Louvenia Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

This Cemetery is located seven miles from Dardanelle, on Hwy 28, in the Pisgah Community. It was established before 1856. The land was given by Samuel T. McMinn for family members or if you had a family member already buried there. There are two and one half acres in the cemetery. Copied and updated by Cornelia Daniels. Originally typed by Marilyn Roberts 14 May 1993.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Barnett, Ludie (Heath)10 Aug 188710 Jan 1967SSDI
Baxter, Elemander Warbington s/o George & Sarah (Warbington)9 Sep 184823 Jan 1904
Bice, Bertie18861888
Bice, Emery18811882
Bice, Helen13 May 18726 Jun 1949
Bice, Inf.B & D1873
Bice, James R.6 Sep 185829 Oct 1943
Bice, Nancy20 Oct 187821 Sep 1904
Bice, Sarah Jane (Day) w/o James R. d/o George Washington & Martha Emma (Lyon)26 Aug 185630 Nov 1887
Broberg, Ronald H. US Army WWII s/o Waldemar & Marjorie (Smith) h/o Aubrey (McMinn)19 Sep 192210 Apr 2003SSDI
Campbell, Irvine Alexander s/o James H. & Judith Elizabeth (Nichols)9 Feb 18375 Mar 1915
Campbell, James Harvey b. KY - joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church when a small boy and was an Elder at death M/1 Judith Elizabeth (Nichols) M/2 Priscilla (Nichols)23 Sep 180724 Jan 1891
Campbell, Martha Jane (McMinn) d/o Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth Jane (Lyon) w/o Irvine Alexander16 May 184410 Jul 1900
Campbell, Priscilla (Nichols) w/o James Harvey1825no date
Cates, Dolphusno dates

Cates, Sarah Louisa (Campbell) Weems d/o James Harvey & Judith Elizabeth (Nichols) M/1 John Clark Weems M/2 Dolphus Cates (M) 9 May 186618411907
Christy, Allen h/o Bertha (McMinn) s/o G.A. & S.A.
Jan 1929
Cox, Doc
Cox, Lealon Travis11 Jan 191221 Nov 1991SSDI
Cox, Martha Emma (Day) d/o George Washington & Martha Emma (Lyon) w/o William H.4 Jan 187513 Aug 1947
Cox, Maxien11 Jan 190613 Jul 1909
Cox, William H. s/o R.R. & Virginia (Hatchett)29 Jun 188227 Nov 1954
Day, George Washington s/o W.W. & Julia (Miler)25 Aug 183231 Mar 1905
Day, Louisa (Shockley) d/o Bransford L. & Sarah (Gamble) w/o Marion17 Nov 187618 Jul 1909
Day, Marion (Mason) s/o George Washington & Martha Emma (Lyon)22 Jun 187128 Jan 1940
Day, Martha Emma (Lyon) d/o James S. & Sarah Jane (Shane) w/o George Washington1 Dec 183128 Jun 1911
Day, May L. d/o Marion & Louisa (Shockley)31 Oct 190815 Jun 1909
Gateley, Desmond s/o Guy Hobart & Marion Leone (Day)8 Mar 19223 Mar 1925
Gateley, Guy Hobart s/o Cary W. & Martha Jane (Cofer) WWI Pvt. US Army f/o L.D.13 Oct 189922 Nov 1982WWIR SSDI
Gateley, Marion Leone (Day) d/o Marion & Louisa (Shockley) w/o Guy Hobart m/o L.D.10 Jan 19055 Jan 1984SSDI
Gateley, Miriam Elizabeth (Hall) d/o Almiron & Frankie Ruth (Haswell)17 Dec 192931 Oct 2003SSDI
Grace, Jesse Garrett s/o Allen Sr. & Christinia (Lash) 27 Jul 180521 Jan 1892
Grace, Mary Jane d/o Jesse Garrett & Phoebe (Gateley)12 Jan 183715 Sep 1915
Grace, Phoebe (Gateley) d/o John & Jemima (Messer) w/o Jesse Garrett30 Jan 180619 Oct 1850
Grace, Sarah Susan d/o Jesse Garrett & Phoebe (Gateley) 16 Jun 184112 Jan 1894
Graffin, Miss Meodend
Dec 1896
Hall, Urcy Eulearle (McMinn)25 Jun 1907 27 May 1988SSDI
Hames, Nancy J. (Grace) d/o Jesse Garrett & Phoebe (Gateley) w/o Simpson S.9 Jan 183223 Sep 1910
Hames, Simpson S. b. SC3 Jan 182922 Feb 1887
Heath, Edgar R. WWII Ark. Pvt. Corp. of Military Police s/o William Arthur & Ludie Lutecia (Morris)16 Sep 1909 29 Apr 1967SSDI
Heath, Effie Mae (McMinn) d/o George L. & Angie (Reece) w/o John Wesley21 Jul 18968 Apr 1970SSDI
Heath, Elbert Velton s/o John Wesley & Effie Mae (McMinn)27 Nov 19184 Apr 1949
Heath, Elley May9 Jul 188923 Jun 1891
Heath, Frances Louise "Fannie" (Day) d/o George Washington & Martha Emma (Lyon) w/o John William (M) 30 Oct 187813 Feb 18626 Jun 1944
Heath, George Verny s/o John William & Frances Louise (Day)10 Feb 18873 Jan 1889
Heath, Illa Rea d/o William Arthur & Ludie Lutecia (Morris)14 Aug 192012 Mar 1927
Heath, Infs. 3 headstonesno dates

Heath, John Wesley s/o Matthew Willis & Mary Evelyn (Holt)26 Dec 189222 Sep 1963
Heath, John William s/o William & Susan Adline (Campbell)6 Dec 18549 Dec 1919
Heath, Raymond Edward s/o Edgar R. & Reba23 Sep 19342 Mar 1936
Heath, Thelma Audie d/o John Wesley & Effie Mae (McMinn) 20 Jun 19168 Apr 1939
Heath, Vera Ann d/o William & Ludieno dates

Heath, Walter Damon23 Nov 189110 Jan 1893
Heath, William27 Jan 183226 Mar 1864
Heath, William Arthur s/o John William & Frances Louise (Day)28 Jan 18811 Mar 1923
Howard, William Isaac s/o Joseph Howard & Samantha Jane (Campbell)6 Oct 187424 Aug 1875
Hudson, Phoebe Louvinia (Grace) d/o Jesse Garrett & Phoebe (Gateley) w/o Albert Gallatin29 Sep 183416 Jun 1909
Kee, Birdie T. (Cox) d/o William H. & Martha Emma (Day) w/o James H.26 Aug 190122 May 1971SSDI
Kee, James Hugh WWI Ark. Pvt. US Army 306 Inf. 77th Div.7 Mar 188931 Dec 1972WWIR SSDI
Kee, Lee25 Sep 1920no date
Lewis, Gath C.18821947
Lewis, Inf. dau.B & D1907
Lewis, Inf. sonB & D1908
Lewis, Maggie (Bice) d/o James R. & Sarah Jane (Day) w/o Gath C.18831979
Limbird, Charles20 Sep 188210 Dec 1887
Lyon, James S.11 May 18044 Jul 1884
Lyon, James S. s/o James S. & Sarah Jane (Shane)18381904
Lyon, Jennie d/o S.R. & S.L.2 mo 17 ds25 Oct 1863
Lyon, Robert F. s/o W.G.24 Jul 185210 Feb 1879
Lyon, Samuel T. Civil War CSA Co. H 1st Ark. Mtd. Rifles - killed at Resaca, GA s/o James S. & Sarah Jane (Shane) Grave covered with big rock. He was killed in the Civil War. His body was brought home by a slave. The body was floated across the Arkansas River on a homemade raft to what then was called Narrow Town. The body was moved by night and hid during the day to keep bushwhackers from getting him. He was brought to his sister's house, Martha Emma Day. A scaffold was made to keep the varmints from the body until a proper coffin was made.184314 May 1864
Lyon, Sarah Jane (Shane) w/o James S. d/o Robert24 Oct 180115 Dec 1884
McMinn, Allie M. (Apple) w/o Auburn H.17 Jan 190429 Apr 1993SSDI
McMinn, Angie (Reece) w/o George L.22 May 18736 Jan 1942
McMinn, Auburn H.24 Jul 190029 May 1992SSDI
McMinn, Elizabeth J. (Prichard) w/o Samuel Thomas Jr.1847no date
McMinn, Elizabeth Jane (Lyon) d/o James S. & Sarah Jane (Shane) w/o Samuel Thomas (M) 25 Jan 18431827after 1880
McMinn, George A.8 Oct 189022 Jan 1846
McMinn, George F. WWII US Army26 Oct 191522 Jul 1991SSDI
McMinn, George L. s/o Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth Jane (Lyon)24 Sep 186330 Jun 1935
McMinn, George Velton WWII Sgt. US Army Korea s/o George L. & Angie (Reece)19 Jul 190930 Jul 1979 SSDI
McMinn, James William8 Oct 187312 Mar 1926
McMinn, Luella (George) d/o Hardin W. & Angeline E. (Hames) w/o James William3 Jan 18755 Feb 1943
McMinn, Mollie 1st w/o George L.no dates

McMinn, Samuel Thomas18131901
McMinn, Samuel Thomas Jr. s/o Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth Jane (Lyon)1847no date
McMinn, Vernice (Cannon) d/o Leonard Edward & Ruie Virginia (Walker) w/o George F.29 Sep 192122 Dec 2003SSDI
Mitchell, Cornelia A. (McMinn) d/o Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth Jane (Lyon) w/o Hiriam M.11 Jun 186512 Aug 1932
Mitchell, Elbert Winfield12 Jun 1890no date
Mitchell, H. Stanley23 Nov 190325 Apr 1987SSDI
Mitchell, Hiram M. s/o Luther & Nancy4 Oct 1859 1 Jan 1936
Mitchell, Inf.no dates

Mitchell, Inf.no dates

Mitchell, Maerue Lois d/o Hiram M. & Cornelia A. (McMinn)10 Oct 190529 Aug 1990SSDI
Mitchell, Nealie10 Apr1 Jan 1856
Mitchell, Walter Quincy14 Dec 188711 Dec 1919
Partin, Bill s/o William E. & Mary (McMinn)no marker

Partin, Mary (McMinn) d/o Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth Jane (Lyon) w/o William E.12 Apr 184623 May 1918
Partin, William E. Civil War CSA Co. A 4th Ark. Cavalry1845no date
Patch, Pauline J. w/o William H.22 Oct 18808 Feb 1965SSDI
Patch, William H.30 Apr 187027 Jul 1941
Pennington, Hugh R. s/o James H. & Missouri (Martin)28 Jun 189829 Mar 1976SSDI
Pennington, Mable (Heath) d/o John William & Frances Louise (Day) w/o Hugh R.8 Sep 190027 Apr 1962
Perkins, William F.18 Mar 185924 Jul 1887
Roberts, Inf./o William G. & Susan Josephine (Ward)no marker

Roberts, Inf./o William G. & Susan Josephine (Ward)no marker

Roberts, Susan Josephine (Ward) Haven d/o James P. & Susan Adline (Campbell) M/1 W.M. Haven M/2 William G. Roberts18681893
Roberts, William G. s/o Jacob & Mary (Freeman)no dates

Ward, Susan Adline (Campbell) d/o Robert & Sarah T. (Lyon) M/1 William Heath M/2 James P. Ward5 Jun 1837no date
Watt, Elizabeth Alice (McMinn) d/o Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth Jane (Lyon) w/o Thomas Andrew18593 Jan 1900
Watt, Thomas Andrew18531924
Yarbrough, Mildred L. (Heath) w/o Roy Owen29 May 19144 Jan 2003SSDI
Yarbrough, Roy Owen s/o William James & Ella E. (Dement) 5 Nov 1909May 1973SSDI

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