Payne Cemetery, Havana, Yell County, Arkansas

Updated and copied 25 Feb 1994 by Arline Gray and Mable Roseborough. It is located in the Cedar Creek Community. This cemetery is part of a piece of land that was homesteaded March 1860. North half of section 24 of the N.W. fractional quarter of section 31 township 6 Range 23.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Abbott, Hattie Jaragan12 Nov 188620 Oct 1980
Akin, Benno dates

Akin, Hazelno dates

Akin, Martha Ellen (Jestice) d/o Marion Francis & Frances Ann (Nelms) w/o William H.Mar 18851976
Akin, William H. "Willie"18791931
Akin, Willie (child)no dates

Bird, Delcinia Caroline (James) w/o William18 Dec 18441 Dec 1882
Bird, Robert s/o William & Delcinia Caroline (James)16 Jun 186220 Aug 1897
Canada, J.M.26 Jan 188526 Dec 1903
Canada, Louanano dates

Christoph, Rena18871927
Douthit, Chester19231947
Douthit, W.W.23 Nov 18929 Sept 1969
Douthit, William23 Nov 18929 Sep 1947
Ferguson, Babyno dates

Fink, Clarion C. s/o Benjamin Franklin & Julia Mae (Hodge)19 Sep 191116 Dec 1936
Fink, Edith L. (Payne) d/o Thomas Riley & Lucinda (Rogers) w/o Everett N.2 Sep 190917 Jul 1998 SSDI
Fink, Everett N. f/o Tommy gf/o Jamie30 Jun 190024 Feb 1990SSDI
Fink, Julia Mae (Hodge) d/o Benjamin Franklin & Permelia P. (Hill) w/o Benjamin Franklin8 Jun 188816 May 1919
Fink, Levi18461928
Fink, Talutha (Gray)18611927
Gibbs, Joshua10 Mar 183415 Oct 1902
Gibbs, Mrs. Joshua
Gray, Harriet d/o John A. & Tabitha (McBride)18941905
Gray, Harriet (Hodges) d/o Ambros & Polly w/o Martin Van Buren18391912
Gray, Martin Van Buren s/o Robert & Tabitha Jane (Cooper)184010 Sep 1903
Hale, Melv18391886
Hale, Sara18421919
Head, Ada
Head, Harry
Head, Mittie
Head, Rosa8 Aug 18881 Dec 1902
Hodge, Babyno dates

Hodge, Benjamin Franklin24 Jul 18651944
Hodge, Brindano dates

Hodge, Dollyno dates

Hodge, Genettano dates

Hodge, Jimmyno dates

Hodge, Permelia P. "Mealie" (Hill) w/o Benjamin Franklin29 Dec 186920 Jan 1944
James, ------no dates

James, William Civil War Union Co. H 3rd Ark date1 Mar 1912UPF
Jarnagin, -------14 Nov 187516 Aug 1938
Jennings, Baby (Laura's)no dates

Jones, Jamesno dates

Jones, Nanniano dates

Konkel, K.6 May 190622 Oct 1954
Konkel, Samuel30 Mar 18531 Aug 1935
Lamb, -------no dates

Lynch, Altha15 Feb 188628 Apr 1909
Lynch, Bruon14 Jun 189821 Sep 1899
Lynch, Maude3 Aug 189115 Aug 1891
Lynch, Thomas18581933
Lynch, Wallace6 Mar 188328 Jun 1899
Lynch, Walter28 Jun 189015 Oct 1890
Martin, Earl18991902
Martin, Ida Cordelia (Payne) d/o John Cummins & Martha (Bird) w/o John Wesley4 Oct 185825 Oct 1941
Martin, John Wesley28 Nov 185128 Feb 1931
Martin, Mary E.18761935
Martin, Mary E. d/o Wiley Blunt & Mary Ann (Carnett)18561936
Martin, Robert Earl s/o John Wesley & Ida Cordelia (Payne)6 Sep 1899Nov 1902
Martin, William David s/o John Wesley & Ida Cordelia (Payne)Feb 18781880
Martin, Willie18781880
McBride, -------18601934
McBride, Evaugh6 May 19202 Dec 1921
McBride, Margaret14 Dec 19243 May 1927
McBride, Martha1 Feb 18894 Aug 1889
McBride, Minnie1 Feb 18894 Aug 1889
McBride, Mitchell s/o Charles D. & Martha J. (Hale)18841941
McClanahan, Elizabeth Ann
McClanahan, Fanny (Mauldin)
McClanahan, Mary L.3 Mar 190426 Jul 1989SSDI
McClanahan, R.C.18611865
McGee, Fannyno dates

Payne, -----23 Sep 18841904
Payne, Angeline (McGee) w/o John Cummins28 Sep 185720 Nov 1880
Payne, Daloskie D. "Lussie" w/o Wiley P.Apr 18521933
Payne, E.W. s/o Wiley P. & Daloskie D.18711872
Payne, Edgar s/o William David & Thursie Ann (Lynch)13 Oct 18857 Oct 1888
Payne, Edward V. s/o John Cummins & Angeline (McGee)20 Oct 187919 Sep 1881
Payne, Eula M. d/o William David & Thursie Ann (Lynch) 20 Dec 189925 Oct 1900
Payne, Ezra s/o John Cummins & Martha (Bird)18661954
Payne, Frankie (Young) w/o John CumminsMar 1836no date
Payne, Fred6 Mar 19115 Oct 1954
Payne, Freedie13 Feb 190728 Feb 1907
Payne, Freedie d/o Thomas R. & Lucindy C.30 Jan 190713 Feb 1907
Payne, Gladys3 Aug 193424 Feb 1935
Payne, Gladys Ann18 Aug 193424 Feb 1935
Payne, Hubert Charles s/o William David & Thursie Ann (Lynch)13 Jun 19032 Apr 1976SSDI
Payne, Inf. s/o Wiley P. & Daloskie D.18801884
Payne, Inf. s/o William David & Thursie Ann (Lynch)B & D7 Jun 1902
Payne, J.W. s/o Wiley P. & Daloskie D.3 Sep 18741 Oct 1878
Payne, James B. s/o John Cummins & Martha (Bird)16 Aug 186815 Apr 1888
Payne, John Cummins s/o Riley & Sarah (Frazier)14 Mar 183720 Oct 1906
Payne, Lucindy C. w/o Thomas R.21 Jan 187611 Mar 1956
Payne, Martha (Bird) w/o John Cummins17 Oct 183831 Dec 1870
Payne, Mary E. (Hale) w/o Ezra18681932
Payne, Roscoe12 Mar 189531 May 1902
Payne, Sarah (Frazier) d/o David & Elizabeth (Parker) w/o Riley10 Jan 180411 Apr 1902
Payne, Thomas R. "Tom" s/o Wiley P. & Daloskie D.Aug 18727 Jan 1951
Payne, Thursie Ann (Lynch) w/o William David12 Oct 18639 Nov 1934
Payne, W.2 Jan 187118 Nov 1872
Payne, Wiley P. s/o Riley & Sarah (Frazier)Apr 18481934
Payne, William David s/o John Cummins & Martha (Bird)26 Dec 186017 Mar 1946
Payne, Willis s/o William David & Thursie Ann (Lynch)10 Jun 189127 Feb 1891
Robinson, Laura (Hodge)no dates

Ross, -------
Ross, -------18841886
Ross, Jose18541891
Ross, Oscarno dates

Sanders, Bertha21 Nov 188510 May 1972
Sanders, Levie4 May 18607 Nov 1934
Sanders, Martha28 Dec 18651 Nov 1930
Sanders, R.C.Dec 1904Jan 1906
Shott, Louisa (McBride) d/o James & Mary (Harrelson) w/o Hugh27 Jan 18121 Jan 1894
Sperry, Belle w/o M.M.18691906
Watkins, Babyno dates

Woods, Willieno dates

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