All Around the Camp - Stories of the Herrings

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Stories of the Herrings

Death of a Herring

It was just another day for Echobode Herring. The Civil War was recently over and life was just getting back to normal. It was not until Bud, as he was known by family and friends saw the bushwhackers coming that he even had an inkling that anything was wrong. Bud was in the Lester Power's bottom lands when the bushwhackers came. His parents' home and those of his sisters and brothers were all near. The bushwhackers tore into the homes ripping up bed sheets and tearing into mattresses looking for anything of value.

Bud tried to stop them, but there were just too many men against him. He was killed and stripped of his only possession, a solid gold pocket watch worth thirty dollars. The bushwhackers left Echobode dead and rode on out of the small village. What men were at the homesteads rode off after them.

Bud's sisters were in their homes. They had witnessed their brother's murder but were afraid of the bushwhackers' return to go and bury him just then. They loaded him in a wheel barrow and pushed him to the Moss Creek Cemetery after night had fallen. Bud had no stone, but legend has it that he was buried where the giant hickory now stands in the center of the cemetery.

The bushwhackers returned to Moss Creek once again, but it was their last time. All of the men of community were out hunting except for John Powers, Cam and Sallie Powers' father-in-law. He hid behind a split-rail fence near the Ball Homestead. He had already gathered up all of the old guns in the community.

When the bushwhackers appeared, John fired the guns as fast as he could. He hit one horse in the leg and the rider jumped on with another bushwhacker. Then, John yelled, "Charge 'em boys! Charge 'em: G-- D---, Double Charge 'em!" The bushwhackers rode off as fast as they could and never revisited the community of Moss Creek.

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