All Around the Camp - Prologue

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As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by my "kinfolk". It seemed that almost everyone on Dutch Creek was my uncle, aunt or cousin. I wanted to try to trace back the family tree in order to find out how it had all come about.

There are many interesting facts concerning the descendants of Bryant and Percy Herring. There were many marriages that resulted in double cousins, for instance: G.W. Denton and W,M. Denton (brothers) married Julia and Adelia Bass (sisters). Their children are double cousins. Bevis and Sybil Denton (sisters) married Charlie and Luster Thacker (brothers). Their children are double cousins. Sallie and Cam Denton (sisters) married Houston and Felix Powers (brothers). Their children are double cousins. George and Pearlie Herring (brother and sister) married Minnie and Sam Side (sister and brother). Their children are double cousins. Bevis and Herbert Herring (sister and brother) married Arch and Ollie Carrouth (brother and sister). Their children are double cousins. Mattie and Jesse Ball (sister and brother) married Wade and Cleo Wilson (brother and sister). Their children are double cousins.

There are also many instances of "less kin" members of families getting married. P.H. and H.E. Denton (first cousins) married Mae and Suzanna Lee (sisters). Ernestine Denton and Fannie McKennon (first cousins) married John and Jim Black (brothers). Ila Ball and Everett Wilson (first double cousins) married Hobart and Sybil Duke (brother and sister). There were several intermarriages in the family, too. For example, Ura Denton and Gloyd Buckman, granddaughter of Camellia Herring and grandson of Isabelle Herring married. Janice Denton married Eugene Hunt, her cousin. Mark Ball married Vadis Hunt, his cousin and also his stepsister. Opal Ball married Sid Powers, her cousin, and Chloe Powers married J.C. Millard, her cousin.

There was another thing that seemed to run in our family. Irving Ball married her school teacher while in college. Vadis Hunt married her school teacher, Mark Ball, and Opal Ball married her teacher, Sid Powers.

I have enjoyed writing all of this for the younger generations that might not know anything about all of their relatives that they still have in Yell County. Writing this book has been like a family reunion for me.

Opal Ball Powers

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