All Around the Camp - The Family of John Herring

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The Family of John Herring

John Herring was born on September 24, 1845. Before his death on September 26, 1920, he married four times. His first wife was was Hannah Spillers. They were the parents of one son.
  1. George Herring was born on August 3, 1869. He was married to Minnie Sides and had three children, Earl, Urcy, and Hazel.
After Hannah's death, John married Louisa Henry Denton. To them were born nine children. Louisa was born on July 7, 1859.
  1. Pearlie Herring was born on January 19, 1881. She was married to G.M. Sides who was born on November 9, 1875. He died on February 26, 1946. Pearlie lived until May 12, 1963. They were the parents of four children.
    1. Ira E. Sides was born in 1902. He and Martha Mathis were married on June 4, 1949. She died on March 16, 1980.
    2. Living (M) Sides (twin) was born in 1906.
    3. Living (M) Sides (twin) was born in 1906.
    4. Aldridge Sides was born in 1919. He died on January 26, 1946.
  2. Herbert Herring married Ollie Carrouth on November 6, 1911. She was born February 26, 1894. Died April 27, 1961.
    1. Living (M) Herring was born in August. He married Living (F) Rogers. They had one daughter.
      1. Living (F) Herring married Living (M) Madden. They were the parents of one son.
    2. Floyd Odell Herring was born on September 14, 1917. He died on April 14, 1966. He was married to Living (F) Ashey. They had no children.
    3. Herstel H. Herring was born on November 9, 1925. He married Living (F) Woodard. They have one daughter.
    4. Bevie Herring married Arch Carrouth on November 12, 1911. They had nine children.
      1. Living (F) Carrouth born on September 26, 1922. She married Living (M) Gentry on March 26, 1930.
      2. Reba Carrouth was born on February 11, 1914. She married Orvill Kimbrough. They had two sons.
        1. Living (M) Kimbrough was born in 1934 on November 28.
        2. The other son was born and died the same day.
      3. John Carrouth was born December 6, 1915, and died 1918.
      4. Harold Carrouth was born October 5, 1917. He married Living (F) Logan on September 2, 1939. They have three children.
        1. Living (M) Carrouth born January 23, 1947.
        2. Living (M) Carrouth was born January 27, 1955.
        3. Living (F) Carrouth was born on December 6, 1961.
      5. Barbara Carrouth was born on April 17, 1921. She married Living (M) Ray; they are the parents of two children.
        1. Living (F) Ray was born January 10, 1942. She married Living (M) Bess and they have three children.
        2. Living (F) Ray was born on October 11, 1943. She married Living (M) McConnell. They have one son.
      6. Living (F) Carrouth was born on June 22, 1923. She married Luther Riddle. They were the parents of two children.
        1. Living (M) Riddle born February 8, 1946, married Living (F) Nail. They have one son.
        2. Living (F) Riddle was born January 7, 1947. She married Living (M) Fowler. They have two children.
      7. Living (M) Carrouth was born December 11, 1934. He married Living (F) Ebers. They have two children.
        1. Living (F) Carrouth was born November 4, 1958.
        2. Living (M) Carrouth was born February 4, 1966.
      8. Wendell was born on October 1, 1926.
      9. Son born and died on April 6, 1930.
    5. Luther Herring was born on January 4, 1879, and died June 4, 1942. He married Birdie McDaniels. They were the parents of six children.
      1. Amon was born December 31, 1905. He married Living (F) Bishop.
      2. David born March 25, 1908, and died July 23, 1911.
      3. Herbert was born on January 25, 1910. He married Living (F) Redcoat.
      4. Paul was born October 7, 1914. He married Living (F) Manear.
      5. Alvin was born June 4, 1923, was killed in action July 7, 1944.
      6. Living (F) Herring was born August 11, 1919.
    6. Mollie Herring married Ernest Buckman. They were the parents of one daughter. She married Living (M) McCluskey. They had seven children.
    7. Perry Herring was born December 31, 1887, and died in the hospital from an appendicitis operation.
    8. Sarah Herring was born October 1877, and died October 20, 1880.
    9. William Herring was born September 1878, died October 20, 1880.
    10. Gerthy was born and died in 1881.

My Day

Wear a smile for me on that day,
For once, why not do as I say.

Of course, if you feel like it, shed a few tears,
But don't grieve for me on through the years.

Just a beautiful song, a lovely prayer,
Some encouraging words for family and friends that will be there.

A beautiful yellow rose upon my breast,
That's my favorite, the one I always liked the best.

It will be a lovely day, come rain or shine,
It's the day I've been waiting for -

It's all mine.

Opal Ball Powers

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