All Around the Camp - The Family of Mollie Herring

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The Family of Mollie Herring

Mary Mollie Herring was born on April 22, 1843. She died in either 1894 or 1904 and was buried in Vernon, Texas. She married in 1860 to Joe Brown who was born August 5, 1941. He died in 1907 and is buried in Delhi, Oklahoma. This family married in Dutch Creek and moved to Texas. Nothing was known of them from then until now when Mollie's great-great-grandson called Opal Powers in an effort to find his ancestors, the Herrings. Mollie was the mother of seventeen children.
  1. Joseph Herring married Georgie. They were the parents of two children, Jim and Rina Herring. They lived in Oakland, California.
  2. David M. Herring married Ann Murray. They had one daughter, Arlene, and lived in San Francisco.
  3. John Herring married Mary Franklin. They were the parents of four children.
    1. Lillian married W.D. Prince. They were the parents of Pat Prince who married Henry Nelson. Pat and Henry are the parents of a son.
    2. Mattie Belle Herring - no information known
    3. Roy Herring - no information known
    4. John Herring - no information known
  4. Georgia Herring married Sam Barriet. They were the parents of Eulalia, Little Georgia, and Lawrence Jr. They lived in Long Island and Amityville, New York.
  5. Jeannie Herring married Will Hunter. They had five children, Byron, Victor, Carl, Audrey, and Cecil. They lived in Prescott, Arizona.
  6. Charles Herring married Lula. They were the parents of one son, Edgar and lived in Dallas, Texas.
  7. Dexter married Wren. They had no children, and lived in Chillicothe, Texas.
  8. Lydia Herring married Poke Frost. They were the parents of Owen, Georgia, Virgil, and Irene. They lived in Salem, Oregon.
  9. Manon Herring married and had two children, Willburn and Ruth Lee. They lived in Yucaipa and Downey, California.
  10. Marvin Herring married May. They had Everett and Linnie May.
  11. Maude Herring married Joseph Jackson. They were the parents of seven children, Viva, Thelma, Edgar, Lawrence, Leon, Vita Lee, Donald. They were born in Oklahoma City.
  12. Tom died of rabies. He was born in Florence, Texas.
  13. Sylvia died of influenza when she was fifteen.
  14. Mary Ester died as an infant in Florence.
  15. Infant triplet - stillborn in Florence.
  16. Infant triplet - stillborn in Florence.
  17. Infant triplet - stillborn in Florence.

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