Mt. Zion Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Re-surveyed May 2003. From Plainview take Hwy 28 to Briggsville.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adams, L.M. (child)no dates

Adcock, Cecil19161918
Adcock, Darrell6 Apr 194123 Aug 1968
Adcock, Eva Lee19191921
Adcock, Leona (Sledge) w/o Sam12 Nov 190019 Jan 1973SSDI
Adcock, Sam s/o John & Mary (Briggs)14 Sep 18933 Feb 1978SSDI
Albright, Jackie16 Jun 18696 Sep 1873
Albright, Meeky9 Feb 18031875
Anderson, Lowell Warren s/o Lewis & Ella5 May 192126 Nov 1998SSDI
Anderson, Wynona (Austin) w/o Lowell Warren1922Living
Ansiel, Nanniet20 Jul 1912-----------
Armstrong, Harry Vaco s/o Acie11 May 193821 Aug 1951
Armstrong, Inf. s/o Theodore R. & Selma (Killian)B & D2 Jan 1932
Armstrong, Selma (Killian) d/o Johnny w/o Theodore R. (Eastern Star)19 Dec 190110 Feb 1960
Armstrong, Theodore R. (Mason)25 Apr 18984 Jul 1959
Ashley, Emma w/o Willie18741963
Ashley, H.P. (W of W)25 Aug 188126 Aug 1919
Ashley, Willie18721927
Austin, Amanda (Chambers) w/o Arthur R.18 May 18812 May 1929
Austin, Arthur R.30 Dec 18705 Mar 1937
Austin, Heartsil22 Sep 191513 Feb 1918
Austin, Ima Martha20 Oct 190628 Oct 1939
Beasley, Cecia w/o George22 Sep 187324 Sep 1957
Beasley, George4 Jan 186222 Apr 1937
Beasley, Jess27 Mar 19047 May 1980SSDI
Beasley, Jessie Jr. s/o Jess & Velma Lorian (James)31 Aug 194618 Aug 1973
Beasley, Velma Lorian (James) d/o William F. & Annie (Crocket) w/o Jess3 May 191422 Aug 2003SSDI
Benefield, Aliece d/o Hardy & Nettie (Stout)11 Apr 191610 Feb 1996
Benefield, Augusta (Smith) d/o John Boyce & Mary Elizabeth (Allen) w/o James Marcus18871969
Benefield, Bill and Lee daughters of Hardy & Nettie (Stout)no dates

Benefield, Effie Irene (Bittles) w/o W.B.14 Aug 19011 Jun 1918
Benefield, Gerald M. s/o James Marcus & Augusta (Smith) 1 Feb 192610 Dec 1964
Benefield, Hardy s/o J.F. & Nancy (Hill)Aug 18871960
Benefield, James Marcus s/o Amanda (Benefield) George
Additional info from Ted and Diane Edwards
19 Apr 188027 May 1964
Benefield, James Marcus Jr. s/o James Marcus & Augusta (Smith)6 Jan 191118 Apr 1971
Benefield, Nettie (Stout) d/o Colonel W. & Sarah (Morgan) w/o Hardy18921926
Benefield, Ruby A. d/o Hardy & Nettie (Stout)26 Feb 191110 Apr 2000SSDI
Benefield, Rudolph N. s/o James Marcus & Augusta (Smith) 11 May 191920 Jul 1919
Blakeney, Jewel (McTigritt)20 Oct 1907 8 Dec 1995
Blakeney, Omer H. WWII Ark. CMI USNR15 Apr 189817 Nov 1965
Blankenship, Alice R. w/o James R.8 Feb 18914 Dec 1943
Blankenship, Arena Catherineno dates

Blankenship, Estelle w/o Lloyd I.25 Feb 192214 Jul 1997
Blankenship, Floyd G.20 Feb 191826 Apr 1921
Blankenship, Lloyd I.24 Oct 192125 Mar 1989SSDI
Blankenship, Vivian E. (West) d/o William L. & Polly (Miller)25 Feb 192214 Jul 1999SSDI
Bolen, Thomas (W of W)19 Jan 18578 Jun 1914
Bottoms, Bulah B.188017 Sep 1964
Bottoms, Ervin11 Nov 190112 Aug 1981
Bottoms, Ila Faye14 Jan 193110 Oct 1978
Bottoms, Lillie d/o R.W. & HarrietMay 1893------
Bottoms, Lillie Harriet (Vaughn) w/o Walter L.5 Jan 189816 Feb 1983
Bottoms, Marvin Lee US Army WWII s/o Walter L. & Lillie Harriet (Vaughn) h/o Hazel Christen (Webb)4 Jun 1922 30 Oct 2004SSDI
Bottoms, Myrtle w/o Ervin13 Mar 190718 Mar 1982
Bottoms, Walter L. s/o R.W. & Harriet9 Oct 18884 Jan 1964
Bottoms, William Sandford (FHM was faded and could not read) 60 yr 4 mo 20 ds26 Jan 194-
Bowen, Edna (Wheeler)18 Dec 189031 Mar 1920
Bowen, Egbert Wheeler24 Mar 192011 Apr 1937
Bowen, George E.15 Jul 18869 Aug 1968
Brewer, Inf s/o Ernest & Ice L.
1 Aug 1941
Briggs, Capt. J. Budger WWII US Air Force h/o Bertha (Buford)30 Dec 191929 May 1954
Briggs, Jacque w/o J. Budger25 Nov 1927 Living
Brown, Monroe M.27 Jul 186026 Aug 1943
Brown, Nancy E.11 Nov 186619 Dec 1929
Buford, Allen R. s/o Ted R. & Eulene16 Feb 195317 Feb 1953
Buford, Baxter s/o William H. & Rila E. (Fry)25 Feb 189619 Apr 1896
Buford, Bettie A. w/o Bill16 Jul 193124 Nov 1961
Buford, Bill s/o Charlie Tolbert & Mary Rebecca (McBride)27 Oct 19244 Mar 1992
Buford, C. Dale Pfc. US Army WWII s/o Charlie Tolbert & Mary Rebecca (McBride)14 Dec 191420 Jan 2003SSDI
Buford, Cecil Lee18971948
Buford, Cecil Lynn s/o Cecil Lee & Mica Mae (Cathey)30 Jul 19277 Feb 2002SSDI
Buford, Charlie Tolbert10 Feb 187211 Feb 1939
Buford, Danny F. s/o Ted R. & EuleneB & D23 Jan 1952
Buford, Evie18901915
Buford, Gary Wayne s/o John Tolbert6 Aug 19587 Aug 1958
Buford, Grace (Womack) (Eastern Star) d/o Joel & Ola (Anderson) w/o Cecil Lynn10 Nov 192719 Jan 1999SSDI
Buford, Jessie L. "Teacher" d/o Charlie Tolbert & Mary Rebecca (McBride)12 Jan 190413 May 1998SSDI
Buford, Dr. Joe Lee s/o Cecil Lynn & Grace (Womack)12 Dec 1953Living
Buford, John f/o Eric44 yr5 Jul 1994
Buford, John Tolbert CSSN US Navy WWII Korea10 Jun 192621 Mar 1984
Buford, L.R. w/o W.H.6 Apr 185916 Mar 1904
Buford, Mary Rebecca "Becky" (McBride) d/o John Reuben & Emma Josie w/o Charlie Tolbert23 Jul 18741 Feb 1976
Buford, Mica Mae (Cathey) d/o Collins w/o Cecil Lee2 May 1906Aug 1972SSDI
Buford, Mildred Virginia (Rana) w/o Robert Simeon22 Oct 191313 Oct 1999
Buford, Mima J. (Turner) w/o William17 Nov 19013 Feb 1991
Buford, Nancy K. w/o W.L.3 Nov 1813Feb 1862
Buford, Rilla E. (Fry) d/o Phillip R. & Mary (Adams) w/o William Henry25 Aug 18714 May 1957
Buford, Robert G. s/o Robert Simeon & Mildred Virginia (Rana) h/o Loucinda (Turner)3 Jan 193415 Oct 2003SSDI
Buford, Robert Simeon5 Aug 1904Jun 1970SSDI
Buford, Rosa L. w/o C. Dale (M) 30 Mar 19396 May 191714 Feb 1991
Buford, "Miss" Selma d/o William Henry & Rilla E. (Fry) s/o Lydia Cook, Inez Humphrey, Bertha Briggs & Willa Elliot20 Dec 189214 Oct 1976
Buford, Ted R. US Army WWII Patton's 3rd Armored Division s/o Charlie Tolbert & Mary Rebecca (McBride) h/o Eulene1 May 191216 Feb 2007SSDI
Buford, W.H.15 Dec 183610 Jan 1883
Buford, Rev. W.L. (Mason)5 Sep 180816 Sep 1884
Buford, William21 Oct 190124 Aug 1939
Buford, William Henry28 Oct 18673 Mar 1962
Burns, Carl H. US Army WWII Korea22 Nov 192222 Dec 1981
Burns, Oma Lee (Benefield) d/o Hardy & Verneta (Stout) w/o Carl H.26 Oct 192226 Feb 2003SSDI
Burt, Nancy T.can't readbroken
Burt, Sidney s/o S.L. & N.can't read

Caldwell, Coy C.16 Mar 19074 Mar 1915
Carter, Beverly Jean (Hunt)1 Feb 194114 May 1976
Carter, Robert J.12 Jan 18558 May 1884
Castleberry, C.W. "Charles"1 Jul 18893 May 1984
Castleberry, David L.13 Dec 185926 Jun 1944
Castleberry, Dennus C.Nov 1933Living
Castleberry, Herbert19 Sep 18927 Sep 1953
Castleberry, Jerry Pal11 Dec 193023 Nov 1931
Castleberry, John Wesley (Mason)24 Dec 186328 Nov 1942
Castleberry, Martha Catherine w/o David L. (Eastern Star)3 Jan 18695 Dec 1915
Castleberry, Neil Dean27 Feb 192616 Apr 1926
Castleberry, Neva (Cathey) d/o Collins w/o Herbert26 Nov 18998 Dec 1982SSDI
Castleberry, Tessie w/o Dennus C.6 Sep 193514 May 1982
Castleberry, Thera Dell19 Aug 19002 Jun 1910
Castleberry, Thursday Armanda (Gladden) d/o William F. & Susan T. w/o John Wesley (Eastern Star)12 Jun 186730 Jan 1922
Castleberry, Timothy s/o John Wesley & Thursday Armanda (Gladden)14 Nov 189421 May 1896
Castleberry, W.H. (Mason)18921953
Castleberry, Wallace s/o John Wesley & Kate1 Nov 19087 Oct 1935
Cathey, Alice M. (Luker) w/o Thomas W.3 Jan 189919 Dec 1988SSDI
Cathey, John Henry WWII Tec. 5 US Army s/o Collins & Mary E. (Ward) h/o Maggie (Parish)18 Jul 192222 Sep 1976SSDI
Cathey, Mary E. (Ward) 2nd w/o Collins18 Nov 188813 Mar 1978SSDI
Cathey, Raymond Olen Pfc. US Marine Corps Korea18 Jun 193318 Jul 1989
Cathey, Thomas W. "Tom" WWI Pvt. US Army s/o Collins3 Jan 189722 Jan 1974WWIR SSDI
Catlett, Chad Erick s/o John & Cheri25 Aug 198117 Nov 2000SSDI
Caviness, Bernice w/o Granville Lee7 Jan 190314 Sep 1984
Caviness, Blanche M. w/o John C.18751961
Caviness, Clyde WWII Tec 4 H.Q. Inf. Eng. Cen. h/o Nadine (Watson)27 Apr 190629 Dec 1960
Caviness, Granville Lee (Mason)13 Nov 189318 Nov 1930
Caviness, John C.18691961
Chambers, Ada M. d/o J.L. & Carrie J.3 Aug 18775 Sep 1879
Chambers, Adelia M. d/o J.L. & Carrie J.30 May 187516 Jul 1896
Chambers, Buford M.24 Jan 190811 Aug 1987
Chambers, Carrie E. d/o J.L. & Carrie J.25 Sep 189512 Oct 1895
Chambers, Carrie J. w/o J.L.5 Nov 1855 28 Sep 1895
Chambers, Edna F. (Montgomery) w/o Simeon Leroy30 Dec 188115 Feb 1968
Chambers, Estellee w/o Buford M.21 Nov 190622 Sep 1999
Chambers, Gladys E. d/o Simeon Leroy & Edna F. (Montgomery)6 Nov 190230 Jul 1932
Chambers, Henry L.13 Nov 18401 Nov 1893
Chambers, J.L.4 Mar 184813 Sep 1920
Chambers, Junius s/o Simon B. & Laura S. (Hamilton)19 Jun 18955 Sep 1897
Chambers, Laura Katheryn d/o Warren H. & Lula (Gladden) 23 Aug 192115 Jun 1923
Chambers, Laura S. (Hamilton) d/o John w/o Simon B.9 Nov 185221 Feb 1915
Chambers, Lula (Gladden) w/o Warren H.12 Sep 188918 May 1986
Chambers, Martha D.9 Jun 181517 Dec 1866
Chambers, Millie18801906
Chambers, Oscar L. s/o J.L. & Carrie J.12 Feb 18805 Sep 1881
Chambers, Simeon Leroy19 Oct 187713 Feb 1950
Chambers, Simon B. s/o E.M. b. AL28 Jan 18421916
Chambers, Thomas H. s/o Simon B. & Laura S. (Hamilton) 23 Feb 188626 Apr 1917
Chambers, Warren H. s/o Simon B. & Laura S. (Hamilton) 15 Jun 188821 Apr 1960
Chaput, Louise (Dunn)18 Jan 190214 Sep 1961
Chillen, Edith May (Harvey) d/o Ted & Lula (Black) w/o Gail Norman27 May 19479 Nov 1991
Chillen, Gail Norman12 Feb 1933Living
Click, Jeff4 Feb 191028 Dec 1971
Click, Jesse W. Sgt. US Army WWII13 Jun 191412 Aug 1981
Click, Velma w/o Jeff17 Aug 190921 Mar 1976
Cline, Edward1874no dates
Cline, James W.18 Jan 1914Sep 1982
Cline, Lucene4 Aug 193610 Mar 1939
Cline, Mamie w/o Edward18811955
Compton, Buford "A Methodist & Democrat" Sheriff of Yell County for 16 years Treasurer for 4 years s/o Robert Thomas Yell Co. Judge 1916-2010 Sep 188917 Jan 1979
Compton, Francis Helen (Buford) d/o Rev. W.L. w/o Robert Thomas13 Sep 18553 Jun 1924
Compton, Inf.B & D20 Nov 1915
Compton, Inf. d/o Buford & Jap (Caviness)no dates

Compton, Inf. d/o Buford & Jap (Caviness)12 Apr 191213 Apr 1912
Compton, Inf. s/o Buford & Jap (Caviness)B & DJul 1911
Compton, Inf. s/o Tom J. & Virginia (Knox)B & D13 Oct 1918
Compton, James Knox "Comp"29 May 192125 Mar 1985
Compton, Jap (Caviness) w/o Buford22 Oct 18916 Oct 1949
Compton, Lou C. w/o Robert J.30 Jan 1902 25 May 1975
Compton, Mable R.18911979
Compton, Maiden (Briggs) w/o Robert Starling1 Oct 18825 Sep 1955
Compton, Nancy Ann (Coleman) w/o James Knox
Additional Info from Ann McDearmon
16 Dec 192328 Aug 2005
Compton, Reuben Anderson2 May 18871953
Compton, Robert J.2 Feb 190315 Sep 1990
Compton, Robert J. Jr.9 Jan 192618 Feb 1979
Compton, Robert Starling15 Apr 188127 Nov 1963
Compton, Robert Thomas (Mason)13 Sep 18531 Mar 1921
Compton, Robert Thomas Jr.22 Nov 19132 Nov 1915
Compton, Thomas J. Jr.5 Feb 192021 Jan 1924
Compton, Thomas Junius "Tom"
Additional Info from Ann McDearmon
24 Feb 189425 May 1967
Compton, Virginia (Knox) w/o Thomas Junius
Additional Info from Ann McDearmon
26 Jun 189025 Jan 1948
Cook, Audrey M.8 May 191225 Jan 2000SSDI
Cooper, Albert19 Sep 192020 Jan 1938
Cooper, Amy May22 May 18958 Jun 1979SSDI
Cooper, Calvin16 Jun 18763 Feb 1946
Cooper, Edna M. (Sanner) d/o James Joseph & Loucretia (Spears) w/o Homer M.10 Jun 190117 Jan 1986SSDI
Cooper, Erma d/o John R. & Susie25 Mar 191620 Feb 1917
Cooper, Harvey G.2 Mar 19062 Jul 1964
Cooper, Homer M.12 Sep 18996 Feb 1932
Cooper, John R.26 Jul 188124 Nov 1954
Cooper, Susie w/o John R.18841938
Cowart, Paul Jason gs/o Ted & Lula (Black) Harvey30 Sep 19683 May 1989
Crockett, Inf. s/o R.N. & May (Smith)B & D26 Sep 1914
Curry, Edgar H. "Ned" WWII Ark. US Army Sgt.7 Dec 190917 Jan 1968
Curry, Zena Dale (Hunt) w/o Edgar H.16 Nov 191013 May 1996SSDI
Dabbs, Stewart Richard h/o Lillie Ruth (Caviness)22 Sep 191631 Oct 1997SSDI
Daniel, Alice M.22 Feb 18871 Dec 1908
Daniel, B.F. (Mason)4 Mar 185816 Sep 1903
Daniel, B.F. s/o B.F.22 Nov 19086 Jul 1909
Daniel, Edward E.13 Apr 187315 Oct 1900
Daniel, Ellis (Mason)18731940
Daniel, Infant s/o Tom & Violano dates

Daniel, Infant s/o Tom & Violano dates

Daniel, Thomas A. (Mason)17 Feb 184613 Jun 1920
Daniels, Henry WWII Ark. Pvt. 4822 SVC Comd. Unit US Army11 Sep 191019 Apr 1957
Daniels, Herbert H.24 Jul 191212 Feb 196-
Daniels, Junious Otto US Army WWII s/o Buford & Velma Etta (Williams) h/o Lola (Branch)7 Jan 192622 Sep 2005SSDI
Daniels, Laura w/o Ellis18751953
Dawson, Karl Willard Jr. s/o Karl Willard Sr. & Mary Jane (Rapp) h/o Linda (Talley)10 Mar 195028 Feb 2001SSDI
Dawson, Ruby D. (McBride) d/o John Reuben & Emma Josie w/o Van Erasmus8 Jan 18891 May 1932
Dawson, Van Erasmus s/o Erasmus G. & Julia Ann4 Jan 18919 Oct 1979
Deschand, Macie I.D. WWII Ark. Cpl. Women's Army Corps.21 Apr 19126 Jun 1966
Dishongh, Monty Lee s/o Shelton L. & Pauline N. (Sullivan)27 Feb 194420 Sep 1989
Dishongh, Pauline N. (Sullivan) Young d/o John Wesley & Ida Lee Jewel (Montgomery) M/1 ____________ Young M/2 Shelton L. Dishongh2 Jun 191319 Nov 2006SSDI
Dishongh, Sharon K. w/o Monty Lee22 Aug 1947Living
Dishongh, Shelton L.28 Feb 190727 Aug 1986SSDI
Dobbs, Delbert Winfield WWII 1943-194528 Jun 19236 Jul 2002
Dobbs, Dovie Florence2 Oct 189730 Dec 1970
Dobbs, Fee Winfield6 May 18919 Sep 1891
East, Edwin Louis US Army WWII27 Oct 1922Dec 1989
Egger, James Russell1914Living
Egger, Nancy Violet19142002
Elliott, Cecil N.29 Oct 189321 Jun 1983
Elliott, Letha w/o Lewis16 May 190629 Nov 1976
Elliott, Lewis12 Nov 190331 Jul 1952
Elliott, Nettie18761934
Elliott, Willa "Teacher" (Buford) d/o William Henry & Rilla E. (Fry) w/o Cecil N.4 Mar 190115 Nov 2001SSDI
Emery, Michaellee19 Oct 197220 Oct 1972
Erwin, Benjamin F.26 Feb 187811 Oct 1928
Erwin, Frances Augusta (Snipes) d/o Alvin & Francis Evaline (Westbrook) w/o Benjamin F.14 Jun 18765 Jun 1963
Evan, Rosa Lee2 Jun 190219 Aug 1944
Evans, Alex3 Aug 189120 Jan 1956
Evans, Anne M. "Anna" (McBride) d/o John Henry & Agnes Bertha (Castleberry) w/o Carl W.28 May 192415 May 1990
Evans, Carl Watson s/o Aubrey & Myrtle (Watson)5 Aug 192413 Aug 2004SSDI
Evans, Dora E.18 Jan 190923 May 1984SSDI
Evans, Gary G.20 Dec 1953Living
Evans, Inf. s/o Ed & Lolano date22 Jan 1933
Evans, Myrtle (Watson) w/o Aubreyno date 11 Apr 1933
Evans, Rose Lee2 Jun 190219 Aug 1944
Fendley, Elbert Bud16 May 190318 May 1992
Fendley, Marjorie W. (McBride) d/o John Henry & Agnes Bertha (Castleberry) w/o Elbert Bud4 Jul 19208 Dec 2006SSDI
Fenton, David Scott s/o Randy & Jana10 Apr 19887 Jul 2006SSDI
Ferguson, Dovie (Higgins) w/o George W.79 yr20 Jul 1873
Ferguson, George W. s/o Andrew & Mary91 yr 2 mo 11 ds14 Jun 1878
Fields, Joe F. (former slave)10 Feb 1846 21 Dec 1925
Fields, Mollie w/o Joe F. (former slave)18544 May 1929
Foss, Charles Lee Sgt. US Army WWII24 Mar 191614 Dec 1983SSDI
Foss, Jeanne M.29 Sep 1970Living
Foss, John M.5 Dec 1974Living
Fowler, Ronald11 Nov 194521 Nov 1993SSDI
Frank, Bill Jr.8 May 191412 Jul 1917
Frost, Lora E. (Lewis) w/o William M.21 Apr 189429 Jan 1966
Frost, William M.13 Jun 18952 May 1974SSDI
Fry, Margaret Ann d/o Phillip R. & Mary (Adams)19 May 187010 Apr 1878
Fry, Phillip R. h/o Mary (Adams) Fry Hogue5 Jan 185014 Jan 1871
Frye, Leona d/o Aaron Monroe & Martha Jane (Jones)8 Oct 189929 Jul 1987SSDI
Fryer, Udell B. WWII Sgt. US Army h/o Anna J. (Sullivan)12 May 191517 Oct 1977SSDI
George, Amanda E. (Benefield) w/o James Henry18521930
George, James A. s/o William L. & Oma (Keys) h/o Linda (Conley)4 Aug 194528 Jan 2006SSDI
George, James HenryMay 18551927
George, John H. s/o James Henry & Amanda E. (Benefield) 18901967
George, Oma (Keys) w/o William L.1910Living
George, William L. "Bill" s/o James Henry & Amanda E. (Benefield)24 Jul 1899Dec 1977SSDI
Gladden, Henry Shannon s/o William F. & Susan T.1 Jul 190913 Jul 1910
Gladden, Lillian19 Jul 189114 Aug 1894
Gladden, Malcom15 Jul 189710 Jun 1900
Gladden, Martha E.25 Apr 18933 Oct 1894
Gladden, Susan T. w/o William F.18711947
Gladden, Walter6 Apr 189522 Nov 1898
Gladden, William F. (W of W)12 Jun 1867 8 May 1914
Green, Jamie "Petey"28 Aug 19682 Nov 1999
Greer, Laura Evaline (Snipes) d/o Alvin & Frances Evaline (Westbrook) w/o Churchwel C.22 May 186027 Sep 1921
Griffith, Jessie J. s/o J.W. & I.L.28 Dec 190623 Jun 1915
H. - footmarker dates

Hales, Matthew DavidB & D29 Mar 1991
Hall, A.J.Aug 183714 Feb 1905
Hall, Jimno dates

Hall, Martha24 Mar 184725 Jan 1908
Hankins, George F.14 Mar 187222 Dec 1961
Hankins, Samantha (Benefield) w/o George F.9 Jun 18791 Jun 1957
Harkness, E.B.28 yr 8 mo 25 ds27 Sep 1889
Harkness, E.C.29 Nov 184530 Sep 1870
Harkness, F.E.4 Mar 186730 Jul 1884
Harkness, James N.14 Apr 185625 May 1937
Harkness, Johnie D. s/o J.C. & L.27 yr 10 mo 4 ds8 Dec 1882
Harkness, M.A.27 Jan 184428 Jul 1871
Harkness, Mary A.17 May 184410 May 1926
Harkness, V.E.26 Oct 186316 Jul 1878
Harkness, W.R.27 Nov 18475 May 1923
Harris, Elizabeth w/o William A.30 Sep 184210 Jun 1904
Harrison, Tommy LewisB & D1963
Harvey, Alfred s/o Frederick Calvin & Julina (Ward)4 Aug 192011 Jan 1990SSDI
Harvey, Bobby Calvin s/o Earnest H. & Susie (Humphrey) 26 Mar 194711 May 1947
Harvey, Carmell w/o Cecil
Additional Info from Alfred L. Harvey
18 Nov 1919Living
Harvey, Cecil
Additional Info from Alfred L. Harvey
16 Jun 19118 Sep 1981
Harvey, Earnest H. s/o Frederick Calvin & Julina (Ward) 13 Feb 19155 Jul 1988SSDI
Harvey, Frederick Calvin19 Jan 188025 Jul 1943
Harvey, Idaho "Ida" (Harvey) d/o Frederick Calvin & Julina (Ward) w/o Ballard21 Jul 189920 Sep 1920
Harvey, Julina (Ward) d/o Jackson & Juley Ann (Edwards) w/o Frederick Calvin2 Aug 187815 Feb 1972SSDI
Harvey, Lula (Black) d/o Manuel & Bertha Mae (Burris) w/o Ted23 Apr 19104 May 2004SSDI
Harvey, Michael Dean s/o Cecil & Carmel (Sexton)18 Jul 19546 Aug 1975
Harvey, Susie C. (Humphrey) w/o Earnest H.24 Feb 192511 Jan 2000SSDI
Harvey, Ted "Teddie" s/o Frederick Calvin & Julina (Ward)14 Dec 190720 Jan 1982SSDI
Harvey, Winnie Sue (Billingsley) w/o Alfred31 Mar 192428 Nov 1993SSDI
Hawkins, Burley s/o R.F. & F.L.7 Jun 189218 Sep 1892
Hendershot, Archie William23 Aug 19211 Apr 1965
Hendershot, Frazier Taylor s/o Henry Clay & Sarah Elizabeth (Taylor)23 Jul 18691 Oct 1954
Hendershot, John18 Aug 190818 Nov 1973
Hendershot, Martha Permelia (Sledge) w/o Frazier Taylor21 Jul 18808 Jun 1951
Herr, Cleo F. (Morrison) w/o Dr. Harry A.24 Sep 192411 Feb 1988SSDI
Herr, Dr. Harry A.22 Jul 190031 Jan 1988SSDI
Hinnard, Elizabethno dates

Hinnard, F.M.28 Dec 18402 Mar 1925
Hinnard, Johnno dates

Hooper, Augustus25 Mar 185615 Jan 1902
Hooper, Inf.B & D1937
Hooper, Iran (Taylor) w/o Lawrence21 Jun 190423 May 1941
Hooper, Lawrence16 Jan 189215 Feb 1975
Hooper, Mattie M. (Cudd) w/o Augustusno dates

Hooper, Robert Lee10 Jun 19304 May 1938
Hull, Ervin "Tuck"5 Nov 18995 Jul 1986SSDI
Hull, Flossie w/o Sam Lewis4 Oct 1904Nov 1989SSDI
Hull, Mary (Wheeler) w/o Ervin4 Sep 1911 6 Oct 1990
Hull, Sam Louis WWI Pvt. US Army17 Jun 189018 May 1975WWIR SSDI
Humphreys, Inez (Buford) d/o William Henry & Rilla E. (Fry) w/o Joe R.3 May 191119 Jul 1987
Humphreys, Joe R.3 Nov 189025 Apr 1990
Hunt, Cynthia A. w/o L.M.5 Feb 18589 Mar 1913
Hunt, Darrell s/o William & Mary (Ladd)17 Oct 1906Aug 1978SSDI
Hunt, Hobert F.10 Mar 191710 Jun 1980SSDI
Hunt, Imogene w/o Hobert F.25 Oct 1918 19 Sep 1996SSDI
Hunt, Joe Lee US Army WWII1 Jan 191919 Aug 1996
Hunt, Mary (Ladd) w/o William18821952
Hunt, Mary L. (Breashears) w/o Joe Lee (M) 9 Jun 19427 Jan 1922Living
Hunt, Stella J. w/o Darrell27 Jan 1905 May 1988SSDI
Hunt, William18761944
Hunt, William W.B & D14 Jun 1942
Ince, Jimmie s/o Jim W. & WillieB & D1904
Ince, Willie w/o Jim W.-------------1904
James, Annie (Crocket) w/o William F.19 Nov 18727 Oct 1941
James, Ed R.30 Jul 190721 Mar 1983SSDI
James, Ella Mae21 Feb 192616 Sep 1926
James, Eugene21 Nov 193216 Sep 1933
James, William F.19 Jul 187120 Apr 1915
Johnson, James E. (W of W)19 Apr 185929 Apr 1914
Johnson, Lona63 yr 9 mo 9 ds20 Jun 1953
Johnson, Mary Alice w/o James E.8 May 18683 Dec 1941
Johnson, Mary Alice - FHM has these dates18581942
Jones, Etta Belle w/o Lewis Benton2 Sep 188429 Jun 1964
Jones, Lewis Benton11 Feb 187418 Sep 1950
Jones, Minnie Vela (Crites) d/o B.H. & Ella M. (Short) w/o Robert6 May 191813 Jun 1977SSDI
Jones, Paton Shelton s/o Lewis Benton & Etta Belle15 Mar 19085 Jul 1913
Jones, Robert22 Apr 1912Feb 1977SSDI
Jones, Rufe27 May 186714 May 1944
Kaiser, Robert C. Sgt. US Army WWII30 Jan 189629 May 1983
Keim, Krystal Renee d/o Craig & Tara (Owens)B & D15 Dec 2000
Keith, Rebekah18492 May 1926
Keith, Roda Mae (Jones)18921926
Kelley, Rachelnative stone78 yr
Kelly, Agatha Mae (Hendershott) Poole10 May 191323 Oct 2003
Kelly, Geneva Ann "Geni"1 Nov 19445 Mar 2000
Kelly, Juanita1 Jul 19378 Jul 1937
Kelly, Laura Lillian w/o N.J.13 Jun 1893 20 May 1931
Kendrick, Clarence E.3 Jun 193411 Nov 1935
Kendrick, Deltan w/o Enoch N.10 Sep 1907 14 Oct 1991
Kendrick, Enoch N.14 Apr 19049 Jun 1983
Kendrick, Eva Delois (Miller) w/o Tommy Edward (M) 10 Jul 195829 Sep 1939Living
Kendrick, Hester C. (Daniel) w/o James T.1 Dec 187812 May 1940
Kendrick, James T. "Jim" (Mason)6 Jan 187519 Mar 1961
Kendrick, Jim T.25 Jan 192927 Jan 1929
Kendrick, Othel F. (Mason)191315 Jan 1963
Kendrick, Owen James19 Jul 19112 Nov 1993
Kendrick, Rose L. (Evans) w/o Othel F.1918Living
Kendrick, Tommy Edward s/o Othel F. & Rose L. (Evans)18 Dec 193824 Jul 1997SSDI
Kendrick, Zetta Hill w/o Owen J.29 Nov 190918 Jul 1992
Keys, Cora A. (Spears) w/o Monroe A.17 Jan 189318 May 1979
Keys, Dorcas S. w/o James D.10 Dec 1862 11 Feb 1944
Keys, Ike L. Pfc. US Army WWII22 Nov 191531 Aug 1981
Keys, James D.20 Feb 186211 Aug 1941
Keys, Jim18981958
Keys, Monroe A.3 Sep 188916 Sep 1939
Keys, Richard21 Dec 191328 May 1972
Kilby, Vernon W. - An Honorable Man17 Jul 192112 Nov 1994
King, Mary Anna w/o C.M.20 Jan 186912 Aug 1900
Lambert, Barbara w/o Vernon8 May 1944Living
Lambert, Vernon 1st Lt. US Army Vietnam28 Sep 19427 Nov 1995
Lee, Agnes Martha23 Aug 18962 Sep 1961
Lee, Ernest F. h/o Ruby N. (Swinford)16 Nov 192430 Jul 1990
Linzy, Inf. s/o Charles & SibylB & D15 Dec 1938
Mabry, Sadie w/o Waymon5 Jul 190219 Jan 1994
Mabry, Truman Lee11 Jun 194223 Aug 1944
Mabry, Waymon15 Jan 190118 Jul 1964
Mathis, Armenda L. (Sanner) d/o James Joseph & Loucretia (Spears) w/o Thomas Lee13 Nov 190911 May 1999
Mathis, Gladys (Cathey) w/o Roy L.14 Mar 1902Nov 1984SSDI
Mathis, Inf. d/o Thomas Lee30 Jan 1933 3 May 1935
Mathis, Katie w/o Thomas H.28 Jul 1882 2 Jul 1917
Mathis, Lottie d/o Thomas H. & J.25 Aug 19035 Jan 1917
Mathis, Martha A. w/o Robert W.18 Sep 18498 Aug 1890
Mathis, Maxie L. Sr. US Army Air Corps WWII s/o Roy L. & Gladys (Cathey) h/o Billie (Bowen)29 Aug 192313 Feb 2007SSDI
Mathis, Norma Dale9 Aug 191631 Jul 1923
Mathis, Ray s/o Roy L. & Gladys9 Dec 19211 Oct 1922
Mathis, Rebecca J. w/o Thomas H.15 Aug 18826 Sep 1944
Mathis, Robert W. (Mason)5 Jun 184320 Nov 1907
Mathis, Roy L.24 Sep 1899Nov 1969SSDI
Mathis, Thomas H.1 Apr 187527 Jun 1940
Mathis, Thomas Lee WWII (Mason) Ark. Sgt. 324 Base Unit AAF 28 Nov 190526 May 1961
Mayhew, Bervil Edmond Pvt. US Army Korea19 Dec 192818 Apr 1991SSDI
Mayhew, Esther w/o Bervil Edmond13 Dec 1944Living
McBride, Agnes Bertha (Castleberry) w/o John Henry22 Nov 188727 Jan 1973
McBride, Emma Josie w/o John Reuben11 Nov 18554 May 1918
McBride, Glynn s/o John Henry & Agnes Bertha (Castleberry)19 Mar 191412 Nov 2000SSDI
McBride, Henry Grady s/o John Henry & Agnes Bertha (Castleberry)17 Apr 191112 Dec 1912
McBride, John Henry s/o John Reuben & Emma Josie7 Jun 188226 Feb 1970SSDI
McBride, John Reuben s/o James Dickson & Matilda A. (Nettles)16 Apr 185112 Apr 1931
McBride, Mary Jo (Humphrey) w/o Glynn9 Mar 1920Living
McCall, Edward B.18591936
McCall, Edward B.7 May 189615 Jan 1983
McCall, Inf. s/o Edward B. & Lula Belle (Gillum)14 Feb 192216 Feb 1922
McCall, Lula Belle (Gillum) w/o Edward B.21 Jan 19015 Apr 1973
McCall, Mary C. (McRae)-----------7 Oct 1905
McCall, Mary Lucinda d/o Esther18 Jul 194211 Apr 2000SSDI
McCall, NoalB & D13 Feb 1894
McCall, Penelope H.18611909
McCall, Sallie May w/o Edward B.18741933
McCall, Dr. William H. s/o Malcomb & Lydia (John)28 May 184323 Apr 1918
McCall (McClain?), NoalB & D13 Feb 1894
McClain, Bunyan20 Oct 189521 May 1903
McClain, Ida Jane18821963
McClain, Jimmie w/o J.S.18711899
McClain, Wellington17 Apr 189221 Aug 1893
McClain, Wilmer18911892
McClain, Woodrow7 Sep 1915Jun 1917
McConnell, Billie Joe Sgt. US Army Vietnam23 Oct 194620 Aug 1996
McConnell, Elsie C.6 Jun 191916 Dec 1991
McDonald, Dorothy (Tatum)5 Oct 190615 Nov 1999
McKinnon, Charles Connor (32nd Degree Mason) US Army WWII s/o Louis Albert & Toy J. (Young) h/o Marvalene (Wheeler)27 Mar 191718 May 2004SSDI
McKinnon, Don Louis s/o Charles Connor & Marvalene (Wheeler)5 Jan 195026 Jul 2001SSDI
McKinnon, Toy J. (Young) Cash w/o Louis Albert24 Mar 18859 Feb 1975
McRae, Isabella s/o Mary C. (McRae) McCall7 Dec 183631 Jan 1902
McTigritt, James T. (Mason)15 Feb 1913 30 Jan 1966
McTigritt, Jennie (Gillpin) w/o S. Marlow4 Sep 187223 Mar 1952
McTigritt, Lee Roy16 May 190412 Dec 1992
McTigritt, S. Marlow29 May 18755 Apr 1928
McTigritt, Willie Fayeno dates

Melton, Arley Pvt. US Army17 Apr 190714 May 1985SSDI
Melton, Bessie-----------1907
Melton, Clinton K.18 Sep 188725 Apr 1972SSDI
Melton, Daniel W. Civil War CSA Co. B 7th Ark. dateafter 1910CPF
Melton, Dessie
Melton, Edd Cpl. US Army WWII19 Sep 1921 3 Jul 1999SSDI
Melton, Evelyn E. w/o Edd12 Apr 192526 Jun 1987
Melton, Jewel (Spears) d/o David & Polly Ann (Green) w/o Arley1 Jan 191510 Aug 2006SSDI
Melton, Mary E. w/o Opal17 Mar 191526 Jul 1989
Melton, Melvina E. (Keys) w/o Clinton K.3 Nov 188524 Mar 1946
Melton, Nancy E.18481908
Melton, Opal Tec. 5 US Army WWII
Additional Info from Kay Melton Duggan
29 Mar 19142 Sep 1993
Melton, Ray Pfc. US Army WWII8 Apr 1928 6 Oct 1986SSDI
Melton, Shirley Ann (Riley) d/o Jeff C. & Amy E. w/o Bobby31 Dec 19455 Oct 2006SSDI
Miller, Millie Lee (Wheeler) d/o William Monroe & Emily June (Sipes)16 Nov 18935 Nov 1979
Mills, Euleen22 Aug 19162 Oct 1917
Mobley, Arminda (Gladden) w/o William C.18701946
Mobley, Edgar13 Mar 190326 Nov 1974SSDI
Mobley, Fay E. s/o Joseph Elie & Nola (Smith)22 Jul 191727 Aug 1921
Mobley, Joseph Elie20 Nov 18916 Jun 1975SSDI
Mobley, Lester L. s/o William C. & Arminda (Gladden)19 Jul 189626 Jul 1929
Mobley, Louvinia (Hawkins) w/o Joseph Elie28 Nov 19106 Nov 1932
Mobley, Luda C.3 Mar 190729 Apr 1987
Mobley, Lydia Mae28 Dec 18936 Mar 1973SSDI
Mobley, Nola (Smith) 1st w/o Joseph Elie29 May 188929 Aug 1928
Mobley, Owen B.27 Sep 18899 Jun 1912
Mobley, William C.20 Jul 186728 Jan 1926
Mobley, Willie Victor s/o William C. & Arminda (Gladden) 8 Dec 190510 Mar 1908
Montgomery, Amanda (Henard) d/o Frank w/o Dr. Earl M.10 Jul 188015 Nov 1960
Montgomery, Clayton18861972
Montgomery, Dovie Lee w/o William Jefferson9 Sep 189620 Feb 1918
Montgomery, Dr. Earl M. (Mason)13 Nov 187924 Aug 1933
Montgomery, Erma G. d/o M.L.26 Nov 1900 25 Sep 1904
Montgomery, Eugene12 Mar 190210 Oct 1937
Montgomery, Eva Belle (Castleberry) w/o William Jefferson25 Feb 1893Aug 1981SSDI
Montgomery, Grady Bruce6 Jun 189328 Jan 1970
Montgomery, Harold Lee13 Sep 193616 Jun 1956
Montgomery, Dr. John M. (Mason)21 May 185227 Feb 1928
Montgomery, John H. s/o Clayton & Rebecca (Chambers)B & D27 Jul 1910
Montgomery, Johnnie Lem s/o Grady Bruce & Ocie F. (Wehunt)18 May 19228 Jan 1925
Montgomery, Kyle10 Aug 191216 Feb 1983SSDI
Montgomery, Mattie E. (Wilkinson) w/o Dr. John M.28 Sep 186013 Oct 1911
Montgomery, Maudie O. w/o Kyle11 Nov 1913Dec 1995SSDI
Montgomery, Nancy F. w/o U. Sheridan6 Dec 192521 Oct 1990
Montgomery, Ocie F. (Wehunt) w/o Grady Bruce14 Aug 189314 Aug 1977
Montgomery, Rebecca (Chambers) w/o Clayton18831958
Montgomery, Shannan WWII S I US Navy1 Jan 191611 Nov 1976
Montgomery, U. Sheridan27 Apr 191816 Mar 1983
Montgomery, William Jefferson189627 Aug 1953
Moore, Hattie Belle w/o E.M.5 Mar 1878 6 May 1938
Morgan, Oscar s/o J.S. & M.M.4 Nov 191526 Aug 1919
Morin, Mary E.16 May 19282 Feb 1992
Morin, Valera M. w/o William H.17 Aug 190024 Jul 1968SSDI
Morin, William dates

Morin, William Henry Tec. 3 US Army WWII5 Dec 19206 Feb 2000
Murcer, Bertha d/o C.W. & A.19 Dec 190526 Aug 1908
Murcer, Martha A.13 Nov 185326 Dec 1899
Murcer, Marthy A. w/o C.W.17 Jan 187427 Oct 1913
Nash, Irene w/o John Robert28 Oct 1928 Living
Nash, John Robert2 Apr 19338 Apr 2002SSDI
Nation, Irma A. (Sanner) d/o James Joseph & Loucretia (Spears) w/o Tom Orles14 Dec 191929 Dec 2006SSDI
Nation, Tom Orles23 Oct 191831 Dec 1984
Nicholson, Genevieve (Compton)1 Jan 1910 31 May 1992
Oller, Malinda V. w/o V.H.12 Aug 188118 Feb 1912
Owens, Willie Pearl "Billie" (Benefield) Kaiser M/1 Robert C. Kaiser M/2 Edward Earl Owens16 Nov 191921 Feb 2001SSDI
Patterson, Addie Mildred w/o Bill17 Feb 193414 Oct 1987
Patterson, Bill15 Feb 19151 Jun 1968
Patterson, Hosia27 Apr 189023 May 1935
Patterson, Thomas Benton s/o Thomas & Elvira (Howell)23 Sep 18506 Jan 1925
Patterson, William E. s/o Thomas Benton & Jane (Young) 31 Oct 18856 Feb 1925
Payne, Arleva (Sanner) d/o James Joseph & Loucretia (Spears) w/o Otto1 Feb 19147 Aug 1997SSDI
Payne, OttoJul 190421 Feb 1980
Pendergrass, Rezza Phillips9 Sep 190720 Jan 1949
Pickering, Clementine19 Jun 192411 May 1994
Pittard, M.F.B.1 Oct ----29 Sep 1879
Poe, Dora J. w/o W.17 Mar 18788 Aug 1900
Poe, Oscar A. s/o W. & Dora J.6 May 19003 Oct 1900
Potter, Frances Eulene (Kendrick) d/o James T. & Hester C. (Daniel) w/o Vestie Oliver17 Dec 191716 Jan 2007SSDI
Potter, Billy T. Jr.11 Nov 19677 Jul 1995
Potter, Everlee "Granny" (Armstrong) (Eastern Star) d/o Theodore & Selma (Killian) w/o Verlon E.2 Apr 191929 Nov 1997SSDI
Potter, Verlon E.23 Jan 1915Living
Potter, Vestie Oliver s/o William Raysh & Liller (Gabbert)26 Mar 19138 May 2003
Price, David Argus13 Nov 190522 Nov 2002
Priddy, Annie (Wood)10 Jan 1896Aug 1925
Priddy, Mary Susan (Williams) s/o Rutha Abigale (Williams) Priddy w/o George B.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Imogene Priddy Parker
9 Nov 1851Dec 1910
Priddy, Rutha Abigale (Williams) w/o Silvanus H.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Imogene Priddy Parker
24 Mar 18562 Dec 1923
Priddy, Thomas1913no date
Pritchett, Mary A. w/o T.F.20 Mar 1846 13 Dec 1911
Rankin, James M.23 Dec 194417 Jan 1976
Raper, C.H.28 May 192520 Mar 1926
Raper, Cecil Monroe (Mason)21 Nov 1895 21 Jan 1975SSDI
Raper, Nancy Lee w/o William E.8 Oct 187612 Dec 1925
Raper, Oral (Simmons) w/o Cecil Monroe6 Feb 190320 Apr 1999
Raper, Rhonda R. w/o W.H. (M) 25 Dec 192920 Nov 191312 May 1996
Raper, W.H. "Bill"8 Apr 190513 May 1990
Raper, William E.13 Dec 186916 Feb 1922
Rice, J. Louis28 Jul 193227 Nov 1976
Rice, Mary Lea w/o J. Louis26 Mar 1933 Living
Ritchie, N.D. (W of W)16 Aug 187820 Jun 1918
Ritchie, Tinnie w/o N.D.6 Sep 187929 Nov 1912
Robbins, Frances P.22 Aug 191519 Jun 1995
Roberts, O.K.27 Dec 1914Jul 1968
Roberts, Ruby w/o O.K. (M) 193231 Aug 1913May 1974SSDI
Rogers, Jacqueline Courtney3 mo20 Oct 1974
Rose, Troy Eugene h/o Faye (Latham)26 Sep 19394 Mar 1991SSDI
Sanner, Ethel d/o James Joseph & Loucretia (Spears)2 Apr 190527 Dec 1918
Sanner, Inf. d/o James Joseph & Loucretia (Spears)B & D11 Feb 1917
Sanner, Inf. d/o James Joseph & Loucretia (Spears)21 Feb 191828 Feb 1918
Sanner, James Joseph10 Nov 187219 Nov 1952
Sanner, Loucretia (Spears) w/o James Joseph9 Feb 18784 Apr 1973SSDI
Sanner, Willie D. s/o James Joseph & Loucretia (Spears) 9 Feb 190019 Aug 1904
Sarkiewicz, Al J.8 Dec 191215 Nov 1978SSDI
Sarkiewicz, Evelyn O. w/o Al J.19 Jul 19167 Jun 2002SSDI
Saylor, Cornelia A. w/o Mack6 Oct 1863 10 Jan 1913
Scoggins, Mary E.23 Jul 187013 Apr 1920
Scott, Dale A. RMSN US Navy Korea s/o Benjamin & Melisie (McCain)8 Jan 193212 Jun 2000SSDI
Scott, Ella M. (Vaughn) w/o Dale A. (M) 27 Jul 195422 Aug 1935Living
Scott, Eunice M. w/o Glen E. (M) 14 Oct 192312 May 19055 Jan 1994
Scott, Glen E. s/o John Calvin Jr. & Margrett Gabriellen (MacDuffy)
Additional Info from Iris Horne
21 Oct 190331 Dec 1977
Scott, John Calvin Jr.
Additional Info from Iris Horne
Scott, Margrett Gabriellen (MacDuffy) w/o John Calvin Jr.
Additional Info from Iris Horne
Sexton, D.C.48 yr12 Jun 1924
Sexton, Stella w/o D.C.41 yr10 Mar 1921
Sharkey, Ava Jewell (Spears) d/o Loy & Ethel18 May 193018 Dec 1979SSDI
Shaw, D.C.L. (Mason)1 Jun 18091 Jun 1887
Shelton, Charles David17 Jan 195618 Dec 1989
Shelton, Charles Kenneth M/Sgt. US Air Force Korea Vietnam 24 May 193014 Jul 1994
Shelton, Patricia Ann (Sloan) w/o Charles Kenneth (M) 12 Mar 19552 Jul 1932Living
Sherrill, Flora (Evans) (Eastern Star) d/o Alex & Rose Lee (Whisenant) w/o William M.10 Jul 192918 Dec 2002SSDI
Sherrill, William M. "Bill" (Mason) s/o David & Emily Abigail (Slater) US Army29 Jan 192515 Aug 2003
Simmons, Jorge Milton19 Dec 18925 May 1893
Simmons, Reola20 Nov 191220 Nov 1912
Sinclair, R.A. w/o A.S.10 Jan 182711 Mar 1884
Sledge, Mollieno dates

Sledge, William Co. I 113 Ill. dates

Sloan, BabyB & D18 Nov 1923
Sloan, Ernest26 Oct 188529 Jun 1933
Sloan, Harold Leroy s/o V.E. & Ivy10 May 191228 Dec 1917
Sloan, Hattie Jewell w/o Irby E.26 Apr 189918 Mar 1967
Sloan, Inf. s/o Irby E. & Hattie Jewell8 Mar 192114 Feb 1922
Sloan, Irby E.18 Dec 189326 Jan 1967SSDI
Sloan, Iva Belle25 Jan 189126 Mar 1975
Sloan, Joe E. Ark. Sfc. WWII 2nd Inf. Div. BSM Artillery30 Apr 19192 Mar 1962
Sloan, Kenneth Paul Sgt. US Air Force Korea22 Jun 19318 Aug 1991
Smallwood, Anna22 Jul 178815 Oct 1844
Smallwood, Elisha31 Oct 178622 Sep 1844
Smith, Arlene (Benefield) d/o James Marcus & Augusta (Smith) w/o Kelts19161973
Smith, Audra (Wheeler)3 Mar 18984 Jul 1988SSDI
Smith, Elva Marie (Chesney) d/o George & Annie Birdie (Eubanks) w/o Jeff Albert31 Dec 191524 Apr 2001SSDI
Smith, Georgia9 Feb 188223 Jan 1919
Smith, Glen Hubert s/o Jeff Albert & Elva Marie (Chesney)18 Feb 194018 Jan 2001SSDI
Smith, Gradyno dates

Smith, Jeff Albert31 Dec 19143 Jan 1983SSDI
Smith, John Boyce s/o John Nelson & Elizabeth (Green)9 Sep 186223 Nov 1924
Smith, John Nelson b. GA Civil War CSA s/o John & Rebecca Jane (Eddington) M/1 Elizabeth (Green) M/2 Mrs. Emma David10 Jun 1840-----------
Smith, L.E.Jul 18951987
Smith, Lela---------2 Jan 1919
Smith, Mary Elizabeth (Allen) w/o John Boyce18681957
Smith, Mary V.3 Dec 186215 Oct 1886
Smith, Mattie J. d/o N.R. & J.6 Dec 188721 Jun 1888
Smith, Nathan s/o N.R. & Mary V.5 Nov 188515 Feb 1886
Smith, S.E.18451907
Snipes, Alvin s/o Mathew & Elizabeth (Chamblee)4 Feb 182718 Jun 1915
Snipes, M. Asalee d/o Alvin & Francis Evaline (Westbrook)17 Sep 186521 Mar 1903
Snipes, Francis Evaline (Westbrook) w/o Alvin31 Jul 183911 Feb 1921
Snipes, William Alvin s/o Alvin & Francis Evaline (Westbrook)12 May 186221 Oct 1891
Spainhour, Ellie Huey10 Jul 19124 Nov 1993
Spainhour, Lamar9 Feb 191725 Oct 1971
Spainhour, Nancy J. (Keys)18914 Oct 1968
Spainhour, Wes21 Jan 1884Aug 1962
Spainhour, William Robert29 Oct 192025 Apr 1955
Spears, Ada (Pursey) d/o Dr. Pursey w/o Marvin21 Nov 189011 Jan 1931
Spears, Billy Fred s/o Billy Keith & Betty (Lawson)B & D11 May 1964
Spears, Billy Keith s/o William I. & Johnnie R. (Dawson) h/o Betty (Lawson)23 Jul 194120 Jul 2005SSDI
Spears, Clifford K. Pfc. US Army26 Mar 192612 Dec 1992SSDI
Spears, Clyde H.7 Jun 192329 Oct 1991
Spears, Ethel (Smith) d/o Charles Edward & Luticia Neecie Jane (Mabry) w/o Loy W.27 Sep 1909Jul 1992SSDI
Spears, Loy W. s/o David & Polly Ann (Green)2 Jul 19041 Nov 1997
Spears, Marvin23 Oct 188620 Aug 1971
Spears, Michael K. "Mike" s/o Billy Keith & Betty (Lawson) h/o Delena (Harris)10 Jun 196211 Jun 2006SSDI
Spears, Minnie D. w/o William Ike5 Dec 190114 Jun 1992SSDI
Spears, Thelma L.9 Feb 19262 Sep 2002
Spears, VivianJul 1925Oct 1925
Spears, Wilbert Thermon25 Sep 19204 Dec 1992SSDI
Spears, William I. "Bill" s/o David & Polly Ann (Green) h/o Johnnie R. (Dawson)11 Sep 19179 Nov 1997SSDI
Spears, William Ike M. US Army WWI25 Aug 189517 Aug 1974SSDI
Spencer, A.T. "Baby"no dates

Spencer, Albert T.23 Jul 18832 May 1974SSDI
Spencer, Grace A. (Montgomery) w/o A.T.17 Dec 1888Oct 1973SSDI
Spencer, Ruth19181919
Spencer, Tressie19161918
Stout, Clayton M.26 Mar 190718 Feb 1925
Stout, Colonel W.18461929
Stout, Edna M.31 May 19146 Dec 1916
Stout, Leodia (Bottoms) d/o Walter L. & Lillie Harriet (Vaughn)20 Feb 19157 Apr 1999
Stout, Sarah (Morgan) w/o Colonel W.1839 1930
Sullivan, Anna A. w/o Tom H.23 Sep 1906 27 Oct 1999
Sullivan, Bernice d/o John Wesley & Ida Lee Jewel (Montgomery)10 Apr 190830 Nov 1911
Sullivan, Ida Lee Jewel (Montgomery) w/o John Wesley8 Feb 188218 Sep 1970SSDI
Sullivan, John Wesley2 Apr 18796 Aug 1964
Sullivan, Leola A. w/o Marvin F.14 Oct 19193 Jul 1996
Sullivan, Marvin F.10 Apr 191914 Feb 1992SSDI
Sullivan, Tom H.17 Aug 19024 Jun 1984SSDI
Summit, Lee A.21 Jul 188419 Feb 1951
Tatum, Edward gs/o Simon B. & Laura S. (Hamilton) Chambers9 Aug 189414 Sep 1897
Tatum, Edward Webb s/o E.L. & A.H.26 Sep 191029 Jul 1911
Tatum, Laura gd/o Simon B. & Laura S. (Hamilton) Chambers18 Feb 188712 Aug 1897
Tatum, Martha w/o Wiliam L.5 Jul 187210 Mar 1901
Tatum, Sallie S. w/o E.L.22 Sep 18862 Aug 1893
Tatum, William L. (Mason)11 Nov 186927 May 1939
Thacker, Jimmy David12 Jun 194510 Jul 1988SSDI
Thomas, Ina B. w/o Richard19071962
Thomas, Richard27 Jun 1900Apr 1967SSDI
Trent, Clarence19231963
Trent, Diane19541956
Trent, Margaret w/o Clarence1933Living
Turner, BabyB & D1904
Turner, Leo Ivan13 Aug 190513 Mar 1922
Turner, Marion C.14 Jan 187810 Nov 1961
Turner, Maude Lee (Walden) w/o Marion C.10 Mar 188510 Dec 1925
Uli, Darlene NichilleB & D17 Apr 1973
Valek, Goldie17 Feb 19241 Mar 1994
Vaughn, Eloise9 Jan 1924

Vaughn, Gladys D. (George) d/o William L. & Oma (Keys) w/o Omer O.6 Dec 19286 Nov 1986SSDI
Vaughn, Hazel M. w/o John Lester11 Jul 191129 Feb 1984SSDI
Vaughn, Herbert Preston WWII US Navy5 Dec 192825 Jul 1976
Vaughn, Hillery P.16 Oct 18903 Feb 1930
Vaughn, J.C. s/o John R. & Myrtle (Bottoms)14 Jul 192815 Nov 2006SSDI
Vaughn, Jewel C. w/o Hillery P.27 Feb 190123 Oct 1942
Vaughn, Jimmie Dale15 Aug 193921 Jan 1940
Vaughn, John Lester s/o John R. & Myrtle (Bottoms)14 Sep 191115 Feb 1991
Vaughn, John R.18861958
Vaughn, Mary Allene10 Nov 193120 Jun 1954
Vaughn, Myrtle (Bottoms) w/o John R.1 May 189212 Aug 1965
Vaughn, Omer O. s/o John R. & Myrtle (Bottoms)16 Feb 19153 Sep 1984SSDI
Vaughn, Raymond s/o John R. & Myrtle (Bottoms) M/1 Allene (Dobbs) M/2 Rosa A. (Frost)4 Jul 192618 Jul 2003SSDI
Vaughn, Riley s/o John R. & Myrtle (Bottoms)19 Oct 193022 Nov 1994
Vaughn, Robert Lee "Beek" Cpl. US Army WWII s/o John R. & Myrtle (Bottoms) h/o Ava Jewell (Spears)17 Oct 192113 Oct 2000SSDI
Vaughn, Rosa A. (Frost) d/o William M. & Lora E. (Lewis) w/o Raymond21 Feb 192123 Aug 2004SSDI
Wade, William h/o Susan11 Nov 184323 Apr 1904
Walden, Anna Lucille d/o A.L. & M.11 Jan 191514 Jun 1934
Walden, Annie M. (Carter)10 May 189231 Dec 1948
Walden, Arthur Looney25 Dec 188827 Oct 1964
Walden, James Henry25 Dec 184214 Feb 1899
Walden, John Edward26 Jun 188120 Mar 1968
Walden, John H. s/o James Henry & Mary Susan7 May 18778 Jul 1881
Walden, John Marion18 Dec 185428 Jun 1929
Walden, Mary Frances (Chambers) w/o John M.25 Aug 18563 Oct 1918
Walden, Mary Susan w/o James Henry26 Sep 18481 Dec 1898
Walden, William W. s/o James Henry & Mary Susan14 Aug 18725 Sep 1872
Ward, Earl s/o Newl19241938
Warren, Mary E. w/o R.F.6 Dec 185528 Sep 1902
Washburn, Elizabethno dates

Washburn, J.W.13 Mar 186022 Mar 1907
Wayland, Lois (Cathey)22 Jun 191722 Jun 1994
Weems, Infs./o Othor L. & M. Ethelno dates

Weems, Jim Bill9 Nov 19167 Apr 1917
Weems, M. Ethel w/o Othor L.18911965
Weems, Othor L.6 Dec 188817 Dec 1960
Weems, ShelbyB & D8 Oct 1912
Weems, Sonny Boy2 Feb 19195 Jul 1920
Weems, Sybil28 Dec 191117 Jan 1912
Wehunt, Coy Marcus24 Jul 190323 Dec 1933
Wehunt, Delmar19261926
Wehunt, Lem M.18721928
Wehunt, N. Janie w/o Lem M.6 Jul 18757 Aug 1923
Wehunt, Nancy w/o Coy Marcus25 Feb 1904 11 Dec 1996
Wehunt, Omer Newton Ark. Pvt. 329 Fighter Sq. AAF18 Dec 189814 Jun 1963
Wehunt, Orbie Odell s/o Lem M. & N. Janie15 Jul 190716 Dec 1908
Wheeler, A.J.18671909
Wheeler, Ada E.5 Oct 190227 Mar 1995
Wheeler, E.E. w/o F.M.13 Nov 182830 Oct 1903
Wheeler, Emily June (Sipes) d/o Alvin & Francis Evaline (Westbrook) w/o William Monroe23 Dec 18686 Feb 1937
Wheeler, F.M. (Mason)2 Jul 182225 Jan 1904
Wheeler, James B.18561931
Wheeler, Violet Jewel29 Dec 189611 Mar 1897
Wheeler, Virginia E.14 Oct 186623 Nov 1944
Wheeler, William MonroeAug 18541958
Williams, C. Otto17 Apr 1901Jan 1983SSDI
Williams, Irene1910Living
Willis, Betty Rose w/o Goans Anderson14 Jul 193714 Apr 1999
Willis, Goans Anderson4 Jan 193418 Aug 1981
Wofford, Laverne (McDonald)23 May 1920 20 Mar 1998
Woolbright, Artie Marie d/o Pike M.27 Feb 193010 Dec 1932
Woolbright, Lora E. d/o J.W. & F.19 Aug 19022 Jul 1926
Woolbright, Pike M. 1st h/o Virgie (McTyrett) Woolbright Collins19061932

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