Rora D. Sadler married to a Nancy A. Roberts 7/14/68? Any information of Minnie or Paul's family would be much appreciated. Thank You. My grandmother went every fall to the fair at Danville and took the Yell Co. news all of her life. It was mailed to her in Muskogee, OK every week.

Joyce Friddle 19 January 2000
Garner, Parker, Franklin -- I am searching for information about James L. Garner and his mother Rebecca Parker Garner Franklin. He owned land a half mile west of the Brearley Cemetery in Dardanelle, AR. His mother Rebecca, married John Franklin and they lived less than a mile south of the Brearley Cemetery. I would like to know where she is buried and who James L. Garner's father was. They came from Madison Co., TN in about 1842 and lived in Dardanelle until about 1860 when James L. Garner moved to what is now Logan County, AR. Rebecca may have died in Dardanelle around the middle 1850's. The children of James L. Garner may have attended the "Apple Tree" School. Does anyone have information about it. It is supposed to have been on the land that is now Brearley Cemetery. Thank you.

Don Wilkinson 19 January 2000
I am searching for information about Mary Adelaide Parks. She married Edward Wilkinson. I believe they lived at Sugar Grove, Logan County at one time. They had a son, James M. Wilkinson, born in 1874 (my grandfather). He died in 1946 and is buried at Havana Cemetery in an unmarked grave. I have been told by family members that he was buried there because of family connections with the Parks that are buried there. It is my understanding that they also had a daughter named Mattie/Martha who married a Walker - his name I do not know. What little info I have is that Mattie and her husband ran a store at Booneville, maybe in the 40's and 50's. My grandfather's death cert. shows that his father was Edward Wilkinson, born in Georgia and Mary Adelaide Parks. I have no other information on them. Any help would be appreciated. 27 December 1999
Arnold: Jesse Arnold's daughter Reatha married Sam Gilkey and had 3 children: Poe, Jesse, Lore Ray or May. Reatha remarried and went to El Dorado. Poe Gilkey is buried at Riley Creek. Are there any Gilkeys still around that may be kin to this family? Any info on Addie Arnold who married Edward Wilson? Both died at early ages and left 2 children: Buster and Bobby. Are there any Wilsons at Havana that know anything about this family? Dewey Arnold died at a young age and is buried at Riley Creek in an unmarked grave. Any info would be very helpful. 27 December 1999
Arnold, Jess and Daniel: I am looking for any living relatives of these two subjects or any one knowing any thing about them. I am looking for parents or ex-wives of the subjects. I think that one of Daniel Arnold's was a Jeans but can't find the marriage records. Where did they possibly come from before they came to Riley Creek? Maggie Arnold Farmer was a sister-in-law - Addie Webb and Lula Mae Misenhamer of Belleville, maiden name was Hunt. W.H Johnson was either their father or brother.

Linda Pollock 19 December 1999
I am researching my grandmother's family. Her father was Will Scarbrough Her mother Rebecca Archie/Archer. They were probably born about 1850. I don't know where their families came from. They died before my mom Novella Graham was born in 1924 in Parks, AR. My grandma Ella Graham was born 1887 in Danville, AR. Her sister was Katherine Ensey. She was older. Her brothers were Floyd (born in Magazine, AR, 1889), Paul (born 1892 and moved to Broken Bow, OK), Leonard (born 1890 His 1st wife was Oder Hood), (Buck) Clarence (had a son named Guy Scarbrough, who had a son named L.H. Scarbrough), (Scud) Thomas (born in 1894). Willis Scarbrough's 1st wife was Dilly? And his 2nd was Lara Huie. His children were Jewel, Pauline, and Hogan. Hogan was a minister. Most all of them moved to CA.

Karen Grigsby Nichols 11 December 1999
I received some information today from a query I placed re: my Grigsby Family in AR. The lookup volunteer found that in Mt. George Cemetery there were 7 graves all in a line with the surname Grigsby only. Does anyone know where that cemetery is? How I would access burial records? Does anybody know who those Grigsbys might be? There is also the grave of William Fred Grigsby 29 Apr-10-Sep 1925. I have specifically been researching Benjamin Franklin Grigsby, my ggrandfather. I can place him and his 5 children in Madison County through census records in 1880.

Karen Grigsby Nichols 11 December 1999
In the 1900 census of Yell County (Riley) my grandfather, Francis Marion Grigsby, is listed as living with a Hardin Ritchie and is listed as a half brother. Other members of the family are Mahala, age 23, Minnie, age 3, Lewis age 2 mos. and Minerva, SI, age 20. Who were Hardin's parents? I am trying to find the name of F.M. Grigsby's mother. Have only first name, Malissa. His father was Benjamin Franklin Grigsby. I would appreciate any help!

Reginia Winn 11 December 1999
Researching surnames: Shepherd, Jones
Hello I am looking for some one that might look up a family for me from Yell Co., AR. On the 1900 Yell Co Census, is there a J.D. Shepherd, or a John Douglas Shepherd? If so would some one be so kind as to send me this info, as I am unable to go to the library to look this up for myself. Thanks in advance.

Sharon Hulsey Becker 11 December 1999
Researching surnames: Hulsey, Roper, Springfield, Stroup
I am looking for any information about my Grandfather James Meredith Hulsey. He was born in Yell County on 1/17/1879. His parents were Andrew Jackson Hulsey and Emily Caroline Roper. James married Lillie Mary Springfield in Sebastion county on 8/30/1899. Lillie was the daughter of George Springfield and Mary Jane Stroup. If anyone has any information about any of them I would love to know. Thank you! 21 November 1999
Looking for a W.C. McNeal Red Hill Steam Evaporated Molasses MFG Co. between 1900 and 1910 around the Danville, Yell County area. Any information about the Company would be appreciated. 6 November 1999
I am seeking any information on the brothers Andrew Jackson Dyer and Zachariah Gibbs Dyer who lived in Yell County in the early 1900s. Z. Gibbs Dyer lived on Chickalah Mountain or Flat Top Mountain which is about ten miles from Belleville, Yell Co., Arkansas. He married Rebecca Tillatha Pledger Piper Littlejohn. Andrew Jackson Dyer was a physician in the Dardanelle area. Thank you very much for your help. 6 November 1999
I am looking for any information on the Joseph William McArthur and Brittie Hungate McArthur family. The family lived in the area south of Belleville called Moss Creek during the early 1900s. Their son Clovis McArthur and his wife Pearl lived in Belleville, Yell Co. Any general information would be helpful. Thank you very much.

Douglas G. Frame 6 November 1999
I am seeking information regarding my Great Grandfather, Robert Frame. The only information that I have regarding Yell County is that Robert purchased 180 acres of land in Yell County in 1882. I know that he had two sons, William Wain (My Father) and Larry L., who is buried in Yell County. I am interested in any information regarding any of the Frame family. I feel certain that there were other children. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Sherry Farmer 30 October 1999
Farmer, Limbird, Hames, Wood(s), Blaylock, Moore, Tilman, Myers, Davis
Walter Lee Farmer b. 8/9/1882 m. Laura Limbird. Kn. ch.
Lance Farmer b. 7/7/1911 Yell, AR. Allie Mae, Ethelyn, Mildrid and Ruby Nell
Lance Farmer m. Elizabeth Sue Hames b. 7/17/1915 Dardanelle, Yell, AR. Kn. ch.
Bill O'Neal Farmer b. 2/12/1932 Yell, AR. RL b. 2/17/1934, Carlton and Thomas
Obe Wood m. Susan ? ch. Ida Wood
Ida Wood m. Thomas F. Hames kn. ch.
Dennis, Allie, Maye, and Elizabeth Sue Hames
Farmer Marriages
Allie Mae m. ? Myers
Ethelyn m. ? Blaylock
Mildrid m. ? Davis
Hames Marriages
Allie m. ? Tilman
Maye m. ? Moore
This mess is all I have. Any information would be appreciated!

Kathy Wright Owens 10 October 1999
I am researching any Wright families in the county 1890 and on. My Grandfather was William (Bill) Wright b 1890 (?) Dardanelle (Yell). Not sure who his parents or siblings were but in 1916 his second marriage was to Lela Faye Vick b 1894 (Pope). By Jan 1917 they were separated and my father, Ivey Wade was born on Jan. 8 of that year. Family said they think they were married possibly in May 1916 but not sure of where. Bill and Lela lived with his parents in Dardanelle with a son by his first marriage until Oct 1916. The only other information I have is he was a brakeman for the railroads which is on my dad's birth certificate. Any help would be appreciated.

Carol Lossing Klein 10 October 1999
My great grandmother, Louann/Annie Taylor was b. 1872 Yell Co. AR. Died age c29. Her parents were Thomas Jefferson Taylor and Amanda Tollison. Louann married Iverson "Isaac" Green Hall who was born 12 Aug 1870, possibly Dartsmouth, AR. I am looking for any info on these families. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.

Jennie L. Stone 25 September 1999
I am looking for Charles C. Lewis, Jr. and wife Jane Flack. Their son George Washington Lewis married Margaret Ann DeBerry in Yell Co. in 1847. All lived in Yell Co. and I think probably died and are buried in Yell Co. Any information would be appreciated.

Gayle Hall Zavesky 22 September 1999
I am looking for info on John Jackson Brown (1814-1890) who married Sarah Caroline Harkey in 1840. They had 6 children in Yell Co., AR before moving to San Saba Co., TX in 1855/56. They had 5 more children after moving to TX. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Margrett McCorkle 21 September 1999
I was born in Plainview, Yell Co., AR. in June 1942. I have recently started searching for my Ewing family line. My g-grandfather's last address was outside Casa, AR just on the borderline of the two counties. William H. or M. Ewing, b. 2-21-1871 MO d. 7-1-1956 AR. I believe his son John A. Ewing lived in Yell Co. (he was also known as Pat Ewing). He had a son by the name of John H. Ewing. I am desperately searching for any family members or anyone that knows this family. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Carolynn Gossett Roberts 12 September 1999
Need any info on Gabriel Washington Gossett who lived in Yell Co.; died Yell Co. Widow applied for veteran's pension in 1911 after his death. He came from TN, MS, NC. His first marriage was to Eliza. Then in TN he married again and moved to AR. I can't find anything on him. His son Robert Newton married Rose L. Morphew and lived in Paris, TX in 1900. He was tax assessor for the city of Paris. Any info or help please. Thanks!

Linda Grayson 29 August 1999
I am trying to trace the family name Clanton. William L. Clanton, born in AL in 1839 shows up on the 1868 Yell County Voters List. He was also in the Third Arkansas Union Cavalry in 1863. I cannot find a string on him past 1868 in Yell County. I am looking for wife and/or children. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Karen Nichols 29 August 1999
I am searching for the Magness family of Yell Co., Ark. that raised my grandmother, Laura Belle Moody b. 1895. She had 4 siblings, all of whom were placed in homes upon the death of her mother, Barthena Hare Moody. This particular Magness family had lost 7 daughters to illness....two sons had survived. Any help would be appreciated.

Ann McPherson 8 August 1999
I have information from a marriage record of Dale, G.W., 22, of Carden Bottoms, Yell Co., and Maggie E. Coffman, 17 of Atkins, married 6 Jan 1895, E-561. Would appreciate if anyone has ANY information on either of these people. Have not been able to find out who their parents were or where they came from. This is my ggrandparents. Their daughter Mary Ellen was my grandmother, she married Joseph Q. Adams and my father is Curtis Adams. Thanks in advance for any information.

The Spradlin's 8 August 1999
Looking for info on James Marshall Guest and Sarah Chesney Guest, married in 1895 in Yell County, AR. They were from Perry County. Thanks!

Ed Cain 2 August 1999
I am looking for information as to when my grandmother, Kansas Cain died And where she is buried. Her full name was Kansas Carmen Cain and her maiden name was Sullivan, her father being Elijah Sullivan. Her husband, my Grandfather was Hector V. Cain. He was a blacksmith and was a veteran of the Civil War. He died in June 1914 and is buried in Park Cemetery in Scott County, but as far as I can determine my grandmother is not buried there. Their house was in Yell County, still standing the last time I was there about 20 years ago. My dad always said their barn was in Scott County. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Judy Oxford 2 August 1999
Looking for a volunteer that could check obituaries for Yell County and Pope County for my great grandmother, Lena Smathers. She died between the years of 1905 and 1909, most likely in either one of these counties. My gr-grandfather married another Lena so there are two. The other Lena Smathers passed away some years later. Can you connect me with someone that could check newspapers? I gave up on this several years ago and just now hoping that there is much more info available. If you can connect me with someone, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for any assistance.

Doyle Hood 28 July 1999
Looking for Jesse C. Arnold and Daniel O. Arnold. Will, Arnold, Jesse, and Daniel are half brothers lived in Yell Co. in 1800's at Riley Creek. Jesse married Victoria Ward had kids in Yell. Trying to find their that I believe is Andrew Arnold. Jesse is my great grandfather. Arite Hood barber at Belliville for years and mayor is my grandfather. My uncle was barber at Danville. I have a lot of kin in Yell Co. but having trouble finding Arnold's History. Thanks.

Marjorie M. Miller 16 July 1999
Searching for parents of Sadie (Adie) Spencer born 1874 prob. Yell Co., AR. Mar. Isaac Brady Earl in Yell Co. in 1893. In Washington Co., AR abt. 1900 and in OK abt. 1927. Died 1962 Midwest City, OK. 3 sons - Elmer, Orland and Herman. 4 daughters - Mrs. O.T. Glidewell, Mrs. L.C. Bollinger, Mrs. Myrtle Peters, Mrs. Chester Glidewell. Have death cert. and obit, neither gives names of parents. This is my brickwall and I will appreciate any suggestion.

Mary Settles 16 July 1999
I'm searching for the parents of Martha J. "Mattie" Settles b. between 1860-1864 in Arkansas and mar. in 1878 in Danville, Yell Co., to Jacob W. Maloy. They had, at least, one son born in Danville, Yell Co., named James Edward Maloy b. June 1879. The parents of James W. Settles b. between 1867 and 1870 in Arkansas. He is found in the 1880 Census working on the farm of Jesse Gatlin at age 13. (May be an exaggerated age.) And, finally, the parents of May (or Mae) Settles who I assume was born between Martha J. Settles and James W. Settles, but have no documentation to that. She is not found in the 1880 census for Yell County.
A William DeShazo posted the bond for the marriage of Martha J. Settles and Jacob W. Maloy. Thus far, I can find no tie with him to the Settles. But, I do not find other Settles in Yell County either. The name is also known as Settle, Settles, Suttle, Suttles, and even Settlers. If any one has any information, I'd sure be grateful!

Janet Nasdor Jones 15 July 1999
Searching for info on my paternal grandmother's family. Her name was Florence Virginia Smith, b. about 1876 (don't know where), d. 1941 in Perry Co. AR. Florence's only info about herself was an approximate age, her name, the fact that her mother died when Florence was 2, and the fact that Florence's father killed himself (slit his throat) when she was 6. She didn't know her parents' names. There were no relatives to care for her, so Florence was passed from family to family in the community, working for her keep, never going to school or learning to read and write. She married Fox Jones of Houston, AR, when she was 14 in order to have a home, and they stayed in that area. She was very religious, involved in the Pentecostal and Methodist churches. That's the sum total of my family's knowledge of this woman.
The 1880 census for Yell Co., Riley Twp, lists a James W. Smith as a widower with an only child, Florence V., 4 years old. I am assuming that this is the same Florence. James was listed as 44 years old, born in KY, with his father from NC and his mother from KY. The census listed Florence as born in AR and her mother born in AR.
I would greatly appreciate any information anyone might have!

Reginia Winn 9 July 1999
I am researching the Jones and Shepherd families of Yell Co., AR, looking for Malvina Jones, would have been in Yell Co. sometime after 1886. She was married to Wm. C. Jones, but do not expect to find him, as he left his family after bringing them to AR. Malvina Jones had at least five children, one, my Grandmother Sarah Gemima (Sally) Jones who married J.D. (John Douglas) Shepherd in Yell Co., in 1898. J.D. Shepherd's father was John Washington Shepherd, supposedly he carried the mail in the Centerville Area, around 1910. Anyone researching these would love to hear from you.

Haskel Hicks 26 June 1999
I am looking for info on the Poindexter family that lived in or near Dardanelle in the mid 1800's. David Poindexter married to a Dinisha Garner they had two sons that I know of, John H. Poindexter and Frank Poindexter. John and Frank were born in the mid 1840's. David died prior to 1846 because Dinisha remarried but I do not have a name. John H. Poindexter was a Civil War veteran 4th Arkansas Cavalry Company E USA. He married a Polinia Ann Thornton during his time in service during the war. John and Polinia moved to Logan county after the war was over with. If any one with any info on these Poindexters, Thorntons, or Garners please let me know. I have John H. Poindexter's military papers and pension papers but they leave out lots of info. His paper work states that his stepfather made him drive a team for the Confederate Army prior to joining the US Cavalry, this kept him from drawing a Civil War Pension.

Linda C. Blake 23 June 1999
My Grandfather, James Glendon Cox, was born on 15 May 1919, and raised in Danville. His father was James Bryant Cox and his mother was Elsie Lou Crosby (she was in Mitchell's Nursing Home until she died in Jan. 1986. Moreen Mitchell is supposed to be related as is George Cowger). He married Irene Bernice Ward, daughter of Bert Jefferson Ward and Alice Damon Walker, and had about six children. Four survived past infancy: Glenda Carroll (my Mom); LaRene; James, Jr.; and Shera. James, Jr. died before I was born and had been a Golden Gloves boxer. Any info would be helpful as all documents were destroyed when Grandpa's house burned.

Paula Matheny 23 June 1999
I am looking for any information about James R. Patterson, Guss Geurin/Guerin, and their relatives. Found both men in 1880 Yell Co. Census living in the same household. However, both seem to have vanished sometime between 1880 and 1890's. Any help would be appreciated. 23 June 1999
I am looking for anything on the Bailey or Huckaby families in Yell County. Isabella E. Huckaby and C.E. Bailey married Nov 13, 1879, Yell County, AR.

Paul Howard 23 June 1999
I am looking for information on Melinda Haston Howard and her family, especially, James F. Howard. The Howards came to Yell Co. in 1871 from Tenn. Thanks.

Darlene Ford 19 June 1999
I am looking for any information concerning my grandfather James Oliver Thompson, born 09-27-1892, in Yell County. Father's name was Rice R. Thompson. Mother's name possibly Lily L. Morrow. James had two sisters, Mary Ella, born 1899 and Josie, born 1895. Possibly one other sister, named Roxie, born 1890. James Oliver was known as "Ollie" and married Lillie Gertrude Scott. I would like to have any information about Rice Thompson's parents, brothers, sisters, etc. Also would like the same for Lily Morrow. Rice and Ollie moved to Oklahoma, while the rest may have moved to Arizona. Any help greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

Granville Summitt 13 June 1999
My father, Granville Chester Summitt was born in Gravelly, Dec. 31, 1901. My grandfather, George Washington Summitt was born in Sims. My grandmother, Minnie Henson was born in Washita. I know about George but would like info on Minnie.

Donna Scott 8 June 1999
My grandfather Eugene Moudy was born in Yell Co. in 1910. His great great great grandfather was Thomas S. Moudy born 1802 in Virginia, died in 1883 in Yell Co.(married to Ailcy Dudley). I know there are still a lot of Moudys in Yell Co. today. Please send me any information so I can complete our family tree. Thank you.

Glendle Helton Griggs 8 June 1999
I'm searching for information on Mary Frances (Fannie) Madden who married James K. Helton in Yell County in 1896. Any information would be appreciated.

Lisa Kay Vorwerk 8 June 1999
I am the Bookmobile librarian at the Dardanelle library. I am writing a fictional novel about a German immigrant family. I am seeking information on any of the Bohemian or German families which immigrated to Dardanelle or the Yell County area. I know the Bohemians came across the ocean in 4 weeks and landed in Baltimore and then traveled by train all the way to Russellville (Pope County). Does anyone know the ship's name or where it departed from? Does anyone know the train line or at least the basic route they would have traveled? Any information about Dardanelle during the years of 1877-1900 would be appreciated.
Lisa Vorwerk
Bookmobile Librarian
501 N. Front St.
Dardanelle, AR 72842
(Unfortunately, we do not do research for patrons by phone but may be able to answer general questions)

Ronnie Don Crowder 5 June 1999
I am searching for any information on Francis Marion Crowder and Mary Ann Carroll (Carrell). Francis was born Jan 7, 1861 (place unknown, maybe Missouri), died Jan 10, 1940, Yell County, buried in Harkey's Valley Cemetery. Mary Ann Carroll was born Apr. 4, 1852 in Yell County, died Jun. 30, 1936 in Yell County, and is buried in Harkey's Valley Cemetery. Mary Ann and Francis were married in Yell County on Oct. 5, 1890. Mary Ann was previously married to James Moudy, who died early in the marriage. Mary Ann andFrancis produced two sons, Henry Grady and John. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Glenda Choate 5 June 1999
I am searching for info on my grandparents. Her name was Liza Violet Wallace McDaniel. His name was Alonzo McDaniel. I have a little info on each of them but not much. They lived on the county line in Yell Co. and are buried in a cemetery nearby. Any info on their siblings, parents, ancestry, etc. would be appreciated.

Barbara Lancaster 29 May 1999
I am searching for remaining descendants in Yell County of the Gillaspie family of Jackson County, Alabama. Henry Gillaspie appears in Jackson County in 1850 with his sons Patrick, William, and Robert, all of whom married and moved on to Yell County, Arkansas. Patrick married Jane Meyer and had two sons, one named Hubert. Patrick died in Yell County in 1904. William and his family are buried in Ola. Robert is believed to have died in Yell County around 1920. There are several descendants of these three men living in the Yell County area. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge of the Gillaspies.

Harold I. Van Auken 11 May 1999
Perhaps someone has information on my great grand uncle, Harris Hill. He was born abt. 1862 in Stillwater, Sussex Co., NJ, and was the son of George V. Hill and Elisabeth M. Harris. In the 1908 obituary for his mother, Harris Hill is said to be living in Oklahoma. He evidently attended his mother's funeral as the obituary states Elisabeth M. Hill's 6 sons were pallbearers, and Harris was one of her 6 sons. Harris Hill was living in Arkansas at the time of his father's death on Oct. 24, 1915. Probate records of George V. Hill's estate show Harris Hill lived in Havana, [Yell County,] Arkansas. There is a possibility he was married to a Native American. Grateful for any leads.

Kristine M. Pellow 10 April 1999
I am searching for other possible living descendents and additionalinformation on my Linn family.
John N. Linn b. 1825 Clinton Co., Kentucky the son of a Virginian moved to Dardanelle, Yell County in the early 1850's. Fact according to death certificate indicates his father served in the War of 1812, his father was a Colonel in the War of the Revolution.
Fact: John N. Linn served in the Civil War in the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry. At the onset of the war he owned 6 acres of property in Dardanelle. He was a farmer and saw-flour operator. Married: Maria Underwood b. 1834 in Missouri.
Children: 7 known: William Birney Linn b. 5/30/1854 Dardanelle, Yell Co.
John L. Linn b. 1/8/1866 Dardanelle, Yell Co.
A few years after being mustered out of service and because of poor health he and his family moved west to California. Settled in Chico, Butte Co., California. According to an article written in a history book of Butte Co. by a man named Mansfield, John N. Linn was a abolitionist opposed to slavery. 1st man in Yell Co. to hoist the American Flag.
My great grandfather, John L. Linn became the 1st Constable of Chico Township, later the 1st resident Deputy Sheriff. His brother William was a successful Rancher and Engineer in the Chico area.
John L. Linn married Mary Ellen Button
Several children: my grandmother was Edna Marie Linn.
If you know of any info regarding this family please contact me.

Evelyn Sell 18 March 1999
Looking for information on William Loren Reynolds and wife, Rebecca Jane Lacy Reynolds. What cemetery are they buried in Dardanelle. Any wills or probate papers. I am helping my sister-in-law who is working on her family. All help appreciated.

Evelyn Sell 18 March 1999
Looking for information on Jim Lacy. He was from Sand Mountain, Alabama. Jim would take the name Sam Patterson when he went on a visit to Sand Mountain. When did he die and where is he buried in Yell Co. Any information will be appreciated.

Don Wilkinson 2 March 1999
I am looking for any information concerning the following family members who lived in Danville. Jim Mobley, father of my great grandmother Mattie Mobley, would like to know who her mother was. Mattie married Lewis Fredrick Wilson, the Danville blacksmith. Her daughter Dolly Wilson, married James M. Wilkinson, they had three sons together, Luther, Clayburn and Harold. James died in Booneville around 1940, and buried at Havana. I have no information on him. I do know he was the father of: Ressie Bell Osburn, married to Omer Osburn and Mattie McBride of Havana. If anyone has any clues or information on Jim Mobley or his wife, and James M. Wilkinson, I would appreciate some help. 2 March 1999
Genelia (Genola or Genevia) Lewis was born in 1857. She married William Putman in 1876 in Yell Co., AR. She moved to Indian Territory and married second husband John Allen. She had daughter Rovilla Allen born in 1895, according to Choctaw rolls. In 1906 she had returned to Havana, AR. Have lost track of her since then. There is a possibility she remarried a Mr. Davis. Would like to know if she did remarry and when and where she died? Any help appreciated.

Pat Curliss-Leike 21 February 1999
Searching for family of James Edward Curliss, wife, Nancy Jane Garner, the daughter of Columbus Garner. The Garner family was in Yell Co. at the same time the Curliss family were there, circa 1890.

Dan Corbin 10 January 1999
Corbin -- Looking for information on David Corbin and family. 1st Marriage: Nancy (Barnes?) 2nd Marriage: Mary Turnbough (Brown) Children: Joseph, James, John W., William D., Meredith C., Andrew Turnbough, Henry H., Emma. The family lived in Chickalah and Magazine in the years of 1870 to 1900.

Carol Prescott 10 January 1999
I am interested in finding information concerning the following: Silas Ray Lusk and wife, Mary Matilda Foster; James K. Thomas and wife, Eliza (maiden name unknown). Silas and Mary's son, Albert, married James and Eliza's daughter, Mary Elizabeth. They moved to Yell County sometime after 1850. Thanks!

Vera Reeves 10 January 1999
I would like to hear from anyone interested in Havner/Havener. In the Yell County Arkansas History book there is an article on the Havner Family. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the person who entered the article. My great-great-great-grandfather was Obediah Havner of Marion County, TN, great-great-grandfather was William Havner who lived in Lawrence County, AR in 1880. Thanks!

Donna Chism 10 January 1999
Albert Taylor Jones was born March 1848 in Arkansas and died March 5, 1923 and is buried in Parks Cemetery at Nola. He married Mary Jane Neal about 1870. I would like to have their parents and siblings. I have the list of their children and everyone else's children up to current date but I need their parents and siblings. Thanks a bunch!

Ruth Danner 4 January 1999
I am searching for the parents of Henry Taylor who came to Yell County from Tennessee c1847. He came with his wife Betty Millard and her parents James E. Millard and Edna Herring. Henry Taylor settled first at Dutch Creek and then moved across the county line to Scott County where he died May 7, 1892. Henry was the father of 12 or 13 children. His son, Bright Taylor, was born in Yell County c1855 and died in Scott County March 30, 1879.
I would like to hear from anyone who has information about any of these families or who has a copy of the Herring family history. There were several Taylors in early Yell County that lived near Henry. Were they parents or brothers? Thank you for any information.
Ruth Danner
PO Box 4
Winnemucca, NV 89446-0004

Karen Butcher 6 December 1998
Father's Name: Joe Elton Irvin, Birth Place: Paris, Arkansas
Grandfather: Virgil Irvin
Great-Grandparents: Zachary and Sarah Irvin
Need information on Zachary and Sarah Irvin. Some of the family lived in Yell County. Thanks!

Gennie 18 October 1998
I have a photo of Lula Jolly of Birta, Yell Co, AR, taken around the turn of the last century. The photo is faded, but in fair shape. Also have a photo of John Higgins of Yell County from about the same time period. This photo is in good condition. Either of the photos is free to the first descendant who contacts me. These two people were friends of my grandmother.

Ron and Sherry Mideiros 18 October 1998
I am seeking information on the Frazier, McBride, Swilling and Haney families of Yell Co., Arkansas. Thank you. 18 October 1998
I am looking for any bit of information on the Manasco or Menasco families that settled in Yell Co during the 1800s. I have some information and am willing to share.

Donna Chism 7 September 1998
I would like to have any information on Abby Sue Lofland (Laughlin). She was the daughter of Warren Lofland but brought up by Baxter Lofland. Who was Baxter Lofland and what relation was he to Abby Sue?
I would also like any information on James Parker and Cristiana Rhoades. The only date I have is for James Parker born 3/27/1850 in Jackson, Tennessee and died 1900 in Gravelly. Cristiana Ann Rhoades was the daughter of Joseph Rhoades and Ann Spencer. Any information is welcome.
I am also looking for information on my grandfather Robert McConnell from Gravelly. All I have is that his parents were David McConnell and Polly Ann Abernathy. Does anyone know anything about any McConnell's in Yell County?? Please let me know.

Donna Chism 7 September 1998
Ella Abernathy, b. Sept 1890, d. May 1973, last known address in Ola, Yell County
Marie Abernathy, b. Oct 26, 1916, d. Aug 8, 1988, last known in Ola, Yell County
Virgil Abernathy, b. March 5, 1912, d. July 1986, last known in Ola, Yell County
Willie Abernathy, b Sept. 19, 1914, d. Oct 1983, last known in Ola, Yell County
Are they all related to Polly Ann Abernathy?? Are they all brothers and sisters??? Where are they buried at?? Thank you.

Carolyn Ashford 26 August 1998
Ford, Malachi (b. 1801 TN or KY) (d. 3/2/1881 in Dardanelle) married to Sara Frances Dawson...Methodist...Looking for children...believe there were 12 including Rebecca Ann, Thomas J., James M., Nathanial, Nancy, Catherine, Chandler and Benjamin L. Land records indicate they were farmers both in Yell and Pope counties.

Frances Spagnoletti 21 August 1998
My grandparents, Louis Dusek and Elvenia (Wesley) Dusek lived in Dardanelle. They were married in August 1919 and had one child who was my mother. I understand that at the time there was a large Bohemian population in Dardanelle and am curious about how this all came to be. I believe that my great-grandfather (Frank Wesley) was a child when he came to Dardanelle from (then what was) Bohemia. I also know that Frank Wesley married Cena Beran.

Geraldine L. (Hall) Thomas 21 August 1998
Seeking information on family/ancestors of John Henry Hall (dates unknown, possibly from Oklahoma) who married Verdie Lacey (dates unknown, possibly daughter of Joe Lacey and Nancy Hall). Also Martin Thomas (3/26/1839-4/27/1916, buried at Rock Creek Cemetery, Waveland, AR) who was married to Mary Beth Chappell. Martin Thomas was possibly a preacher, possibly from the Carolinas. Would like info on maternal or paternal sides.
John Henry Hall is my father's Grandfather. Martin Thomas is my father's great-grandfather.
My father is Hoyt Hall (b. 1926 in Paris, AR). His father Eliga N. Hall was born in 1899 and died in 1973. Their family lived between Waveland and Blue Mountain, Arkansas off and on for 11 years from 1926 to 1937. Hoyt attended the small schoolhouse in Blue Mountain that is now Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church. Eliga worked for several people, including sawmill owners Dick and Bud Davis.
Any information would be appreciated!

Donna Chism 21 August 1998
I am looking for any information in connection to my mother's side of the family. Her name is Kathleen (McConnell) Wilson. Her mother's name is Gladys (Jones) McConnell. She married Robert "Sugarbabe" McConnell who died in April of 1985. Gladys's parents were Viola Parker and Walter Jones. Robert's parents were Polly Ann Abernathey and David McConnell, and Walter's father's name was Taylor Jones I think. All from, or moved to Gravelly. Robert, Viola, Walter, and I think Taylor are all buried inParks Cemetery just past the county line in Scott County.

Janet Newell 9 August 1998
Researching the names Ladd, Wood, Crosby, Foss in Yell County. Constantine Ladd b. 5 Sept 1812 in Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana. To Arkansas sometime between 1816-1831. Lived in Dutch Creek (Dutchess Creek, Dutchcreek), Yell County. Married Elizabeth H. Wood(s) c. 1848 and had five children, all boys, all b. Yell Co. William I. Ladd 1849-before 1860; Logan M. Ladd 1851-before 1936; Joseph Ladd 1853-before 1860; Isaac Wood(s) Ladd 1856-1936; John Ladd 1858-1937. Logan married Martha (Babe) Hutchens. Isaac married Anna Crosby. John married Mollie Adams. Isaac and Anna's children were Earl Ladd, Blanche Ladd, and my grandmother Roxie Ladd b. 1888, Walnut Tree (Waltreak), Yell, Ark. Roxie married Arthur Loammi Foss, 1907 in Danville, Yell Co.
Also would like information on Joseph (Milton?) Ladd, b. c1780, Virginia, to South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, and then Sevier Co., Arkansas. His wife Hester is living in Yell County in 1850. Also suspect Miles Ladd, 1850 Yell County census, is Constantine's brother.

Shirley McDonald 3 August 1998
I'm looking for any information about my GGrandfather Alen Tanner. He lived in the 1890's on the Yell County side of the Galla Rock community. He passed away in 1899 of what my GGrandmother called the fever. They had two children, one passed away about the same time Alen did, her name was Luda. My GGrandmothers name was Mattie Jane Polk Tanner. She remarried J.H. Venable who also lived in Yell County at that time in 1907. The child that lived was my Grandfather Gilbert H. Tanner. Alen was originally from GA. Thank you.

Carrie Moos 1 August 1998
I am looking for info. on John L. McLean born 1811 in NC. He was a justice of the peace in Yell Co. Rover Twp. in 1866. Married Hannah born 1812 NC. Children were James W. 1845 NC, Martha Sarah Ann 1843 NC, Andrew G. ?1844, William R. 1848 NC, Nancy I. 1851 NC, Margaret C. 1853 NC, James married Mary C. born 1846 TN. Their children Wm.L. 1867 Ark., Polly A. 1868 Ark. Martha Sarah Ann McLean married George W. McClain of Scott Co. Ark. They are my gggrandparents. Thanks!

Alton Jones 22 July 1998
Appreciate any information on Thomas J. Bolen, born 1/19/1857. Died in Yell County, Arkansas 6/8/1914. Married to Anna Warren Bolen. Member of the Woodmen of the World. Had four daughters: Etta, May, Lecter, Patie.

Michael Johnson 14 July 1998
Looking for info on Joesph Bernard Sanders buried in Waveland with wife Mary Isabella Lawrance. Joe was born in 1862 and died in 1928. Mary was born in 1857 and died in 1940. Parents of Mary were Lee Lawrance and Clementine Mercensen or Murchinson. Believe collateral families to be Baker, Johnson and Glover.

Michael Johnson 14 July 1998
Molly (Glover) Johnson, husband Abner, both born about 1865 had sons William and Daniel. Molly is buried in Bellville. Looking for any info on Molly or Abner. Believe Baker, Sanders and Lawrance may be collateral families.

Donetha Groover 10 July 1998
I am looking for info on the following people:
Joe William Adams b. 12-08-1857 Briggsville, AR, d. 1919 Blackney, TX, m. Fanny Mae Hardin
Sadie Mayflower Adams b. 9-17-1891 Dardanelle, AR, d.12-22-1947 Pine Bluff, AR, m. 7-08-1909 Yell Co., AR to George Wesley Simpson
Joe Simpson b. 1850s AR, m. Hattie Harding
George Wesley Simpson b. 2-22-1888 Pine Bluff, AR, d. 11-30-1961 French Camp, CA, m. 7-08-1909 to Sadie Mayflower Adams

Tonya Mars 22 June 1998
I am looking for the cemetery where Charles Ennis is buried. He worked in a lumber yard in Plainview and died in Plainview in 1918. The cemetery he was buried in was moved because of a lake. He also has a Woodsman of the World tombstone. He might be buried as Charley. His wife's name was Rosa and he had one son named Theadore (Ted). If any one knows where he is, please let me know.

Mary Dougherty 22 June 1998
I'm trying to find out some information concerning a Ambrose Nelson Tucker born in 1868. I have recently been informed that he may have been born in Yell County, not Franklin Co., as was originally thought. Any help? Mother was Sarah Jane (Richardson) Tucker; father was Ambrose Tucker, who we can find nothing on.

Billy Crabree 22 June 1998
Seeking any information on my grandfather, Joseph Benjamin Crabtree, b. 4 Oct 1856 somewhere in Arkansas. His first marriage was to Martha Ann Roach, 12 Apr 1877 in Yell Co. Her name appears with her family in the 1880 Yell Co. Census. Do not know if there were children or not. Second marriage was to Emma Hines, 15 Sep 1880, also in Yell Co. Oral history has Joseph buried in Belleville, AR. He died 18 Sep 1907, there is no marker. Emma Crabtree and children moved to Hunt Co., Texas in 1917 to join her brother Ben (Benjamin) Hines. Information on any of these family names would be appreciated.

Ronald D. Smith 4 June 1998
I would like to enquire of the Nooner Family who lived in the community of Steven close to Plainview. I am the descendant of Francis Monroe (Bud) Nooner and would like to know if anyone with has any information on the Nooner family. The father of Francis M. Nooner was Jasper who allegedly escaped the Trail of Tears along with his wife Margarett. If any Nooners are in Yell County or if anyone related to them knows their whereabouts I invite their response. My mother's name was Lessie Jean Nooner, her sisters were Mae Nooner and Mable Nooner. Her mother's name was Addie Sims relative to Tandy Sims also of Steven. I now reside in Millington, Tennessee. My email address is Thank you.

Hall 1 June 1998
Need Info on Barnett Hall (Joseph Barnett?) and son Edward Hall and their families. Came to Yell County from Indiana about 1835.

Connie Francis Smith 24 May 1998
I am looking for any information on my great grandfather, Martin Franklin Francis. He lived in the area of Waldron and is buried at Dutch Creek Cemetery on Hwy 250 Yell Co., AR. He died in 1953. My great grandmother moved away after that. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Marsha Meador 24 May 1998
I am looking for any information on John Williams married to a Dona Viola Dugger or could be Duggar. They were possibly married before 1920 that is when their first known child, my grandfather George, was born. They had other children: Alfred, Elizabeth, and Geneva. They were supposedly living in Carden Bottoms when all the children were born, the birth certificates say Dardanelle R#1. But, I have yet to find a marriage license or them listed on a census. I know he (John) had a bro. Al? William or Bill, and a sister Paralee who married a Smathers. If you have any information on ANY Williams living in the Carden Bottoms area in the 1920's I would appreciate any of your comments. I do know they moved to Holland, Missouri somewhere in the 30's where he died supposedly in Mississippi County. I do know his wife Dona died in the Booneville Sanitarium of tuberculosis. I would appreciate any help or advice at all.

Richard Grist 15 May 1998
I would like to obtain information on William Ivy Grist, son of W.H. Grist, brother to Hosea Grist. William Ivy Grist died in 1924 in Havana, AR, buried in Moore's Chapel Cemetery. He was first married to a woman named Izabell and had a son Joe Grist, who later became a doctor. William Ivy Grist's second marriage was to a woman with the first name of Frances. Their children were: Jeremiah (my great grandfather), William, Ike, Dan, Fannie, Mary, Jeanie and Laverne. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I will share information I have on the Grist family. 15 May 1998
Seeking any information on my great grandfather, Therrell Columbus Suggs, b. 7 Aug 1856 probably somewhere in Arkansas. Do not have any information on names of parents. Migrated to Morgan County, Alabama in 1900 census married to Hesta Loretta Jane Compton. Any information on his birth location, parents or siblings will be appreciated. Thank you!!

Penny Gardner 15 May 1998
I am trying to get any info I can about an incident that happened during the Civil War. Oral history has it near Dardanelle, Yell Co., AR. A husband and wife were killed by Bushwhackers and left 3 or 4 young children. My grandmother, Lydia Rosier was orphaned by this. Although she used the surname Rosier when she married, it is unknown whether this was her real name or the name of her foster parents.

Mitchell Hunt 3 May 1998
I am looking for anything connected to the Morse family of Yell Co. I have a lot of info right now but not enough. Is there ever enough? John J. Morse was the first county sheriff of Pope Co. and later when Yell Co. came into being, was the first county judge. Most of the family moved to Walnut Tree (Waltreak) and had land by Moss Creek. If anyone can help me I would be most thankful.

Elaine Haggard 25 April 1998
Looking for Ormond Harris b. 1811 NC, buried Moore's Chapel, Havana 1881. Wife Martha Brister. Sylus Ray Lusk b. 1826 MS, d. 1881 Havana, married Mary Matilda Foster. Father of Mary may be Allen Foster, brother to James and Singleton? Archard Richard Hood d. 1904 Havana, married Sarah Josephine Wallace 1876 Pontotoc Co., MS. James Abner Cunningham d. 1915 Newton Co. married Linnie Mae Porter/Farrow lived Yell Co. Thanks!

Bruce Perry 25 April 1998
Looking for info on Perry surname, particularly Jeremiah F. (and wife Mary Saunders Parker), John Thomas (and wife Persis Reasoner), Claude Raymond, King, James King, Mary Virginia (Jennie)(and husband Reuel Williams), Cordelia (Delia). JF came to Yell Co. between 1830 and 1840. Some are buried in Brearley Cemetery. Claude Raymond left in about 1903 for Jacksonville, TX.

Ron Shrader 22 April 1998
I am looking for information on the Fricke Family. They appear on the 1900 Yell County Census as: Edward Fricke b. 1855 in Missouri, Mary J. Fricke b. 1869 in Arkansas, Missouri Fricke b. 1890 in Arkansas, Hiram C. Fricke b. 1892 in Arkansas, and Dessie O. Fricke b. 1895 in Arkansas. They moved sometime between 1916 and 1920 to Stephens County, Oklahoma.

Carrie Moos 27 March 1998
I'm looking for any information on George W. McClain born 1845 in Yell Co., Ark. He married Martha Sarah Ann McLean born 16 Oct 1842 NC, daughter of John L. McLean and Hannah from NC. George W. McClain died in Hot Springs, Ark. Abt. 1904. Martha Sarah Ann McLean died in 1928 in Ariz.

Phyllis Kessel 26 March 1998
I'm looking for information about Allie (Alicia) Dacus who was born in Yell County in 1869. Her father I believe to be William Dacus b. 10 Nov 1822 (my grandmother's records said in Tipton County, Kentucky ?) Mother Elener J. Dacus (don't have maiden name) born in Huntsville, Alabama 26 Jul 1836. I'd like to develop some information about this part of my family line. Thank you.

Radena Chambers 19 March 1998
I am looking for information on any Whitford families from Dardanelle, Yell County, Ark. Francis Marion Whitford b: June 3, 1870 Dardanelle, Ark., d: February 18, 1914. His father was Isaac Whitford, mother: Mary Cobb. Francis married first to Lora Kitchens, then Alice Jackson Evans. Alice b: December 15, 1872, d: June 28, 1897 in a covered wagon coming from Ark. to Oklahoma. It is said that she is buried in Texarkana, Oklahoma. They had three children, Mary Catherine, Maggie, Bell, one child died at birth. If any one has any information it would be greatly appreciated. I will share what I have.

Cricket Hill 19 March 1998
I am looking for a newspaper clipping regarding a murder that occurred in Yell County, Arkansas back in 1909 or 1910. The murder victim's name was Sarah F. Ince. She and 2 or 3 children were also murdered. Sarah's husband murdered them. I would be grateful for any information or newspaper clippings regarding this murder. I'm also looking for information on Hodges, Rodgers/Rogers and also Neels.

Harvey Bottoms 11 March 1998
I am trying to find information online for the Yell County Historical and Genealogical Association. They published an article regarding what I believe to be my ancestors in their April 1983 bulletin. The article was on the Bottoms family from Tennessee to Arkansas to Oklahoma.

Mimi Kelley 11 March 1998
Lee family of Yell County, AR. My gg-grandfather was W.M. Lee. He was born 10 September 1848. His wife was Melissie Allen, born 30 October 1853. They were married 13 March 1870. They are both buried in the Lee Family Cemetery. According to my information, they had 12 children: James Calvin Lee, Udorah Lee, John Steven Lee (my g-grandfather), Omer Britton Lee, Sir William Allen Lee, Maudy Bell Lee, Martha Jane Lee, Lew Cindia Lee, Matilda Caroline Lee, Myrtle Lena Lee, and Cora Ellen Lee.
My g-grandfather John Steven Lee and his wife Alverda Biggs sold their land in Yell County and moved to Oklahoma in 1916.
Cora Ellen Lee was the youngest of the family. I saw her one time when I was a child. She was married to a schoolteacher and I believe they lived around the Hot Springs area until their deaths. (Name unknown)
Any information is greatly appreciated.

Mary Ellen Ledford 11 March 1998
Dutch Creek Twp., Yell Co., AR 1900 U.S. Census
George W. Pool, born 1868 MO, parents born MO
Lula Johnson, wife, born 1872 AR - sister to Martha Ann who m. John Crabb
Irving, son born 1890 AR
Nellie, born 1891
Richard, son born Aug 1893 AR
Rebecker, born Apr 1895
Martha, born and died 09 01 1896
Dova, dau. born Feb 1898 AR
Henry Crabb, boarder born Oct 1885 AR, Father b. MS Mother b. AR. Is this Henry Crabb same person as son of Willis James Crabb and Fanny Gentry??

Mary Ellen Ledford 11 March 1998
Dutch Creek Twp., Yell Co., AR 1900 U.S. Census:
John Crabb, born Oct 1862 MS, parents born TN (they were Wm.P. Crabb and Elizabeth Horn/e)
Martha Ann Johnson, wife born 1870 AR, parents born GA
James P., son born 1895 AR
Ola, dau. born Feb 1897 AR
Emeline, dau. born Jan 1899 AR
What happened to this family??? Did they move to Craighhead Co., AR??

Mary Ellen Ledford 11 March 1998
1860 U.S. Census for Yell Co., AR, Spring Creek Twp.
James A. Ward, age 25 born TN
Catherine, age 27 born TN
Geo. W., age 11 born TN
Andrew J., age 8 born TN
Mary J., age 5 born TN
Wm.W., age 3 born KY
James Crabb, age 21 born MS
Who were parents/siblings of James Crabb?? Believe Catherine, wife of James W. Ward, was a Crabb prior to marriage and possibly sister of James Crabb. Who can help??

Mary Ellen Ledford 11 March 1998
1860 U.S. Census for Yell Co., AR, Spring Creek Twp.:
Thomas Mason, age 38 born LA
Elizabeth, age 31 born MS
Louisa J., age 9 b MS
Thomas J., age 7 born MS
Josephine, age 5 born MS
Lafayette, age 4 born MS
Leonidas, age 3 born MS
Horace C., age 3/12 born AR
Susan Nettles, age 18 born AR
Ellen Nettles, age 15 born AR
Robert Crabb, age 12 born MS
Who were parents/siblings of Robert Crabb?? Believe he is related to Elizabeth age 31, wife of Thomas Mason. Who can help??

Mary Ellen Ledford 11 March 1998
Robert Crabb, born 1848 MS; James Crabb, born 1839 MS; and Catherine Crabb, born 1833 TN, living Yell Co., AR 1860. Were they related??? Who were their parents/siblings?

Mary Ellen Ledford 11 March 1998
Crabb, b. 1862 MS, d. aft. 1893, son of William P. Crabb and Elizabeth Horne. He m. Martha Ellen Harvey 1893 in Yell Co., AR. What happened to them after 1900?? Did they remain in AR or head for Texas?? Martha Ellen Harvey, dau. of Lula Amanda Duncan and John W. Harvey. Who can help?? Lula Duncan Harvey bd. Macedonia Cemetery, June 1848 - 1894.

Jim Hill 11 March 1998
I am seeking information on a Hill family. Augustus Newton Hill was born 18 Sept in Yell Co. and died 1 Feb 1901 in Wister, OK. I do not have a name for his father. Augustus's mother died in Yell Co. in 1904. Her name was HarriettHill Mickles. I would appreciate any information on Harriett, Augustus or any other lineage that matches these people.

Joan Richardson 21 February 1998
Assa Brooks Price, b. May 26, 1846 in Tennessee married Cordelia Catherine Huffaeker b. January 31, 1848 in Tennessee. They were married in Danville, Yell County, Arkansas April 14, 1867. These are my great-grandparents. Would appreciate any information on their ancestors.

Terri Hazlett 21 February 1998
I am interested in information relating to Susan Loretta Edwards who married Edward D. Simmons on October 7, 1880. They married in Yell County. Susan was the daughter of Hiram T. Edwards who was born in Parke Co., Indiana. We are also searching for information on Hiram, who lived in Sebastian Co., Arkansas before he died in 1899. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Herbert Veazey 21 February 1998
Looking for any information on Laney McDaniel (born abt. 1810) found in Yell Co. in 1850 Census. His wife was Nancy Alcock (born abt. 1816) also found in Yell Co. in 1850 Census.

Fenner Steward 21 February 1998
I am searching for information about Frances Presnell Steward, daughter of John W. and Frances Wright Smith. Widow of Jacob Presnell and John David Steward. The latter being my Great Grandfather, my original immigrant ancestor from Ireland. I am trying to ascertain when my Great-grandmother, Frances Presnell Steward was married to my Great-grandfather, John David Steward, when she became widowed to him and where exactly is he buried? Frances Presnell Steward is buried in Moore's Chapel Cemetery in Yell County. Thank you for any help you can give me or point me in the right direction.

Dell L. Nelson 21 February 1998
Thomas Nelson, my great-grandfather, died in Yell County, AR 13 Jan 1886. His place of burial is unknown, and would likely be unmarked. One of his sons, Andrew Jackson Nelson, also died in 1920 in Yell County and is buried in Nooner Cemetery. (I have fairly complete information on him from 1850.) Another son, my grandfather J.C. Nelson, is listed in Yell County 1880 Census with Thomas Nelson, a widower, in his household. (J.C. Nelson has been fully traced from 1850.) Arkansas has no death record on Thomas, and I have not found information on him beyond his listing in the 1850 Census in Benton County, AL, where he married, lived, and had several children before coming to Craighead County, AR in 1857. Any possible connection to or information about this Thomas Nelson would be greatly appreciated. I am at wit's end!

Nancy Hubbard 19 December 1997
I am looking for the parents, siblings, etc. for John Henry Long born 10 Oct 1874 died 31 May 1961, buried in the Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery in Yell County. His wife's name is Susan Belle Ash, their children are Maude Long, Myrtle Long, Emma Maudine Long, Hugh Long. Any info. on these children would also be greatly appreciated.

Connie Pettengill 9 November 1997
Trying to locate obituaries for Sarah Evelyn McCurry, died Oct. 30, 1928 in Plainview, Yell Co.; and Lilly McCurry, died Aug. 15, 1932, in Wilson Township, Yell Co. Any information that could lead to obtaining copies would be greatly appreciated.
We are also looking for a death record and obituary for Jonathan G. McCurry, he died 28 Sept 1928. We only know that he resided in the Plainview area.

Jim Boyle 5 September 1997
Looking for some info on marriage between T.J. Vaughn and Nancy M. Wood 1871 Apr 9, AR, Yell Co...found on Family Tree Maker CD 6. These are my wife's ggrandparents.

Bryan Gabbard 5 September 1997
I am seeking information on the Sitton family of Dardanelle, Arkansas. My great-grandmother, Dora Sitton, was born in Dardanelle on December 11, 1872. She married John Oscar Wilson March 8, 1891. I do not know where they were married. She died in Fayetteville on February 15, 1951. Any info on her or her family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Tommy Baxter 3 August 1997
Baxter: George Baxter and his sons, E.W. and Robert moved to Yell Co. after the Civil War. George married a widow named Warren, E.W. married a Hames, and Robert married a Hale. E.W. and Robert had sons who married Baker, Hambright, and Stafford. One of E.W.'s daughters married a Walker. If we have any information that you think might help someone, please feel free to give them our e-mail address.

Kent Soderling 3 August 1997
Thompson: I have spent several years in searching for my grandfather's sister Kate Thompson. She was born 1/7/1878 in Dallas Co., AR. She married E.D. (Bert) Thompson 4/15/1895 in Cleveland Co., AR. They had several children and I have as yet been able to locate them. I was told this week that one son, Decker, had lived in Ola most of his life. I feel he might have lived until the 70's, or perhaps is still living. Is there someone in Yell County that could research him? His parents spent several years in Clayton, OK and then later years in Dayton, TX.

Gary Tannahill 3 August 1997
I am trying to locate the descendants of John Tannahill who owned some land in Yell County beginning in 1852. I am helping with an application for a historical site designation for John's home in Fulton, MS. I suspect John's descendants, if any are living, would like to know about this.
I have a copy of a deed for the NE of Section 36, Township 6 of Range 21 West filed in the Itawamba County Court House; John Tannahill lived in Itawamba County at that time. He bought the land from Benjamin J. Toomer; John's sister Jannet married Joshua Toomer who also lived in Yell County.
Can you tell me how I can find out if this deed is filed in Yell County records? How can I find out when John sold this land and to whom?
I find John in the 1860 Census for Parker County, Texas, but without his wife, Mary. I wonder if she died in Yell County sometime after they left Itawamba County in 1856. This census also shows a daughter, E., born in Arkansas in the year 1854 or thereabouts.
Any help or advice you could give would be very much appreciated.

Betty Jones 3 August 1997
Researching the William and Nancy Ann Sanner Jones family that came to Chickalah, Yell Co., Ark. ca 1840 from Henderson Co., KY. Children b. KY: JamesS. (Sanner) 1819 (m. Elizabeth), Clark B. 1820 (m. Rebecca Jordan, Thomas E. 1821 (m. Nancy Wade Swain), Nancy E. 1823 (m. James Stinnett), Martha F. 1831 (m. Mat Barker), William I. (Isaac?) 1832 (m. Matilda Dines), Ancelantwine C. 1834 (m. Elizabeth Housley), Susan E. 1835, Alexander S.M. (Marion?) 1838 (m. Ellender Williamson); b. AR: George W. 1842, Allison L. 1844. William Jones died at Magazine Township ca 1846/8. Nancy Sanner Jones d. 1872 (b. 1800 in St. Mary's Co., MD). Thomas and Nancy Wade Swain Jones moved to Grayson Co., TX in 1863 where much of the family still reside. Thanks for any info, will share extensive family history.

Betty DeHolt 6 July 1997
Morava. My ggrandfather was Joseph Morava married to Anna Hladky. They are listed on the census of Dardanelle in 1880 with 6 children listed. Two were born in Dardanelle, Mary in Oct 1882 and Frank in 1884. Was wondering if someone else might be researching these same surnames of Morava or Hladky. Any information would be appreciated and will share what I have also.

Terry Harp 27 June 1997
Looking for info on the family of Albert Willard Lawrence b. 20 Feb 1880 in Dardanelle, Yell Co. s/o Milton (John Milton??) Lawrence and Nora Victory (Victoria?). I've been told Milton and Nora Lawrence are buried somewhere in Danville, Yell Co. Albert went to Dardanelle College and may have lived with a family named Goodier. A brother, James Frederick "Fred" Lawrence and Albert moved to Indian Territory in about 1898. Albert married Iora Dell Horton, 31 Aug 1902. They had 6 children: Albert Earl, Harvey Milton, Joseph Orphane, Lyda Bernese (died as an infant), Dorothy Darline and James Willard.

M.L. Todd-Cornelius 24 June 1997
I'm researching the Willis family that settled in Gravelly, Yell County, in the second half of the 1800s. They married into the Fudge, Jordan, Sutterfield, McCormack, and Merril families, as well.

Rhonda Hawkins 24 June 1997
I am looking for information on Francis Elizabeth Biggs b. 1866 Dardanelle, Yell Co., Ark. to Nathan Biggs and Eliza Tweddle or Tweedle. Francis married Mathew Brown of MS and had the following children: Mattie Elizabeth b. 1884; Wesley; Matthew; Pearl; Archibald Benjamin b. 1892; and Nora May b.1894. Other surnames associated with this family are: Brown, Biggs, Tweedle, Tweddle, Williford, Lewis, Boen, Russell, Riggs, Holstead and Gassett. I have a bit of information and I am very willing to share.

Roger Cockerline 2 March 1997
Searching for information regarding Sadler and Sugg. Thanks in advance!

Lois Burton 2 February 1997
Interested in information regarding parents of Thomas Jefferson Bradbury (b. 6 Jun 1865, IL, d. 30 Oct 1924, OK). Known information: Thomas Jefferson's mother was Lorinda Bradbury (b. May 1842, IL) according to 1880 Census, Spring Creek Twp., Yell Co., AR. She was widowed by this 1880 census. Siblings of Thomas Jefferson Bradbury are: Mary J. (b. abt. 1861, IL), M.E. (b. Abt. 1869, IL), John H. (b. abt. 1874, AR, married Sarah F. one child Ollie L.), A. Lee (b. Aug 1876, AR), and Susan V. (b. Dec. 1878, AR believed to have married Red Chapel). My husband is descended from Thomas Jefferson Bradbury and Rhoda Catherine Dunson (b. 27 Apr 1865, MS, d. 19 Jul 1959, CA) who married in Blue Mountain, Logan Co., AR on 10 Aug 1893. Please e-mail info to Lois Burton at

Lois Burton 2 February 1997
Searching for information regarding birth of William Smith, married Ann Carter and children, John, Arthur (Luther?), Otto (my husband's grandfather) (b. abt. 1895, Yell Co., AR), Oval (b. abt. 1905), Grady, Jack, Co, Vern, Rose, Faye, and Ann Smith. They lived at Cedar Creek, Crawford Co., AR, according to family members. I have not found them in the census as yet but I haven't researched this line since I found this info. Otto was born in Havana, Yell Co., AR. He died in Monroe, Leflore Co., OK in 1925. If you connect, please e-mail me at Thanks!

Wayne Adcock 2 February 1997
F_______ Henry Adcock 1827-1898 m. Sarah Swilling 1831-1899 m. c1851. 12 children were born, at least 2 moved to Yell Co., AR. Joseph V. and George William Adcock. Would like more info on this family both in Yell County and the ones that stayed in GA.

Vicky and David Barnett 2 February 1997
Looking for info on George and Mary Barnett in Yell Co. In 1900 Census around Ola, Plainview or Casa. Children: Leona, Cecil, William H., Bertie, and Altie. William is my Grandfather, born May 1893, married Sarah (Jones) Bishop, Nov. 9, 1912 in Danville, AR. Sarah was married to Joe Bishop before. William died Aug.30, 1921 but don't know where. (WWI Vet) Any help appreciated.

Mary Fowler Leek 2 February 1997
Working on the following names: Putman, Underwood, Boles <AR <TN <PA, Fowler <AR <IN <KY. Will share info. Have searchable database at

Lynn 15 January 1997
I am looking for information on Lafayette Monroe Hulsey b. 1874, d. 1964. Married Margaret Ellen Shockley in Yell County July 27, 1898. Lafayette Monroe's parents were Jordon Monroe Hulsey b. abt. 1850, and Angelene. I would be grateful for any information on the Hulsey family.

Steve Patterson 7 January 1997
Trying to learn more about the Patterson Family that lived in Yell Co. Arkansas in the 1860's and 1870's. Information I have relates to following: Zora E.F. "Fannie" Patterson, born 1869, Dutch Creek, Yell Co., AR. William Miller Patterson, born October 14, 1873, Dutch Creek, Yell Co., AR. William Miller was my Grandfather.

There was also 2 other sisters and 2 other brothers who I don't know if they were born in Yell Co. They are: Laura Patterson; Mary A. Elizabeth "Betty" Patterson, b. 1867; George Damon Patterson, b. 1874; Ben "John" Patterson, b. 1876.

The last two brothers married twins -> Della and Ella Kendall. Any information would be appreciated.

Sam Morrow 7 January 1997
I am looking for a W.B. Morrow who fathered a son, Samuel L. Morrow in Dardanelle on November 24, 1872. I have a letter sent to Samuel by W.B. on the 16th of July 1905 from Fort Smith. No other information on W.B. is known.

Jim Cook 6 January 1997
My grandfather Maluster "Buster" Cook was married in either Ola or Danville on the 13th August 1916 to a Maude Morgan. My grandfather was from Ola and Maude was from Danville. Maude's father's name was John P. Morgan. It is told he was a preacher, and that he preached all over western Ark. Maude's mother's name was Bell White. I'm guessing that John P. Morgan would have been born ca. 1830-1840, also Bell White probably around the same time. Both are probably from AR originally. I cannot find any data related to the Morgans or Whites. I have searched census records, marriage records, probates but cannot find any thing on either of these surnames. Any info on either of these lines would help greatly. Also anyone with any Cook info would be helpful. My line of Cooks are as far as I can tell are not related to the George line, from the Mt. George area and also Ola area. I have at least one Cook relative buried at Dacus Cemetery. (A uncle to Buster).

David Jackson 4 January 1997
Looking for information on John "Humpy" Jackson and his brother Robert Jackson who lived in Yell Co. from 1840 to 1850, when John and his family left in a wagon train for Llano Co. Texas. We know the Texas part but are having trouble finding connection in Yell Co.

Dan Forrester 1 January 1997
I am looking for information on the ancestors of James Brunson (JB) Anglin. He came from the New Shiloh, Reville Valley area. He m. Lula Mae Walker abt. 1905-10. He had a brother nicknamed Bid that moved to OK but that's all I know about him.

Mary Fowler Leek 16 December 1996
We are looking for the parents of Joseph Henry Putman, b. Dec 1869 d. 1945 burial place: Hunt's Chapel Cemetery, Rover, AR; m. Sept. 14, 1890 in Yell Co., AR to Missouri Eden. In the 1880 Census there were a couple of 'orphans'. Joseph was one, listed as 11 AR AR AR and was living as an adopted child of John and Sarah Lackey of Lower Lefave township (Waveland area) in Yell Co., Arkansas. We cannot find Joseph listed in the 1870 Census in Arkansas.

Sue Mac 6 December 1996
Am looking for William E. Duke who moved to Yell Co., AR from Georgia. William E. was b. Jul 1847, and spent most of his life in Yell Co., AR. He married Sarah Parthenia __________. He died after the 1910 Census, in Dutch Creek, Yell Co., AR. I would like to know where they came from and just anybody that would be related to them. Any help appreciated!

Sue Mac 6 December 1996
James E. Millard and Edna Herring moved their family from Haywood Co., TN to Yell Co., AR in the early 1840's. James and Edna were born ~1800, both in NC. I would like to know of any other people related and any extensions of the family. Thanks for any help.

Sue Mac 6 December 1996
Asa B. Price and wife were born in TN 1846 & 1848 (respectively) and moved their family to Danville, Yell, AR. Their dau., Merrie E., was born in Arkansas in 1868 and she married Thomas M. Noblet. They lived in Yell Co., AR most of their lives, if not all. I am looking for other people related to these folks and where they came from in Tennessee and their parents' names. Thanks.

Mary Russell 28 November 1996
Seeking parents of Florence Madden of Bellville. She was age 23 when she married J.C. Harkey in December of 1914. The marriage was performed by T.H. George J.P.

Roger Johnston 24 November 1996
Am looking for any information as to where William Washington Childers is buried and for sure where he died. Information I have is he was born 8-9-1848 in Warren Co., KY and died 8-1-1922 in Ola, Yell Co., AR but can find no confirmation of this. Any help would be appreciated.

Mary Ellen Crabb Ledford 20 November 1996
Am searching for the burial place of William P. Crabb, Corporal in Civil War, Union Soldier, born 1829 Giles Co., TN, died May 1893 Yell Co., AR. Married /1 M. Elizabeth Horne December 1850 in Lawrence Co., TN born 1828 TN, d. 1878 MS, dau. of John Horn and Nancy Hall.

Children of William and Elizabeth: James Moore, born 1852 TN, d. 1929 TX; Rutha Artelia J., born 1853 TN, died bef. 1903 MS or AL or AR; Rusey/Rosey, b. 1854 MS, died 1922 MS; Mary "Polly", born 1856 MS, died after 1909 MS; Nancy, born 1858 MS, died bef. 1884 MS; Perry or Paul Asberry, born Oct 1860 MS, died 1931 Chewalla, TN; William T., born 1862 MS, died possibly Yell Co., AR; John A., born 1864 MS, died bef. 1936 Craighead Co., AR; Joseph M., born 1867 TN, died after 1880 possibly MS; Sarah Elizabeth, born 1869 TN, died 1955 Jonesboro, AR; George, born 1870 TN, died possibly bef. 1880 in TN.

Parents of William P. were Joseph, b. 1805, d. aft. 1880 and Catherine Rogers, b. 1804, d. 1873 MS. William P. Crabb married Lucinda Livingston, 1879 in Prentiss Co., MS and she possibly died Yell Co., AR. 1895. Had son Henry Livingston Crabb, b. 1881 MS, d. 1963 Carlsbad, NM. Can anyone help with ANY of family???? Thanks.

Theresa 17 November 1996
I am looking for anything on William Hughes, b. abt 1859 in Birta, Arkansas. Married to Martha Washington Rodgers, b. unk in Birta, Arkansas also. They had at least two children, one is Lula Belle Hughes, b. Dec 27, 1881 in Birta, Arkansas. This is all that I have on William and Martha. Lula Belle Hughes married Edward D. Eubanks Oct 2, 1899, in Carden Bottoms, Arkansas. I'm really stuck with Edward, all that I have is his name and their marriage date. Do any of these connect? I would really appreciate any help. If no connections, does anyone have any idea which direction that I should look next?

Paul Howard 17 November 1996
I am looking for information on William P. and Melinda (Haston) Howard in Yell. Co. about 1873.

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