Red Hill Cemetery, Bluffton, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated October 1992, by Basil Hunt. This Cemetery is also known as Point Look Out Cemetery. It is in Red Hill Community near Bluffton. About four miles west of State Highway 28, turn left on county road (Little Texas). Keep right to first cattle guard across the road. Turn right at the cattle guard, go uphill about 200 yards. Originally typed by Cornelia Daniels 1 April 1993.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Billingsley, Jannie Evaleen d/o Ben & Jennie2 Sep 19132 Oct 1914
Billingsley, Joseph Henry13 Dec 187611 Feb 1959
Billingsley, Joseph S.4 Jul 191719 Aug 1983SSDI
Billingsley, Mable J.7 Nov 1919Living
Billingsley, Minnie w/o Joseph Henry3 Dec 187920 Feb 1963
Billingsley, Thomas E. s/o J.R. & L.E.16 Jul 191010 Oct 1912
Brand, C.M.18561931
Brand, Elizabeth w/o C.M.18671916
Brand, Flora24 Apr 191324 Sep 1915
Brown, Parmer G.26 Feb 189622 Mar 1981SSDI
Cornelius, Dora A.22 Oct 18942 Feb 1900
Dobbs, Alice79 yr2 Aug 1950
Durant, James Timothy2 ds14 Dec 1950
Durant, Jimmy R.20 Mar 193714 Oct 1973
Durant, Lois22 Jul 191029 Jul 1977
Hudson, E.5 Mar 18335 Nov 1910
Humphreys, Agnes D. w/o Roma20 Sep 1906 12 Aug 1987SSDI
Humphreys, GeorgeB & D10 Sep 1942
Humphreys, Roma "Rome"19 Nov 19004 Nov 1965
Jones, J.W.18601927
May, James T. Civil War Union Co. C 136 IL dates

May, Joseph H.17 Mar 187724 Sep 1966SSDI
May, Joseph Lee Roy17 May 191916 Jun 1989
May, Mariem w/o James T.12 Dec 184419 Aug 1920
Moore, Jonny19121914
Onsby, Ethel d/o John & Martha J.22 Jun 189715 Sep 1900
Onsby, John Wilburn s/o John & Martha J.12 Mar 18959 Mar 1897
Seal, Lucreasis Elizabeth w/o F.L.21 Nov 185124 Jan 1913
Smallwood, Cricket18 Nov 190720 Oct 1926
Smallwood, Inf. d/o J.M.B & D8 Dec 1923
Smallwood, Leonard8 Jun 19103 Sep 1913
Smallwood, M.L. "Bud"25 Jun 186510 Mar 1953
Smallwood, Nancy J. w/o M.L.27 Sep 1871 28 Jul 1964
Smallwood, Ola A.18 Oct 190126 Oct 1937
Smallwood, Pauline d/o J.E. & W.M.2 Nov 19195 May 1925
Smallwood, T.W. s/o M.L. & Nancy J.18 Feb 18913 Sep 1913
Stephens, Manuel J. h/o Martha Elizabeth (Marcrum)Dec 1873no date
Thomas, Lillie M.18971923
Thompson, Cassie Olean d/o Walker D. & Wilma19051907
Thompson, Hattie w/o T.E.4 Mar 186010 Mar 1905
Thompson, T.E.1 Jul 185531 Jan 1911
Thornton, Betty16 Mar 19357 Mar 1966
Wood, Baby s/o C.D. & Pearl21 Dec 19061 Jan 1907
Wood, Lloyd R. s/o C.D. & Pearl30 Nov 190830 May 1909
Wood, Marthano dates65 yr
Wood, William Austin WWI Okla. Pvt. US Army22 Nov 189128 Jul 1973
Woolard, A.E.23 Jun 1873no death date
Woolard, Hattie18 Apr 1898Oct 1980SSDI
Woolard, Horace M.9 Jul 187819 Jan 1941
Woolard, Willard19 Apr 19251 Jan 1931

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