Olive S. Potts Letter - October 1933

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Notes from Ken: Charley Potts is buried in Petillo Hill Cemetery. I have a copy of the original letter. The lady that sent this to me put some notes on the bottom, do with them what you want.

Olive S. Phelps Oct. 1933

My father's family - Our grandpa was Dave Potts, he had 5 boys and 3 girls - Joe, Enoch, Charley, Frank and Josh. Hannah, Lizy and Rachel. Don't know who Joe married but he had one girl, Lindy. She married Bill Denny. She had 5 children, John, Jim, Ruey, Nannie and Lee. Don't know anything about Charley and Frank's family. Josh married Jane Dover. They had 7 children, Mattie, Tommie, Charley, Lenora, Alice, Ellen and Sammie. Enoch, my dad, married Betty Casey, they had 10 children; 2 boys, Dave and Frank; 8 girls, Rachel-Savana, Lizzie, Otie, Joanna, Emma, Fannie, Olive and Mollie. Dave married Amanda King. They had 4 children, Alta, Willard, Rosie and a small baby died young. Rachel-Savana married Grayson Bullock and had 7 children. Joe, George, Bertha, Alice. Ethel, Nettie and Joanna died at 12 years, buried at Van Buren, Ark. Otie died at 11 months and was buried in Georgia. Lizzie married Tom Russel and had one girl, Anna. Lizzie died and was buried at Old Salem near Cedarville, Ark. Frank died at 16 years, buried at Old Salem. Emma married Tim Daley, they had 4 girls, Lidy, Rosie, Mary and Ruth. Second husband was George Abbot. Emma died and was buried at Cotton Plant, Ark. Fannie married James Gilkey, had 4 children, Newton. Melvin, Sammie and one by her last husband, she and the baby died, buried at Marble City, Okla. Her last man's name was John Crocker. Olive married Charles Phelps and had 8 children, Ona, Scott, Dexter, Frank, Zona, Vada, Thelma and Ellis (he) died at 13 months. Scott married Pearl Howell, had 10 children, 2 girls and 8 boys. Ona married Ode Lane, had 2 children, 1 boy, 1 girl. Dexter married Dora White, had 2 boys. Then married Ethel Moton and had 7 children, 1 girl and 6 boys. Frank married Nannie Vann, they had 9 children, 4 girls and 5 boys. Zona married Ernie Tucker and had 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. Vada married Cowdrey Tucker, had 2 girls. Thelma married Arthur Sloat, had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. Mollie married Preston Wood, they had 5 children. Carrie, Esther, Martha, Henry and J.P. Martha died when she was a few days old, buried at Macedonia.

Enoch Potts' sisters.

Liza Potts married John Fuller, had 1 boy, Billie. John died, she married Bob Carson, had 2 children, Alice and Joe. Alice married Sim Sutton and had 1 child, Ida. Then Alice died. Joe married Elzina White, had several children, one named Ollie. Hannah married Ab Holcomb, had 6 children. Jack, Jane, Frank, George, Etta and Anna. Jack died. Jane married Sam Osborne, had 3 children. Lona, Georgie and Dewey. Frank married Hester Cleveland, had 2 (children) Claude and Mandy. George married Lula Carter, had 6 children. Lulu died and he married again, lives in Oklahoma City. Etta married Tim Seabolt, had 2 children, both died. They seperated and Etta married again, but don't know who. Rachel married Fate Satterfield, had 1 child and it died. Fate died and she married Clint Lung. Enoch Potts, by his 3rd wife had 1 boy, Fred. He married Ida ? and had 2 children, Wattie Lee and Cleo.

Mom and Dad's children.

Ona married Ode Lane and had 1 boy, it died at birth, 1 girl, Ruth. She married Bee Curry, had 1 boy and 1 girl. Ronnie married Mary McKinsey, they have 1 girl, Tammy Ann. Ruth's girl is named Brenda Joan. Scott married Pearl Howell and had 11 children. Charlie, Claude, Minnie, Clayton, Gilbert, Clarence, Jay, Lloyd, Glen, Vera and Wayne. Claude and Minnie died when young. Scott and Pearl seperated and he married Bertha (McMasters) Smith. Dexter married Dora White and had 2 boys, Walter and Luther. Walter died in Germany. Dexter and Dora seperated and he married Ethel Moton. Had 7 children. Earl, Ellis, Velma, Eugene, Melvin, Bobby and Galvin. Frank and Nan had 9 children. Gay, Manuel, Morene, Burnell, Dorman, Otis, Ada, Joan and Judy. Gay died when young. Zona and Ernie had 8 children. Wanda, Wilma, Clinton, Earlen, Kenneth, Eva Lee, Frank and Glenda. Clinton died at 2 years of age. Vada and Cowdrey had 2 girls, Naydene and Mildred. Naydene married Clint Thomas and had 3 children. Jack, Larry and Nancy. Mildred married J.C. Marlett and had 3 children. Kent, Keefe and Karen. Thelma married Arthur Sloat and had 6 children. Jeanne, Wayne, Zelda, Newton, Jerry and Terry.


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