Mt. George Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Updated Info from June Hethcoat:
I spent many happy hours as a child strolling alone or with family in this bucolic place. I have heard that bulldozers have been through, destroying much of the old fences and the original beauty of this place. My husband also donated an addition to this and there is no note about that either.

Copied and updated 28 Apr 1992 by Marilyn Roberts and Cornelia Daniels. From Danville or Dardanelle, take Hwy 28 to the Mt. George Community. The cemetery is just off of the highway behind the Church of Christ. From Centerville take Hwy 154.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Abney, Oma Mar (Underwood) d/o Madison Grant & Laura Ellen (Brunson)14 Jul 190414 Feb 2000
Adams, Clara L.19101912
Allen, Delmas s/o Ira William & Esther Magnolia (Cook) 6 Jan 191128 Jul 1975
Allen, Esther Magnolia (Cook) d/o William Hume & Angeline (George) w/o Ira William14 Nov 187425 Mar 1962
Allen, Eula Mae (Craft)
Tombstone picture
Craft Plot picture
28 Feb 192222 Aug 1972
Allen, Inf. s/o Fay & Glenno dates

Allen, Ira William26 Feb 18763 Apr 1940
Allen, Ruth w/o Delmas2 Feb 1926Living
Anderson, Beulah May (Walker) d/o Cornelius Avington & Lydia Ann (Miller) w/o James Robert5 Apr 188224 May 1941
Anderson, Carrie d/o James Robert & Beulah May (Walker) 6 Oct 19089 Jul 1909
Anderson, Ellen George 2nd w/o Lewis Taylor George18811908
Anderson, J.B. s/o James Robert & Beulah May (Walker)24 Jul 19138 Dec 1934
Anderson, James Robert s/o George7 Aug 18763 Nov 1950
Armour, Brazzil s/o Shelby Lee & Susie Virginia (George) 18951897
Armour, Shelby Lee h/o Susie Virginia (George) (M) 15 Dec 1889 Yell Co., AR21 Jan 186716 Feb 1900
Armour, Tommy s/o Shelby Lee & Susie Virginia (George) 18971899
Ballinger, Jackie L. "Red"4 Oct 19412 Jul 1992SSDI
Ballinger, Jimmie Lee16 Aug 191511 Oct 1962
Ballinger, Tom Lee1 Feb 1946Sep 1946
Blalock, Emmer m/o 2 girls-----------60 yr
Bowen, J.H.18721928
Bowen, Leta (Frost) w/o J.H.1878no dates
Bowen, Maude w/o Thomas Herbert17 Apr 190323 Jun 1971
Bowen, Thomas Herbert (Mason) s/o J.H. & Leta (Frost)17 Jul 18973 Dec 1969SSDI
Bradford, Izora14 Mar 190421 Aug 1937
Brazier, Mae (Hudgins) w/o Charlie1900 1959
Brown, Edgar H. WWI Corp. 164 Depot Brig.17 Oct 189719 Jun 1936
Brown, Fannie (George) d/o Robert Henry & Nancy Ann (Sloan) w/o Huston (M) 190219 Apr 1881no date
Burdon, Beulah M. w/o Edgar28 Oct 1881 12 Jan 1961
Burdon, Edgar26 Feb 188414 Apr 1933
Cannon, Russell L. WWII Tec. 4 US Army s/o Leonard Edward & Ruie Virginia (Walker) h/o Mildred (Gill)11 Jan 192425 Aug 1991
Clowers, A.V.8 Mar 194711 Oct 1964
Clowers, George Henry s/o Henry & Mary Ann (Piercy)24 Jul 189012 Jan 1960
Clowers, Henryno dates

Clowers, Mary Ann (Piercy) w/o Henry (M) 11 Nov 188214 Dec 1853no date
Clowers, Nora Melissa (Stone) w/o George Henry29 Jan 189615 Apr 1975
Clowers, William Lee4 Mar 189212 Oct 1964
Clowers, Zadie Ann (George) d/o Jess H. & Mary Emma (Evans) w/o William Lee26 Jun 189411 Apr 1967
Clubb, Bennie (McCarty) d/o Dr. L.R. & Martha J. (Evans) w/o W.A.6 Sep 189326 Jan 1944
Clubb, W.A. "Ott"9 Aug 188916 Mar 1970
Collins, Lillie Mae (Stafford) George M/1 Truley Grief George M/2 William H. Collins
Additional Info from Joe George
11 Sep 18771901
Collins, William H.4 Oct 18592 Aug 1943
Condley, Dora (Poe) w/o Wafford Warren1887Feb 1952
Condley, Tommy Jack s/o J.M & Hazel Winona (Cherry)19471 Feb 1947
Condley, Wafford Warren s/o John A. & Mary J. (Russ)Feb 18831950
Cook, Addie (Gandy) w/o Virgil14 Apr 189718 Oct 1946
Cook, Angeline (George) d/o William Presley & Louisa F. (Dacus) w/o William Hume13 Aug 185213 Oct 1932
Cook, Claud s/o William Hume & Angeline (George)4 Mar 188225 Oct 1963
Cook, Evelyn Geneva "Eva" (George) d/o Walter Hardin & Angeline (Miller) w/o James Milton (M) 20 Nov 187211 Aug 18534 Jan 1900
Cook, Floyd E. s/o Virgil & Addie (Gandy)22 Dec 191622 Jun 2000SSDI
Cook, Harold Edwin s/o Orester Pascal & Miantha Noma (Mauldin) h/o Audrey (Raper)5 Sep 19061 Jan 1999SSDI
Cook, Hobert s/o James Milton & Evelyn Geneva (George) 13 Jun 189314 Jan 1899
Cook, James Milton3 Oct 18442 Apr 1899
Cook, Maggie (Walker) d/o Erastus & Mary Jane (Webb) w/o Claud3 Sep 188228 Nov 1957
Cook, Margarett (Hackworth) w/o Harold Edwin (M) 11 Jun 1939 5 Dec 190913 Jan 1990SSDI
Cook, Nella May d/o William Hume & Angeline (George)22 Mar 188721 Dec 1897
Cook, Miantha Noma (Mauldin) d/o Thomas & Harriet M/1 Orester Pascal M/2 ____________
Additional Info from Bobbie (Cook) Larson
10 Aug 1884Summer 1968
Cook, Orester Pascal s/o William Hume & Angeline (George)
Additional Info from Bobbie (Cook) Larson
Cook, Pauline (Harris) w/o Terryle19 Apr 1922Living
Cook, Sharon (Latham) w/o Dennis22 Nov 194911 Oct 1987
Cook, Terryle s/o Claud & Maggie (Walker)28 Feb 191920 Oct 1976
Cook, Vida (Masters) w/o Floyd E. (M) 29 Aug 19415 May 1923Living
Cook, Virgil s/o William Hume & Angeline (George)14 Feb 18918 Aug 1982SSDI
Cook, William Hume3 Jan 185011 Nov 1936
Copher, Evel19141933
Copher, John Harmon WWI Ark. Pvt. Repl. & Trn. Troops23 Aug 189623 Sep 1918WWIR
Copher, Norman4 Nov 186913 Feb 1936
Copher, Viola28 Dec 187619 Jul 1954
Coppedge, John W.19241962
Craft, Florida Victoria w/o James Alfred
Tombstone picture
Craft Plot picture
17 May 190420 Jan 1962
Craft, James Alfred
Tombstone picture
Craft Plot picture
19 Jul 1894Living
Dacus, George Walter7 Sep 188624 Dec 1972SSDI
Dacus, Grace (Shockley) d/o William Robert & Effie Ora (George) w/o George Walter30 May 190211 Mar 1986
Davis, Burley Richard5 Jun 19186 Aug 1990
Davis, Clarence F.3 Oct 19031 May 1976
Davis, Ida Ann (Clowers) w/o John188220 Aug 1954
Davis, Lora Pearl (Gooch) d/o George Calvin & Mary Lee (Holley) w/o Clarence F.4 Mar 190827 Sep 2005SSDI
Day, Alta O.24 Mar 194114 Nov 1941
Day, Kenneth R.15 Jan 191410 Nov 1999
Day, Tabitha Mable w/o Kenneth R.26 Jun 191012 May 1992
Derrick, Charles FrancisB & D1943
Duke, Hezekiah W.Jan 18561921
Duke, John18801965
Duke, Nettie w/o John13 Feb 1886Aug 1973
Duke, Robert18911910
Dunn, Carmel I. (Abbott) Knoles Smith d/o Millard & Mattie (Martin) M/1 Lester Knoles M/2 Walter Clay Smith M/3 Coy Dunn3 Jun 190630 Dec 2000SSDI
Ellars, Mark John WWI Texas SI US Navy1 Jan 190321 Jun 1967SSDI
Ellison, Effie Mae (George) d/o William Horace & Daisy M. (Yarbrough) w/o Luther L.23 Aug 18927 Dec 1979
Ellison, Luther L.18861958
Evans, Alonzo18941933
Evans, Benjamin F.5 Dec 184027 Nov 1881
Evans, Benjamin Walker (Mason) s/o Benjamin F. & Margaret Virginia (George) h/o Trudie25 Dec 186723 Jan 1904
Evans, Billie R. "Rusty" s/o Bill & Kay f/o Rachel6 Jan 195931 Jul 1983
Evans, Cathy Lynn (Carter) w/o Billie R. (M) 30 Oct 198018 Sep 1963Living
Evans, Harrett (Wardlow)18691916
Evans, Herman Arthur s/o P.A. & Harriet (Wardlow)9 Apr 1902Oct 1975SSDI
Evans, Jessie18961899
Evans, Josephine w/o W.R.10 May 187112 Jun 1938
Evans, Lloyd C. "Bo"13 Dec 1909Aug 1975SSDI
Evans, Margaret G. (Benson) w/o Herman Arthur13 Oct 190824 Jan 1987SSDI
Evans, Margaret Virginia (George) d/o Walter Hardin & Angeline (Miller) w/o Benjamin F.15 Nov 18426 Jul 1908
Evans, P.A. "Al"18691944
Evans, Rom14 Sep 18694 Mar 1906
Evans, William H. s/o Benjamin F. & Margaret Virginia (George)8 Jan 187927 Jul 1887
Frost, Annie (Ballinger) w/o Jessie L.1 Dec 190522 Sep 1978SSDI
Frost, Robert A. Jr. "Bob" s/o Robert A. Sr. & Firvinia (Level)4 Nov 196118 Mar 2006SSDI
Frost, Roy James WWII Ark. S.2 US Navy s/o VanDyke12 Jun 19126 Jun 1973
Garner, Alma (Myers) w/o Walter L. d/o Jim1 Apr 191519 Jan 1946
Garner, James B.31 Mar 193627 Oct 1936
Garner, Jenny (Berry) d/o William Franklin & Mary Elizabeth (Caldwell) w/o Walter9 Feb 18944 Jul 1984
Garner, Neldene w/o Olton Ray1935Living
Garner, Olton Ray Korea Ark. Cpl. US Marine Corps.23 Nov ----27 Apr 1955
Garner, Walter "Doc"9 Oct 188126 Jan 1970
Garner, Walter L.31 Mar 193627 Oct 1936
Gateley, Clara w/o Glynn3 Jul 19193 Nov 1989
Gateley, Glynn16 May 19162 Jun 1982
George, Alton Parker (FHM faded could not read)46 yr16 Apr 1931
George, Angeline (Miller) w/o Walter Hardin11 Apr 181130 Jul 1899
George, Annie F. w/o L.E.6 Feb 186022 Jun 1901
George, Asilee "Priss"13 Aug 19236 Jun 1925
George, Bertha Rae (Smith) w/o Clarence Ed27 Jul 18946 Feb 1975SSDI
George, Bobby Jack s/o Robert Henry Jr. & Johnnie (Foster)25 Feb 19296 Aug 1991
George, Buford s/o Jess H. & Mary Emma (Evans)4 Aug 18882 Mar 1955
George, Daisy M. (Yarbrough) w/o William Horace (M) 30 Oct 18926 Mar 187621 May 1933
George, Daisy Mae (Tharp) w/o Elton Lee (M) 15 Dec 1946 m/o Johnny, Ranny, Lanny, Mary June, Kathleen Holt, & Susan Qualls
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from June Hethcoat
29 Jun 19326 Apr 1993
George, David Hawkins "Hawk" s/o Walter Hardin & Angeline (Miller)29 Jul 184920 Feb 1939
George, Dean (Mahan) w/o Walter "Bill"12 Dec 1917Living
George, Dylan R.
Tombstone picture #1
Tombstone picture #2
27 Oct 197320 Oct 1996
George, Ellen (Anderson) w/o Lewis Taylor18811908
George, Eller30 Mar 187721 Mar 1942
George, Elmer Newton18911956
George, Elton Lee s/o Calvin & Lena (Frost)
Tombstone picture
8 Apr 19147 Jan 2001SSDI
George, Fred9 Apr 190010 Mar 1989
George, Freddie s/o David Hawkins & Mary (Dacus)18771880
George, Hardin W. "Pete" s/o Walter Hardin & Angeline (Miller) Civil War Union Co. F 3rd Ark. Cav. M/1 Angeline (Hames) M/2 Sally (Williams) M/3 Lilley "Emmaline" (Blackburn) Williams
Additional Info from Diane Stearns
15 Nov 18455 Aug 1928
George, Hazel R. "Billy" s/o Buford & Malitie (Wilson) 1 Sep 193726 Oct 1937
George, Hiram F. s/o David Hawkins & Mary (Dacus)18801957
George, Inf. d/o Jimmy Wardlow & Jewell (Judkins)4 Mar 19119 Mar 1911
George, Inf. d/o Lewis Taylor & Pearl (Gaydon)no dates
George, Inf. s/o Lewis Taylor & Pearl (Gaydon)no dates

George, Inf. s/o Sam & JimmieB & D3 Oct 1906
George, James Lawrence "Dock" US Navy WWII s/o Truley Grief
Additional Info from Joe George
13 Feb 19061982
George, James Nelson s/o Thomas Jefferson & Josephine (Carden) M/1 Mary A. (Lacy) M/2 Margrett J. (Kee)9 Mar 187416 Apr 1956
George, Jewell R. (Collins) d/o William H.& Lillie Mae (Stafford) w/o James Lawrence
Additional Info from Joe George
17 Jun 190618 Aug 1986
George, Jimmie (Boyd) w/o Walter Hardin1880no date
George, Joe David s/o Clarence Ed & Birtha May (Smith) 7 Aug 19235 Aug 1924
George, John E. s/o Walter Hardin & Angeline (Miller)18331920
George, Dr. John Nathan s/o John E. & Sintha Jane (Price)3 Jan 18754 Nov 1943
George, John Nathan Jr. s/o Dr. John Nathan & May Hulda (Strait)8 May 192122 Sep 1923
George, Johnnie (Foster) w/o Robert Henry Jr.20 Jan 190428 Mar 1993SSDI
George, Josephine (Carden) d/o Melinda (Greenwood) w/o Thomas Jefferson (M) 19 Oct 187119 Feb 184915 Dec 1921
George, Joshua Trent s/o Chris2 Apr 1979 26 Feb 1990
George, L.E. s/o Richmond A. & Sarah J.30 Sep 187118 Sep 1893
George, Leroy b/o Lola (George) Scott s/o James Nelson & Mary A. (Lacy)27 Sep 191216 Oct 1987
George, Lewis Taylor (W of W) s/o Robert Henry & Sarah Ann (Greenwood)7 Jan 187417 Dec 1946
George, Mabel d/o Lewis Taylor & Pearl (Gaydon)19051907
George, Maize (Lewis) w/o Percy V.23 Jan 190620 Sep 1996SSDI
George, Margrett J. (Kee) w/o James Nelson27 Mar 188220 Oct 1971SSDI
George, Mary w/o Fred (M) 22 May 192224 Aug 190112 May 1992SSDI
George, Mary (Dacus) w/o David Hawkins (M) 12 Dec 1867185114 Jul 1936
George, Mary A. (Lacy) w/o James Nelson - mother of his children23 Mar 187731 May 1914
George, May Hulda (Strait) d/o Powhatan N. & Olive (Whatley) w/o Dr. John Nathan3 Oct 188114 Jan 1974SSDI
George, Mildred (Dacus) w/o O.W. Sr.5 Oct 191830 Jun 2006SSDI
George, Nancy Ann (Sloan) d/o Alfred D. & Mary Ann w/o Robert Henry (M) 10 May 187612 Nov 18578 Feb 1901
George, Patricia Alyeen d/o Venus Fay & Doris (Stanley) 4 Jul 193111 Nov 1934
George, Pearl (Gaydon) w/o Lewis Taylor13 Dec 187725 Nov 1961
George, Percy V. s/o Dr. John Nathan & May Hulda (Strait) f/o Lloyd R.26 Sep 190423 Jul 1968SSDI
George, Raymond Robert s/o Dr. John Nathan & May Hulda (Strait)2 Apr 190213 Aug 1902
George, Robert Henry "Bob" (Mason) s/o Walter Hardin & Angeline (Miller) Civil War Union Co. F 3rd Ark Cav. 1861-65 M/1 Sarah Ann (Greenwood) (M) 18 Nov 1886 M/2 Nancy (Sloan) M/3 Tempi Ellar (Stephenson) f/o 21 children
Info contributed by Joe George
4 Jul 184710 Jan 1933
George, Robert Henry Jr. "Jack" s/o Robert Henry & Tempi Ellar (Stephenson)
Info contributed by Joe George
17 Jan 19044 Jun 1974
George, Robert Leonard (Mason) WWI Ark. Pvt. 161 Inf. 41 Div. s/o James Franklin & Louisa Jane (Armour)21 Aug 189311 Nov 1939WWIR
George, Roy J. s/o William Horace & Daisy M. (Yarbrough) 2 May 189525 Nov 1925
George, Sintha Jane (Price) w/o John E.1840Jan 1917
George, T.J. s/o James Nelson & Mary A. (Lacy)22 Aug 191128 Oct 1911
George, Tempi Ellar (Stephenson) Meeks b. Moscow, KY M/1 Wylie Meeks M/2 Robert Henry George (M) 26 Jan 1903
Info contributed by Joe George
30 Mar 187721 Mar 1942
George, Thedore "Doc"24 Jul 190513 Nov 1986SSDI
George, Thomas Jefferson s/o Walter Hardin & Angeline (Miller)26 Mar 185112 Sep 1933
George, Truley Grief s/o David Hawkins & Mary (Dacus)
Additional Info from Joe George
George, Walter Hardin b. Summer Co., TN s/o Joseph & Susannah (Hardin) f/o 14 children - 9 buried here - He gave land for this cemetery and was first person buried here10 Nov 180517 Dec 1877
George, Walter Hardin "Sam" h/o Jimmie (Boyd) s/o Thomas Jefferson & Josephine (Carden)7 Jan 18789 Aug 1965
George, Walter John "Bill" s/o Robert Henry & Tempi Ellar (Stephenson) M/1 Lexine (Cofer) (M) 1925 M/2 Dean (Mahan)
Info contributed by Joe George
27 Jun 19068 Jul 1976SSDI
George, William D. "Will" s/o David Hawkins & Mary (Dacus)18701948
George, William Horace s/o John E. & Sintha Jane (Price) 26 Jan 187420 Sep 1942
George, Zell (Smith) d/o William & Cora (Carlew)6 May 19159 Jan 2004SSDI
Gill, Marie (Clubb) w/o R.G.9 Sep 1912 15 Mar 1984
Gill, R.G.13 Dec 191011 Dec 1975
Gooch, Baby (FHM faded)B & D11 Feb 195-
Gooch, Ernest C. s/o George Calvin & Mary Lee (Holley) 3 Oct 191130 Aug 1983
Gooch, George Calvin29 Oct 187931 Aug 1973SSDI
Gooch, Lorean w/o Ernest C.15 Aug 1920 13 Sep 1988SSDI
Gooch, Mary Lee (Holley) w/o George Calvin13 Jan 189212 Aug 1950
Gooch, Rickey William21 Jul 195831 May 1960
Gooch, Ruth Mae (Yarbrough) d/o Walter & Alice (Kiser) w/o William D.1 May 192121 Oct 1978SSDI
Gooch, William D. "Bill" s/o George Calvin & Mary Lee (Holley)31 Oct 192124 Aug 1993SSDI
Gooch, William Darrell30 Aug 19576 Aug 1981
Griffin, Dewey s/o Thomas William & Mary Louise (Evans) 30 Jun 189820 Sep 1912
Griffin, Inf. d/o Thomas William & Mary Louise (Evans) 16 Mar 189213 Sep 1892
Grigsby, (7 graves in a line with surname only)New Info!

Grigsby, William Fred29 Apr 190210 Sep 1925
Hacker, Canor D.18861912
Hacker, Drucilla w/o Edward14 Jan 1868 15 Jul 1967SSDI
Hacker, Edward18651932
Hall, Clifford Ray s/o Sammy Ray & Retha Ann (Edwards) h/o Julia Ann13 May 19704 Feb 2006SSDI
Hambright, Annie E.23 Jan 187510 Nov 1976SSDI
Hames, Harry Smith s/o Rufus A. & Lucy Ann Elizabeth (George)4 Feb 18903 Dec 1979SSDI
Hames, Lillie (Barger) d/o John & Nannie w/o Harry Smith 30 Jan 189420 Feb 1974SSDI
Hames, Lucy Ann Elizabeth (George) d/o William Presley & Louisa F. (Dacus) w/o Rufus A.18641956
Hames, Mary E.19091952
Hames, Roy Homer s/o Rufus A. & Lucy Ann Elizabeth (George)12 Oct 19024 Mar 1971SSDI
Hames, Rufus A.18541930
Haston, Charles M. s/o Nathan Loranza & Mary Theodosia (George)18871958
Haston, Ethel Lula26 Oct 192019 Dec 1923
Haston, Jessie G. w/o Nathan Loranza25 Feb 18941 Feb 1925
Haston, Mary Theodosia (George) d/o John E. & Sintha Jane (Price) w/o Nathan Loranza27 Dec 186030 Dec 1937
Haston, Ruby May d/o Nathan Loranza & Jessie G.B & D14 Jan 1914
Haston, T. Pearl w/o Charles M.18921962
Haston, Verny dates

Heard, Lela Love (Gooch) d/o George Calvin & Mary Lee (Holley) w/o Bart5 Dec 192814 Oct 2001SSDI
Henriksen, Roberta15 May 193416 Sep 2004SSDI
Holliman, Christopher Allen
Tombstone picture
22 Nov 197627 May 2001
Holt, Amber Michelle d/o Larry & KathleenB & D24 Sep 1987
Holt, Anna L. (Chisolm) w/o Gurnia H.1915Living
Holt, Gurnia H. s/o Henry19101955
Holt, James Nathan Jr. s/o James Nathan Sr. & Rachel Josephine (Owens)
Tombstone picture
15 Nov 1935 1 Jan 2001SSDI
Holt, Justin Blaine s/o Larry & Kathleen24 Sep 198725 Sep 1987
Holt, Mary Sue (Rogers) w/o James Nathan Jr.
Tombstone picture
6 Oct 1936 Living
Holt, Rachel Josephine "Josie" (Owens) d/o Charles O. & Addie Belle (Grimes) w/o James Nathan Sr.5 Mar 190924 Oct 1991
Holt, Willard Woodrow (Mason) WWII Vet. US Army s/o James Wilburn & Maude (Price) h/o Reba (George)10 Nov 191623 Sep 1991
Hood, Orman W. s/o Furman & Pearl (Parker) h/o Lorene17 Oct 192314 Dec 1997SSDI
Horn, Edle Ola (Jones)29 Mar 18982 Feb 1982SSDI
Jackson, Cora15 Oct 189111 Mar 1968
Jackson, G.B.26 Jan 188115 Feb 1943
Jackson, Pete8 Nov 18886 Oct 1950
Jennings, Inf. s/o Austin & Webbyno dates

Jennings, Inf. s/o Wallace David & Margaret L. (George) no dates

Jennings, Lillian31 Dec 190125 Jan 1904
Jennings, Margaret L. "Meg" (George) d/o Thomas J. & Josephine (Comstock) w/o Wallace David m/o Vernia, Lillian, Linzy, Mildred & Nathaniel17 Jan 187528 Sep 1915
Jennings, Nathaniel s/o Wallace David & Margaret L. (George)16 Aug 190911 Mar 1929
Jennings, Vernia d/o Wallace David & Margaret L. (George)28 Sep 190018 Dec 1903
Jennings, Wallace David17 Sep 18777 Feb 1955
Johnson, William Robert7 Feb 187419 Mar 1943
Jones, Agnes (Petillo) d/o James Thomas & Rosetta (Evans) w/o Neely Francis15 Apr 19054 Dec 1973 SSDI
Jones, Anna Lou (Walker) d/o Seth & Linnie (Moudy) w/o Sam30 May 192826 Oct 1998SSDI
Jones, Neely Francis "Bob"26 Apr 1905Oct 1986SSDI
Jones, Sammy Raymond "Boom-Boom" s/o Samy Don & Linda (Pemberton)21 Mar 198330 Jul 2005 SSDI
Joslin, Juanitano dates

Keeling, Alvie Cymon WWI Pfc. US Army29 Jun 19028 Jun 1989SSDI
Keeling, Nellie Leora (Terrill) d/o John W. & Mary w/o William Ernest (M) 25 Dec 191913 Dec 190228 May 1998SSDI
Keeling, S.C. "Skinnie"22 May 190022 Mar 1987
Keeling, Sadie d/o Abraham & Willie Bell (Ivy)29 Jan 191120 Mar 1960
Keeling, Susie Ann d/o William Ernest & Nellie Leora (Terrill)5 Sep 19379 Jul 1939
Keeling, William Ernest "Ernie" s/o Abraham & Willie Bell (Ivy)22 Feb 189824 Jun 1980SSDI
Keeling, Willie Bell (Ivy) d/o Richard & ---- (Clendennan) w/o Abraham18741934
Kisling, Elmer C. Jr. s/o Elmer C. Sr. & Clara (McQuay) h/o Angie (Brewer)29 Oct 193111 Feb 2007SSDI
Kisling, Sheila Renea (Hern) d/o Ted & Betty w/o Earl Elmer9 Nov 19711 Jul 2005SSDI
Lacy, Ira s/o J.A. & A.M.17 Jan 1890 9 Jun 1902
Lacy, Willie E. s/o J.A. & A.M.23 May 190117 Nov 1904
Littleton, Albert "Dock"24 Nov 191810 Jan 1990SSDI
Littleton, Faye (Hood) w/o Albert (M) 6 May 193911 Oct 1921Living
Littleton, Nena M. Young M/1 Clarence R. Young M/2 Daily Littleton19061967
Lodgston, Mary E. (Rice)19 Sep 188416 Sep 1936
Martin, Ora (Hale)16 Apr 189625 Oct 1918
Martin, Zona "Bobbie" (George) Worsham (Eastern Star) d/o William Horace & Daisy M. (Yarbrough) M/1 Roy Worsham M/2 Pat Martin189828 Nov 1980
McCarty, Gearldine d/o Alonzo R. & Martha J. (Evans)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
9 Apr 191023 Sep 1931
McCarty, Hobson s/o Alonzo R. & Martha J. (Evans)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
2 Oct 19002 Jan 1902
McCarty, Dr. Alonzo R.
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
27 Apr 186716 Dec 1924
McCarty, Leon twin s/o Alonzo R. & Martha J. (Evans)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
16 Apr 190319 Jun 1903
McCarty, Leona twin d/o Alonzo R. & Martha J. (Evans)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
16 Apr 190316 Jun 1903
McCarty, Martha J. "Mattie" (Evans) d/o Benjamin F. & Margaret Virginia (George) w/o Alonzo R. (M) 1888
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
6 Jan 187022 Feb 1942
McCarty, Marvin s/o Alonzo R. & Martha J. (Evans)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
7 Jul 188913 Sep 1890
McCarty, Vera d/o Alonzo R. & Martha J. (Evans)
Additional Info from Maureen McCarty
17 Jun 189112 Jan 1920
Meeks, Albert18981916
Mills, Izora14 Mar 190527 Aug 1937
Mills, James Lynn13 Oct 19417 Jan 1984
Mills, William Lee "Bill" s/o Lawrence & Pauline (Dunn) h/o Mary Ann11 Apr 194821 Feb 2007SSDI
Morgan, Bessie M. w/o Willie18931971
Morgan, Inf. s/o Lamont & AudreyB & D15 Jul 1939
Morgan, Willie18921937
Murphree, Thomas M. s/o Clarence & Audie Mae (Tyner)10 Jun 19313 Mar 2005SSDI
Myers, Earl J.23 Mar 189223 Feb 1945
Myers, Elton Boyd30 Dec 19177 Dec 1918
Nicholas, America "Mec" (George) d/o Thomas Jefferson & Josephine (Carden) w/o Harry11 Mar 188014 Jul 1960
Nicholas, Harry6 Jun 188021 Feb 1939
Nichols, Frank C. s/o Joe G. & Daisy (Revells) h/o Novi 2 May 192411 Apr 1997SSDI
Owens, Addie Belle (Grimes) w/o Charles O.18 Mar 188228 Mar 1932
Owens, Arthur Otto s/o Charles O. & Addie Belle (Grimes) 190323 Mar 1932
Owens, Charles O. s/o Josiah & Sarah Ellen (Shaffer)ca. 187421 Nov 1941
Owens, Onida d/o Charles O. & Addie Belle (Grimes)ca. Oct 1919no date
Pearson, Jim18951925
Pearson, Karen Ruth
Tombstone picture
18 Nov 196318 Mar 2002
Pearson, Pricilla18611943
Pearson, Wanda Leeno dates

Pennington, Bertha Mae (George) d/o Clarence & Bertha Rae (Smith) w/o Dr. James O'Neal14 Apr 1925Living
Pennington, James O'Neal M.D. s/o Hugh Roscoe & Hettie Mable (Heath) h/o Bertha Mae (George) US Army WWII11 Dec 1922 15 Jul 2002
Pennington, Patrick Neal s/o Dr. James O'Neal & Bertha Mae (George)
Tombstone picture #1
Tombstone picture #2
12 Jan 196330 May 1998
Perkins, Delpha (Evans)2 Aug 189826 Apr 1984
Petillo, Draper s/o James Thomas & Rosetta (Evans)27 Jun 190815 Jan 1909
Petillo, Infants - 3 gravesno dates

Petillo, James Thomas s/o James H. & Sarah (George)11 Sep 18698 Sep 1944
Petillo, Lawrence Opal s/o James Thomas & Rosetta (Evans)8 Dec 190128 Sep 1958
Petillo, Rosetta (Evans) d/o Benjamin F. & Margaret Virginia (George) w/o James Thomas5 Oct 18755 Sep 1947
Pickens, Cass B.18671952
Pickens, Cindy w/o Cass B.18711938
Pickens, Coleman13 Jan 191421 Oct 1980
Pickens, Dora d/o Cass B. & Cindy24 Oct 189216 Nov 1910
Pickens, James Edward "Ed"5 Dec 187921 Aug 1943
Pickens, John T. s/o R.A. & Mary F.3 Feb 188121 Oct 1910
Pickens, Mace Dean31 Aug 193718 Jul 2002SSDI
Pickens, Macie (Greenwood) d/o Hardin & Hettie (Garner) w/o Roy O.10 Feb 1912May 1986SSDI
Pickens, Marjorie J. w/o Coleman24 Apr 191517 Mar 1989
Pickens, Paul Henry27 Mar 19404 Apr 1940
Pickens, Rebecca Sue (Young) w/o Mace Dean6 Sep 194026 Oct 1991
Pickens, Roy O. s/o Ed & Jennie (Duke)19091963
Pickens, Virginia (Duke) w/o James Edward12 Feb 189111 Dec 1986SSDI
Pickens, William L. s/o W.A. & Martha (Walker)11 Jul 189210 Sep 1908
Qualls, James Marlin "Jim" US Marine Corps s/o Oscar T. & Ada C. (Merryman) h/o Vercie Irene (Short)27 Apr 1921 19 Jun 2006SSDI
Reich, John Ben s/o Levi Abington & Fannie (George)4 Mar 185928 Dec 1918
Reich, Mattie L. d/o John Ben27 Nov 1889 16 Oct 1890
Rice, Mary E. (Lodgston)19 Sep 188416 Sep 1936
Robison, Ed H. s/o Hobert & Linda (Cherry) M/1 Eloshia (Keener) M/2 Hazel __________16 Mar 192919 Jan 2007SSDI
Robison, Eloshia (Keener) w/o Ed15 Sep 193223 Nov 1973SSDI
Roland, LeonaB & D30 Oct 1912
Roland, Modeanno dates

Roland, Nadineno dates

Rounsaville, Joseph H. M/1 -------------- M/2 Sintha Anna (George)15 May 185024 Jul 1913
Rounsaville, Sintha Anna (George) d/o John E. & Sintha Jane (Price) M/1 William B. Thorp M/2 Joseph H. Rounsaville18691946
Rounsaville, William H. "Will" s/o Joseph H.2 Oct 187716 Oct 1905
S., initials only dates

Scott, Daniel12 Jan 19156 Mar 1993
Scott, Lola (George) d/o James Nelson & Mary A. (Lacy) w/o Louie Leroy14 Feb 191010 Jan 2006 SSDI
Scott, Louie Leroy Sgt. US Army WWII s/o James Edward & Laura Ola (Crow)18 Oct 191210 Mar 1997SSDI
Scott, Ruby w/o Daniel14 May 1922Living
Sebourn, Juanita (Langrell) Dunn d/o Arlie & Reba (Starnes) M/1 Joe Irvin Dunn M/2 Lester Sebourn16 Dec 193116 Jun 2006SSDI
Sheets, Elisha G. s/o Tice & Jennie (George) h/o Tracy (Duke)6 May 18897 Feb 1969SSDI
Sheets, Hazel G.27 Nov 190515 Jun 1992
Sheets, Maudie J.3 Jan 190719 Jan 1993
Sheets, Robert Henry Pvt. US Army22 Nov 19106 Oct 1999
Shockley, Cordelia (Cook) d/o William Hume & Angeline (George)18711953
Shockley, George E. US Army WWII s/o Robert & Effie (George) h/o Allene (Miller)1 Dec 191830 Jun 2003SSDI
Short, Asa N. s/o Marshall & Molly17 Jun 189828 Aug 1991SSDI
Short, Beatrice L. w/o Asa N.12 Nov 1904 19 May 1991SSDI
Short, Lola Mae (Townsend) d/o Leo & Minnie (Chaney) w/o Terry Lynn24 Jul 195230 Apr 2003SSDI
Sloan, V. Geneva19061921
Smith, Babyno dates

Smith, James H.16 Apr 19319 Feb 1991
Smith, Walter Clay s/o Jim & Mary (Scott)17 Oct 189319 Sep 1970SSDI
Snyder, Twana LeeB & D31 Jul 1949
Stanberry, Paul Don s/o Larry & Pauline (Johnson)1 Dec 19867 Dec 2006SSDI
Tharp, Billy Joe16 yr17 Nov 1952
Tharp, Louvenia (Pearson)18941954
Thomas, Carl19191935
Thomas, Gradi19191935
Trail, Hurbert C. h/o Annie E. native of MO66 yr13 Feb 1952
Underwood, Flora w/o Lonnie (M) 3 Aug 19406 Dec 1921Living
Underwood, Laura Ellen (Brunson) w/o Madison Grant187012 Jan 1961
Underwood, Lonnie s/o Madison Grant & Laura Ellen (Brunson)16 Sep 190727 Jul 2004SSDI
Underwood, Madison Grant "Matt"18661953
Vinson, Effie E. (Walker) d/o Cornelius Avington & Lydia Ann (Miller)18 Oct 18855 Aug 1976SSDI
Walker, Cornelius Avington s/o Elijah & Lucy Ann Elizabeth (George)9 Feb 185819 Sep 1921
Walker, Delia Jane d/o Cornelius Avington & Lydia Ann (Miller)18 Mar 188730 Oct 1970
Walker, Donald s/o Hugh Earl Sr. & Eunice E. (Irving)20 Apr 192531 Oct 1929
Walker, Elijah15 Sep 18196 Sep 1887
Walker, Eunice E. (Irving) 2nd w/o Hugh Earl Sr.31 Jul 1904Nov 1973SSDI
Walker, George s/o Cornelius Avington & Lydia Ann (Miller)Oct 18831963
Walker, Gwyn L. d/o Hugh Earl Sr. & Ora (Baxter)15 Jun 19168 Jul 1991
Walker, Hugh Earl Jr. s/o Hugh Earl Sr. & Eunice E. (Irving)23 Dec 19224 Aug 1991
Walker, Hugh Earl Sr. s/o Cornelius Avington & Lydia Ann (Miller)17 Feb 1889May 1959
Walker, Kimberley AnnB & D9 Dec 1973
Walker, Lee "Hip" s/o Cornelius Avington & Lydia Ann (Miller)1883no date
Walker, Linnie Lou (Moudy) w/o Seth McKinley (M) 10 Oct 1926 27 Sep 190813 Sep 1987SSDI
Walker, Lucy Ann Elizabeth (George) d/o Walter Hardin & Angeline (Miller) w/o Elijah (M) 4 Jul 18446 Mar 1828 Sep 1918
Walker, Lydia Ann (Miller) d/o Jonathan Franklin & Hulda Sloan (Hudson) w/o Cornelius Avington31 Aug 185819 Nov 1949
Walker, Mettie Geneva (Banks) w/o Hugh Earl Jr. (M) 13 Oct 194510 Jul 1926Living
Walker, Ora Lee (Baxter) d/o M.L. 1st w/o Hugh Earl Sr.189620 Sep 1917
Walker, Seth Kenneth s/o Seth McKinley & Linnie Lou (Moudy) h/o Patricia (Hettle)27 Jun 194615 Jan 1973
Walker, Seth McKinley s/o Cornelius Avington & Lydia Ann (Miller)2 Oct 190011 Jun 1990
Wallace, Dillard s/o D. & dates

Wallace, Mrs. E.J.8 Dec 18415 Jul 1896
Wallace, Jim18681911
Wallace, Ruthie18761911
Warren, Dora (George) d/o David Hawkins & Mary (Dacus) w/o Joseph Elmer18831907
Warren, Freeda d/o Joseph Elmer & Pearlie V. (George)2 Sep 191922 Feb 1937
Warren, Joseph Elmer6 Sep 188213 Aug 1958
Warren, Pearlie V. (George) d/o Thomas Jefferson & Josephine (Carden) M/1 William H. Rounsaville (M) 1903 M/2 Joseph Elmer Warren (M) 190927 Jan 18834 Oct 1968SSDI
Willis, Charles "Rodney" s/o Charles & Dora (O'Bar)3 Feb 19721 Sep 2002SSDI
Wilson, Art J. s/o Zachariah & Jennie (George)7 May 190220 Jul 1962
Wilson, Claborn5 Apr 19203 Dec 1926
Wilson, Jennie (George) d/o John E. & Sintha Jane (Price) w/o Zachariah18651942
Wilson, Zachariah18611931
Worley, Maryno dates

Worley, Tomno dates

Young, Clarence Richard h/o Nena M.Mar 1902Jun 1948
Young, Elza Roy WWII US Navy2 May 1927 22 Dec 1965
Young, Raymond19461966

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