McBride Family Information

In 1860, William H. McBride and Jane had arrived and in the census of Yell Co. Arkansas, with their family near the McBride Cemetery. Jane was a McKaughan from Tenn. They moved to Yell Co. after the 1850 census in Hardaman County, Tenn. The oldest girl was Frances Matilda McBride. The first and second names are sometimes reversed. By the 1860 Census she is listed with Reubin Vandyne, who was an orphan of John Vanduryn and Nancy (Stinnett), grandaughter of Reubine Stinnett's Ship Yard of Yell County. John's father Andrew, died in Butler Co., Ohio and he went back to take care of the family inheritance. James was his brother who disapeared around 1820. John and Nancy had to have had a divorce, for Nancy is married again to John Hill. Then he is remarried later, causing the Vandyne children to be seperated. The Scotts family had one child in 1850. Madden family had one also. Reubin Vandyne had Land Record by his father-in-law. William H. McBride in Yell County. Reubin spelled his name differently during the Civil War era. He lost his brother James in the fight and also his father-in-law who were Confederates. Families were against each other which side they were fighting in Yell County. Reubin and Forrest McBride and some of the Coopers managed to go to a place called Marshel, Arkansas in Searcy County. Now Rubin Vandine, the same is in Searcy County census 1870. Rubin has fought on both sides, (North and the South) to come home to take care of his family at Bear Creek where he was deeded more land and where he is buried in Bear Creek Cemetery. Matilda Frances (McBride) Vandyne married Marion McMillian of Pope County and continued to raise the two and three families in Sebastian County, Arkansas. It seems she then remarried John Boyd who we never heard of since. It was denied to be the same one near Hot Springs, Arkansas with the Roach family in 1900. The McMillian Family went on to Texas with their grandfather McMillian. Rubin's oldest girl married a William Jasper Cooper in Searcy county and traveled to Sebastian County where she died. My Great-grandmother is Rubin and Matilda Vandine's daughter, named Frances Angline (Vandine) later married William Daniel Pierce of Sebastian County buried in Oak Valley Cemetery in Fort Chaffee. A step-brother to her is buried in an unmarked grave of the Fort Smith Paupers Cemetery, Arkansas. This was James Vandyne's son, Rubin's nephew whom he raised. The record shows the son as belonging to Rubin Vandine.

Clarence Pearson

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Last updated 09 Apr 2010