Moore's Chapel Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 5 Dec 1991 by Arline Gray and Mable Roseborough. This cemetery is south of Waveland, Ark. on Highway 309. It is well kept with a good chain link fence around it. Originally typed by Ellen Moudy.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Abernatha, Mima J. w/o William H.28 Feb 191328 Feb 1989SSDI
Abernatha, Noah Lee8 Dec 188816 Jul 1968SSDI
Abernatha, William H.11 May 19128 Oct 1971SSDI
Adair, Annie S. (Donoghue) d/o Hugh & Nannie6 Aug 186624 Feb 1888
Adair, Cecil Leon s/o William Columbus & Ola Mae (Gibbs) h/o Mary Nell (Clemons)11 Feb 192231 Aug 2003SSDI
Adair, Charles Kermit12 Aug 19298 Nov 1985SSDI
Adair, Charlie WilliamMar 1853Mar 1910
Adair, Ethel w/o Ike1899Living
Adair, Eulis F.13 Dec 19099 May 1972SSDI
Adair, Hazel Beatrice (Baker) d/o Albert Franklin & Mary Fannie (Carpenter) w/o Julis E.13 Aug 191521 Jul 2003SSDI
Adair, Ike18901947
Adair, Joyce (Tapp) w/o Charles Kermit11 Apr 1930Living
Adair, Julis E.13 Dec 19097 Apr 1983SSDI
Adair, Ola Mae (Gibbs) w/o William Columbus20 Jul 189430 Dec 1964
Adair, Olline (Goodwin) w/o Virgil Damon (M) 26 Jun 19484 Apr 192714 Aug 1979SSDI
Adair, Sarah Alice (Jones)5 Feb 187414 Mar 1938
Adair, Vernon Edward s/o Julis E. & Hazel Beatrice (Baker)3 Dec 193910 Dec 1989SSDI
Adair, Virgil Damon s/o William Columbus & I. Ola (Gibbs)20 Aug 191917 Jul 1997SSDI
Adair, William Columbus "Lum"1 Oct 1887 5 Jan 1950
Adams, Nancy Jane (Smith) d/o John W. & Frances (Wright) 14 Oct 183424 Jul 1916
Albright, Corene w/o Louis F.1915Living
Albright, Louis F.16 Apr 190814 Oct 1978SSDI
Allen, Dora w/o Jewel14 Oct 1916Living
Allen, Floyd W. US Navy WWII4 Mar 1915 25 Apr 1986SSDI
Allen, Gladys B. (Capps) d/o John L. & Mary E. (Tapp) w/o Floyd W.28 Dec 19177 Aug 2003SSDI
Allen, Jewel Ark. S.2 USNR Navy WWII4 Sep 191316 Aug 1962
Allen, Ruby L. (Capps) M/1 Earnest Bledsaw M/2 __________ Allen4 Oct 191517 Apr 2001SSDI
Allison, Flo19121961
Armstrong, Shafter s/o A.H. & Annie18981904
Austin, Mildred Eugena11 Jul 19173 Jul 1953
Babb, A.29 Mar 184018 Jan 1899
Babb, Annie d/o A. & M.J.13 Sep 1877 10 Jan 1885
Babb, Edward Langford9 Jun 1870-- Oct 1903
Babb, Eliga B. (Mason)27 Oct 18753 Jan 1937
Babb, Eudora18581939
Babb, F.A. w/o Edward Langford18 Oct 187512 Apr 1901
Babb, Inf. d/o Eliga B. & JeanetteB & D16 Apr 1907
Babb, Jeanette (Eastern Star) w/o Eliga B.13 Jun 188028 Dec 1951
Babb, John J.18 Feb 184826 Aug 1891
Babb, Minnie d/o A. & M.J.13 Sep 187710 Jan 1889
Babb, Urcie d/o Eliga B. & Jeanette6 Jul 19047 Jul 1907
Baker, Catherine w/o John4 Dec 1837no death date
Baker, John5 Jan 18433 Jul 1915
Barker, Daisy Bell d/o T.J. & Victory18 Dec 189812 Aug 1900
Barker, Ida (Torbett)1 Dec 188631 Dec 1920
Bass, Alice (Williams) w/o Henry E.15 Mar 18698 Oct 1906
Bass, Henry E. s/o William & Susan
Additional Info from Bill Bass
17 Mar 187012 Sep 1916
Bass, Joseph Arnold s/o Peter Calvin & Virginia
Additional Info from Bill Bass
Bass, Lonnie Lee s/o Henry E. & Alice (Williams) h/o Eula Mae (Capps)20 Sep 189920 May 1976SSDI
Bass, Mamie w/o Charles Tommie
Additional Info from Bill Bass
3 Sep 189021 Apr 1921
Bass, Mary w/o Joseph Arnold18901978
Bass, Peter Calvin "Peat" s/o William & Louanna (Apperson)15 Mar 18447 Apr 1900
Beatty, Elbert H.19 Jul 191720 May 1982SSDI
Beatty, Eunice E. w/o Elbert H.21 Jul 191829 Apr 1987SSDI
Beckell, Jack19211938
Beckett, James Pfc. - Killed In Action19241944
Bell, Duil s/o Evin & Gertrude (Hunt) h/o Verzene (Catlett)25 Sep 192829 Nov 1998SSDI
Bell, Evin24 Sep 1898Jul 1970SSDI
Bell, Gertrude (Hunt) w/o Evin19041956
Bell, James A. s/o Evin & Gertrude (Hunt)17 Aug 19252 Oct 1997SSDI
Bell, Orene (Fuchs) d/o Marvin Marcus & Nannie Arline (Holloway) w/o James A.28 Sep 19266 Feb 2006SSDI
Bell, R.B.1918?1957
Bell, Sallie w/o R.B.18761948
Bennett, Russell T. Civil War Union Co. G 1st Ark. dates

Benson, William M. III s/o William II & Josephine (Jones)25 Nov 19385 Sep 1991SSDI
Blacknall, Gertrude L. d/o Dr. Gus Thomas & Sophia Elgina C. Gertrude (Logan)15 May 188127 May 1881
Blacknall, Nannie D.A. d/o Dr. Gus Thomas & Sophia Elgina C. Gertrude (Logan)187914 Jul 1879
Blacknall, Sophia Elgina C. Gertrude (Logan) d/o Jonathan & Sarah Sophia (Sadler) w/o Dr. Gus Thomas9 Jun 185121 May 1881
Blaylock, Albert H.6 Jun 189128 Mar 1939
Blaylock, Betty w/o Ed27 Jul 187218 Sep 1909
Blaylock, Ed26 Dec 186515 Sep 1931
Blaylock, Ivanelle d/o Albert H. & Maggie A.5 May 192719 Jan 1929
Blaylock, Maggie A. w/o Albert H.24 Mar 18941 Apr 1961
Bledsaw, Earnest s/o Floyd & Mary Alice (Parker)25 Sep 191517 Aug 1950
Bledsaw, Ruby Marie (Capps) d/o John L. & Mary E. (Tapp) w/o Earnest4 Oct 191514 Nov 2005SSDI
Bolton, Barbara Cleveland13 Nov 194120 Jul 1982SSDI
Bomer, Oscar G.17 Jun 18971 Jan 1929
Bomer, Salley E. w/o Oscar G.2 Feb 1899 30 Dec 1985
Bommer, Greenberry29 Dec 189411 Jul 1914
Bowen, Viore19 Jan 189212 May 1930
Bowling, Myrtle10 May 192710 Jan 1929
Boydstun, Annie m/o John & Loisno dates

Boydstun, Janie Thomas24 Feb 188424 Feb 1949
Boydstun, John F.22 Jul 187413 Mar 1910
Bradbury, A. Maxine14 Mar 192420 Jul 1982SSDI
Bradbury, M.T. S.Sgt. USAF WWII8 Jan 19234 May 1978SSDI
Bradshaw, Carra5 Nov 190215 Oct 1982SSDI
Bradshaw, Isaac Pvt. US Army WWI1 Jul 19021 Oct 1990SSDI
Brady, Don H.13 May 19472 Feb 1988SSDI
Brady, Susan J. w/o Don H.19 Mar 1949Living
Brannam, BabyB & D10 Jan 1938
Brannam, Doyle Ray
Brannam, Royle Fay twins
6 Nov 1943
B & D
7 Dec 1943
6 Nov 1943

Brannam, Ottis Ester (Hood) d/o Eck & Callie (Mobley) w/o Richard11 Apr 19099 Feb 1999SSDI
Brasher, Dewey Lee17 Jan 190424 Jun 1958
Brasher, Jennetty25 Mar 186515 Oct 1916
Brasher, K.M.19311946
Brasher, Lilus F.6 Jan 1904Jan 1969SSDI
Brasher, William E.4 May 188930 May 1930
Brasher, William Mathaniel s/o William E. & Gertrude (Weldon)12 Apr 19218 Aug 1996SSDI
Brooks, Harold P.26 Sep 195224 Jul 1977SSDI
Brown, Robert s/o Donna h/o Julie (Schneider) f/o Saige12 Dec 198314 Jan 2006SSDI
Brown, William A. USMC WWII US Air Force s/o Jim & Mamie Lee (Loughridge) M/1 Dora (--------) M/2 Adrah (-------) M/3 Josephine (--------)18 Jun 19237 Jun 2004SSDI
Bryson, Pauline G.6 Nov 190230 Apr 2002SSDI
Buckman, Evelyn (Yandell) d/o Wilburn & Bertha15 Mar 192612 May 1963
Burleson, Charley s/o Johnny Jack & Olar (Ward) h/o Dora Mae (Hill)16 Oct 194231 Mar 2005SSDI
Burns, Charley20 Feb 188514 May 1969SSDI
Burns, Florence11 Feb 18852 Feb 1936
Burns, Nannie17 May 18404 May 1904
Caldwell, Inf. s/o Joe E. & Ora V.B & D11 May 1931
Caldwell, Joe E.7 Jul 190513 Feb 1977SSDI
Caldwell, Mary F.18671927
Caldwell, Ora V. w/o Joe E.12 Dec 1905 14 Apr 1979SSDI
Campbell, Alice J.29 Jun 1935Living
Campbell, David L.8 Mar 193524 May 1979SSDI
Canavan, Bob1913???
Capps, General W. s/o James E. & Sarrah Annie (Chappel) 13 Sep 188328 Jun 1964
Capps, James E. s/o Henry & Minerva23 Dec 186130 Sep 1934
Capps, John L. s/o James E. & Sarrah Annie (Chappel)25 Apr 189313 Nov 1925
Capps, Mary E. (Tapp) w/o John L.5 Sep 189627 May 1967SSDI
Capps, Nannie w/o General W.13 Sep 1883 2 Oct 1979SSDI
Capps, Rosie L. w/o William Henry2 Aug 1895May 1986SSDI
Capps, Sarrah Annie (Chappel) d/o William C. & Mary F. w/o James E.9 Jul 18664 Apr 1945
Capps, William Henry s/o James E. & Sarrah Annie (Chappell)13 Jun 18861 Dec 1941
Carpenter, Charles Franklin Texas Fireman 3 Cl. US Navy35 yr7 Nov 1930
Carpenter, John Eugene "Gene" s/o Charles Franklin & Amy Dovie (Adair) h/o Mary Lee (Nolan)5 Jul 192419 Mar 1999SSDI
Carpenter, Joyce Lavon2 Jan 192731 Aug 1930
Carpenter, Marion Chasteen4 yr31 Mar 1929
Carpenter, Mary Alice w/o Ethan A.2 Sep 18639 Jan 1912
Carpenter, Roy Amous (M) 8 Aug 1942 s/o Cicero Oliver & Ruth Ratchal (Voss)5 Apr 191329 May 1985 SSDI
Carpenter, Selma N.22 Jul 1924Living
Carpenter, Sharon Laverne (Coffman) d/o Norman Cecil & Mildred Marcell (Wilson) w/o Charlie1 Jan 195110 May 2005SSDI
Carter, Jim18721951
Casteel, Eliza2 May 185310 Jul 1931
Casteel, Guss6 Aug 18819 Jun 1956
Catlett, Dee E. s/o Lee Jones & Elmima (Sloan)7 Sep 190412 Jul 1990SSDI
Catlett, Florence A. (Taylor) d/o Joseph Lee & Hattie (Tapp) w/o Dee E.30 Mar 190912 Mar 1969
Chambers, Alice8 Aug 189624 Mar 1946
Chambers, Edgar T. (W of W)15 Sep 1890 15 Sep 1926
Chambers, Ethel Marie (Fredrick) d/o Mack Daniel & Callie Louvena (Catlett) w/o Herbert Ray16 Jul 19257 Jan 2004SSDI
Chambers, Flora A. (Ensey) d/o Manuel Moses & Margaret (Weldon) w/o Joseph T.4 Dec 191113 Sep 1936
Chambers, Herbert Ray PFC US Army WWII9 Aug 192212 Jun 1986SSDI
Chambers, James Edward "Thumper" s/o Mackie Ray Sr. & Arlene6 Jul 197031 Oct 2004
Chambers, Joseph T. "Joe"14 Dec 191417 Mar 1977SSDI
Chambers, Josephine d/o Joseph T. & Flora A. (Ensey)B & D6 Sep 1936
Chambers, Mackie Ray Jr. s/o Mackie Ray Sr. & Arlene11 Jul 196731 Jul 1980SSDI
Chambers, R. Irene w/o Robert Glen25 Sep 1925Living
Chambers, Robert Glen PFC US Army WWII18 Oct 190922 Aug 1978SSDI
Chappell, James Henry10 Nov 18944 Jun 1980SSDI
Chappell, Mary F. w/o William C.18321926
Chappell, Mattieno dates

Chappell, Ruth w/o James Henry5 Jun 1899 14 Oct 1964
Chappell, Sallie18731916
Cherry, Callie w/o Joe Lee4 Feb 187216 Jun 1954
Cherry, Claud25 Oct 189623 Oct 1973SSDI
Cherry, Florence22 Aug 191019 Oct 1989SSDI
Cherry, Jane20 Aug 187015 Jun 1935
Cherry, Joe Lee27 May 186617 Aug 1958
Cherry, Kim20 Mar 1952Nov 1952
Clack, Alice d/o J.W. & M.L.13 Sep 188013 Sep 1900
Clack, Anna J. w/o Harvey A.20 Feb 1900 Living
Clack, Harvey A.3 Mar 189617 Jan 1960SSDI
Clack, J.W. (Mason)18581939
Clack, Martha L. (Eastern Star) w/o J.W. Clack18621927
Clemons, Douglas Wayne (Mason) s/o William Douglas & Lottie (Freeman) h/o Clynell (Fleming)28 Dec 192920 Feb 2004SSDI
Clemons, Harold Glen Cpl. US Army WWII (M) 49 yr f/o Harold Max, Gwendolyn Myrel, and Jacqueline Lynn24 Dec 19208 Feb 1990SSDI
Clemons, Harold MaxB & D9 Oct 1953
Clemons, Leah May (Pierce) w/o William H.30 Sep 188726 Dec 1951
Clemons, Lois (Adair) w/o Harold Glen11 Jan 1924Living
Clemons, William H.28 Dec 188126 Feb 1968SSDI
Cleveland, Argus L.9 Jan 191221 May 1947
Cleveland, Louise (Capps)21 Oct 1913Living
Coats, Thomas Civil War CSA Co. H Crandel's Ark. Cav.18441923CPF
Cockerell, Sallie18651939
Coffer, Ola (Hicks)16 Jan 191316 Feb 1974
Collins, Danald Cale30 Jul 194115 Dec 1944
Collins, Harold US Navy Vietnam18 Nov 19371 Nov 1988
Collins, Pete M.27 Feb 191120 Mar 1988SSDI
Collins, Will M.22 Mar 18763 Oct 1952
Collins, Zudie S. w/o Will M.22 Aug 1880 19 Jul 1954
Conley, Estel M. w/o Mike17 Apr 188924 Oct 1966SSDI
Conley, Grant T. Sgt. US Army1 Apr 1911 14 Feb 1983SSDI
Conley, Mike10 Aug 187127 Jul 1943
Cook, Bert W.5 Aug 1902Feb 1977SSDI
Cook, Valeta V. w/o Bert W.23 Sep 1904 Nov 1976SSDI
Cooper, W. Eddie12 Nov 192616 Jan 1987SSDI
Coverdill, Audie18 Sep 190924 Apr 1910
Coverdill, Beverlyno dates

Coverdill, Chester19 Jan 19101 Oct 1914
Coverdill, Gailno dates

Coverdill, Glenda G.6 yr 4 mo 10 ds17 Jan 1959
Coverdill, James B.5 Sep 188215 May 1970SSDI
Coverdill, Jewel Inf. d/o William Opal & Ruby J. (Shaw) no dates

Coverdill, Kayno dates

Coverdill, Lavern25 May 193011 Jun 1930
Coverdill, Lizzie (Ellis) w/o J.B.6 Sep 188611 Mar 1974
Coverdill, Marie14 Oct 190712 Feb 1908
Coverdill, Ruby J. (Shaw) w/o William Opal16 Jan 19086 Jan 1994SSDI
Coverdill, William Opal16 Jun 190614 Apr 1970SSDI
Crabtree, Ruby Nell17 Dec 193614 Jan 1938
Curtis, Carolyn Sue d/o Troy & Dora (Conley)13 Oct 194626 Jul 1947
Davis, Amy Donna27 Aug 19003 Apr 1985SSDI
Davis, Annie (Rogers) w/o Jonathan16 Aug 18939 Jan 1977SSDI
Davis, Benjamin Hoyt "Jack" (M) 52 yr s/o William Nathaniel & Ida (Holloman)24 Mar 191627 Aug 1987SSDI
Davis, Charles H.17 Nov 189220 Oct 1970SSDI
Davis, Donna E. w/o Charles H.5 Feb 1898 9 Jun 1970
Davis, Doyle Dean s/o George & Beulah7 Sep 192410 Jan 1941
Davis, Ella w/o William Roosevelt27 Jan 19052 Feb 1965
Davis, Elva w/o Joe (M) 19326 Jan 1911 Living
Davis, Glenda Joyce (Adair) d/o Charles Kermit & Joyce (Tapp)1 Dec 195425 Jun 1997SSDI
Davis, Ida (Holloman) (Eastern Star) w/o William Nathaniel 3 Feb 187230 Apr 1958
Davis, Inf. s/o William Nathaniel & Ida (Holloman)B & D10 Oct 1908
Davis, James Franklin PFC US Army WWII25 Aug 192117 Aug 1979
Davis, Joe (Mason) (M) 193220 Aug 1910 27 Jan 1991SSDI
Davis, Jonathan18 Oct 189311 Jan 1958
Davis, Ollie Fay s/o Charles H. & Donna E.30 Dec 191424 Nov 1916
Davis, Vida Pearl (Brasher) d/o William E. & Gertrude (Weldon) w/o Benjamin Hoyt9 Feb 19205 Oct 1995SSDI
Davis, William Nathaniel (Mason)28 Jan 18678 Mar 1950
Davis, William Roosevelt "Bud" (Mason)2 Aug 1903Sep 1984SSDI
Dayton, Edgar8 May 189223 Feb 1972SSDI
Dickens, Nellie Oneida "Sis" w/o E.L. "Buddy"19 Mar 193012 Oct 2005SSDI
Donoghue, Annie S. d/o Hugh & Nancy Levina (Logan)6 Aug 186624 Feb 1888
Donoghue, John A. s/o Hugh & Nancy Levina (Logan)12 yr 6 mo20 Jun 1881
Donoghue, Mary L. d/o Hugh & Nancy Levina (Logan)1 yr 9 mo1 Sep 1875
Downen, Vicie19 Jan 189212 Nov 1930
Downs, Louie "Blue"26 Feb 189830 Aug 1984SSDI
Downs, Ruth (Foster)2 Dec 189622 Feb 1988SSDI
Duncan, Harold15 Oct 193324 Nov 1933
Elliott, Jakup F.28 Jun 192027 Jul 1920
Elliott, W.N.18721956
Elliotte, Ida (Wilkson)10 Dec 18806 Jun 1967
Ellis, Christena m/o William K.13 Feb 182330 Apr 1905
Ellis, Cora Alice (Jean) - native stone17 Apr 189325 Nov 1964
Ellis, John T. - native stone14 Dec 1885 5 Feb 1958
Ellis, Lottie N. (Jones)26 Nov 1919Living
Ellis, Margaret "Katie" (Davis) d/o Jerimiah & Nancy Jane (Smith) w/o William K.22 Jan 18627 Oct 1923
Ellis, William Simeon8 Aug 191526 Nov 1988SSDI
Elsberry, J.M.18651948
Elsberry, Lizzie w/o J.M.18641953
Emberton, Alvin Pitts "Alvie"21 May 1941 9 Oct 1980SSDI
Emberton, Shirley Ann (Stanberry) d/o Troy & Maxine E. (Littleton) w/o Alvin Pitts4 Sep 194214 Jun 1982SSDI
Ensey, Bonnie Norene w/o Damon Ray26 Mar 1942Living
Ensey, Calaway Wilburn s/o Manuel M. & Margaret (Weldon)
Additional info from Marie Ensey
15 Dec 19132 Aug 1964
Ensey, Damon Ray s/o Calaway Wilburn & Flossie Mae (Holt)17 Mar 19402 Aug 1964
Ensey, Goldie O. w/o Roy H.21 Jun 1905 8 Mar 1978
Ensey, Johnny Earl s/o Calaway Wilburn & Flossie Mae (Holt)25 Jun 194617 Feb 1986SSDI
Ensey, Manuel Moses s/o William Rodaus Hathem & Mary Martha (Paxton)15 Nov 187826 Jul 1962
Ensey, Margaret (Weldon) d/o Samuel Jefferson & Luiza Jane (Herrington) w/o Manuel Moses17 Feb 18871 Mar 1965
Ensey, Roy H.28 Apr 190123 Apr 1984
Ensey, Wilburn Lee s/o Calaway Wilburn & Flossie Mae (Holt)12 Jul 193411 May 1968SSDI
Figley, Jane w/o W.M.2 Feb 186412 Aug 1948
Figley, Tommy s/o W.M. & Jane14 Mar 18916 Jul 1908
Finch, Etta w/o John I. (M) 59 yr8 Sep 188615 Oct 1972SSDI
Finch, Henry14 Sep 18913 Mar 1894
Finch, Joe E.14 Sep 188914 Dec 1960
Finch, John I.25 Feb 188110 Aug 1962
Finch, Lula d/o T.F. & M.E.5 Mar 189626 Sep 1904
Finch, Mattie V.3 Jul 190818 Sep 1910
Finch, Oscar O.3 Aug 19104 Sep 1910
Finch, Thelma d/o T.F. & M.E.4 Jul 190122 Dec 1901
Fleming, Bob4 Oct 18734 Mar 1956
Fleming, Bobby Lee h/o Carolyn Paulette4 Nov 19412 Aug 1998SSDI
Fleming, Carriol27 Jan 190524 Oct 1909
Fleming, Ellie Laura (Brothers) d/o Jesse Roland David & Rachel (Bayard) w/o Silas L.27 Jan 190519 Jul 1964
Fleming, Hayden Frank Ark. S.C.I. USCG WWII22 Jul 19207 Feb 1973SSDI
Fleming, James Paul s/o J.B. & Violet24 Sep 196527 Sep 1965
Fleming, John19 Sep 187021 Jan 1943
Fleming, Johnny Leon6 Jan 19737 Jan 1973
Fleming, Launia1922Living
Fleming, Leon22 Apr 193119 Dec 1969SSDI
Fleming, Mary Catherine (Grist) d/o William Ivey & Francis Elizabeth Jane (Davi) w/o W. Isaac28 May 188527 Apr 1917
Fleming, Pairlee w/o John27 Aug 187924 Sep 1971SSDI
Fleming, R.C. s/o Silas L. & Ellie Laura (Brothers) h/o Margaret (Laster)11 Jan 193922 Oct 2001SSDI
Fleming, Silas L.4 Sep 190010 Mar 1978SSDI
Fleming, Verna Lee w/o Leon18 Sep 1933 Living
Fletcher, A.J. (Mason)28 Sep 186322 Apr 1913
Fletcher, Florence w/o A.J. m/o Z.T. & Harriett18601892
Fletcher, Mollie (Vaughn) w/o A.J.1869 1943
Flowers, Claude3 Aug 188330 Mar 1948
Flowers, Lena w/o Claude15 Apr 18927 Dec 1965
Flowers, Loye JoeB & D10 Mar 1940
Flowers, Lula (Wallis)19061947
Foster, Bill E. "Bondy"21 May 19091 Jan 1980SSDI
Foster, E. Jewel w/o J. Everett (M) 23 Dec 192717 Dec 1908Dec 1995SSDI
Foster, G.R.13 Sep 187510 Apr 1960
Foster, Gertie M. (Eastern Star) w/o Jesse M.18871939
Foster, Grace B. (Rogers) d/o Eugene & Florence (Wilkerson) w/o Bill E. (M) 27 Aug 192724 May 19077 Feb 1976SSDI
Foster, Harriett w/o R.C. (Eastern Star)7 Apr 18466 Aug 1922
Foster, Helen2 Mar 1915Living
Foster, Hoyt s/o Martin B. & Reola (Quesenbury)22 Feb 19085 Sep 1987SSDI
Foster, Inf./o Martin B. & E.R.17 Aug 190627 Sep 1906
Foster, J. Everett "Shorty"8 Apr 19031 Feb 1981SSDI
Foster, Jesse M. (Mason)188719 May 1953
Foster, Jesse M. Jr. s/o Jesse M. & Gertie M.B & D13 Jan 1926
Foster, Jo Annette28 Apr 19382 Apr 1951
Foster, Martin B.19 Jun 1882Feb 1964SSDI
Foster, Mattie w/o G.R.8 Apr 188015 May 1952
Foster, Reola (Quesenbury) w/o Martin B.18831952
Foster, Syble w/o Oresta1 Jun 191725 May 1938
Fox, Anita Darlene d/o David & Anita Rose (Howard)22 Dec 196718 Feb 1987SSDI
Fraley, Mary M. w/o R.F.25 Apr 184827 Feb 1902
Fraley, T.F.22 Mar 18767 Nov 1902
Frame, Chester M. s/o James Floyd & Zelia Agatha (Shott)17 Dec 192126 Oct 1990SSDI
Frame, Diane24 Sep 195516 Sep 1958
Frame, Ermano dates

Frame, Inez F. w/o Chester M. (M) 26 Nov 19384 May 1920Living
Frame, James Floyd s/o Larry Lawrence & Lillie Ather (Williams)14 Jul 1899Nov 1957
Frame, Jiggsno dates

Frame, Larry Lawrence s/o Robert & Sarah M.18 Oct 18797 Nov 1957
Frame, Lillie Ather (Williams) w/o Larry Lawrence27 Mar 188316 Jul 1957
Frame, Lora B.1 Jan 19081 Sep 1978SSDI
Frame, Roy Billie s/o Larry Lawrence & Lillie Ather (Williams)22 Mar 190327 Jul 1949
Frame, Sandra26 Sep 195224 May 1954
Frame, Zelia Agatha (Shott) d/o David Worley & Louisa Gertrude (McBride) w/o James Floyd4 May 19031979
Franklin, Charles Texas Fireman 3 Cl US Navy35 yr7 Nov 1930
Franks, Flossie Mae (Holt) Ensey d/o Sidney Earl & Mattie (Rogers) M/1 Calaway Wilburn Ensey M/2 ________ Franks
Additional info from Marie Ensey
19 Nov 191623 Sep 1992SSDI
Fredrick, Arthur Daniel s/o Mack Daniel & Mary4 Jul 19616 Jul 1961
Fredrick, Beulah Irene (Thomas) d/o Joseph Robert & Mary Bevee (Slocum) w/o Jefferson Davis4 Jul 191716 Mar 1948
Fredrick, Callie Louvena (Catlett) d/o John Victor & Nancy Amanda Rebecca (Burrows) w/o Mack Daniel21 Sep 188711 Oct 1956
Fredrick, Dale s/o Oscar R. & Lila (Lucus)3 Aug 193916 Sep 1939
Fredrick, Donna2 Oct 194829 Oct 1960
Fredrick, Fearl C. Tenn. S-1 US Navy WWII s/o Mack Daniel & Callie Louvena (Catlett)22 Sep 192228 Mar 1969SSDI
Fredrick, James Dale s/o Oscar R. & Lila (Lucus)3 Aug 193918 Sep 1939
Fredrick, Jefferson Davis "Dave" s/o Nathaniel Webster & Laura (Petticord)29 Sep 190414 Jan 1986SSDI
Fredrick, John Henry Jr. B.M.G. US Navy WWII Korea10 Oct 192512 Oct 1978SSDI
Fredrick, Laura Elisibeth (Petticord) d/o Amos & Lucinda (Myers) w/o Nathaniel Webster3 Jun 18715 Aug 1945
Fredrick, Lila (Lucus) w/o Oscar R.6 May 1920Living
Fredrick, Mack Daniel s/o Nataniel Webster & Laura Elisibeth (Petticord)15 Aug 189424 Mar 1979 SSDI
Fredrick, Mary w/o Mack Daniel4 Sep 1924 Living
Fredrick, Mona Dell w/o John Henry Jr.6 Dec 1926Living
Fredrick, Nathaniel Webster "Webb"26 May 187316 Sep 1964
Fredrick, Oscar s/o Mack Daniel & Callie Louvena (Catlett)29 Apr 191517 Mar 1985SSDI
Fuchs, Marvin Marcus Pvt. US Army WWI10 Dec 189129 Dec 1972SSDI
Fuchs, Nannie Arline (Holloway) w/o Marvin Marcus20 Sep 1901Sep 1988SSDI
Garner, A.E. w/o J.F.29 Sep 187817 Jan 1909
Garrett, Linda31 Oct 194815 Oct 1967
Garrison, Bernice (Harris) w/o George M.18 Aug 1919Living
Garrison, Beulah w/o Cecil J.2 Dec 1902 19 Nov 1983SSDI
Garrison, Cecil J.18 Feb 19028 Oct 1981SSDI
Garrison, George M.3 Nov 191118 Aug 1979SSDI
Gatlin, James R.18871961
Gatlin, Ruth w/o James R.20 Oct 190225 Jan 2001SSDI
Gibbs, Buford Wayne19311932
Gibbs, Charles s/o Porter & VernellaB & D2 Mar 1939
Gibbs, Floyd19261932
Gibbs, Nancy Ann (Rogers) w/o Otto (M) 19186 Sep 189715 Jan 1995SSDI
Gibbs, Otto23 Dec 18967 Dec 1973SSDI
Gibbs, Porter20 Dec 189818 Apr 1965SSDI
Gibbs, Tommie Jr.B & D1922
Gibbs, Vernella w/o Porter19 Sep 1907Mar 1996SSDI
Gist, Verna twin to Vernon d/o S. & L.12 Mar 19105 Sep 1912
Goodson, June Isabell30 Jul 19301 Aug 1987
Grady, Mariah (Harris) d/o John & Mary Elizabeth (Toney) w/o John ThomasNov 18761945
Gray, Ida R. (Capps) d/o James E. & Sarrah Annie (Chappell) w/o James Noble18 Jun 18952 May 1994SSDI
Gray, James Noble1 Jul 18899 Nov 1973SSDI
Greenback, Kathy Annette (Bartholow) d/o Marvin & Katherine
Additional Info from Sue Spivey
26 Dec 195718 Dec 2006
Gregory, Johnny Ray s/o Dan & Reeba28 Oct 196530 Mar 1968
Grist, Francis Elizabeth Jane (Davis) d/o Jerimiah & Nancy Jane (Smith) w/o William Ivey28 Dec 185423 Jan 1942CPF
Grist, Jeremiah M. "Jerry" s/o William Ivey & Francis Elizabeth Jane (Davis)17 Nov 18781938
Grist, Jerry W.17 Dec 192531 Aug 1986SSDI
Grist, Lydia J. "Liddie" (Fleming) w/o Jeremiah M.16 May 18791926
Grist, Robanna (Harris) w/o William Hosea24 Oct 18844 Aug 1969
Grist, William Hosea s/o William Ivey & Francis Elizabeth Jane (Davis)13 Jan 18835 Aug 1966 SSDI
Grist, William Ivey Civil War CSA Co. B 2nd Ark. Cav. s/o John & Armenta (Ellis)6 Nov 18464 May 1925CPF
Hall, Clara Inf./o W.Q. & Lois (Boydstun)no dates

Hall, Edward22 May 182925 May 1897
Hall, Faye w/o W.Q.18831930
Hall, J.W.25 Aug 188016 Sep 1884
Hall, Lois (Boydstun) w/o W.Q.18771926
Hall, Ted19081941
Hall, Winnie w/o Bill19121939
Hanks, Lourene5 Feb 191518 Jan 1991SSDI
Hansen, Elmer Frederick7 Jun 190124 Mar 1992SSDI
Hansen, Josephine E.2 Apr 190621 Nov 1986SSDI
Harger, Alpha s/o John A. & Etta Hannah (Weaver)16 Oct 19182 Jan 1922
Harger, Amy W. w/o Lewis Cleveland27 Sep 1895Jun 1987SSDI
Harger, Blanch19131915
Harger, Boyd19151933
Harger, Climet T.19071908
Harger, Dovie18901916
Harger, Ella E. w/o R.W. "Wash"29 Nov 18869 Jan 1975
Harger, Etta Hannah (Weaver) d/o John Frank & Mary Elvira (Dosier) w/o John A.18 Oct 18812 Jan 1958
Harger, Everette Earl9 Oct 190514 Jul 1907
Harger, Rev. James W.18 Mar 188026 Oct 1954
Harger, John A.2 Aug 188422 Jul 1958
Harger, Lewis Cleveland (Mason)19 Nov 18929 Jul 1965SSDI
Harger, Lillie19131989
Harger, M.A. w/o R.W.18541936
Harger, Minnie B. w/o Rev James W.10 Feb 188714 Apr 1937
Harger, Opal Washington15 Oct 190720 Nov 1908
Harger, Royce s/o Warner & Tiny (Lowery)18 Oct 195615 Feb 1968
Harger, R.W.18511921
Harger, R.W. "Wash"12 Aug 188728 Feb 1961
Harger, Warner US Navy WWII s/o R.W. "Wash" & Ella E. h/o Tiny (Lowery)3 Aug 19239 Apr 2006 SSDI
Harris, Amos18811959
Harris, Charles Berry s/o John & Mary Elizabeth (Toney) 5 Jan 187824 Jun 1937
Harris, Clement E.28 Apr 1891Mar 1976SSDI
Harris, Edith d/o Clement E. & Pearl (Slay)2 Nov 191722 Oct 1921
Harris, Edythe Maxine25 Oct 192012 Feb 1962
Harris, Ellen9 Oct 18926 Mar 1963
Harris, Emma w/o Amos18841957
Harris, Harold Orman Sgt. US Army WWII22 Aug 19101 Apr 1978SSDI
Harris, John1815ca. 1885
Harris, Lydia (Lusk) w/o Samuel18561896
Harris, Martha (Brister) d/o John Franklin Sr. w/o Ormand13 Dec 182131 Dec 1889
Harris, Mattie (Blaylock) w/o Ples V.2 Dec 189318 May 1982SSDI
Harris, Oran3 Nov 190715 Oct 1983SSDI
Harris, Orman H. s/o Ples V. & Mattie (Blaylock)27 Mar 191728 Nov 1998SSDI
Harris, Ormand (Mason)20 Oct 18119 Dec 1881
Harris, Pearl (Slay) 2nd w/o Clement E.18981958
Harris, Ples V.6 Dec 188413 Aug 1934
Harris, Samuel (Mason)27 Aug 185022 Mar 1903
Harris, Vestal s/o Clement E. & Winnie (Mott)15 Oct 191112 Feb 1912
Harris, Winnie (Mott) 1st w/o Clement E.18911912
Harrison, Margaret E. w/o Robert dates

Harrison, Robert dates

Hays, Alice (Babb) w/o John Presley1882 1947
Hays, Cecil R. Ark. CWT US Navy WWII1 Jan 190824 Jan 1948
Hays, Everett K. s/o John Presley & Alice (Babb)27 Dec 191510 May 1918
Hays, Herbert Ray1 Feb 19143 Feb 1991SSDI
Hays, John Presley
Hays pedigree chart at foot of grave
Heck, Alice Theresa (Logan) d/o Jonathan & Sarah Sophia (Sadler) w/o Dr. John B.9 Aug 185612 Apr 1881
Helms, Harriet Isabel d/o J.H. & M.E.2 Apr 188212 Oct 1882
Henry, Inf. d/o G.A. & ElviraB & D6 Feb 1877
Henry, Inf. s/o M.P. & Mary P.22 Jul 189719 Aug 1897
Henry, Leonard A. s/o G.A. & Elvira5 Mar 188028 Jul 1881
Henry, Mary C. w/o L.G. (Eastern Star)10 Oct 185219 Dec 1904
Henry, Mary Elizabeth (Toney) d/o Littleberry & Nancy (McMurtrey)Jan 1834ca. 1900
Hickman, Lilliam dates

Hickman, Lonnie A.11 Oct 19024 Jul 1984SSDI
Hickman, Scheflerno dates

Hicks, Adolphus D. s/o William J. & Mary A. (Davis)22 Jan 186524 Apr 1943
Hicks, Dortha Mae12 Feb 19364 Dec 1957
Hicks, Joseph D.15 Oct 195730 Nov 1957
Hicks, Kenneth Lee22 Oct 195523 Jun 1957
Hicks, Linda Ann8 May 195330 Nov 1957
Hise, Gilliam s/o Thomas Lafayette & Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson)no dates

Holder, Albert28 Aug 187319 Dec 1965
Holder, Nannie w/o Albert23 Sep 188511 Oct 1961
Holliman, Inf. d/o G.H. & AliceB & D22 May 1931
Holt, Finis Benjamin US Army WWII1 Mar 19225 Mar 1987SSDI
HOOD - WALLIS (one stone)
Hood, Albert s/o Robert & Rebecca (Bates)
(M) 23 May 1865 to Mary Frances (Wallis)
d/o Burrel & Elizabeth (Williams)
HOOD CHILDREN (on back side of stone)
William R. b 1866 Nathan b 1874
Dick b 1867 Emma b 1877
George b 1868 John H. b 1880
Betty b 1872 Charley b 1882
Rube b 1885

Hood, Alice w/o Rube F.18861924
Hood, Archard Richard s/o David Daniel & Margrette Emma (Gilbreath)27 Feb 18566 Jan 1904
Hood, Brister18991929
Hood, Carrie (Chappell) w/o Henry18751941
Hood, Charley18821941
Hood, Clement19101911
Hood, Coy E. (Mason)28 Aug 19219 Dec 1979SSDI
Hood, Dona w/o Charley1 Sep 188315 Apr 1970SSDI
Hood, Eck18621932
Hood, Emmet19021910
Hood, Erma d/o J.A. & N.J.17 Aug 189824 Aug 1900
Hood, Estell E. w/o Hoyt15 Aug 19128 May 1991
Hood, Henry18731958
Hood, Hoyt L.23 Sep 19123 Jan 1973
Hood, Inf. s/o J.A. & Nana dates

Hood, J.R. "Dick"1 Feb 186722 Dec 1939
Hood, James (Mason)18 Oct 18334 Jan 1896
Hood, John H.8 Dec 186826 May 1942
Hood, Laura J.1 Mar 189814 Mar 1976SSDI
Hood, Lenda w/o Nathan18841939
Hood, Lola19081910
Hood, Lottie Ethell (Fraley) d/o R.M.23 Sep 188426 Sep 1900
Hood, Lula E. (WALLIS - FLOWERS)
d/o Nathan & Linda (Pettitt)
1/M - Earl Wallis 16 Sep 1923
2/M - Newman Flowers 17 Oct 1930
On back of stone
Norma Wallis Flowers and Charles T. Flowers
Sharon Domingo
Michelle Crase
Regina Kellner
Melissa Williams
Brian Domingo
Brian Williams
Carl Rhea Keller
Brandi Williams
6 Dec 190625 Feb 1917?
Hood, Marie E. w/o Coy E.3 Jan 1920Living
Hood, Mattie Alma d/o Archard Richard & Sarah Josephine (Wallace)30 Sep 190221 Jul 1906
Hood, Nathan18741941
Hood, Pearl8 Sep 189612 Nov 1980SSDI
Hood, Richard (Mason) s/o Rob & Rebecca (Bates) h/o Martha C. (Williams) b. Marengo Co., AL Civil War CSA Co. B Col. McGee's AR - no military marker27 Apr 182910 Nov 1890CPF
Hood, Robert Archie s/o Archard Richard & Sarah Josephine (Wallace)10 Nov 190011 Nov 1918
Hood, Rube F.1 May 18853 Oct 1965SSDI
Hood, Sarah Josephine (Wallace) d/o John Templeton & Elizabeth Manerva (Driskill) w/o Archard Richard24 Feb 18587 Feb 1906
Hood, Seva d/o Rube F. & Alice28 Jul 192324 Jul 1924
Hood, Ulysses F. Ark Pvt. US Army WWI3 Nov 189230 Jun 1970WWIR SSDI
Hooper, Little Merle d/o H.G. & Mattie24 Jul 19189 Mar 1919
Horner, A.E. w/o J.F.28 Sep 18787 Jan 1907
Hunt, George E. A.D. 2 US Navy WWII Korea12 Feb 192628 Feb 1983SSDI
Hunt, Jane18711947
Inman, Alma E. (Hampton) w/o Andy Andrew3 Jan 18933 Apr 1985SSDI
Inman, L.D. s/o Alma E. (Hampton)6 Apr 19212 Dec 1938
Jackson, Ida Mae4 Mar 189217 Feb 1905
Jackson, Maud I.3 Jan 189910 Jan 1906
Jackson, W.B.F.15 Dec 18998 Feb 1905
James, Aneita Kay Inf. d/o Opal & Mary Louno dates

James, Gladys M.2 Feb 192015 Feb 1997SSDI
James, Glendon D. US Navy WWII s/o Arthur & Ovelene (Catlett) h/o Mona (Weatherall)7 Feb 192525 Jan 2004SSDI
James, John T. Sgt. US Army WWII s/o Arthur & Ovelene (Catlett)13 Apr 19113 Jan 1984SSDI
James, Johnnie w/o Roy22 Jan 191224 Nov 1971
James, Media Beth (Williams) d/o Harley Thomas & Mary E. (Ricker) w/o Noble Hershal1 Jun 192415 Sep 2005SSDI
James, Noble Hershal US Navy Air Force s/o Arthur & Ovelene (Catlett)28 May 192213 Nov 2005SSDI
James, Opal Lee Tec/5 US Army WWII s/o Arthur & Ovelene (Catlett)21 Jan 1919Jun 1977SSDI
James, Raydus R. s/o Arthur & Ovelene (Catlett) h/o Virginia (Williams)28 Mar 191626 Nov 1997SSDI
James, Roy s/o Arthur & Ovelene (Catlett)1 Dec 191219 Feb 1972SSDI
James, Roy H. M/Sgt US Air Force Korea s/o Arthur & Ovelene (Catlett)30 Jan 19296 Jan 1978SSDI
Jean, Robert MarionAug 18434 Apr 1886
Johnson, Ervin18941926
Jones, Amos C.24 Nov 189410 May 1974SSDI
Jones, Cecil J.7 Aug 191212 Jun 1979SSDI
Jones, Isla (Yandell) M/1 Elvin Lonzo Williams (M) 1 Dec 1917 M/2 ___________ Jones5 Jun 1901Nov 1995 SSDI
Jones, J.W.18651941
Jones, Lavada B. (Hughes) d/o John & Lillie (Lewis) w/o O.V.23 Jul 191310 May 2005SSDI
Jones, Mattie (Vinsett) d/o John C. & Amanda (Clack) w/o J.W.18661908
Jones, Rosie Cherry29 May 189524 Oct 1973SSDI
Jones, Tabitha Ann w/o Cecil J.10 Aug 191524 Dec 1995SSDI
Jones, Tilman J. Ark. Pvt. US Army WWIca. Sep 189210 Jan 1939WWIR
Karnes, Jenifer Nicole d/o John David & Penny Ann (Lund)27 Sep 19854 Nov 2002SSDI
Karnes, Mildred I. (Tapp) d/o Millard F. Sr. & Mollie (Davis) w/o Sidney Jay27 Jul 191822 Jan 2005SSDI
Karnes, Sidney Jay US Army WWII s/o William A. & Margaret "Maggie" (Williams)18 Aug 191412 Feb 2006SSDI
Kennedy, Artemus Montgomery Jr. "Dump" US Navy WWII s/o Artemus Montgomery Sr. & Pearl (Mott) h/o Lena (Yandell)22 Dec 192416 Jul 2006SSDI
Kimberley, Ben18961959
Kimberley, Mary Cindy w/o Ben14 Jan 1895 Sep 1980SSDI
Knight, Arthur Lee10 May 19069 Feb 1990SSDI
Knight, G.W.5 Dec 18542 Mar 1910
Knight, Hallie (Mott) w/o Arthur Lee22 Dec 190725 Feb 1991SSDI
Kramer, Rebecca4 Oct 18888 Jul 1963
Kyle, Harold19071962
Kyle, Ina H. w/o Harold13 Oct 19118 Oct 1988SSDI
Lee, Faye (Rogers)23 Mar 1918Living
Lee, Robert W.3 Mar 191110 Nov 1988SSDI
Lents, Sarrah18591940
Lents, W.G.12 May 186420 May 1934
Lewis, Della w/o John C.1 Nov 186828 Oct 1887
Lewis, Naoma26 Apr 1927Living
Lewis, Willie6 Aug 192725 Aug 1989
Littlefield, Bea S. w/o William18881982
Littlefield, Paul E. Pvt. US Army WWII h/o Edna (James) (M) 23 Mar 1946
Additional Info from Sue Spivey
18 Feb 192328 Jun 1994
Littlefield, William18821958
Littleton, Jennie (Tapp) w/o Raymond N.22 Apr 18909 Jul 1977SSDI
Littleton, Raymond N.18 Nov 189110 Oct 1978SSDI
Logan, Jonathan (Mason) s/o James & Rachel (Steele)28 Nov 181728 Dec 1890
Logan, Jonathan Boone (Mason) s/o Jonathan & Sarah Sophia (Sadler)3 Jun 184914 May 1885
Logan, Sarah Sophia (Sadler) w/o Jonathan16 Apr 182225 Aug 1897
Logan, Susan Adelia (Jacobs) (Eastern Star) w/o Jonathan Boone20 Jan 185012 Jul 1883
Lowery, J.W.26 Sep 192629 Dec 1985SSDI
Lowery, Nora B. w/o William M.15 Apr 189928 Jun 1976SSDI
Lowery, William M.18 Dec 190022 Nov 1970SSDI
Loyd, William26 yr 11 mo 21 ds1 Nov 1950
Lucas, James Wesley MRCS US Navy WWII18 Jan 191711 Mar 1985SSDI
Lucas, Sallie (Davis) d/o Jonathan & Annie (Rogers) w/o James Wesley2 Dec 191713 Mar 2004SSDI
Lund, Ollie M. (Riddle) d/o John D. & Callie O. (Bratton) w/o Edward14 Jul 194526 Sep 2005 SSDI
Lusk, A.A.45 yr8 Jan 1910
Lusk, Cecil C.23 Jan 19023 Mar 1968SSDI
Lusk, Inf. s/o A.A. & JuliaB & D1893
Lusk, Ira B.1 Jan 189410 Feb 1962
Lusk, Julia w/o A.A.20 Nov 18717 Jun 1949
Lusk, Lillie F. w/o Silas H.11 Jun 1900 5 Dec 1949
Lusk, Silas H.28 Jul 1892May 1966SSDI
Mace, Mrs. Eva Jean24 Dec 1918May 1978SSDI
Manning, Rev. T.P.69 yr 11 mo 29 ds3 Jun 1906
Marshall, Charley R. Ark. Pvt. Co. G. 331 Inf. WWI15 Nov 18962 May 1969WWIR SSDI
Marshall, Vena L.26 Mar 18978 Apr 1996SSDI
McAfee, Jacob Civil War Union Co. C 71 Ohio dates

McArthur, Cornelius F.4 Nov 18938 Feb 1978SSDI
McArthur, Ethel F. w/o Cornelius F.30 Mar 1899Sep 1984SSDI
McCormick, L.B.24 yr16 Jul 1882
McCourt, Annie18 Dec 19115 Apr 1927
McCourt, Clarence s/o Thomas Henry "Bud" & Lou Emma (Cook) US Army WWII12 Dec 191327 Nov 2002SSDI
McCourt, Edgar14 Aug 1894Feb 1973SSDI
McCourt, Florene (Vaughn) d/o Omar & Delphi (James) w/o Clarence18 Jun 19186 Oct 2002SSDI
McCourt, Ida w/o Edgar10 Jun 1902Oct 1984SSDI
McCourt, R. Muril (Frame) d/o James Floyd & Zelia Agatha (Shott) w/o W.J. (M) 17 Mar 194615 Mar 192625 Sep 1987SSDI
McCourt, W.J. "Bill"15 Dec 1926Living
McDonald, Jerry Vernon Ark. Pfc. US Army Vietnam Light Weapons Infantry Purple Heart31 Aug 194519 Apr 1968SSDI
McDonald, Linda--Living
McGugan, Mable E. d/o Dan & Ida5 Aug 189811 Aug 1899
McGugan, Martha w/o D.15 Apr 185822 Mar 1876
McGugan, Puss18791933
McGugan, Rosa Etta18 Dec 18754 Jan 1878
McGugan, Rosie w/o Puss18891933
McGuire, Roy s/o A.F.17 Jan 190810 Sep 1912
McNeely, H.R.18951948
McNeely, Helen (Clock) d/o Charles & Ethel (Warner) w/o H.R.1 Jun 19147 Apr 1998SSDI
McNelley, Alice25 Jan 185516 May 1904
Meeks, Lewis E.29 Mar 188610 Dec 1968SSDI
Miller, Dollie P. (Capps) d/o John L. & Mary E. (Tapp) w/o Joe L.1 Oct 192319 Mar 1997SSDI
Miller, H. Sylvester14 Jun 191526 Oct 1987SSDI
Miller, J.H. "Hut"24 Oct 188723 Dec 1951
Miller, Joe L.1 Feb 19219 Jan 1974SSDI
Miller, Mae Shaw (Quesenbury) w/o H. Sylvester20 Jan 1910Living
Mitchell, Dollie73 yr19 Mar 1997
Mitchell, Wilba Lee (Scott) d/o Boyd & Berta (Harger) w/o Bennie1 Jan 192730 Nov 2002SSDI
Mixon, Fannie25 Sep 188924 Oct 1961
Mixon, Julia w/o William A.18621934
Mixon, Tom Ark. Pvt. US Guards WWI15 Oct 189230 Apr 1971WWIR SSDI
Mixon, William A.18521946
Mobley, Joseph A.25 Oct 186529 Jan 1899
Moore, Emily w/o W.H.6 Jul 18464 Jun 1903
Moore, Lula Mae (Weatherall) Stokes d/o Earl Herbert & Lillie (Frame) M/1 Clark Allen "Bill" Stokes M/2 James Ira Moore17 Jul 191811 Apr 1998SSDI
Moore, W.H.3 Dec 18413 Jan 1907
Mott, Alma w/o Will J.97 yr7 Mar 1979
Mott, Amos s/o W.J. & Annie8 Jul 18981 Oct 1910
Mott, Della M. w/o Lee R.21 Jan 188215 Jan 1969SSDI
Mott, Elizabeth H. w/o Mackie Danielno dates

Mott, Erving F.19 Nov 189624 Jan 1972SSDI
Mott, Gladys (Brewer) d/o Thad & Mary w/o Roy (M) 3 Sep 192715 May 19033 Oct 1985SSDI
Mott, Hattie (Hood)18951931
Mott, Helen w/o John W.12 Aug 187715 Nov 1919
Mott, J.T.16 Nov 192130 Jul 1942
Mott, Jennie w/o M.D. (Eastern Star)1851 1924
Mott, John T.28 Jan 1878Jan 1968SSDI
Mott, John W.22 Jan 18759 Dec 1934
Mott, Lee R.18781941
Mott, Lela S. w/o Erving F.27 Jul 1899 1 Jan 1968
Mott, Loretta w/o John T.18791918
Mott, M.D.80 yr23 Jun 1925
Mott, Mackie Daniel19 Nov 19099 Jan 1934
Mott, Mildred (Mayfield) w/o Mackie Daniel2 Feb 19109 Dec 1939
Mott, O.H. Jr. s/o O.H. & Millie12 Apr 192416 Sep 1925
Mott, Ray s/o Roy & Gladys (Brewer)19341942
Mott, Roy5 Apr 19034 May 1986SSDI
Mott, Stella E.14 Aug 189719 Oct 1970
Mott, Wess24 Mar 189121 Feb 1940
Mott, Will J.2 Jun 187130 Jul 1955
Munchirath, Michael Henry s/o Barbara Bolton26 Jan 196515 Oct 1983
Myers, Carl K.26 May 189725 Jan 1983SSDI
Myers, Gladys V.22 Apr 190612 Jan 1990SSDI
Myers, Ralph5 Feb 193623 Feb 1963
Nail, Mary E. (Hood) Billmyer d/o Henry & Carrie (Chappell) M/1 Frank Billmyer M/2 Vernon Nail30 May 191713 Jun 2004SSDI
Nolen, Arizona w/o Canal A.29 May 1914 Living
Nolen, Canal A.3 Aug 19113 Oct 1984SSDI
Nunn, Victor s/o J.M. & Florence1 Feb 188510 Aug 1886
Oliver, Emma Francis19 Feb 187423 Jun 1916
Oliver, Gracie8 Apr 19042 Feb 1907
Oliver, Mary Alice11 Feb 19062 Feb 1907
Owens, Audra22 Jul 192719 Jan 1928
Owens, Eliza J.18451928
Owens, Ella Irene (DeWitt) w/o Jasper Lonzo25 Dec 189925 Apr 1979SSDI
Owens, Etta (Hood)18801943
Owens, G.W.1 Jul 183931 Mar 1926
Owens, Jasper Lonzo "Len" Ark. 30 Co. 165 Depot Brig WWI3 Jul 189720 May 1961WWIR
Owens, Melvin Ark. SC-3 USNR WWII8 May 190729 Jan 1962
Owens, Pelham20 Oct 186718 Dec 1934
Owens, Sylvia Marie d/o Jasper Lonzo & Ella Irene (DeWitt)23 Apr 192313 Jul 1924
Parker, Emmer M. w/o Jim18 Sep 187726 Dec 1958
Parker, Jim11 Dec 186414 Aug 1935
Paxton, Gertrude "Gertie" (Weldon) Brasher d/o Samuel Jefferson & Luiza Jane (Herrington) M/1 William E. Brasher M/2 Ezekiel Woodfin Paxton16 Sep 189623 May 1972SSDI
Pearce, Emma L. w/o S.W.15 Mar 188928 May 1909
Pearce, Lillian H. w/o Vernon C.15 Apr 1915Living
Pearce, Lou V. w/o Roland R.29 Apr 1890 1 Jun 1973SSDI
Pearce, Roland R.21 Oct 188921 Jul 1961
Pearce, Vernon C.25 Nov 191112 Jan 1978SSDI
Pendergraft, Annie Miller M/1 J.H. Miller M/2 _________ Pendergraft19 Dec 18961 Jan 1992SSDI
Pendergraft, Marshall Ark. Pvt. Co. A 153 Inf. WWI2 Apr 189517 Oct 1967SSDI
Pettitt, Edward T. Pfc US Army WWI5 Dec 19104 Feb 1988SSDI
Pettitt, Ida Mae1 Oct 18883 Jun 1948
Pettitt, Jim18 Mar 188722 May 1954
Pike, Ethel (Gatlin)28 Sep 18971 Apr 1978SSDI
Poe (Plot)no dates

Pressnell, Eva w/o John18741962
Pressnell, John18611949
Price, Alice (Wright)19 May 18758 Feb 1961
Price, James Preston13 May 18778 May 1948
Pruitt, Donald Ray16 Jun 19648 Apr 1990
Pruitt, Michael Alan18 Nov 19529 Apr 1954
Putman, Callie w/o W.F.18721951
Putman, James Hoyt "Sky"23 Feb 19156 Oct 1985SSDI
Putman, James L.7 Apr 1901Sep 1901
Putman, Joe R.27 Dec 18949 Nov 1966SSDI
Putman, John C.19 Mar 190310 Jun 1968SSDI
Putman, Roy8 Oct 190829 Aug 1911
Putman, Sallie18721951
Putman, Lou Sinda w/o Joe R.19 Mar 1898 Sep 1986SSDI
Putman, W.F.18671931
Putman, W.H.19 Oct 188922 May 1890
Quesenbury, Betties C. - monument erected by Elva Davis Quesenbury7 Jul 188515 Oct 1962SSDI
Quesenbury, Monnia I. w/o Betties C. - monument erected by Elva Davis Quesenbury1 Aug 188516 Apr 1949
Quesenbury, Quentin19071939
Rager, Barbara Dean (Boase) d/o Isaac Ayler & Francis (Cole) w/o William28 Sep 19344 Sep 2004SSDI
Ray, Ellen w/o Solomen28 Feb 186526 Dec 1934
Ray, Horce17 Aug 19345 Sep 1934
Ray, James Warren s/o Ervin & Lizzie (Figley) retired test pilot for US Navy AOC WWII Korea Vietnam23 May 192029 May 1977SSDI
Ray, Martha L. d/o William M. & Rebecka Lue11 Jan 188818 Sep 1888
Ray, Martha Lue d/o William M. & Rebecka Lue8 Jan 188418 Sep 1888
Ray, Mary E. d/o William M. & Rebecka Lue4 Jun 188023 Sep 1881
Ray, Orbie s/o Solomen & Ellen23 Sep 19055 Oct 1915
Ray, Rebecka Lue w/o William M.29 Dec 185916 Sep 1896
Ray, Solomen (Mason)11 Feb 185530 Jun 1922
Ray, William E. s/o William M. & Rebecka Lue24 Sep 188227 Oct 1883
Ray, William M. - this family is worked out on sheet metal with all info. The markers are getting old and hard to read. William M. Ray was buried in Tulsa, OK. There is an extra sheet in front of this cem. with the RAY & HAYS charts as they are worked out and in cem. also an extra page of Logans who were moved because of Blue Mt. Dam. The list was from Corps of Engrs. and picture of graves.20 Mar 185330 Sep 1932
Rector, Zelma3 Mar 190214 Jun 1960
Reece, Levi Benjamin II s/o Billie Jean9 Dec 197813 Jan 2005SSDI
Reynolds, Lottie24 May 1884Apr 1971SSDI
Risener, Eupha Alma28 Dec 19072 Mar 1908
Risener, Mildred Modena12 Jul 192321 Oct 1924
Roach, Everett Neal s/o J.N. & M.C.18 Aug 18977 Jul 1900
Roach, Hershall Curry s/o Hershall Neal & Harriet (Harris)May 18701904
Robbins, Dorsey14 May 18961 Apr 1939
Robinson, John Elmer15 Mar 19039 Mar 1963
Robinson, Rena Sue (Yarbrough) d/o Walter & Ruth (Morgan) w/o James7 Aug 193425 Mar 2006SSDI
Rogers, A.B. "Bias"18601929
Rogers, Ann (Adams) d/o Marvin Daniel & Ada Amelia (Cain) w/o Orval Gene (M) 29 Aug 193329 Aug 193314 Mar 2004SSDI
Rogers, Ann Marie (Barnett) w/o Kenneth Lee25 Feb 1938Living
Rogers, Archie J. Sgt. US Army WWII26 Jan 192224 Jul 1985SSDI
Rogers, Birta (Roach) w/o Dolphus E.14 Jun 1895Oct 1974SSDI
Rogers, Buddie7 Feb 19104 Mar 1910
Rogers, Charley H.22 Dec 190224 Jan 1968SSDI
Rogers, Dolphus E.25 Jan 1892Sep 1975SSDI
Rogers, Elwood18771956
Rogers, FayB & D2 May 1932
Rogers, Gussie w/o Henry J.15 Jul 1890 21 Nov 1967
Rogers, H.W.1 May 18491 May 1911
Rogers, Helen d/o Boyd & Olene12 Apr 193815 Jul 1942
Rogers, Henry J.27 Mar 188728 Mar 1974SSDI
Rogers, James A. s/o H.W. & Rhoda9 Oct 190015 Jul 1908
Rogers, James B.18691941
Rogers, Jewell w/o Charley H.26 Jul 1905 22 Dec 1948
Rogers, Kenneth Lee7 Jun 19384 Jun 1989SSDI
Rogers, Mahala14 May 181817 Sep 1910
Rogers, Minerva Jane (Richie) w/o Elwood3 Jan 188015 Jul 1966SSDI
Rogers, Mary E. w/o James B.18701950
Rogers, Mattie I. w/o A.B.18731949
Rogers, Nathaniel s/o W.W. & Alice15 Aug 192322 Oct 1923
Rogers, Onedia w/o Willie26 Nov 1911Living
Rogers, Orval Gene f/o Skip, Skeet, Duane, LaDayne, Mark, & Tonya31 Oct 19295 Sep 1987SSDI
Rogers, Paul s/o Dolphus E. & Birta (Roach)15 Jan 191716 Jan 1982SSDI
Rogers, Rhoda18621939
Rogers, Ruth M.11 Aug 1916Sep 1996SSDI
Rogers, T.J.18481927
Rogers, Tom5 Nov 187522 Aug 1911
Rogers, Willie "Bud"15 May 19109 Feb 1967SSDI
Ross, Dona I. w/o Silas J.17 Feb 190613 Jan 1987SSDI
Ross, Emmie w/o R.F.18811918
Ross, Mildred Louise30 Nov 19494 Dec 1981SSDI
Ross, Minnie (Casteel)9 Dec 188819 Oct 1987SSDI
Ross, R.F. "Bob"18781965
Ross, Silas J.6 Jan 190224 Dec 1942
Ross, Vera Elsie (Taylor) d/o Joseph Lee & Hattie (Tapp) w/o Willie Lee15 Apr 19139 Apr 2003SSDI
Ross, William H.18901938
Rusk, Berus w/o H.184925 Jan 1904
Rusk, L.C. w/o H.17 Mar 184926 Jan 1904
Russell, Aldon Paul26 Sep 192221 Dec 1998SSDI
Safley, Arizona Hood19151943
Safley, Charles21 May 191416 Jul 1989SSDI
Scarbrough, Oder29 Dec 189610 Mar 1934
Schneider, D.N.27 Sep 18811 Mar 1965
Schneider, Lubs w/o D.H.11 Jan 188614 Jul 1929
Scott, Berta Lella (Harger) d/o John A. & Etta Hannah (Weaver) w/o Boyd4 Jul 190620 Apr 2005SSDI
Scott, Rev. Boyd21 May 190617 Oct 1985
Scott, Nancy Levina "Nannie" (Logan) d/o Jonathan & Sarah Sophia (Sadler) w/o Thomas - on Donoghue marker27 Jan 184117 Sep 1885
Self, Alma Carrie (Vinsett) d/o Marion Franklin & Laura (Hood) w/o Charles
Additional Info from Joseph Self
22 Feb 191913 Apr 2005SSDI
Self, Annie (Conley) w/o Kelly R.
Additional Info from Joseph Self
15 Nov 189925 Dec 1983SSDI
Self, Charles s/o Kelly R. & Annie (Conley)
Additional Info from Joseph Self
no dates

Self, J.B. s/o Kelly R. & Annie (Conley)
Additional Info from Joseph Self
no dates

Self, Kelly R.24 Apr 189627 Dec 1954
Self, Mildred Kay9 Jul 19592 Oct 1959
Self, Thomas Dennis Jr.
Additional Info from Joseph Self
no dates

Shaw, Alice M. w/o W.J.5 Dec 18736 Oct 1932
Shaw, Lear J.19341934
Shaw, W.J.26 Feb 18699 Feb 1944
Shaw, William Floyd5 Feb 19149 Jun 1974SSDI
Shelton, Bufford S. 2nd Class Seaman US Navy WWII18 Jun 191112 Dec 1979SSDI
Shelton, Mellana R. w/o Bufford S.10 Apr 191515 Feb 1991
Sheppard, Jeramiah M. s/o Edward N. & Sarah Jane (Johnston)9 Feb 185121 Mar 1924
Sheppard, Mary "Mollie" (McVey) w/o Jeramiah M. (M) 9 Oct 187718 Mar 186621 Dec 1917
Sheppard, Orvil (Underwood) Lusk d/o Phillip & Lula (Moore) M/1 Cecil C. Lusk M/2 Earl Sheppard14 Nov 190725 Apr 2006SSDI
Shipp, Cornelia18591925
Sims, Ada Maxine (Finley) d/o Stephen & Allie (Baker) w/o Gilbert7 Sep 192223 Aug 1998SSDI
Skinner, Oscar Alfred s/o Jonas Alfred & Sophronia Elizabeth (Roden) h/o Fannie Elizabeth (Grist)15 Dec 189110 Oct 1918
Slay, Mack McKinley18691941
Slay, Minnie18771928
Slay, Norman O. Pfc US Army WWII10 Nov 1917Jul 1976SSDI
Slay, Sarah K. (Broderick) w/o Mack McKinleyno date1895
Sloan, Ethel Elinor d/o S.J. & Aovilla18 Apr 19059 Jun 1909
Slone, Manda F.21 May 18493 Jan 1923
Smith, Inf./o J. Rhodesno dates

Smith, J. Rhodes (Mason)32 yr 2 mo 24 da 20 Aug 1881
South, J.T.12 Aug 18483 Apr 1910
South, John Otus10 Jul 187123 Jan 1910
South, Johnny D.10 Sep 190518 May 1907
Spencer, Bessie Joann (Littleton) d/o Raymond N. & Jennie (Tapp)20 May 191824 Jul 1983SSDI
Spencer, Homer W.14 Dec 191322 Jan 1994SSDI
Stanberry, Maxine E. (Littleton) d/o Raymond N. & Jennie (Tapp) w/o Troy18 Oct 19234 Apr 2004SSDI
Steward, Bondie4 Dec 19037 Sep 1985SSDI
Steward, Cleady26 May 190723 Sep 1983SSDI
Steward, Cora Lee (Weaver) w/o James D.18781962
Steward, Ella Irene w/o Fenner William4 Dec 19027 Oct 1974SSDI
Steward, Eva Mae w/o Cleady14 Feb 1914 7 Jun 1970
Steward, Fenner William14 Jun 190031 Oct 1980
Steward, Inf. son1 Dec 189810 Dec 1898
Steward, James D.18751960
Steward, Verna2 Nov 190524 Apr 2001SSDI
Stewart, Joe Edward Pvt. Ark. 162 Depot Brig WWI11 Oct 18965 Jan 1954WWIR
Stokes, Blare Allenno monument

Stokes, Clark Allen "Bill"4 Jul 19111 Feb 1968
Stokes, Shannon23 Feb 196819 Mar 1987
Stone, Mattie (Williams)18941919
Stone, Ona23 May 191429 Jun 1923
Tapp, Alfred E. (W of W) h/o Celia12 Aug 188614 Oct 1918
Tapp, Gloria Lee12 Jul 19486 Jan 1949
Tapp, James E.25 Mar 184927 Dec 1929
Tapp, Millard F. Jr. "Pete" s/o Millard F. Sr. & Mollie (Davis) h/o Eula Faye (Shipman)12 Feb 193425 May 1998SSDI
Tapp, Millard F. Sr.23 Oct 189812 Feb 1990SSDI
Tapp, Mollie (Davis) w/o Millard F. Sr. (M) 14 Jan 191623 Oct 190030 Jan 1986SSDI
Tapp, Nancy E. w/o James E.6 Mar 186429 Jan 1947
Tapp, Vernon E. s/o Alfred E. & Celia12 Jan 191612 Jul 1928
Taylor, Francis "Frank"87 yr16 Jul 1999
Taylor, Hattie w/o Joe20 Mar 18873 Jan 1953
Taylor, Joe10 Nov 188527 Oct 1920
Taylor, Lucille (Bratton) d/o Burl & Annie w/o Francis 9 Apr 191626 Jul 2003SSDI
Thomas, Alven L. s/o O.G. & Cora28 Dec 19071 Oct 1908
Thomas, Annie S. w/o Austin W.4 Feb 1904 6 Aug 1978SSDI
Thomas, Austin W.29 May 19006 Jun 1984SSDI
Thomas, C.K. w/o J.H.18701956
Thomas, Cora w/o O.G.18811919
Thomas, H.B.18911965
Thomas, J.H.18601933
Thomas, Janie (Boydstun)24 Feb 188424 Feb 1949
Thomas, Laura Ann d/o Chris & Sheila (Goocher)3 May 198512 Nov 2004SSDI
Thomas, Mack h/o Laura25 Oct 18883 May 1916
Thomas, Rilla Pearl w/o H.B.18931963
Thomas, Robert Joe "Joey" s/o Virgil & Carolyn (Beason) 18 Aug 197429 Jul 2001SSDI
Thompson, Joseph W.2 Aug 190523 Jan 1970SSDI
Thompson, Robbie20 Sep 197526 Dec 1975
Thompson, Thomas Civil War Union Co. H 3rd Ark. dateca. 1915UPF
Thompson, Vada L.15 Dec 191328 Feb 1969
Toney, Martha5 Mar 185214 Jun 1924
Torbett, Audice Cass s/o Henry Samuel & Canzetta A. (Coverdell)190221 Oct 1917
Torbett, Canzetta (Coverdell) w/o Henry Samuel9 Jun 187917 May 1951
Torbett, Carl19011937
Torbett, Chester C. s/o Henry Samuel & Canzetta A. (Coverdell)16 Oct 191126 May 1970
Torbett, Cora B. (Safley) w/o John Warren18931969
Torbett, Damon Carlos s/o Henry Samuel & Canzetta A. (Coverdell)10 Jan 190121 Feb 1937
Torbett, Daymon B. s/o John & Margaret (Hall)
Additional Info from Carmelita Rhodes
30 Oct 18476 Dec 1894
Torbett, Donna Lee d/o John Warren & Cora B. (Safley)26 Jan 19271 Aug 1936
Torbett, Etta19 Sep 18798 Jan 1937
Torbett, Henry Samuel s/o Daymon B. & Sarah (Battenfield)
Additional Info from Carmelita Rhodes
14 Jul 187524 Apr 1948
Torbett, Jewell Delore (Des Champs) w/o Damon Carlos11 Jan 19057 Sep 1971SSDI
Torbett, John Warren s/o Daymon B. & Sarah (Battenfield)
Additional Info from Carmelita Rhodes
22 Jan 187028 Apr 1933
Torbett, Josephine Jane (Talbert) Pettitt18591895
Torbitt, Emma B.16 May 19262 Jan 2002SSDI
Torbitt, Lee Bunnen3 Jan 190225 Jan 1986SSDI
Torbitt, Sarah (Battenfield) w/o Daymon B.
Additional Info from Carmelita Rhodes
14 Nov 18486 Dec 1888
Townsend, Dudley R. "Dud"24 Dec 191025 Dec 1969SSDI
Truett, Inez F. (Carpenter)22 Dec 1922 11 Jun 1991SSDI
Truett, William A. "Jimbob"3 Sep 1924Aug 1985SSDI
Turner, Jason Edward23 Oct 19725 Sep 1990SSDI
Turner, Mildred A. w/o Robert S.4 Jun 191216 Aug 1977SSDI
Turner, Robert S.15 Jul 19128 Jun 1995SSDI
VanZandt, Audie Lee (Adair) Shaw d/o William Columbus & Ida Dona (Cherry) M/1 William Floyd Shaw M/2 Travis VanZandt12 Apr 191217 Dec 2001SSDI
VanZandt, James A. "Jim" s/o V. & Martha Jane (Ellis) h/o Ruth Aquilla (Baker)11 Apr 190918 Apr 1997SSDI
VanZandt, Martha Jane (Ellis) w/o V.9 Apr 188211 Apr 1977SSDI
VanZandt, Travis Audie S.Sgt. US Army WWII9 May 1907Jan 1983SSDI
VanZandt, Trenton D. Cpl. US Army WWII13 Jan 19159 Jun 1981SSDI
Vinsett, Amanda "Emandy" (Clack) 1st w/o John C.183620 Dec 1881
Vinsett, Charles F.29 Jul 19172 May 1975SSDI
Vinsett, Gillie 2nd w/o John C.86 yr14 Sep 1914
Vinsett, Gracie T. (Prater) Williams9 May 19278 Aug 1986
Vinsett, John C. s/o John Civil War CSA Co. E Ark. Inf. b. Calhoun Co., MS25 Oct 184613 Feb 1925
Vinsett, Laura (Hood) w/o Marion Franklin22 Mar 18965 May 1963
Vinsett, Marion Franklin22 Aug 188312 Jul 1958
Walker, Bessie28 Oct 189220 Nov 1941
Wallace, Emma Elizabeth (Hood) d/o David Daniel & Margrette Emma (Gilbreath) w/o James Warner24 May 186724 Jun 1932
Wallace, Fredrick Walter s/o James Warner & Emma Elizabeth (Hood)11 Jul 189222 Sep 1975
Wallace, Gusta m/o Roy188320 Jul 1927
Wallace, Hobart W.24 Dec 1903Mar 1982SSDI
Wallace, James Warner "Bruce" s/o John Templeton & Elizabeth Manerva (Driskill)29 Mar 186725 Jul 1945
Wallace, John Brown s/o James Warner & Emma Elizabeth (Hood)2 May 1895Oct 1981SSDI
Wallace, John Franklin s/o John Templeton & Elizabeth Manerva (Driskill)15 Oct 186214 Jul 1941
Wallace, Mary Susie w/o John Brown6 Jul 189524 Sep 1965
Wallace, Roy1 Oct 191127 Jul 1936
Wallace, Ruby D. w/o Hobart W.15 Oct 1910Mar 1973SSDI
Wallace, Sam Charles s/o John Templeton & Elizabeth Manerva (Driskill)9 Dec 188012 Jan 1965
Wallace, Velda M. (Snider) w/o Fredrick Walter17 Feb 191010 Oct 1986
Wallace, Willie Raymond "Bill" s/o James Warner & Emma Elizabeth (Hood)12 Mar 190111 Jul 1986SSDI
Wallis, Baxter11 Jan 191412 May 1994SSDI
Wallis, Carrie E. (Brisco) w/o W.D.1884 1976
Wallis, Earl s/o W.D. & Carrie E. (Brisco)19061932
Wallis, James M. s/o W.D. & Carrie E. (Brisco)25 Jan 19095 Feb 1911
Wallis, Lucille (Smith) d/o Ira & Leona (Chesney) w/o Baxter19 Jul 192015 Nov 2003SSDI
Wallis, Mary Frances (Hood) d/o Burrel & Elizabeth (Williams)18491896
Wallis, Vestal15 Nov 191617 Mar 1933
Wallis, W.D. "Dee"18601920
Wangler, Will Dan Jr.27 Dec ??FHM faded
Ward, Dennis B. (32nd degree Mason) S.Sgt. US Air Force WWII 31 Mar 19261 Feb 1975SSDI
Ward, Jasper M. f/o Joe J. & Arthur
Additional Info from Sue Spivey
Ward, Joe J. s/o Jasper M.& Sallie (Foster)
Additional Info from Sue Spivey
25 Oct 18896 Feb 1960
Ward, Lizzie w/o Joe J.3 Sep 190013 Sep 1970
Ward, Sallie (Foster) w/o Jasper M. (M) 3 May 1888 m/o Joe J. & Arthur
Additional Info from Sue Spivey
Ward, Ted Jasper h/o Agnes Inez (Mott) (M) 7 Oct 1939 f/o Sarah, Sue, Jim
Additional Info from Sue Spivey
6 Sep 192116 Dec 2008
Weatherall, Earl Herbert22 Nov 189619 Nov 1975SSDI
Weatherall, Lillie (Frame) d/o Larry Lawrence & Lillie Ather (Williams) w/o Earl Herbert28 Feb 190125 Sep 1962
Weatherall, Voyn Earl5 Oct 19249 May 1987SSDI
Weaver, Anna (Williams) w/o William McKinleyno dates

Weaver, Archie Lee s/o William McKinley & Mel Vinnie (West) ASN #38333881 Ark. Pvt. Co. I 1st Armd. Rect. 1st Armed Div. WWII13 Mar 19222 Jul 1944
Weaver, Benjamin27 Jan 19203 Jul 1976
Weaver, Clarence E. s/o John Frank & Mary Elvira (Dosier)18791958
Weaver, Ester12 Apr 191223 Mar 1933
Weaver, John Frank s/o Emanuel & Polly (Kee)14 Apr 185426 Jul 1928
Weaver, Lillian Edith (Weldon) d/o Milas & Mary Alice (Bledsaw) w/o William S.24 Sep 192210 Sep 1966
Weaver, Mary Elvira (Dosier) d/o Isaac & Hannah (Gallop) w/o John Frank10 Jun 185820 Feb 1934
Weaver, Maudie E. w/o Clarence E.1881no date
Weaver, Mel Vinnie (West) d/o William David & Mary Jane (Todd) w/o William McKinley28 Aug 190018 May 1952
Weaver, Naomi17 Feb 19204 Mar 1920
Weaver, Ray Leon14 Feb 192018 Aug 1976SSDI
Weaver, William McKinley "Dave" s/o John Frank & Mary Elvira (Dosier)31 Jul 189718 Mar 1985SSDI
Weaver, Willie Jewell7 Jul 191720 Jan 1994SSDI
Weaver, Willie Lee s/o William McKinley & Mel Vinnie (West)Mar 19201920
Wehunt, James B.28 Jul 188511 Sep 1949
Wehunt, Mary F. w/o James B.3 Jul 1887 19 Sep 1982SSDI
Weldon, Edgar Elmore Okla. Cpl. QMC WWI2 Nov 189119 Dec 1962
Weldon, Eugene V.6 Jul 191212 Oct 1975SSDI
Weldon, James C. s/o Milas &Mary Alice (Bledsaw) Ark. Cpl. Co. B 29 Inf. Reg. Korea Purple Heart28 Apr 192927 Jul 1950
Weldon, Luiza Jane "Liza" (Herrington) d/o John K. & Elva Lucinda (Gazaway) w/o Samuel Jefferson16 Oct 187224 Jun 1950
Weldon, Mary Alice (Bledsaw) w/o Milas12 Jun 1891Jun 1973SSDI
Weldon, Milas s/o Samuel Jefferson & Luiza Jane (Herrington)5 Jan 18983 Feb 1955
Weldon, Myrtle d/o Samuel Jefferson & Luiza Jane (Herrington)190730 Jun 1965
Weldon, Oston s/o Samuel Jefferson & Luiza Jane (Herrington)30 Jun 191427 Nov 1944
Weldon, Raymond s/o Samuel Jefferson & Luiza Jane (Herrington)22 Aug 19085 Nov 1974
Weldon, Ruby J. w/o Eugene V.21 Nov 1921 Living
Weldon, Samuel Jefferson s/o John W. & Margaret A. (Mulligan)21 Aug 186612 Jun 1944
Weldon, Willie Ray s/o Samuel Jefferson & Luiza Jane (Herrington)13 Mar 191213 Feb 1919
Wells, James Alven7 Oct 190624 Nov 1981SSDI
Wells, Oma L. w/o James Alven3 Feb 1912 12 Dec 1987SSDI
West, Alec s/o Bernard Charles & Laura Edith (Rogers)1 May 19355 Nov 1936
West, Bernard Charles s/o David & Mary Jane (Todd)28 Dec 189728 Jan 1964
West, Betty Jean d/o Bernard Charles & Laura Edith (Rogers)22 Sep 193918 Jun 1955
West, Billy Joe s/o Bernard Charles & Laura Edith (Rogers)9 Oct 193212 Mar 1995SSDI
West, Kate Fern (Pridmore) w/o Willis Newton29 Jan 189719 Mar 1982SSDI
West, Kenneth s/o Bernard Charles & Laura Edith (Rogers) 24 May 192012 Jul 1920
West, Laura Edith (Rogers) d/o Amburs H. & Ida E. (Toney) w/o Bernard Charles15 Dec 19033 Dec 1959
West, Terry Lynn Inf. d/o Leon & Bertha-- Jan ----20 Jun 1960
West, Troy Seaman 1/C USNR WWII s/o Bernard Charles & Laura Edith (Rogers)1 Apr 19266 Apr 1946
West, Willis Newton s/o William David & Mary Jane (Todd) 14 Dec 189113 Jan 1971SSDI
White, Dora w/o Tom27 Jul 188912 Nov 1918
White, Ruby infantno dates

White, Tom10 Jun 188711 Nov 1918
Whitecotton, Renne Andera d/o K.E. & A.25 Mar 190011 Aug 1900
Whitehead, Brenda Gale (Burtman) d/o M. Harold & Dorothy w/o Kenneth18 Aug 195920 Mar 2002SSDI
Whitehead, Connie Diane14 Oct 196029 Jun 1961
Whittington, Donnie d/o Kenion & Alice6 Mar 190323 Sep 1915
Whittington, Joyce Oramae d/o Perry & Zettie2 Nov 192330 Oct 1924
Whittington, Minnie Ella13 Sep 189321 Jun 1921
Whittington, Roena d/o Kenion & Alice25 Mar 190025 Aug 1900
Wilkinson, Nobele7 Apr 191518 Jul 1923
Williams, Archie19141934
Williams, Audrey w/o J.C.192127 Nov 1972
Williams, Berta E. (Hood) w/o Willie Edward (M) 4 Oct 1931 4 Dec 19127 Aug 1990SSDI
Williams, Charles D. s/o Ralph & Virginia18791935
Williams, E.L. "Babe"24 Dec 18986 Jun 1948
Williams, Edna C. (Eastern Star) w/o Vollie G.18991966
Williams, Edward Bradley s/o Ralph & Virginia4 Oct 18721 May 1954
Williams, Elvin Lonzo19287 Jun 1978
Williams, Esther Lee m/o Rafe22 Jan 1892 15 Apr 1981SSDI
Williams, Florence E.29 May 187427 Dec 1949
Williams, Hallena8 Jun 18746 Oct 1916
Williams, Mary w/o Charles D.about 25 yr 5 Feb 1896
Williams, Mamie Lee (Loughridge) Brown d/o Orlin Loyd & Sarah Roseanna (Young) M/1 Jim Brown M/2 Lelon I. Williams2 May 190211 Oct 2005SSDI
Williams, Ralph h/o Virginiaca. 1845no date
Williams, Reid Daniel s/o Elvin Lonzo & Isla (Yandell) 10 Jul 192227 Mar 1998SSDI
Williams, Ruth16 Oct 191216 Sep 1925
Williams, Vollie G. (Mason)19011940
Williams, Willie Edward f/o three sons21 Jan 190829 Mar 1990SSDI
Wiseman, Edna B. (McCourt) w/o Eugene D. (M) 30 May 19376 Jun 1920Living
Wiseman, Eugene D.20 Jan 19113 Mar 1988SSDI
Wiseman, Gladys L. w/o Monroe T.9 Jun 1905Jun 1987SSDI
Wiseman, James EdgarB & D6 Feb 1945
Wiseman, Martha E.1 Apr 187313 Sep 1953
Wiseman, Monroe T.6 Apr 1899Nov 1977SSDI
Witt, Archibald s/o Isaac & Mary Ann (Clarkson)Jan 18671917
Witt, Arth b. Harlan Co., KYJan 18671917
Witt, Edmund Thomas b. Harlan Co., KY s/o Isaac & Mary Ann (Clarkson)19 Aug 187328 Dec 1958
Witt, Emma d/o John Silas & Dicia Ann (Flood)19061910
Witt, Polly (Hunt) d/o John A. & Lettie Olivia (Jones) w/o Edmund Thomas11 Aug 188722 Nov 1982 SSDI
Womack, Buffi d/o David & Maria14 Feb 19815 Mar 1981
Woodrow, Richie22 May 191218 Sep 1928
Wright, A.W.14 Dec 18721 Dec 1910
Wright, Vena2 Sep 18982 Sep 1918
Wyler, Corinda I. w/o James V.9 Dec 1855 9 Nov 1934
Wyler, James V.19 Aug 18657 Dec 1932
Wyler, Luanna d/o James V. & Corinda I.28 Mar 189030 Sep 1900
Yandell, Bertha L. (Pettitt) d/o William & Clara (Weaver) w/o Wilburn9 Feb 19055 Feb 1980SSDI
Yandell, Florence V.11 Sep 189523 Mar 1986SSDI
Yandell, Glen s/o William David & Lula (Fletcher)20 Dec 1912Jun 1970SSDI
Yandell, HermanFamily Plot

Yandell, Ina Pearl w/o Troy L.15 Feb 192027 Aug 1954
Yandell, James Lafayette s/o David & Elizabeth (Adair) 18 Jun 185716 Jun 1925
Yandell, James Walter "Bud" s/o Benjamin Franklin & Nancy (McGee)6 Sep 18839 Sep 1965
Yandell, Jimmie (Steward) d/o James D. & Cora Lee (Weaver) w/o Willard9 Jul 190910 May 1981SSDI
Yandell, Lalla L. (Steward) w/o Glen1913 1961
Yandell, Mattie w/o James Walter20 Mar 18854 Feb 1958
Yandell, Oren Ray s/o Willard & Jimmie (Steward)5 Nov 19348 Dec 1934
Yandell, Oscar O. s/o James Lafayette & Susan Ann (Brothers)17 Feb 189511 Jun 1975SSDI
Yandell, Susan Ann (Brothers) w/o James Lafayette29 Jun 187329 Jan 1966
Yandell, Troy L.11 Apr 1919Living
Yandell, Wilburn4 Oct 19023 Aug 1984SSDI
Yandell, Willard10 May 1905Jan 1985SSDI
Young, Clarence G.21 May 192629 Apr 1973SSDI
Young, Gertrude22 Mar 1935Living
Young, Harlond Eugene h/o Sue25 Jul 19394 Apr 2005SSDI

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