Ringer Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

From Dardanelle, take Hwy 7 South to Centerville. At Centerville turn left onto Hwy 154 East for about two miles. The Ringer Cemetery is on the right side of the road, Just A few yards from the Highway. Copied August 1991 by Barbara (Crow) McConnell.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Armour, Harve Waits "Coon" s/o Thomas Dixon & Sarah Elizabeth (Ringer)187727 Nov 1899
Armour, James Dixon "Buck" s/o Calvin & Elizabeth (Lewis) raised by Thomas Dixon & Sarah Elizabeth (Ringer)1 Sep 187322 Dec 1899
Armour, Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" (Ringer) d/o George & Carolyn (Waits) w/o Thomas Dixon18475 Nov 1903
Armour, Thomas Dixon Civil War CSA s/o Aulcia Bradford & Jemima (Bloodworth)1846Apr 1883
Autry, Syble Maybell (Rainey) Standridge d/o Carroll W. & Lillian M. (Archer) M/1 Boyd Standridge M/2 William O. Autry20 Feb 19198 Feb 2005SSDI
Barnett, Clara (Rainey) d/o Carroll W. & Lillian M. (Archer) w/o James Loyd (M) 3 Jul 1928
Tombstone picture
3 Apr 1912 3 Feb 2002
Barnett, Jackie s/o John Henry & Girtha (Bailey)B & D14 Apr 1963
Barnett, James Loyd s/o John Robert & Lou (George)
Tombstone picture
24 Oct 19154 Oct 1999SSDI
Barnett, Jimmie Ray s/o John Henry & Girtha (Bailey)26 Jun 19553 May 1997SSDI
Barnett, John Henry US Army WWII s/o John Robert & Lou (George) h/o Girtha (Bailey)24 Dec 19213 Oct 2003SSDI
Bowden, Alfred Dale
Additional Info from John Ewing
22 Oct 19688 Oct 1990
Bowden, Alfred L. Ark. Pfc. WWII s/o Sparlin & Unie (Ringer)25 Mar 191511 Jul 1975
Bowden, Arthur "Ott"13 Sep 191926 Feb 1987
Bowden, Mary A. w/o W.S.18661955
Bowden, Mary Ann d/o William Harvey & Ruby Nell (Holloway)3 Apr 194310 Jun 2001SSDI
Bowden, Oweda (Ellis) w/o Arthur27 Sep 192221 Feb 1993
Bowden, Sparlin18871963
Bowden, William Harvey "Bo"3 Mar 19176 May 1988
Brooks, Lovic A. US Army WWII
Tombstone picture
11 Jan 1922 4 Feb 1988SSDI
Carothers, Owen L.
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
21 Feb 191129 Feb 1984SSDI
Carter, Floyd s/o Judge Thomas & Lucy (Dunn)19071955
Clarke, Mamie (Rainey) Carothers d/o Carroll W. & Lillian M. (Archer) M/1 Owen L. Carothers M/2 Buster Clarke
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
17 Dec 191522 Nov 2001SSDI
Claypool, Laura Evelyn (Melton) w/o Steve (M) 13 Nov 192318 Nov 190326 Apr 1989
Claypool, Steve29 Sep 1903Living
Collier, Aggie May w/o Fred15 Jan 1876 20 Nov 1947
Collier, Bernard W.20 Sep 191019 Aug 1977SSDI
Collier, Bessie M. (Ewton) w/o Bernard W.4 Jun 191318 Mar 1976SSDI
Collier, Brenda Kay d/o Arlie & Ova19511952
Collier, Delena Mae d/o Fred Wilson & Nell Mae (Hefley) 20 Jun 193522 Dec 2004SSDI
Collier, Fred Wilson "Freddie"18751953
Collier, Nell Mae (Hefley) d/o Joe Harrison & Ida Mae (Boxx) w/o Fred Wilson1 Nov 191127 Jan 2005SSDI
Crabill, Ruby Nell (Holloway) Bowden M/1 William Harvey Bowden M/2 _________ Crabill15 Sep 192316 Jan 2001SSDI
Decator, Earnest Pryor III Pvt. US Army15 Apr 196425 Apr 1986
Earnest, Daniel P. III Pvt. US Army
Tombstone picture
15 Apr 196425 Apr 1986
Ellis, Cris18821959
Ellis, Nora (Stevenson) w/o Cris18 Aug 1896Feb 1985SSDI
Ennis, Eldon Carol Jr.
Tombstone picture
16 Oct 1941 26 Aug 2000
Eubanks, Claud s/o Thomas Jefferson & Ollie Mae (Hardberger)16 Mar 190830 Apr 2000 SSDI
Eubanks, Ollie Mae (Hardberger) w/o Thomas Jefferson - buried in Salem Cemetery, Plainview m/o Chas, Claud, Grady, Abie, Erby, Don, & Trudie

Eubanks, Ruby (Bailey) d/o Carroll W. & Lillian M. (Archer) w/o Claud
Additional Info from Linda Rego
23 Jun 191013 Apr 1970
Faulkner, Jesse Frank s/o Robert J. & Laura (Nelson)16 Mar 189419 Mar 1967SSDI
Faulkner, Kate "Katie" (Pockus) w/o Jesse Frank23 Jun 1894Apr 1974SSDI
Fink, Bill19 Nov 19077 Apr 1991SSDI
Fink, Elsie E. (Furrow) w/o Bill3 Jan 190927 Oct 1986SSDI
Fink, Robert s/o Bill & Elsie E. (Furrow)3 May 193511 Mar 2006SSDI
George, James Franklin (Mason) s/o Robert Henry & Sarah Ann (Greenwood)23 Aug 187021 Nov 1953
George, Louisa Jane "Jennie" (Armour) Whitford d/o Thomas Dixon & Sarah Elizabeth (Ringer) M/1 Robert Whitford (M) 1885 M/2 James Franklin George24 Feb 187021 Aug 1953
Geurian, Billy Farral s/o Everett Gordon & Mildred Marie (Pockrus) h/o Sue24 Sep 193616 Mar 2006SSDI
Hale, James C. s/o James Albert & Ethel Ruth (Cunningham) M/1 Zadel Ruth M/2 __________ (__________)7 Feb 19215 Jul 2001SSDI
Hamilton, Ima Jean (McMillan) w/o Thelbert Aaron
Tombstone picture
11 Jun 192828 Nov 1996
Hamilton, Thelbert Aaron
Tombstone picture
29 Mar 1929Living
Hefley, Gifford William s/o Crocket Lorenzo Dow & Pauline Elizabeth (Reece)18 Jun 191722 Jun 1918
Hefley, Ida Mae (Boxx) w/o Joe Harrison9 Oct 18886 Feb 1969SSDI
Hefley, Joe Harrison1 Jun 187828 Dec 1959
Jerman, Mother - this grave is across the road on SW corner of the cemetery28 Jul 18563 Apr 1944
Johnson, Burl W.10 Jan 19209 Jul 1981
Johnson, Mary Naomi (Mashburn) d/o Roger & Zola (Crow) w/o Burl W. (M) 10 Sep 193915 Jul 19219 Feb 1980SSDI
Lisenbey, Anna Marie (McVay) d/o George A. & Viverine (Moore)
Tombstone picture
4 Sep 19405 Mar 2001SSDI
Manes, Edwin P. MM3 US Navy WWII s/o Leo A. & Willie Lee (Austin)13 Oct 192711 Feb 1978
Manes, Pauline (Tucker) d/o Floyd Arthur & Opal (Jones) w/o Edwin P.13 Sep 1928Living
McClure, Brandon Charles s/o David & Renah20 Sep 19839 Jan 1984
McMillan, Maggie97 yr4 Dec 2002
McVay, George A.28 Dec 190716 Aug 1982
McVay, Viverine (Moore) d/o M.B. & Dove (Bullard) w/o George A.2 Aug 191310 Apr 1990
Miller, Etta Frances (George) w/o Thomas Edward Sr.Living

Miller, Thomas Edward Sr. S2 US Navy WWII s/o Barlow Bertrand Sr. & Anna (Cotton)
Tombstone picture
11 Feb 1922 6 Oct 1979
Moore, George Willie1 May 191120 Aug 1983
Moore, Lettie w/o George Willie12 Aug 191120 Dec 1984
Partington, Mary C. (West)
Tombstone picture
20 Jul 194413 Jun 2001
Rainey, Cansada (Orsburn) Bailey d/o William & Susan (Claycomb) M/1 William Bailey M/2 Carroll Washington Rainey
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
6 Feb 18875 Feb 1977SSDI
Rainey, Carroll Washington
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
19 Feb 189328 May 1967SSDI
Riggins, Sandra M.13 May 195015 May 1950
Ringer, Albert Dewey26 Dec 190027 Jul 1929
Ringer, Alfred18601882
Ringer, Annie May (Barricks) w/o George Harve21 Oct 186920 Jun 1917
Ringer, Carolyn (Waits) w/o George - 1st person buried in cemetery21 Oct 186920 Jun 1917
Ringer, George - 2nd person buried in cemetery18211882
Ringer, George Harve s/o George & Carolyn (Waits)2 Dec 186115 Oct 1936
Ringer, George Henry
Tombstone Photo
Additional Info and Tombstone Photo from Dinah Ringer
28 Jan 191628 Feb 1997SSDI
Ringer, Lou (Reece) w/o Orland H. m/o Velma Ann, George, Edith & Bertha Lorene15 Jan 189312 Sep 1940
Ringer, Orland H.20 Feb 18891 Oct 1921
Robison, Estie L. h/o Lois (Harrell)15 Feb 190911 Sep 1989SSDI
Rosenbaum, Bessie w/o Jake16 Sep 190429 Apr 1978
Rosenbaum, Dessie MaeB & D1 May 1953
Rosenbaum, Jake7 Apr 189015 Mar 1934
Sliter, Alma Irene (Middleton) w/o Carl Willie (M) 9 Mar 1940
Tombstone picture
24 Feb 1924Living
Sliter, Carl Willie s/o George W. & Buela (Pierce)
Tombstone picture
27 Dec 19208 Sep 1998SSDI
Sliter, Charles Leon s/o Carl Willie & Alma Irene (Middleton)20 Mar 19478 May 2004SSDI
Sliter, Ethel May d/o George W. & Buela (Pierce)
Tombstone picture
12 Feb 19189 Nov 2000
Smith, Mary Dean d/o Terrell & Mollie Dean (Ringer)16 Nov 192616 Nov 1926
Smith, Mollie Dean (Ringer) d/o George Harve & Annie May (Barricks) w/o Terrell (M) 14 Dec 19259 Jul 190714 Oct 1983SSDI
Smith, Terrell "Bunk"28 Oct 1906Living
Standridge, Boyd s/o John Oscar & Hettie (Pearson)14 Sep 191926 Dec 1973SSDI
Standridge, Hettie (Pearson) d/o Joseph Lafayette & Dora Jane (Matthews) w/o John Oscar3 Apr 189213 Oct 1973
Standridge, John Oscar s/o Shadrack Perry & Orlena Carolyn (Standridge)3 Mar 188919 Jul 1965
Standridge, Mary LaAtress (Bailey) d/o William & Cansada (Orsburn) w/o Joe5 May 19239 Jan 2006SSDI
Standridge, Melvin E. s/o John Oscar & Hettie (Pearson) h/o Imo (Bond)19 Mar 191717 Apr 2004SSDI
Stevenson, Hopwood Fleet (Mason)20 Dec 18749 May 1964
Stevenson, Mary Sue8 Sep 193615 Jul 1954
Stevenson, Modean (Dunn) w/o Judge25 Aug 191129 Apr 1991
Stevenson, Nina (Gleason) d/o William J. & Anna Lois (Brown) w/o Robert Lane11 Jun 19159 Mar 1991SSDI
Stevenson, Polly (Cofer) w/o Hopwood Fleet1 Nov 187425 Feb 1944
Stevenson, Robert Lane1 Jan 19143 Apr 1982SSDI
Stout, Huston Quenton "Huse" step-f/o Opal Tucker1800's4 Aug 1956
Thompson, James A.28 Oct 186524 Jan 1945
Thompson, Lonnie Sgt. US Army WWII s/o Nellie (Baughman) h/o Lillie (Ewton)
Tombstone picture
30 Oct 191016 Sep 1988SSDI
Thompson, Nellie (Baughman)6 Oct 187728 Apr 1973SSDI
Tucker, Arthur Floyd "Bally" s/o Sam & Francis (Wallace)
Tombstone picture
3 Mar 1901Oct 1953
Tucker, Opal Annis (Jones) d/o Harrison & Mackie (Sexton) step-d/o Huston Q. Stout w/o Arthur Floyd (M) 23 Jul 1923
Tombstone picture
23 Dec 190419 May 1999SSDI
Tucker, Wredgil "Dude"
Tombstone picture
26 Apr 192424 Mar 2000SSDI
Tucker, Zora Jane w/o Wredgil (M) 3 Jul 1943
Tombstone picture
24 Jul 1924Living
West, Bessie (Bowden)6 Sep 190429 Apr 1978
West, Mary (Rosenbaum)
Tombstone picture
8 Apr 192316 Aug 1999
Whitford, Albert s/o Robert & Louisa Jane (Armour)no dates

Whitford, Robert18671890

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