Salem Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

The original version of this was copied and updated April 1992 by Marilyn Roberts, Cornelia Daniels and Basil Hunt. From Plainview go west on State Hwy 28 past school house (two blocks), turn right on Yell County road # 12, go two and 1/2 miles north. Well-kept cemetery with Church. It is located in the Kingston Community.

The original version has been updated to include all of the additions and changes which were given to us by Ms. Gee Spencer of Plainview, AR.

I am deeply grateful to Ms. Spencer for her hard work getting updated information for this cemetery. Ms. Spencer spent many long hours checking each headstone in the cemetery, verifying the accuracy of the previous listings, and adding new information for more recent deaths.

Some of Ms. Spencer's comments: "The changed dates on Gertrude and Olga Smith were submitted by their grandson who checked their birth and death certificates. Believe it or not, there were two Olga Smiths. The grandson decorates their graves throughout the year though they do not have headstones. Julia McDaniel's relatives were doing genealogy from California. They were searching for their grandmother's sister. They exhausted their search on Julia McDaniel, not knowing that years later she had remarried and become Julia Anderson. A man from Arizona is looking for information on Jane M. Gray. She married George Gray. Jane died in 1902. I have rechecked every stone on the 1992 Salem Cemetery list. I copied from the stones and did rubbing on those that were questionable. I learned lighting is very important. Even so, there could be a mistake. I know one stone [has] the death date wrong (an infant) but after fifty years I did not change it."

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Acker, Elizabeth25 Oct 191411 Jun 2000
Acker, Joella w/o Thomas18951959
Acker, John G.24 Sep 192118 Feb 2001SSDI
Acker, Thomas "Tom"24 Oct 1890Jun 1967SSDI
Acker, Tom Brady US Army s/o Joella & Thomas25 Aug 192924 Jan 1994SSDI
Acker, Willene (Hall) d/o James William & Lottie Escue (Brown)13 Jan 192813 Jun 2006SSDI
Adaire, Dotty Irene (Harkey) d/o Moses Isiah Jr. & ;Rosetta E. (Tucker) w/o Isaac Newton6 Oct 1903May 1963
Adaire, Isaac Newton19021961
Adams, Herman Raughley s/o Wilburn & Hettie (Cossey) WWII Tec 5 US Army3 Mar 192019 Feb 1977
Adams, Loyd W. Sr. A2C USAF s/o Herman & Nina J. (Ellis) 16 Sep 194122 Aug 1997
Albright, Bess (Smith) w/o Ralph (M) 19 Jun 192820 Oct 19001 Dec 1984
Albright, C.C.4 Feb 18715 Mar 1947
Albright, Delia w/o John Alonzo22 May 187229 Jan 1946
Albright, Ema Jean9 Nov 193427 Aug 1935
Albright, Fannie L. w/o J.L.15 Feb 1878 16 Jun 1958
Albright, Herchel K. WWI Ark. Pfc. US Army h/o Una (Shelton) 14 Oct 18948 Mar 1968WWIR SSDI
Albright, Herchel K. Jr. s/o Herchel K. & Una (Shelton) 6 Feb 19276 Feb 1927
Albright, Ida Leonie (Tate) d/o Thomas Henry & Mary Ann (Watson) w/o Joseph Bryant12 Nov 189816 Sep 1973
Albright, Inf. d/o E.H. & GraceB & D19 Feb 1929
Albright, Dr. J.L. (W of W) FLT23 Jul 18663 Mar 1927
Albright, J.L. Jr. s/o J.L. & Fannie L.28 Apr 191628 Sep 1924
Albright, John Alonzo (W of W)10 Feb 18688 Jul 1944
Albright, Joseph36 yr 6 mo 7 ds12 Oct 1897
Albright, Joseph Bryant "Joe"27 Jul 1896 27 Sep 1982
Albright, Julius Barton s/o Bryan & Charlotte Gertrude (Newhouse)7 Feb 19186 Jun 1918
Albright, Lonnie M. d/o John Alonzo & Delia22 Aug 190319 Oct 1910
Albright, Lulu A. w/o C.C.1 Oct 187424 Nov 1947
Albright, Macy Myrtle d/o John Alonzo & Delia9 Oct 189717 Nov 1904
Albright, Melcenia w/o J.L.19 Apr 1869 20 Sep 1897
Albright, Noel Gorman (Mason)3 Mar 1903 7 Oct 1935
Albright, Ralph (W of W) s/o J.L.26 Oct 189627 Dec 1936
Albright, Roger T. "Boots" s/o Joseph Bryant & Ida Leonie (Tate)4 Dec 192718 Apr 1947
Albright, Willie Kelly s/o John Alonzo & Delia8 Sep 19082 Jul 1911
Aldrich, Charles E. s/o William W. & Lida L.5 Oct 19047 Aug 1928
Aldrich, Inf. s/o William W. & Lida L.B & D20 Oct 1911
Aldrich, Lida L. w/o William W.18721949
Aldrich, William W.18731959
Allen, ____________ - can't Read FHM

Allen, Creasie (Wycoff) w/o Joseph T.1 Dec 190215 May 1973SSDI
Allen, Georgia w/o Will18791945
Allen, Joseph T.10 Feb 18998 Jul 1972SSDI
Allen, Will1866no date
Allred, Bernice w/o Claborn E.3 Nov 1928 15 Sep 1989SSDI
Allred, Claborn E. WWII27 Mar 190926 Apr 1985SSDI
Anderson, Frank19031933
Anderson, Julia McDaniel M/1 John McDaniel M/2 Robert B. Anderson29 Jun 1870Jun 1971SSDI
Anderson, Robert B.18751958
Anderson, Tennie18731951
Anderson, Will C.20 Jul 189422 Jun 1968SSDI
Anderson, William Wriley (Mason)18449 Jan 1924
Anderson, Zula M. w/o Will C.2 Oct 1891 27 Jul 1974SSDI
Ashford, John T. s/o J. & R.J.10 Nov 188525 Jun 1888
Ashley, Levi19031932
Atchison, Emma V. w/o John W.14 Nov 1876 3 Nov 1952
Atchison, John W.10 May 188623 Aug 1957
B. - D.H.B. - 3 initials on small stone, could be David Bookout

Bagley, Thomas Alyn Pfc. US Army Korea21 Jan 19328 Feb 1983
Bair, Clytie4 Nov 190725 Aug 2000
Bair, Erwin S.18721948
Bair, Issac C.4 Jul 1905Feb 1980SSDI
Bair, Jessie w/o Clytie26 Jan 1904Aug 1953
Bair, Jossie18871959
Bair, M.W. "Sis" w/o Issac C.10 Sep 1920 20 Nov 1971
Baker, Arthur Lee WWI US Army7 Feb 1895 11 Mar 1990WWIR
Baker, Irene (Davenport) w/o Paul M. (M) 21 Jan 19545 Jul 1933Living
Baker, James Edward US Army Ark. Cpl. Korea s/o Arthur Lee & Nettie Mae (Caire)24 Jul 193125 May 1956
Baker, Nettie Mae (Caire) d/o John & Ellen (Bolin) w/o Arthur Lee
Additional info from Robin Kirkland
22 Jul 18993 Aug 1981 SSDI
Baker, Neva B.12 Nov 190530 Nov 1971
Baker, Paul M. s/o Arthur Lee & Nettie Mae (Caire)27 Sep 193323 Aug 2006SSDI
Baker, William Cody9 Aug 18979 Sep 1985SSDI
Baldwin, Sarah C. w/o Dr. S.C.17 May 186030 Sep 1920
Barns, Inez M. w/o William R.25 Apr 1907 27 Aug 1987
Barns, William R.9 Feb 190523 Mar 1984
Barrick, Artha w/o T.J.18891937
Barrick, Inf. s/o Charles & ElvaB & D12 Sep 1922
Barry, Adeline w/o A.K.27 Sep 182812 Oct 1894
Barton, Floy M. w/o John F.11 Apr 1906 Apr 1983SSDI
Barton, Inf. s/o I.M. & RubyB & D1929
Barton, John F.19021964
Barton, John H.16 Apr 185626 May 1940
Barton, Lucinda A. w/o John H.7 Sep 1863 27 Jan 1933
Bear, Clara Belle (Rodgers) w/o Erwin A. (M) 5 Sep 19436 Dec 19225 Apr 1996SSDI
Bear, Erwin Allen "Brownie" s/o Erwin S. & Jossie Haley (Hacket)6 Mar 192222 Mar 2003SSDI
Bear, Frankca 1925ca. 1928/29
Bear, Irvin "Sonny" s/o Erwin Allen & Clara Belle (Rodgers)1 Nov 194417 Dec 1986SSDI
Bear, Joan w/o Irvin (M) 15 Oct 196523 Jun 1935Living
Bench, Faye (Shelton) 2nd w/o Jimmyno dates

Bench, Isaac W.18611936
Bench, Jimmie H. WWII Ark. Pvt. 16 Inf. Tng. Regt.29 Jan 190627 Aug 1948
Bench, Madie and Baby 1st w/o Jimmyno dates

Bench, Mary Elizabeth21 Jul 187320 Oct 1954
Benedict, Bell (Brady) w/o George L.Oct 1872Mar 1940
Benedict, BradyJan 1892Dec 1946
Benedict, Edward L.6 Dec 190514 Dec 1987
Benedict, George L.Nov 1862Apr 1939
Benedict, George Robert WWI Colo. Pvt. 349 Inf. 88 Div.13 Sep 189430 Jan 1932
Benedict, Helen d/o George L. & Bell (Brady)1 Nov 19037 Sep 1919
Bergman, Louis E.23 Jun 187122 Jul 1950
Bergman, Mary C. w/o Louis E.18681943
Biggs, Billy W.8 Apr 19361 Nov 1951
Biggs, Ocie WWI Ark. Sgt. US Army30 Jul 189511 Aug 1971WWIR SSDI
Biggs, Willie Evelyn (English) d/o William & Ophelia (Carden) w/o Ocie14 Apr 190027 Mar 1979SSDI
Billue, Beulah (Ross) w/o Robert E.9 Mar 1899Dec 1972SSDI
Billue, Myrtle d/o Robert E. half-s/o Ruby Emmagene (Billue) Tylerca. 12-16 dates
Billue, Robert E.18771957
Bingham, William Russell s/o J.P. & A.L.21 Nov 19026 Jun 1919
Bird, Albert Leroy19 Oct 18786 Jun 1953
Bird, Vivian Pearl w/o Albert Leroy16 Aug 189031 Jul 1966
Bishop, Dorace w/o Gene (M) 4 Nov 19476 Jul 1929Living
Bishop, Bro. Gene2 May 192817 Mar 1986
Black, Clyde18981959
Black, Inf./o G. & date1895
Black, Jessie L. w/o V.J.10 Oct 1947Living
Black, V.J.24 Aug 194217 Jan 1990SSDI
Bloxham, Shelia w/o Johnny19 Jan 194921 Feb 1993
Bock, Larry s/o Albert & Catherine h/o Mary Esther (Hatcher) - past caretaker of Salem Cemetery24 Aug 195012 June 2002SSDI
Boillot, Paul C.18501912
Bolen, Jamie Lee c/o Bobby & SharonB & D13 Nov 1991
Bolen, John Marion WWII USN12 Jul 1914 22 Nov 1993
Bollan, Charles G.5 Jun 19358 Apr 1995SSDI
Bonner, Belle (Hunt) w/o C.H. (M) 26 Jun 193823 Jun 1918

Bonner, C.H.23 Dec 187527 Oct 1906
Bonner, Carl Thomas SP4 US Army Vietnam4 Sep 194512 Sep 1993
Bonner, Claude Hunter6 Apr 190630 Nov 1993SSDI
Bonner, Mattie M.12 Jul 188020 Sep 1950
Booher, J.L. (Mason)19161963
Booher, Jimmy Littleton Jr. s/o J.L. 1Lt US Army8 Oct 19387 Jun 1997
Booher, Joe Orval (Mason)19065 Jan 1959
Booher, Myrtle23 Jan 188322 Nov 1934
Booher, Vernice Marie d/o J.L. & M.11 Aug 190915 Sep 1910
Bookout, Samuel L. s/o David & Sarah (O'Conner) b. TN28 Jun 18689 Jun 1924
Boye, Martha S.18791956
Boyte, Isaac W. (W of W)24 Oct 188212 Aug 1918
Boyte, John B.18751956
Boyte, Lucy I.9 Nov 18868 Feb 1976
Bradford, Audrey LeeB & D8 Aug 1933
Bradford, Denver WWII Ark. CMI US Navy s/o George & Dora Jane (Adcock)26 Dec 191324 Sep 1970
Bradford, Mildred (Albright)19201963
Bradford, Zelma24 Nov 192514 May 1962
Brasier, Modean (Roberts)10 Oct 19248 Dec 1942
Breashears, Beuna Lorene (Grissom) d/o Jim & Effie w/o Joseph Oscar (M) 24 Sep 1933
Additional Info from Mike Lipsey
12 Feb 19093 May 1981SSDI
Breashears, Joseph Oscar WWI Pfc. US Army23 Dec 189020 Aug 1976WWIR SSDI
Breashears, Larry Willard Sr. h/o Betty (Storment)1 Mar 194123 Feb 2002
Brinkley, J.W.27 Mar 185723 Mar 1910
Brinkley, Josie w/o J.W.20 Jul 186021 Feb 1931
Brinkley, Reid s/o J.W. & Josie21 Feb 190122 Sep 1901
Brinkley, Ruby Dale18 Oct 192331 Oct 1923
Briscoe, Jessie M. (Ladd) w/o Samuel L. Sr. (M) 5 Nov 1939 8 Dec 191711 Jan 2003SSDI
Briscoe, Samuel L. Sr.27 Oct 191214 Mar 2004SSDI
Brison, B.F.19 Sep 184421 Aug 1881
Brooke, Alice Beth d/o Dr. H.C. & Dora5 Aug 19169 Aug 1916
Brooke, Alice R. (Albright) d/o J.B. & S.E. w/o R.J.10 Mar 185513 Nov 1906
Brooke, Catherine J. w/o Monroe T.23 Jul 185213 Apr 1888
Brooke, Elmer18961900
Brooke, Harvey M. s/o Monroe T. & Catherine J.12 Feb 188717 Aug 1888
Brooke, Inf. s/o R.J. & Alice R. (Albright)B & D7 Sep 1876
Brooke, John R. s/o R.J. & Alice R. (Albright)29 May 188226 Sep 1924
Brooke, Monroe T. (Mason)9 Mar 184723 May 1889
Brooke, R.J. (Mason)6 Mar 185413 May 1928
Brooke, Walter s/o R.J. & Alice R. (Albright)5 Apr 188011 Aug 1881
Brooke, William F. s/o R.J. & Alice R. (Albright)8 Jan 187816 Jan 1879
Brooks, Ruth Marie d/o William Hugh & Myrtle Effie (Sears)26 Aug 191925 Nov 1921
Brown, Bryon Floyd "Jack"3 Sep 19141 Apr 1999SSDI
Brown, Dora (Hart) w/o Herman D.18501898
Brown, Edgar s/o Mathis M. & Mattie M.30 Mar 190413 Jun 1905
Brown, Erving R.18961928
Brown, Herman D.18481916
Brown, Inf. d/o Mathis M. & Mattie M.11 May 190612 May 1906
Brown, Inf. s/o Eddno dates

Brown, Jeff17 Aug 189213 Oct 1940
Brown, Louisa Elizabeth "Lou" (Davenport) Spencer d/o Marcus Virgil & Nora E. (Thompson) M/1 Jim L. Spencer M/2 Robert Monroe Brown 30 Oct 192230 Oct 2005SSDI
Brown, Margaret Fay w/o C.C.17 Mar 1907 15 Apr 1924
Brown, Mathis M.18791961
Brown, Mattie M. w/o Mathis M.22 Oct 1886Mar 1971SSDI
Brown, Robert Monroe8 Dec 19145 Jun 1996SSDI
Browne, Marilu (Tillman) d/o Charles A. & Mary F. (Ellison) m/o Hank & Libby11 Oct 19081 Mar 1997SSDI
Bullock, John H.9 Mar 185312 Jan 1935
Bullock, Mary A. w/o John H.6 May 1872 29 Mar 1933
Bumpers, Merle s/o Robert & Emma9 Oct 191527 Jan 1916
Bumpers, Robert23 Nov 187920 May 1921
Burk, Inf. s/o W.G. & M.L.B & D 1 Jan 1895
Burk, M. Pink s/o W.H. & M.L.22 Dec 188425 Dec 1905
Burke, J. Michael27 Sep 19492 Apr 1977
Burnett - old concrete block
Burnett, Benjamin Rush s/o John Wesley & Phoebe Caroline (Wilson)20 Dec 186629 Apr 1962
Burnett, Charles R. "Charley" s/o John Wesley & Phoebe Caroline (Wilson)20 Dec 18669 Mar 1960
Burnett, Erma Hamilton M/1 John F. Hamilton M/2 ---- Burnett 19024 May 1983
Burnett, Mary A. w/o Charles R.15 Nov 18601 Jul 1936
Burnett, Maudie A.1 Oct 18971 Jun 1971
Burnett, Rutha w/o Benjamin Rush22 Mar 186713 Jul 1946
Burnham, Donald E. WWII Tec 5 US Army30 Apr 192215 Feb 1996SSDI
Burnham, Mary Beth w/o Donald E. (M) 22 Oct 194411 Apr 192510 Jun 1995SSDI
Burrow, Carrie w/o Rube18751955
Burrow, Rube18731952
Burt, Dortha Mae (Lem) w/o Oscar29 Dec 1918Living
Burt, James T.18801967
Burt, Oscar19 Jul 19127 Nov 1996
Bush, Boyce Lee8 May 189213 Jul 1970SSDI
Bush, Eunice14 Jan 190224 Aug 1981SSDI
Bye, Darrell Lamar II s/o Darrell Lamar & Vivian (Slane) h/o Dolores A.12 Dec 19411 Aug 2005SSDI
Byrd, Amanda w/o A.D.29 Apr 184812 Dec 1918
Caldwell, Annea Isabell25 Nov 189512 Feb 1928
Caldwell, Bell (Mother)25 Nov 189512 Feb 1928
Caldwell, Bob9 Jan 18722 Dec 1937
Caldwell, Joseph L.---------25 Jul 1923
Caldwell, Robert Lafayette6 Jan 188512 Feb 1928
Caldwell, Tinnie P.23 May 188717 May 1924
Cannon, Lorrie Ann (Solley) d/o Bob & Charlotte (May)16 Apr 196730 Nov 2003SSDI
Carlton, Jimmy s/o J.A. & MaryB & D1903
Carlton, Mary w/o J.A.10 Apr 188427 Mar 1913
Carner, Vonda Julia31 Aug 191915 Feb 1922
Carroll, Ethel Belle (Bookout) d/o Samuel L. & Sally (Childers) w/o Joseph30 Mar 189411 Feb 1926
Carson, Johnnie Lou Booher (Eastern Star) M/1 J.L. Booher M/2 Ed Carson19181984
Carter, Iva Lena d/o H.A. & Bessie1 Jan 189915 Aug 1920
Carter, Jewell (Henry) d/o John - native of OK w/o Luther m/o Edwin, John, Jack, Norman, Mary, Elsie, Shirley, Mento & Carol - listed on monument8 Jun 191426 Mar 1977SSDI
Carter, Sabra18821930
Chaney, Elizabeth Ann (Smith) d/o Clayton Richard & Fannie Mae (Tippy) w/o Vernon T.16 Jan 19331 Feb 2007
Chesney, Daniel W.18731956
Chesney, Eldora (Jones) w/o Daniel W.18791965
Chesney, Joseph R.25 Apr 188222 Jan 1965
Chester, Clyde w/o P.G.9 Nov 18954 Nov 1951
Childers, Dora E. w/o Oliver E.18801957
Childers, Oliver E.18771950
Childers, William O. s/o Oliver E. & Dora E.14 Nov 190024 Oct 1904
Choate, Dr. Hoyt s/o Cecil S. & Bertha (Brown) h/o Lois Jean (Ross)23 Aug 190323 Nov 1976
Clark, Jacob Cobb Civil War CSA 1861-1865
Additional Info from Linda Clark
19 Jun 183822 Jul 1921
Clark, S.A. Jr. s/o Sidney & Dora7 Dec 191520 Jun 1916
Clark, Sytha Elizabeth (Price) w/o Jacob Cobb
Additional Info from Linda Clark
17 Feb 18547 Aug 1926
Clay, George18881900
Clayburn, Gertrude H.18961945
Coates, Emma Leigh20 Aug 192826 Aug 1938
Coates, Imogene d/o Walter L.29 Mar 1924 8 Sep 1925
Coates, Thelma Leo d/o Mr. & Mrs. Waymon L.13 Jul 19406 Oct 1940
Coates, Walter L.24 Oct 188526 Apr 1926
Colbert, Jimmy Lee10 Feb 194722 Mar 2001
Cole, Horace C.18821949
Cole, Lillie A. w/o Horace C.18851956
Cole, Ruby Lorene14 Nov 191425 Oct 1992SSDI
Coleman, Harlan (Mason)5 Feb 188429 Nov 1929
Coleman, Tina (Brown) d/o H.D. & Dora18951920
Collins, Jefferson B.13 Oct 185725 Apr 1947
Collins, Nancy Jane17 Nov 18549 Sep 1920
Compton, David Monroe23 Oct 189212 Jun 1916
Compton, Harriet Salena (Sanders) w/o Wilson Barton18451925
Compton, Raud Raymond s/o Wilson Barton & Harriet Salena (Sanders)13 Dec 1881Jan 1965
Compton, William W.18671946
Compton, Wilson Barton s/o Jeremiah & Tamson (Kemp)18401921
Cosby, Amber Nicole d/o Danny & Peggy (Tramel)B & D29 Sep 1979
Cosby, Edrice (Hill) d/o William Henry & Mandy (Hutcherson) w/o Herman C.4 Aug 192427 Nov 2003 SSDI
Cosby, Herman C. WWII Pfc. US Army16 Dec 191722 Nov 1990
Coslet, Jesse David1 May 1890Mar 1967
Coslet, Medieno dates

Coslet, Sadie Ellen w/o Jesse David2 Aug 1895May 1981
Covington, Robert H.28 Apr 18737 Aug 1922
Covington, Thelma G. d/o Robert H. & Roenia5 Apr 191125 Jun 1911
Covington, Vonda Virginia d/o Robert H. & Roenia24 Apr 190026 May 1922
Cummins, Audrey Mae5 May 192218 Aug 1934
Cummins, Nettie w/o W.J.18621918
Cummins, W.J.18531912
Cunningham, Ervin S.28 Sep 189010 Aug 1967SSDI
Cunningham, Jewel L. "Smokey" s/o Ervin S. & Mae (Smith) 26 Jul 19254 Jan 1982SSDI
Cunningham, Jimmy Lance s/o Jimmy & Kerry (Dickey)29 Jun 19836 Sep 2002SSDI
Cunningham, Mae (Smith) w/o Ervin S.12 Apr 189028 Feb 1977
Cunningham, Mildred (Keener) w/o Jewel L. "Smokey"17 Sep 1930Living
Cunningham, Susan Temple (Havener) d/o Carroll & Helen (Harmon) w/o Gary15 Oct 194811 Aug 2002SSDI
Daley, Delaneyno dates

Daley, John Robert71 yr27 May 1970
Daley, Patricia Ann5 Feb 195327 Sep 1955
Daley, Willie L.60 yr 10 mo 8 ds20 May 1953
Davenport, Armond Winford (Mason)31 Mar 19152 Sep 1985
Davenport, George Olen s/o Marcus Virgil & Nora E. (Thompson)22 Feb 193114 Mar 1998SSDI
Davenport, Mabel L. w/o Armond Winford13 May 191418 Sep 2002
Davenport, Marcus Virgil17 Nov 1892Oct 1968SSDI
Davenport, Nell (Spencer) w/o Norris V. (M) 5 Oct 194011 Dec 1920Living
Davenport, Nora E. (Thompson) w/o Marcus Virgil18941952
Davenport, Norris Lynn8 May 19433 Jan 1997
Davenport, Norris V. "Slim"17 Jun 1917 19 Sep 1998
Davenport, Ottis WWII Pvt. US Army12 Jun 192514 Jun 1988
Davis, Dalton Lane s/o Thomas & Theresa20 May 199528 Feb 2004SSDI
Davis, Inf. s/o Rome & RuthB & D 25 Apr 1917
Davis, Margaret L. w/o S.E.24 Mar 1924 Living
Davis, Myrt (Mason)8 Aug 187626 Apr 1924
Davis, Samuel Erwin "Sam" CMI USN WWII24 Aug 19198 May 1985SSDI
Davis, William Howell s/o Myrt & Nora4 May 191613 Feb 1923
Davis, William Marion S.A. US Navy1 Feb 193017 Jul 1983
Dawson, Erasmus G.Nov 185822 Dec 1941
Dawson, Julia Ann w/o Erasmus G.May 1859 1953
Dean, Bill J. "Billy" s/o Jethro & Berdie (Rorie) h/o Ida (Bowen)11 Jan 19396 Dec 2001SSDI
Deason, Gladys w/o William M.7 Jun 1924 11 Apr 1996
Dees, Eldred D. h/o Maude (Taylor)12 Jan 188419 Sep 1967SSDI
Deloach, Jewel Thomas10 Feb 191318 Oct 1977SSDI
DePriest, Lila Adene (McGhee) w/o Joseph Wayne15 Nov 19132 Sep 1993
DePriest, J.W. s/o Joseph Wayne & Lila Adene (McGhee) h/o Sarah E. (Hall)29 Dec 193210 Jun 2000SSDI
DePriest, John M.25 Jun 191316 Sep 1995
DePriest, Joseph Wayne s/o Samuel Wayne & Emily (Colbert)11 Dec 19045 Sep 1974SSDI
DePriest, Theria J. w/o John M.19 Jun 191924 Aug 1963
Dewitt, Floyd7 Apr 189710 Apr 1981
Dewitt, Leland Eugene26 Sep 192223 Nov 1922
Dewitt, Vada (Partin) w/o Floyd13 Oct 189729 Mar 1985SSDI
Dickens, Eva (Wagner) w/o Lonzo Walter (M) 24 May 19453 Oct 192025 Feb 2001SSDI
Dickens, Lonzo Walter s/o Walter Eugene & Iva (Starr)25 Apr 192211 Apr 2000SSDI
Dickinson, Sarah F. w/o William N.11 Nov 186913 Sep 1910
Dickinson, William N.11 Nov 18542 Jul 1926
Dixon, Mack D.18781912
Dodd, Dr. Michael Jr. s/o Michael Sr. & Sarah (Price) - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery29 Oct 184116 Oct 1894
Dodd, Michael Sr. b. Walker Co., GA - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery1779

Dodd, Nancy M. (English) d/o John S. & Mary Woody (Price) w/o Dr. Michael Jr. (M) 1865 - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery4 Jul 184010 May 1881
Dodd, Sarah "Sally" (Price) b. NC m/o Polly (Price) English w/o Michael Sr. - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery179310 May 1881
Dooley, George H. US Army Vietnam s/o George Leon & Lavada Mae (Smith) h/o Carol8 Nov 194418 Jun 2006SSDI
Dubell, John S.25 Mar 18627 Jul 1939
Duncan, Ola Mae14 Jan 1912Living
Duncan, Vona D.31 Jan 1928Living
Duncan, Waldron D. Pfc. US Army WWII s/o William Marion & Amanda A. (Lemons) f/o Roxie, Danny, Don, Darrell, Tommy, Derrick, & Dana
Additional Info from Bobby R. Presley
9 May 192221 Nov 1981
Duncan, Willie M.17 Aug 19064 Sep 1974SSDI
Earls, Ada V. w/o Columbus5 Apr 187528 Jun 1926
Earls, Columbus3 May 185423 Apr 1930
Earls, Orpha7 May 190626 Jun 1993
Earls, Rosetta w/o Orpha6 Apr 190514 Jun 1978
Edmonson, Emma2 Dec 18878 Mar 1910
Edmonson, Harry T. (W of W)8 Sep 188610 Jan 1911
Edmonson, Inf. d/o N.T. & J.C.9 Mar 191022 Aug 1910
Elder, Clara14 Aug 189410 Apr 1972
Elder, J.J.2 Jan 188610 Mar 1949
Elliott, Arthur Lee s/o C.M. & Millie Sue14 Jan 190218 Oct 1918
Elliott, Millie Sue w/o C.M.13 Mar 1874 1 Nov 1918
Elliott, Mrs. Sallie9 Apr 187826 Feb 1940
Ellis, James W.18731961
Ellis, James William24 Aug 190927 Nov 1909
Ellis, Leo27 May 191718 May 1920
Ellis, Millie S. (Hall) w/o James W.1880 1 Sep 1958
Ellis, Opal F.20 Jan 191317 May 1985SSDI
Ellis, Rosa Anne16 Jun 19023 Sep 1906
English, Inf. d/o James C. & S.A. - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemeteryno dates

English, J.W. s/o John S. & Mary Woody (Price) - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery26 Jul 186429 Apr 1900
English, James C. - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery1 Feb 18443 Apr 1877
English, John S. - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery29 Aug 183429 Apr 1898
English, Laura E. - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery2 Aug 18684 Jul 1870
English, Mary W. d/o James C. & S.A. - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemeteryno dates 3 ds
English, Mary Woody "Polly" (Price) d/o John & Sally w/o John S. - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery 15 Jan 183617 Sep 1917
English, Williamno dates

Ennis, Charles A. (W of W)27 Oct 188126 Oct 1918
Eubanks, Callie (Potter) w/o Thomas Jefferson30 Apr 18624 Apr 1900
Eubanks, Thomas Jefferson M/1 Callie (Potter) M/2 Ollie (Hardbarger) buried in Ringer Cemetery5 Oct 185318 Mar 1936
Evans, Mitizi MariannaB & D28 Jan 1975
Evens, Carl H. s/o James H. & Laura Belle (Faust)9 Feb 191324 Apr 2006SSDI
Evens, Doris Jean (Lindsay) d/o Marshall & Lela (Simms) w/o Paul H. (M) 6 Aug 195417 Jul 193621 Feb 2000
Evens, James Gerald s/o James H. & Laura Belle (Faust) 3 May 1907Jul 1978SSDI
Evens, James H.7 Sep 1879May 1968SSDI
Evens, James Lewis s/o Roland & Ellen9 Apr 195520 Jun 1955
Evens, Laura Belle (Faust) w/o James H.18821966
Evens, Lorene (Pelt) d/o James & Cora Irene (Peeler) w/o James Gerald (M) Feb 192922 Oct 190620 Mar 1998SSDI
Evens, Paul H.24 Dec 1931Living
Evens, Sarah Ann Delilah (Still) w/o Nicholas Eli15 Apr 184930 Dec 1948
Evens, W. Allen26 May 190922 Jan 1990SSDI
Farris, Carol Letho s/o Zaral Daniel & Lorene (Cunningham)6 Dec 19427 Dec 1942
Farris, Jerry Ray s/o Zaral Daniel & Lorene (Cunningham) h/o LaRae (Stewart) (M) 22 Aug 198029 Sep 194830 Sep 2001SSDI
Farris, Larry Keith s/o Zaral Daniel & Lorene (Cunningham)27 May 19585 May 1993
Farris, Zaral Daniel WWII US Army Ark. Pvt. h/o Lorene (Cunningham) f/o Carol Letho, Betty Jean, twins Jerry Ray - Sherry Kay, & Larry Keith13 May 19216 Oct 1975SSDI
Faught, Omega F. (Mathis) w/o William S.30 Jun 191421 Oct 1990
Faught, William S. "Bill"19001975
Fisher, Blanche Fay d/o J.Q. & Mary E.20 Dec 19058 Feb 1924
Fisher, John O.28 Apr 186620 Sep 1945
Fleming, __________no dates

Ford, Alford Andrew s/o J.J. & Anne16 Jun 19092 Jun 1910
Ford, Alice F. w/o Henry J.18611949
Ford, Bennie J. w/o Robert C.29 Jan 1931 Living
Ford, Dollie d/o W.A. & Cornelia18 Jun 190120 Jun 1901
Ford, Henry J.18581935
Ford, Inf. s/o William Lee & Nora MayB & D3 Feb 1906
Ford, Jessie L. s/o William Lee & Nora May24 Dec 189920 Feb 1905
Ford, Jimmie L. d/o J.E. & Amanda17 Apr 189111 Feb 1898
Ford, John T. s/o Henry J. & Alice F.10 Nov 188525 Jun 1888
Ford, Jonas L. (W of W) s/o Zimri P. & Roxanna C. (Hanks)6 Jan 18579 Jul 1912
Ford, Mary Ann d/o Zimri P. & Roxanna C. (Hanks)18711960
Ford, Neely10 Jan 18872 Oct 1908
Ford, Nettie F. d/o J.E. & Amanda12 Oct 18984 Jul 1900
Ford, Nora May w/o William Lee13 Aug 188017 Dec 1938
Ford, Robert C.19 Oct 19281 July 1994
Ford, Roxanna C. (Hanks) d/o Ezekial & Anna Maria (Costner) w/o Zimri P.May 18315 Nov 1883
Ford, Sarah L. d/o Zimri P. & Roxanna C. (Hanks)1 yr 4 mo 19 ds8 Sep 1870
Ford, Susan E. d/o Zimri P. & Roxanna C. (Hanks)4 yr 8 mo 15 ds30 May 1871
Ford, William Lee17 Aug 187320 Dec 1944
Ford, Zimri P. f/o C.J., E.M., Jonas L., J.E., Mary Ann, Susan E., Sarah L., B.M. - on back of stone22 Jun 18312 Jun 1903
Forrest, Georgia Mozell (Adaire) d/o Isaac Newton & Dotty Irene (Harkey) w/o James Foster (M) 27 Aug 19449 May 19303 Jun 1997SSDI
Forrest, James Foster "Jim"30 Jan 1906 4 Mar 1971SSDI
Forrest, Johnnie Lee (Storment) d/o Jim & Josephine (Barnett) w/o Roy8 Dec 191713 Apr 2003
Forrest, Roy WWII US Army s/o Foster Green & Floy Elizabeth (Peeler)2 Nov 191921 Apr 2000SSDI
Forsythe, Cecil R. WWII US Army15 Mar 192727 Aug 1994SSDI
Foster, Cecil "Pete" (Mason) WWII USN25 May 191210 Dec 1990
Foster, Hazel W.26 Feb 19082 Jun 1985
Frost, Lester US Army Korea s/o William M. & Lora E. (Lewis) h/o Wilma Lucille (King)21 Sep 193231 Dec 2000
Fullen, Emma E.5 Apr 18839 Sep 1939
Fullen, Ola May21 Dec 190623 May 1909
Furr, George T.29 Dec 186122 May 1927
Furr, Judith Octava d/o George T. & Rosetta18871954
Furr, Rosetta w/o George T.10 Apr 1866 24 Feb 1933
Gamblin, Lottie w/o J.P.27 Dec 18604 Mar 1909
Garrett, Johnnie Pearl (Wilson) d/o James Newton & Virgie Levina (Howell) w/o Robert Dee (M) 8 Jan 1944 m/o Robert W. & James S. Captain Army Nurse Corps. WWII5 Feb 191611 May 1971
Garrett, Robert Dee "Snuff" US Army WWII s/o Stephen Ivy & Margaret Elizabeth (Craig) M/1 Johnnie Pearl (Wilson) M/2 Lucile (__________)31 Mar 191724 Oct 2003
Garrison, C.O. s/o G.J.27 Aug 189015 Jul 1909
Garrison, Fannie d/o G.J. & M.R.10 Jul 190415 Sep 1912
Gateley, Inf. d/o Wayne & DeeB & D5 Aug 1964
Geist, Fred Francis Sr.21 Jun 191422 Jul 1991SSDI
Geist, Merial L. (Risinger) w/o Fred Francis Sr.6 Feb 192219 Jun 1979
George, Andy5 Sep 189327 Jul 1977SSDI
George, Edward31 Jul 189119 Jul 1931
George, Johnie E. w/o Andy29 Dec 189925 Mar 1994SSDI
Gillum, Sonja Alycia29 Oct 196416 Jul 1989
Gilmore, Asa - unmarked grave beside Henry McFerrin's grave
Additional Info from Karen Tester
no dates

Gilmore, Clarinda (Pennington) w/o Asa - unmarked grave beside Henry McFerrin's grave
Additional Info from Karen Tester
no dates

Goff, Clifford Dale15 Mar 19443 Aug 1994
Goff, Linda G. (Wallace) w/o Clifford Dale24 Sep 1944Living
Goff, Mary Alice d/o Jackie Gott & Tammy GettieB & D23 Jun 1998
Goldy, Anette (Shelton)27 Dec 191712 Sep 1995
Gollhardt, Dewayne Robert12 Aug 19783 Nov 1978
Gordon, Charley5 Aug 191328 May 1943
Gordon, Zerie F.21 Mar 192131 Aug 1940
Gowling, Gay G. w/o James Mangus (M) 9 Apr 192226 Mar 19018 Jul 1994SSDI
Gowling, James Mangus3 Sep 189924 Aug 1982SSDI
Gowling, Jimmye (Conley) w/o Parkin (M) 25 Dec 195224 Jun 1929Living
Gowling, Parkin "Pat" s/o James Mangus & Gay G.30 Jun 192324 Sep 1999
Graham, Inf. d/o Earl & Gusta A.B & D17 Jun 1924
Graves, Frank7 Jan 189430 Oct 1908
Gray, Jane M. w/o George T.26 Nov 1824 14 Apr 1902
Green, Alice (Phillips) w/o John Pasol11 Jun 192930 Mar 2001
Green, Bernice w/o John Pasol27 Oct 1911 11 Oct 1956
Green, Cleveland w/o O.C.29 Oct 18864 Aug 1915
Green, Ida C. d/o Joseph M. & Mary A.17 Sep 18806 Nov 1880
Green, Inf./o Joseph M. & Mary A.B & D25 Mar 1888
Green, Joe Pat s/o John Pasol & Bernice4 Jan 19329 Jul 1938
Green, John Pasol "Pat" M/1 Bernice ------ M/2 Alice (Phillips)9 Dec 190717 Jan 1992SSDI
Green, Joseph M.26 Sep 185830 Jun 1910
Green, Maggie Mae (Patterson) d/o Reynold Lancaster & Selina Eugena Henrietta (Grogan) w/o Oscar L.23 Oct 18865 Dec 1975SSDI
Green, Mary A. w/o Joseph M.18621953
Green, O.C.15 Nov 18849 May 1941
Green, Oscar L.3 Jan 188229 Jul 1957
Green, Sidney s/o Dr. J.A. & Emma24 Dec 189819 Nov 1899
Griffin, Annie11 Jul 187418 Apr 1962
Griffin, Olen7 Aug 190510 Mar 1984
Griffin, Mamie (Howell) w/o Olen10 Jan 19094 Jan 2002
Griffin, Virgil V. WWII Ark. Pvt. US Army17 Feb 191110 Mar 1977SSDI
Griffin, Wiley E.2 Oct 190712 Sep 1957
Hale, Billy Joe s/o Henry Clint & Oma Lee (Driskell) US Army Korea h/o Louise (Trujillo)12 Mar 193328 Mar 2004SSDI
Hale, Henry Clint "Dick"27 Dec 190129 Nov 1972SSDI
Hale, Ila Grace d/o Henry Clint & Oma Lee (Driskell)22 Sep 19287 Jun 1946
Hale, Roy (W of W)22 Jan 189914 Oct 1918
Hale, Tommy Lee Sr. s/o Henry Clint & Oma Lee (Driskell) h/o Martha14 May 19359 Oct 1999SSDI
Hall, James William "Jim" (W of W) s/o James & Sarah5 Mar 188817 Aug 1981SSDI
Hall, Linda (Owens) d/o Ruby (Bonner)14 Nov 19396 Dec 1966
Hall, Lottie Escue (Brown) d/o Herman D. & Dora (Hart) w/o James William12 Sep 188918 Apr 1978 SSDI
Hall, Paulene
Hall, Ulene
2 of triplet d/o James William & Lottie Escue (Brown)
13 Jan 1928
13 Jan 1928
d. @ 5 or 6 days
d. 1930 (age 2 1/2)

Hamilton, Henry Harlie (W of W) WWI22 Nov 189310 Dec 1918WWIR
Hamilton, James F.19011930
Hamilton, John18651937
Hamilton, John F.18971953
Hamilton, Mary (Rowan) w/o John18621930
Hardin, Dollie (Burt) Bradford d/o Tom & Carrie (Edmond) M/1 _____________ Bradford M/2 Harvey D. Hardin15 Nov 1900 31 Dec 1979
Hardin, Harvey D.15 Mar 190223 Dec 1992SSDI
Harkey, Doyle22 Jan 19496 Aug 1970
Harkey, Lula Kate w/o W.J.21 Jan 1908Aug 1970SSDI
Harkey, Osbern US Army WWII s/o Moses Isaiah & Rosetta (Tucker) h/o Lydia Jane (Horne) (M) 7 Jul 194726 Jun 191523 Mar 2002
Harkey, Walter J.16 Mar 1897Apr 1985
Harrison, Lou Ethel15 Sep 189413 Feb 1988
Hawkins, Irene (Crites) w/o Ollen R.7 May 1928Living
Hawkins, Ollen R. s/o Horace C. & Maudie (Taylor) US Army Air Force16 May 191716 Oct 1999SSDI
Hawthorne, Minnie G.22 Nov 18926 Feb 1972SSDI
Hayes, Olive "Ollie" d/o Joseph Alfred & Rebeccah (Bishop)
Additional Info from Jackie Grabowski Powers
no date1918
Hayes, Patricia A.12 Feb 19463 Jan 2001
Hayes, Robert D.23 May 19088 Apr 1989
Hayes, Ruby w/o Robert D.10 Jan 19091 Jun 1989SSDI
Hays, John
Henry, Oral18911987
Henry, Tom18871968
Hildebrand, Steve Thomas s/o Alr & Cleo (Wynn) h/o Mary Jane (Watson) (M) 27 May 197317 May 19486 Apr 2001SSDI
Hill, Rachel M. w/o Rob. B.18881952
Hill, Robert B.18831954
Holland, James19 Oct 19161 Feb 1975
Holland, Junior H. h/o Thelma (Burt) f/o Thomas, Patsy, Cookie, Sherrial, Murrell, William, Randy, & Jerry Don3 Jun 192511 Jun 1994
Holland, Sarah Elizabeth w/o Walter Elisha18691950
Holland, Tressie Faye (Rose) d/o Ott & Orlene (Burnett) w/o Thomas3 Aug 195128 Jan 2000SSDI
Holland, Walter Elisha18691946
Holley, Calvin J.18701960
Holley, Lillie B. w/o Calvin J.18671951
Hopper, Winfred24 Dec 190611 May 1960
Hoskins, Margaret S.1 Nov 18639 Apr 1924
Howard, Annie
Howard, John
Howell, Andrew "Bud"29 Oct 19022 Mar 1975
Howell, Esther A. (Moss) w/o John M.6 Aug 187415 Aug 1957
Howell, James Oscar3 Mar 188317 Dec 1972SSDI
Howell, John F.26 Dec 18332 Apr 1903
Howell, John M.11 Mar 187117 Oct 1953
Howell, Lela w/o Walter L.13 Aug 18831 Mar 1966
Howell, Lucy C.2 Jan 189830 Dec 1901
Howell, Mary A. (Kelley) w/o John F.18 Oct 184220 Jan 1911
Howell, Mary Lou25 Feb 19048 Feb 1977
Howell, Walter L.16 Jul 18809 Jun 1936
Hulsey, Alta24 Nov 189917 May 1901
Hunnicutt, Vesta Frances "Dutch"22 Jun 192619 Aug 2002SSDI
Hunt, James M. US Navy WWII s/o Marion T. Raney & Lenora A. (Blankenship)12 Feb 192928 Dec 2003 SSDI
Hunt, Jeanette Elaine20 Dec 197015 Sep 1987
Hunt, Karen E. (Brumett) d/o William & Nancy (Hogue) w/o Greg18 Nov 19656 Oct 1999SSDI
Hunt, Lavenda L. w/o Monroe E.14 Jan 1939Living
Hunt, Lenora A. (Blankenship) w/o Marion T. Raney7 Jan 190012 Feb 1993SSDI
Hunt, Marion s/o Marion T. Raney & Lenora A. (Blankenship)28 Mar 193730 Jan 1944
Hunt, Marion T. Raney25 Feb 189731 Aug 1956
Hunt, Rev. Monroe E.6 Jul 1934Living
Istler, Charles C. "Charley" WWII US Army 1935-194317 Apr 19156 Nov 1994
Istler, Daisy M. w/o Charles C.18 May 191130 Mar 1995
Istler, Minnie Lou - could not read for sure23 Jun 189427 Mar 1932
Jackson, Albion Civil War Union Co. K 6 Ind. dates

Jackson, Betty Jane (Miller) d/o Leonard & Gladys (Tillman) w/o C.L.8 Jul 193424 Jul 2005SSDI
Jackson, Mary M.18421918
James, Calip Abner (W of W)8 Jan 187616 Nov 1918
Jett, Elma w/o Omar18831954
Jett, Lillie Maude11 Jun 189623 Sep 1979
Jett, Omar18791960
Jett, William E.31 Jan 188313 Dec 1965SSDI
Johnson, Brooklyn Page
Johnson, Dalton Kemp
twins of Jason & LaDonna (Lacey)
B & D18 Sep 1998
Johnson, Susan Ann "Sue" (Crabtree) d/o Harry & Lillie (Edwards) w/o George Jr.28 Dec 19431 Jul 2006SSDI
Johnston, Alma d/o Lee A.19101921
Johnston, Inf. s/o D.J. & RozillaB & D26 Aug 1912
Johnston, Lee A.18771921
Johnston, Mary Ann18501915
Johnston, P.T.10 Apr 184211 Feb 1911
Johnston, Rozilla w/o D.J.14 Jul 18931 Sep 1912
Johnston, Sallie C.18911916
Jones, Amanda (Chesney) w/o Herbert Harvey (M) 24 Dec 1923 17 Oct 190112 Feb 1982
Jones, Ethel E.6 May 19132 Sep 1952
Jones, Herbert Harvey7 Sep 190117 Dec 1975SSDI
Jones, Ingabee Sandy w/o James Leroy23 Dec 186716 May 1941
Jones, James Leroy19 Mar 18601 Mar 1941
Jones, James W.18611937
Jones, Martha18641948
Jones, Ralph M.9 Apr 190314 Oct 1974
Jones, Richard h/o Patsie (Coffman)11 May 193210 Oct 2006SSDI
Keeney, Lucille (Barnes) d/o John & Tempie Dythulia (Duncan) w/o Melvin Benton25 Mar 191815 May 2006SSDI
Keeney, Wesley Eugene WWII h/o Paralee (Caughern)20 Jan 19204 Dec 2000SSDI
Kelley, S.E. w/o Henry10 Jun 184017 Jan 1911
Kelly, Henry22 Aug 182630 Dec 1901
Kelly, J.G.27 Aug 181911 Aug 1883
Kelly, Thomas3 Oct 185821 Sep 1913
Kendrick, Mace V.25 Apr 189124 Mar 1973SSDI
Kendrick, Norma (Green) w/o Mace V.17 Oct 189619 Aug 1972SSDI
Killian, Albert WWII Ark. Cpl. 423 A.A.F. Base Unit14 Dec 191030 Nov 1951
King, Bertha Mae (Reed) w/o Johney Gray2 May 190317 Feb 1977SSDI
King, Elbert E. s/o J.H. & J. Nettie26 Nov 188216 Oct 1889
King, Ellie E. (Frizill) w/o Robert Newton20 Sep 187530 Dec 1970SSDI
King, Howard21 Sep 18973 Apr 1926
King, J. Nettie w/o J.H.6 Jun 18618 Feb 1900
King, Jessie L. d/o W.M. & G.B.15 Mar 191220 Mar 1914
King, Johney Gray s/o Robert Newton & Ellie E. (Frizill) 5 Feb 190028 Jan 1977SSDI
King, Miriam Lucille d/o Robert Newton & Ellie E. (Frizill)4 May 191529 Jan 1918
King, Robert Newton7 Jun 18741 Aug 1945
Kinser, John M.18341883
Kinser, Mary Independence (Hankins) w/o John M. (M) 27 Aug 18764 Jul 18461923
Kirkpatrick, George L.18701961
Kirkpatrick, Rosa Etta (Clark) w/o George L.
Additional Info from Linda Clark
11 Jul 187319 Jun 1953
Kirkpatrick, Zadie (Walden)18931962
Klein, Guy Thomas17 Sep 194922 May 1996
Knight, David R.21 Oct 195721 Jan 1981
Knight, I. John18801961
Knight, Ida Ann w/o Troy L.26 Mar 1929 Living
Knight, Ira M.18861954
Knight, James Leroy "Nub"16 Feb 191025 Mar 1988SSDI
Knight, Ola (Hill) d/o Bob & Tilley w/o James Leroy19 Nov 191920 Jan 1980
Knight, Troy L.24 Nov 19248 Jul 1963
Koch, Selina (Patterson)19121975
Koser, Jennie B. w/o Samuel B.4 Jul 1894 26 Apr 1947
Koser, Samuel B.24 Feb 187922 Sep 1948
Kulp, Edwin DeWayne - born in Yell Co., AR - adopted and raised in Iowa - his real name was Hudson and he was searching for his roots22 Jul 19413 Oct 1977
Lacey, Charles W. s/o John & Tippy (Dillan) h/o Ella Mae 6 Nov 194229 Jan 1995SSDI
Ladd, James W. Jr. (32nd Degree Mason) s/o James W. Sr. & Laura F. (Eubanks)21 Sep 191930 Mar 2003
Ladd, James W. "Jimmy" Sr.6 Dec 187928 Jun 1975SSDI
Ladd, Joyce Rebecca (Lazenby) d/o Roy & Lillie Lavina (Coleman) w/o James W. Jr.10 Mar 191327 Nov 1982SSDI
Ladd, Laura Frances (Eubanks) d/o Thomas Jefferson & Callie (Potter) w/o James W. Sr.22 Dec 188821 Nov 1982SSDI
Ladd, Pearl A. w/o Thomas E.7 Sep 1893 Jun 1976SSDI
Ladd, Thomas E.18821962
Lauck, Mary Ann w/o Orland D.1936Living
Lauck, Orland D. "Bud"31 Dec 191530 Jun 2004SSDI
Law, Brodie J.31 Aug 189123 Dec 1971
Law, Cecil B.21 Nov 188614 Dec 1968
Law, Cheedle R.3 Nov 188226 Nov 1967SSDI
Law, Jess4 Jan 189120 Nov 1981
Law, Joe Sid19 Feb 19147 Feb 1943
Law, Joseph B.11 Mar 185911 Aug 1936
Law, Nancy M.12 Mar 186323 Jun 1936
Law, Patrick WWII Ark. Pfc. US Army12 Jan 190221 Feb 1966
Law, Pearl L.24 Sep 18842 Jun 1965
Law, Wilma O. w/o Cecil B.24 Jul 188019 Jan 1964
Lawson, F.A.26 Nov 18808 Sep 1889
Lawson, J.F.9 Jul 187516 May 1878
Lazenby, George Hardin5 Dec 192010 Jul 1931
Lazenby, Lillie Lavina (Coleman) d/o Arenett & Rebecca (Gault) w/o Roy20 Sep 188926 Dec 1968SSDI
Lazenby, Roy (Mason) s/o Marshall A. & Eunice S. (Grigg) 11 Sep 188925 Mar 1947
Leach, Earl Odell s/o B.A. & Ola (Breashears)23 Mar 19104 Nov 1981SSDI
Leach, Veva Dale19141941
Lee, Ernest F.16 Nov 192430 Jul 1990
Lee, Ruby Nell (Swinford) d/o Monroe & Ethel Mae (Vaughn)8 Apr 19304 Jul 2000SSDI
Levels, Julia (Phillips) Ashley d/o Noah A. & Ruhama (Furr) M/1 Levi Ashley M/2 Marion Levels10 Dec 19027 May 1983SSDI
Levels, Marion23 Apr 190216 Feb 1990SSDI
Lewis, Edd4 Jul 190013 Oct 1994
Lewis, Myrtle A. w/o Edd6 Jun 190826 Jun 1988SSDI
Linton, Larry J.7 Jan 194413 Oct 1993
Linton, Lavada (Moss) w/o Larry J. (M) 24 Apr 196428 Feb 1944Living
Linzy, Dr. Charles B. (W of W) s/o J.S. & E.A. (Ashworth) of Pope Co.2 Feb 187812 Mar 1943
Linzy, Ida E. (Nichols) w/o Charles B.19 Mar 187827 Jul 1918
Linzy, Nelle d/o Charles B. & Ida E. (Nichols)11 May 191321 Jan 1914
Little, Ruben s/o James & Josie (Lindsay) h/o Rosa (Kazy)16 May 194027 Jun 1999
Long, Edward4 Oct 188719 Mar 1964
Long, Emma (Wright) w/o Edward2 Jul 1893 4 Jun 1984
Long, Grace F. d/o Edward & Emma (Wright)27 Jun 191726 May 2000SSDI
Long, Norma Lee d/o Edward & Emma25 Apr 19159 Jun 1917
Lowe, J.L. (Mason)19 Aug 184916 Jan 1919
Lowe, Martha w/o J.L.4 Apr 184913 Apr 1912
Lowery, Andrew J. s/o Hezzie Lee & Eldora (Ervin) h/o Alma (Gott)27 Jan 192223 Oct 2001SSDI
Loyd, Ruby M. (Smith) Albright M/1 Noel Gorman Albright M/2 T. Loyd26 Dec 190814 Feb 1993SSDI
Lummus, Lena & Leither twin d/o M.R. & Hattie10 Feb 19107 May 1910
Luttrell, James Edward US Navy s/o Frank T. & Nola Pearl (Patterson)11 Nov 195721 Oct 2002 SSDI
Mackenzine, W.A.24 Mar 18576 Feb 1927
Magness, Audrey I. w/o Virgle S. (M) 2 Sep 194612 Sep 19207 Mar 1988
Magness, Virgle S.24 Mar 19091 Apr 1988SSDI
Mann, N.L.4 Nov 19229 Sep 1927
Manning, Ella18691953
Manning, George24 Dec 185716 May 1922
Manning, George Graves s/o George
Additional info from Mark Phillips
Marks, Charles Howard s/o Thomas Theodore & Flora (McLain)12 Feb 193422 May 1934
Marks, Dorothy Ann d/o Thomas Theodore & Flora (McLain) 9 May 193219 Dec 1933
Marks, Glen O.9 Oct 19068 Jun 1988SSDI
Marks, Glen Ray s/o Glen O. & Pearl (Hall)8 Jan 193819 Feb 1938
Marks, Pearl (Hall) d/o James William & Lottie Escue (Brown) w/o Glen (M) 16 Sep 193227 Aug 191116 Sep 2002SSDI
Martin, John A.10 Apr 193425 Apr 1995
Martin, Lois9 Jul 191713 Oct 1919
Mascott, Edward E. WWII La. Pvt. US Army15 Mar 190710 Sep 1973
Mathis, Danny Lynn s/o Fay & Wanda Inez (Thomas)23 Oct 19529 Mar 1994
Mathis, Eulene (Ashley) d/o Levi & Julia (Phillips) w/o Orlan D. Sr.20 Apr 19255 Oct 1995
Mathis, Fay s/o Roy & Gladys9 Dec 1921Living
Mathis, Lou J. w/o Press10 Mar 188615 Sep 1966SSDI
Mathis, Lucy Elizabeth w/o Otto Leon26 Jan 189911 Oct 1992
Mathis, Mary w/o William P.3 May 1927Nov 1996
Mathis, Maurice16 Jun 191223 Dec 1972
Mathis, Orlan D. Sr.23 Sep 1919Living
Mathis, Orlan Dee Jr.4 Feb 19507 May 1958
Mathis, Otto Leon2 Aug 189414 Mar 1969SSDI
Mathis, Press (Mason)1882Dec 1942
Mathis, Richard Bland6 Jul 189616 Feb 1940
Mathis, Robert B.2 Jan 192516 Feb 1996SSDI
Mathis, Sarah A. w/o R.W.3 Apr 18717 Jan 1946
Mathis, Sarah Ella1 Apr 19303 Oct 1933
Mathis, Wanda Inez (Thomas) d/o Hugh Virgil & Effie V. (Willard) w/o Fay16 Feb 192225 Sep 1998SSDI
Mathis, William P. "Bill" EM 3 US Navy WWII h/o Wilma (Robbins) h/o Mary (__________)30 May 192330 Dec 2004SSDI
Maxvold, Cora B. w/o Edwin C.24 Aug 1894 19 Oct 1988SSDI
Maxvold, Edwin C. WWI Ark. Pvt. US Army28 Oct 188828 Dec 1968SSDI
McCoy, Hattie G. w/o Ira J.18901961
McCoy, Ira J.18881948
McCurry, Mary (Clark) w/o Dick
Additional Info from Linda Clark
3 Aug 18888 May 1936
McDaniel, John18711944
McFerrin, Flavious s/o Henry M. & R. Hanna11 Aug 188628 Jul 1891
McFerrin, Henry M.23 Dec 185726 May 1915
McFerrin, dates

McFerrin, Inf./o Henry M. & R. Hannano dates

McFerrin, Ira s/o Henry M. & R. Hanna19 Mar 189619 Jun 1896
McFerrin, Lois d/o Henry M. & R. Hanna27 Jun 189326 Sep 1893
McFerrin, Myrtice d/o Henry M. & R. Hanna27 Jun 189328 Mar 1898
McFerrin, Grandmother R. Hanna w/o Henry M.18641941
McFerrin, Virgie O. c/o Henry M. & R. Hanna23 Jun 188424 Jul 1885
McGhee, James N.17 Oct 187514 May 1917
McGhee, Minter Ann w/o James N.31 Aug 18916 Jul 1986SSDI
McGlothlan, Chester Arthur s/o A.L. & F.J.18 Jul 191411 Apr 1915
McGowan, J.J.184925 Aug 1885
McGowan, Jessie A.3 Jan 188526 May 1911
McGuire, Clarice13 May 191310 Mar 1973
McGuire, Dennis L.17 Sep 19112 Feb 1986SSDI
McKeever, Inf. s/o H.R. & StellaB & D1927
McKeever, Irene Pearl d/o Robert A. & Sally O.26 Aug 190830 Nov 1908
McKeever, Robert A. "Bob"18821962
McKeever, Wilburn Andrew s/o Robert A. & Sally O.22 Aug 191319 Jan 2000SSDI
McRae, Donald US Navy s/o Edward C. & Nell M.28 Aug 194925 Jan 1980
McRae, Edward C.19 Mar 189718 Feb 1971SSDI
McRae, Nell M. w/o E.C.3 Oct 1919Living
McReynolds, A.L. "Booger Red"3 Feb 1903 16 Nov 1990
McReynolds, Mary Myrtle w/o A.L.7 Feb 190723 Jul 1983SSDI
Mercer, J.C. Inf. s/o Lloyd Louis & Minnie Mae (Lamb)no dates

Meriweather, Lee Ann d/o Robert Allen & Clara Fay (Dickens)17 May 197929 Mar 1999SSDI
Miller, Dr. F.M.4 Feb 188012 Jun 1942
Miller, Marion Celeste d/o Dr. & Mrs. F.M.15 May 192330 May 1923
Miller, Maude (Hoskins)22 Oct 18917 Jun 1927
Millwood, Ardell7 Jul 193017 Aug 1932
Millwood, Birl s/o Richard S. & Margaret Lucinda (Reed) 10 Mar 189427 Jul 1969
Millwood, Elleuse17 Mar 19324 Jul 1934
Millwood, Lydia w/o Sam Richard (M) 5 Feb 19228 Dec 190520 Dec 1974SSDI
Millwood, Sam Richard s/o Richard S. & Margaret Lucinda (Reed)24 Apr 190019 Jun 1978SSDI
Millwood, Zodia O. w/o Birl17 Sep 1903 2 Jan 1933
Mitchell, George h/o Annie (Speeks)8 Oct 190526 May 1980
Mize, Elmer h/o Ruby (Bookout) buried by Sam Bookoutno marker11 Jan 1926
Montgomery, John Fred US Army WWII h/o Imogene10 Apr 19246 Oct 2004SSDI
Moore, Johnny T. h/o Gladys US Army Korea30 May 193314 Oct 1990
Moore, Melvia A. s/o H.10 Apr 19084 Jul 1909
Moore, William C. s/o H.21 Jun 191120 Mar 1917
Moran, Josie w/o Walter T.6 Feb 18761948
Moran, Walter T.25 Oct 18691938
Morgan, Francis D.7 Nov 18671 Jan 1916
Morris, Francis Daniel Inf. s/o Francis & Vivano dates

Morris, James10 Feb 189816 Jul 1913
Morrison, John David s/o William Christopher & Mary (Palmer) h/o Bonnie (Gwin)31 Dec 192516 Dec 1998SSDI
Morrison, Bonnie Gene (Gwin) d/o William & Dovie (Niceler) w/o John David30 Jun 193027 Sep 2006
Moss, Ada L. w/o Jewell Floyd (M) 18 Nov 192428 Aug 19058 Mar 1989
Moss, Jewell Floyd3 Aug 190410 Dec 1986SSDI
Moss, Lissie Dale (Reed) d/o Ship & Dosha (Qualls) w/o Leo10 Jul 19059 Sep 2005SSDI
Moss, Lizzie w/o Sam W.13 Feb 188931 Jan 1967
Moss, Sam W.13 Oct 18844 Jan 1950
Mott, Jess E.19011947
Mott, Mary E.19291932
Mott, Sarah T.18691925
Mott, Velma M. (Sandlin) d/o J.L. & Mary E. (Brown) w/o Jess E.19091964
Mott, William H.18691940
Mott, William R.18971920
Muck, Michael Wayne B.T.F.N. US Navy13 Dec 19651 Jan 1987
Mullinax, Evelyn Cora10 Feb 191210 Dec 1982SSDI
Nash, Thomas A.23 Dec 18706 Aug 1926
Nash, Thomas A.4 Jun 191723 Jan 1919
Neal, F.W.29 Oct 187425 Oct 1918
Neely, Ira Dee w/o C.M.11 Aug 18815 Oct 1916
Neff, Jewel20 Jul 190420 Oct 1908
Neuhart, Charles18741958
Neuhart, Hartsel "Doll" s/o Charles & Hattie L.8 May 191616 Oct 1992SSDI
Neuhart, Hattie L. w/o Charles10 Mar 18959 Nov 1993SSDI
Neuhart, James Cleo s/o CleoB & D14 Jan 1947
Neuhart, Regina d/o Hartsel & Lavada (Smith)no dates

Neuhart, Ronald s/o Hartsel & Lavada (Smith)
25 Mar 1958
New, William W. "Jack"9 Mar 190822 Aug 1982
Newman, Charles William19301937
Newsom, Alice w/o J.W.12 Jul 187813 Jul 1927
Newsom, Fred10 Mar 191329 Feb 1944
Newsom, James Ala. WAGR. Co. M 2 Regt. Ala. Inf. Spanish-American War8 Mar 186724 Jan 1961
Nichols, Inf. d/o W.D. & Etta29 Dec 192730 Dec 1927
Overby, Betty w/o George W.13 Feb 1868 4 Aug 1943
Overby, George B.21 Jul 190916 Aug 1985SSDI
Overby, George W.18 Nov 186723 Dec 1943
Owens, Claude25 Dec 190020 Feb 1946
Owens, Luther O.May 1898Oct 1937
Owens, Marguerite Josephine19 Aug 1921 3 Jun 1922
Owens, Maude w/o Claude4 Dec 190117 Oct 1987
Owens, Otis18981937
Owens, Ruby (Bonner)4 Nov 190413 Feb 1989
Padgett, Lewis Oliver WWI Ark. Pfc. US Army15 Feb 189122 Apr 1963WWIR
Padgett, Mary & Martha twins of Judy & ElmerB & D13 Apr 1966
Padgett, Mary Retha23 Apr 190226 Nov 1976SSDI
Padgett, Theodocia Jane18711920
Padgett, William Ensley18651929
Parker, Britt1 Apr 1906Jan 1986
Parker, Georgia "Georgie" (Fox) Hopper (Eastern Star) d/o John Alexander & Laura (Haney) M/1 Winfred Hopper M/2 Jacob Lonnie Parker13 Jun 190725 Sep 2003SSDI
Parker, Ida M. w/o John T.26 Aug 190620 Jan 1988
Parker, Jacob Lonnie24 Jan 190722 Jan 1989SSDI
Parker, John T.19001959
Parker, Pearlie w/o Britt19031966
Parks, Hobart Monroe15 Sep 189727 Aug 1916
Parrish, C.C. (W of W)14 Mar 187226 Mar 1922
Partin, Mary (Howell)6 Sep 185316 Jan 1901
Patterson, Edna G. d/o H.B. & Dora6 Feb 191529 Oct 1918
Patterson, James Lancaster "Pat" (Mason) US Navy 1941-1945 s/o John Thomas & Leevie (Coslett)27 Sep 19162 May 1998SSDI
Patterson, John Thomas10 Oct 18791964
Patterson, Leevie (Coslett) d/o Dacid & Belle (Howard) w/o John T.6 Aug 189327 Mar 1981SSDI
Patterson, Mattie E. w/o John Thomas27 Dec 18848 Feb 1908
Patterson, Rosemary (Malano) d/o Joseph & Mary w/o J.L. 2 Mar 192223 Oct 1999
Patterson, Tommy Lee "Shorty" US Army WWII s/o John T. & Leevie (Coslett) h/o Cindy (Noblett)9 Jul 192026 Jul 2003SSDI
Pearson, Effie Bell (Orrell) d/o William B. & Clarinda (Nooner) w/o Daniel Emmitt14 Jul 18851926
Phillips, Guye s/o J.W. & Laura J. (Barry)no dates

Phillips, Janice w/o Noah E.18 May 1914 5 May 2002
Phillips, Laura J. (Barry) w/o J.W.7 Apr 185922 Jul 1892
Phillips, Noah A.7 Aug 187424 Nov 1948
Phillips, Noah E. "Tim" s/o Noah & Ruhama (Furr)18 May 191312 May 1997SSDI
Phillips, Ruhama B. w/o N.A.14 Sep 1882 29 May 1960
Phillips, Tammy & Timmy c/o Thomas & BarbaraB & D1966
Phillips, Ulysses L. WWII Ark. Tec 5 U.S.G.P. Control Council B.S.M. P.H.1 Oct 190825 Jun 1958
Phillips, Viola V. (Ricker) d/o Fred & Minnie (Nelson) w/o Ulysses L.6 Aug 19136 Dec 1999SSDI
Pit, Grace18951963
Pit, Ralph26 Jun 1894Nov 1968SSDI
Pitman, Inf./o M.F. & Ethel2 Dec 190918 Jan 1910
Pool, Anita Beth19111952
Pollizzi, John Thomas s/o Thomas & Mary30 Jul 193824 Dec 1984
Pollizzi, Mary L. w/o John Thomas13 Aug 19365 Jul 1996SSDI
Poteet, Enid Inez d/o Glen & Sally E. (Watson)6 Nov 19348 Nov 1934
Poteet, Fannie Ophelia (Patterson) d/o Reynold Lancaster & Selina Eugena Henrietta (Grogan) w/o John Thomas (M) 14 Jun 191410 Sep 189327 Jun 1975
Poteet, James Albert s/o James Monroe & Mary A. (Martin) 25 Jun 187713 Jan 1925
Poteet, Jessie Iniece17 Sep 193015 Dec 1930
Poteet, John Thomas28 Feb 18818 Apr 1949
Poteet, Johnny S. s/o John Thomas & Fannie Ophelia (Patterson)B & D19 Apr 1915
Poteet, Niecy Agnes (Patterson) d/o Reynold Lancaster & Selina Eugena Henrietta (Grogan) w/o James Albert2 Mar 188424 Dec 1948
Poteet, Reynold "Glen"11 May 190927 Nov 2003
Poteet, Ruby Carolyn d/o John Thomas & Fannie Ophelia (Patterson)12 Apr 191724 Oct 1918
Poteet, Sally E. (Watson) d/o Thomas A. & Jessie G. (Rogers) w/o Reynold2 Aug 191217 Apr 1985SSDI
Poteet, William Edward s/o James Monroe & Mary A. (Martin)10 Feb 187331 Mar 1956
Potts, Euell Edward "Shorty" s/o William Charles & Laura Mae (Williams)8 Jun 192515 Sep 2003SSDI
Potts, Jewel N. WWII Tec 5 US Army s/o C.W. & Laura25 Sep 1914Dec 1977
Potts, Laura Mae (Williams) w/o William Charles18851956
Potts, Nola Pearl (Patterson)14 Mar 1918 24 Dec 1992SSDI
Potts, Reba Z. (Kidder) d/o Lomenzo & Ella (Morrow) w/o Euell Edward5 Sep 19294 Dec 2003SSDI
Potts, William Charles18711942
Powell, Robert D.18831957
Powell, Trannie w/o Robert D.18851940
Pratt, June Irene d/o C.G. & R.I.7 Jun 19157 Nov 1915
Prince, Charley3 May 190928 Sep 1981
Prince, Jimmy B.14 Apr 190620 Feb 1975
Prince, Lottie B.1 Mar 188531 Oct 1957
Prince, Velma w/o Charley - buried at Russellville3 Sep 1910Deceased
Pullen, Emma17 Oct 18575 Apr 1944
Pullen, John Jr.8 Oct 19227 Nov 1926
Pullen, John M.27 Jun 18512 Sep 1938
Pulwers, Ethel M. (Owens) d/o Ruby (Bonner)18 Jul 192916 Nov 1987
Qualls, Hallie A.19 Sep 188010 Nov 1984
Qualls, Thomas J.23 Jan 187430 Sep 1932
Rackley, Zerle S. (Linzy) Southerland d/o Charles B. & Ida E. (Nichols) M/1 Ira D. Southerland M/2 Lee Rackley2 Jun 190215 Jun 1980
Ramsey, Gerald Duree s/o Verle & Bernice (Baker)11 Jun 191615 Nov 1979SSDI
Raper, Belle w/o Robert Lee17 Nov 1870 28 Feb 1909
Raper, Robert Lee16 Jul 18649 Jun 1952
Reaves, Paul E.
4 Apr 1955
Reece, John N.10 Apr 187910 Nov 1909
Reed, Liza7 Aug 185222 Jul 1930
Reeves, Iva Nell (Moss) w/o Russell Lee (M) 10 Nov 195118 Dec 1930SSDI
Reeves, Russell Lee s/o Elmer & Montana Marie (Smith)3 Sep 19282 May 2000
Reich, Billy19 May 195418 Jul 1977
Rhodes, Amanda F. w/o David C.3 Jul 1854 11 Apr 1935
Rhodes, David C.27 Aug 18505 Jul 1923
Rhodes, Rebecca29 Jan 18424 Oct 1924
Rhodes, Walter19 Jun 18915 Dec 1907
Rice, C.F.12 Apr 18406 Apr 1905
Rice, Essie R.19151946
Ricker, Faye E. w/o William L. (M) 15 Aug 192029 Sep 190222 Oct 1972SSDI
Ricker, Kerry Dale s/o William L. & Faye E. h/o Joy (Dushane)12 Jun 19439 Feb 1997
Ricker, William L.28 Dec 18956 May 1977SSDI
Riley, John W. (Mason)20 Dec 18849 Dec 1913
Riley, Mollie Hardin30 Dec 188222 Oct 1917
Risinger, Ella w/o Ernest A.18921963
Risinger, Ernest A.10 Jul 1888Jan 1973SSDI
Robberson, Delano G.20 Jan 193624 Apr 1994SSDI
Robberson, Jo Ellen (Moss) d/o Jewell Floyd & Ada L. w/o Delano G.12 Nov 1937Living
Roberson, G.A. Civil War CSA Co. C 40th MS Inf. h/o S.E.17 Oct 184417 Feb 1914CPF
Roberts, Dickey7 Jul 18995 Feb 1917
Roberts, James Paul "Jim" s/o Henry Russell & Ida Mae (Nelson) h/o Ann (Keeney)17 Sep 193516 Jul 2004SSDI
Robertson, Bernice C. (Owens) d/o Claude & Maude (Howard) w/o Chester G.15 Feb 191923 Jun 2004SSDI
Robertson, Richard C. WWI Va. Cpl. 5 Bn Repl. Tng. Cent.10 Apr 189629 Apr 1964
Robertson, Ruth M. w/o R.C.1905Living
Robinson, Jack Denver s/o Hues & Minnie5 Sep 19191 Mar 1999SSDI
Robinson, Inf. d/o James & Lucinda (Dodd) - this grave moved from Earl/English CemeteryB & D19 Oct 1879
Robinson, Lucinda (Dodd) d/o James & Anna (James) M/1 Hugh A. Virdin M/2 James Robinson - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery13 Jan 186124 Oct 1879
Robinson, Nina J. (Ellis) Adams d/o James W. & Millie (Hall) M/1 Herman Raughley Adams M/2 Jack Denver Robinson14 Aug 192515 Sep 1998
Rodgers, Allein - on same stone as Minnie Rodgers5 Feb 19012 Aug 1903
Rodgers, Babyno dates

Rodgers, Clyde Edgar h/o Etoil (Jordan)27 Jul 18942 Oct 1989
Rodgers, Margarette E.2 Oct 187913 Feb 1971
Rodgers, Mary F. w/o Clyde Edgar (M) 24 Dec 191317 Sep 189220 Apr 1976
Rodgers, Minnie I. w/o T.R.25 Jul 1872 30 Nov 1905
Rodgers, P.K.25 Jun 184421 Jun 1919
Rodgers, Sarah A. w/o P.K.16 Jul 18478 Apr 1928
Rodgers, Sarah F. w/o William Z.5 May 18735 Nov 1917
Rodgers, T.R. "Bob"22 Jan 18702 Oct 1933
Rodgers, Vina w/o H.E.18 Feb 18651 Nov 1925
Rodgers, Wilburn
Rodgers, Gracie
Children of Clyde Edgar & Mary F.
B & D
B & D

Rodgers, William Z.5 Sep 18668 May 1929
Rogers, Bessie18871910
Rogers, H.E.16 Oct 187415 Dec 1930
Ross, Ada (Burruss)23 Aug 18852 Jun 1971
Ross, Thomas20 May 186826 Dec 1920
Ruth, George William194017 Jul 2002
Ruth, James William "Bill"10 May 191622 Feb 1996
Ruth, Mable12 Aug 1918Living
Ryan, John A.2 Jan 190214 Apr 1982
Ryan, Reba H. Booher M/1 Joe Orval Booher M/2 John A. Ryan 13 Sep 19125 Aug 1996SSDI
Salters, Lewis s/o J.L. & A.I.16 May 190211 Feb 1911
Saunders, Blanche23 Oct 190617 Nov 1906
Saunders, George B.28 Nov 18761 Feb 1923
Saunders, Hartsel E. WWII Pvt. US Army11 May 191813 Jun 1989SSDI
Saunders, Mabel E. (Potts) w/o Hartsel E.9 Sep 19171 Feb 1996SSDI
Saunders, Mattie (Spears) d/o George & Josie (Green)28 Jul 190120 Sep 1983SSDI
Saunders, Minnie G. (Hawthorne)22 Nov 18926 Feb 1972
Schubert, Lola Marie (Staggs) Holland d/o Charles Arthur & Lela (Carr) M/1 James Holland M/2 Herman Schubert11 Aug 191526 May 2005SSDI
Scott, Brown29 Nov 18963 Jun 1978
Scott, Elmer US Army Vietnam s/o Walter & Ida (Philamlee)22 Jul 19456 Jul 2004SSDI
Scott, Gladys w/o Brown2 Mar 190120 Sep 1968
Scott, Thurman s/o Walter & Ida (Philamlee)24 Jan 19486 Jan 2001SSDI
Seaton, Henry18931961
Seaton, Zettie w/o Henry18981946
Shaffer, "Auntie" kin to Lotus Smith known as Auntie of Clear Vision Lodgeno dates

Shelton, Ben
ca. 1928/29
Shelton, Eugene9 Nov 187511 Jun 1963
Shelton, John William s/o Eugene & Minnie B.31 Mar 19249 May 1924
Shelton, Minnie B. w/o Eugene21 Apr 1894 2 Nov 1974
Sigala, Sidro15 May 190615 Nov 1953
Smith, Alexander Pinckney "Pink"
Additional Info from Tom Clark
31 Oct 18565 Apr 1944
Smith, Allen24 Jan 190031 Oct 1978SSDI
Smith, Annie (White)19181979
Smith, Betty Lou d/o Allen & Jessie Lee (Staggs)3 Jun 19406 Jun 1941
Smith, Bradley James s/o Bentley & Vicki (Hadley-Howe) 4 Nov 20056 Mar 2006SSDI
Smith, Charles H.19 Feb 185912 Jan 1936
Smith, Charles H.17 Nov 1928Living
Smith, Chester Arthur WWII Pvt. US Army25 Dec 189516 Oct 1985SSDI
Smith, Christopher Warren s/o Ronald Wayne & Donna (Byrd)3 Mar 197829 Mar 1999SSDI
Smith, Clara Beth d/o Elmer Clifton & Clara Ophelia (Vest)
Additional Info from Tom Clark
20 Sep 192614 Jun 1927
Smith, Clara Ophelia (Vest) w/o Elmer Clifton
Additional Info from Tom Clark
8 Nov 18884 Jan 1929
Smith, Clayton Richard1 Dec 190325 Sep 1990
Smith, D. Albert h/o Helen M.11 Mar 1903 23 Aug 1990
Smith, Davidsmall stone with name only no dates
Smith, David Clifton s/o Robert Lansing & Carlean (Carpenter)
Additional Info from Tom Clark
14 Sep 19473 Dec 1948
Smith, Delbert Marshall s/o Ronald Wayne & Donna (Byrd) 3 Apr 198029 Mar 1999
Smith, Elmer Clifton s/o Alexander Pinckney
Additional Info from Tom Clark
18 Dec 188425 Jan 1971SSDI
Smith, Elmer Clifton Jr. s/o Elmer Clifton & Clara Ophelia (Vest)
Additional Info from Tom Clark
3 Jul 19258 Dec 1925
Smith, Fannie Mae (Tippy) w/o Clayton Richard23 May 190520 Feb 2002SSDI
Smith, Gertrude Mae (Crites) d/o Richard & Ida (Mullins) w/o Olga McKinley5 Sep 190516 May 1979
Smith, Inf. s/o Virgil & RuthB & D18 Apr 1942
Smith, Inf. d/o Elmer Clifton & Clara Ophelia (Vest)
Additional Info from Tom Clark
15 Nov 192327 Nov 1923
Smith, Jacob Charles Inf. s/o Tim & Janet (Roberson)no date7 Jun 2004
Smith, Jason W. WWII SFC US Army s/o Elmer Clifton & Clara (Vest)22 Sep 19173 Jan 1997SSDI
Smith, Jennifer Ellen d/o Ronald Wayne & Donna (Byrd)22 Oct 198229 Mar 1999
Smith, Jessie Lee (Staggs) d/o Charles Arthur & Lela (Carr) w/o Allen13 Sep 190823 Jul 2006SSDI
Smith, Joe Wayne s/o Chester Arthur & Okla8 Jun 193222 Jun 1986
Smith, Lotus27 Jan 190423 Dec 1987
Smith, Lucas Jett twin s/o Tim & Janet (Roberson)B & D5 May 2005
Smith, Mary Sue w/o Joe Wayne (M) 7 Jul 195117 Dec 1932Living
Smith, Matilda w/o Charles H.29 Sep 1865 7 Jun 1946
Smith, Minnie H. "Grandma" (Gaither) d/o Thomas & Carey (Sears) w/o Elmer Clifton9 Dec 19029 Feb 1998SSDI
Smith, Nelle (Ricker) w/o Jason W.23 Feb 1927

Smith, Okla w/o Chester Arthur6 Oct 1905 1 Jun 1996SSDI
Smith, Ola Mae (Flood) d/o Edward & Donnilee (Foster) w/o Charles H.5 Jul 193326 Dec 1997SSDI
Smith, Olga McKinley10 Apr 19007 Sep 1968SSDI
Smith, Oma w/o D. Albert19011959
Smith, Oregon Willard11 Dec 188424 Jan 1977
Smith, Ronnie C. s/o Charles H. & Ola Mae (Flood)
Smith, Samuel Charles twin s/o Tim & Janet (Roberson) B & D5 May 2005
Southerland, Ira D. (Mason) s/o W.L. & Thirsa A. (Paulman)16 Jun 18891 Mar 1936
Southerland, William Linzy s/o Ira D. & Zerle (Linzey) 17 Aug 19243 Oct 1924
Sparks, Alta G.
Sparks, Alva G.
Twin d/o J.M. & Flora
27 Dec 1914
27 Dec 1914
15 Mar 1916
21 Jul 1915

Sparks, Inf. d/o James Marshall & Margaret FloraB & D21 Dec 1919
Sparks, James Marshall (Mason)29 Jan 18756 Jan 1950
Sparks, Margaret Flora w/o James Marshall26 Apr 188325 Dec 1919
Speight, Dorothy w/o Johnny18 Feb 1938 Living
Speight, Johnny29 Apr 1922Living
Spencer, Effie Mae (Hairell) d/o Joe C. & Minnie H. (Howze) w/o Mack O.24 Aug 19058 Apr 2001SSDI
Spencer, George Thomas16 Nov 190726 Oct 1987
Spencer, James E.4 Apr 189928 Apr 1981
Spencer, Jim L.21 Aug 191131 Mar 1977
Spencer, Lola (Boothe) w/o James E. (M) 10 June 19281 Oct 18967 May 1969
Spencer, Mack O.23 May 190125 Jul 1968SSDI
Stafford, Maude M. (Thomas) d/o B.W. & M.E. w/o W.A.23 Nov 188118 Apr 1918
Staggs, Charles Arthur "Charlie"3 Feb 188223 Jan 1975
Staggs, Lela (Carr) w/o Charles Arthur26 Feb 18869 Apr 1981
Staggs, Opal s/o Charles Arthur & Lela (Carr)11 Nov 19227 May 2002
Stahl, Sandra Denice d/o James D.B & D17 Sep 1965
Stewart, Elmer Leon WWII Pfc. US Army28 Apr 1924Jul 1987SSDI
Stewart, Peggy Sue (Smith) d/o Allen & Jessie Lee (Staggs) w/o Elmer Leon3 Jun 194014 Jun 1978SSDI
Strother, Billy Gene s/o Donald & Karen (Roach)12 Jul 198615 Jun 2001SSDI
Strother, Donald Wayne s/o Donald & Karen10 Jun 198515 Jun 2001
Summit, Rev. Euna Fayne (Whitlow) d/o W.T. & Ethel (McFerrin) w/o Ivan Lee - disinterred from California24 Aug 1911 1 Jan 1994
Summit, Ivan Lee s/o Leander Nathaniel & Mary Jane (Wood)21 July 191631 Oct 2001
Swank, Lizie27 Jan 18885 Dec 1889
Tate, Sherman Willard s/o Carey & Myrtle21 Nov 19198 May 1921
Tate, Thomas Agustus s/o T.H. & Mary A.2 Jun 19044 Jul 1914
Taylor, Joe D. (Mason)191824 Dec 1968
Taylor, Larry Dale s/o Joe D. & Ruby Zearl9 Mar 19467 Jan 1949
Taylor, Ruby Zearl (Eastern Star) w/o Joe D.1921Living
Tedder, Eardic G.F. WWI Cpl. US Army27 Nov 18957 Jul 1980WWIR
Tedder, J.M.B & D11 Jan 1898
Tedder, J.W.9 Apr 186925 Nov 1907
Tedder, Minnie D.7 Jul 19011 Dec 1969
Tedder, Nora (Ellis)15 Nov 186826 Jun 1977
Tedder, Velma M. d/o R.W. & S.A.17 Nov 190725 Apr 1927
Terrill, John Edgar WWI Ark. Cpl. 492 Cons Sq. US Air Force 21 Mar 188816 Feb 1958
Thomas, B.W.28 Nov 18536 Apr 1920
Thomas, Commodore s/o J.C. & S.E.16 Mar 190220 Jul 1905
Thomas, Corbet Lester "C.L." - he has a new stone with Corbet Lester instead of C.L.18 Sep 191931 Mar 1984SSDI
Thomas, Effie V. (Willard) w/o Hugh Virgil17 May 18968 Jul 1974SSDI
Thomas, Elbert Grady s/o J.C. & S.E.5 Mar 189129 Dec 1918
Thomas, Eva M. (Hunter) w/o Lilburn B.1923Living
Thomas, Hugh Virgil25 Aug 18945 Jan 1966
Thomas, Lilburn B. "Red" Vester S1 US Navy WWII12 Feb 192121 May 1990SSDI
Thomas, Rosie E. w/o Jim23 Oct 187216 Jun 1946
Thomas, Samuel E. s/o J.C. & S.E.9 Jun 189316 Oct 1915
Thomas, William Hollis24 Oct 190212 May 1941
Tidwell, Erma Dale (Sanders) d/o George & Hazel (Bittle) w/o Wright P.22 Mar 192119 Jul 1998SSDI
Tidwell, Wright P. s/o Leonard & Mary (Payne)15 Nov 193320 Feb 1999
Tillman, Charles A.20 Feb 18586 Jul 1937
Tillman, Mary F. (Ellison) w/o Charles A.5 Apr 186615 Nov 1923
Tilmon, Beverly Janice (Hall) w/o Jerry D. d/o Tom25 Sep 194911 Aug 1982
Tilmon, Jerry D.8 Dec 1948Living
Timberlake, Dudie w/o G.H.11 Aug 186431 Mar 1913
Timberlake, Ella Mae d/o G.W. & F.M.8 Apr 191410 Mar 1917
Timberlake, Inf. d/o G.W. & F.M.3 Apr 19165 Apr 1916
Tippy, Clara w/o R.S.22 Jan 188124 Jul 1943
Tippy, Elsie E. w/o William Miles19 Feb 191818 Aug 1988SSDI
Tippy, R.S.1 Oct 187429 Mar 1941
Tippy, William Miles11 Dec 190121 Feb 1968SSDI
Tougaw, Dewey Elms6 Mar 193422 Oct 1936
Tougaw, Mary E.18951964
Tougaw, William18841965
Trammel, William Earl s/o Robert & Cora Elizabeth (Virden) h/o Beulah F. (Ricker)20 Aug 19282 Jan 2002SSDI
Treat, Ferrel G. s/o Franke & Attie (Lawrence) h/o Marilyn (Stinson) Vet23 Dec 192122 Mar 2002 SSDI
Trimble, Inf. s/o J.A. & Lora May7 May 19098 May 1909
Tyler, Ruby Emmagene (Billue) d/o Robert E. & Beulah (Ross) w/o Therian E. Sr.31 Jan 19234 Sep 2004SSDI
Tyler, Therian Elbert "Bud" s/o Therian E. Sr. & Ruby Emmagene (Billue) h/o Patty1 Oct 194813 Aug 2003
Tyler, Therian Elbert Sr. (32nd Degree Mason) WWII s/o Allie W. & Savannah (Jones)10 Dec 19177 Mar 2005SSDI
Underwood, Alton LeRoy22 Apr 19257 Jun 1926
Underwood, Odis29 Oct 192212 Nov 1922
Underwood, William A. "Willie"17 Mar 190616 Feb 1988SSDI
Uolloa, Julio Aaron Emilio "Honduras"19 Apr 19806 Jan 2001
Vastine, Ellen15 Jul 187413 Oct 1897
Vinyard, Carl Edward s/o Clem & Beulah (Cohane)24 Aug 191124 Nov 1999SSDI
Vinyard, Oma Hale M/1 Henry C. Hale (M) 3 Mar 1923 M/2 Carl Vinyard - buried beside her first husband11 Oct 190811 Feb 2000SSDI
Virdin, Hugh A. f/o Minerva (Virdin) Hawkins (w/o Robert) - this grave moved from Earl/English Cemetery11 Feb 185717 Apr 1885
Walden, Vaye (Brown) (mother)19031934
Waldron, Beatrice w/o Jacob Edward15 Mar 191824 Feb 1996
Waldron, Jacob Edward s/o Robert Guy & Jessie Della (Vaughn)12 Jun 19135 Dec 1995SSDI
Wall, Bruce19221953
Wall, Eulurle w/o Bruce1923Living
Wallace, Albert1903Deceased
Wallace, Albert J.28 May 19215 May 1958
Wallace, Mollie L. w/o Aalbert J.1 Mar 19126 May 1958
Wallace, Myrtle Janette w/o Thomas Jackson15 Dec 19064 Feb 2004SSDI
Wallace, Nettie (Vaughn) Lacy w/o Henry14 May 19498 Mar 1998SSDI
Wallace, Seth2 Jul 18869 Jul 1983
Wallace, Thomas Jackson "Jack"10 May 18997 Feb 1981SSDI
Ward, Jewell Mae17 Aug 190310 Feb 1973SSDI
Ware, Eugene7 Dec 1914Jul 1986SSDI
Ware, Myrtle L. (Chesney) Leach d/o Daniel W. & Eldora (Jones) M/1 Earl Odell Leach (M) Sep 1931 M/2 Eugene Ware7 Dec 19108 Mar 2000SSDI
Watkins, Allie V. (Chesney) Killian22 Jan 191210 Mar 1986SSDI
Watson, Arkie (Cummins) w/o Woodson James Keeder19111935
Watson, Betty J. w/o William E.12 Jul 193417 Apr 1984SSDI
Watson, Eugenia Selena (Patterson) d/o Reyhold Lancaster & Selina Eugena Henrietta (Grogan) w/o Thomas A.26 Jan 1896May 1986SSDI
Watson, J. Eugene s/o Woodson James Keeder & Arkie (Cummins)19311955
Watson, J. Wesley8 Jan 189324 Mar 1973
Watson, Jessie G. (Rodgers) w/o Thomas A.5 Feb 188421 Oct 1918
Watson, Mildred (Manning) w/o Woodson James Keeder31 Jan 190520 Nov 1992SSDI
Watson, Minnie F. w/o J. Wesley (M) 15 Oct 191918 May 189530 Sep 1983
Watson, Thomas A.18781961
Watson, Thomas H. "Tommy" (Mason) US Navy WWII s/o Thomas A. & Jessie G. (Rodgers) h/o Jessie Lou (Mathis) (M) 16 Nov 193822 May 191022 Mar 2006SSDI
Watson, Tommie Joe s/o Thomas H. & Jessie Lou (Mathis) 19401941
Watson, William E.17 Sep 1926Living
Watson, Woodson James Keeder s/o Thomas A. & Jessie G. (Rogers) WWII26 Aug 19059 Sep 1979 SSDI
White, Annie E. w/o J.S.18781913
White, Annie M.24 Dec 191816 Apr 1979
White, Billy Inf. s/o C.A. & Annieno dates

White, C.A.18761957
White, C.A. Jr.19011957
White, C.A. IIIno dates

White, Nettie G. w/o C.A.10 May 188014 May 1930
White, Sybil d/o J.S. & Annie E.27 May 190728 Sep 1917
White, Vernon19021966
Whitecotton, dates

Whitlow, Bertha E.19 Jan 191210 Jan 1979
Whitlow, Clarence Monroe14 Jul 191623 Dec 1986SSDI
Whitlow, Earl Lamar WWII Pvt. US Army15 May 191929 Mar 1976SSDI
Whitlow, Erbie Lee WWII Ark. Pvt. Co. G. 334 Inf.6 Aug 191431 Jul 1962
Whitlow, Ethel (McFerrin) (Mother) w/o W.T.18901923
Whitlow, Irene (Adamson) w/o James Leon4 May 19237 Jun 2002SSDI
Whitlow, James Leon WWII24 Jan 19216 Jul 1972
Whitlow, John Elmerno dates

Whitlow, Ophelia Maxine (Adaire) w/o Troy E. (M) 4 Jan 1941 28 Sep 1923Living
Whitlow, Perry Lee (Hunt) w/o Clarence Monroe (M) 4 Aug 1943 11 Sep 1920Living
Whitlow, Troy Elgie s/o W.T. & Ethel (McFerrin) WWII Combat Veteran20 Jan 191624 Mar 1999SSDI
Whitlow, W.T. "Will"18871957
Whitlow, Winnie Vaye19181918
Wiggins, Dessie D.18881960
Wilkerson, Boyce P. US Army WWII s/o John Woodrow & Lula Ellen (Parker) h/o Future (Vick)27 Nov 192521 Jun 2004SSDI
Wilkerson, Hence W. WWII Ark. Pfc. Co. B. 148th Inf.18 Aug 19151 Mar 1971
Wilkerson, John Woodrow29 Aug 187517 Apr 1935
Wilkerson, Johnie Noel s/o John Woodrow & Lula Ellen (Parker)12 Sep 190920 Apr 1935
Wilkerson, Lula Ellen w/o John Woodrow21 Jan 18796 Feb 1956
Wilkerson, Ray M.15 Apr 191331 May 1988
Wilkerson, Ruby d/o John Woodrow & Lula Ellen (Parker) 23 Nov 19036 Jun 1926
Willard, Burton C. (Mason)28 Sep 186920 Jul 1926
Willard, Clayton H.15 Jan 19007 Feb 1989
Willard, Macele L. w/o Clayton H. (M) 14 Oct 19223 May 19048 Sep 1990
Willard, Oregon (Smith) w/o Burton C.11 Dec 188424 Jan 1977
Willard, Sherrill Burton s/o Burton C. & Oregon (Smith) 29 Feb 19208 Nov 2000SSDI
Williams, Emma E. w/o F.R.5 Jan 18873 Jul 1939
Williams, F.R.2 Feb 186516 Jun 1942
Williams, Horace M. s/o Rev. J.M.28 May 18917 Jul 1922
Williams, Jesse WWI S2 USN R.F. Ark25 Jan 18977 Feb 1960
Williams, Letha O. w/o Roy Edward (M) 7 Sep 192915 Mar 191024 Sep 1990
Williams, Nannie w/o Jesse18931973
Williams, Roy Edward8 Aug 189421 Mar 1973SSDI
Wilson, Mr. ______________ - can't read FHM---------30 Jul 193_
Wilson, B.F. s/o James Newton & Virgie Levina (Howell) 23 Jun 192413 Apr 1925
Wilson, Claud C.5 Nov 18933 Jul 1971
Wilson, Delbert Dewayne "Danny" s/o Jim & Celia (Roach) h/o Joan Ann (Catlett)6 Aug 195726 Feb 2006SSDI
Wilson, James Harold19271928
Wilson, James Newton/td>18911960
Wilson, Mildred (Green) w/o Robert L. d/o Oscar L. & Maggie Mae (Patterson)27 Nov 191329 Oct 1994SSDI
Wilson, Robert Lee13 Mar 190930 Aug 2000
Wilson, Sarah E.21 Oct 186121 Sep 1863
Wilson, Sue Ella w/o Claud C. (M) 3 Dec 191917 Jul 189522 May 1969
Wilson, Thelma C. w/o John C.12 Jan 1904 30 Jul 1931
Wilson, Virgie Levina (Howell) d/o John M. & Esther A. (Moss) w/o James Newton15 Sep 18964 Jan 1996SSDI
Withers, Lucius Jones (Mason)27 Oct 1882 5 Oct 1949
Withers, Sarah Elizabeth w/o Lucius Jones18821951
Witthuhn, Harry E.14 Apr 190313 Jun 1976
Woodward, Daisy M. w/o James Ben (M) 23 Nov 19233 Dec 190520 Mar 1985SSDI
Woodward, Earnest O.21 Feb 190626 Jun 1973SSDI
Woodward, Baby J.A.30 Jun 193926 Jun 1941
Woodward, James Ben21 Jan 190215 Sep 1970SSDI
Woodward, Johnny Charles24 Jul 193519 Jul 1936
Woodward, Joshua Keith s/o Monte & Sonja (Woodward) Hunt h/o Barbi (DePriest)20 May 197922 Oct 2000
Woodward, Josie18751960
Woodward, Lonzada (Westlake) w/o Novel1 Mar 1896Oct 1985SSDI
Woodward, Novel18881950
Woodward, Ora M. w/o Earnest O.24 Apr 191130 Jan 1984
Woodward, Tommy J.18 Dec 19393 Nov 1940
Woolard, Clyde W.5 Jul 190727 May 1990
Woolard, Floy (Humphrey) w/o Clyde W.9 Jan 1910Living
Wright, Anna (LaRue)24 Nov 19341 Mar 1984SSDI
Wright, Betty Jane Vess m/o Keith & Kenneth Vess8 Jul 1934Deceased
Wright, Bobby John23 Nov 192726 Feb 1969SSDI
Wright, Bradley Kent s/o Chester & Janet22 May 197712 Jun 1999
Wright, Casey Ira19011947
Wright, Harold D. SP1 US Army12 Jan 1949 18 Sep 1987
Wright, Jesse C. (Mason) WWII Ark. Pvt. 769 Tech. Sch. Sq. A.A.F.29 Aug 19029 Oct 1956
Wright, John C.17 Aug 1900Apr 1968SSDI
Wright, Laura R. w/o John C. (M) 11 Dec 192119001966
Wright, Lucy B. w/o W.J.27 Apr 18811 Jun 1921
Wright, William J.8 Mar 187812 Nov 1943
Yates, Ester (Brasier)14 Jul 190424 Sep 1969
Yost, John L.8 Dec 188618 Aug 1976SSDI
Younger, Lillie25 Jan 189323 Aug 1976SSDI
Younger, Mary Lular w/o Tillman18781958
Younger, Tillman15 Mar 1883Apr 1973SSDI
Zug, Helen Inez4 Apr 19397 Apr 1939
Zug, Inas P. (King) d/o Johney Gray & Bertha Mae (Reed) 7 Mar 191321 Feb 2005SSDI

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