All Around the Camp - Stories of the Herrings

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Stories of the Herrings

You Marry the Mama, I'll Marry the Daughter

After the death of his first wife, Margarette, John Ball got a visit from the presiding elder of the Methodist church at Walnut Tree (now Waltreak). He told John that he knew where could find a widow woman. She lived in Ranger and her name was Mrs. Fannie Lou Ella Morrow. She had a daughter named Zeffie Morrow.

John courted Fannie, and by the time that he went to Ranger to bring her and Zeffie home, Jesse Ball's first wife had died. When John got the women back home, Jesse told his father, "You marry the mother, and I'll marry the daughter." After a few years Jesse actually married Zeffie, and they were the parents of two children. Seven years later Zeffie died of typhoid fever. Jesse then married a widow by the name of Viola Hunt. when he told the children that he was going to marry her, his eldest son, Mark, said, "You marry the mother, and I'll marry the daughter. After a few years, Mark Ball married Vadis Hunt. It just goes to show, like fatherlike son.

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