Piney Fork Cemetery or Possom Trot, Yell County, Arkansas

Revised directions courtesy of Liz Kincheloe:
I have also seen this called the Havana Cemetery. Take Highway 27 from Danville turn Left on County Road 23. Follow this road for 5.4 miles; it is on the left side of road. It is taken care of, but has several field stones marking graves, is not fenced and has no name on the front entrance. Piney Fork Church of Christ joins this cemetery.

Updated by Cornelia Daniels in Spring of 1992 and originally typed by Ellen Moudy, Aug 1992.

Photographs provided by Elmer Langston.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Ahart, A.B. b. Osage Co., MO Civil War Union Co. B dates

Apple, Anna Inor d/o Wilburn & Nancy J.5 Jun 189721 Oct 1899
Apple, Betty7 yr16 Jun 1901
Apple, Carel A.
Additional Info from Liz Kincheloe
18 Oct 191612 Dec 1995
Apple, David G.18571918
Apple, Doss H.10 Oct 190717 May 1961
Apple, Elizabeth d/o David G. & Elizabeth4 Dec 188127 Jul 1914
Apple, Elizabeth w/o David G.19 Dec 1848 28 Aug 1913
Apple, Ellender "Ellen" (McBride) d/o James P. & Lucinda (Wilson) w/o Milton9 Jul 184517 Jan 1917
Apple, Harvey18982 Jun 1901
Apple, Hays---26 Oct 1991
Apple, Hazel Louis4 Jan 190226 Sep 1991
Apple, Henry189326 May 1895
Apple, Horace
Additional Info from Liz Kincheloe
17 May 19119 May 1995SSDI
Apple, Jesse LouSep 18852 Jun 1887
Apple, John A. s/o Milton & Ellender (McBride)3 Sep 18695 Jan 1903
Apple, Martha E. "Mattie" (Parker) w/o John A.13 Sep 18724 Jul 1930
Apple, Mildred w/o Doss H.57 yr15 Sep 1980
Apple, Milton s/o Elisha & Sarah17 Mar 184113 Jan 1916
Apple, Nancy J. w/o Wilburn18761935
Apple, Otto s/o John A. & Martha E. (Parker)31 Jan 18987 Apr 1918
Apple, Tom W.22 Dec 19176 Oct 1990SSDI
Apple, Wilburn187417 Apr 1962
Barber, Julia Elizabeth b. in Kingston, NC18491927
Barber, Nellie (McQuivey) w/o Samuel Jethro1876no date
Barber, Samuel Jethro18721956
Barker, Ethel Estella d/o Jim & A.W.7 Feb 188727 Jun 1898
Barnes, Bob18501933
Barnes, Jessie s/o T.A. & Rosey1888 1896
Barnes, John18511930
Barnes, Leottie d/o T.A & Rosey1895 1897
Barnes, Mary18471933
Barnes, Rosey w/o T.A.18651897
Barnes, T.A.18591933
Barnes, Willie s/o T.A. & RoseyMar 1897Sep 1897
Carter, Rev. J.B.18501924
Carter, Jesseno dates

Carter, Lucy J. w/o Rev. J.B.18551901
Cloud, Alma19121940
Crownover, Lee W.22 Dec 18792 Aug 1962
Crownover, Rosa M. w/o W.J.20 Mar 1864 no death date
Crownover, W.J. (Mason)28 Feb 18523 Jun 1910
Curtice, Walter J. - iron marker under glass - can't read-- Jul 185-15 ---- 1890
Ellis, Mary F. w/o Ed22 Sep 187725 Oct 1900
Fisher, Isaac Civil War Union Co. I 179 OH dates

Fisher, Martha (Eylward) w/o Isaac1848 1920
Frost, Mrs. P.A.24 Sep 182311 Aug 1900
Haney, J.R.23 Sep 18811 Feb 1914
Haney, Lucy Elmira d/o W. Burt & Mary Jane23 Dec 19031 yr 4 mo
Haney, Mary Jane w/o W. Burt18741957
Haney, S.E.15 Apr 185622 Nov 1892
Haney, W. Burt18511924
Heflin, Irene (Apple)20 Jun 191522 Mar 1978
Hignight, Arline Margaret d/o Charles Robert & Carol (Barber)16 Aug 192625 Jun 1935
Hignight, Carol (Barber) w/o Charles Robert5 Jul 19056 Jul 1988
Hignight, Charles Robert s/o William Nathaniel & Lucinda Tennessee (McBride)24 Sep 189224 Jul 1948
Hignight, Joy Nell d/o Charles Robert & Carol (Barber) 4 Oct 192821 Nov 1928
Hollingsworth, Belle R. w/o G.L.4 Dec 188919 Oct 1912
Langston, Bertha (Hendricks) w/o Elisha L.
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
8 Feb 190727 Oct 1940
Langston, Elisha L.
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
28 Dec 189323 Apr 1943
Langston, Inf. s/o Elisha L. & Bertha (Hendricks)
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Photo from Elmer Langston
no dates

Madden, George Washington s/o John3 Sep 182222 Jul 1895
Madden, Mary Elizabeth w/o George Washington12 Jun 182225 Apr 1901
Magee, J.M. Civil War CSA Co. I Smith's TN date18 Feb 1924CPF
McAllister, C.D.18531947
Mosback, Rebeccah18471924
Moudy, Annie D. w/o Thomas W.20 Feb 1872 26 Nov 1958
Moudy, Thomas W. "Tom"4 Feb 18695 Nov 1938
O'Neal, William N.19 Feb 189521 May 1918
Parker, Mary E.18941896
Parker, Mattie B.14 Jun 189224 Sep 1895
Parker, Willie O.18901908
Patterson, M.L. w/o W.C.18701922
Patterson, W.C.18671902
Roberts, A.S.8 Sep 184413 Apr 1905
Roberts, Emily F.20 Jan 18436 Feb 1917
Rowland, Bonnie B. d/o T.J. & N.D.21 Jun 18892 Aug 1892
Russell, Eury L. Okla. Pvt. 343 M.G. Bn. 90th Div. WWI--13 Dec 1917
Stafford, Lizzie S.18781947
Stafford, Roy19001933
White, Hardy H. s/o H.H. & F.E.12 Dec 187215 Sep 1879
White, Mell w/o John B.18441929
White, Otto18941929
Williams, Dora B. (Ross) w/o R.L.11 Nov 187216 May 1901
Williams, Inez d/o R.L. & Dora B. (Ross)18891901

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