Oakley Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

This cemetery is on the Francis Derrick farm in the Ranger Community. It is on the south side Of Hwy. 27 to Danville and just before you get to the Upper Spring Creek Road turn off. Copied and updated 10 July 1992 by Cornelia Daniels.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
________ w/o _________ - this monument was broken3 Jan 187512 Mar 1902
Allen, R.L.8 Mar 187024 Aug 1906
Bailey, ____________ - child with only half the marker there no dates

Bailey, Clemmie w/o John C.18661932
Bailey, J.W.11 Apr 184225 May 1913
Bailey, John C.18661929
Bailey, Lucretia E. w/o J.W.31 Jan 1842 24 Aug 1913
Bailey, Mary H. d/o J.W. & Lucretia E.30 Sep 18818 Apr 1896
Bailey, Nathane4 Feb 189024 Feb 1892
Bailey, T.B.7 Dec 187731 May 1911
Derrick, Cole18851927
Derrick, Florence w/o Francis Marion gm/o Lynell & Francis18601944
Derrick, Francis Marion s/o John J. gf/o Lynell & Francis13 Dec 18531930
Derrick, Lillie Mae31 May 188818 Jul 1898
Derrick, Ola w/o Cole18911978
Downey, Inf. d/o J.S. & S.F.could not read

Elrod, A.O. (Mason) - large monument on ground19 Aug 182119 Mar 1885
Elrod, M.A. w/o A.O. - this side was on ground - I took a stick and wiped mud off - the year of birth was not plain enough to be sure25 Jun 183112 Jul 1885
Foster, Elizabeth Henderson (Stribling) d/o James Clayton & Mary (Beckham) 1st w/o James I.10 Oct 179318 Jul 1851
Foster, Erastus Stribling s/o James I. & Elizabeth Henderson (Stribling)28 Aug 183619 Mar 1878
Foster, Herbert E. s/o N.A. & Johnie6 Aug 18932 Oct 1898
Foster, James I. s/o James & Elizabeth (Haney)83 yr 1 mo 12 ds24 Mar 1875
Foster, Jane J. 2nd w/o James I.87 yr 2 mo 24 ds3 Dec 1878
Foster, N.A. (W of W) - inside iron fence18541918
Garner, Jackson J. s/o Thomas Jefferson & Lucinda (Page) 5 Mar 186511 Feb 1941
Garner, Laura A. (Dempsey) w/o Jackson J.23 Feb 187128 May 1959
Garner, Thomas Jefferson Civil War CSA 1861-65 Co. H 5th SC Inf. s/o Charles & Nellie (White) h/o Lucinda (Page) f/o Catherine (Garner) Moore18301883CPF
Hughes, A.B.18331937
Hughes, Mary w/o A.B.18371905
King, J.C.14 Feb 182527 Mar 1897
Moore, William M. s/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner) 20 Jun 18739 Aug 1896
Owen, M.A.187018 Dec 1889
Page, Eliminah (Jemima) w/o Robert (Robin)1819no date
Towell, J.L.7 Aug 18877 Aug 1904
Waid, Edgar L. s/o G.W. - could not read dates12 Nov 1833 (1883?)21 Sep 1844 (1884?)

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