McReynolds Cemetery, Logan County, Arkansas

From Dardanelle, take Highway 27 to Chickalah. Just after you cross Chickalah Creek, turn right on the Harkey's Valley Road. Stay on this road and after you cross the county line the cemetery will be on the left side of the road. From Highway 22 Turn at New Blaine, and it will be on the right side of the road. Copied and updated October 1991 by Anna Moudy Talley. Steven McReynolds was the first person to be buried in this cemetery. His wife Juliet Ann planted the cedar tree. They are the great-grandparents of Wanda Brewer.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
-----------, 2 babies - fixed on concreteno dates

Bates, Babyno dates

Boyd, Isaac G.5 May 185821 Aug 1936
Boyd, Mattie O. w/o Isaac G.9 Sep 1870 24 Feb 1936
Brock, Arthur D.7 Oct 188731 Oct 1944
Brock, Babyno dates

Brock, Delila Inez d/o Arthur D. & Ella Mae5 Dec 1912Feb 1914
Brock, Ella Mae w/o Arthur D.12 Oct 1889 6 Mar 1970SSDI
Brock, Jamesno dates

Brock, Janeno dates

Brock, Joeno dates

Brock, Mande Bellno dates

Carney, Babies c/o Ellenno dates

Carney, Lula (Twin) s/o Mary Holmanno dates

Carney, Sula (Twin) s/o Mary Holmanno dates

Crow, Fannie Maude w/o William R.11 Sep 187711 May 1953
Crow, Sarah Jane w/o William R.22 May 186022 Feb 1902
Crow, William R.5 Oct 18573 Nov 1936
Davis, Inf./o Wallace & Dorthano dates

Davis, Lonnie "Jim"2 Oct 19137 Mar 1984
Davis, Lorene (Brock) w/o Lonnie24 Dec 191017 Aug 1981SSDI
Dodson, Modean E. w/o Solon L.5 Jun 1916 16 Jan 1977
Dodson, Solon L.29 Mar 1917Living
Durning, Louis C.18691897
Fink, (4) Infs./o George & Louno date

Green, Sibble4 Dec 19115 Feb 1914
Hall, Eliza Jane (Berry) d/o William C. & Sarah E. (Wright) w/o Thomas Calvin1 Dec 18555 Jun 1913
Hanna, Arlie Lee Pfc. US Army WWII h/o Wilma (Castleberry) 20 Apr 192228 Apr 1982
Hanna, Babyno dates

Hanna, Joshway "Josh"1 Dec 185212 Jul 1911
Hanna, Lucinda C. w/o Joshway11 Nov 1849 1 Jul 1914
Hanna, Tolliver18791964
Hanna, William T.25 Feb 18731 Feb 1891
Jones, Hazel d/o W.I. & Mary (Robinson)23 Feb 191119 Aug 1987SSDI
Lasater, Bonnie M. d/o S.J. & F.E.15 Feb 191110 Apr 1911
Lasater, James4 Apr 185420 Nov 1888
Lasater, Mary M. d/o S.J. & F.E.4 Mar 190924 Mar 1909
Lasater, Nancy E. w/o James9 Nov 185718 Nov 1900
Lasater, S.J. "Mack"20 Jan 187820 Nov 1920
Lasater, Stephen N. s/o S.J. & F.E.4 Jan 191820 Mar 1919
Lipe, A.L. s/o Henry David Jr. & Dora E. (McReynolds)19 Jan 19127 Jul 1912
Lipe, Bonnie M.16 Jan 19026 Jun 1904
Lipe, Dora E. (McReynolds) w/o Henry David Jr.5 Dec 18847 May 1978
Lipe, Henry David Jr. s/o Henry David & Susan (Rogers) 4 Sep 18769 Mar 1963
Lipe, InfantB & D15 Aug 1907
Lipe, Inf. d/o W.E. & G.20 Jan 1900 28 Jan 1900
Lipe, Truman E. s/o Henry David Jr. & Dora E. (McReynolds)22 Feb 190930 Aug 1909
Maynard, Vashtie27 Dec 18498 Mar 1936
McReynolds, Babyno dates

McReynolds, dates

McReynolds, Jim b/o dates

McReynolds, Juliet Ann w/o Stevenno dates

McReynolds, Lucy w/o Wiley9 Apr 186722 Jun 1953
McReynolds, Stevenno dates

McReynolds, Wiley6 Mar 186421 Jan 1932
Murray, Babyno dates

Murray, James Thomas s/o J.B. & Daisy19161953
Murray, Nettie w/o Dee10 Jan 189230 May 1922
Overton, Teresano dates

Pruitt, Patricia d/o Claude & Irene29 May 19479 May 1948
Robinson, Babyno dates

Robinson, Becky Ann s/o W.F. McReynoldsno dates

Robinson, Della N. d/o William I. & Mary E.19 Dec 189721 May 1904
Robinson, J.T.29 Jan 185715 Jul 1894
Robinson, Johnno dates

Robinson, Leila d/o W.G. & Mary5 Oct 190527 Nov 1905
Robinson, Marinda w/o W.R.2 Jan 18606 Aug 1906
Robinson, Mary w/o Isaac29 Dec 18191901
Robinson, Mary E. w/o William I.22 Aug 187410 Dec 1942
Robinson, Sarahno dates

Robinson, Virgieno dates

Robinson, W.R.18 Jun 1855no date
Robinson, William I.25 Dec 18721 May 1966
Williams, Arthenano dates

Williams, Horronno dates

Williams, Orvil C. T/Sgt. US Army WWII21 Sep 191829 May 1980SSDI
Wood, Babyno dates

Wood, Maggie E.1 Jan 188230 Mar 1932

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