Mt. Zion Cemetery, Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas

Updated directions! from Beth
From Highway 22 west turn right at Bay Ridge Golf Club Road. Then turn left on the road to the marina. This is the first road to the left. Then turn left on the new rock road up the hill to Mt. Zion. The new road is past the houses on the left and before you reach the marina. It is a really nice rock road with a wide turnaround at the end of the road.

Copied and updated 22 Apr 1993 by Julia Sills Taylor and Cornelia Taylor Daniels.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adams, Cellie (Campbell) w/o Willison30 Jul 18954 Apr 1982
Adams, Dora
23 Oct 1938
Adams, William D.
Dec 1928
Adams, Willison19 Apr 189113 Sep 1977SSDI
Austin, Mollie (Graham)
Additional Info from Judy
Barnes, Mattie d/o J.G. & M.G.17 May 187914 Sep 1902
Barnett, Ina J. w/o Woodrow19211943
Barnett, John Wilson s/o Woodrow & Ina J.B & D22 Apr 1943
Barnett, Mildred Grace (Carroll) d/o A.W. w/o W.W. Sr.15 Apr 192010 Jul 2001SSDI
Barnett, Robert21 Jan 18739 Dec 1936
Batchelor, Benjamin Franklin s/o John & Jane (Lenert)
Additional Info from Judy
7 May 184210 Nov 1911
Batchelor, James Walter s/o Benjamin Franklin & Ruth Helen (Marshall)
Additional Info from Judy
Batchelor, Mary Elizabeth (Spurlock) w/o James Walter
Additional Info from Judy
no dates

Batchelor, Ruth Helen (Marshall) w/o Benjamin Franklin - unmarked grave
Additional Info from Judy
1842ca. 1921
Bratton, Albert B.22 Jan 18968 Jun 1978SSDI
Bratton, Amanda19 ds22 Aug 1974
Bratton, Baby dates

Bratton, Carl J.27 Apr 1914Apr 1987
Bratton, Darrell Dwane USMC Ark. Pfc. Co. F Bn 5 Mac Div. Assaultman Vietnam7 Aug 194822 May 1968
Bratton, Dwane6 Jul 192328 Oct 1981
Bratton, Earlno dates

Bratton, Emettno dates

Bratton, George W. s/o James & Ella (Stephenson)15 Jun 189914 Nov 1979
Bratton, Ider Bell (Kelley) w/o George W.16 Feb 189728 Mar 1988SSDI
Bratton, Inf./o Carl J. & Ruby dates

Bratton, Infants (3 graves)no dates

Bratton, dates

Bratton, James W.19491966
Bratton, John Howard1 Nov 193615 Nov 1936
Bratton, Jules Earl11 Aug 191911 Aug 1919
Bratton, dates

Bratton, Lela M. w/o Albert B.16 Mar 190219 Mar 1988SSDI
Bratton, Lydia Sue (Johnson) d/o David & George (Hudson) w/o Dwane26 Jul 192913 Oct 2002SSDI
Bratton, Mary K. (Cherry) w/o George W.27 Apr 190214 Oct 1992SSDI
Bratton, Odie s/o Carl J. & Ruby dates

Bratton, Rachel3 Apr 197726 Jun 1977
Bratton, Ruby J. w/o Carl J.19141938
Butler, JimmieB & D1941
Butler, William5 Oct 189728 Jan 1930
Callan, George Alexander s/o William Jr. & Sarah (Alexander)2 Jan 180628 Aug 1862
Callan, Kate A. "Katie" (Kersey) w/o George Monroe15 Jul 187528 Sep 1901
Callan, Matilda (Davis) w/o George Alexander15 Jun 181529 Jan 1869
Callan, Nancy Jane (Huff) d/o William L. & Frances w/o William D.30 Mar 18482 Jun 1934CPF
Callan, William D. Civil War CSA Hallowell's Co. D 15th NW Ark. Inf. s/o George Alexander & Matilda (Davis)12 Dec 183612 Apr 1908CPF
Campbell, Fred Earl16 Oct 189726 May 1932
Campbell, Viola Lee (Tennison) d/o Kelse & Dullie (Shatswell) w/o Oliver (M) 11 Apr 194616 Nov 192230 Sep 2002SSDI
Chandlers, Jackno dates

Cossey, ------------ (3 graves)no dates

Cossey, Catherine Lucille d/o William Thomas Hobert & Edith Adell (Hicks)19341936
Cossey, John Riley s/o William & Isabell (Cagel)11 Jul 18712 Nov 1925
Cossey, Maryno dates

Detrick, Bobby Dean s/o Howard & Hazel (Clark)12 Feb 19554 Mar 2003SSDI
Detrick, Howard s/o Thomas Ray & June Alice (Turner) h/o Hazel (Clark)12 Sep 192210 Apr 2001SSDI
Detrick, Jason s/o Bobby Dean & Judy18 Apr 197911 Dec 1997SSDI
Detrick, June Alice (Turner) w/o Thomas Ray10 Jun 18969 Mar 1988SSDI
Detrick, Ozie26 Jul 190817 Mar 1909
Detrick, Thomas Ray WWI Ark. Pvt. Hq. Co. 5 Inf.27 Mar 189710 Jan 1970WWIR
Earl, Wanda (Flurry) d/o Arthur D. & Mamie E. (Jones) w/o Charles H.3 Nov 191512 Nov 1998SSDI
Ellis, Betty A. (Detrick)2 Nov 195113 Jan 2002SSDI
Erwood, William Civil War Union Co. D 3rd Ark. dates

Fisher, Amos
Additional Info from Ada Little
no dates

Fisher, Laura
Additional Info from Ada Little
no dates

Flurry, Amanda Belle (McReynolds) d/o Sam & Mary (Cook) w/o Thomas M.10 Jun 187829 Mar 1901
Flurry, Arthur D.18 Feb 188128 Jun 1963
Flurry, B.M.10 Mar 186820 Jul 1897
Flurry, Basil s/o Thomas M. & Amanda Belle (McReynolds) Sep 1895no dates
Flurry, dates

Flurry, C.E.20 Feb 186629 Nov 1867
Flurry, Carrie V. w/o Will H.16 Oct 1884 20 May 1975
Flurry, Clara Marie (Wurst) d/o G.C. & Dovie (Smith) w/o Thomas Elbert28 Jul 191027 Mar 2003 SSDI
Flurry, D. s/o Thomas M. & Amanda Belle (McReynolds)B & D5 Nov 1894
Flurry, Eugene14 May 188730 Nov 1887
Flurry, Eugene s/o Will H. & Carrie V.5 Mar 19183 Nov 1918
Flurry, Harvey25 Jan 187523 Jun 1875
Flurry, Henry12 May 18398 Aug 1932
Flurry, dates

Flurry, dates

Flurry, Inf. d/o R.C. Sr. & SusieB & D13 Aug 1908
Flurry, Inf. d/o Thomas M. & Amanda Belle (McReynolds) B & D13 Mar 1900
Flurry, Inf. d/o Thomas M. & Amanda Belle (McReynolds) 7 Mar 191218 Mar 1912
Flurry, Inf. d/o Will H. & Carrie V.B & D14 Jun 1911
Flurry, Inf. s/o Arthur D. & Mamie E. (Jones)B & D12 Oct 1906
Flurry, James Ozell10 Dec 192231 Jan 1975
Flurry, Johnie13 Jan 188327 Aug 1883
Flurry, Lizzie w/o Thomas M.8 May 1878 9 Oct 1920
Flurry, Lucy Ioway (Manes) d/o Williamson McNair & Mary Ann (Shipman) w/o Basil17 Sep 18961954
Flurry, Mamie E. (Jones) w/o Arthur D.10 Apr 18851 Jun 1929
Flurry, Nancy w/o Henry E.30 Dec 184419 Apr 1927
Flurry, dates

Flurry, Pearly11 Aug 187016 Oct 1871
Flurry, R.C. Sr.18841958
Flurry, Ruby d/o Arthur D. & Mamie E. (Jones)6 Apr 190818 Jun 1909
Flurry, Susie w/o R.C. Sr.18851918
Flurry, Thomas Elbert12 Jul 191325 Apr 1981
Flurry, Thomas M.13 Aug 187130 Apr 1944
Flurry, Will H.21 Apr 187624 Feb 1946
Ford, Amanda Ellen (Brewer) d/o John & Nancy w/o Benjamin L.20 Mar 184930 Sep 1911
Ford, Amy d/o Benjamin L. & Amanda Ellen (Brewer)14 Oct 18862 Feb 1902
Ford, Elijah8 Apr 188015 Jul 1880
Ford, Harvey21 Jan 18783 Jun 1879
Ford, Horace27 Feb 188428 Jun 1904
Ford, Malichia18 Jan 180124 Mar 1881
Ford, May w/o Horace27 Feb 188429 Jun 1904
Ford, Sarah Frances (Dawson) w/o Malichia10 Mar 18121 Sep 1879
Freeman, Alfred2 Feb 19266 May 1969
Garvin, John W.17 Apr 191318 Feb 1944
Garvin, Leo Andrew William "Bill" s/o Virgil L. & Bertha (Wallace) h/o Delena26 Nov 191124 Sep 2003SSDI
Garvin, Virgil L. h/o Bertha (Wallace)8 Feb 187911 Nov 1945
Garvin, William W.5 Nov 193725 Nov 1989
Hatfield, Essieno dates

Hatfield, Eugeneno dates

Hatfield, Homerno dates

Hatfield, Mary T. w/o William O.18661947
Hatfield, William dates

Hatfield, William O.18641919
Hickerson, John W.7 Nov 18764 Aug 1956
Hickerson, Maude C.6 Nov 18876 Apr 1951
Hickerson, Sarah (Roberts) w/o T.B.1855 1934
Hickerson, T.B.1 Jan 185328 Mar 1905
Hickerson, T.J. s/o T.B. & Sarah (Roberts)22 Feb 18945 Sep 1899
Holder, Walter L.D. s/o G.H. & M.V.18 yr 5 mo 10 ds31 Jul 1886
Holley, Ella N. w/o Martin W. (M) 29 Nov 192126 Oct 19048 Feb 1990SSDI
Holley, Martin W. US Army WWI17 Apr 1896 26 Oct 1983WWIR SSDI
Honeycutt, Dollie D. d/o J.D. & A.D.9 Apr 1906Aug 1909
Hutchins, Francis W. Jr. Pvt. US Army Korea28 Jun 193120 Jan 1992
Hutchins, Walt h/o Betty Sue (Bratton)60 yr20 Jan 1992
Jenkins, Mary Elizabeth d/o Fred & Mag (Rice)16 Nov 192326 Dec 1929
Jones, Alison25 Dec 18594 Jul 1912
Jones, Babyno dates

Jones, Etta1 Jan 18853 Jun 1922
Jones, Jake22 Aug 18817 Oct 1959
Jones, Laura12 Mar 186311 May 1929
Kiersey, Artilla J. "Tillie" (Batchelor) d/o Benjamin Franklin & Ruth Helen (Marshall) w/o William J.
Additional Info from Judy
8 Jun 18792 Jan 1900
Littleton, Bonnie J. s/o B.R. & Marga14 Nov 19211 Jul 1923
Littleton, Charity M. d/o Reeder & Virginia B.3 Mar 189328 Jul 1894
Littleton, Charles E.18301902
Littleton, Edna10 Jul 18783 Jul 1905
Littleton, Gertie d/o Reeder & Jennie15 Feb 18818 Apr 1902
Littleton, Henry10 Jun 190015 Apr 1901
Littleton, Inf. d/o Charles E. & Rebecca J.12 Mar 187419 Dec 1874
Littleton, Inf. s/o T.H. & Nancy A.B & D20 Apr 1892
Littleton, Maggie d/o T.H. & Nancy A.7 Apr 188510 Jun 1893
Littleton, Nancy A. w/o T.H.21 Mar 1867 26 Nov 1892
Littleton, Rebecca J. w/o Charles E.1831 1900
Littleton, Reeder (W of W)14 Mar 186528 Dec 1924
Littleton, Virginia B. w/o Reeder27 May 186218 Aug 1921
Littleton, Willie L. WWI Ark. Pvt. US Armyca. Dec 189630 May 1935WWIR
Mack, Carol D.19068 Mar 1917
Manes, Albert Jr. s/o Lee & Willie20 Aug 19259 Feb 1938
Manes, Bobby Lee s/o Leo & Willie L. (Austin) b. Dardanelle, AR d. Birta, Arkansas
Additional Info from Judy
11 Mar 193317 Dec 2000SSDI
Manes, John William WWI Ark. Pvt. US Army s/o William L. McNair & Mary A. (Shipman)
Additional Info from Judy
9 Sep 189324 Oct 1935WWIR
Manes, Mary Ann (Shipman) b. IL d/o John & Margaret w/o William L. McNair (M) 15 Nov 1892 Searcy Co., AR7 Mar 18721952
Manes, William L. McNair b. Searcy Co., AR s/o William L. & Matha Malinda (McNair)17 Feb 185718 May 1922
Manes, Willie Lee (Austin) d/o Mollie
Additional Info from Judy
24 Nov 190121 Aug 1964
Manskar, Patricia AnnB & D3 Feb 1945
Martin, J.J. b. England - Lancer in the English Army
McDonald, -------no dates

McDonald, Mattie M.29 Feb 189418 Jan 1938
McGhee, Ruby Lee (Nunley) d/o John Riley & Ninnie Bell (Batchelor) w/o William11 Mar 191023 Nov 1972SSDI
McIntosh, Sarah12 Oct 186915 Sep 1890
McIntosh, Sarah A.14 Sep 189013 Oct 1890
McIntosh, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Batchelor) d/o Benjamin Franklin & Ruth Helen (Marshall) w/o William
Additional Info from Judy
29 Apr 18723 Dec 1948
McIntosh, William
Additional Info from Judy
1 Jan 186930 Oct 1945
McIntosh, William T.28 Aug 189728 Sep 1899
Miller, Amy Barnett15 Aug 189212 Jan 1959
Nuckols, Chesley H.19061970
Nuckols, Katie C. w/o Chesley H.16 Apr 1909Jan 1994SSDI
Nunley, Edwin L. s/o Goble & Wanda (Manes)27 Aug 194027 Dec 1940
Nunley, Goble s/o John Riley & Ninnie Bell (Batchelor) h/o Bula Irene (Kendrick)7 Oct 190321 Dec 1988SSDI
Nunley, John Riley
Additional Info from Judy
1 Jul 187419 Oct 1930
Nunley, Ninnie Bell (Batchelor) d/o Benjamin Franklin & Ruth Helen (Marshall) w/o John Riley
Additional Info from Judy
1 Jun 187913 May 1928
Perry, Bert16 Aug 19007 Mar 1975SSDI
Perry, Nettie Bell30 Aug 192930 Jul 1939
Phipps, Edna Elizabeth (Nunley) d/o John Riley & Ninnie Bell (Batchelor) w/o Theodore (M) Dardanelle, AR 18 Apr 1925
Additional Info from Beth and Judy
22 Apr 190627 Oct 1989SSDI
Phipps, Theodore
Additional Info from Beth and Judy
29 Apr 19036 May 1974SSDI
Procter, Inf. d/o Lewis H.B & D22 Aug 1936
Procter, Lewis H.19071961
Roach, Ila Lou Mae (Butler)9 Jul 19011 Jun 1981SSDI
Stroud, Lilly C.21 Sep 18837 Jun 1973
Stubbs, Dawn Maxine18 Dec 19583 Jan 1983
Talley, Sallie E.S. d/o A.L. & America26 Feb 189530 Sep 1900
Tillman, Destry Cameron
28 Oct 1971
Waits, Mrs. J.E.11 Mar 185017 Feb 1925
Walker, Colombus4 Jul 18559 Jan 1916
Walker, Julia15 Sep 186313 Nov 1931
Williams, Deborah A.4 Apr 18356 Jan 1907
Williams, Susan (Wright) w/o Thomas W. (M) 1848
Additional Info from Ada Little
6 Jan 182722 Jul 1895
Williams, Thomasno dates

Williams, Thomas W. b. TN
Additional Info from Ada Little
29 Jun 18159 Jan 1917
101 yr 6 mo 11 ds

Yarbrough, William C. s/o J.W. & B.Y.22 Nov 18741 Oct 1875

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