All Around the Camp - Stories of the Herrings

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Stories of the Herrings


One night George Willis, son of Betsy Ann Willis, Jesse Ball, Tom Hunt, and a few others went down to the cane break to knock black birds; on the way, George fell over in a mud hole. George had always been a fooler, so the others paid no attention to him.

Later on they crossed a slough on a fallen log, and George fell in again. They decided to take George home, because there must be something wrong with him. They got him out of the slough and took him to his mother and his sister Nan. They then sent to Gravelley for Doctor Montgomery.

When the doctor got there he said he had a good mind to throw away his pill bag and quit practicing medicine because he couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. He got worse and the days went by he began to have fits. The doctor told them not to get close to him so they made a stockade to put him in. He lived about ten days after that and died the horrible death of rabies.

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