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Stories of the Herrings

Moss Creek Now

In the Moss Creek Cemetery there are many generations of the Herrings buried. The Cemetery is one place where it is always nice, quiet, and peaceful. The Cemetery is no longer on the road but stands about one mile from the Camellia church. The church is no longer in use.

All of the land around the cemetery and church has been bought by a man named Vernon Dowdy from New Orleans. He owns all of the farms surrounding this area. Earnest Ward is now living on the place where Ray Cherry once lived. He has painted the church, and all of the buildings on the Cherry place. Everything looks very nice.

A new concrete bridge is being constructed over Dutch Creek where the wood and metal bridge once stood. This is a great improvement since there have been numerous incidents where people have fallen through on the old bridge.

For many years Ray Cherry's wife, Marie Bowerman Cherry, was responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery. After her death, a trust fund was set up to insure that the cemetery would always be kept up. Donations of $4500.00 were made by relatives persons buried in the cemetery. The trust fund draws $132.00 every three months and pays for the mowing of the cemetery.

These are the descendants of Bryant and Percy Herring and that are buried at Moss Creek Cemetery. Martha Herring Ball. John Ball and his two wifes. Five of his children: Jesse, Sylvia Ball, Willie, and two infants. Mark Ball, son of Jesse Edwin Ball. Oscar Wilson, son of Mattie Ball Wilson. Evelyn Hope Powers, daughter of Sid and Opal Powers. Isabella Herring Hunt, daughter of Bryant and Percy Herring. Martha Hunt Hunt, daughter of Betsy Ann Willis Hunt. Ella Hunt Burns, daughter of Isabella Hunt. Tom Hunt, son of Isabella Hunt. Willie Hunt, son of Isabella. Alvin Hunt, son of Martha Hunt. Willie Hunt Avery, daughter of Willie Hunt. Pallie Herring, daughter of Martha Hunt. Lloyd Herring, son of Pallie Hunt Herring. Camellia Herring Denton, daughter of Bryant and Percy Herring. George Denton, son of Camellia. Elaine Denton, daughter of Vera Denton Hull. Infant Denton of George Denton. Bill Denton, son of Camellia Denton. Two infants of Bill Denton. Alice Denton Milliard, daughter of Camellia Herring Denton. Marjorie Milliard Kirkwood, daughter of Alice Milliard. John Milliard, son of Alice Milliard. Infants of Alice Millard. Layfayette Denton, son of Camellia Denton. Sarah Sallie Denton Powers, daughter of Layfayette. Infants of Sallie Powers. Dennis Powers, son of Sallie. Ina Powers Tate, daughter of Sallie Powers. Camellia Denton Powers, daughter of Layfayette. Infant children of Cam Powers. Lizzie Denton Bowerman, daughter of Layfayette Denton. Billie Bowerman, son of Lizzie Bowerman. Marie Bowerman Cherry, daughter of Lizzie Bowerman, Infant Cherry, daughter of Marie Cherry. Hubert Denton, son of Layfayette. Infant of Hubert Denton. Infant of Dwight Bowerman (son of Lizzie Bowerman). Earnestine Denton Black, daughter of Layfayette Denton. Leroy Black. son of Earnestine Black. Manning Black, son of Earnestine Black. Virginia Denton McKennon, daughter of Cam Denton. Joe McKennon, son of Virginia. Sally McKennon, daughter of Virginia. Isabella Willis Rupe, daughter of Betsy Ann Willis. George Rupe, son of Isabella. Infant Children of Isabella Rupe. Infant Pierce of Mattie Rupe Pierce. Infant Womack of Effie Womack. Possible: Betsy Ann Hunt Willis, and Echobode Herring.

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