New Hope Cemetery, Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas

Highway 28 from Dardanelle, approximately 4 miles to the New Hope Baptist Church sign on County Road 47. The cemetery is about 1/2 mile on County Road 47 on the right side of the road. This cemetery was copied and updated 6 Jun 1994 by Jo Daily and Gloria Craig.

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Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adcock, Alabama Drucilla "Allie D." (McKee) d/o John w/o Joseph Valentine22 Jun 186016 Dec 1936
Adcock, Arthur Ernest "Buddy" Pvt US Army WWII31 Oct 191230 May 1992
Adcock, Charles Everett s/o Joseph Valentine & Alabama Drucilla (McKee)18791953
Adcock, Ethel Mae (Banks) d/o John Tull & Margaret Belle (Baird) w/o Roy Sidney6 Jul 191210 Apr 2005SSDI
Adcock, Eva w/o Robert Sid8 May 188430 Jun 1906
Adcock, Everett Ben s/o Charles Everett & Mable (Banks) 8 Dec 190819 Jan 1964
Adcock, Fannie May w/o Robert Sid25 Jun 18888 Sep 1940
Adcock, Fannie Sue w/o Arthur Ernest3 Oct 1913Living
Adcock, Rev. Franklin Lee s/o Joseph Valentine & Alabama Drucilla (McKee)19 Jan 18902 May 1964
Adcock, George William (W of W) s/o Henry & Sarah (Swilling)14 Jun 185423 Dec 1910
Adcock, Inf. d/o William Edward & Ola (Goocher)no dates

Adcock, Inf./o Robert Sid & EvaB & D19 Jun 1906
Adcock, Inf./o Robert Sid & Fannie MayB & D21 Feb 1909
Adcock, Joseph Valentine s/o Henry & Sarah (Swilling)14 Jul 18527 Apr 1894
Adcock, Luther Cleveland s/o Joseph Valentine & Alabama Drucilla (McKee)24 Nov 188419 Apr 1887
Adcock, Mable E. (Banks) d/o Benjamin William w/o Charles Everett18861954
Adcock, Macie A. (Fraser) d/o John Rantsom & Mary Ellen (Campbell) w/o Franklin Lee28 Feb 1896Apr 1975SSDI
Adcock, Mae R. w/o Everett Ben24 Apr 19099 Mar 1990
Adcock, Maggie May d/o Joseph Valentine & Alabama Drucilla (McKee)23 Jul 188117 Sep 1883
Adcock, Nancy (Minto) McMurray w/o George William1 Nov 18604 Jun 1931
Adcock, Ola (Goocher) d/o John Scruggs & Matilda Evelyn (Biggers) w/o William Edward (M) 11 Sep 190422 Aug 1877 5 Sep 1928
Adcock, Robert Sid18 Dec 188011 Jun 1960
Adcock, Roy Jefferson s/o Charles Everett & Mable E. (Banks)9 Nov 19108 Dec 1910
Adcock, Roy Sidney24 Jan 19124 Nov 1987SSDI
Adcock, William Edward "Ed"17 Oct 1878 9 Nov 1934
Adkinson, Carrie w/o Gene18801955
Adkinson, Gene18801955
Adkison, Edith Dell (Utley) w/o Lonnie Clive
Additional Info from Linda Young
18 Aug 190230 Jul 1981
Adkison, Evertt Horace18 May 192229 Jun 1990SSDI
Adkison, Glenn s/o Evertt Horace & Bettyno datesLiving
Adkison, Lonnie Clive
Additional Info from Linda Young
25 Jan 19033 Mar 1953
Adkison, Ruel h/o Vera Celesta (Tucker)19061927
Almon, Lucinda "Lou" (Fields) d/o Polly Anna (Sturgill) w/o Terry G.30 Jul 189712 Feb 1920
Apple, Lee----21 Oct 1946
Archer, Cleo13 Dec 19093 Sep 1980
Archer, Herman27 Jan 190010 Sep 1970
Archer, Infantno dates

Archer, dates

Archer, Sarah A. (FHM only)95 yr 2 mo 13 da7 May 1899
Asbury, dates

Atkins, E.M.1888no dates
Atkins, Nellie E. w/o E.M.18861938
Awalt, Ray Jr.19341964
Bachelor, Orvil42 yr 8 mo 9 da11 Oct 1955
Bailey, Susan19 Mar 192610 Feb 1923
Baker, Gary Don s/o Randy----26 Nov 1985
Banks, Annie Alma22 Apr 19011 Jun 1984SSDI
Banks, Arthur E. s/o Benjamin William & Palmetto Buregard (Stevenson)28 Oct 18834 May 1904
Banks, Benjamin William s/o Hardy Murfree & Susan Martha (Singleton)15 Sep 185930 Jan 1943
Banks, Charles Merritt s/o Robert Benjamin & Ruby (Landers)12 Jan 192616 Feb 1943
Banks, Charles S. "Charlie" USMC Vietnam s/o Benjamin & Cora Ella (Nordin)22 Sep 195123 Mar 2004 SSDI
Banks, Clara Sue19091966
Banks, Cleono dates

Banks, David Murphy19071981
Banks, Grace (Bray) w/o Hardy Adlai Stephenson10 May 189611 Aug 1984SSDI
Banks, Hardy Adlai Stephenson s/o Benjamin William & Palmetto Buregard (Stevenson)6 Aug 1892Aug 1960
Banks, Hilreyno dates

Banks, Jamesno dates

Banks, Jewel Mae w/o Robert L. (M) 12 Mar 193813 Sep 1921Living
Banks, John Tull18713 Feb 1957
Banks, Lena Endora20 Nov 190812 Jun 1990
Banks, Lorraine Mae (Waid) d/o Elli Gutery & Agnes H. (Boggs) w/o Vernon Earl12 Jun 1919Living
Banks, Margaret Belle "Maggie" (Baird) d/o David W. & M. Isabella G. (Orr) w/o John Tull (M) 9 Sep 189818751949
Banks, Martha R. "Pattie" (Dyer) w/o Merritt A.18 Dec 185821 Sep 1948
Banks, Mattie Lou (Brown) w/o Benjamin William (M) 10 Jun 190620 Nov 18714 Jul 1937
Banks, Merritt A. s/o Hardy Murfree & Susan Martha (Singleton)2 Jun 185518 Jun 1918
Banks, Nellie Sue d/o Merritt A. & Martha R. (Dyer)6 Feb 189018 Jun 1968SSDI
Banks, Nina M.3 Aug 18959 Dec 1992SSDI
Banks, Norma E. (Weems) 1st w/o Valentine Merritt10 Feb 18937 Nov 1948
Banks, Palmetto Buregard (Stevenson) "Mettie" w/o Benjamin William7 Aug 186214 Jun 1900
Banks, Robert L. s/o Hardy Adlai Stephenson & Grace (Bray)21 Jun 191714 Jun 1988SSDI
Banks, Roger Benjamin s/o Benjamin William & Palmetto Buregard (Stevenson)28 Jul 189522 Jun 1971SSDI
Banks, Ruby (Landers) w/o Roger Benjamin3 Oct 189719 Sep 1982
Banks, Valentine Merritt "Val" s/o Merritt A. & Martha R. (Dyer) M/1 Norma E. (Weems) M/2 Ruby (McCorkle)14 Feb 188824 Jul 1979SSDI
Banks, Vernon Earl s/o Roger Benjamin & Ruby (Landers) 18 Feb 191920 Aug 1992
Banks, Wilma Gertrude29 Sep 189821 Aug 1989SSDI
Barker, Nannie18711944
Barnes, Inf. s/o Georgeno dates

Barnes, R.T.22 Feb 188223 Aug 1895
Barnett, Lena Sue (McGuire) w/o Alfred W.15 May 18992 Oct 1934
Barry, Minnie Bell w/o William Harrison22 Jun 186930 Jan 1936
Barry, William Harrison22 Jul 186128 Jun 1942
Baskin, Linda Elaine6 Dec 19558 May 1992SSDI
Bates, Arthur B.8 May 191512 Dec 1973
Bates, Bernice (Jones)7 Jan 19108 May 1985SSDI
Bates, Elvona (Lyon) w/o Arthur B.23 Jan 191823 Jul 1996
Bates, Montie O. Cpl. US Army WWII28 Mar 191727 Mar 1992
Batchelor, Virgilno dates

Bellar, Rachel B. (Spears) w/o Robert Lee24 Jun 189019 Jun 1977SSDI
Bellar, Robert Lee14 Dec 18807 Feb 1964
Bellar, Ronnie LeeB & DJun 1950
Benefield, Homer J.18811965
Benefield, Ina Estelle d/o Homer J. & Iva Pearl23 Mar 19272 Nov 1944
Benefield, Irene (Quick) w/o John N.1843 1912
Benefield, Irene A. d/o John N. & Irene (Quick)29 Jan 187318 Mar 1890
Benefield, Iva Pearl w/o Homer J.18911959
Benefield, Lavada L. (Coffey) d/o Seth & Cleo (Cory) w/o Raymond H.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
2 Sep 191115 Feb 1995
Benefield, Raymond H.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
12 Sep 19099 Aug 1987
Benefield, Walter N. s/o John N. & Irene (Quick)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
26 Mar 186918 Dec 1953
Bevans, J. David18711919
Bevans, John W. Sr. Civil War CSA Co. A 12th AL Vol. Cav. b. AL h/o Mattie S.4 Dec 184422 Apr 1914 CPF
Bevans, Minnie M. w/o J. David38 yr21 Mar 1917
Billings, S.L.25 May 18354 May 1925
Birkhead, Modean (Cain) d/o Mack Monroe & Cora (Bryson) 2 Aug 190822 Jul 2000SSDI
Blanton, Burl W.17 Mar 19239 Oct 1923
Blanton, Franklinno dates

Blanton, Fred24 Apr 18882 Jan 1941
Blanton, Laura (Kuhn) w/o Fred9 Aug 1889 5 Mar 1932
Blanton, Thomas K.10 Aug 19176 Feb 1929
Blaylock, Infantno dates

Blaylock, John A.15 Feb 188315 Aug 1908
Blaylock, Louis A.19071957
Blaylock, Louis Arthur Jr. Ark. Pvt. US Marine Corps WWII8 Jul 193012 Feb 1977SSDI
Blaylock, Mary N. w/o Louis Arthur Jr. (M) 20 Apr 19691947Living
Blevins, ---------18931962
Blevins, Edgar18931912
Blevins, Elmer "Morris Elmer" s/o William Elbert & Margaret L. (Sitton)189327 Mar 1962
Blevins, Elton22 Sep 1891May 1974SSDI
Blevins, Julia Myrtle w/o Elton189424 Apr 1953
Blevins, Margaret L. (Sitton) w/o William Elbert9 Jun 186710 Aug 1950
Blevins, Nancy Jane (Cox) d/o Macon Sobiskie & Mahala Jane (Gateley) w/o William G.13 Aug 187119 Apr 1947
Blevins, William Elbert10 Jul 186625 Jan 1916
Blevins, William G.17 Jun 186815 Aug 1928
Blevins, Winnie L.1 Oct 189312 Sep 1899
Boggs, Mrs. W.W. (M) 6 Jun 1910 s/o O.W. Ussery187114 Feb 1926
Bolin, William19231928
Boling, Sue Ella (Banks) w/o Vernon F.16 Nov 190719 Sep 1987SSDI
Boling, Vernon F.19 Apr 190910 Apr 1993SSDI
Boon, B.W.18591936
Boon, Bell w/o B.W.18661949
Boothe, Irenea w/o J.W. - Motherno dates

Boothe, Isaac A. "Ike" b. MS no relatives - adopted dau. Mrs. T.B. Bolin14 Mar 186126 Oct 1938
Boothe, J.W. - Fatherno dates

Boothe, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Sanders) w/o Isaac A. (M) 7 Dec 18811 Mar 186812 Feb 1917
Boothe, Neva Maude (Sexton) Jones d/o Mack & Ann (Robinson) M/1 Jeff Jones M/2 Isaac A. Boothe14 Oct 187910 May 1967
Boothe, Taylor s/o J.W. & Irena - Sonno dates

Boothe, Tommie s/o J.W. & Irena - Sonno dates

Bowels, Wayneno dates

Bowen, KariB & D26 Feb 1971
Brown, Alice L. (VanValkenburg) w/o Earl F. (M) 27 Dec 1915 27 Aug 189625 Mar 1988
Brown, Ben T.29 Dec 189912 Jul 1950
Brown, Claud21 Jul 188230 Dec 1980SSDI
Brown, Earl F.24 Sep 189616 Mar 1981SSDI
Brown, F.E. (Partin) w/o G.W. (M) 17 Aug 188113 Aug 186724 Aug 1891
Brown, Fathie (Archer) d/o Sherman & Ruth (Moore)16 Apr 192412 Mar 2003SSDI
Brown, G.W.18501935
Brown, Gertie H. w/o Claud24 May 18853 Oct 1972SSDI
Brown, Infant10 Jun 189425 Aug 1894
Brown, Inf./o Addieno dates

Brown, Mary E. w/o R.E.23 May 18698 Apr 1890
Brown, Pearl28 Apr 189414 Aug 1895
Brown, Rena8 Apr 189819 Oct 1899
Brown, Roy E.19001947
Brown, Thelma d/o Earl F. & Alice L. (VanValkenburg)10 Apr 193628 Dec 1990
Burkhead, Modeanno dates

Burris, Chloe w/o Rex1917Living
Burris, Rex17 Oct 1905Nov 1975
Cain, Cora (Bryson) d/o B.D. & Sallie (Lawrence) w/o Mack Monroe18 Dec 18877 Mar 1963
Cain, Harold D. "Dick" s/o Mack Monroe & Cora (Bryson) h/o Nina16 Apr 192420 Jul 1997SSDI
Cain, Mack Monroe s/o Stephen Decatur & Laura Lorena (McKenzie)17 Aug 188410 Oct 1974SSDI
Cain, Macklin "Son" s/o Mack Monroe & Cora (Bryson) h/o Elnora (Foster)13 Sep 192614 Dec 2004SSDI
Cain, Morris B. S/Sgt. WWII - lost life in Italy while serving his country s/o Mack Monroe & Cora (Bryson)19131944
Callan, Jerome P.11 Sep 186929 Nov 1937
Callan, Jewel May d/o Roy Hartsel & Laura (Kellar)24 Sep 19251 Oct 1925
Callan, Laura (Kellar) w/o Roy Hartsel20 Jun 190124 Nov 1989SSDI
Callan, Mary Della (Pledger) w/o Jerome P.8 Mar 187322 Feb 1961
Callan, Roy Hartsel (Mason) Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI24 Sep 18959 Mar 1972WWIR SSDI
Cannon, Lillie M. w/o M.E.17 Aug 189812 Jan 1926
Caperton, Thomas W. Ark. Pvt. 162 Dept Brg. WWI26 Jul 189019 May 1956
Carter, James W. "Sonny"18 Dec 19369 Oct 1985
Carter, Joeno dates

Carter, Marlieno dates

Carter, Mrs. dates

Carter, Walter Lee10 Sep 18822 Jan 1968SSDI
Cates, A.C. s/o Cody & Lola19371938
Cates, Asburnno dates

Cates, Bessieno dates

Cates, Birdie Dell w/o Walter9 Mar 1900 23 May 1985
Cates, George W.7 Jul 192627 Oct 1981SSDI
Cates, Henry Edward Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI21 Dec 188715 Apr 1979WWIR
Cates, James L. S/Sgt. US Army WWII27 Oct 19227 Aug 1992SSDI
Cates, John W. h/o Florence Bell (Young)18881962
Cates, Leroy27 Jan 195517 Apr 1956
Cates, Marion M.18671932
Cates, Nora (Gideon) w/o Henry Edward31 Mar 188814 Sep 1981
Cates, Royno dates

Cates, Walter13 Apr 189619 Jun 1940
Cates, William----Jan 1990
Cates, Willie18691932
Chansley, A. Ethelyn (Farmer) Blaylock23 Jan 190927 Aug 1987SSDI
Chesser, James H. s/o James F. & Amanda Elizabeth (Hudson)12 Aug 186612 Jul 1940
Chesser, Rebecca S. (Lemons) d/o Enoch M. & Lucinda (Allen) w/o James H.15 Jul 187711 Dec 1937
Christian, America Ellen (Stafford) w/o John W. b. Dyersburg, TN8 Nov 187121 May 1917
Christian, Ellen Ann d/o Dr. J.A. & VernaB & D6 Sep 1927
Christian, Inf. d/o John W. & America Ellen (Stafford) B & D11 Jan 1895
Christian, Inf. s/o John W. & America Ellen (Stafford) B & D1900
Christian, Dr. J.A. h/o Jannie (Johnson) buried Johnson Family Cemetery, Logan Co., AR18772 May 1940
Christian, James A. s/o John W. & America Ellen (Stafford)9 Mar 1897

Christian, John W.18522 Jul 1938
Christy, Cassie Adline (Dennis) w/o Obie Lester3 Dec 189417 Jan 1983SSDI
Christy, Infantno dates

Christy, Lester s/o Obie Lester & Cassie Adline (Dennis) ----31 Jul 1919
Christy, Luster s/o Obie Lester & Cassie Adline (Dennis) ----15 Apr 1921
Christy, Obie Lester s/o Allen Frank & Julia Etna (Ward) 4 Aug 189816 Mar 1974SSDI
Christy, Obie Lester Jr. s/o Obie Lester & Cassie Adline (Dennis)19212 Feb 1924
Clark, Eva w/o Herbert18 Mar 190012 Feb 1996
Clark, Henry D.29 Sep 192422 Jun 1926
Clark, Herbert3 Dec 1901Living
Clepper, Larry R. s/o Forest Ray & Rosalle Phoebe (Beadman) h/o Marie (Jones)16 Jan 19421 Dec 2006SSDI
Clinton, Bertie s/o W.W. & Elizabeth B.12 Jan 18797 Sep 1899
Clinton, Elizabeth B. w/o W.W.10 Nov 184915 Jan 1916
Clinton, W.W. Civil War CSA19 Oct 1846 2 Nov 1899
Clinton, William Walter28 Nov 18765 Apr 1915
Clopton, Belval Joe s/o Aline (Stewart) Campbell19 Sep 194519 Feb 1977
Clopton, Mary (Earls) w/o Belval Joe (M) 3 Oct 1970194628 Nov 1981
Coffey, Amyno dates

Coffey, Boss W. Ark. Pfc. US Army WWII21 Feb 191225 Jan 1971
Coffey, C.J.18821937
Coffey, Cleo Sarah (Croy) w/o Seth
Additional Info from Cyndy Perkins
22 Aug 189316 Feb 1975 SSDI
Coffey, Edgar Wayne s/o Jerry M. & Mary (Novy)26 Aug 192117 May 1942
Coffey, Edwardno dates

Coffey, Era (Jones) w/o Lester
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
26 May 189825 Oct 1968 SSDI
Coffey, dates

Coffey, Garland Dale s/o George & Rena Barness (Hicks)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
2 Oct 194922 Dec 2003 SSDI
Coffey, George S. b. TN
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
30 Dec 18653 Sep 1930
Coffey, Gibbs J.8 Jul 188214 Jan 1937
Coffey, Gladis E.B & D11 May 1919
Coffey, Hilda Juanita d/o Boss W. & Louise4 Nov 193127 Nov 1931
Coffey, Inf. d/o Jerry M. & Nancy A. (McGuire)B & D12 Nov 1899
Coffey, Inf. s/o George T.B.B & D20 Aug 1939
Coffey, Inf. s/o Jerry M. & Nancy A. (McGuire)28 Nov 190030 Nov 1900
Coffey, Jerry M. M/1 Nancy A. (McGuire) M/2 Mary (Novy)16 Jan 187511 Jul 1951
Coffey, John "Jack" s/o Seth & Cleo (Cory) h/o Myrtle (Jackson) BM2 US Navy WWII5 Sep 191623 Mar 1977
Coffey, John s/o Louizano dates

Coffey, Lester
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
18 Jan 189510 Feb 1972
Coffey, Louise w/o Boss W.14 Dec 191010 Dec 1979
Coffey, Louiza b. TN buried CA----1912
Coffey, Lumno dates

Coffey, Martha A.39 yr 7 mo 1 da12 Oct 1916
Coffey, Mary (Novy) d/o Joseph Sr. 2nd w/o Jerry M.13 Mar 188723 Mar 1975SSDI
Coffey, Mary Louise d/o Boss W. & Louise30 Jan 193718 Apr 1938
Coffey, Nancy A. (McGuire) d/o William & Nancy (Atkins) w/o Jerry M.2 Mar 187722 Mar 1904
Coffey, Neal Cecil s/o Jerry M. & Mary (Novy) Ark. Pvt. US Army WWII
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
28 May 191931 Dec 1968 SSDI
Coffey, Rena Barness (Hicks) d/o Wiley A. & Virgie (Turner) w/o George31 Dec 192025 Jun 2006 SSDI
Coffey, Ruth E. (Brown) w/o Gibbs J.19 Jan 189918 Jan 1976
Coffey, Sara Ann (Foster) w/o George S.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
31 Dec 186823 Jan 1950
Coffey, Seth29 Oct 188728 Jan 1976SSDI
Coffey, Thomas J.187014 Dec 1940
Coffey, Vinia E. w/o William D.7 Feb 189623 Sep 1960
Coffey, William D.10 Dec 18738 Jan 1957
Coleman, Modean (Phillips)22 Oct 191517 Oct 1942
Collins, Eulan Ray "Tom" s/o W.H. f/o James Horace25 Nov 19026 Sep 1976SSDI
Collins, Horace Vernon Ark. Pvt. 127 Inf. 32 Div. US Army WWIca. Dec 189216 Oct 1918WWIR
Collins, Inf./o W.H. & Sarah Lula (Evans)B & D20 Oct 1897
Collins, Sarah Lula (Evans) w/o W.H.11 Apr 186527 Jan 1919
Collins, Sula May d/o W.H. & Sarah Lula (Evans)17 Feb 190126 Dec 1901
Collins, Virgie (McTigritt) w/o Eulan Ray2 Feb 191111 Jan 1996
Collins, dates

Collins, William Knox s/o W.H. & Sarah Lula (Evans)15 Dec 18994 Oct 1900
Conner, James M. b. Mayfield, KY27 Oct 185420 Dec 1930
Conner, Ollie Bell Creek Adams Borders b. KY25 Feb 18684 Apr 1938
Cook, Francis J. d/o W.M. & M.A.24 Oct 188923 May 1911
Cooper, John Zedic187417 Sep 1957
Cooper, Sarah Ellen (McDaniel) w/o John Zedic18831964
Coplan, Bobby Joe19 Feb 193928 Feb 1939
Coplan, Levi dates

Coplan, Lewis L.22 Feb 19052 Dec 1979
Coplan, Syble M. w/o Lewis L.1908Living
Cossey, Babyno dates

Cossey, Bill s/o Ike & Ethel (Underwood) h/o Elsie11 Aug 192123 May 2005SSDI
Cossey, George18691933
Cossey, Isaac William18951931
Cossey, Jimmy F. s/o Perry & Bula Irene (Kendrick) h/o Bertha (England)5 Nov 194225 Jun 2001SSDI
Cossey, Lou18711944
Cossey, Mary dates

Cossey, Perry h/o Bula Irene (Kendrick)12 Apr 190015 Nov 1964
Cossey, Wayne M/1 Zeffie (-------) M/2 Della (-------)10 Apr 190322 Jun 1980
Cossey, Zeffie w/o Wayne4 Jan 189823 Dec 1975
Cowger, Annie M.28 Mar 18698 Mar 1936
Cowger, Daisy M. d/o Tom C. & Rebecca (White)19 Dec 187631 Oct 1893
Cowger, Jacob B. s/o J.H. & L.M.18 Nov 187621 Jun 1882
Cowger, Jacob Henry s/o John & Mecy (Hill) b. Lafayette Co., MS1 Feb 18239 Mar 1881
Cowger, James H.4 Mar 18676 Apr 1930
Cowger, John W. s/o J.H. & Lizzie M.12 Jul 18672 Apr 1886
Cowger, Lizzie M. w/o J.H.2 Feb 184320 Aug 1895
Cowger, Mecie E.5 Jul 185914 Feb 1936
Cowger, Nancy Jane (Jones) w/o William N. d/o William & Isabella (Kerlye)22 Aug 184129 Mar 1893
Cowger, Needham A.7 Sep 18793 May 1945
Cowger, Nettie M. d/o Thomas C. & Matilda (Rogers)10 mo2 Aug 1874
Cowger, Ora E. w/o Needham A.22 Sep 1883 12 Jun 1960
Cowger, Rebecca (White) Bryson w/o Tom C. m/o Daisy M., John H. & Luna65 yr29 May 1916
Cowger, William N. s/o Ira & Elizabeth (Proctor) b. TN Civil War CSA Co. D 15th NW Ark. Inf.8 Nov 183919 May 1905CPF
Cox, Cora Ella (Mitchell) d/o Hiram M. & Cornelia (McMinn) w/o Robert Henry (M) 28 Dec 1904188428 Sep 1965
Cox, Macon Sobiske s/o Andrew Berry & Elizabeth Betsey (Irby)21 Jun 18376 Aug 1886
Cox, Mahala Jane (Gateley) d/o Henry Chambers & Martha (Wallingsford) w/o Macon Sobiske (M) 31 Dec 18684 Feb 18459 Dec 1917
Cox, Robert Henry s/o Macon Sobiske & Mahala Jane (Gateley)12 Jun 187910 Nov 1950
Craft, David Leon (Mason) Ark. Pfc. P.H. 152 Engr. CBT Bn. WWII16 Sep 19107 Jan 1969
Craft, Melba L. (Eastern Star) w/o David Leon1914Living
Craig, Lewisno dates

Cravens, BellB & D1877
Cravens, Emma18541938
Cravens, James W.18471925
Cravens, Susan6 Jun 189324 May 1977
Cravens, William J.18779 Jun 1962
Crawford, Josephine Virginia19071962
Crone, Clarence31 Mar 189723 Feb 1979SSDI
Crone, Claudie Cufes s/o Clarence & Ortha V. (Nuckolls) h/o Ruby (Caviness) Ark. Pvt. US Army WWII19 Mar 192425 Dec 1979SSDI
Crone, Ortha V. (Nuckolls) w/o Clarence30 Apr 190114 Apr 1979
Crone, Ruth dates

Crow, Alma Ruthno dates

Crow, Amy Avo (Gateley) w/o Lennie H.15 Jun 189222 Mar 1989
Crow, Garland L. s/o Lennie H. & Amy Avo (Gateley) h/o Ruth10 Jan 19122 Apr 2005SSDI
Crow, Gladys M. w/o Opal A.15 Aug 1919 Living
Crow, Jim D. "Jimmy" s/o G.L. & Ruth19 May 19397 Nov 2002SSDI
Crow, Lennie H.30 Aug 18879 Apr 1936
Crow, Opal A. s/o Lennie H. & Amy Avo (Gateley)7 Jul 191730 Apr 1993
Croy, Elizabeth4 Nov 191024 Nov 1910
Croy, Mary E. w/o Thomas H.7 Mar 186526 Aug 1937
Croy, Ruel Vivian (Pennington) d/o Jasper Tinsley & Claudia Dell (Blevins) w/o William Grady6 Jul 18998 Sep 1996SSDI
Croy, Thomas H.2 May 185927 Jul 1943
Croy, William Grady Ark. Pfc Co E 111 Engrs 36 Div US Army 29 Sep 189519 Feb 1968SSDI
Croy, Yancy L.10 Aug 18917 Aug 1909
Dacus, 2 Infantsno dates

Dacus, Hettie A. (McCarty) w/o Robert dateafter 1915CPF
Dacus, Dr. Robert H. b. Tipton Co., TN Civil War CSA Co. H 1st Ark Mtd. Rifles7 Oct 1843Apr 1900 CPF
Daniel, Ova6 Nov 190722 Jul 1919
Daniel, Roxie23 Jun 18683 Feb 1932
Davenport, Reba M. (Cain) d/o Mack Monroe & Cora (Bryson)6 Jul 190610 Aug 1998SSDI
Davis, Jesse C. "Red" h/o Edna16 Feb 19194 Aug 2001SSDI
Dawson, -----------no dates

Dawson, Annie Myrtle d/o Henry Clinton & Sarah Elizabeth (McGuire)14 yr 4 mo 19 da13 Aug 1899
Dawson, Emma3 Mar 19117 Aug 1911
Dawson, Harrell Lee10 Mar 192710 Aug 1927
Dawson, John Bostick s/o Tolliver Bostick Jr. & Helen Vaun (Wilson) h/o Magnolia (Campbell)26 Jan 186312 Mar 1934
Dawson, Tall1867Nov 1887
Day, Charles W. Jr. s/o Lennie K.
Day, Lennie K. died same day - buried same grave

Dean, Lewis F.18 Sep 187812 Dec 1916
Deeds, George Thomas19311932
Dennis, Allen19 Mar 1898Aug 1976SSDI
Dennis, Crayten s/o Richard Spradlin1900 1912
Dennis, Freda Fern d/o T.C. & Julia20 Dec 192518 Jan 1929
Dennis, Harold F. Pvt. US Army Korea5 Nov 193213 Jan 1987
Dennis, Infantno dates

Dennis, Mollie C. w/o Allen5 Nov 18975 Feb 1995SSDI
Dennis, Richard Spradlin s/o William James & Sophiah (Moore)25 Apr 185328 Nov 1933
Derrick, Cuthbert Jackson "Jack"29 Aug 18884 Jun 1943
Derrick, Lula L.24 Jan 189331 Jul 1967SSDI
Derrick, Modene (Parsons) d/o Jim & Minnie Erle (Drewrey) w/o Francis1 Jan 192423 Jun 2006 SSDI
Detrick, Joe S. Ark. Pvt. Co. G 59 Inf. US Army WWI P.H.11 Oct 189226 Jun 1963WWIR
Detrick, Johnnie3 Sep 19221 Aug 1942
Detrick, Olanno dates

Dibella, Barbara (Keeling) w/o Gary John (M) 4 Aug 1978 b. Centerville, AR16 Oct 194523 Dec 1978
Dibella, Gary John b. Pittsford, NY25 Mar 194923 Dec 1978
Dobson, Geneno dates

Dobson, John W.19 Dec 186418 Jul 1921
Dobson, Kate M. (Cowger) d/o Thomas C. & Matilda (Rogers) w/o John W.3 Dec 186329 Aug 1937
Dodd, Charles Marvel Pvt. US Army WWI raised by Mr. & Mrs. I.A. Boothe16 Jan 18956 Jan 1986WWIR SSDI
Dodd, Doyle Glendon s/o Charles Marvel & Jewell Lois (Harkey)9 Dec 192522 Feb 1947
Dodd, Gary Don s/o Charles Marvel & Jewell Lois (Harkey)2 Jan 19231 Mar 1937
Dodd, George M.18801958
Dodd, Infantno dates

Dodd, Jewell Lois (Harkey) d/o Joseph H. & Rosalie (Gaydon) w/o Charles Marvel18 Nov 190123 Jan 1978
Dodd, John F. Jr.18921928
Dodd, John F. Sr.18551897
Dodd, Julia Nolen13 Jul 186413 Aug 1952
Dodd, Lee Roy (W of W) h/o Alma (Wordlow) (M) 10 Dec 1916 adopted by I.A. Boothe, age 919 Nov 189627 Oct 1918
Dodd, Mary L.18711939
Dodd, Noliar w/o George M.18821966
Dodd, Sarah w/o W.N.15 Oct 194614 Sep 1909
Dodd, W.N.23 Oct 184620 Apr 1881
Dodd, William22 Aug 188616 Oct 1922
Dodd, Winnie H. w/o John F. dates

Dodson, Rev. Furlon Gist Capt. US Army WWII20 Aug 189822 Jul 1984
Dodson, Nora Lee (Eidson) d/o Roy E. & Verna (McKenzie) w/o Furlon Gist
Obituary from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Funeral Home Announcement
Additional Info and pictures from Harold D. Eidson, Jr.
13 Apr 19113 Sep 2005SSDI
Downs, Floydno dates

Downs, Geraldineno dates

Drake, G.B. b. Charles City Co., VA15 Mar 181220 Apr 1881
Drake, Susan b. Union Town, AL19 Jul 182624 Sep 1899
Dugger, Charles Leo US Navy M/1 Henrietta Louise (Schumell) M/2 Ruby N. "Betty"28 Jan 19178 Jan 2005SSDI
Dunn, Grace V. w/o Harry Mason (Eastern Star)4 Jun 1895May 1980
Dunn, Harry Mason (Mason)18773 Jun 1960
Dyer, Ellen P. (Harrison) d/o E.R. w/o Zachariah Gibbs b. TN 20 Dec 18351 Oct 1888
Dyer, Zachariah Gibbs (Mason) s/o Dr. James S. & Martha (Hallum) Civil War CSA Bennett's Cav. Co. G 2nd TN Cav. Co. F 7th B.N. Tn. Cav.17 Jan 183522 Jan 1931CPF
Earls, Bertha w/o Horace31 Jul 189322 Nov 1964
Earls, Ernest s/o William Henry & Ora (Tilmon)2 May 1912Jan 1971
Earls, Franklin James Ark. S/Sgt. US Army Air Force WWII6 Nov 191821 Jun 1973
Earls, Horace11 Jan 189316 Jun 1978
Earls, Mary (McGuire) d/o D.W. & Nancy (Atkins) w/o William M. (M) 19 Feb 188818681961
Earls, Ora (Tilmon) w/o William Henry30 Sep 189422 Oct 1983SSDI
Earls, Pauline (Parks) w/o Ernest1922Living
Earls, William Henry26 Jul 189115 May 1968SSDI
Earls, William M. "Bill"186214 Feb 1958
Eaton, Eugene Elihu h/o Modean (Sitton)11 Jun 191321 Feb 1985
Eaton, William T. "Tommy"14 May 194613 Jan 1998SSDI
Eidson, A. Rosalie w/o Thermon Ira1 Sep 19146 Jun 1983
Eidson, Archey s/o John W. & Terila E. (Huckaby) - carved on native stone2 yr 2 mo18 Jun 1882
Eidson, Charley s/o John W. & Terila E. (Huckaby)7 mo 11 da26 Mar 1874
Eidson, Cora Alice w/o John W.18486 Sep 1919
Eidson, Infantno dates

Eidson, Infantno dates

Eidson, Inf. d/o Roy E. 16 Nov 19255 Dec 1925
Eidson, Ira O.18861948
Eidson, Irby s/o Roy E.15 Dec 190725 May 1908
Eidson, Jennie Lee d/o J.L. & Ruth27 Sep 194323 Oct 1943
Eidson, John W. s/o Edward & Mary (Manes) b. AL Civil War CSA Co. A 1st TX Inf. & MS Cav.15 Nov 184329 Apr 1923CPF
Eidson, John Wilson s/o Ira O. MM2 US Navy WWII21 Feb 191810 Apr 1983
Eidson, Kriby s/o Roy E.15 Dec 19077 Feb 1908
Eidson, Mildred Eva (Brown) d/o Earl F. & Alice L. (VanValkenburg) w/o John Wilson10 Jul 19182 Feb 2005SSDI
Eidson, Nancy d/o John W. & Terila E. (Huckaby) - carved on native stone9 da2 Aug 1872
Eidson, Nora L. d/o John W. & Terila E. (Huckaby)11 Oct 189010 Dec 1898
Eidson, Rosalie (Peters) w/o Thermon Ira1 Sep 19146 Jun 1983
Eidson, Roy E.27 May 188412 Dec 1966SSDI
Eidson, Ruby L. w/o Ira O.18961987
Eidson, Terila E. (Huckaby) d/o Alfred & Nancy T. w/o John W.15 Nov 18489 Apr 1898
Eidson, Thermon Ira Sgt. US Air Force WWII Korea Vietnam15 Nov 191926 Jun 1987
Eidson, Verna "Vernie" (McKenzie) w/o Roy E.
Additional Info from Harold D. Eidson, Jr.
13 Oct 188613 Feb 1980
Emberson, Freeda (Coffey) d/o Lester & Era (Jones) w/o Charles "Ed"7 Jul 19373 Oct 2002SSDI
Emberson, Larryno dates

Emberson, Lisa Ann3 Jun 19734 Jun 1973
Eoff, Velda Gene (Word)14 Feb 192511 Oct 1989
Evans, Ora (Underwood) d/o Madison Grant & Laura Ellen (Brunson)no dates

Ewton, Henry P. s/o R.L. & Josie13 Dec 190720 Sep 1910
Ewton, R.L.20 Apr 188716 May 1911
Farmer, Annie (Wood) d/o Obe W. & Susan A. w/o Shade (M) 18 Dec 187918611922
Farmer, Baby
Farmer, Bertha Cook18931912
Farmer, Charles Loyd s/o Walter Lee14 Jan 192416 Feb 1943
Farmer, Clyde G. (Hodge) "Dody" w/o Lamar S.11 Sep 1917Living
Farmer, Floyd
Farmer, Jackno dates

Farmer, Jim s/o Walter Lee & Laura M. (Limbird)
One Year
Farmer, Lamar S. "Snookim" s/o R. Pete & Mary Ethel (Moore)9 Feb 191627 Mar 1982
Farmer, Lance Elbert s/o Walter Lee & Laura M. (Limbird) 7 Jul 19118 Oct 1975SSDI
Farmer, Laura M. (Limbird) w/o Walter Lee3 Feb 18842 Jun 1953
Farmer, Lee s/o Walter Lee & Laura M. (Limbird)1 dano dates
Farmer, Mary Ethel (Moore) d/o George & Mary (Garner) w/o R. Pete6 Jul 18874 Mar 1976
Farmer, Mattie E. (Williamson)18701939
Farmer, Pauline (Ewton) w/o Lance Elbertno dates

Farmer, R. Pete s/o Shade & Annie (Wood)8 Aug 18873 Mar 1943
Farmer, Reamon18981943
Farmer, Rubyno dates

Farmer, Shade18571922
Farmer, Walter Lee s/o Shade & Annie (Wood)9 Aug 188212 Jul 1972SSDI
Farmer, Zola (Crow) 2nd w/o Walter Lee30 Jan 189929 Jul 1992SSDI
Fink, Cecil Ray (Mason)3 Mar 189229 Jun 1942
Fink, George Benjamin Sr. h/o Elizabeth (Grace)9 Jul 19162 Mar 2002SSDI
Fink, Grace Inez d/o Cecil Ray & Uda (Edmundson)22 Jul 19158 May 1918
Fink, John Dewell "Daddy"7 May 19066 Feb 1945
Fink, Louno dates

Fink, Patricia Ann d/o Leon & Francis (Swilley)19531954
Fink, Paul Russell s/o George Benjamin Sr. & Elizabeth (Grace)7 Jan 19507 Nov 2005SSDI
Fink, Uda (Edmundson) w/o Cecil Ray25 Aug 189425 Oct 1981
Fink, Verna Lee "Sister"14 Apr 192521 Nov 1926
Finkenbinder, Morris30 Mar 1906Oct 1962
Finkenbinder, Virginia w/o Morris10 Aug 1908Dec 1986SSDI
Fitch, J.R.11 Dec 192213 Feb 1929
Fitch, James Harrison (Mason)18781 Jul 1958
Fitch, Jocy w/o James Harrison18811970
Flinn, Dorothy (Musko)8 Aug 19209 Sep 1986SSDI
Foster, Jessie24 Oct 1893May 1963
Foster, Rosie (Keeling) w/o Jessie d/o Abe C. & Willie Belle (Ivy)190924 Nov 1960
Fowler, Edwin U. s/o R.L. & Inez20 Sep 19201 Sep 1935
Fowler, Infant d/o R.L. & InezB & D23 Jun 1918
Fowler, Lena w/o N.W.13 Dec 187124 Dec 1946
Fowler, N.W.10 Jan 187124 Dec 1946
Fraser, -------------no dates

Fraser, Frances G. d/o John Ranstom & Mary Ellen (Campbell)9 Jul 190518 Jan 1906
Fraser, Franklin Lamar s/o John Ranstom & Mary Ellen (Campbell)27 Sep 190925 Mar 1973SSDI
Fraser, Hazel (Adcock) w/o Franklin Lamar22 Feb 191013 Mar 1991
Fraser, John Ranstom (W of W)21 Dec 1870 16 Jan 1910
Fraser, Lamar Franklin s/o Franklin Lamar & Hazel (Adcock) h/o Shirley (Simmons)6 Sep 19371 Sep 2002SSDI
Fraser, Mary Ellen (Campbell) d/o Irvine Alexander & Martha Jane (McMinn) w/o John Ranstom1 Dec 187014 May 1941
Fraser, Serseyno dates

Fraser, Simon16 Aug 18363 Aug 1911
Fraser, Stacey A.23 Jun 184713 Sep 1924
Freeman, Anna L. w/o William Roy13 Mar 19222 Oct 2001SSDI
Freeman, Sallie Jane1 Jul 19016 Jun 1987
Freeman, Shirley A. (Eidson) d/o Anna LeeB & D10 Jan 1952
Freeman, William Roy Pfc. US Army WWII17 Jul 192131 May 1986SSDI
Fulton, Annie Grace w/o Bob20 May 1878 19 Sep 1968
Fulton, Bob s/o Robert & Sarah (Yearwood)7 Mar 187726 May 1959
Fulton, William Ray22 Mar 191714 Jul 1989SSDI
Furlon, Gist Dodson Capt. US Army WWII20 Aug 189822 Jul 1984
Furr, Dove (Bullard) Moore M/1 M.B. Moore18881926
Furr, Lillian Crittenden s/o James M. & Frances (Lowder) 18761919
Furr, Maggie w/o Lillian Crittenden1877 1954
Gabbard, Clarence W.25 Jan 190328 Jan 1978
Gabbard, Lucille (Tilman) w/o Clarence W.27 Oct 190720 Nov 1992
Gaddis, Emily10 Jun 18986 Jan 1966
Gaddis, John16 Nov 188810 Aug 1978SSDI
Gandy, Baby19 Aug 190018 Aug 1901
Gandy, Elmer C.7 Feb 188930 Nov 1964
Gandy, Julius31 Jan 18615 Feb 1915
Gandy, Nettie M. w/o Julius4 Jul 18664 Jan 1950
Gandy, Ustie11 Jan 188618 Aug 1886
Gardner, Bessieno dates

Gardner, Joyce R. (Shelden) d/o Rayfield & Christine (Larson) w/o Jack16 Feb 192229 Jul 2003SSDI
Gardner, Miltonno dates

Garner, Ada (Hill) d/o Tobe w/o Robert Lee10 Dec 18801 Aug 1927
Garner, Carrie (Mitchell) w/o Robert L.26 Oct 186222 Jul 1906
Garner, Chess (Parker) d/o George R. & Susan w/o Walter Lee10 Feb 188726 Jan 1917
Garner, Columbus F. s/o Charles & Elender (White) b. SC 27 Jan 182716 Oct 1899
Garner, Earl (Mason) s/o Robert Lee & Carrie (Mitchell) 18971947
Garner, Edith Rose d/o Earl & Johnnie (Gault)10 Oct 192128 Jul 1923
Garner, Fannie Myrtle (Hames) Bailey twin s/o George C. Hames d/o Milton A. & Elizabeth Lavonnia (Huckaby) M/1 Tom B. Bailey M/2 Mack Garner13 Dec 188322 Jun 1961
Garner, Geraldine d/o Virgil & Estelle29 Dec 192929 Dec 1936
Garner, Horace L. h/o Ginger S/Sgt. US Army WWII23 Feb 192020 May 1992
Garner, Infant d/o Robert Lee & Carrie (Mitchell)B & D15 Nov 1902
Garner, John H. s/o Columbus F. & Nancy Jane (Fowler)12 Dec 185020 Jul 1920
Garner, Juanita2 May 192611 Jan 1995
Garner, Lucinda (Page) d/o John & Elizabeth (Vaughn) w/o Thomas JeffersonDec 183025 Jun 1914
Garner, Martha A. w/o John H.16 Oct 1845 4 Apr 1923
Garner, Nancy Jane (Fowler) d/o Moorman w/o Columbus F.18 Dec 183013 Nov 1893
Garner, Palina d/o Columbus F. & Nancy Jane (Fowler)9 Sep 18591 Mar 1889
Garner, Robert Lee "Bob" s/o Columbus F. & Nancy Jane (Fowler) b. SC11 Jun 186411 Mar 1941
Garner, Virgil Winford s/o Virgil & Estelle17 Dec 192314 May 1924
Garner, Walter Lee (Mason)22 Nov 18854 Jul 1970
Garraway, Lorano dates

Gartrell, Anna Lee w/o Lewis C.9 Apr 1925Living
Gartrell, Inf. s/o Lewis C. & Anna LeeB & D6 Jan 1948
Gartrell, Inf. s/o Lewis C. & Anna LeeB & D29 Sep 1952
Gartrell, Lewis C.11 Sep 19216 Oct 1972
Gass, Sherry Lee (Eidson) d/o John Wilson & Mildred Eva (Brown)29 Apr 195415 Dec 1991
Gateley, Arthurno dates

Gateley, Earl M.21 Dec 19075 Jan 1936
Gateley, Edmond E.21 Sep 19068 Aug 1907
Gateley, Francis w/o Isaac James6 Sep 185628 Mar 1942
Gateley, Herbert E.5 Oct 188027 Jan 1981SSDI
Gateley, Hettie May w/o Herbert E.18 Oct 18852 Apr 1960
Gateley, Isaac James s/o Henry Chambers & Martha (Wallingsford) b. Gibson Co., TN9 Feb 183921 Jun 1915
Gateley, Martha27 Dec 188712 Feb 1940
Gateley, Martha C.25 Dec 183523 Mar 1872
Gateley, Robert Wayne s/o R.D. 2nd Lt. 312 TRP Carr Sq. AAF WWII9 Mar 192218 Feb 1966
Gaydon, Dogan H. Ark. Pvt. Coast Arty. Corps. WWI16 Mar 18874 Nov 1937WWIR
George, Charley L.14 Mar 190411 Mar 1975SSDI
George, Ernest Sylvester "Tud"26 Jun 190628 Dec 1992SSDI
George, Gail dates

George, Isabell Lacy
Additional Info from Barbara Shiflett
27 Aug 187324 Dec 1931
George, Kyle WayneB & D26 Oct 1969
George, Lexine H. "Lexie" (Cofer) w/o Walter John "Bill" m/o Mary Ella & Patsy Virginia23 Aug 190613 Jul 1934
George, Lucille w/o Ernest Sylvester1910 1951
George, Macie P. w/o Charley L. (M) 12 Sep 192425 Feb 190720 Apr 1954
George, Sylvester25 yr 9 mo 12 da23 Jan 1951
George, Virginia Irene d/o J.A. & Ivory25 Jan 19201 Apr 1922
Geurian, Anne Lue21 Jan 18917 Feb 1948
Geurian, Arrah M. (Jones) w/o Oscar B.17 Sep 18818 Jun 1941
Geurian, Dr. Benjamin Gus - Minister h/o Tennessee Delia (Paterson)18 Apr 18548 Feb 1935
Geurian, Bennie Floyd US Army WWII11 May 190824 Jan 1990SSDI
Geurian, Inezno dates

Geurian, Infantno dates

Geurian, James C.8 Apr 188230 Apr 1945
Geurian, James dates

Geurian, Oscar B.5 Dec 188428 Apr 1963
Geurian, Prudiano dates

Gillespie, Hershel Leon19158 Apr 1963
Gillespie, Winnie (Cooper) d/o John Zedic & Sarah Ellen (McDaniel) w/o Hershel Leon26 Aug 191526 May 2001
Gillum, Clettis19251932
Gillum, Orene w/o Clettis3 Apr 190616 Mar 1987
Gooch, Ivory Gussie16 Jan 190413 Mar 1962
Gooch, Kie Theodore "Pete" s/o David Drury & Sarah Love (Woodall)3 Oct 190611 Feb 2000SSDI
Gooch, Lottie Mae w/o Luther W.22 Nov 1917Living
Gooch, Luther W.30 Dec 190715 Aug 1999
Gooch, Mildred (Banks) w/o Kie Theodore26 Jan 191610 Jul 1985SSDI
Gooch, Mildred Evelyn (Swayze) w/o Ivory Gussie17 May 1916Living
Gooch, dates

Gooch, Sarah Love (Woodall) w/o David Drury22 Sep 187011 Jan 1945
Gorden, Nancy (Spencer)6 Apr 18634 Dec 1949
Grace, Beatrice (Penrose) w/o Frank17 Nov 191927 Nov 2003SSDI
Grace, Charles E. HMCS US Navy WWII22 Jun 192814 Jan 1994SSDI
Grace, Christopher C. s/o John Allen & Mary Elizabeth (Thomas)8 Jan 188626 Oct 1969SSDI
Grace, Cleo E. (Moore) d/o L.C. & Susan (Hudson) w/o Christopher C.22 Apr 18926 Apr 1974 SSDI
Grace, Clyde (Moore) w/o Roy W.7 Nov 188912 May 1951
Grace, David Harmon7 Nov 18711 Dec 1888
Grace, Edna Faye (Kuhn) w/o Wilson W.1920Living
Grace, Edna L. (Wallace) d/o Otha L. & Walsie (Huffman) w/o Charles E. (M) 10 Apr 19512 Oct 193210 Mar 1994
Grace, John Allen Ark. Pfc. US Army WWII8 Jan 19249 Mar 1990
Grace, Robbie L. w/o John Allen1929Living
Grace, Roy W. s/o John & Bettie (Thomas)4 Sep 188022 Sep 1938
Grace, Thomas h/o Ruby Nell (Kuhn) (M) 22 Dec 1940 T/Sgt. US Army WWII20 Nov 19131 Jan 1985
Grace, Thomas Richard "Rickey" s/o Thomas & Ruby Nell (Kuhn)5 Jul 194716 Aug 1978
Grace, Wilson W. s/o Roy W. & Clyde (Moore)26 May 191626 Jul 1978
Gray, Andrew Jackson Sr. b. MS Minister M/1 Mary P. (Atkins) M/2 Mary Ann (McCain) Civil War CSA Co. A 5th MS Inf.18 Nov 184417 Mar 1922CPF
Gray, David Franklin s/o Andrew Jackson Sr. & Mary P. (Atkins) M/1 Edna (Piercy) M/2 Rosa Ellen (Dean)17 Jan 18807 Mar 1930
Gray, Edna (Piercy) w/o David Franklin5 Nov 188411 Nov 1905
Gray, Essie Jane d/o Andrew Jackson Jr. & Nettie V. (Gateley)24 Sep 190718 May 1908
Gray, George Lee s/o Andrew Jackson Sr. & Mary P. (Atkins) M/1 Francis (Callan) M/2 Sidney Ann (Liles)6 Jan 1872 14 Aug 1929
Gray, Homer Leroy s/o Joseph Homer & Zena Erma (Oliver) 22 Oct 19215 Jul 1922
Gray, Inf. s/o David Franklin & Edna (Piercy)B & D8 Nov 1905
Gray, Inf./o Andrew Jackson Jr. & Nettie V. (Gateley)no dates

Gray, John Thomas "Tom" s/o George Lee & Sidney Ann (Liles)2 Sep 191118 Oct 1992
Gray, Joseph Homer s/o Andrew Jackson Sr. & Mary Ann (McCain)11 Mar 1892Jul 1974
Gray, Mary Ann (McCain) d/o Richard & Sarah Jane (Wallace) 2nd w/o Andrew Jackson Sr.13 Nov 185017 Jul 1936CPF
Gray, Rosa Ellen (Dean) 2nd w/o David Franklin20 Nov 188021 Oct 1952
Gray, Sidney Ann (Liles) 2nd w/o George Lee8 Dec 187121 Mar 1935
Gray, Vadus Franklin s/o George Lee & Francis (Callan) 22 Feb 19027 Feb 1958
Gray, Vera L. (Hardistar) w/o Vadus Franklin (M) 20 May 1924 29 Jul 19027 Nov 1979
Gray, Willie Grace "Bill" (Roberts) d/o Fenner M. & Ethel Amanda (Madison) w/o John Thomas (M) 15 Jul 19338 Jul 191123 Dec 1990
Gray, Zena Erma (Oliver) d/o Meade w/o Joseph Homer (M) 21 Dec 192010 Oct 1896Apr 1973
Gross, Joe----1936/37
Guest, Frank L. s/o T.E. & Lizzie30 May 190228 May 1904
Guest, John W.184015 May 1880
Guest, Samantha A.8 Aug 183818 Oct 1880
Guinn, Jamesno dates

Guyton, Arch Jr. s/o J.A. & Effie27 Aug 191727 Jul 1918
Guyton, James dates

Hall, dates

Halliburton, Thomas J. s/o David N. & Mattie J. (Cotton) 13 Jan 188219 Jan 1882
Hamlin, James Alexander s/o Hezekiah & Abigail T. (Shepherd) h/o Matilda Ann (Keller) (M) 2 Oct 188426 Jun 185627 Feb 1939
Hampton, Louiseno dates

Hansell, Jewel14 Mar 19097 Aug 1986
Harkey, Joseph H. s/o Dr. William Isaac & Artemesia (Vick)21 Feb 187119 Mar 1928
Harkey, Rosalie (Gaydon) 1st w/o Joseph H.2 Jun 187220 Dec 1918
Harkey, Vida E. Barry Wilson (Eastern Star) d/o William Harrison & Minnie Bell M/1 ----- Wilson M/2 Joseph H. Harkey16 Oct 18865 Jun 1922
Harkins, Wesley10 Aug 191331 Oct 1914
Harmon, Anna Claire d/o T.A. & Alma13 Apr 191514 Sep 1940
Harper, Annie May (Shepherd) d/o G.M. & M.A. w/o John Grogan12 Aug 187818 Sep 1904
Harper, John Grogan s/o Samuel David & Margaret (McKee) 14 Nov 187118 Jan 1902
Harper, Margaret "Maggie" (McKee) d/o John & Carolyn E. (Loftin) w/o Samuel David27 Oct 184719 Jan 1902
Harper, Samuel D.30 Aug 184819 Jul 1929
Harper, Samuel F.27 Feb 190017 Jul 1913
Harrison, Henryno dates

Hasty, Inf. s/o J.H. & AdaB & D 10 Feb 1928
Hasty, Thomas Edward s/o T.M. & Dovie22 Feb 192416 Dec 1933
Hatfield, Clarenceno dates

Hayes, Robert E. Lee s/o Lee Parker & Mary Leah (Sims) ca. 1892no date
Haynes, Clarence4 Feb 191723 Aug 1981
Haynes, Ruth w/o Clarence5 Mar 1918Living
Hearn, Olene d/o J.A. & Rosa10 Feb 192120 Jan 1923
Henderson, Ellen29 Apr 184726 Apr 1926
Henderson, Lafayette14 Sep 185021 Dec 1921
Hickey, Chester Lee "Dude"19031955
Hickey, Miss Elmer20 Jun 190126 Dec 1982SSDI
Hickey, Reece Hogan
Additional Info from Vickie
Hickey, Siller "Sarah" Giles Bragg w/o Reece Hogan
Additional Info from Vickie
Hickey, Vada Irene (Harkey) d/o Joseph H. & Rosalie (Gaydon) w/o Chester Lee "Dude"28 Nov 190614 Aug 1992
Hickey, William Lee GM2 US Navy WWII s/o Chester Lee & Vada Irene (Harkey)5 Jan 192531 Oct 1989SSDI
Hickman, Clara23 Sep 189517 Oct 1977
Hicks, Elva Lee w/o James A.29 Nov 1919 19 Apr 1964
Hicks, Reta Nell d/o James A. & Elva Lee13 Feb 195717 Feb 1957
Hicks, Virgie (Turner) w/o Wiley A.29 Sep 18892 Feb 1979SSDI
Hicks, Wiley A.19 Aug 18839 Nov 1955
Hill, Cecil20 Feb 190513 Jun 1977SSDI
Hill, Haley Mae (Moore) w/o H.B.1 Oct 18909 Sep 1944
Hill, Laura Marie w/o Otha (M) 8 Mar 194122 Sep 1924Living
Hill, Luiza w/o A.P.3 Jul 184912 Aug 1912
Hill, Otha20 Feb 191326 Sep 1989SSDI
Holland, Artie O. (Powers) w/o Louis E.4 Feb 189426 Jan 1993SSDI
Holland, Claude B. s/o Thomas E. & Mary Rebecca (Boothe) 19041957
Holland, Effie L. (Ryals) w/o Roy N.8 Sep 1903Apr 1981
Holland, Inf. twin s/o Thomas E. & Mary Rebecca (Boothe) B & D6 Apr 1916
Holland, Inf. twin s/o Thomas E. & Mary Rebecca (Boothe) 6 Apr 191615 Apr 1915
Holland, Lena Roberta (Tankersley) d/o Ellis & Etta (Kerns) w/o Robert Lee29 Aug 192425 Nov 2005SSDI
Holland, Louis E. (W of W)12 Oct 189321 Nov 1949
Holland, Martha Rebecca d/o Roy N. & Effie L. (Ryals)7 Aug 192616 Feb 1943
Holland, Mary Rebecca (Boothe) w/o Thomas E.18 Dec 18762 Feb 1930
Holland, R.B. (W of W)3 Jan 189011 Sep 1920
Holland, Robert Lee Ark. T/Sgt. 5 CMBT Cargo Sq. AAF WWII4 Nov 191923 Jan 1971
Holland, Roy N. s/o Thomas E. & Mary Rebecca (Boothe)2 Apr 1902Oct 1970SSDI
Holland, Ruth Ann d/o Thomas E. & Mary Rebecca (Boothe) 26 May 1905Mar 1982SSDI
Holland, Thomas E.7 Mar 187524 Mar 1949
Holland, Thomas L. w/o Thomas E. & Mary Rebecca (Boothe) 18 Apr 19076 Feb 1921
Holley, John Lonell s/o William Andrew & Mary Orbie (Scott)20 Jun 191920 Oct 1984SSDI
Holley, Mary Orbie (Scott) w/o William Andrew (M) 26 Apr 191414 Feb 18966 Oct 1991SSDI
Holley, Scott Jackson MOMM 2 US Navy s/o William Andrew & Mary Orbie (Scott)14 Dec 192123 Jan 1984SSDI
Holley, William Andrew7 May 188527 Jul 1941
Holt, Royey9 Dec 188921 Aug 1971
Hooker, Neva12 Mar 191613 Mar 1920
Howell, --------6 Mar 188621 --- 1898
Howell, Claude Reid s/o Hazen A. & Mildred (McKenzie)31 May 19272 Nov 1941
Howell, Hazen A.6 Jul 19078 Apr 1957
Howell, J.F.12 Jan 184928 Apr 1924
Howell, Lettie1 Mar 189018 Aug 1964
Howell, Mildred (McKenzie) d/o John Edgar & Martha E. (Cook) w/o Hazen A.11 Jun 19045 Feb 2004 SSDI
Howell, Missouri Ann w/o J.F.18 Feb 1862 3 Sep 1937
Howell, Morris J.28 Oct 190910 May 1943
Howell, Ora G. (Worsham) w/o Thomas Otho1 Aug 188527 Feb 1937
Howell, Sadie28 Jun 18946 Dec 1974
Howell, Thomas Otho14 May 188524 Aug 1979
Huckaby, Hardenia W. s/o F.C. & H.W.5 Apr 184726 Nov 1882
Huckaby, Irby A. s/o F.C. & H.W.13 Aug 18814 Mar 1882
Huckaby, Nancy T. w/o Alfred24 Mar 1811 12 Feb 1881
Hudlow, Edward Jackie SP 4 US Army Korea1 Jul 19332 Jun 1990
Hudlow, Joyce L.11 May 190310 Jul 1988SSDI
Hudlow, Lela May w/o Joyce L.16 Aug 1903 4 Apr 1990SSDI
Hudlow, Linda w/o Edward Jackie (M) 28 Jan 1961
Hudson PlotPicture

Hudson, Charles P.9 Mar 18849 Jul 1978
Hudson, Eula T. w/o Homer Claud1897Living
Hudson, Homer Claud188513 Feb 1952
Hudson, J.H. b. SC12 Jun 18263 Dec 1889
Hudson, J.T.24 Jul 185930 May 1925
Hudson, Miss Jane d/o Charles Pinkney & Mary Emma (Walkup)26 Sep 18883 Nov 1978
Hudson, Mary Emma (Walkup) w/o Charles Pinkney1 Mar 185620 Feb 1891
Hudson, Mary L. w/o J.H.31 Aug 18269 Jan 1892
Hudson, Mollie G. w/o J.T.7 Aug 186126 Jan 1940
Hudson, Nona T.15 Aug 191927 Dec 1978
Hudson, Porter H.10 Jun 188112 Aug 1967SSDI
Hudson, Miss Vida d/o Charles Pinkney & Mary Emma (Walkup)13 Aug 188229 Oct 1968SSDI
Huffman, Elizabeth25 Nov 189221 Aug 1938
Hulsey, Jewell (Meadors) w/o W.C. (M) 12 Nov 1916 m/o Carra Jewell Hulsey d/o L.E.11 Feb 18981 Apr 1924
Hulsey, Mary Lee d/o W.C. & Jewell (Meadors)6 Jan 192225 Aug 1922
Hulsey, Sallieno dates

Hulsey, Susie w/o W.J. b. Chattanooga, TN arrived Yell Co. 1881187220 Jan 1924
Hundley, Edith Lillian (Parker) w/o Springer Winfield16 Dec 189629 Jun 1962
Hundley, James W. "Poker" s/o Springer Winfield & Edith Lillian (Parker)14 Aug 192030 Jun 2001SSDI
Hundley, Springer Winfield14 Mar 18981 Jan 1982SSDI
Hutcherson, Edna Lorene (Day) w/o Amos2 Dec 193524 Mar 2001SSDI
Hurlburt, Jo Ann (Crone) d/o Claudie Cufes & Ruth (Caviness) w/o Howard30 Dec 19555 Sep 2004SSDI
Infant, 4 Unknownno dates

Ives, Mary Cosseyno dates

Ivie, W.T.18 Jan 185727 Jul 1929
Jackson, Glenn Dale20 Jul 19347 Feb 1977
Janesen, Robert P. s/o J.H. & Goldie27 May 193015 Feb 1932
Jetton, Bessie w/o John3 Jul 1903Sep 1985SSDI
Jetton, John (W of W) Ark. Pvt. US Army24 Dec 18958 May 1965
Johnston, Ethel (Cates)18911911
Johnston, Joe Hardy Ark. Pvt. Bty. C 150 Fld. Arty. WWI17 Mar 189924 Sep 1969WWIR
Johnston, John M.B & D1911
Jones, Albertno dates

Jones, Annie B.9 Sep 18999 Dec 1993SSDI
Jones, Cena B. w/o George T.29 Apr 1888 9 Jun 1966
Jones, Charles Jr. s/o C.W. & SheillaB & D19 Aug 1918
Jones, Claudno dates

Jones, Edna Mae (Coffey) d/o Seth & Cleo (Cory) w/o Joseph Thurman5 Dec 192215 Apr 2004SSDI
Jones, Ellen Christianno dates

Jones, George T.18 May 189214 Oct 1963
Jones, Harel Hoyt h/o Wilma Louise WWII26 Jun 192329 Nov 1981
Jones, Inf. s/o Joseph Thurman & Edna Mae (Coffey)no dates

Jones, Inf. s/o Joseph Thurman & Edna Mae (Coffey)no dates

Jones, James dates

Jones, John Ollie31 Jul 189328 May 1914
Jones, Joseph Thurman Pfc. US Army WWII191431 Oct 1985
Jones, Lottie (Hovis) d/o L.H. & E. Lavena w/o W.D.189621 Sep 1935
Jones, Mattie A.22 May 184322 Feb 1910
Jones, Mollie Ann (Coffey) w/o Robert Alexander11 Sep 186818 Mar 1946
Jones, Robertno dates

Jones, Robert AlexanderOct 1858no date
Jones, Vernon s/o Jeff & Neva Maude (Sexton) M/1 Ocie (Stout) M/2 Bernice (Shinn)190417 Feb 1954
Jones, Vest Civil War CSA Co. H 1st AR Mtd. Rifles 15th Inf. no dates
Jones, Willno dates

Jordan, Daniel Jackson1 Dec 188813 Nov 1963
Jordan, Virgie (Brown) w/o Daniel Jackson25 May 190617 Jan 1992
Kaden, Darleen M.19121944
Kee, Adener (Moore) d/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner) w/o William M.18781960
Kee, Inf. s/o J.H. & BonnieB & D 1 Aug 1915
Kee, Leroy s/o C.V. & Murl23 Dec 191817 Sep 1931
Kee, Modean d/o C.V. & Murl16 Dec 191617 Sep 1931
Kee, William M.18611923
Keeling, Bonnie Fay (Aldrich) d/o Clarence & Minnie (Echols) w/o Eugene "Boog"14 Jul 192628 Mar 2001SSDI
Keeling, Kande GailB & D9 Oct 1971
Kendrick, Alonzo "Lon"21 Apr 189113 Nov 1974
Kendrick, Inf. s/o Alonzo & Pearl (Brown)no dates

Kendrick, Inf. s/o Alonzo & Pearl (Brown)no dates

Kendrick, Pearl (Brown) w/o Alonzo14 Dec 189411 Jul 1980SSDI
Kendrick, Robert L. s/o Alonzo & Pearl (Brown)28 Nov 192012 Apr 1989SSDI
Kendrick, William "Bill" s/o Alonzo & Pearl (Brown)22 Feb 192815 Aug 1984
King, Elma (Hudson) d/o Charles Pinkney & Mary Emma (Walkup)9 Mar 18849 Jul 1978
Koone, Angelia Grace d/o Ray & Barbara (Grace) gr-d/o Wilson W. & Edna Faye (Kuhn) GraceB & D7 Sep 1966
Krieg, Mary Virginia (Eidson) d/o Roy E. & Verna (McKenzie) w/o Robert26 Aug 19185 Jun 2006SSDI
Kuhn, Andrew J. s/o Joseph4 Mar 184823 Dec 1922
Kuhn, Bettie (Underwood) w/o Ruben Shirley28 Dec 186726 Sep 1930
Kuhn, Elliott s/o Andrew J. & Martha T. (Nolen)20 Jan 189118 Jun 1891
Kuhn, Elton s/o Andrew J. & Martha T. (Nolen)20 Jan 189118 Jun 1891
Kuhn, Franklin Blanton29 Jul 193025 May 1989
Kuhn, Gracie L. d/o Ruben Shirley & Bettie (Underwood) 23 Apr 189719 Sep 1897
Kuhn, Jennie L. d/o Ruben Shirley & Bettie (Underwood) 10 Apr 190216 Jul 1902
Kuhn, Jimmy s/o Ruben Shirley & Bettie (Underwood)21 Nov 190320 Aug 1905
Kuhn, Joseph29 Jul 18159 Jul 1898
Kuhn, Lota S. (Piercy) w/o Noah L.1890 1971
Kuhn, Mattie I. w/o Andrew J.16 Mar 1861 28 Feb 1891
Kuhn, Noah L. s/o Ruben Shirley & Bettie (Underwood)30 Apr 1892Jan 1969SSDI
Kuhn, Ruben Shirley2 Oct 18496 Feb 1923
Kuhn, Sarah Elizabet (McGuire) d/o William & Nancy (Atkins) w/o Andrew J.16 Jun 186718 Mar 1904
Kuhn, Susan w/o Josephno dateMay 1887
Kuhn, Walter s/o Ruben Shirley & Bettie (Underwood)16 Oct 18859 Nov 1886
Kuhn, William Asbury (Mason)9 Feb 1837 19 Feb 1907
Lafferty, Alton Raymond S1 US Navy WWII24 Jan 191225 Dec 1982SSDI
Lafferty, Bertha M. (Woods) d/o John Henry & Lida Mae (Chesser) w/o Alton (M) 4 Nov 193316 Mar 191615 Feb 1979
Lancaster, Richard D.20 Mar 18838 Jan 1903
Land, Alice E. w/o James M.10 Aug 1894 24 Feb 1979SSDI
Land, James M.2 May 187813 Jun 1966SSDI
Land, William David16 Oct 191825 Oct 1918
Landers, Edith w/o Jesse B.1904Living
Landers, Jesse B.18991969
Lane, Anna Faye "Annie" w/o Sonny29 Jul 19371 Jan 1993SSDI
Lane, Ara "Brother"10 Sep 19033 Jul 1922
Lane, Buddy Joe "Jack"17 Jul 1926Living
Lane, Elsie (Willcott) w/o Ollie Short11 Feb 19152 Aug 1989
Lane, Joe J. "Father"1 Jan 187914 Jan 1950
Lane, Lillie Mae w/o Buddy Joe14 Jun 193028 Mar 1990
Lane, Ollie Short15 Mar 190822 Mar 1984
Lane, Ora Pvt. US Army WWII10 Jun 1905 24 Apr 1988SSDI
Latham, Robertno dates

Lawson, Berness19041927
Lawson, Dennisno dates

Lawson, Elizabeth E. (Moore) d/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner) w/o George W.10 Sep 188225 Nov 1924
Lawson, Ernest U. s/o George W. & Elizabeth E. (Moore) 19 Jul 190217 Jun 1904
Lawson, Geneva G. d/o George W. & Elizabeth E. (Moore) 13 Oct 190721 Sep 1909
Lawson, George W.13 Apr 18779 May 1948
Lawson, Madgeno dates

Lawson, Mildred E. d/o George W. & Elizabeth E. (Moore) 2 Aug 190917 Nov 1910
Leeper, Lena R.16 Oct 188917 Nov 1889
Lewis, Mornin Golden w/o S.N.4 Mar 1894 19 Nov 1976
Lievsay, Brenda K. d/o James E. & Doris F. (McGuire)7 Feb 194516 Mar 1993SSDI
Lievsay, Doris F. (McGuire) d/o James Lee & Nora 1st w/o James E.1 May 192529 Dec 1979
Lievsay, Gertie Lou (Manes) d/o Williamson McNair & Mary Ann (Shipman) 2nd w/o James M.30 May 191128 Nov 1981SSDI
Lievsay, Hattie (Burt) 1st w/o James M.22 Apr 18856 Feb 1943
Lievsay, James E. (Mason) Sgt. 1st Class US Army WWII s/o James Martin & Hattie (Burt) M/1 Doris F. (McGuire) M/2 Virginia (Smith) Branch13 Dec 19194 Feb 2004SSDI
Lievsay, James M. "Jim"10 Jul 188927 Dec 1976SSDI
Littleton, Annie Maye (Holland)8 Apr 192915 Mar 1991
Loupe, Maggie w/o Sam24 Jul 188823 Nov 1985SSDI
Loupe, Sam14 Aug 1883Mar 1973
Low, Onano dates

Lowrey, William Delton13 Feb 188815 Feb 1936
Lundy, Francis d/o Loyd6 Sep 19274 Oct 1928
Lyon, Albert18 Mar 189011 Aug 1980
Lyon, Garland Malbry3 Dec 191918 Oct 1921
Lyon, Lucy J. w/o Albert28 Jan 189321 Sep 1971
Lyon, Ona d/o Albert & Lucy J.16 Oct 191629 Jun 1917
Manasco, Geneva (Beck) d/o Earl & Gladys (Dixon) w/o Noble Lewis16 Aug 19233 Apr 2006SSDI
Manasco, Noble Lewis s/o Cleo & Eva (Price)1 Aug 191720 Nov 2005SSDI
Manes, Janie Marie d/o Bill & Myrtle
28 Nov 1944
Manes, Leo Alfonzo s/o Williamson McNair & Mary Ann (Shipman)14 Mar 18984 Sep 1950
Manes, Nancy Cleo Haster (Christian) Collins d/o John W. & America Ellen (Stafford) M/1 Eulan Ray Collins M/2 Leo Alfonzo Manes15 Nov 190510 Oct 1976
Marler, Ruby Gladys6 Mar 190224 Nov 1932
Martin, dates

Martin, Guyno dates

Martin, Winnie (Benefield)24 Sep 18953 Jun 1925
Mashburn, Eunice (Nolen) w/o Roger W.24 Sep 189819 May 1992
Mashburn, Garland Terry27 Jul 189524 May 1974SSDI
Mashburn, Gladys "Mollie" (Shepherd) d/o Zora Tivis & Tishie (Tilmon) w/o Garland Terry2 May 19067 Nov 2002SSDI
Mashburn, Jess Tillmon US Navy WWII s/o Garland Terry & Gladys (Shepherd)10 Sep 192612 Mar 2005SSDI
Mashburn, Roger W. s/o Jesse & McMullen25 Oct 18974 Jul 1973SSDI
Mauldin, Ivan B.30 Oct 19067 Sep 1983
Mauldin, Rubena (Crow) d/o Lennie H. & Amy Avo (Gateley) w/o Ivan B.11 Dec 1913Living
Mayer, Eva Edith (Rollans) w/o Oral James3 Oct 191024 Aug 1996SSDI
Mayer, Oral James "Odie"20 Aug 1907Nov 1974SSDI
Mayer, William D. s/o Oral James & Eva Edith (Rollans) 2 Jul 193422 May 2001SSDI
Mayhill, Haley1 Oct 18909 Sep 1944
McCarty, Mary Jane w/o Thursy F.25 Sep 182915 Apr 1905
McCarty, Thursy F.22 Jun 186025 Apr 1945
McConnell, Betty E. w/o James L.22 Jun 187716 Nov 1932
McConnell, James L.26 Aug 186712 Sep 1931
McCorkle, Ermon R.6 Mar 18989 Oct 1938
McDonald, Annie A.18921933
McDonald, Flora Lee13 Jan 194519 Jan 1945
McDonald, Infant (3 graves)no dates

McDonald, John dates

McDonald, John Zack1 Mar 191722 Nov 1984
McDonald, Vertie (Vinson) d/o Samuel L. & Effie (Walker) w/o John Zack23 Nov 19196 Sep 1977
McElroy, Delbert11 May 191115 Jul 1998
McElroy, Dorothea "Dottie" d/o Delbert & Geraldine (McGuire)30 Oct 19381 Apr 2005SSDI
McElroy, Geraldine (McGuire) w/o Delbert23 Feb 181130 Jul 1974
McGraw, Joseph G. s/o J.F. & R.A.4 May 189511 Oct 1895
McGuire, Ada Lee15 Aug 188229 Dec 1892
McGuire, Ada Lee (Wood) d/o Obe W. & Susan A. w/o James C. (M) 16 Sep 189625 Oct 187519 Nov 1952
McGuire, Annie Ida Glen (Banks) d/o Benjamin William & Mattie Lou (Brown) w/o Norman Edward6 Feb 19094 Mar 1999SSDI
McGuire, Charlie Grantice s/o H.E. & S.L.24 Nov 189426 Feb 1895
McGuire, Daltha E. (Snider) d/ Arthur & Louise (Talley) w/o Ernest14 Jan 191124 Nov 2000SSDI
McGuire, Dan L.3 Nov 19258 Jun 1927
McGuire, Edward Glen s/o Norman Edward & Annie Ida Glen (Banks)10 Nov 193521 Apr 1937
McGuire, Ernest s/o Dan L. & Sallie (Cowger)5 Nov 190213 Feb 1969SSDI
McGuire, George Washington4 Mar 1870

McGuire, Infant s/o James Lee & Nora11 Oct 191320 Oct 1913
McGuire, James C.3 May 187228 Apr 1942
McGuire, James Lee "Jim" s/o Dan L. & Sallie (Cowger)17 Apr 18904 Nov 1972SSDI
McGuire, Lillie Mae d/o Dan L. & Sallie (Cowger)3 Jan 18965 Jun 1918
McGuire, Lynn C. h/o Eura (Robinson) (M) 24 Dec 191815 May 189919 Aug 1926
McGuire, Mary Lillie (Goocher) d/o John Scruggs & Matilda Evelyn (Biggers) w/o William Henry11 Dec 188120 Feb 1975SSDI
McGuire, Myrtle Mae d/o George Washington13 yr 6 mo 7 da1921
McGuire, Nonna (Dacus)27 Sep 187510 Apr 1928
McGuire, Nora 1st w/o James Lee1 Dec 18949 May 1934
McGuire, Norman Edward26 Aug 190813 Jul 1994SSDI
McGuire, Sallie (Cowger) w/o Dan L. (M) 188210 Nov 18634 Aug 1926
McGuire, Tomie5 Mar 189627 Mar 1896
McGuire, William Henry17 Dec 188313 Nov 1971SSDI
McKay, Rose Lee (Cates) Craft Bailey5 Oct 189315 Jul 1972
McMinn, Suvelor E.13 Apr 18886 Sep 1948
McNutt, Allie "Little Allie" d/o H.A. & Ida A. (Wood)10 Aug 19006 Feb 1901
McNutt, H.A. h/o Ida A. (Wood) (M) 19 Dec 1898 (W of W)2 May 18606 May 1901
McNutt, Lillieno dates

McVay, Charles M.B. s/o Viverine (Moore) CWO2 US Army Vietnam26 Sep 19325 Feb 1983
McVay, Patricia (Gillespie) w/o Charles dateLiving
Meadows, Alice22 Apr 19189 Feb 1919
Mellon, Sharon Kay d/o Wayne11 May 1954 27 Jan 1973
Menifee, Metral "Mattie" (McGuire) d/o Dan L. & Sallie (Cowger) w/o Don3 Aug 18934 Feb 1929
Mercer, Daisy May (Fraser) d/o John Ranstom & Mary Ellen (Campbell) w/o Stanley L.7 Jan 190124 Aug 1987SSDI
Mercer, Frieda May d/o Stanley L. & Daisy May (Fraser) 19351938
Mercer, InfantB & D1945
Mercer, Stanley Junior s/o Stanley L. & Daisy May (Fraser) h/o Geraldine (Carothers) (M) 19539 Jul 192711 Jun 2004SSDI
Mercer, Stanley L.12 Mar 1899Jun 1975SSDI
Metze, Infant Sonno dates

Miles, Kitty (Eidson) d/o Roy E. & Verna (McKenzie)
Additional Info from Harold D. Eidson, Jr.
21 May 190426 Jun 1991
Miller, Billy Don s/o Oscar W. & Cordelia (Standridge) 16 Nov 194516 Apr 1994SSDI
Miller, Clyde Lula (Pope) Thone d/o Miles b. SC (Eastern Star) M/1 Henry Thone M/2 Albert Miller23 Apr 190119 Nov 1977SSDI
Miller, Cordelia (Standridge) w/o Oscar W.20 Aug 1902Aug 1981
Miller, Herbert Wayne s/o Oscar W. & Cordelia (Standridge) h/o Mary Ann (Loyd)19 Dec 193329 Apr 2001SSDI
Miller, Oscar W.8 Jun 1901Jun 1968SSDI
Milligrock, Laura Dean (Moore) d/o George Henry & Jewell Evelyn (Tillman)21 Jul 194725 Dec 1998
Moore, Beaulah Vastie (Shepherd) d/o Tillmon Charles & Mary Ann (Hollingsworth) w/o Rufus Calhoun26 Jul 187722 Jul 1955
Moore, Ben H. s/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner)1 Mar 189018 Feb 1971
Moore, Bettie18701950
Moore, Catherine E. (Garner) w/o George W. (M) 6 May 1865 b. York Co., SC7 Jan 18491 Jan 1936CPF
Moore, Darlene (Caviness) w/o George Tillmon19398 Mar 1982
Moore, Dewey Sr.30 May 189812 Nov 1963
Moore, Elmer s/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner) M/1 Emma (Thompson) M/2 Grace Ardella (Shepherd) Carrel20 Sep 188514 Feb 1960
Moore, Emma Grace d/o Elmer & Grace Ardella (Shepherd) 2 Oct 192215 Jun 1923
Moore, Esther M. w/o Perry H.1 May 1908 12 Jan 1967
Moore, George Henry5 May 19073 Mar 1961
Moore, George Tillmon s/o Elmer & Grace Ardella (Shepherd)1 Nov 19243 Jan 1973
Moore, George W. s/o John & Mary b. Chester Co., NC Civil War CSA Co. E Gill's SC Inf.Sep 18485 May 1923CPF
Moore, Grace Ardella (Shepherd) Carrel d/o Tillmon Charles & Mary Ann (Hollingsworth) M/1 William W. Carrel M/2 Elmer Moore13 Jul 188712 Nov 1956
Moore, Grace E. "Gracy" (Yandell) w/o Dewey Sr.18 Jan 190012 Nov 1963
Moore, Grady "Jackie" s/o Dewey Sr. & Grace E. (Yandell)27 Oct 192223 Nov 1935
Moore, Hershell E.W. s/o Dewey Sr. & Grace E. (Yandell) 17 Nov 194113 Jan 2006SSDI
Moore, Inf. d/o Elmer & Emma (Thompson)B & DSep 1906
Moore, J.J. s/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner)12 Apr 18714 Jun 1905
Moore, James Opal s/o William Wilson & Pearl Dell (Hill) h/o Mary Lou8 Oct 19207 May 1998SSDI
Moore, Jewell Evelyn (Tillman) w/o George Henry22 Sep 191021 Oct 1957
Moore, Julia Mae (Fink) d/o Benjamin Franklin & Julia Mae (Hodges) w/o Phillip L.20 May 191422 May 1993
Moore, Leeno dates

Moore, Miss Lillian188719 Feb 1925
Moore, M.B. s/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner)11 Jan 188121 Sep 1914
Moore, Martha E. (Dodd) w/o M.B.4 Jul 188418 Feb 1905
Moore, Mary Texas w/o Samuel Preston (M) 1866 b. Pickens Co., SC came to AR 187218 Dec 184510 Jul 1914
Moore, Millieno dates

Moore, Ollie M. w/o Sam E.24 Jun 187923 Dec 1906
Moore, Pearl Dell (Hill) d/o Mitchell & Nancy (Smith) w/o William Wilson30 Oct 19019 May 1998 SSDI
Moore, Perry H. US Army WWII2 Feb 1895 19 Nov 1986SSDI
Moore, Phillip Leon Sr. s/o Lawrence Clifton & Susan Melon (Hudson)15 Aug 191027 Oct 2005SSDI
Moore, R.C. s/o William Wilson & Pearl Dell (Hill)30 Nov 192219 Jul 1990
Moore, Rufus Calhoun s/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner)8 Mar 187622 Jul 1957
Moore, Samuel Preston Civil War CSA Co. C Bee's SC Inf.30 Aug 184927 Jun 1922CPF
Moore, Thelma (Shepherd) d/o Zora Tivis29 Apr 191927 Jan 1949
Moore, William Wilson s/o George W. & Catherine E. (Garner)18 Jun 189417 Mar 1936
Morgan, Infants - 4no dates

Morgan, Jeniceno dates

Morgan, Jesse13 Mar 188231 Aug 1908
Morgan, Lottie w/o Jesse16 Apr 188631 Mar 1911
Morgan, Narvel D. s/o D.N. & Dollie25 Aug 191114 Oct 1911
Morris, George B.12 Mar 193414 Jan 1936
Morris, George W.4 Jul 190521 Sep 1982
Morris, Henry J.2 Dec 192311 May 1991SSDI
Morris, Infantno dates

Morris, Infant SonB & D27 Feb 1937
Morris, James Lee "Preacher" s/o Joe H. & Maudie Eta (Kester)21 Mar 192323 Feb 2001SSDI
Morris, Joe H. s/o Philiman & Snord (Jones)22 Oct 189124 Feb 1978SSDI
Morris, Lillian w/o George W. (M) 21 Mar 192613 Sep 190722 Mar 1999
Morris, Miss Lula A.17 Dec 18979 Sep 1982SSDI
Morris, Mary E. w/o Ruben L.21 Oct 1874 21 Feb 1906
Morris, Maudie Eta (Kester) w/o Joe H.12 May 189419 Apr 1978SSDI
Morris, Robert E.2 Dec 193929 Mar 1940
Morris, Ruben dates

Mosely, Ben Tillman4 Mar 18946 Sep 1981SSDI
Mosely, Brady B.18921949
Mosely, Hartsell E. s/o Ben Tillman & Jessie L.6 Nov 19353 Nov 1950
Mosely, Hazel Wandalee d/o S.J. & Luna26 Dec 19298 Jan 1930
Mosely, Inf. d/o Ben Tillman & Leona S.19211922
Mosely, Inf. d/o Ben Tillman & Jessie L.B & D1930
Mosely, James Ray "Dooly"6 Mar 191219 Feb 1986SSDI
Mosely, Jessie L. 2nd w/o Ben Tillman15 Apr 190828 Jun 1945
Mosely, John Boyce s/o Boyce & MarieB & D1958
Mosely, John Ed s/o S.J. & Luna16 Dec 193717 Jun 1938
Mosely, Johnnie (Gault) M/1 Earl Garner M/2 _______ Mosely 6 Apr 189914 Dec 1978SSDI
Mosely, Leona S. 1st w/o Ben Tillman7 Feb 18953 Mar 1924
Mosely, Nettie16 Feb 187216 Sep 1908
Mosely, Patsy M.1 Nov 185211 Nov 1901
Mosely, Sibbie w/o J.O.12 Feb 18612 Apr 1899
Murphy, Inf./o Sula (Gately) - buried with motherB & D25 Jun 1981
Murphy, Rev. Patrick W. Ark. C.H. 1st Lt. 18th Inf. 1st Div. WWI7 Aug 189326 Nov 1965
Murphy, Rachel E. w/o William R.18611911
Murphy, Reedy D.18961961
Murphy, Sula (Gately) d/o Carry Wood & Martha Jane - buried with infant28 Mar 189025 Jun 1981
Murphy, William R.18611939
Musko, Larry
Musko, Virginia
Myers, Catherine K.18361912
Myers, Flora A.3 Apr 188114 Aug 1881
Myers, Harold G. s/o Earl & Dellar (Pearson) h/o Mary Frances (Woods)14 Sep 193124 Apr 2001SSDI
Myers, John A.18381922
Neal, Vivian Imogene "Jean" (Felton) d/o Homer Jefferson & Jeffie Naomi (Moser) w/o William F. "Bill"12 Jun 1926 3 Jul 2006SSDI
Nelson, Claudoda11 May 18875 Sep 1922
Nelson, Oletano dates

Nelson, Williamno dates

Nesbitt, Gladis F.2 Aug 192910 Nov 1929
Nesbitt, Joe B.18811951
Nesbitt, Mosella w/o Joe B.18841954
Nesbitt, Rev. Thomas L.18 Feb 19104 Oct 1993
Nesbitt, Vivian D. w/o Thomas L. (M) 9 Dec 192511 Jun 191026 Jan 1994
Newell, Travis James Inf. s/o Ralph & Elodiano date12 Jul 1998
Nix, Ollie A. s/o J.H. & L.27 Nov 189530 May 1897
Nix, Sidney A. s/o Z.L. & S.A.30 Sep 18762 Jan 1901
Nix, Z.L.31 Jul 185016 Sep 1906
Nolen, Henry Brinson Ark. SM2 US Navy WWII2 Jun 191128 May 1969
Nolen, Inf. d/o W.L. & MannieB & D20 Mar 1917
Nolen, Lottie (Robinson) w/o Will15 Jan 190214 Feb 1926
Norris, Floe w/o Levi31 Oct 1907Aug 1995SSDI
Norris, Kim d/o Ragan17 Mar 198721 Oct 1994
Norris, Levi14 Feb 19058 Feb 1987
Norris, Ragan15 Aug 196721 Oct 1994
Nuckolls, Hilda F. d/o Onvy Oliver & Thelma L. (Nesbitt)7 Aug 193928 Jun 2005SSDI
Nuckolls, James Harold s/o Onvy Oliver & Thelma L. (Nesbitt)23 Aug 194310 Jun 1987SSDI
Nuckolls, Janeno dates

Nuckolls, Jerry D. s/o Onvy Oliver & Thelma L. (Nesbitt)6 Apr 194230 Jul 2005SSDI
Nuckolls, Lila M.20 Feb 1935May 1972
Nuckolls, Norman Edward s/o Onvy Oliver & Thelma L. (Nesbitt) T/Sgt. US Air Force Korea19 Apr 193524 Nov 1993SSDI
Nuckolls, Onvy Oliver "Shott" s/o John & Janie (Bowen) 19 Feb 191421 Jan 1971
Nuckolls, Thelma L. (Nesbitt) w/o Onvy Oliver29 Dec 191515 Feb 1996SSDI
Nuckolls, Thomas dates

Nunley, Bula Irene (Kendrick) Cossey d/o Alonzo & Pearl (Brown) M/1 Perry Cossey M/2 Goble Nunley28 Dec 1915 29 Aug 2005SSDI
Oliver, Meade21 Mar 18727 Apr 1931
Owens, Jennie Mae (Cofer) 1st w/o Finis (M) 26 Aug 1934 m/o Dora Francis13 Feb 190429 Mar 1936
Parker, George R.18581935
Parker, Jack H. (Mason) US Army WWII s/o Walter Garner9 Sep 19163 Jan 2005SSDI
Parker, Jess Larelle15 Apr 193825 Aug 1938
Parker, Miss Maude M. d/o George R. & Susan18931955
Parker, Monroe McCall24 Aug 189917 Jun 1976SSDI
Parker, Ruby P. (Barnett) d/o James & Beth w/o Jack H. 1 Jun 191620 Feb 1994SSDI
Parker, Susan w/o George R.18571939
Parker, Willie Alma d/o Monroe McCall13 Jan 19135 Aug 1972
Partin, George C.26 Sep 18736 Dec 1952
Partin, Rovenia V. w/o George C.19 Mar 187514 Jan 1962
Patterson, Ormanno dates

Peden, Mary Virginia (Stanley) Fulton d/o Salathial M. & Ersie (Hovis) M/1 William Ray (M) 7 May 1939 M/2 Joseph Peden6 Jul 191915 Jan 2006SSDI
Pennington, Claudia Dell (Blevins) d/o Robert & Margaret A. (Kuhn) w/o Jasper Tinsley21 Mar 188114 May 1952
Pennington, James Roy s/o M.E. & May29 May 190916 Feb 1910
Pennington, Jasper Tinsley s/o Van Lary & Amanda E. (Forbus)28 Jun 18823 Dec 1959
Pennington, Robert dates

Pennington, Roberta May1 Jun 19222 Aug 1923
Perkins, Mary Sue (Coffey) d/o Lester & Era (Jones) w/o Robert Noonan (M) 7 Dec 1938
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
10 Jun 192027 Oct 2003 SSDI
Perkins, Robert Noonan s/o Claud DuValt & Mary Cordelia (Aven)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
5 Apr 191420 Mar 1998 SSDI
Peters, 3 Inf./o Timothy Fleetwood & Minnie (Marler)no dates

Peters, Minnie (Marler) w/o Timothy Fleetwood17 Aug 185419 May 1903
Peters, Timothy Fleetwood (W of W) s/o Robert Ichabod & Amanda (Davidson)27 May 185410 Dec 1909
Peterson, Joseph E. Ark. Cpl. Co. F 153 Inf. Regt. WWII16 Mar 19194 Jun 1957
Peterson, Lillie Mae (Rollans) d/o William Robert & Lillie Jane (Boothe) w/o Thomas L.21 Dec 19245 Jan 2007SSDI
Peterson, Thomas L.30 Apr 192321 Mar 1970
Phillips, Dan Allision US Navy24 Mar 191327 Oct 1988
Phillips, George D. Ark. Pfc. US Army WWII5 Dec 192128 Dec 1978
Phillips, Lucy Maye (Fulton) d/o Robert "Bob" & Annie (Grace) w/o Dan Allision23 Mar 191321 Oct 2002SSDI
Phillips, Oscar2 Nov 187613 Dec 1923
Phillips, Stanton Edward3 Apr 193210 Sep 1932
Pickens, Michaelno dates

Piercy, Lima Faye (Coppak) d/o Elisha & Sarah Ann (Burnett) w/o William Winton15 Nov 192921 Nov 2003SSDI
Piercy, Maude Mae (Campbell) d/o William Edward & Mary Jane (Morris) w/o William H.9 Jan 1893Oct 1972SSDI
Piercy, Mollie Dennis w/o Wash A.18611933
Piercy, Wash A.18561891
Piercy, William H.21 Nov 1888Aug 1964
Piercy, William Winton s/o William H. & Maude Mae (Campbell)19 Apr 19214 Jan 1992
Pledger, Savannah Leigh28 Jun 19874 Jul 1987
Pockrus, Dorsie J.W.7 Aug 191826 Sep 1952
Pockrus, Infantno dates

Pockrus, Mildred Irene (Geurian) w/o Oscar (M) 4 Sep 193426 Mar 190516 Jun 1983SSDI
Pockrus, Oliver Cleveland s/o Alford Jackson & Susan Elnora (Eubanks) h/o Iva (McElroy)4 Jul 189230 Mar 1958
Pockrus, Oliver J. Jr. h/o Emma Sue (Thompson) WWII23 Nov 192124 Feb 1945
Pockrus, Ollie H. (Stevenson) w/o Oliver Cleveland23 Dec 189723 Aug 1950
Pockrus, Teckla Ann w/o Dorsie8 Sep 1899 Aug 1978
Pointer, J.B. Cleland h/o Irene13 May 19191 Oct 1994SSDI
Polk, Cynthia Emily (Saunders) w/o Isaac William15 May 183725 Jan 1892
Polk, Elias O.3 May 186910 Apr 1944
Polk, Isaac William23 Mar 18375 Sep 1890
Polk, Mary E.5 Oct 18747 Aug 1952
Porter, Virgil W.27 Oct 18376 Aug 1905
Powers, J.F. (W of W)27 Aug 18595 Nov 1916
Powers, Mary Amanda w/o J.F.187210 Jun 1954
Pratt, Carrie Ida (Adcock) d/o Joseph Valentine & Alabama Drucilla (McKee) w/o Rufus N.11 Jul 1892Apr 1980SSDI
Pratt, Louis William s/o Rufus N. & Carrie Ida (Adcock) 19191921
Pratt, Rufus N.1892Oct 1948
Prince, William dates

Pyle, Inf.No dates

Ragsdale, Della5 Jul 187915 Feb 1968SSDI
Ragsdale, Ira Anderson22 Dec 191321 Jul 1985SSDI
Ragsdale, Jess O.23 Oct 191721 May 1935
Ragsdale, Jesse R.26 Dec 18712 May 1946
Ragsdale, John Robert s/o William Lewis G. & Velma (Cooper)12 Jul 193329 Dec 1976
Ragsdale, Maudeno dates

Ragsdale, Rosa Bella w/o Ira Anderson29 Jul 191130 Jul 1980SSDI
Ragsdale, Sallie E. w/o Jesse R.14 Feb 187522 Feb 1964
Ragsdale, Velma (Cooper) d/o John Zedic & Sarah Ellen (McDaniel) w/o William Lewis G.1 Mar 191122 Jan 2005SSDI
Ragsdale, Hiley William Ark. Pvt. 142 Fld. Art. 39 Div. WWI ca. 189815 Jul 1926WWIR
Ragsdale, William Lewis "Bill" G.13 Oct 190618 Apr 1961
Ramey, Ines (Cooper) d/o John Zedic & Sarah Ellen (McDaniel) w/o Thurman1 Oct 192216 Oct 1959
Raney, G.N.24 Dec 187630 Dec 1905
Raney, John A.28 Nov 18685 Jan 1940
Raney, Louisa Inis (Smith) d/o James & Mary (Scott) w/o John A.10 Jul 188022 Jun 1962
Raney, Opal M.26 Sep 190812 Jul 1933
Richardson, Doyle E. s/o Henry & Sarah D. h/o Anna Lee (Grace)1 Dec 192018 Jun 2002SSDI
Rigdon, Rev. Wilmer E. "Jerry" US Army s/o William E. & Fannie L. (McDoughle) h/o Virginia M.8 Jul 191517 Jul 2004SSDI
Ringer, Robert Eugene s/o George H. & Lorene (Whorton) 19371964
Roberts, Aubrey Lewis s/o Fleming Louis & Sarah Evelyn (Adcock) M/1 Kitty Gail (Walker) M/2 Juanita (Hardin)13 Nov 191116 Aug 2002SSDI
Roberts, David Edison s/o Tollie D. & Margaret Mollie (Scott) h/o Agnes (Curtis) Meek5 Sep 190830 Nov 1985SSDI
Roberts, Edna Ben d/o James Eli & Jessie (Grace)21 Jul 18973 Feb 1989SSDI
Roberts, Eva Allie d/o Fleming Louis & Sarah Evelyn (Adcock)11 Jan 19198 Dec 1929
Roberts, Fleming Louis "Flem" s/o David & Elmira (Andrews)11 Jul 188215 Nov 1948
Roberts, Fletcher Simeon h/o Mary (Gantt) s/o David & Elmira (Andrews)12 Dec 18833 Feb 1917
Roberts, Inf. d/o Fletcher Simeon & Mary (Gantt)12 Jan 191720 Feb 1917
Roberts, Inf. s/o Fletcher Simeon & Mary (Gantt)B & D22 Aug 1906
Roberts, James Eli s/o David & Margaret (Andrews)22 Nov 18729 Jun 1966
Roberts, Jessie (Grace) d/o John Allen & Mary Elizabeth (Thomas) w/o James Eli4 Jun 187025 May 1937
Roberts, John David s/o James Eli & Jessie (Grace)4 Oct 189413 Sep 1963
Roberts, Kitty Gail (Walker) d/o Bonnie & Alma Amy (Harmon) w/o Aubrey Lewis (M) 3 Jun 193319 Nov 19166 Jun 1973
Roberts, Lillian M. (Jones) w/o Noble R.27 Nov 1906Living
Roberts, Macie Myrtle (Campbell) d/o William Henry & Della M. (Cofer) w/o John David12 May 189714 Aug 1983SSDI
Roberts, Margaret Mollie "Margie" (Scott) d/o Lewis Edison & Mary Rathor (Pogue) w/o Tollie D.23 Jan 18735 Jul 1977SSDI
Roberts, Noble R. s/o Tollie D. & Margaret Mollie (Scott)31 Oct 19053 Nov 1950
Roberts, Opal s/o Tollie D. & Margaret Mollie (Scott)23 Oct 191113 Dec 1980
Roberts, Sarah Evalyn (Adcock) d/o Joseph Valentine & Alabama Drucilla (McKee) w/o Fleming Louis22 Aug 188719 Nov 1965
Roberts, Tollie D. s/o David & Margaret (Andrews)11 Jan 18776 Nov 1946
Roberts, Virginia (Shepherd) d/o Zora Tivis & Tishie (Tillmon) w/o Opal1 Apr 1921Living
Robinson, Carl L. "Daddy"1 Oct 190326 Dec 1933
Robinson, Docia w/o William D.
Copy of Obituary
Additional Info and Obituary from Barbara Adams
no date1927
Robinson, JamesApr 1849no date
Robinson, Jean (Dobson)17 Oct 190126 Nov 1981
Robinson, Mary E. w/o Wiley G.20 Dec 18829 Aug 1971
Robinson, Mary Jane (Wright) w/o JamesMar 1869no date
Robinson, Owen V. s/o James & Mary Jane (Wright)18812 Mar 1957
Robinson, Stacy E. (Sitton) d/o Henry Gravenor & Sarah Amanda Caroline (Owenby) w/o N.B.1 Jun 185926 Nov 1882
Robinson, Wiley G.28 Feb 188024 Mar 1946
Robinson, William D.18561942
Rodgers, Corbin31 Oct 192224 Oct 1936
Rodgers, Eldred9 Jun 192524 Oct 1936
Roland, Christy Lynn (Troyke) d/o Steve Sr. & Brenda (Apple) w/o Kendall15 Feb 19732 Dec 2005
Rollans, Earnest Odell Ark. Pvt. 143 Inf. 36 Inf. Div. WWII s/o William Robert & Lillie Jane (Boothe)12 Nov 1908 21 Nov 1944
Rollans, Ludie Mae (Hancock) d/o Milton "Milt" & Sarah (Delk) w/o Ernest Odell9 Dec 19136 Feb 2001SSDI
Rone, J.W.16 Mar 187515 Jul 1888
Ross, John Lee22 Mar 187428 Jan 1907
Rush, Lydia Lee (Word) w/o J.T. d/o Bob6 Nov 191130 Jul 1940
Russell, Caroline40 yr 10 mo 11 da16 Sep 1881
Rutledge, Ella20 yr 6 mo 3 dano dates
Rutledge, Inf./o E.L. & dates

Rutledge, Rutha V.2 Jan 190011 Sep 1901
Rutledge, Willieno dates

Ryals, David18731924
Ryals, Jess L.16 Oct 191226 Jun 1968
Ryals, Linnie w/o Jess L.29 Dec 19124 Jul 1984
Ryals, Nathan19101924
Sachse, Erich18 Jan 18815 Nov 1967SSDI
Sachse, Willie6 Oct 18848 Mar 1967
Sanders, Guy Martin9 Mar 188224 Jul 1910
Sapp, Christeana w/o John H.19 Jan 1883 24 Sep 1938
Sapp, Jasper H. s/o John H. & Christeana5 May 19108 Oct 1933
Sapp, John H.27 Oct 187329 Mar 1945
Sapp, Lenano dates

Sapp, Lora M.1913Apr 1919
Sapp, Roxie L.1905Nov 1918
Scott, Billy Gene s/o James Roy & Estelle Doris22 Mar 193425 Mar 1934
Scott, Carroll J. Ark RCT Korea s/o James Roy & Estelle Doris13 May 192723 Jul 1971
Scott, Cecil s/o H.C. & F.T.12 Aug 19031 May 1906
Scott, Corettano dates

Scott, Edward s/o George E.14 Nov 1924 4 Feb 1930
Scott, Estelle Doris (Hayes) d/o Lee & Mary (Sims) w/o James Roy10 Jan 189630 Jan 1980SSDI
Scott, George Edison s/o James Edward & Ola Laura (Crow) 31 Dec 190320 Dec 1940
Scott, Hayesno dates

Scott, Hessie W. w/o Jesse Lee1902no dates
Scott, Hobert s/o Thomas Warren & Priscilla Elvira Adelaine (Sitton)29 Oct 19018 Mar 1904
Scott, Dr. James Edward - Veterinarian - s/o Lewis Edison & Mary Rathor (Pogue)29 Dec 187323 May 1949
Scott, James Roy s/o Thomas Warren & Priscilla Elvira Adelaine (Sitton)18 Jan 18943 Apr 1983SSDI
Scott, Jesse Lee s/o Thomas Warren & Priscilla Elvira Adelaine (Sitton)26 Apr 189813 Apr 1973
Scott, Ola Laura (Crow) w/o James Edward26 Feb 188123 May 1978
Scott, Priscilla Elvira Adelaine (Sitton) d/o Henry G. & Sarah Amanda Caroline (Owenby) w/o Thomas Warren23 Apr 186520 Mar 1930
Scott, dates

Scott, Rlhoys (could not read)no dates

Scott, Sarah Myrtle d/o Thomas Warren & Priscilla Elvira Adelaine (Sitton)26 Jul 18896 Sep 1890
Scott, Thomas Warren s/o John Wesley & Pauline (Whitby) 7 Sep 18534 Jan 1936
Scott, Thomas Winford s/o Thomas Warren & Priscilla Elvira Adelaine (Sitton)15 Feb 190426 Aug 1919
Shackleford, Dora18891905
Shepherd, Annie Sue (McGuire) Shepherd Phillips M/1 John Cleveland Shepherd M/2 Oscar Phillips M/3 Zora Tivis Shepherd17 Jul 188623 Jan 1965
Shepherd, Aubry s/o Zora Tivis & Tishie (Tillmon)6 May 191419 Dec 1958
Shepherd, Bobby L. s/o FloreneB & D 1927
Shepherd, Chester H.24 May 190730 Jun 1976SSDI
Shepherd, Florene (Roberts) d/o Fenner Marshall & Ethel Amanda (Madison) w/o Chester H.Nov 19081929
Shepherd, Idell (Lievsay) d/o James M. & Hattie (Burt) w/o Chester H.1 Mar 191724 Aug 1998SSDI
Shepherd, Inf. d/o FloreneB & D1928
Shepherd, John Cleveland s/o Green M. "Doc" & Margaret Ann (Haston)18861949
Shepherd, Lottie (Carrigan) w/o Jack19 Dec 19032 Apr 1950
Shepherd, Pauline d/o John Cleveland & Annie Sue (McGuire)16 Apr 19053 Dec 1906
Shepherd, Zora Tivis s/o Tillmon Charles & Mary Ann "Mollie" (Hollingsworth)22 Aug 18727 Jun 1966SSDI
Shinn, A.D.7 Jan 187811 Nov 1956
Shinn, Lewis S. Ark. Sgt. 752 Base Unit AAF WWII24 Feb 19133 Sep 1958
Shinn, Willie15 Feb 188418 Jan 1942
Sims, Mary d/o S.S. & Jennie3 Oct 190529 Oct 1910
Sitton, Alice w/o Jay18801942
Sitton, Bettie w/o Worth W.8 Nov 186630 Aug 1942
Sitton, Elsie19081909
Sitton, Ernest R.27 Sep 188524 Dec 1944
Sitton, G.L.C.9 Jan 187525 Oct 1882
Sitton, Henry Gravnor s/o William & Mary (McClure)16 Aug 183030 Nov 1908
Sitton, Jay18731957
Sitton, M.J.E.10 Mar 18694 Dec 1881
Sitton, Margaret19131917
Sitton, Sarah Amanda Caroline (Owenby) d/o John Porter & Stacey Talitha (Young) w/o Henry Gravenor30 Aug 183322 Feb 1915
Sitton, Thomas dates

Sitton, Worth W.6 Nov 185831 Aug 1942
Sloan, Alice E. (Brown) w/o J.F.6 Dec 186823 Mar 1900
Smith, Anna Lee15 Apr 190528 May 1983
Smith, Betty C. w/o Melvin J. (M) 9 Oct 194811 Apr 1930Living
Smith, John Herbert Ark. Pvt. 52 Inf. 6 Div. WWI24 Dec 189026 Jul 1927WWIR
Smith, M.M.27 Oct 188213 Feb 1926
Smith, Melvin J.6 Dec 19218 Mar 1989SSDI
Smith, Royno dates

Smith, Sally AnnB & D1950
Snider, Alfred "Dub"1 Jul 19182 Oct 1989SSDI
Snider, Arthur L.188630 Jan 1961
Snider, Bonnieno dates

Snider, Daitha18506 Apr 1925
Snider, Ida Mary w/o Alfred2 Jul 1925Living
Snider, Julian77 yr11 Dec 2002
Snider, Lou w/o Arthur18911972
Snider, Owen6 Feb 188112 Nov 1932
Snider, Ruelene Celesta (Adkison) d/o Ruel & Vera Celesta (Tucker) w/o Julian16 Sep 192726 Mar 1998SSDI
Snider, Ruth Grace (Weiss) Clark d/o Meyer & Juliett (Dudosett) M/1 Rodney Clark M/2 Bonnie Snider19 Jan 192810 Dec 2002SSDI
Spears, Filbertno dates

Spears, John D.9 May 190626 Jan 1972SSDI
Spears, Thomas M.B & D2 Jun 1940
Spears, Unknown - 4 gravesno dates

Spencer, L.W.24 Sep 184920 Nov 1897
Spencer, Minnie w/o J.T.14 Apr 187617 Jun 1911
Spencer, Nancy (Gorden)6 Apr 18634 Dec 1949
Stafford, Adam17 Feb 18968 May 1978SSDI
Stafford, Bessie Caldonia (Waid) d/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy) w/o Adam1 Aug 18997 Mar 1991SSDI
Stailey, A.J.24 Apr 18631 Jan 1954
Stailey, Annie (Lodgston)24 Mar 190423 Jul 1974
Standley, Andrew J.24 Apr 18631 Jan 1954
Standley, Robert E. US Navy WWII2 Mar 192110 Oct 1982
Stanley, dates

Staten, Luster14 Aug 1926Living
Staten, Roger s/o Luster & Vivian J.16 Jun 19605 Mar 1994
Staten, Vivian J. w/o Luster27 Sep 1929 20 Nov 1991SSDI
Stephenson, Effie L. w/o W.M.7 May 1861 22 Oct 1933
Stephenson, Inf. d/o W.M. & Effie dates

Stephenson, W.M.22 Feb 185812 Apr 1921
Stillman, Mabel Mollie (Scott) d/o James Edward & Ola Laura (Crow) M/1 Carl Benjamin Moore M/2 ---------- Stillman25 Sep 190516 Jun 1979SSDI
Stinnett, Lizzie w/o J.W.19 Sep 188311 Jan 1924
Sturgill, M.D.26 Jun 186314 Jul 1915
Sugg, Cyril s/o P.M. & Pricilla (Cates)19036 Jun 1962
Sugg, Hoyt29 Jun 191523 Oct 1980
Sugg, P.M.18761965
Sugg, Pricilla "Cila" (Cates) w/o P.M.18761959
Talley, A.L.10 Apr 186224 Nov 1927
Talley, Amarkey24 Jan 186521 Mar 1948
Talley, Bessieno dates

Talley, Dan Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI15 Mar 189315 Mar 1969WWIR
Talley, 3 Infantsno dates

Talley, John Pageman s/o A.L. & A.M. (Qualls)12 Mar 18893 Oct 1974
Talley, Ray L. s/o George & Louie (Morgan) h/o Betty (Cossey)15 Oct 193930 Jul 2001SSDI
Talley, Roy Lee MM3 US Navy WWII23 May 192031 Jan 1976
Talley, Sharoletta w/o John Pageman1890 1932
Taylor, Malisse Emeline (McCutcheon) w/o Jesse R. b. Newton Co., AR11 Sep 18433 Jan 1928
Taylor, Troy s/o William Jennings "Bryan" & Millie (Hill)24 Nov 192724 Jun 1928
Taylor, W.E. h/o Cora Angel (M) NC 1895 b. Burnsville, NC7 Jul 187730 Dec 1941
Tharp, Josephine Y.25 Jan 188723 Nov 1972SSDI
Thaxton, Elton E. s/o Jonathan W. & Stella M. (Earls) 24 Nov 191410 May 1997SSDI
Thaxton, Jonathan W.10 Apr 18778 Feb 1945
Thaxton, Mary Modean (Croy) d/o William Grady & Ruel Vivian (Pennington) w/o Elton E.27 Dec 192219 Nov 2006SSDI
Thaxton, Stella M. (Earls) d/o William M. & Mary (McGuire) w/o Jonathan W.8 Nov 188823 Jan 1975SSDI
Thomas, Charlotte w/o John William 1903 1968
Thomas, Dr. John William6 Jun 1900Jan 1973SSDI
Thompson, Danno dates

Thompson, 2 Infantsno dates

Thompson, Lionell19311952
Thompson, Minnie Mae w/o William Herbert26 Feb 190430 Jun 1992
Thompson, Troy Leon s/o Andrew C. & Edith Grace (Grinstead) h/o Berniece (Eidson)8 Aug 19134 Sep 2001SSDI
Thompson, William Herbert30 Mar 1902Jan 1971
Thone, Henry P. "Buster" Chief Petty Officer US Navy WWII s/o Henry & Clyde Lula (Pope)14 Aug 19208 Oct 1983
Tillman, Frances Ann d/o Roy & Stella (Cofer)16 Apr 192618 Nov 1927
Tillman, Roy "Dick"19001995
Tillman, Stella (Cofer) w/o Roy19001971
Tillmon, Ailie w/o Don15 Mar 187727 Feb 1941
Tillmon, Donno dates

Tillmon, Robinno dates

Tillmon, Zora Sopy25 May 192518 Sep 1977SSDI
Tilmon, Arthur C.15 Oct 18828 Jan 1966
Tilmon, Elizabeth w/o John I.27 Feb 1850 19 Jun 1911
Tilmon, Eura w/o Thomas Opal18 Jan 1917 17 Dec 1943
Tilmon, Infant s/o Audie4 Oct 191425 Oct 1916
Tilmon, Jack31 Dec 191818 Sep 1983SSDI
Tilmon, John I.18 Dec 18497 Nov 1930
Tilmon, Sarrah E.Jan 185524 Mar 1911
Toepke, Edith K. w/o Rudolph F.10 Jul 190624 Apr 1992
Toepke, Rudolph F.13 Dec 19056 Sep 1973
Toomer, Janet w/o Joshua b. Ayrshire, Scotland26 May 180614 Nov 1879
Toomer, Col. Joshua b. Union Dist., SC - This marble tomb was the first erected in "Old Baptist Cemetery" now known as New Hope Cemetery16 Oct 17973 Nov 1883
Troyke, Edith Loraine w/o Wolf26 Aug 192812 Mar 1988
Tucker, David Virgil s/o Charles Clayton & Mary Josephine (Boggins)16 Dec 188913 May 1963
Tucker, Hester Aurelia (Clark) w/o David Virgil
Additional Info from Linda Clark
14 Sep 189617 Mar 1982
Turner, Babyno dates

Turner, Don F. Ark. Pvt. US Army WWIca. Dec 189426 Jun 1918WWIR
Turner, Grace E. d/o John D. Sr. & Jessie (Moore)12 Jul 19199 Dec 2003SSDI
Turner, John D. Sr. h/o Jessie (Moore)17 Apr 18998 Jul 1983SSDI
Turner, Olanno dates

Turner, Seth E. Pfc. US Army WWII26 Sep 19064 Apr 1990
Turner, Susie w/o Wash23 Sep 1868Aug 1968
Turner, Wash18671929
Underwood, Claudie E. w/o Ozie Lee1892 1972
Underwood, Herbert Don27 Jan 194321 Dec 1973
Underwood, Ida Mae w/o Otis Buford6 Mar 19082 Dec 1978SSDI
Underwood, James C.13 Jun 182422 Oct 1882
Underwood, James H. Ark. TEC 4 Ord. Dent. WWII19 Mar 192916 Nov 1956
Underwood, James V. s/o James C.20 Nov 1853Nov 1883
Underwood, Laura Ellen (Brunson) w/o Madison Grant187012 Jan 1961
Underwood, Otis Buford12 Oct 190518 Feb 1966
Underwood, Ozie Lee s/o Madison Grant & Laura Ellen (Brunson)30 Nov 189119 Jan 1979SSDI
Ussery, Bessie - Sisterno dates

Ussery, Ines - Auntno dates

Ussery, Oscar - Fatherno dates

Ussery, Rhea - Sisterno dates

Ussery, Sallie - Mother w/o Oscarno dates

Utley, Burl Wiley
Additional Info from Linda Clark
14 Mar 187830 Dec 1955
Utley, Dewey (Infant)no dates

Utley, Edward D. US Navy WWII s/o B. Wiley & Suphemy18 Nov 192111 Aug 2002SSDI
Utley, Gladys (Infant)no dates

Utley, Homer18 yrno dates
Utley, Suphemy Ann (Clark) w/o Burl Wiley
Additional Info from Linda Clark
15 Dec 188317 May 1968SSDI
Utley, Unknown - 3 gravesno dates

Utley, Verniece Helen (Hames) d/o Roy & George (Pennington) w/o Edward D.5 Jun 19236 May 1998 SSDI
Van DeMark, Dorothy (Holley) d/o William Andrew & Mary Orbie (Scott)12 Jan 19242 Feb 2005SSDI
Vandiver, Inf. s/o Woodrow & Ella ReaB & D25 Jun 1943
Vaughn, Dogan (Infant)no dates

Vaughn, Emma Jane (Robinson) d/o James & Mary Jane (Wright) w/o Will Lewis18 Feb 1884Sep 1972 SSDI
Vaughn, Lucy (Pitts) d/o L.H. w/o M.L.3 Jun 186716 Jan 1899
Vaughn, Myrtle d/o Will Lewis & Emma Jane (Robinson)19021910
Vaughn, Rosilie d/o Cecil & Arlie29 Feb 192019 Jun 1921
Vaughn, Will Lewis18801942
Vick, Wanda Denise (Northcott) d/o Robert Clayton S Billie Mae (Teal)8 Oct 19547 Aug 2006SSDI
Walk, E.H. Civil War CSA Co. K 6th MS Inf.19 Apr 1844after 1917CPF
Walk, Mollie E.1 Jul 18464 Feb 1922
Walker, Alma Amy (Harmon) Sanders M/1 Guy Sanders M/2 Bonnie Walker27 Jun 18859 Sep 1972SSDI
Walker, Billy Joe f/o Cathy, Connie, Donald, Rebecca14 Aug 192830 Sep 1993SSDI
Walker, Bonnie11 Aug 188519 Mar 1959
Walker, Wanda Lea (Nuckolls) d/o Onvy Oliver & Thelma L. (Nesbitt) w/o Billy Joe17 Jul 1937Living
Wallis, Inf./o J.L. & M.B & DJan 1894
Wallis, J.H.7 Jun 182610 Apr 1896
Wardlaw, James Lee s/o J.A. & Ruth2 Jul 192312 Nov 1923
Ware, Docia B. w/o Perry C.15 Nov 1872 ?0 Aug 1950
Ware, Eunice Verla (Coffey) d/o George S. & Sarah Ann (Foster) w/o John20 Apr 190722 Jun 1962
Ware, John29 Mar 190627 Oct 1955
Ware, Johnnie Ray19416 Apr 2001
Ware, Perry C.30 Oct 187314 Jun 1963
Watkins, Ethel (McBride) w/o Willie17 Jun 188621 Oct 1958
Watkins, Glendon G. Ark. H.A.I. US Navy WWII s/o Willie & Ethel (McBride)2 Nov 192325 Jul 1960
Watkins, Maude (Clinton)22 Aug 188628 Nov 1923
Watkins, Paul Wilson Ark. Tec 3 384 Ord. Co. WWII s/o Willie & Ethel (McBride) h/o Gail (McGuire)9 Feb 191314 Jul 1970SSDI
Watkins, Willie22 Dec 187916 Jul 1957
Wells, Benjamin Wallace s/o Roe & Mary Frances (Workman)24 May 191315 May 2006SSDI
Wells, Helen N. w/o Roscoe C. (M) 5 Jun 193826 Oct 19226 Jan 2002SSDI
Wells, James Henry27 Feb 188727 Jan 1915
Wells, Kathleen (Thompson) w/o Benjamin Wallace1 Jun 191429 Oct 1996SSDI
Wells, Roscoe C. s/o Roe & Mary Frances (Workman)11 Sep 191929 Jan 1985SSDI
Wells, Timothy Allen1 Oct 196813 Jul 1982
West, Mary Louise26 Jul 198215 Jul 1991
Whatley, Ada19 Jun 185916 Mar 1890
Whatley, Frankno dates

Wheeler, T.C. Civil War CSA Co. K 16th TX Cav. h/o date9 Mar 1906CPF
Whelles, Laura R.24 Jun 189417 Jan 1901
Whitbey, John F. s/o G.P. & M.A.1 Feb 18955 Mar 1906
Whitbey, Millie (Lane) "Mother"10 Nov 189824 Oct 1981
Whitbey, Thomas R. s/o G.P. & M.A.20 Nov 18974 Apr 1898
Whitbey, Vida E. d/o G.P. & M.A.16 Aug 18995 Jan 1900
Whitford, Cletis O.28 Jan 192527 Aug 1932
Whitford, John H. Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI4 Feb 18979 Aug 1970WWIR
Whitford, John L.23 Aug 186128 Apr 1915
Whitford, Lewis Reese28 Dec 189310 Dec 1982
Whitford, Linnie M.E. (Kuhn) w/o Lewis Reese (M) 6 Jan 1918 21 Jul 189925 Nov 1978
Whitford, Minerva w/o John L.1 Sep 1869 18 Jan 1963
Whitford, Viola d/o John L. & Minerva23 Aug 190228 Nov 1928
Wilcut, Elizabethno dates

Wilkinson, J.M.B.24 May 187731 Dec 1915
Wilkinson, Thomas s/o J.M.B. & Ida27 Apr 19088 Jul 1910
Williams, Carrie D. (Storment) d/o Billie Joe & Debbie Grace w/o Robert2 Nov 197611 May 2000SSDI
Williams, Lucinda Gail (Daily) d/o Milbern & Mildred (Dafferon) w/o John18 Feb 196615 Jun 1990
Williamson, Dr. A. Ben (Mason) s/o George S.187314 Jun 1937
Williamson, Belle14 Mar 187125 Dec 1891
Williamson, Ben Jr.8 Oct 19232 Nov 1925
Williamson, Bessie (Taft) w/o A. Ben1890 no date
Williamson, George S.22 Jul 183922 Feb 1923
Williamson, Julina w/o George S.30 Mar 183712 Dec 1906
Williamson, Martha E. (Polk) d/o Isaac William & Cynthia Emily (Saunders) w/o Thomas Henry4 Sep 187215 Aug 1956
Williamson, Thomas Henry7 Dec 18676 Sep 1940
Williamson, Virginia18751957
Willie, A.D.2 yr 2 mono date
Willie, Ace3 yr 3 mono date
Wilson, Dr. K.9 Jul 181881 yr 4 mo 2 da
Wilson, M.M.12 Jul 182070 yr 8 mo 4 da
Womack, Odell (Infant)no dates

Wood, Frankie s/o Obe W. & Susan A.10 Jun 188425 May 1899
Wood, Maggie A.26 Dec 184525 Jun 1928
Wood, Obe W. f/o Ada & Sally McGuire & Mrs. W.A. Harmon185330 May 1937
Wood, Susan A. w/o Obe W.4 Nov 184713 Nov 1920
Woods, Ada Lynn d/o Bob & Hattie (Gentry)8 Dec 193010 Dec 1930
Woods, Charles Milton21 Oct 18804 Dec 1951
Woods, Cora w/o Charles Miltonno dates

Woods, John Henry13 Apr 189630 Oct 1960
Woods, John Henry s/o John Henry & Lida Mae (Chesser)14 Apr 19387 Jan 1984
Woods, Lida Mae (Chesser) d/o James H. & Rebecca S. (Lemons)25 May 18997 Jul 1969
Woods, Ruthie d/o John Henry & Lida Mae (Chesser)14 Jan 1912ca. 1932
Word, Bessie (Adcock) w/o James E.8 Dec 189510 Sep 1944
Word, Bob15 Apr 18859 Feb 1934
Word, James E.3 Apr 18904 Feb 1960
Word, James H.16 Mar 18508 Mar 1923
Word, Joe3 Mar 18933 Apr 1916
Word, John F. s/o William E. & Matilda Tennessee (Dennis)31 Mar 189513 Sep 1910
Word, Matilda Tennessee (Dennis) d/o William James & Sophiah (Moore) w/o William E. - Mother & Babies12 Oct 1863 23 Feb 1897
Word, Nancy A. w/o James H. & S.E.16 Feb 188520 Jul 1887
Word, S.E. w/o James H.20 Mar 185713 Feb 1900
Word, Sam s/o James H. & S.E.31 Dec 189020 Feb 1902
Word, Verlia w/o Bob7 Mar 189129 Apr 1965
Word, Vernano dates

Word, Vinnie M. d/o James H. & S.E.2 Mar 188416 Sep 1887
Word, William E.18571914
Word, Wilson J. Ark. 1st Sgt. 381 Inf. WWII P.H.1 May 192031 May 1945
Worsham, Aubrey s/o Mordecai A.23 May 190119 Apr 1940
Worsham, Bernardno dates

Worsham, Hazel D. w/o Lester A.24 Mar 189614 Feb 1972
Worsham, Lester A. s/o Mordecai A. & Nannie A. (Hovis) 2 Feb 188711 Nov 1972SSDI
Worsham, Martha T.30 Apr 183023 Jun 1899
Worsham, Dr. Mordecai A.6 Jul 18576 Apr 1947
Worsham, Nannie A. (Hovis) d/o J.M. & Miriam (McKenzie) w/o Mordecai A.5 Dec 18683 Feb 1941
Worsham, Nannie E. (Laseter) w/o Aubrey (M) 24 Dec 19242 Feb 190121 Dec 1985
Worsham, Ray E. s/o Mordecai A. Ark. Cpl. 142 Fld. Arty. 39th Div US Army1 Apr 18986 Jan 1943
Wright, William Delbert14 Dec 191429 Aug 1949
Young, Ernest31 Jul 19012 Nov 1918
Young, Floyd US Army WWII27 Sep 19174 May 1992
Young, Vadies w/o Floyd6 Aug 1915Living

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