New Bethel Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated May 1992 by Basil Hunt. New Bethel Cemetery is about six miles south of Danville, on Highway 27, Turn left (East) at sign New Bethel Church, go about one mile. This cemetery is well kept but has a lot of graves with only a native stone marker. We would appreciate a note from any of you who can give added info. to add to this cemetery. It is very old but plenty of people can add to this and help a lot.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adams, Cameron s/o Francis & Cynthia b. Lincoln Co., NC 25 Jan 182420 Oct 1892
Adams, Elizabeth w/o Cameron7 Aug 1824 25 Jul 1896
Adams, Fannie V.29 Sep 189531 May 1932
Adams, Inf.
Adams, Vaora18961909
Anderson, Esther C.18801958
Anderson, Gilford G.24 Jan 19003 Apr 1975SSDI
Anderson, Gladys w/o Gilford G.20 Jun 190728 Oct 1989
Anderson, Hugh Gaston s/o Robertson Carusoe & Ester Caldonia (Meek)23 Jul 189725 Jul 1930
Ashley, BabyB & D22 Aug 1988
Baker, John 186716 Jan 1937
Baker, Loudella (Light) d/o John Anderson & America Vaspucia (Glasgow) w/o John T.8 Dec 1878no date
Barnett, J.R.14 Aug 1922Living
Barnett, James Daniel s/o Robert L. & Sylvia A. (Stahl) 26 Aug 198217 Dec 1992
Barsh, Elizabeth A. d/o B.S. & S.R. w/o Charles B.29 Apr 187220 Oct 1892
Barsh, William Butler s/o Charles B. & Elizabeth A.16 Oct 189123 Jan 1892
Batton, Zula w/o Alva8 Apr 188730 May 1909
Bill, Marvin Lee - "Beloved Brother"16 Oct 19365 Mar 1997
Bittle, G.T.28 Oct 18681 Sep 1939
Bittle, Ida w/o G.T.17 Feb 187523 Mar 1951
Bittle, Reba27 Feb 19048 May 1969SSDI
Blackstock, Ella E. w/o Fred L.16 Jul 190418 Jun 2001SSDI
Blackstock, Fred L.8 Oct 190117 May 1974SSDI
Blount, Inf. d/o William T. & Lou V.B & D12 Nov 1904
Blount, Lou V. w/o William T.18 Jan 1878 2 Sep 1959
Blount, William T.26 Jan 187414 Apr 1941
Bolton, Fern E.7 Oct 191222 Feb 1988
Bowden, Lizzie A. w/o William12 Sep 1870 27 Apr 1909
Boyd, Robert D.7 Mar 18463 Aug 1882
Bradford, Bacel M/Sgt. WWII US Air Force s/o George & Dora Jane (Adcock) h/o Martha Lois (Peeler)28 Nov 191921 Apr 2006SSDI
Bridges, Eva (Stahl) w/o Matthew15 Nov 189214 Sep 1970
Bridges, Hayes s/o Matthew & Eva (Stahl)4 Oct 191015 Jun 2000SSDI
Bridges, Imogene (Leach) w/o Hayes (M) 3 May 19414 Jul 1916Living
Bridges, Mammie13 May 191511 Jun 1933
Bridges, Matthew
Updated information courtesy of Mike Lipsey
9 Apr 188421 Nov 1967SSDI
Bridges, Viola Marie18 Nov 192312 Dec 1924
Brock, Mae E.25 May 18955 Sep 1981SSDI
Brock, Mathew Joe11 Apr 188111 Feb 1967
Brothers, Junior Lamar s/o Lee & Ollie (Vaughn)5 Aug 192116 May 2002SSDI
Brothers, Shirley (Pottridge) w/o Junior Lamar21 Jul 1935Living
Brown, Minnie (Levels)10 Aug 188823 Oct 1979
Bryant, Corniles E.22 Jun 190424 Feb 1982
Bryant, Edith I. w/o Gilbert C. (M) 23 Dec 193310 Mar 191624 Feb 1989SSDI
Bryant, George W.13 Jul 185213 Sep 1925
Bryant, Gilbert C.24 Dec 190924 Mar 1995SSDI
Bryant, J.D. Millard "Jack" s/o William Monroe & Lou Rena (Green)17 Sep 191523 Dec 1983
Bryant, Karen S.27 Dec 194617 Apr 1974
Bryant, Lou Rena (Green) d/o Christopher Columbus & Malinda P. (Martin) w/o William Monroe12 Aug 1887Feb 1977
Bryant, Maggie (White) w/o Corniles E.1 May 190618 Mar 1965
Bryant, Marvin Lee s/o Corniles E. & Maggie (White)16 Oct 19365 Mar 1997SSDI
Bryant, Olen "Tood"9 Feb 191224 Jun 1972SSDI
Bryant, Tempe Abigail (McKay) d/o Andrew Carson & Delphia Abigail (Hill) w/o George W.18 Dec 18606 Sep 1942
Bryant, Vernell (Forrest) d/o Vernon J. & Mary Elizabeth (Crabill) w/o Edward18 Apr 19381 Jan 2006SSDI
Bryant, Wanda M. (Yarbrough) d/o Walter Lee & Alice April (Kiser) w/o William Hubert26 Apr 19233 Nov 1972SSDI
Bryant, William Hubert WWII Pfc. US Army s/o William Monroe & Lou Rena (Green)7 Sep 191914 Mar 1974
Bryant, William Monroe18821951
Burge, Mollie w/o W.W.26 Apr 187115 Jun 1905
Burge, Ruby d/o W.W. & Mary6 May 190411 Aug 1904
Burge, W.W.18591904
Butler, James M.18761944
Butler, Laura B.26 Feb 188221 Jan 1960
Cannon, Audry (Moulder) d/o John Russell & Hallie Adalade (Childress) w/o Fate29 May 1898Living
Cannon, Fate19 Jun 189710 Jan 1970
Cathey, Carley (Green) d/o Christopher Columbus & Malinda P. (Martin) w/o Thomas Steele26 Dec 189114 Apr 1976SSDI
Cathey, Hays W. WWII Pvt. Ark. 157 Inf. 45 Div. s/o Thomas Steele & Carley (Green)5 Jan 191613 Sep 1943
Cathey, Milburn E. PFC US Army WWII16 Sep 191715 Feb 1988SSDI
Cathey, Thomas Wayne SP4 US Army Korea18 Dec 19322 Aug 1999
Chadwick, Harold Dean3 Mar 193119 Jan 1992
Chadwick, Melba Grace w/o Harold Dean (M) 18 Sep 19548 May 1930Living
Chambers, Ruth Geraldine (Cudd) (Eastern Star) d/o Lloyd J. & Verna M. (Lowery) w/o Lynn L. Sr.22 Apr 19293 Dec 2003SSDI
Chappell, Carldeen J. d/o Carl & Lola (Oglesby)21 Jun 194014 Aug 1940
Chappell, Lila Fay d/o Carl & Lola (Oglesby)5 Jan 19396 Feb 1939
Chappell, Marline R. d/o Carl & Lola (Oglesby)21 Jun 19408 Oct 1940
Chappell, Reta Lee d/o Carl & Lola (Oglesby)11 Dec 193612 Dec 1936
Chester, A.W. (Witt)19021974
Chester, Anita (Cox)12 Feb 193020 Jun 1994
Chester, Armon s/o C.E. & L.E.10 May 190128 Aug 1905
Chester, C.E.5 Oct 185223 Sep 1921
Chester, Chesley O. (W of W)21 Jun 1900 17 May 1919
Chester, Danny Dwane18 Apr 1954Aug 1986
Chester, Dona J. w/o William A.18841957
Chester, Hattie Mae w/o Zack Pierce6 Nov 189724 May 1978SSDI
Chester, High s/o C.E. & L.E.18851888
Chester, Inf./o C.E. & L.E.23 Feb 188127 Feb 1881
Chester, Inf./o Jacob Andrew & Molley date13 Dec 1882
Chester, J.W. s/o C.E. & L.E.17 Feb 18781887
Chester, Jacob Andrew s/o James B. & Mary (Rape) b. Scott Co., MS12 Sep 18593 Aug 1901
Chester, Jacob W. s/o Jacob Andrew & Kindness Macedonia (Light)27 Feb 189327 Dec 1916
Chester, James B.53 yr 9 mo 12 ds20 Apr 1880
Chester, Kindness Macedonia "Donia" (Light) d/o Young Kellar & Susan (Munday) w/o Jacob Andrew21 May 186724 Jul 1943
Chester, L.E. w/o C.E.24 Dec 186920 Nov 1917
Chester, Lillie "Lettie" (Wilson) d/o Mary & Benjamin w/o Thomas D.15 Apr 188918 Feb 1911
Chester, Little Gus s/o William A. & Dona J.10 Jun 190821 Aug 1920
Chester, M.E. w/o James B.8 Jul 18344 Jun 1915
Chester, Mamie19 Feb 189516 Oct 1897
Chester, Molley T. w/o Jacob Andrew25 yr 1 mo 22 ds16 Dec 1882
Chester, Nora d/o C.E. & L.E.Oct 18911893
Chester, Olga Dwane1924Living
Chester, Rubie d/o C.E. & L.E.12 May 190427 Sep 1904
Chester, William A.18651951
Chester, William H.18 May 189528 Jul 1898
Chester, Zack Pierce25 Aug 188820 Jul 1972SSDI
Childers, dates

Childers, dates

Chronister, Emily Rhenano date3 Nov 1972
Cochran, Mildred MaxineB & D1936
Cochran, Virgie I. (Cathey) d/o Thomas Steele & Carley (Green)6 Dec 19141 Sep 1991SSDI
Colbert, Almer22 Sep 187622 Jan 1910
Colbert, Bertha w/o Grover18901949
Colbert, Grover18861922
Colbert, Inf. s/o Grover & BerthaB & D1918
Colbert, Mollie (Freeman)17 Aug 185813 Feb 1936
Colbert, Silas Monroe13 Feb 185726 Jul 1944
Cole, Maude (Luker) w/o Marion20 Apr 189815 Dec 1976
Compton, Rose Bell26 Feb 188312 Apr 1914
Coplan, Monroe18751942
Cox, Virgil17 Jun 189417 Nov 1921
Crabill, Bauman A.9 May 189819 Apr 1966
Crabill, Daisy I. (Will) w/o Samuel D.17 May 187310 Sep 1940
Crabill, Dovie M. (Bittle) w/o Bauman A.2 Nov 189810 Mar 1977
Crabill, Glen Harvey WWI US Army s/o Samuel D. & Daisy I. (Albert)20 Feb 189021 Jan 1978WWIR SSDI
Crabill, Imogene25 Nov 191918 May 1935
Crabill, Leroy C. PFC US Army WWII30 Jan 192419 Jan 1989
Crabill, Nora E. w/o Glen Harvey18 Jul 190122 Sep 1972SSDI
Crabill, Samuel D.5 Jul 18637 Aug 1941
Crites, Hubert J. "Buddy"6 Feb 191717 Feb 1988SSDI
Crites, Idella B.28 Nov 189823 Jun 1942
Crites, Mamie Inez (Bryant) d/o Corniles E. & Maggie (White) w/o Clarence20 Jul 192415 Jul 2004 SSDI
Crites, Martha Mae w/o Hubert J.18 May 1924Living
Cross, Q.1 Jan 184425 Feb 1911
Crowe, Verdell I. w/o Loyd R.6 Nov 1927 10 Apr 1949
Cudd, Lloyd J.7 Nov 190614 Jan 1985
Cudd, Verna M. (Lowery) w/o Lloyd J.2 Aug 190422 Feb 1995
Cumbie, Ida Mae (Moss) d/o Guy M. & Martha Jane (Smith) w/o Ernest F.23 Jun 189613 Feb 1922
David, Sarah A.18621942
Davis, Anna Mae w/o Cledis11 Jun 191810 Aug 1968
Davis, Cledis "Shorty"31 Oct 19191 May 1977
Deere, Martin Hugh20 Oct 198220 Dec 1987
DeShazo, Jettie L. (Downen) d/o Samuel D. & Texanna Virginia (Deen)16 Dec 18858 Oct 1904
Dickinson, Henry Y.18751956
Dickinson, Lydia A. w/o Henry Y.18771960
Domerese, Lola (Oglesby) Chappell d/o Nicklas Jackson & Arah Elizabeth (McCarty) M/1 Carl Chappell M/2 Willie Domerese4 Sep 190916 Mar 1990
Domerese, Willie28 Jul 190116 Sep 1980
Donnohue, Ellen E.6 May 187419 May 1912
Downen, Elizabeth E. (Clark) w/o Jessie S.1815Jun 1895
Downen, Evaline "Eva" (Oglesby) Hall d/o George W. & Laura Ann (Hale) M/1 Young Dean Downen M/2 Thomas Calvin Hall14 Feb 188314 Sep 1957
Downen, Jessie s/o Samuel D. & Texanna Virginia (Deen) 8 Jul 18909 Sep 1899
Downen, Jessie S. (Mason)187116 Jun 1912
Downen, Nettie E. d/o Samuel D. & Texanna Virginia (Deen)1 Dec 188314 Aug 1884
Downen, Samuel D. s/o Jessie S. & Elizabeth (Clark)6 Dec 185430 Nov 1939
Downen, Texanna Virginia "Virgie" (Deen) d/o Abner Young & Frances (Gossett) w/o Samuel D.5 Oct 186113 Jun 1937
Downen, Young Dean s/o Samuel D. & Texanna Virginia (Deen)26 Jul 188117 Aug 1910
Earl, Bertha13 Jul 189422 Aug 1899
Earl, Cora d/o L.G. & E.B.7 Apr 1900 20 Dec 1903
Earl, E.B.18 Nov 186026 Jan 1902
Earl, Jonathan A.6 Jan 188010 Aug 1880
Earl, Mandy J.1 Jan 187016 Oct 1875
Earl, Sarah10 Apr 183013 Aug 1878
Eden, Elmer Buel s/o Richard & Maude (Brasier)3 Mar 19124 Apr 2001SSDI
Eden, Ida Winifred (Lowery) d/o A. Newton & Martha Elizabeth (Reeves) w/o Elmer Buel (M) 3 Oct 19369 Mar 191427 Feb 2005SSDI
Eden, Jane (Fisher) d/o Richard Harrison & Rose Ethel (Luker) w/o Roy29 Nov 192319 Apr 2004SSDI
Edmunds, Dwayne11 Apr 193911 Feb 1967
Edmunds, Johnnie20 Aug 191725 Jul 1980
Elmore, Edna Sue6 Mar 19399 Mar 1939
Elmore, George R.23 Sep 18788 Dec 1965
Elmore, James I. s/o Obie Madison & Ruby Lorene (Hunt) h/o Debbie Ann (Hamley)25 May 19559 Nov 1999SSDI
Elmore, MadisonB & D10 Mar 1954
Elmore, Obie Madison1 Apr 19128 Aug 2001SSDI
Elmore, Ruby Lorene (Hunt) w/o Obie Madison31 Jan 191830 Mar 1975
Elmore, Susan A. w/o George R.30 Aug 189121 Nov 1973SSDI
Elmore, Willie Lee T/Sgt US Army WWII Korea25 Mar 19193 Aug 1984
Elms, Azlee V. w/o Drewey B.18721966
Elms, Drewey B.18711952
Elms, Jamesno date18 Jul 1889
Elms, J.F.7 Nov 18786 Feb 1901
Elms, Mary Jane (Adams) d/o Cameron & Elizabeth w/o James6 Sep 184724 Feb 1918
Elms, Minnie d/o Drewey B. & Azlee V.3 Jan 189221 Jun 1918
Elms, R.A. w/o J.F.5 Feb 188224 Feb 1901
Elms, T.C.21 Nov 188030 Jan 1901
Elms, Utha d/o J.F. & R.A.16 Jun 189830 Jan 1901
Elms, W.M. s/o J.F. & R.A.16 Jun 189830 Jan 1901
Elrod, Erby L.14 Dec 1945Living
Elrod, Jess L. (Mason)8 Feb 1913Living
Elrod, Selma L.16 Jun 191617 Aug 1978
English, Claudie Frances26 Feb 19038 Aug 1941
Eubanks, ---------- w/o Thomas Mississippi gm/o Claud Eubanks - located beside Rev. Rufus M. Hardberger's monument just left of the gate behind the church
Additional Info from Claud Eubanks
square of concreteno dates
Eubanks, Danny Edwinno date10 Jul 1953
Eubanks, Kenneth E.30 Mar 1931Living
Eubanks, Thomas Mississippi gf/o Claud Eubanks - located beside Rev. Rufus M. Hardberger's monument just left of the gate behind the church
Additional Info from Claud Eubanks
square of concreteno dates
Eubanks, Vaughnceile1 Aug 1931Living
Evans, Benjamin Joseph b. Clay Co, Indiana3 Apr 189520 Jul 1976SSDI
Fedrich, Camella G. w/o Michael T.21 Nov 1931Living
Fedrich, Michael T.4 Mar 193115 Jun 1996SSDI
Fields, James Herman Sr.23 Sep 192414 Jun 2002SSDI
Fields, Ruth Orine (Bozeman) d/o Thomas Gordon & Etta Leola (Turner) w/o James Herman Sr.2 Jan 193226 Aug 2003SSDI
Fisher, Allen Pvt. Co. C 15 KS Cav. s/o Richard & Elizabeth (Summers)25 Mar 18469 Apr 1930
Fisher, Allen R. WWII Ark. Pfc. 7th Inf. 3rd Inf. Div. s/o Richard Harrison & Rose Ethel (Luker)5 Jun 19178 Jul 1943
Fisher, Harold C. Tec. 3 US Army WWII3 Nov 192611 Jun 1988
Fisher, Laban S.57 yr 8 mo 26 ds13 Apr 1894
Fisher, Lemuel Harrison s/o Richard Harrison & Rose Ethel (Luker)B & D1919
Fisher, Mary E. w/o Laban S.55 yr 3 mo 8 ds15 Feb 1897
Fisher, Mary Elizabeth (Michael) w/o Allenca. 18529 Jan 1929
Fisher, Nancy Elizabeth d/o Richard Harrison & Rose Ethel (Luker)B & D1921
Fisher, Richard Harrison "Dick" s/o Allen & Mary Elizabeth (Michael)25 Nov 188923 Jul 1974
Fisher, Rose Ethel (Luker) w/o Richard Harrison8 Oct 189728 Feb 1976
Fisher, Ward1 Mar 18693 Mar 1919
Forrest, Carl Dean (Downen) - Mother - d/o Young Dean & Evaline (Oglesby) w/o Charlie G.17 Aug 191025 Jul 1942
Forrest, Carl Mack22 Mar 19392 Jun 1986
Forrest, Charlie G.5 Sep 191030 Apr 1995SSDI
Forrest, Daniel Arthur s/o Foster G. & Floy E. (Peeler) 19 Dec 19178 Oct 1918
Forrest, Euda Mae (Furr) w/o Odell M. (M) 29 Mar 19404 Nov 1919Living
Forrest, Floy E. (Peeler) w/o Foster G.20 Jan 18798 Aug 1965
Forrest, Foster G.27 Aug 188119 Apr 1937
Forrest, Mary Elizabeth (Crabill) d/o Samuel D. & Daisy I. (Will) w/o Vernon J.20 May 191112 Feb 2005SSDI
Forrest, Odell M. s/o Foster G. & Floy E. (Peeler)4 Sep 19157 Mar 1997SSDI
Forrest, Randell h/o Martha27 May 1948 9 Jan 1994
Forrest, Vernon J.9 Feb 190826 Jul 1960
Foster, Alonzo s/o B.P. & Missouri A.20 Jul 189513 Dec 1897
Foster, B.P.29 Apr 187121 Mar 1900
Foster, Ida M. d/o B.P. & Missouri A.B & D4 Oct 1897
Foster, Missouri A. w/o B.P.5 Nov 1887 6 Oct 1897
Fox, Alyne23 May 188515 Sep 1972
Fox, George W. (Mason)10 Oct 184824 Jan 1916
Fox, Martha26 May 18577 May 1932
Fox, Will L. (W of W)25 Aug 188029 Dec 1950
Furrow, Dora Leigh w/o Jack Charles9 Dec 192528 Aug 1999
Furrow, Jack Charles4 Jul 191912 May 1993
Garrison, A.M. (Mason)19 Sep 190121 Jul 1943
Gateley, Mariam G. w/o Paul V.27 Apr 191113 Oct 1989
Gateley, Paul V.5 Sep 19089 Oct 1985SSDI
Gateley, Paul Wayne US Navy Korea19 Feb 193031 Jul 1994SSDI
Gaylor, Daisy L. w/o Earl W.27 Mar 1902 27 Jan 1983SSDI
Gaylor, Earl W.27 Jun 190119 Jan 1981SSDI
Gaylor, Mary26 Aug 193218 Oct 1935
Gee, Willard19181940
Gooch, Ruth Mae (Yarbrough) d/o Walter Lee & Alice April (Kiser) w/o William David "Bill"1 May 192121 Oct 1978
Gossett, Cleo19141918
Gossett, dates

Gossett, Inf./o Marvin O. & Velma Francis (Collins)26 Apr 192626 Apr 1926
Gossett, James L. WWII Pvt. US Army22 Aug 190711 Dec 1973SSDI
Gossett, James Simpson11 Feb 187020 Jun 1945
Gossett, Lizzie (W of W)13 Dec 18738 Jun 1914
Gossett, Marvin O.1 Dec 190211 Mar 1944
Gossett, Nora Maude (Roe) w/o James Simpson3 Jul 188712 Feb 1964
Gossett, Robert L.19261927
Gossett, Velma Francis (Collins) d/o John K. & Dora (Fowler) w/o Marvin O.22 Aug 19003 May 1997 SSDI
Green, Amy (Crabill) d/o Samuel D. & Daisy I. (Albert) w/o Edward Clinton18 Oct 190310 Feb 2002SSDI
Green, Christopher Columbus s/o David J. & Eliza Jane (White)
Tombstone picture
16 Sep 185721 Nov 1932
Green, Daniel Webster s/o William R. & Lavonna (Cobb)
Tombstone picture
Oct 1892 1924
Green, Delphia (Light) d/o John R. & Eldora (Elms) w/o Samuel Cody29 Aug 190011 Dec 1928
Green, Dollie (Light) d/o John R. & Eldora (Elms) w/o John Clifton19 Oct 189918 Feb 1976SSDI
Green, Edward Clinton Pvt. US Army WWII s/o Marshall Americus & Sarah Elizabeth Almeda Jane Rosa Lee Victoria Julia Anne Emily Cordellia (McBee)30 Dec 18975 Jul 1986
Green, Elms s/o John Clifton & Dollie (Light)1 Mar 193110 Jun 1933
Green, Elzie Ark. Cpl. 1 QM Co. WWII BSM s/o James Christopher & Lillie (Baker)
Tombstone picture
30 Aug 191314 Aug 1953
Green, Eula Lee (Abbott) w/o Joseph Marshall Clayton2 Jul 189822 May 1960
Green, Inf. d/o John Clifton & Dollie (Light)no dates

Green, James Christopher s/o Christopher Columbus & Malinda P. (Martin)
Tombstone picture
Apr 1884 1957
Green, John Clifton WWI Ark. Pfc. Co. I 128 Inf. s/o Marshall Americus & Sarah Elizabeth Almeda Jane Rosa Lee Victoria Julia Anne Emily Cordellia (McBee)22 Dec 189528 Jan 1967WWIR SSDI
Green, Joseph Barney s/o Christopher Columbus & Malinda P. (Martin)
Tombstone picture
2 Jun 188524 Nov 1960
Green, Joseph Marshall Clayton Ark. Cpl. Co. B 164 Infantry s/o Marshall Americus & Sarah Elizabeth Almeda Jane Rosa Lee Victoria Julia Anne Emily Cordellia (McBee)14 Nov 189320 Aug 1953
Green, Lillie (Baker) w/o James Christopher
Tombstone picture
Green, Malinda P. (Martin) w/o Christopher Columbus
Tombstone picture
Green, Marshall Americus s/o David J. & Eliza Jane (White)
Tombstone picture
15 Jun 186021 Jul 1943
Green, Samuel Cody s/o Marshall Americus & Sarah Elizabeth Almeda Jane Rosa Lee Victoria Julia Anne Emily Cordellia (McBee)22 Aug 190012 Nov 1971SSDI
Greer, John Harrison24 Dec 184413 Apr 1934
Greer, Lucy Ann (Warnick) w/o John Harrison29 Dec 186925 Sep 1945
Hall, Clifton - unmarked grave19111922
Hall, Ethel d/o Hosea Aaron & Sarah Ann (Smith)
Tombstone picture
B & D ca. 1904
Hall, Everett E. Pvt. US Army WWII s/o Hosea Aaron & Sarah Ann (Smith)
Tombstone picture
Military marker
15 Feb 1914 29 May 1989SSDI
Hall, Hosea Aaron s/o Thomas Calvin & Eliza Jane (Berry)
Tombstone picture
2 Jan 188217 Apr 1964
Hall, Inf. twins/o Hosea Aaron & Sarah Ann (Smith) - unmarked graveB & Dca. 1907
Hall, James Carroll Wesley s/o Hosea Aaron & Sarah Ann (Smith)
Tombstone picture #1
Tombstone picture #2
4 Oct 190811 Jan 1969
Hall, Leona (Wilson) 1st w/o Charles F.
Tombstone picture
13 Dec 18867 Sep 1909
Hall, Margie Lee (Cathey) d/o Lee w/o Everett E.
Tombstone picture
5 Mar 1928Living
Hall, Norma Jewel (Green) d/o Marshall Americus & Sarah Elizabeth Almeda Jane Rosa Lee Victoria Julia Anne Emily Cordellia (McBee) w/o James Carroll Wesley
Tombstone picture #1
Tombstone picture #2
20 Sep 190531 Mar 1992SSDI
Hall, Oscar s/o Hosea Aaron & Sarah Ann (Smith)
Tombstone picture
B & D ca. 1902
Hall, Sarah Ann (Smith) d/o Elisha & America w/o Hosea Aaron
Tombstone picture
30 Aug 18807 Dec 1943
Hall, Thomas Calvin s/o Hosea Farmer & Mary (Pace) h/o Eliza Jane (Berry)
Tombstone picture
Jan 1854 1916
Hamilton, Caroline7 Jul 187822 Jan 1923
Hardberger, Martha Minerva (Tippin) b. GA w/o Rev. Rufus M. 1829no date
Hardberger, R.C. s/o Rev. Rufus M. & Martha Minerva (Tippin) - First Interment18611881
Hardberger, Rev. Rufus M. (Mason) Minister of Gospel28 Jul 181924 Mar 1881
Harp, Charles E.22 Dec 192815 Jun 1934
Harp, Charles H.26 Feb 187617 Nov 1956
Harp, Daisy J.15 Jul 192313 Jun 1934
Harp, Mylie Wilson1 May 18906 Sep 1953
Haston, Ivory Archie s/o Jesse Lorensa & Etta Mae (Westcott) h/o Wanda Pauline11 May 191920 Mar 1989SSDI
Haston, Jesse Lorensa s/o Nathan Loransa & Mary Theodosia (George)18971932
Haston, Reesal s/o Ivory Archie & Wanda Pauline h/o Alice2 Oct 194522 Dec 2005SSDI
Haston, Travis LeeB & D24 Oct 1981
Hawkins, Cleve21 Nov 18921 Jan 1970
Hawkins, Elmira (Witt)24 Jul 186717 Apr 1920
Hawkins, J.M.30 Sep 185915 Feb 1918
Hawkins, James Edgar6 Dec 189110 Mar 1981
Hawkins, Mamie Carol (White) w/o James Edgar29 Sep 18907 Sep 1931
Hawkins, Meda w/o Cleve25 Jul 190530 Jun 1989SSDI
Hawkins, Sarah O. (Haywood) w/o James Edgar
Additional Info from Marylin Kipley
20 Mar 19033 Sep 1920
Hawkins, W.O.2 Nov 188628 Jun 1911
Heath, Matthew E.1924Living
Higgins, Beulah w/o Virgil27 Nov 188722 Mar 1921
Higgins, Inf. s/o George Washington & Susan Emily (Chester)3 May 190813 Sep 1908
Higgins, Lola Dale12 Oct 190913 Aug 1910
Higgins, Rita Lucille23 Sep 19118 Aug 1912
Higgins, Susan Emily "Sudie" (Chester) d/o Jacob Andrew & Kindess Macedonia (Light) w/o George WashingtonJul 1886 1962
Higgins, Virgil Wright s/o Virgil & Beulah6 Jan 191328 Nov 1917
Horton, Lulu d/o William David & Buena Vista (Light)2 Jul 189615 Nov 1904
Horton, Maggie A. d/o William David & Buena Vista (Light)25 Oct 188122 Jul 1902
Horton, Martha D. d/o William David & Buena Vista (Light)1 Aug 187914 Aug 1883
Horton, Susan d/o William David & Buena Vista (Light)21 Oct 187520 Oct 1876
Hughes, Corena "Sug"11 Dec 19215 Jun 1963
Hulsey, Isabell18691939
Hunnicutt, Annie Laura (Fowler) d/o Thomas Jefferson & Mary Isabel (Boles) w/o George W.8 Jun 18691946
Hunnicutt, Rev. George W.21 Sep 186626 Jun 1940
Hunnicutt, Jo Ann d/o Mr. & Mrs. O.B. Sr.26 Jun 193627 Jun 1936
Hunnicutt, Julian O.9 Feb 190012 Sep 1985SSDI
Hunnicutt, LaVesta w/o Julian O.13 Jun 190217 Aug 1970
Hunnicutt, Roy Lee US Army WWII Korea h/o Vesta F.16 Mar 192215 Feb 1993SSDI
Hunnicutt, Ody E. s/o George Washington & Annie Laura (Fowler)19051938
Hunt, Cleo Virginia "Cricket" (Downen) d/o Young Dean & Evaline (Oglesby) twin s/o Carl Dean (Downen) Forrest w/o Coy Avery17 Aug 191011 Aug 2004
Hunt, Coy Avery3 Oct 191122 Sep 1972
Hunt, Donad Eward20 Apr 193820 Jun 1938
Hunt, Elsie May (Richardson) s/o Hastie & Irene (Lambert) w/o Bill6 Apr 193420 Nov 2000SSDI
Hunt, Harl Wayne31 Dec 19441 Aug 1988SSDI
Hunt, Sarah F. w/o William T.7 Sep 1890 18 Sep 1920
Hunt, William T. "Willie"5 Dec 18861 Aug 1973SSDI
Ivey, Joe M/Sgt. US Air Force30 Mar 1912 22 Feb 1985SSDI
Ivey, Mary Esther (Sandlin) w/o Joe30 Dec 1922Living
James, Daniel B. s/o T.P. & M.A.19 Aug 187425 Jul 1875
Johnson, Ethel19081936
Johnston, Claud Leo s/o Ed & Lou27 Sep 189211 Jun 1903
Keener, Lola L. (Lowery) d/o A. Newton & Martha Elizabeth (Reeves) w/o Odie22 May 191211 Dec 1997SSDI
Kennon, Arvell A.17 Sep 191126 Feb 1915
Kennon, Gertrude19041919
Kennon, James19061932
Kennon, Pearl18851928
Kirkland, Annie May d/o James Ralph & May (Kitchens) gd/o Zephania (Franklin) Kitchens
Additional info from Gwen & Al Kitchens
B & D1906
Kirkland, James Ralph WWI Ark. Pvt. 162 Dept. Brig.1 Mar 189526 Feb 1968WWIR
Kirkland, May (Kitchens) d/o Zephania (Franklin) w/o James Ralph
Additional info from Gwen & Al Kitchens
1 May 19026 May 1927
Kitchens, Zephania (Franklin)18771937
Koehler, Carol Sue (Hunt)21 May 194015 Feb 1991
Kuger, Martin J. Jr.19461992
Lambert, 5 gravesno dates

Lambert, Ola E. d/o Thomas Jefferson Jr. & Alicia Elva (Young) m/o Lorene (Lambert) Pelt
Tombstone picture
26 Dec 189717 Jan 1992SSDI
Lawler, William "Bill"21 Jul 189025 Jul 1975SSDI
Lawson, Malessie (Bryant)19021938
Lawson, R.L.7 Oct 18866 Jan 1942
Lawson, Mrs. dates

Leach, Calvin A.14 Jun 1910Feb 1965
Leach, Christine w/o W.R.18781948
Leach, Eva d/o D.P. & Mary5 May 1883 31 Dec 1901
Leach, Mary Elizabeth (Yarbrough) d/o Walter Lee & Alice April (Kiser) w/o Calvin A.14 Nov 1917Living
Leach, W.R.18751952
Level, Alex5 Sep 188125 Jul 1955
Level, Minnie w/o Alex5 Aug 1888no date
Levels, Lizzie18861918
Lewis, Mrs. A.J.18481894
Lewis, Ada d/o James A.30 Jan 187515 Apr 1896
Lewis, Barney Y.28 Apr 187822 Aug 1949
Lewis, B.N.188924 May 1900
Lewis, dates

Lewis, Ben T.18 Mar 188721 Jan 1975SSDI
Lewis, Carrieno dates

Lewis, Caryno dates

Lewis, Clara L. d/o Alonzo & Mary2 Oct 191312 Jan 1920
Lewis, Ellen V. w/o Barney Y.24 Dec 1884 31 Aug 1955
Lewis, Glida Vasco d/o Ben T. & Media L.12 Oct 191117 Jan 1913
Lewis, J.D.18711889
Lewis, James A.8 Mar 18481 Jul 1923
Lewis, Johnnie J. Cpl. US Army WWII19 Oct 190813 Jul 1986
Lewis, Mayno dates

Lewis, Media L. w/o Ben T.2 Apr 188922 Jun 1943
Lewis, Ned F.15 Aug 188921 Jan 1971SSDI
Lewis, Roscoe Maxie24 Dec 192518 Feb 1926
Lewis, Ruby Nell d/o Barney Y. & Ellen V.3 Jun 191620 Mar 1917
Light, Alpha Louise d/o Young Kellar Jr. & Mary Frances (Fisher)25 Nov 19089 Mar 1946
Light, America Vaspucia "Frances" (Glasgow) w/o John Anderson17 Dec 185021 Jul 1922
Light, Ami d/o Franklin S. & E.O.H.25 Dec 187330 Oct 1882
Light, Anna w/o P.G.66 yr 1 mo 5 ds15 Dec 1883
Light, Annie L. "Lizzie" d/o Young Kellar Jr. & Mary Frances (Fisher)17 Dec 18771895
Light, Clyde19171918
Light, Cora F. d/o Young Kellar Jr. & Mary Frances (Fisher)7 Dec 18901895
Light, Edd4 Apr 18888 Jan 1927
Light, Eldora "Dora" (Elms) d/o James & Mary Jane (Adams) w/o John Robert30 Dec 187615 Jul 1903
Light, Ella Frances25 Mar 191512 Jan 1916
Light, Franklin S. s/o S.B. & Margaretno dateDec 1879
Light, Hughey F. s/o F.F. & S.H.14 Jan 191315 Jan 1916
Light, John Anderson s/o Young Kellar & Susan (Munday) 24 Feb 18494 Jun 1924
Light, John Robert s/o John Anderson & America Vaspucia (Glasgow)28 Nov 18751958
Light, Mary Frances (Fisher) d/o Laban & Mary Elizabeth (Smith) w/o Young Kellar Jr.31 May 186828 Jul 1928
Light, P.A.T. b. Cherokee Co., GA31 Jul 18158 Mar 1885
Light, P.G.1 Aug 181523 Aug 1896
Light, Sarah J. w/o P.A.T.17 Mar 185810 Oct 1897
Light, Susan (Munday) d/o John & Elizabeth (Burrus) w/o Young Kellar29 Sep 182919 Apr 1890
Light, Teula E. w/o Thomas O.26 Feb 1863 13 Mar 1922
Light, Thomas O.9 May 18586 Feb 1942
Light, Viola d/o Young Kellar Jr. & Mary Frances (Fisher)19 Dec 18981900
Light, Young Kellar s/o Obediah & Mary (Moore)4 Mar 182018 Jan 1902
Light, Young Kellar Jr. s/o Young Kellar & Susan (Munday)12 Apr 18621 Aug 1947
Lipsey, Eva29 Sep 190114 Jun 1903
Lipsey, Sudie d/o S.B. & Ella A.16 Jan 18953 Oct 1900
Lipsey, William R.15 Feb 187426 Dec 1900
Lister, Melody Ann22 Jan 195622 Aug 1988
Loewe, Edwin B. PFC US Army WWII14 Apr 19015 Oct 1979SSDI
Loewe, Iva12 Mar 19018 Mar 1987
Lowery, A. Newton16 Aug 186710 Jul 1947
Lowery, Doyle Lathel US Army Korea3 Dec 193127 Nov 1994SSDI
Lowery, Inf. d/o A. Newton & Martha Elizabeth (Reeves) no dates

Lowery, Martha Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Reeves) w/o A. Newton3 Aug 187727 Aug 1950
Lowery, Mary Eunice19101936
Luber, Mary Elizabeth w/o George29 Dec 18456 Jul 1922
Luker, Doyle George WWII Ark. A.O.M.I. US Navy5 Oct 192117 Jun 1947
Luker, George F. WWII Ark. Pvt. 38th Inf.25 Apr 189616 Jun 1965
Luker, Nettie E. w/o George F.21 Jan 189819 Oct 1986SSDI
Luker, Royle B. WWII Ark. F 3 US Navy Pearl Harbor15 Mar 19247 Dec 1941
Madron, Charles dates

Magness, Billy Dean13 Sep 193814 Oct 1992
Magness, Ethel M. w/o Irvin F.17 Jan 1888Mar 1974
Magness, Fay R.28 May 190926 Feb 1994
Magness, Irvin F.18851957
Magness, Nelia L.26 Feb 191315 Dec 1987
Magness, Rosalie w/o Billy Dean27 Apr 1938Living
Mann, Charles J. 2nd s/o Walter & Mary Ellen (McCarty)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
5 yr 3 mo 1 da5 Oct 1886
Mansell, Abi J. (Light) d/o P.G. & Anna w/o W.T.22 yr 5 mo 28 ds26 Jul 1868
Marler, Martha E.12 Jul 18408 Jun 1924
Martindale, Catherine Y. (Whitaker) d/o William Warren & Elizabeth J. (Phillips) w/o Samuel Y.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
3 Apr 18623 Apr 1886
Martindale, Samuel L.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
ca. 36 yr10 Feb 1885
McBee, Beulah A. (Oglesby) d/o George W. & Laura Ann (Hale) w/o James Paul18781931
McBee, Dr. Robert Henry s/o Silas Benton & Mary C. (Altom) h/o Zenobia (Earl)15 Mar 187622 Nov 1915
McBee, Robert Henry s/o Robert H. & Zenobia (Earl)14 Jan 190910 Jun 1909
McBee, Rory Desmond s/o Robert H. & Zenobia (Earl)15 Jul 190415 Aug 1988
McBee, Thomasene "Tommye" w/o Rory Desmond9 Mar 1929Living
McBee, Vivian Zeno d/o Robert H. & Zenobia (Earl)7 Sep 190713 Nov 1908
McCall, William18721941
McCarty, Alice M. (Martindale) w/o Jess L. m/o Cleve & Bill Dean
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
4 Mar 190611 Mar 2000
McCarty, Anderson C.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
4 Aug 187821 Nov 1947
McCarty, Arabala w/o Jacob - he's buried in Peaster Cemetery, Parker County, Texas with his third wife Stacy
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
24 Nov 18277 Dec 1871
McCarty, Asenath d/o John H. & Rachel M.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
13 Jul 189320 Sep 1902
McCarty, Carrie (Downen) w/o Anderson C.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
14 Sep 187910 Oct 1904
McCarty, Elizabeth J. (Phillips) M/1 William Warren Whitaker (M) 18 Sep 1845 M/2 Jacob McCarthy
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
8 Feb 182720 Oct 1898
McCarty, Emma Hattie (Martindale) d/o Samuel L. & Catherine Y. (Whitaker) w/o Henry Lawrence (M) 6 Oct 1901
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
18824 Feb 1908
McCarty, Inf./o Anderson C. & Laura S.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
B & D19 May 1908
McCarty, Jacob s/o Anderson C. & Carrie (Downen) M/1 __________ M/2 Elizabeth J. (Phillips) Whitaker
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
5 Jul 190212 Feb 1908
McCarty, Jess L.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
1 Apr 190329 Nov 1977
McCarty, John H.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
25 Jun 18536 Nov 1914
McCarty, Laura S. (Reeves) w/o Anderson C.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
17 Mar 18838 Sep 1946
McCarty, Mary Lee d/o Columbus W. & Maryline (Fifer/Phifer)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
approx. 3 yrca. 1880
McCarty, Rachel M. (Peeler) w/o John H.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
Oct 1853/5May 1904
McCarty, Willie A.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
6 yrca. 1880
McConnell, Edna Faye31 Dec 193529 Aug 1989
McConnell, Ervin T.28 Nov 1932Living
McMinn, Emma O. (Colbert) d/o Silas M. & Emma w/o Forrest11 Jan 18795 Feb 1905
Melchor, Cintha R. w/o Leonard E.18 yr 11 mo 16 ds14 Aug 1860
Melchor, Leonard E.22 Jun 1830 25 Nov 1870
Mendenhall, William M. - Beloved Grandfather18381915
Miller, Jim A.30 Mar 191519 Nov 2001
Miller, Ralph Elmer (Illinois) WWI F3 US Navy h/o Mabel (McClain) f/o Marilynn N. (Miller) Yacono13 Mar 190330 Jan 1972SSDI
Miller, Rose31 Dec 186110 Sep 1926
Miller, Vernell (Magness) d/o Irvin F. & Gordia w/o Jim A.26 Apr 192613 Sep 2004SSDI
Miner, Annano dates

Miner, William Albert (W of W)6 Dec 1875 6 Nov 1915
Mitchell, Elizabeth (Hurt)18711922
Moss, Aaron s/o A.T. & M.C.4 mo 26 ds19 Jan 1871
Moss, Andrew Jackson s/o Gilbert & Frances (Moss)26 Dec 184618 Apr 1926
Moss, B.W. s/o Guy & Martha Jane (Smith)11 Sep 189117 Jan 1894
Moss, Belle (Chester) w/o William W.1878 1954
Moss, Christopher Columbus s/o Gilbert & Frances (Moss) 15 Mar 185022 Jul 1924
Moss, Frances (Moss) d/o Nicholas & Passy w/o Gilbert24 Feb 182626 Apr 1908
Moss, Guy6 Jun 18728 Sep 1913
Moss, Guy M.9 Mar 190725 Nov 1984
Moss, J.H. s/o Guy & Martha Jane (Smith)20 Nov 190314 Jul 1907
Moss, Mamieno dates

Moss, Martha Jane "Mattie" (Smith) w/o Guy18691953
Moss, Mary Katherine (Peeler) d/o Daniel Marion & Susan (James) w/o Andrew Jackson10 Sep 184627 Oct 1927
Moss, Rachel Marie21 Dec 19138 Oct 1988
Moss, Ruben C.30 Aug 18972 Apr 1982
Moss, W.A. s/o Guy & Martha Jane (Smith)20 Aug 189324 Mar 1894
Moss, William W.18711956
Moulder, Hallie Adalade (Childress) w/o John Russell
Tombstone picture
May 1878 after 1900
Moulder, J.L. (W of W)
Tombstone picture
12 Aug 186917 Aug 1932
Moulder, John Loy s/o John Russell & Hallie Adalaide (Childress)
Tombstone picture
10 Sep 189915 Apr 1952
Moulder, John Russell (W of W) s/o John R. & Barbara A. (White)
Tombstone picture
5 Apr 18746 Aug 1923
Moulder, Loy Dean s/o John Loy & Vina Oressa (Green)
Tombstone picture
13 Aug 193414 Aug 1934
Moulder, Vina Oressa (Green) d/o Marshall Americus & Sarah Elizabeth Almeda Jane Rosa Lee Victoria Julia Anne Emily Cordellia (McBee) w/o John Loy
Tombstone picture
5 Feb 19021 Jan 1959
Nixon, Fronia25 Dec 187628 Jul 1951
Noles, Aurelia Virginia (Gabbert) w/o James Monroe19 Sep 190121 Jul 1943
Noles, James Monroe (Mason) s/o William Samuel & Martha Belle (Clenney)8 May 189928 Feb 1968
Noon, Stanley Albert SFC WWII Korea18 Jun 19214 Nov 1987SSDI
Noon, Vivian6 Feb 1924Living
Norman, Ada M. w/o K. Wiley18801924
Norman, Charles A.29 May 188016 Aug 1881
Norman, Charles L.21 Jun 193418 Sep 2003
Norman, Daniel Logan s/o John H. & Mary Emma 30 Jun 18952 Aug 1896
Norman, Elbert A. s/o William Henry & Rosalee24 Jun 189230 Dec 1908
Norman, Ewell Eugene18 Mar 191527 Feb 1981
Norman, Fred L. s/o L.W. & Hepsie E.2 Sep 189026 Jun 1899
Norman, Harold J.17 Mar 192614 Apr 1970
Norman, Hepsie E. w/o L.W.8 Jul 186118 Aug 1902
Norman, Homer L.11 Dec 189822 Jun 1929
Norman, Inf. s/o William Henry & Rosalee1 Dec 18934 Jan 1894
Norman, John H. f/o Daniel Logan & Tomina Elma
Additional Info from Norman Johnson
23 Aug 186422 Jul 1900
Norman, John P. s/o William Henry & Rosalee11 Jun 189011 Feb 1909
Norman, K. Wiley18571923
Norman, Laura M. d/o L.W. & Hepsie E.27 Sep 188823 Jul 1890
Norman, Lula E. d/o L.W. & Hepsie E.27 Dec 188318 Oct 1886
Norman, Luther15 Jun 189426 Feb 1895
Norman, Mary A. w/o W.P.13 Feb 184714 Jul 1904
Norman, Mary E. d/o L.W. & Hepsie E.8 Jan 189616 Oct 1900
Norman, Mary Emma w/o John H.16 Mar 1870 27 Jan 1903
Norman, Myrtle d/o William Henry & Rosalee11 Jul 18887 Aug 1902
Norman, Nannye (Castleberry) w/o William O.14 Mar 19051 Apr 1993
Norman, Ora L. d/o L.W. & Hepsie E.1 Oct 189718 Aug 1898
Norman, Rosalee w/o William Henry17 Nov 18664 Oct 1931
Norman, Tomina Elma d/o John H. & Mary Emma3 Sep 189920 Jan 1903
Norman, W.P.30 May 184721 Oct 1901
Norman, William Hays5 Aug 192430 Sep 1925
Norman, William Henry18 Nov 186720 Feb 1949
Norman, William O.1 Dec 189325 Sep 1961
Norris, Boss M.30 Aug 191912 Jan 1992
Norris, Hardie Daniel20 Apr 191028 Jun 1981SSDI
Norris, Henry D.15 Mar 1877Jan 1970SSDI
Norris, Luddie L. w/o Henry D.18771966
Norris, Trannie w/o Hardie Daniel (M) 23 Aug 193015 Mar 190816 Nov 1981SSDI
Odell, June1 Jun 190115 Jul 1905
Oglesby, Arah Elizabeth (McCarty) d/o John H. & Rachel M. (Peeler) w/o Nicklas Jackson
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
21 Nov 188924 Dec 1970
Oglesby, Arthur Delton s/o George W. & Myrtie Lee (Green)
Tombstone picture
18 Mar 192125 Apr 1924
Oglesby, Clifton D. s/o George W. & Myrtie Lee (Green)
Tombstone picture
14 Sep 19171 Apr 1918
Oglesby, George W. s/o George W. & Laura Ann (Hale)5 May 188518 Dec 1974SSDI
Oglesby, Ima d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.W.
Tombstone picture
30 Sep 19172 Aug 1918
Oglesby, Laura Ann (Hale) w/o George W.18 Mar 18561945
Oglesby, Marshal Lee s/o George W. & Myrtie Lee (Green)
Tombstone picture
9 Sep 19118 Jul 1912
Oglesby, Myrtie Lee (Green) d/o Marshall Americus & Sarah Elizabeth Almeda Jane Rosa Lee Victoria Julia Anne Emily Cordellia (McBee) w/o George W.
Tombstone picture
18 Aug 189129 May 1979
Oglesby, Nicklas Jackson s/o George W. & Laura Ann (Hale)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
23 Dec 187912 Jan 1966
Oglesby, Shelby J. s/o George W. & Myrtie Lee (Green)
Tombstone picture
14 Feb 192018 Feb 1920
Oglesby, Thelma d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.W.
Tombstone picture
10 Dec 190613 Dec 1906
Oglesby, Violet B.7 Mar 19141 Nov 1914
Owens, Elza9 Jun 1919Oct 1982SSDI
Owens, Emmett A.9 Mar 1923Jan 1968
Owens, J.W. s/o Emmett A. & Vonda E. (Leach)
Additional Info from Ginger Ezell
Owens, Vonda E. (Leach) d/o W.R. & Christine w/o Emmett A.
Additional Info from Ginger Ezell
20 Nov 192212 Mar 2002
Parker, James W. (W of W)12 Oct 18711 Sep 1931
Partain, Bill H. s/o Robert L. & Ola B. (Keener)
Additional Info from Marylin Kipley
12 Dec 19324 Apr 2002SSDI
Partain, Edna F. (Hawkins) d/o James Edgar & Sarah O. (Haywood) w/o Elmer L. (M) 28 Feb 1947
Additional Info from Marylin Kipley
3 Sep 192018 Jun 2008
Partain, Elmer L. US Navy s/o Robert Lee & Ola B. (Keener)14 Jan 191825 Sep 2004SSDI
Partain, Harriet L. w/o Bill H.21 Apr 193731 Aug 1998SSDI
Partain, Maxey L.D. "Jack" US Army US Air Force Merchant Marine s/o Robert L. & Ola B. (Keener) h/o Mary
Additional Info from Marylin Kipley
21 Jan 19309 Dec 2002
Pearson, Bulah Edna (Lipsey) d/o S.B. & Ella A. w/o Emmett7 Aug 189722 Mar 1922
Peeler, Daniel Gordon s/o Daniel Jonathan James & Lucy A. (Vaughan)2 yr 7 12 hours17 Jul 1883
Peeler, Daniel Jonathan James "Jim" s/o Daniel Marion & Susan (James)26 Aug 18443 Sep 1887
Peeler, Daniel Marion s/o Daniel & Levisa (Leek)1 Dec 181918 Oct 1881
Peeler, Garland H. s/o Daniel Jonathan James & Lucy A. (Vaughan)1 Oct 18761 Dec 1951
Peeler, J. Dee s/o Daniel Jonathan James & Lucy A. (Vaughan)18741947
Peeler, Lillian Octavia w/o Garland H.18 Feb 18908 May 1976
Peeler, Lucy A. (Vaughan) d/o William & Hannah (House) w/o Daniel Jonathan James16 Jan 185229 Jul 1920
Peeler, Mattie (Poteet?) w/o J. Dee1879 1961
Peeler, Susan (James) d/o John & Elizabeth (Sandlin) twin s/o Daniel James w/o Daniel Marion 18 Jul 181927 Jul 1896
Peeler, Vennia d/o J. Dee & Mattie (Poteet?)19011961
Pelt, Cora Irene (Peeler) d/o Daniel Jonathan James & Lucy A. (Vaughan) w/o James Edward20 Jan 18869 Feb 1965
Pelt, Garland Peeler s/o James Edward & Cora Irene (Peeler)16 Aug 19141 Apr 1985SSDI
Pelt, James Edward s/o Everett & Mary Letha (Gregory)14 Aug 18845 May 1966
Pelt, James Everett16 Sep 19083 Nov 1994
Pelt, Marie (Chester) w/o James Everett (M) 6 Jun 193622 Oct 1917Living
Pelt, Pauline Vernice (Cathey) d/o Thomas Steele & Carley (Green) w/o Garland Peeler19 Mar 1919Living
Phillips, Bertha C.13 Sep 190621 Sep 1987
Phillips, George H.6 Mar 189620 Jun 1953
Phillips, George W.18891953
Phillips, John Frank MMCS US Navy Korea30 Apr 193214 Oct 1983SSDI
Phillips, Tolitha A. w/o W.E.20 Feb 1861 21 Sep 1929
Phillips, W.E.15 Dec 18558 Aug 1936
Potter, Mattie w/o W. Rush5 Mar 191525 Aug 1961
Potter, Nancy E. d/o Jacob5 Jan 18495 Aug 1878
Potter, W. Rush12 Jul 18814 Nov 1965
Pullen, InfantB & D2 Nov 1920
Pullen, Ophelia5 Feb 18986 Feb 1965
Pullen, William W.23 Oct 18965 Jan 1950
Ramsey, Oda Viola (Colbert)26 Jul 1915 12 Jan 2000SSDI
Reames, Eliza1 yr 9 mo 1 da

Reames, Emmet2 yr 9 mo 26 da

Reeves, Bertha L. (Hall) w/o Edd W.7 Jul 1906Living
Reeves, Edd W.26 Mar 18857 Feb 1971SSDI
Reeves, J.B.18721897
Renfrow, Mary E.18721919
Rice, Eva Josephine (Colbert)24 Jun 1917 Living
Rice, Gordia11 Oct 190529 Sep 1975
Rice, Otis21 Jun 191026 Nov 1986
Riddle, Drucille (Clausen)29 Aug 190723 Sep 1982
Riddle, John D.16 Nov 186811 Nov 1965
Riddle, M.M.18659 Nov 1949
Riddle, Maryno dates

Riley, Amy E. w/o Jeff C.28 Jan 1921Living
Riley, Audie Houston s/o Willie Waco & Minnie (Henry) h/o Inez (Cathey)29 May 19124 Aug 2005 SSDI
Riley, Jeff C.5 Mar 191525 Sep 1974
Riley, Rickey Jack s/o Jeff C. & Amy E.30 Aug 19575 Jul 2002
Ritter, Sam13 Sep 19336 May 1993
Roberts, Charley O.18781950
Roberts, Cora C. w/o Charley O.18831958
Roberts, Geneva d/o Charley O. & Cora C.28 Dec 190822 Jul 1909
Roe, Dallas12 May 184515 Aug 1892
Roe, Lizzie25 Dec 185116 Jan 1926
Rook, Everett F.19021962
Rook, Stella M. w/o Everett F.9 Sep 1902 12 Jun 1991
Rose, Alex Hunter Stalnaker - "Our Beloved Son"B & D21 Oct 1994
Runyan, Mary Elizabeth26 Jan 185115 Aug 1927
Runyan, Smith Cornealus10 Sep 185614 Apr 1925
Ryals, Charlestine C. "Chock" (Oglesby) d/o George W. & Myrtie Lee (Green) w/o Thomas Earl
Tombstone picture
1 Apr 1915 28 Mar 1999SSDI
Ryals, Earline31 Aug 193411 Jun 1935
Ryals, Marcus Dee8 Aug 187015 Oct 1947
Ryals, Martha Jane w/o Marcus Dee17 Mar 187629 Mar 1949
Ryals, Thomas Earl
Tombstone picture
7 Oct 1909 30 Apr 1964
Sandlin, Charley Hoarce s/o Mack Duke & Delola Alabama 27 Oct 189613 Jul 1961
Sandlin, Delola Alabama w/o Mack Duke18741937
Sandlin, Dora Ann (Beverly)26 Dec 1870 21 Apr 1957
Sandlin, Inf. s/o Mack Duke & Delola AlabamaB & D1898
Sandlin, James Roy PFC US Army26 Jun 18954 Jun 1957
Sandlin, Josephine Savellia "Josie" (Anderson) (Eastern Star) d/o Robertson Carusoe & Ester Caldonia (Meek) w/o James Roy (M) 24 Mar 1921 18 May 190316 Aug 2001SSDI
Sandlin, Mack Duke18671960
Saunders, Ruby Nell (White) w/o Wesley23 Mar 1920Living
Saunders, Wesley24 Jun 19158 Dec 1980SSDI
Schmitt, Freeman Carl26 Aug 191715 Oct 2001
Schmitt, Nancy Irene (Hunnicutt) (Eastern Star) d/o George M. & Eldora (Wilson) M/1 Audie Riley M/2 Freeman Carl Schmitt (M) 22 Mar 198514 Sep 191414 Jun 2003SSDI
Scroggins, Lively Ann (Green) Ryan d/o David J. & Eliza Jane (White) M/1 James M. Ryan M/2 W.S. Scoggins
Tombstone picture
Apr 1848 1933
Sharp, Ida19 Jul 190522 Feb 1925
Simmons, J.R. s/o H.C. & Lilly V.8 Jul 190127 Oct 1908
Simmons, Lilly V. w/o H.C.30 Jan 188328 Dec 1909
Simmons, Lorine d/o H.C. & Lilly V.3 Mar 190711 Apr 1909
Simmons, Martha Louisiana (Light) d/o Young Kellar & Susan (Munday) w/o John Robert C.15 Dec 185610 Sep 1883
Sloan, Wilburn4 Oct 192414 Jan 1986
Smith, Alice Gertrude d/o Benjamin E. & Alice Gertrude (Payne)9 Aug 191614 Oct 1917
Smith, Alice Gertrude (Payne) d/o William David & Thursie Ann (Lynch) w/o Benjamin E.22 Aug 188212 Aug 1916
Smith, Amy (Tamor) w/o W.M.17 Dec 1870 9 Nov 1924
Smith, Annie H. w/o S.G.19 Mar 187117 Apr 1958
Smith, dates

Smith, Benjamin E. (Mason)7 Nov 18671 Nov 1922
Smith, Benjamin S. (Mason)24 Aug 183319 Aug 1918
Smith, C.A. d/o Jess & A.E.9 Nov 189431 May 1900
Smith, Celia J. w/o F.H.8 May 183924 Feb 1899
Smith, Cora E. d/o W.M. & Amy (Tamor)25 Jun 19047 Jul 1907
Smith, Cyril F. PFC US Army22 Jan 1909 29 Feb 1988SSDI
Smith, Dora (DeShazo) w/o Jessie I.1884 1929
Smith, Dorothy N. (Reeves) d/o Edd W. & Bertha L. (Hall) w/o Cyril F.6 Jun 192514 Jun 2001SSDI
Smith, E.A. w/o dates

Smith, Ed s/o dates

Smith, Elgean (Owens) d/o Elza W. & Iva Lee (Lambert) 11 Apr 19405 Apr 2005SSDI
Smith, Jerry Wayne s/o Cyril F. & Dorothy N. (Reeves) gs/o Edd W. & Bertha L. (Hall) Reeves
Additional info from Ann Ward
14 Jul 195122 Jun 1970
Smith, Jessie I.18811942
Smith, Jimmy Dale22 Mar 195517 Nov 1974
Smith, John Ben26 Feb 189320 Jul 1980SSDI
Smith, Joshua D. s/o Stan & Melinda29 Mar 198326 Jun 1996SSDI
Smith, Myrtle M. (Hunnicutt) d/o Rev. George W. & Annie Laura (Fowler) w/o Benjamin E.24 Nov 188826 May 1914
Smith, Myrtle Naomi d/o Benjamin E. & Myrtle M. (Hunnicutt)5 mo 5 ds26 Oct 1914
Smith, S.G.16 Jun 185516 Jun 1924
Smith, Susan Rebecca w/o Benjamin S.7 Nov 183715 Jan 1892
Smith, Thomas W. s/o Benjamin S. & Susan Rebecca5 yr 3 mo 1 da8 Feb 1883
Smith, W.M.5 Mar 18667 Apr 1918
Stahl, Berne O.8 Dec 19134 Mar 1971
Stahl, Frankie M. w/o Berne O.2 Apr 1919 Living
Stahl, James H.19041906
Stahl, Martha18751937
Stahl, S. Daniel (Mason)186426 May 1932
Stahl, Theda L.18941904
Stephens, Rosetta w/o A.T.24 Sep 18946 Feb 1921
Stewart, Inf. s/o T.O. & MinnieB & D19 Aug 1901
Stewart, James M. s/o M.L. & Mary Suda11 Jul 189429 Jul 1899
Stewart, M.L.13 Feb 184312 Jun 1814
Stewart, Maggie L. d/o M.L. & Mary Suda14 Sep 18889 Nov 1893
Stewart, Mary Suda w/o M.L.8 Nov 185422 Aug 1910
Stewart, Miriam Colistia d/o T.O. & Minnie7 Jul 19051 Nov 1909
Stewart, William A. s/o M.L. & Mary Suda4 Dec 18843 Aug 1903
Stufft, -------- b. Germanyno dateMay 1919
Swilley, Frank F.8 Nov 189814 Aug 1961
Swilley, Maggie May w/o Frank F.12 May 18848 Oct 1928
Swilley, Violet V. w/o Frank F.8 Nov 19072 Jun 1958
Tate, Zora w/o J.A.13 Oct 189917 Oct 1939
Tedder, Ami H. d/o G.R.S. & C.D.31 Aug 189030 Aug 1891
Tedder, dates

Tedder, dates

Tedder, E.E.183410 Jul 1896
Tedder, E.V.27 Jan 187615 Jun 1878
Tedder, Eugene J.19281938
Tedder, dates

Tedder, G.R.S.17 Jul 186714 Apr 1937
Tedder, Georgia Ann (McCurley) w/o Robert F. (M) 4 Jan 1866 5 Jun 18483 Mar 1896
Tedder, dates

Tedder, H.M.1 Jan 184324 Oct 1899
Tedder, Hattie M. d/o J.S.C. & Mary Elizabeth9 Sep 187724 Jun 1905
Tedder, Henry N. s/o J.S.C. & Mary Elizabeth15 Oct 187220 Dec 1873
Tedder, dates

Tedder, J.S.C. Civil War CSA Co. L 6th GA Cav.12 Dec 183927 Oct 1926CPF
Tedder, Jimmie21 Feb 18933 Mar 1911
Tedder, dates

Tedder, dates

Tedder, L.A.11 Feb 188410 Jul 1901
Tedder, Lewis18441921
Tedder, M.C.E.30 Oct 188021 Aug 1893
Tedder, Mary Elizabeth w/o J.S.C.9 Apr 184416 Sep 1898
Tedder, Milla M.A. d/o Robert F. & Georgia Ann (McCurley)21 Aug 18768 Oct 1883
Tedder, Rachel E. w/o H.N.36 yr 5 mo 10 ds9 Jul 1891
Tedder, Robertno dates

Tedder, Robert F.20 Nov 183731 Dec 1892
Tedder, Sarah Ann d/o J.S.C. & Mary Elizabeth9 May 186719 Dec 1873
Tedder, Sarah D. w/o L.C.16 Nov 185420 Oct 1919
Tedder, dates

Tippin, Benjamin T. s/o W.W. & S.W.28 yr 1 mo 16 ds11 May 1883
Treadwell, Bobby Leon s/o Floyd Talbert & Elsie Mae (Hart)23 Jun 19409 Aug 2001SSDI
Treadwell, Shirely R. (Noblett) w/o Bobby Leon (M) 28 Sep 19599 Nov 1942Living
Tremblay, Dorothy G.21 Oct 19235 Jul 2005SSDI
Turanchek, Dotsie E.11 Sep 191223 Jan 1987
Turner, Rebecca C. w/o J.W.43 yr 3 mo 2 ds10 Apr 1881
Underwood, Elizabeth B.26 Jun 18786 Feb 1967
Vasco, Glida d/o B.T. & M.L.12 Oct 191117 Jan 1913
Vaught, Travis Michael s/o Michael D. & Rebecca (Forrest)2 Oct 198330 Mar 2001
Wagner, A.G. "Dug"27 Feb 191523 Aug 1983
Wagner, Ollie Mae (Hawkins) d/o James Edgar & Sarah O. (Haywood) w/o A.G.
Additional Info from Marylin Kipley
3 Sep 1920Living
Ward, Susan J.18741953
Watkins, Eva Mae (Hunnicutt) d/o George Washington & Annie Laura (Fowler) w/o Wendell W.3 Oct 1896Jul 1987
Watkins, Wendell W. Maj. WWII18961944
Watson, Alta B. w/o J.W.13 Mar ----1 Dec 1915
Welker, Eliza Ann18491919
Welker, Francis Gilbert "Frank" s/o Samuel & Elizabeth (Shrumm)21 May 18905 Nov 1954
Welker, Meda20 Dec 19203 Feb 1984
Welker, Phoebe Jane (Light) d/o Young Kellar & Mary Frances (Fisher) w/o Francis Gilbert15 Jan 18955 Sep 1970SSDI
Welker, Quinton L. "Redeye" US Navy WWII9 Apr 19262 Dec 1990
White, Dora Lucy (Peeler)15 Sep 18839 Jun 1966
White, George C.22 Sep 190422 Jun 1905
White, George W.29 Jun 18724 Sep 1927
White, James Hughey28 Apr 1906Apr 1966SSDI
White, James Marten s/o R.C. & Georgia (Campbell)16 May 191013 Mar 1978
White, John Thomas21 Aug 18839 Jan 1972SSDI
White, Johnnie Idus "Jack" S/Sgt. Ark. US Air Force WWII A.M.P.H.3 Dec 19093 Mar 1965
White, Martha (Lewis) w/o James Marten30 Nov 191025 Jul 1995
Willard, Eula Mae31 Mar 190613 Jul 1987
Willard, Joseph F. WWI Pvt. Minn. I Rect. 42 Rainbow Div.1 Sep 189721 Jan 1965
Williams, Mary C. w/o R.P.22 Apr 18229 Aug 1881
Wilson, Benjamin F.19 May 185423 Oct 1918
Wilson, Mary Delilah (Walker) w/o Benjamin F.23 Oct 186427 Jul 1939
Yarbrough, Alice April (Kiser) d/o James Francis & Emily Adelia (Rhoads) w/o Walter Lee18 Apr 189130 Aug 1971SSDI
Yarbrough, Walter Lee s/o James Knox Polk & Mary Lettia (Holmes)4 Jun 188012 Jul 1967SSDI
Yeager, BabyB & D3 Sep 1920
Yeager, Chester Hays24 Sep 191225 Sep 1912
Yeager, Nerah May8 May 190831 Aug 1915

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