Petillo Hill Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

From Dardanelle, take Highway 7 South. Right on Hwy. 154 in Centerville. Approximately 0.2 mile from intersection of Hwy. 7 and Hwy. 154 there is a sign for Centerville Speedway along with a big blue sign similar to the one pictured below. Take a left (south). Go approximately 1.1 mile, and the cemetery is on the left. Copied and updated by Barbara Crow McConnell, Aug 1991. Originally typed by Ellen Moudy, Jul 1992.

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Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Alverson, Amos4 Mar 18831 Apr 1929
Alverson, Geraldine d/o Hamp & Gladys (Welcher)27 Oct 192914 Jan 1932
Alverson, Gladys (Welcher) d/o Minard & Elizabeth C. (Reed) w/o Hamp
Tombstone picture
7 Mar 190729 Jun 1987SSDI
Alverson, Hamp s/o Sol & Mary (Biggs)
Tombstone picture
24 Apr 190619 Apr 1995
Alverson, Herbert H. s/o Hamp & Gladys (Welcher)
Tombstone picture
17 Nov 192423 Aug 2001SSDI
Alverson, Homerno dates

Alverson, Madge G. w/o Herbert H. (M) 23 May 1946
Tombstone picture
26 Nov 1926Living
Alverson, Myrtle (Scott) w/o Amos28 yr 5 Mar 1923
Alverson, Willie d/o S.A. & Marl8 Feb 19026 Oct 1907
Anderson, Clyde B. s/o Bob & May (Walker)25 Nov 190411 Feb 1994SSDI
Anderson, Esther A. (Maddon) d/o William & Julie of Chickalah Mt. w/o Clyde B.18 Nov 190420 Nov 1968
Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth 2nd w/o George17 Jun 184916 Oct 1903
Austin, E.W. Thomas s/o E.B. & M.C.5 Jan 188719 Apr 1888
Awalt, Roscoe s/o Henry & Helen (Decker) h/o Jerry (Scoles)1 Feb 193825 Mar 2002
Bata, J. Nicholas b. AR - no markerabout 18571888
Bates, Sarah Louise (Petillo) d/o James H. & Sarah (George) w/o A. Frank1 Oct 187622 Feb 1890
Benefield, Mary L. (Petillo) d/o James H. & Sarah (George) w/o Walter N.25 Jun 18769 Jan 1935
Benefield, Shirley O. s/o Walter N. & Mary L. (Petillo) 24 Jul 191312 Feb 1979
Bennett, Dora E. w/o Grundy A.27 Jan 1891Dec 1976SSDI
Bennett, Grundy A. (Mason)18801946
Bennett, Henry H.19221923
Bennett, Martha M.24 Jul 18376 Feb 1905
Bennett, W.J.22 Jun 18446 Aug 1905
Biggs, Charles M. "Charlie" (Mason) s/o J.H. & Sarah (Webb)1 Jul 189115 Aug 1929
Biggs, John H.20 May 185810 Jan 1919
Biggs, John Rainey Ark. S-1 US Navy WWII25 Jan 192214 Mar 1942
Biggs, Lou E. d/o John H. & Sarah (Webb)24 Sep 188828 Jan 1891
Biggs, Sarah "Sally" (Webb) w/o John H. b. MSAug 1861no date
Biggs, Sarah E. d/o John H. & Sarah (Webb)29 May 188528 Aug 1888
Birdsong, Etta w/o John Turner Sr.25 Sep 18799 Feb 1923
Birdsong, John Turner Jr. s/o John Turner Sr. & Etta h/o Edith (Kee) (M) 11 Jan 19164 Mar 189415 Jul 1931
Birdsong, John Turner Sr.1 Sep 185620 Oct 1923
Blevins, Rodney G.29 Jan 187319 May 1951
Boening, Gertrude Angeline (Tullos) "Trudy" d/o Robert & Mary (Hemby) b. Tyrant Co., TX w/o Henry15 Nov 188624 Jun 1980SSDI
Boening, Henry b. Germany US Veteran WWI8 Jul 189020 Dec 1974SSDI
Bolden, Harold L. "Red" s/o James Earl & Mamie h/o Bobbie (Scoles)25 Nov 19231 Jan 2003SSDI
Boothe, Ola J. w/o L.A. Jr.6 Oct 187718 Feb 1921
Boothe, Ray Robert Pvt. Ark. Co. F 153 Inf. WWII10 Sep 191017 Feb 1968SSDI
Boothe, William R.26 Feb 190528 May 1964
Brown, George P. h/o Sally (Hudgins)18 Sep 18967 Oct 1957
Brown, William Haydon15 Feb 184311 Mar 1943
Carothers, James Thuron (Mason) Ark. PFC US Marine Corp. WWII s/o Joe & Mary (Harmon) h/o Madge (Rector)17 Mar 1922 10 Jul 1973SSDI
Carter, Beatrice Ann2 Jan 1934Jun 1985
Carter, Eva "Evie" (Eldridge) Gross w/o Jerry Frank monumentno dates
Carter, Inf. s/o Jerry Frank Sr. & Eva (Eldridge)no monumentno dates
Carter, Inf. s/o Jerry Frank Sr. & Lillie (Goswick)no monumentno dates
Carter, Inf. d/o Jerry Frank Sr. & Ruby (Rose)no monumentno dates
Carter, Jerry F. Jr.13 Aug 19388 Jun 1978SSDI
Carter, Jerry Frank M/1 Lillie (Goswick) M/2 Eva (Eldridge) M/3 Ruby (Rose)7 Feb 18882 Jun 1976SSDI
Carter, John H. h/o Faye E. Sgt. US Army WWII10 Mar 19172 Jun 1981
Carter, John Thomas "Tom"16 Jul 18828 May 1949
Carter, Lillie (Goswick) w/o Jerry Frank monumentno dates
Carter, Louis Richard19 Jan 19243 Jan 1992
Carter, Ruby Nell (Gross)17 Aug 192419 Jun 1991
Carter, Zada w/o John Thomas m/o Bob, Arda, Edd, John E., Roosevelt, Laure, Veda, Gladys, Geneva, Celie, Coure, Lula, & Tennie18801921
Chandler, Bobby Joe s/o J.V. & Edna (McWright)23 Jul 192116 Nov 1990SSDI
Chandler, Edna (McWright) w/o J.V.21 Oct 1893Sep 1981SSDI
Chandler, Rev. J.V. f/o Bobby Joe, V.N., Onita, Freida, Gwen, & Estella27 Sep 1891Aug 1964
Chandler, V.N. s/o J.V. & Edna10 Feb 191429 Dec 1972
Chesser, Nell (Peeler)no dates

Clark, Amanda M. d/o William & Sarah E. (Davis)28 Jun 188627 Jun 1900
Clark, Arnold A. Ark. COX US Navy WWII s/o Robert Arthur & Sarah L. (Fox)8 Aug 19152 Oct 1954
Clark, Arvel13 Jan 19191 Feb 1975
Clark, Cassie C. (Wallace) d/o Marcus w/o William Marion3 Jul 188525 May 1950
Clark, Chester H. (W of W) s/o James & Eva7 Sep 191330 May 1937
Clark, Clyde W. US Navy WWII s/o James Harrison & Willie Era (Grizzle)17 Nov 191518 Sep 2000SSDI
Clark, Ethel (Myers) d/o Jim M. & Mary w/o Millard Francis18981963
Clark, G. Henry s/o William & Sarah E. (Davis) M/1 Jennie F. (___________) M/2 R. Delia (Bernard)16 Oct 187428 Nov 1916
Clark, Inf. d/o G. Henry & R. Delia (Bernard)B & D17 Jun 1912
Clark, Inf. s/o G. Henry & Jennie F.B & D10 Oct 1898
Clark, J. Kenneth19 Sep 194017 Sep 1951
Clark, James Harrison s/o William & Sarah E. (Davis)18881970
Clark, Jennie F. w/o G. Henry27 Nov 1874 17 Oct 1898
Clark, Jewel E. (Turnbough) d/o Robert & Ellar Lee (Barnes) w/o Henry Monroe5 Aug 194225 May 2001SSDI
Clark, John Franklin s/o William & Sarah E. (Davis)31 May 188426 Nov 1912
Clark, Mary Lee w/o Clyde W.19 Jun 1918 14 Jun 2000SSDI
Clark, Mary Lee (Cain) d/o Mack & Cora (Bryson) w/o Arvel27 Jul 1919Living
Clark, Millard Francis s/o William & Sarah E. (Davis)189430 Jan 1960
Clark, R. Delia (Bernard) w/o G. Henry18 Jan 187829 Aug 1958
Clark, Robert Arthur9 Aug 189026 Sep 1974
Clark, Sarah E. (Davis) twin s/o Jane (Davis) Walker w/o William m/o 13 children21 Jan 185416 Dec 1916
Clark, Sarah L. (Fox) d/o John w/o Robert Arthur1 May 189629 Dec 1974
Clark, Thomas J. s/o William & Sarah E. (Davis)1 Apr 18834 Aug 1883
Clark, William b. NC29 Jul 184118 Feb 1922
Clark, William Marion s/o William & Sarah E. (Davis)9 Mar 188128 Aug 1949
Clark, Willie Era (Grizzle) d/o J. Elom & Dora (Foster) w/o James Harrison20 Jul 1895Jun 1981 SSDI
Cofer, Henry Ollie18 Jan 188021 Nov 1935
Cofer, Rev. James Cass18801959
Cook, Hume Sr. s/o Claud & Maggie (Walker)5 Sep 191224 Dec 1988SSDI
Cook, Inf. d/o Hume Sr. & Pearlie (Scoles)no dates

Cook, Jeffrey Earl s/o Wendell & Glenda f/o Justin7 Jul 196110 Sep 1987
Cook, Marilyn d/o Hume Sr. & Pearlie (Scoles)22 Nov 193920 Jan 1940
Cook, Pearlie (Scoles) d/o Ben C. & Gracie Lee (Stroud) w/o Hume Sr.6 Jan 191821 Aug 2001SSDI
Crabill, James Benjamin US Army WWI M/1 --- (Shinn) M/2 Ruby Nell (Holloway)20 Jan 19786 Jun 1901
Craft, Harry Lafayette s/o Frank & Mary E. (Walker)24 Nov 191011 Oct 1921
Craft, Larryno dateNov 1910
Craft, Mary E. (Walker) Lewis d/o William & Jane (Davis) M/1 Oscar Lewis M/2 Frank Craft2 Aug 187529 Jan 1949
Creel, Saren Ruth, d/o Justin & Krista16 Feb 200729 Mar 2007
Crites, Dana Sue d/o Joe & Jeanie1 May 197820 May 1978
Croney, William Edgar12 Jul 190422 Mar 1913
Crow, Belle N. (Walker) d/o Erastus & Mary Jane (Webb) 8 Feb 188510 Oct 1931
Crow, Clayton M. s/o David Thomas & Nannie Myrtle (Vining)30 Dec 190819 Dec 1987SSDI
Crow, Daphna L. (Mashburn) Biggs d/o Jesse & Sallie (McMullen) M/1 Chas. M. Biggs M/2 Leslie H. Crow7 Mar 189126 Jan 1973SSDI
Crow, David Thomas s/o James A. "Jack" & Nancy (McKenzie)29 Mar 187917 Nov 1937
Crow, Estelle (Chandler) d/o J.V. & Edna (McWright) w/o Clayton M.28 Dec 191219 Jan 1980SSDI
Crow, Frank S. Cpl. S/Sgt T.R.P. F. 2 Cav. WWII Bronze Star Medal s/o Leslie H. & Belle N. (Walker)17 Feb 191817 Apr 1949
Crow, Henry s/o David Thomas & Nannie Myrtle (Vining)26 Aug 190327 May 1914
Crow, James Carlton s/o David Thomas & Nannie Myrtle (Vining) h/o Thelma (Vandiver) (M) 19 May 192511 Sep 19053 May 1972
Crow, Jannie d/o David Thomas & Nannie Myrtle (Vining) 29 Mar 190213 Mar 1904
Crow, Leslie H. s/o James A. "Jack" & Nancy (McKenzie) M/1 Belle N. (Walker) M/2 Daphna L. (Mashburn) Biggs20 Sep 188423 Feb 1941
Crow, Lorene d/o David Thomas & Nannie Myrtle (Vining) 13 Jun 190719 Aug 1998SSDI
Crow, Nannie Myrtle (Vining) d/o Henry Webster & Clarissa (Raymer) w/o David Thomas8 Apr 18814 Jan 1969
Crow, Veldrege s/o David Thomas & Nannie Myrtle (Vining) 22 Jan 19119 Jun 1911
Daniels, Rubenno dates

Davenport, Cathern J.4 Apr 193916 Apr 1939
Davenport, Freda C.B & DDec 1944
Davenport, Vernon D.10 Apr 1909Apr 1974
Davis, Andrew b/o James monument

Davis, James E.23 Oct 18786 Mar 1931
Davis, Lola d/o James E. & Sarahanne Frances (Foster)no monument

Davis, Sarahanne Frances (Foster) w/o James E. (M) 25 Dec 1899 m/o LaRee (Davis) Ober26 Nov 187715 Feb 1957
Davis, Truman s/o James E. & Sarahanne monument

Dean, BabyB & D23 Sep 1929
Dean, Ida M. (Porch) w/o Joe - buried Brownsville, TX both b. TN20 Dec 18714 Mar 1923
Deaton, Edith 1st w/o Tomno monument

Deaton, Tom s/o Riley 1/2 brother to James Henry Hopkinsno monument

Duke, Ayleen (Windham) w/o Virgil B.31 Mar 1917Living
Duke, Ella M. w/o Odus E.3 Oct 191030 Sep 1984SSDI
Duke, Hubert Earl s/o Sylvan Clay & Sarah Catherine (Jones)19 Nov 19345 Aug 1948
Duke, Odus E.25 Apr 191123 Nov 1981SSDI
Duke, Sarah Catherine (Jones) d/o Julius M. & Minnie Margaret w/o Sylvan C.26 Sep 190729 May 1970
Duke, Sylvan Clay s/o Jeff & Mary (Guist)28 Feb 190722 Nov 1976
Duke, Virgil B.3 Feb 191322 Apr 1989
Dunaway, James Monroe186614 Jan 1953
Dunaway, Melissa Elen (Walker) w/o James Monroe18661943
Dunaway, Walter Newton Ark. PFC 56 Guard Co. A.S.C. WWI s/o James Monroe & Melissa Elen (Walker)15 Aug 189021 May 1967WWIR
Emberson, Anna L. (Chancley) d/o Louis & Ethelene (Farmer) w/o Ray Elsbury30 Sep 193324 Oct 2005SSDI
Emberson, Ella Grace (Thomas) Jewell M/1 Henry Albert Jewell M/2 Monroe Daniel Emberson10 Feb 191621 Jan 2000SSDI
Emberson, Monroe Daniel s/o Horatio Elsberry & Martha Jane (Coppak)18 Feb 190627 Oct 1983SSDI
Emberson, Naomi Ludina (Witt) d/o General Marion & Mary Jane (Hunt) w/o Monroe Daniel27 Sep 190825 Jul 1976SSDI
Emberson, Ray Elsbury s/o Monroe Daniel & Naomi Ludina (Witt)13 May 19309 Sep 1999SSDI
Ewton, Carrie Florence d/o John Houston & Mary Elizabeth (Monroe)26 Jul 192213 Feb 1923
Ewton, Inf. s/o Sidney & Lillie (Ringer)no dates

Ewton, James Marshall SM Sgt. US Air Force Korea Vietnam h/o Dixie (Bowen) (M) 8 Mar 195812 Jul 193420 Apr 1987
Ewton, James P. s/o John Houston & Mary Elizabeth (Monroe)3 Feb 190316 Nov 1921
Ewton, Jefferson Davis s/o John Houston & Mary Elizabeth (Monroe)13 Apr 190619 May 1906
Ewton, John Houston28 Aug 188023 Dec 1938
Ewton, John Robert s/o John Houston & Mary Elizabeth (Monroe)7 Mar 19055 May 1905
Ewton, Mary Elizabeth (Monroe) w/o John Houston7 Jun 188110 Oct 1936
Ewton, Sidney s/o John Houston & Mary Elizabeth (Monroe) 19101935
Faulkner, Stanley Ray s/o Bobby & Wilma (Gist)18 Aug 196028 Mar 1976
Ferguson, Jazlyn Lee d/o Michael Lee & Melissa Dawn (Burks)29 Aug 199930 Apr 2006SSDI
Flournoy, Marilyn Sue (Hayes) (Eastern Star) d/o Wiley Lee & Vera Mae (Foster)10 Oct 194114 May 2007SSDI
Floyd, Faye d/o Reece & Iva (Dix)19331935
Floyd, Luretta "Retter" (Raymer) d/o James P. & Elizabeth (White) w/o R. Lee m/o Reece Floyd18709 Jan 1933
Floyd, R. Lee b. TN
Foster, Alice B. d/o Arthur Lee & Tryphena E.19081909
Foster, Arthur Lee s/o Thomas Early & Sarah E. (Bolen) 13 Nov/Dec 187218 Sep 1913
Foster, Ciddy V. w/o John C.18781925
Foster, Elbert F. h/o Hazel Lt. Col. US Army WWII s/o Mack 30 Jul 190615 May 1983SSDI
Foster, Elizabeth Louvenia (Clark) d/o William & Sarah E. (Davis) w/o Mack24 Dec 1879no marker
Foster, Estelle w/o Pete6 Aug 19209 May 1987
Foster, Fannie d/o Mackno marker

Foster, Harrold Lloyd Jr. s/o Harrold Lloyd Sr. & Letha Louise (Gallant) h/o Sheila
Tombstone picture
26 Mar 195513 Nov 2002SSDI
Foster, Inf. d/o Mack - twin to Elbert F. - no markerB & D30 Jul 1906
Foster, John C. s/o Tom18681931
Foster, Letha Louise (Gallant) w/o Harrold Lloyd Sr.24 Nov 192931 Aug 1965
Foster, Mack b. Water Valley, MS10 Mar 187728 Nov 1924
Foster, Pete18 Sep 190510 May 1976
Foster, Sarah A.18 Sep 187210 Oct 1917
Foster, Sarah E. (Bolen) w/o Thomas EarlyJan 183820 Nov 1899
Foster, Stella d/o Mackno dates

Foster, Thomas Early18341893
Foster, Thomas W.28 Jul 188215 Oct 1884
Foster, Virgel19 May 190230 Oct 1905
Foster, Waymon E. s/o Arthur Lee & Tryphena E.19061945
Foster, William Jackson s/o Thomas Early & Sarah E. (Bolen) h/o Ophelia (Pearson) gf/o Mary Lou Crow24 Sep 18661902
Fox, Junior Lee h/o Edith Lois9 Feb 1925 25 Jan 1988
Freeman, Christopher Adam s/o Alex Cavins & Kathy (Freeman) Ford step-s/o Brian Ford24 Oct 198327 Feb 1997SSDI
Gist PlotPicture

Gist, Buddy s/o Joseph Arrie & Ruby Ann (Underwood)ca. 7 mo.1945
Gist, Estell (Underwood) d/o Henry Matthew & Susie (Highpole)19 Mar 191412 Nov 2002SSDI
Gist, Frances Artiebell (Minge) b. Baxter Co., AR d/o Bill & Margaret (Drake) w/o Joseph Wiley - no marker16 Sep 18913 Jan 1964
Gist, Irene w/o Ray23 Jun 1923Living
Gist, Jim Tom s/o Joseph Arrie & Ruby Ann (Underwood) h/o Sharon C. (Robinson)2 Feb 194125 Sep 2006SSDI
Gist, Jody M.5 yr18 Jul 1854
Gist, Joseph Arrie5 Sep 1917191827 Feb 1972
Gist, Joseph Wileyno dates

Gist, Maxine N. (Raney) d/o Earnest Elmer & Cordie (Jones) w/o Harvey9 Aug 193215 Feb 2003SSDI
Gist, Minda - only FHM46 yr11 May 1930
Gist, Orval17 Jun 19087 May 1981SSDI
Gist, Ray s/o Joseph Wiley & Francis Artiebell (Minge) 29 Jan 19137 Aug 1985SSDI
Gist, Ruby Ann (Underwood) 1st w/o Joseph Arrie d/o Henry Matthew & Susie (Highpole)no date1945
Gooch, David Drury s/o Samuel B. & Tabitha (Poston) h/o Mary (Goodman)26 Feb 184710 Nov 1910
Gooch, Inf. Twins of Geo Calvin & Mary Lee (Holly)no dates

Graham, M.P.30 Jan 190124 Apr 1950
Gray, Ervin P. h/o Bessie (Scoles)11 Oct 192023 Apr 1991SSDI
Grizzle, J. Elom16 Oct 18574 Feb 1900
Haggard, Oscar Edward T/Sgt US Army WWII h/o Juanita (Webb) 2 Oct 19182 Mar 1978
Hall, Martha19 Feb 185112 Jul 1900
Hammons, Raymond "Hard Luck" s/o Ada19 Nov 190412 Apr 1968
Harshfield, Hattie (Nails)20 Oct 18878 Jul 1980
Hicks, Everett Jr. d. car wreck - baby found alive next day 6 Jan 19546 Nov 1980
Hicks, Phyllis A. (Bakalor) d/o George of PA w/o Everett Jr. m/o Tena22 Oct 19455 Nov 1980
Hilliard PlotPicture

Hilliard, Billy C. twin to Jimmy Lee3 Aug 194210 Aug 1944
Hilliard, Jimmy Lee twin to Billy C.3 Aug 194219 Jun 1976
Hilliard, Sadie Mae (Scoles) w/o Waveland17 Apr 191215 Aug 1994SSDI
Hilliard, Waveland "Old Paw"16 Jan 1910 25 Jul 1987SSDI
Hopkins, Defford s/o James Henry & Nancy Ann h/o Macie (Garner) - no monumentSep 1890Jan 1915
Hopkins, Elton O. s/o John Lester & Willie Lee (Whitlow) h/o Bonnie7 May 192828 Apr 1975SSDI
Hopkins, Esley (Maddon) d/o Tom & Viola (Horn) w/o Herman3 Oct 191220 Apr 1998SSDI
Hopkins, Herman26 Nov 19009 Aug 1982SSDI
Hopkins, James Henry b. GA18 Apr 186622 Oct 1910
Hopkins, John Lester s/o James Henry & Nancy A.25 Dec 18935 Mar 1975SSDI
Hopkins, Julia d/o James Henry & Nancy A. - no markerDec 1887about 1899/1900
Hopkins, Virgil s/o James Henry & Nancy A. h/o Vera (Whitlow) - no markerOct 1896Jan 1915
Hopkins, Willie Lee (Whitlow) d/o Walter & Florence (Wordlaw) w/o John Lester20 Aug 189717 Nov 1965
Howard, Joseph W.4 May 184427 Mar 1912
Howard, Liza J.2 Apr 186919 Sep 1880
Howard, Sarah Ann (Haston) d/o Joseph w/o Joseph W. (M) 1 Mar 18687 Dec 183715 Sep 1910
Hudgins, Dora B. (Foster) Grizzle M/1 J. Elom Grizzle M/2 Mark C. HudginsJun 18631934
Hudgins, Earl20 Apr 190216 Aug 1987
Hudgins, Harvey s/o Earl & Mae1932 1956
Hudgins, Mae w/o Earl2 Oct 190717 Dec 1997
Hudgins, Mark C.Aug 18801956
Hutchinson, Ansel Aaron s/o Daniel & Paralee (Windham) 6 Jul 18761905
Hutchinson, Cora Elizabeth (Foster) twin of Arthur Lee Foster d/o Thomas Early & Sarah E. (Bolen) w/o Ansel Aaron (M) 22 Dec 189713 Nov/Dec 18721908
Jackson, ____________ - killed on Petillo Farm
about 1925
Jewell, Dick Henry SFM2 US Navy Vietnam s/o Henry Albert & Ella Grace (Thomas) h/o Vivian Carolyn
Tombstone picture
Military marker
31 May 194511 Nov 2002SSDI
Jewell, Henry Albert b. Maple Ridge, MN s/o George Jefferson & Amy A. (Conet)31 Jul 191412 Jul 1973
Jewell, John Lee28 Nov 196830 Nov 1968
Jones, Alice (M) 27 Nov 187923 May 1861 28 May 1884
Jones, Julius M.13 Sep 184730 Apr 1929
Jones, Lee Bentley s/o Julius M. & Minnie Margaret30 Jan 18963 Mar 1927
Jones, Minnie Margaret w/o Julius M.1869 16 Dec 1962
Jones, William Jennings Ark. Sgt. 14 Inf. 19th Div. WWI s/o Julius M. & Minnie Margaretca. Jun 18918 Oct 1918WWIR
King, Ernest Glen PFC US Amy WWII h/o Hazel (West)3 Jul 191117 Jan 1991
Laffoon, Martha w/o Samno datespainted on block
Laffoon, Myrtle43 yr12 Oct 1938
Lamb, Alta (Baker) Holloway m/o Oscar and Ruby Nell (Holloway) Bowden Coppak Crabill16 Jan 189915 Jan 1978
Lewis, John H.18941937
Lewis, Sarah86 yr22 Apr 1905
McElroy, George Calvin - FHM only2 Aug 189313 Apr 1984SSDI
McKnight, Olen P.27 Apr 190927 May 1981
McKnight, V. Marie (Gist) d/o Joseph Wiley & Frances Artiebell (Minge) w/o Olen P. (M) 8 Mar 193027 May 1915 12 Dec 1997SSDI
McMullen, Joe Carl s/o Bob & Janie Mae (Kepner)5 Sep 191614 Sep 1968
Meni, Ella (Youngblood) w/o Charley "Mack"29 Dec 189321 Jun 1973
Merritt, Napoleon H.1 Sep 188313 Jul 1927
Merritt, Walker S.24 Feb 185922 Feb 1899
Miller, ________ s/o Hazenno datesno monument
Miller, Albert McKenley (Mason) s/o Kindred L. & Nancy A. (Walker)28 Oct 18999 Feb 1971SSDI
Miller, Bertha 1st w/o Albert McKenley27 Dec 190317 Aug 1937
Miller, Earmer R. (Whorton) d/o Sidney A. & Nora L. (Nordin) w/o Frank J.28 Jan 191217 Apr 1998 SSDI
Miller, Frank J.2 Aug 190931 Mar 1968
Miller, Hazen Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI s/o Kindred L. & Nancy A. (Walker)ca. Feb 189723 Feb 1939WWIR
Miller, Inf. s/o Carl & Beatriceno datesno monument
Miller, Inf. s/o Walter & Rayeno datesno monument
Miller, Inf./o George & Edna (Hon)no datesno monument
Miller, Inf./o Henry & Nettie (Gooch)no dates

Miller, Inf./o Henry & Nettie (Gooch)no dates

Miller, Johnny s/o Kindred L. & Nancy A. (Walker)no datesno monument
Miller, Joy Louise d/o Frank J. & Earmer R. (Whorton)20 Jun 193123 Feb 1932
Miller, Kindred L.15 Dec 18526 Jun 1953
Miller, Nancy A. (Walker) d/o Joel S. Sr. & Sarah E. (Stinnett) w/o Kindred L.3 May 18688 Feb 1954
Mills, Hattie d/o George & Charlotte (Gooch)no monument

Mills, Inf./o George & Charlotte (Gooch)no monument

Morell, Foster Wayne s/o Herbert J. & Katherine (Sammett) h/o Judy (Morphis)24 Jan 19407 Jun 2003 SSDI
Morell, Herbert J. "Herb" s/o Roscoe & Mary (Berzette) 19 Oct 192018 Dec 1998SSDI
Morell, Jerry Lewis s/o Herbert J. & Katherine (Sammett) h/o Barbara (Guzman)1 Mar 194310 May 1980
Morell, Katherine C. (Sammett) "Granny" d/o Charley & Sarah (Clement) w/o Herbert J.13 Feb 19182 Jun 2004SSDI
Murdock, L. Dewey s/o D.J. & M.A.10 May 18989 Apr 1901
Myers, Alfred Sr. b. OK Terr.11 Oct 1893 19 Nov 1969SSDI
Myers, Jim M.18691952
Myers, Mary w/o Jim M.26 Jun 18698 Feb 1933
Nail, James Thomas "Tom" s/o Oliver1 Feb 19218 Nov 1973SSDI
Nail, John F. s/o Oliver31 Aug 190222 Dec 1975SSDI
Nail, Luename on rockno dates
Nail, Mary Elizabeth (Cooper) d/o Marion & Elizabeth (Snow) w/o John F.13 Jan 190912 Nov 1997 SSDI
Nail, Sybil (Robinson) Rector M/1 --- Rector M/2 Tony Lee Nail1909Living
Nail, Tony Lee "Pete" s/o Oliver29 Mar 1915Nov 1967SSDI
Nance, Bertha4 Aug 190221 Apr 1973
Nelson, Maude O. (Ambrose) d/o James William & Florence Elizabeth (Brannon) w/o John Hamilton18 Jun 189320 Aug 1982
Nipps, Noahno dates

Ober, Percy L. Miss. W.A.G.R. Supply Co. 43 Inf. WWI M/1 Dorothy (Douglas) M/2 LaRee (Davis)5 Nov 189410 Aug 1963
Paradowski, Francis Reba Dell (Gist) d/o Joseph Wiley & Francis Artiebell (Minge) w/o Jerome9 Sep 193228 Mar 1965
Paradowski, Jerome Skill Vet of WWIIno markerno dates
Parker, Jo Ann w/o John B. (M) 28 Apr 195629 Jan 1939Living
Parker, John B.6 Jun 19387 Nov 1990
Pasley, Albert48 yr 6 mo7 Nov 1947
Petillo, Clarissa (Raymer) Vining d/o James P. & Martha (Walker) M/1 Henry Webster Vining M/2 James H. Petillo18526 Jan 1941
Petillo, Edith E. Mobley M/1 ______________ Mobley M/2 Leamern I. Petillo6 Jul 191619 Nov 1986SSDI
Petillo, Edith Eunice (Key) Birdsong w/o Lawrence Opal12 Aug 189929 Dec 1983SSDI
Petillo, J. Lofton27 Oct 190128 Mar 1920
Petillo, James H. (Mason) s/o Melinda (Greenwood) M/1 Sarah (George) M/2 Clarissa (Raymer)7 Sep 183928 Oct 1915
Petillo, Jerushia (Strait) d/o Powhattan N. & Olive (Whatley) w/o Riley J.2 Aug 18763 Jul 1964
Petillo, Leamern I. PFC US Army WWII s/o Riley J. & Jerushia (Strait)8 Sep 19058 May 1982SSDI
Petillo, Mildred (Dean) d/o Joe & Ada (Porch) w/o Burley 2 Feb 189817 Sep 1962
Petillo, Riley J. s/o James H. & Sarah A. (George)29 Mar 187423 Apr 1959
Petillo, Riley Lamoyne Ark. CSF USNR WWII10 Jun 191121 Oct 1965SSDI
Petillo, Royce J.20 Sep 190327 Jan 1955
Petillo, Sarah A. (George) Goodman d/o Asa & Barbara M/1 -- Goodman M/2 James H. Petillo18484 Feb 1894
Petillo, Sarah Olive d/o Riley J. & Jerushia (Strait)19 Jun 19076 Nov 1997SSDI
Pfeifer, Mary Lyn (Mobley) d/o Edith Mobley Petillo step-d/o Leamern I. Petillo15 Apr 193913 Apr 1992
Pitts, Alfred Lee s/o James Lemiul & Leslie (Hope)
Tombstone picture
11 Dec 1916 9 Feb 2003SSDI
Pitts, Nettie L. (Gooch) w/o Alfred Lee (M) 26 Aug 1939
Tombstone picture
7 Oct 1917 Living
Potts, Charles D. Civil War GA Inf. 8th Btn. Co. A Army of Tennessee
Additional Info from Ken Potts
2 Jul 1842ca. 1920
Potts, Hester (Gray) w/o Charles D. (M) 19 Aug 1867
Additional Info from Ken Potts
1845ca. 1920
Price, Dorothy E.--Jun 1931
Price, Essie J. (Vining) Walker Mullins d/o Henry W. & Clarissa (Raymer) M/1 --- Walker M/2 --- Mullins M/3 --- Price187322 Dec 1975
Price, Essie V. (Clark) - only FHM77 yr 4 Sep 1950
Price, Julia I. (Clark) d/o William & Sarah E. (Davis) w/o Jessie E.8 Aug 189710 Aug 1977
Price, Ronald D.--Aug 1949
Raney, Cordie (Jones) d/o Jeff & Neva Maude (Sexton) w/o Earnest Elmer27 May 190410 Dec 1986 SSDI
Raney, Earnest Elmer s/o Cornelius & Mandie (Whitford) 13 Nov 189731 Aug 1973SSDI
Raymer, George W. s/o James P. & Elizabeth (White)15 Sep 18712 Apr 1908
Raymer, Martha (Floyd) w/o Sid19 Sep 18714 Jun 1959
Raymer, Sid s/o James P. & Elizabeth (White)18741946
Schouweiler, Lottie Marie (Scoles) d/o Ben C. & Gracie Lee (Stroud) w/o Willie13 Dec 192019 Apr 2001SSDI
Scoles, 3 c/o Ben C. & Gracie Lee (Stroud)no markers

Scoles, Ben C.22 Aug 188510 Jan 1958
Scoles, Charley Ben s/o Ben C. & Gracie Lee (Stroud) h/o Charlene (Raney)14 May 19235 Jun 2001SSDI
Scoles, Cleveland H. s/o Thelmar C. & Mildred M. (Underwood)16 Jan 193712 Sep 1937
Scoles, Gracie Lee (Stroud) d/o Alton w/o Ben C.27 Jul 189025 Jul 1969
Scoles, Inf./o Thelmar C. & Mildred M. (Underwood)no dates

Scoles, Mildred M. (Underwood) d/o Millard Harrison & Ozzie E. (Smith) w/o Thelmar C. (M) 10 Nov 193125 Jan 1916 14 Sep 2006SSDI
Scoles, Thelmar C.25 Jan 190826 Feb 1991SSDI
Seagraves, Veva (Spain) d/o Robert Lafayette & Mary Adelaide (Peeler) w/o William Marvin7 Jan 1908Feb 1976
Seagraves, William Marvin19101977
Sexton, Ruth (Bullard) Merritt d/o Jack & Nancy M/1 Napoleon H. Merritt M/2 Lee Robert Sexton12 Jan 189320 Sep 1963
Slaughter, Jonathan Gabrial s/o Richard & Henrietta (Hilliard)6 Aug 199826 Jan 2004
Smith, Henretta (Davis) Mitchell M/1 --- Mitchell M/2 --- Smith18901960
Spain, Allie L. d/o Robert Lafayette & Mary Adelaide (Peeler)4 Dec 190421 Mar 1929
Spain, Charlotte Florence d/o Robert Lafayette & Mary Adelaide (Peeler)1 Sep 188926 Jan 1891
Spain, Jim s/o Robert Lafayette & Mary Adelaide (Peeler) 30 Dec 190021 Apr 1958
Spain, Lena (Collier) w/o Jim6 Nov 1901 26 Mar 1922
Spain, Mary Adelaide (Peeler) w/o Robert Lafayette12 Nov 187013 May 1952
Spain, Robert Lafayette "Fate" b. TN19 Jan 187028 Aug 1921
Standridge, Ruthie M. (Lewis)28 May 1921 9 Jan 1982SSDI
Stoity, Larra - carved on native stoneno dates

Stokes, Callie s/o E.K. & Jane4 May 189012 Feb 1911
Stokes, E.K.15 Sep 185213 Oct 1899
Stokes, Ethel d/o E.K. & Jane10 Feb 189518 Feb 1911
Stokes, R.E. w/o F.M.18 Oct 18617 Jul 1907
Stokes, R.E. (child)no dates

Thompson, Ruby (Bennett) Davenport20 Jun 191410 Mar 1989
Toft, Harold William s/o Lawrence H. & Elmore (Cadell) h/o Mary Esther1 May 19099 Nov 2005SSDI
Towlin, Nancy (Vining)no monument

Turnbough, Dallas W. s/o Robert & Ellar Lee (Barnes)29 Sep 19482 Jun 2005SSDI
Tyler, West h/o Julia (Windam)no monument

Underwood, Ala Mara d/o Millard Harrison & Ozzie E. (Smith)no monument

Underwood, Annie w/o Leonard1900Living
Underwood, Clarence Loil s/o Millard Harrison & Ozzie E. (Smith)28 Jun 191319 Dec 1985SSDI
Underwood, Elsie d/o Millard Harrison & Ozzie E. (Smith)no monument

Underwood, Etta V. d/o M.G. & L.E.25 Jan 18941 Jun 1908
Underwood, Henry Matthew "Little Matt" s/o Leonard & Sarah h/o Susie (Highpole)12 Sep 187827 Jul 1975SSDI
Underwood, Leonard s/o Millard Harrison & Ozzie E. (Smith)2 Jul 1919Aug 1985SSDI
Underwood, Martha (Pharis) w/o Willno monument

Underwood, Millard Harrison s/o Matthew Grant & Laura Ellen (Brunson) h/o Ozzie E. (Smith)12 Feb 18892 Nov 1961
Underwood, Nadeen (Holt) w/o Clarence Loil (M) 10 Dec 1933 25 Oct 19169 Mar 1994SSDI
Underwood, William "Will" s/o Leonard & Sarah - no monumentApr 1885no date
Upton, Inf./o Jim & Emma (Gooch)no monument

Varner, Wayne5 Feb 194110 Feb 1941
Vining, Henry Devert s/o Henry Webster & Clarissa (Raymer)B & D1879
Vining, Henry Webster s/o Seaborn & Lourena (Babb) h/o Clarissa (Raymer) f/o Odie, Henry E., Essie, & Nanny Myrtle18421872
Vining, Odie d/o Henry Webster & Clarissa (Raymer)B & D1877
Wagner, ---no monument

Wagner, ---no monument

Wagner, Grandmano monument

Walker, Ada (Hutchinson) Hammons 2nd w/o Andrew J.19 Oct 188630 Dec 1969
Walker, Amos Jackson s/o William & Jane (Davis)18856 Nov 1965
Walker, Andrew J. s/o Erastus & Mary Jane (Webb)19 Jul 187912 Nov 1965
Walker, Bessie (Alverson) w/o Wessno monument

Walker, Betty Francis18 Feb 18881911
Walker, Clarence M.15 Sep 190418 Dec 1908
Walker, Doyle E. "Butch"13 Jan 19482 Oct 1984
Walker, Erastus s/o Joel S. Sr. & Sarah E. (Stinnett)14 Jul 185613 Sep 1890
Walker, Henry Garland4 Jan 19057 Apr 1979SSDI
Walker, Hettie d/o William Albany & Malissa Jane (Davis)
Additional Info from Barbara Adams
no monument

Walker, Inf. d/o Alton & AdaB & D1 Mar 1939
Walker, Inf. s/o Alton & Ada - no monumentB & D21 Jan 1946
Walker, Lindsey & Lynn Inf. twins of Amos Jackson & Martha Louisa (George)
Additional Info from Barbara Adams
B & D10 May 1931
Walker, Malissa Jane (Davis) w/o William Albany
Additional Info from Barbara Adams
27 Jan 185428 Jul 1928
Walker, Mark Edward s/o Doyle E. & Gail
Tombstone picture
14 Aug 19711 Feb 1998SSDI
Walker, Martha Louisa (George) d/o Edmond P. "Bunt Ed" & Margaret D. (Harley) w/o Amos Jackson18851958
Walker, Mary Jane (Webb) d/o John B. & Sarah F. (Croft) w/o Erastus14 Nov 18561 May 1911
Walker, Myrtis d/o Amos Jackson & Martha Louisa (George) 7 mo1917
Walker, Opal "Doc" s/o Amos Jackson & Martha Louisa (George)18 Sep 192128 Mar 1980SSDI
Walker, Rosey Ellen d/o William Albany & Malissa Jane (Davis)
Additional Info from Barbara Adams
7 Aug 188110 Oct 1881
Walker, Rufus L. Pvt. US Army WWI s/o William & Jane (Davis)23 Mar 1894Oct 1975WWIR SSDI
Walker, Rufus L. "R.L." s/o Rufus L. & Sibyl (Davenport) h/o Wilmateen (McMullen)27 Oct 192422 Feb 1999SSDI
Walker, Sarah E. (Stinnett) d/o Lucy (George) w/o Joel S. Sr.18281899
Walker, Tennie (Womack) d/o Robert C. 1st w/o Rufus dateno monument
Walker, W.A.25 Sep 187725 Sep 1878
Walker, Wess s/o William & Jane (Davis)7 Nov 18824 May 1950
Walker, William Albany
Additional Info from Barbara Adams
Dec 185312 Jul 1931
Wamack, D.S. - different spelling30 Dec 186218 Sep 1920
Web, Harold S. S/Sgt. US Army WWII s/o Jess L. & Daphin (Spain) - different spelling16 Feb 192025 Jun 1976
Webb, Daphin (Spain) d/o Robert Lafayette & Mary Adelaide (Peeler) w/o Jess L.12 Aug 18918 Mar 1980SSDI
Webb, Jess L. s/o Jake K. & Sallie (Martin)12 Nov 188615 May 1971SSDI
Webb, Lessie12 Feb 19094 Feb 1931
Webb, Meredith (Cain) d/o Mack Monroe & Cora (Bryson) w/o Rupert L.28 Feb 191128 Jun 1997
Webb, Rupert L. s/o Jess L. & Daphin (Spain)3 Nov 191217 Nov 1978
Webb, Sarah F. (Croft) d/o William w/o John B. - monument broken20 Jul 182829 Dec 1877
West, James W.27 May 187929 Jul 1958
West, Lou (George) Barnett M/1 John H. Barnett M/2 James W. West - no monumentabout 44 yr28 Aug 1930
West, Norman Lenzy8 Jun 190518 Aug 1982
Williams, Forrest Scott28 Aug 196519 Nov 1981
Williams, Inf. s/o Tight & Lottie (Scoles)B & DDec 1941
Willock, William - no monument3 Feb 1872 7 Dec 1937
Windham, Arthurno monument

Windham, H.C.50 yr3 Dec 1903
Windham, Lue B.9 Jan 186312 Aug 1932
Windham, Ola M. (Dunaway) d/o James Monroe & Melissa Elen (Walker) w/o Samuel E.18931960
Windham, Samuel E.18821942
Windham, Tryphena E. (Watt) Foster M/1 Arthur Lee Foster M/2 Arthur Windham18841937
Winningham, C.L.27 Oct 187923 Jan 1900
Winningham, Lola B. d/o G.W. & M.A.9 Apr 19094 Dec 1910
Winningham, M.A.15 Dec 184415 Dec 1900
Witt, Chester Opal s/o General Marion & Mary Jane (Hunt)16 Apr 19219 Oct 2006SSDI
Witt, General Marion s/o Isaac & Mary Ann "Polly" (Clarkston)19 Aug 18819 Mar 1973SSDI
Witt, Margaret J. (Furr) w/o Chester Opal11 Sep 192318 Mar 1978SSDI
Witt, Mary Jane (Hunt) d/o J.A. & Lettie Olivia (Jones) w/o General Marion15 Jul 189124 Aug 1949
Witt, William Earsel "Willie" s/o General Marion & Mary Jane (Hunt)15 May 192620 May 2000SSDI
Womack, Jennie V. w/o D.S.4 Feb 18769 Dec 1910
Womack, Lyman Odell26 Oct 190711 Aug 1981SSDI
Womack, Mary w/o Robert C. b. GA6 Dec 186913 Feb 1910
Womack, Melinda (Walker) d/o William & Jane (Davis)1 Sep 18989 May 1917
Womack, Nancy Ann (Miller) Hopkins d/o Joshua M/1 James Henry Hopkins M/2 Robert C. WomackFeb 1867Jan 1915
Womack, Robert C. M/1 Mary (---) M/2 Nancy A. (Miller) - no monumentOct 1854---
Womack, Varina (Hovis) w/o Lyman Odell (M) 13 Oct 192812 May 19117 Jul 1994SSDI
Womack, Virnia A. d/o D.S. & Jennie V.28 Nov 191031 May 1911
Wood, Thomas J. Co. H 2nd AR Inf. Spanish-American Warno dates

Woodford, Edward18521924
Woodford, Inf. sonno dates

Woodford, Margaret Nellno dates

Woodford, Susan w/o Edward18791924
Woodford, Susan Ardeliano dates

Youngblood, Lee Ark. Pvt. US Army WWII20 Aug 190230 Mar 1969
Youngblood, Marion F.29 Jul 185924 Feb 1918

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