Liberty Cemetery or Rogers Cemetery, Yell-Logan County Line, Arkansas

Copied and updated 16 Oct 1994 by Arline Gray & Mabel Roseborough. From Dardanelle take Hwy. 27 west to Hwy. 307 to Spring Lake. From Spring Lake take the road that goes to Paris. This cemetery is on the Yell & Logan County line. Liberty Church used to meet there but is no longer in use.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Anderson, Infantno dates

Apple, Bessie Ray19121918
Apple, Calvin Earl19101911
Apple, Cordie w/o George W.11 Sep 1870 3 Nov 1957
Apple, George W.21 Apr 18692 May 1950
Apple, Gertieno dates

Apple, Lewis Civil War CSA Co. F Cooke's 15th Ark. date10 Jun 1908CPF
Apple, Markusno dates

Apple, Mary Lou w/o Lewis18454 Feb 1936CPF
Apple, Patno dates

Bates, Ruth A.18971919
Bell, I. John Civil War Co. A 11 W.Va. Inf. s/o Alexander & Mary M. (Oates)18371914
Bozarth, Harriet d/o Henry & HazelB & D19 Dec 1935
Burbank, Amanda Keith18431930
Cameron, Jesse Wayne s/o Michael Wayne & Tammy June (Finney)24 Mar 198623 Nov 2005SSDI
Carter, Garlandno dates

Churchman, J.W.19001902
Croop, Mary Agnes27 Apr 191614 May 1991SSDI
Dempsey, Frankie E.28 Aug 192921 Feb 1931
Dickey, Alfred Randall s/o Alfred Francis & Clyde Harriet (Moudy)16 Feb 192413 Jul 1985SSDI
Dickey, Anna Mary (Smoluch) d/o Joseph Frank & Lucy (Cetha) w/o James Isaac Jr.10 Jul 191621 Nov 2002SSDI
Dickey, Carl David (Mason) s/o James Isaac Jr. & Anna Mary (Smoluch)8 Oct 194723 Mar 1967
Dickey, Charles R.19461974
Dickey, Frank Carl s/o James Isaac & Savannah Ann (Brigham)17 Jul 190825 Mar 1967
Dickey, James Isaac s/o William Henry Harrison & Mary Ann (Hyett)20 Jan 18618 Feb 1936
Dickey, James Isaac Jr. s/o James Isaac & Savannah Ann (Brigham)15 Jun 190510 May 1973SSDI
Dickey, James J. Jr.29 Dec 195818 Jun 1996SSDI
Dickey, Savannah Ann (Brigham) d/o Benjamin & Mary (Lee) w/o James Isaac7 Jul 187427 Jan 1961
Dickey, William Noah s/o William Henry Harrison & Mary Ann (Hyett)18581932
Estes, James W.12 Dec 191219 Feb 2003SSDI
Ewing, Georgeno dates

Ewing, J.B s/o G.W.18891911
Ewing, James Dudley12 Apr 18823 Mar 1962
Ewing, Lindano dates

Fink, Carl L. Ark. Sgt. Co. F. 137 Inf. WWII21 Dec 19166 Oct 1961
Fink, Emily E. (Hodges) w/o Henry2 Jun 184917 Nov 1913
Fink, Henry Civil War Co. L 14 Kansas Cav. 1861-65 s/o George Riley & Lavinia (Lipe)2 Jun 184331 Oct 1918
Fink, Ida Modena (Ward) w/o Macie N.28 Oct 189228 Jan 1958
Fink, John Thomas s/o Henry & Emily E. (Hodges)25 Feb 188022 Mar 1962
Fink, Lula Mae (Barfield) w/o John Thomas24 Aug 189120 Jul 1925
Fink, Macie N. s/o Henry & Emily E. (Hodges)1 Jan 188629 Mar 1968SSDI
Fink, Raymond s/o John Thomas & Lula Mae (Barfield)19251931
Fink, William Henry10 Feb 191525 Mar 1969
Fink, William Isaac s/o Henry & Emily E. (Hodges)1 Mar 18701949
Freeman, Children of W.D. & Mahala (3 graves)no dates

Freeman, Mahala w/o W.D.18741938
Freeman, W.D.18711944
Fuller, Kenneth J. h/o Carolyn (Grimmer)11 Oct 193727 Dec 2002SSDI
Gray, Herder29 Aug 190623 Jan 1921
Haston, Infantno dates

Haston, Infantno dates

Hawkins, Kenneth G.1917Living
Hawkins, Laura J. w/o Kenneth G.30 Apr 1911Jun 1973SSDI
Henson, Aarom
Additional Info from Karen (Henson) Thompson
Henson, Arbry Elton
Additional Info from Karen (Henson) Thompson
19 Aug 18851959
Henson, Brown18521913
Henson, Inf./o Arbry Elton & Martha Emaliza (Ewing) (2 graves)
Additional Info from Karen (Henson) Thompson
no dates

Henson, Martha Emaliza (Ewing) "Eliza" w/o Arbry Elton
Additional Info from Karen (Henson) Thompson
17 Jan 1887Dec 1972SSDI
Henson, Steven G.22 Aug 190113 Oct 1964SSDI
Hignight, Childrenno dates

Hinson, Bettie17 Dec 189530 Sep 1904
Hinson, Mary w/o G.B.43 yr5 Oct 1903
Hodle, dates

Hodle, dates

Hollingsworth, Hattie d/o L.D. & S.A.8 yr16 Jan 1903
Hulsey, Sadie19081912
Jones, Elizabeth Elaine (Robins)2 Jan 196515 Oct 1994SSDI
Kennington, Harrietno dates

Kennington, Mary E. w/o William Robert (Eastern Star)11 Sep 18589 Nov 1894
Kennington, Sophroniano dates

Kennington, William Robert (Mason)16 Mar 184520 Jun 1910
Kimpton, -------------no date1908
Kimpton, G.W.15 Jul 183524 Oct 1904
McNeely, Clarence E. s/o J.H. & Emma6 May 19091 Jun 1911
Mina, Rosa (infant)no dates

Orth, Gustave Sgt. 3 NY Inf. Spanish-American War & Civil Warno dates

Payne, Belle w/o John W.187722 May 1962
Payne, Buneano dates

Payne, Infantno dates

Payne, John W.18751941
Rogers, Acieno dates

Rogers, Alfred E.5 Dec 188626 Jun 1960
Rogers, Amanda E. w/o James W.22 Jan 184228 Apr 1925
Rogers, Bufford8 Apr 190724 May 1936
Rogers, Callie w/o Tom M.18741954
Rogers, Calvinno dates

Rogers, Children of Frank B. & Esta C. (5 graves)no dates

Rogers, Clara d/o Frank B. & Esta C.10 Mar 192221 Jun 1951
Rogers, Claudia E. (Dickey) d/o James Isaac & Savannah Ann (Brigham) w/o Irving Lavestal20 May 190214 Mar 1982SSDI
Rogers, Dora w/o G.N.18821930
Rogers, Elmer Lesley s/o James Miles & Mary Elizabeth (Fink)29 Aug 188812 Aug 1900
Rogers, Esta C. w/o Frank B.18901952
Rogers, Everett Earl (Mason)22 Jul 1902 7 Jul 1973SSDI
Rogers, Frank B.3 Oct 1885Nov 1967SSDI
Rogers, G.N.18821957
Rogers, Inez L. "Garee" (Eastern Star) w/o Irving Lavestal 31 Dec 190721 Aug 1988SSDI
Rogers, Infantno dates

Rogers, Inf. d/o Tom M. & CallieB & D21 Mar 1916
Rogers, Inf./o G.N. & Dorano dates

Rogers, Irving Lavestal "Rog" (Mason)18 Aug 19001 Dec 1965SSDI
Rogers, James Miles24 Nov 185729 Mar 1939
Rogers, James S.27 Oct 189416 Apr 1895
Rogers, James W.22 Jun 184228 Apr 1925
Rogers, James W. Civil War 14th Kansas Cav. Co. L 1861-6513 Nov 183114 Apr 1917
Rogers, Jess Civil Warno dates

Rogers, Mary Elizabeth (Fink) d/o George Riley & Lavinia (Lipe) w/o James Miles25 Jan 18533 Oct 1911
Rogers, Mary L. (Sharp) d/o Spencer R. & Julia A. (Fink) w/o William J.23 Jan 186121 Oct 1904
Rogers, Osby Larenzo PFC US Army WWII
Osby Rogers & Sonny Dickey had the two acres of Liberty School and Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery surveyed and platted in 2000
Additional Info from Karen Thompson
18 Jun 191623 Jan 2002
Rogers, Pearl Marie w/o Everett Earl28 Feb 192031 May 1985
Rogers, Ruth Isabelleno dates

Rogers, Tom M.14 Jan 187028 Mar 1921
Rogers, Ursie M.8 May 189922 Aug 1899
Rogers, Versia A. w/o Alfred E.26 Aug 188915 Feb 1976
Rogers, WillardMay 1908Oct 1910
Rogers, William J. "Willie" (hammer, anvil, blacksmith)Jan 18651951
Rynders, Margarette Gertrude d/o Delbert Faradice & Nellie Mae (Dickey)12 Feb 19312 Jun 1942
Scrivner, Infantno dates

Smoluck, Edward Mike "Eddy" s/o Joseph Frank20 Jan 19204 Jul 1997SSDI
Smoluck, Frank P. Tec 4 US Army s/o Joseph Frank24 Feb 19151 Nov 1980SSDI
Smoluck, Joseph Frank b. Poland12 Mar 189315 Jun 1959
Snodderly, Edith w/o Orestus Herbert1874 1935
Snodderly, Jasper "Joker"14 Jun 19087 May 1942
Snodderly, Minnie10 Feb 19117 May 1942
Snodderly, Orestus Herbert15 Dec 18681 Dec 1948
Snodderly, Robert20 Aug 19377 May 1942
Squires, Clarence s/o Robert N. & Julia E. (Mason)
Additional Info from Ruby O.
14 Jul 190320 Oct 1906
Squires, Julia E. "Mae" (Mason) Cherry Melchor d/o Thomas M/1 Albert W. Cherry M/2 George M. Melchor M/3 Robert N. Squires
Additional Info from Ruby O.
25 Dec 186517 May 1934
Squires, Robert N.
Additional Info from Ruby O.
no dateafter 1937
Stapleton, F.M.18601930
Stapleton, Mary w/o F.M.18651940
Stapleton, William F. Ark Pfc. Co. D. 359 Inf. WWII5 May 19094 Sep 1969SSDI
Studebaker, A.M.31 Jan 18273 May 1909
Studebaker, Enos9 Oct 18415 Jan 1905
Taylor, Francis "Aunt Frank"no dates

Teague, Henry18471903
Thomas, William J. Civil War Co. A 145 Ohio N.G. 1861-65no dates

Valentine, Ada F. w/o Alson A.23 Jan 18659 May 1951
Valentine, Alson A.16 Jan 18602 May 1932
Valentine, Christine Anita12 Nov 192520 Nov 1925
Valentine, Emery E. "Papa" f/o Rose Dixon14 Dec 189318 Nov 1982SSDI
Valentine, Fentress s/o Alson A. & Ada F.24 May 189829 Aug 1899
Valentine, J. Eustace Ark. Cpl. Btry. F. 142 Arty. WWI28 May 189520 Jan 1973WWIR
Valentine, Kathleen24 Jun 1918Living
Valentine, Lelia18911939
Valentine, Pearl "Mother" w/o J. Eustace5 Oct 189625 Apr 1963
Valentine, Rosa E. (Apple) "Nanny" w/o Emery E. m/o Rose Dixon9 Dec 190126 Jan 1983SSDI
Valentine, Waldo Ray1 Jan 19256 Jan 1925
Ward, Ellen E. w/o William L.13 Dec 1871 7 Mar 1958
Ward, William L.31 Aug 186721 Jun 1953
Whitwell, Hugh Elvis "Mack"5 Mar 19023 Apr 1967SSDI
Whitwell, Lydia Golda (Dickey) d/o James Isaac & Savannah Ann (Brigham) w/o Hugh Elvis14 Jan 189820 Feb 1999SSDI
Woods, ----------no dates

Zeiler, Andrew D.21 Aug 187430 Jan 1972SSDI
Zeiler, Laura Lee w/o Andrew D.13 Sep 18873 Aug 1973SSDI
Zeiler, Opal Lee16 Feb 193027 Mar 1967
Zeiler, Thelma w/o Opal Lee13 Oct 1932 24 Dec 1967
Zeiler, Tomey Lee10 May 196518 Feb 1967

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