Harkey's Valley Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

William Monroe & Emma Dooley Harkey donated the land on which Harkey's Valley Cemetery sits. From Dardanelle, take Highway 27 to Chickalah. After you cross Chickalah Creek, turn right. Stay on main road for approximately 7 miles. Cemetery will be on the left side of the road.

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Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adney, Charles (child)no dates

Adney, Rev. James Dunn b. Shropshire, England3 Jul 18111 Jan 1875
Adney, Mary E. (Jones) Duncan w/o Rev. James Dunn b. Blount Co., AL17 Dec 18154 Nov 1875
Barber, Melissa Gail d/o Richard & Gerldene8 Nov 1960 12 Feb 1961
Barber, Stacy Brooke d/o David & Debbie (Miller)24 Dec 197530 Jan 1988
Barnett, Henryno dates

Bates, Albert Ozias (no marker) s/o Amon & Ethel29 Dec 192929 Dec 1929
Bates, Alex9 Apr 184611 Apr 1917
Bates, Alexander Dallas s/o Alex & Mary Margaret (Williams)29 Aug 188412 Feb 1970SSDI
Bates, Alvin S. Ark Pvt. USA WWI 7 Inf. 3rd Div. s/o Alex & Mary Margaret (Williams)ca. Dec 189215 Jul 1918WWIR
Bates, Amos Brown WWI s/o Alex & Mary Margaret (Williams)24 Feb 18959 Jul 1976WWIR SSDI
Bates, Annie (Barnett) w/o Alexander Dallas d/o ----- & Addie (Bunch)27 Feb 189015 Oct 1961
Bates, Babies c/o Utah M. & Ozie (six graves)no marker

Bates, Bonnie Arvelle d/o Amon & Ethel7 Apr 191920 May 1919
Bates, F.O. s/o Alexander Dallas19201921
Bates, Freman Odis s/o Alexander Dallas & Annie (Barnett)7 Nov 192113 Feb 1922
Bates, Inf. s/o Amos Brown & Ruby Ulena (Higgins)no marker

Bates, Jimmie Ray s/o Amos Brown & Ruby Ulena (Higgins) h/o Jane31 Jul 193318 Sep 2007SSDI
Bates, Mary Margaret (Williams) w/o Alex24 Jan 185524 Nov 1927
Bates, Ruby Ulena (Higgins) w/o Amos Brown17 Nov 190319 Jul 1982
Bates, Utah M. s/o Alex & Mary Margaret (Williams)28 Jul 18874 Dec 1970SSDI
Bethel, Arvil McKinley11 Nov 194119 May 1986
Boling, Elmer Newton s/o Jesse Fremont & Ruthie Ann (Weems)10 Sep 18878 Jan 1933
Boling, Fred Henry s/o Jesse Fremont & Ruthie Ann (Weems)7 Nov 188919 Jun 1952
Boling, Jesse Fremont23 Mar 186222 Aug 1935
Boling, Melinda Louisa "Loue" (Harkey) w/o Elmer Newton d/o William M. & Emma Caroline (Dooley)31 Jul 18885 Sep 1950
Boling, Ola Viney (Harkey) w/o Fred Henry d/o Wilson & Virginia Caroline (Dooley)26 Mar 188926 Jul 1975
Boling, Ruthie Ann (Weems) w/o Jesse Fremont11 Feb 186411 Jul 1939
Brewer, Clara Belle (Rector) d/o James Bennett & Millie M. (Hampton) w/o James Horace1 Sep 18866 Mar 1926
Brewer, James Horace9 Dec 187715 Sep 1914
Caldwell, Mary (Pitts) M/1 Tom Taylor M/2 --- Caldwellno dates23 Sep 1913
Caldwell, Maxine d/o Marcus Pless & Sally Elsie (Reynolds)19251930
Cale, Minerva Ann w/o Labern13 Apr 1863 9 Jul 1935
Carroll, Archie7 Aug 190921 Mar 1990
Carroll, Doyle Maye (Jaggers) d/o Thomas & Minnie w/o Archie22 Apr 19151 Mar 2003SSDI
Carroll, Hanna Jacksonno dates

Carroll, L.C.186023 Feb 1912
Carroll, Rebecca Caroline (Moudy) w/o William Richardson12 Jan 18301 Jan 1899
Carroll, William Richardons26 Oct 1818 21 Jun 1896
Con, Alleyno dates

Corley, Odessa Kirkwood18951918
Crowder, Francis Marion7 Jan 186110 Jan 1940
Crowder, Mary Ann M/1 James Moudy m/o Jim Moudy4 Apr 185231 Jul 1936
Davis, Tillie K.18871972
Gateley, Henry Chambers s/o William K. & Mary (Chambers) M/1 Martha (Wallingsford) d/o Isaac & Nancy M/2 Judith D. (Humphries) d/o Hostiess & Pheby29 May 181618 Jan 1883
Gateley, Irvin Archie s/o Henry Chambers & Judith D. (Humphries)4 Feb 186017 Feb 1936
Gateley, Mable w/o H.E.11 Oct 188521 Oct 1915
Gateley, Mary (Cook) w/o Irvin Archie no marker7 Feb 186030 Aug 1946
Goff, Lawanda24 Sep 19339 Dec 1985SSDI
Gravley, Inf. d/o Fountain & Maudno dates

Gravley, Maud (Kirkwood) w/o Fountain d/o Tom & Mandy (Moudy)18881911
Green, Bennie Ozy19061906
Green, Cora F.18781894
Green, James Willis buried National Cemetery, Little Rock, AR s/o Thomas W. & Mary26 Feb 184326 Jul 1914
Green, Leola Gale19071907
Green, Mary Ellen (Jenkins) w/o James Willis6 Jun 184519 Feb 1933
Green, Mary Emmaline12 May 187113 Feb 1901
Green, Roy Sybert s/o J.H. & Rilla26 Jul 190730 Jan 1908
Green, Sybil May d/o J.H. & Rilla12 Dec 190014 Jul 1902
Green, Vera Estle19081908
Gunter, Alice d/o William Monroe & Tempe J. (Roland)3 Jan 187230 Apr 1947
Gunter, Tempe J. (Roland) w/o William Monroe19 Jan 18431 Nov 1898
Gunter, William Monroe (Mason) s/o Thomas Goodson & Mary Ann (Moore)3 Aug 183712 Feb 1885
Gunter, Zadie d/o William Monroe & Tempe J. (Roland)9 Mar 18761 Nov 1898
Hammons, ----------no dates

Hammons, China m/o Willie18541939
Hammons, Fatherno dates

Hammons, Jim no marker186019--
Hammons, Mary Nellie16 Apr 19065 Apr 1913
Hancock, Eunice Marie no marker d/o Joseph Henry & Arminta Elizabeth "Minnie" (Downs)
Additional Info by Lacey Warnick
21 Aug 190621 Dec 1983 SSDI
Hancock, Robert Lee s/o Joseph Henry & Arminta Elizabeth (Downs)16 May 192314 Jul 1998SSDI
Hanna, James F.21 Dec 187428 Aug 1876
Harkey, A.C. s/o William M. & Emma Caroline (Dooley)22 Jan 18838 Feb 1887
Harkey, Adam s/o William Monroe & Mary Polly (Wiggins) 18621904
Harkey, Adam & Paul19051905
Harkey, Birdieno dates

Harkey, Clara (Miller)w/o John PortlandMay 18881910
Harkey, Emma Caroline (Dooley) w/o William M.26 Jan 186023 Dec 1931
Harkey, Isaac Wilson "Ike" s/o Wilson Monroe & Mary Polly (Wiggins) h/o Virginia Caroline (Dooly) (M) 22 Sep 1879 parents of ten children17 Aug 185726 Dec 1934
Harkey, James Thomas "Jim" s/o Moses Isiah & Nancy Jane (McCarley)18591909
Harkey, Janeno dates

Harkey, Jesse L. s/o Isaac Wilson & Virginia Caroline (Dooley)6 Sep 188414 Apr 1961
Harkey, John Albert s/o Wilson Monroe & Mary Polly (Wiggins)9 Nov 185428 Jan 1938
Harkey, John Portland s/o John Albert & Martha Frances (Gateley)1 Oct 188330 Apr 1974
Harkey, Jonce Lamartine s/o William M. & Emma Caroline (Dooley)18901934
Harkey, Martha Frances (Gateley) w/o John Albert d/o Henry Chambers & Martha (Wallingsford)7 Sep 185528 Feb 1935
Harkey, Mary Polly (Wiggins) w/o Wilson Monroe m/o Isaac Wilson, John Albert, Adam, Monroe & Syntha Ann1828no date
Harkey, Moses Isiah Jr. s/o Moses Isiah & Hester J. (Conley)8 Dec 18761 Jul 1922
Harkey, Moses Isiah Sr.4 Mar 18325 Apr 1917
Harkey, Nancy Jane (McCarley) w/o Moses Isiah14 Feb 183726 Apr 1933
Harkey, Orbie M.19161917
Harkey, Rebecca (Martin) w/o Adam18591887
Harkey, Rosetta E. (Tucker) w/o Moses Isiah Jr.1879Jun 1972
Harkey, Sons of L.M.no dates

Harkey, Sufronia (Bates) w/o Jesse L. d/o Alex & Mary Margaret (Williams)18917 Jun 1963
72 yr

Harkey, Theron19141916
Harkey, Twins c/o John & Maryno dates

Harkey, W.I. s/o William M. & Emma Caroline (Dooley)21 Oct 188418 Oct 1891
Harkey, William M. "Billy" s/o Moses Isiah & Nancy Jane (McCarley)4 Jan 185913 Jan 1934
Harkey, Wilson M. s/o John Albert & Martha Frances (Gateley)23 Jan 18803 Aug 1954
Harkey, Wilson Monroe s/o Levi & Julia Ann (Lipe) f/o Isaac Wilson, John Albert, Adam, Monroe, and Syntha Ann13 Aug 182823 Oct 1864
Harkey, Mary Francis10 Dec 19011 Dec 1902
Harris, Sue25 Nov 18563 Sep 1920
Heffington, Martha w/o Willie25 Jan 1890 15 Oct 1910
Hull, J. Allen18271903
Hull, Nancy M. w/o J. Allen18731907
Hurst, Clem M. s/o Jim & Annie8 Feb 188428 Oct 1925
Hurst, Minnie (Morgan) d/o John W. & Syntha Ann (Harkey) w/o Clem M.5 Mar 1883ca 1916
J. initials carved on wood W.T.J.no dates

Jackson, Eunie d/o G.B. & Margaret25 Jul --------- 1886
Jackson, Flora d/o Pete & Cora (Collins)25 Feb 19113 Dec 1912
Jackson, Jerry Wayne s/o Sidney Ely & Pearlie (Butler) 12 Feb 19468 Aug 2004SSDI
Jackson, Joseph A. USA WWI Tx Pvt. 143 Inf. 36 Div.19 Jan 18928 Jul 1952
Jackson, Margaret (Baker) w/o G.B.1882 7 Jan 1921
Jackson, Ples------------2 Aug 1885
Jackson, Rosa6 Jul 18929 Mar 1970
Jackson, Sidney Ely s/o Pete & Cora (Collins) h/o Pearlie (Butler)22 Feb 19177 Jun 2009
Jennings, Maryno marker

Jetton, Orlenano marker1957
Jones, Effie Leeno dates

Kassaw, Calvin Morris Sr. s/o Clarence & Verna (Byers) 21 Jun 192817 Aug 1998SSDI
Kassaw, Rosemary Louise (Steiner) d/o David G. & Louella Mae (Moser) w/o Calvin Morris Sr.14 Oct 19302 Sep 2008SSDI
Kester, Etta A.
Additional Info from Judy Metcalf
22 Feb 187119 Jan 1937
Kirkwood, Amanda Ann w/o Thomas B.1858 9 Dec 1953
95 yr 7 mo 23 ds

Kirkwood, Benny1886---
Kirkwood, Freemon s/o Jim & Hester19021918
Kirkwood, Henry F.18831925
Kirkwood, Hester w/o Jim186722 May 1955
Kirkwood, Inf. s/o Thomas & Amandano dates

Kirkwood, James Henry Civil War CSA Co E 4th Ark Cav. b. Warren Co., MS h/o Amanda Elizabeth (Moudy)
Additional Info from Debbie
14 Oct 18241906
Kirkwood, Jim18571932
Kirkwood, John Henry s/o James Henry & Amanda Elizabeth (Moudy) h/o Exey Lucinda (Sugg)7 Feb 1845no date
Kirkwood, Lillian19081909
Kirkwood, Thomas B. b/o Jim18551931
Kirkwood, Willie Evelyn18931895
Madden, Cordelia Emmaline15 Mar 18575 Apr 1929
Malone, Lila (Hurst) w/o Jim d/o Jim & Annie18871958
Malone, Marie d/o Jim & Lila (Hurst)19101938
Martin, Cecil Kurnno marker

Martin, Grover C. h/o Mae (Caldwell)22 Dec 19078 Jun 1992SSDI
Martin, Inf. d/o Grover & May (Caldwell) no markerB & D27 Nov 1935
Martin, John L.22 Dec 190928 Oct 1973SSDI
Martin, Mary Caroline (Caldwell) d/o Marcus Pless & Sally Elsie (Reynolds) w/o John L.28 Aug 190927 Jun 2003SSDI
McBride, Inf. c/o Jim & Elsa (two graves)no dates

McCain, Rosie E. (Harkey) d/o Moses Isaiah & Rhoda E. (Wiggins)27 Dec 18786 Jun 1971SSDI
McClintock, Bobby G. h/o Sandra (Miller)26 Feb 193915 Feb 1989SSDI
McCutcheon, ------------ can't readno dates

McCutcheon, Augustus Lee28 Sep 188320 Nov 1967SSDI
McCutcheon, Inf. d/o Sam & Susieno dates

McCutcheon, Lillie Leoma (Harkey) d/o Isaac Wilson & Virginia Caroline (Dooley) w/o Augustus Lee14 Nov 188421 Jun 1974SSDI
McCutcheon, Samuel L. Civil War CSA Pvt. Co. B 1st Regt. Tenn. Inf.11 Aug 18324 Oct 1909CPF
McCutcheon, W.R. s/o Sam & Susie1911 1912
Melcher, Vernon E. Jr.29 Nov 193611 Aug 1981SSDI
Moore, John Earl s/o Burley & Meda Ellen (West)14 Apr 19426 Oct 2008SSDI
Moore, John J.6 Feb 182920 Aug 1858
Moore, Thompson War of 181222 May 1796 27 Dec 1862
Morgan, Addie (Dallahan) w/o Lemoine Elmer16 Jul 188811 Oct 1970
Morgan, Hardy s/o John W. & Syntha Ann (Harkey)18841888
Morgan, John W.18521893
Morgan, LaFayette H. USA WWI Co. H 38 Inf. 3rd Div. killed in action s/o John W. & Syntha Ann (Harkey)21 Feb 1890 8 Oct 1918WWIR
Morgan, Lemoine Elmer "Sonny"18 Feb 1886 26 Sep 1974
Morgan, Lillie19 May 191127 Mar 1924
Morgan, Loyd Glenn s/o Elmer1 Apr 1916 7 Aug 1949
Morgan, Luther L. s/o John W. & Syntha Ann (Harkey)15 Sep 187914 Dec 1943
Morgan, William T. "Sunny" s/o John W. & Syntha Ann (Harkey) b/o Minnie M. Hurst10 Sep 188122 May 1917
Moss, Tommy E. (Fesmire) s/o Hilton & Edna Lynn (Fincher) Fesmire step-s/o J.D. Moss h/o Shirley (Smith)27 Sep 19665 Aug 2006SSDI
Moudy, Allie E. w/o John H.24 Oct 1886 12 Aug 1901
Moudy, Ambrose P.18261892
Moudy, Clinton s/o Lige & Lizzieno dates

Moudy, Clomer P. s/o Jim & Rilla (Wiggins)24 Dec 19107 Oct 1974
Moudy, Cordelia F. w/o J.18 Nov 185624 Dec 1934
Moudy, Daniel Jackson s/o Ambrose D. & Sarah23 Oct 184527 Mar 1913
Moudy, Hubert Earl27 Nov 190918 Jan 1913
Moudy, Inf.13 Oct 1871Nov 1871
Moudy, Inf./o Lige & Lizzieno dates

Moudy, J. Clomer s/o Jim24 Dec 19117 Oct 1974
Moudy, James C. s/o Ambrose P. & Sarah8 Feb 184821 May 1882
Moudy, John H. (W of W)1 Jun 18619 Aug 1905
Moudy, John L.27 Dec 1888Aug 1889
Moudy, L. Jim "Slim" s/o James & Mary Ann (Carroll)21 Oct 188325 Dec 1915
Moudy, Linnie12 Feb 1883--------
Moudy, Linnie C.22 Sep 184214 May 1885
Moudy, Mary Caroline d/o Ambrose & Sarah18501933
Moudy, Nancy Caroline (Tulley) w/o Dxaniel Jacksonca. 186125 Mar 1889
Moudy, Orphus s/o J.H. & S.M.9 Dec 190321 Sep 1904
Moudy, Rilla (Wiggins) w/o L. Jim19 Apr 188827 May 1915
Moudy, Sarah E.15 Oct 184425 Sep 1880
Moudy, Sarah I.C.18 Sep 186913 Feb 1892
Moudy, Sarah P. w/o Ambrose P.18201901
Moudy, Velma d/o Lige & Lizzieno dates

Murdock, Albert Floyd s/o Grover Cleveland & Aggie Leona (Harkey)6 Jul 19078 Apr 1910
Nail, Sybil Belle (Robinson) Rector d/o Riley & Artie (Gunter) M/1 Melvin Turner Rector M/2 Pete Nail28 Nov 190910 Jul 2005SSDI
Nichols, Donnano dates

Nichols, Parthenia "Sue"
Nichols, W.R. "Burl"
O'Gwynn, Bertina (Tucker) d/o Bert Dearl & Delilah Francis (Hancock) w/o James L.31 Jan 193923 Jul 2003SSDI
Owen, Alice A.31 Jul 189714 Aug 1899
Owen, Anthum18821958
Owen, Matthew W.18711918
Palmer, Joseph William1 Jan 18844 Nov 1973SSDI
Palmer, L.M.24 Aug 184423 Apr 1905
Palmer, Macie Dove (Harkey) d/o John Albert & Martha Frances (Gateley) w/o Joseph William12 Jul 189312 Oct 1950
Parham, Inf.no dates

Patterson, Shirley Mae (Martin) d/o Grover & Mae (Caldwell)9 Oct 194114 Jun 1997SSDI
Pence, Marion Thompson Civil War CSA Co. A 36th Ark. Inf. & Cav. h/o Fannie Mae11 Jun 18446 Sep 1919CPF
Phillips, Mrs. Bruceno dates

Pitts, Ellen S. (Vanhorn) w/o W.H. d/o John H. & Eliza 28 Mar 187217 Dec 1942
Pitts, Fred J. s/o Henry & Ellen (Vanhorn)6 Jan 1906Feb 1972SSDI
Pitts, Lillian (Bates) w/o Lora Deward29 Mar 191926 Mar 1991SSDI
Pitts, Lora Deward s/o Henry & Ellen (Vanhorn)25 Aug 191017 Feb 1969SSDI
Pitts, Lorenzo D. Civil War CSA Co E 2nd Ark Cav. s/o Isaac & Nancy Mariah20 Nov 184421 Jul 1930
Pitts, Martha J.17 Jan 18465 Jan 1924
Pitts, Nancy M.13 Apr 18171 Aug 1887
Pitts, Sylvia (Morgan) w/o Elmer19 Jan 190728 May 1926
Pitts, Vera Celesta (Tucker) w/o Fred J. d/o William Richard & Phoebe Jane (Harkey)11 Sep 190626 Jul 1974SSDI
Pratt, David b. TN
Additional Info from Debbie
Pratt, Sarah Fannie "Sallie" (Kirkwood) b. AR w/o David d/o James Henry & Amanda Elizabeth (Moudy)
Additional Info from Debbie
25 Feb 1862unknown
Rector, Bulah Ola (Pitts) w/o George Leonard21 Dec 18915 Jun 1970
Rector, Everett Newman s/o George Leonard & Bulah Ola (Pitts)26 Dec 191515 Jun 1917
Rector, George Leonard s/o James Bennett & Millie M. (Hampton)30 Jan 18849 Feb 1968
Rector, James Bennett "Jim" of Pittsburg, TN s/o Mark & Elizabeth (Walker)10 Jun 185422 Sep 1929
Rector, Jessie Lee s/o Robert Lee Sr. & Mary Whitecloud (Teague)3 Jan 190310 Mar 1924
Rector, Laura Belle d/o George Leonard & Bulah Ola (Pitts)11 Nov 19091 Jul 1911
Rector, Mary Whitecloud (Teague) w/o Robert Lee Sr. d/o Henry & Rhoda Ann (Beene)8 Jan 186518 Sep 1913
Rector, Melvin Turner "Doc" s/o Robert Lee Sr. & Mary Whitecloud (Teague) h/o Sybil Belle (Robinson)2 Jun 190721 Feb 1998SSDI
Rector, Millie M. (Hampton) of So. Pittsburg, TN w/o James Bennett d/o George Claiborne Sr. & Rachel Nancy (Payne)15 Jan 185513 Dec 1929
Rector, Opal R. s/o Melvin Turner & Sybil Belle (Robinson)B & D23 May 1941
Reed, -------- s/o Addyno dates

Reed, Noah s/o Alfred Dan & Ruth Ann (Logan)ca. Feb 1860before 1900
Reynolds, Nancy C.15 Feb 187216 Aug 1935
Rice, Syntha Ann (Harkey) Sugg Morgan d/o Wilson Monroe & Mary Polly (Wiggins) M/1 James Ezra Sugg M/2 John W. Morgan M/3 M.O. Rice 18 Jul 18511907
Rice, W.L. (Mason)17 Apr 187118 Apr 1905
Robinson, Artie (Gunter) d/o W.M. & Tempy J. w/o Riley 27 Dec 187318 Jan 1936
Robinson, Bessie d/o Riley21 Mar 191112 Jun 1911
Robinson, Brown21 Mar 191129 May 1911
Robinson, Delbert E. Ark Pfc. USA WWII 268 Base Unit A.A.F. s/o Riley29 Aug 19138 Apr 1956
Robinson, Elbert s/o Riley twin/o Delbert29 Aug 19133 Feb 1914
Robinson, Inf.no dates

Robinson, Isaac Civil War CSA Co. I 1st Ark. Inf.no dates

Rutledge, Mary E. d/o J. & M.E.B & D1929
Scott, Donald Coy s/o Coy & Florence24 Jul 194416 Aug 1988
Scott, Eva Ann d/o J.W. & Oma L.23 Feb 19117 Dec 1923
Scott, Jack s/o Berry L. & Inez (Cecil) h/o Pearl (Tucker)23 Apr 191727 Dec 1989SSDI
Scott, James Morgan h/o Sue6 Oct 191416 Jan 1988
Scott, James William
Additional Info from Jo Johns
2 Oct 187426 May 1949
Scott, Oma Lillian (Morgan) w/o James William
Additional Info from Jo Johns
26 Feb 188817 Mar 1959
Shirley, Joyce M. (Owens) w/o Paul d/o Matt & Anthem (Wiggins)189910 Jan 1968
Shirley, Paul M.11 Nov 1897Apr 1971SSDI
Stephen, Charles L. (child)no dates

Stephens, Adano dates

Stephens, D.J.19111952
Stephens, Roscoeno dates

Sugg, James Ezra s/o Simeon & Sarah185027 Nov 1877
Suggs, Sinda (Pitts) d/o Lorenzo D. & Martha J.no dates

Taylor, Ada Alma (Green) w/o Henry Jackson (M) 22 Sep 1901 d/o J.W. & Mary Ellen (Jenkins) Green18821951
Taylor, Delbert11 Oct 18989 Feb 1971SSDI
Taylor, Henry Jackson27 Mar 187715 May 1969SSDI
Taylor, Inf.19021902
Taylor, Inf. c/o Henry Jackson & Ada Alma (Green)19181918
Taylor, Melissia Modenia "Deanny" (Harkey) d/o John Albert & Martha Frances (Gateley) w/o Samca 187814 May 1953
Taylor, Tom W.----1904
Taylor, Vada (Harkey) w/o Delbert16 Oct 18941 Oct 1972SSDI
Teague, Lemuel Matthew9 Feb 18727 Apr 1943
Teague, Rhoda Ann (Beene) d/o Robert & Sarah (Wynne) w/o Henry1837ca. 1926
Teague, Sarah Jane (McCallie) d/o Thomas John & Elizabeth Jane (Long) w/o Lemuel Matthew31 Aug 187427 Dec 1937
Tucker, ------------- s/o Floidno dates

Tucker, Beckieno dates

Tucker, Bert Dearl s/o Jesse James
Additional Info by Lacey Warnick
30 Apr 190924 Aug 1964
Tucker, Charles Clayton "Clate" f/o Sam s/o Paul F. & Sarah A.17 Dec 18579 Aug 1934
Tucker, Charles S. s/o Charles Clayton & Mary Josephine (Boggins)May 1896no date
Tucker, Clide Inf. s/o J.J. & Victoriano dates

Tucker, Delilah Francis (Hancock) d/o Joseph Henry & Minnie Elizabeth (Downs) w/o Bert Dearl11 Jun 19094 Jun 1998SSDI
Tucker, Edith24 Jul 190631 Aug 1910
Tucker, Elmer24 Aug 189928 Sep 1899
Tucker, Elsie24 Apr 190327 Jun 1903
Tucker, Flora Lee w/o Hayden29 Jul 1911 8 Apr 1986
Tucker, Hayden V. s/o James (Gene)16 Aug 191412 Mar 1971
Tucker, Inf. d/o A.D. & MyrtleB & D16 May 1910
Tucker, Jack J. s/o Clate19 Feb 18753 Jul 1952
Tucker, James Ernest s/o Charles Clayton & Mary Josephine (Boggins)1892before 1900
Tucker, Jesse Jamesno dates

Tucker, Linie d/o Dickieno dates

Tucker, Lot T. s/o Charles Clayton & Mary Josephine (Boggins)Feb 1891no date
Tucker, Loueizyno dates

Tucker, M.L.no dates

Tucker, Marion W. (Mason) s/o Solomon & Martha6 Nov 185930 Mar 1908
Tucker, Maryno dates

Tucker, Mary Josephine (Boggins) w/o Charles Clayton3 May 187016 Oct 1949
Tucker, Oria d/o William Richard & Phoebe Jane (Harkey) 18871943
Tucker, Paul F. s/o Jacob & Martha (Wiggins)18351902
Tucker, Phoebe Jane (Harkey) w/o William Richard d/o John Albert & Martha Frances (Gateley)18761960
Tucker, R.E. or R.L.18 Apr 187710 Mar 1914
Tucker, Robert Lee s/o Joe & Beulah2 yr 1 mo 23 ds26 Sep 1963
Tucker, Sarah A. (either Rogers or Westmoreland) w/o Paul F.
Additional Info from Eric Williams
25 Nov 183122 Oct 1898
Tucker, Solomon s/o Jacob & Martha (Wiggins) Civil War Union Co. H 3rd Ark Cav.6 Mar 183823 Feb 1916
Tucker, Stella L. d/o Charles Clayton & Mary Josephine (Boggins)Jan 1900ca. 1916
Tucker, Victoria (Adney) w/o Jesse Jamesno marker

Tucker, William Everette31 May 190817 May 1909
Tucker, William Richard s/o Solomon & Martha18681938
Vanhorn, Elizabeth F. w/o John H.18451932
Vanhorn, John H.
7 Apr 1926
Warren, Kandi Kay d/o Joe & Sandra (Martin) no markerB & D1969
Waters, Lilac w/o Ray FHM19 Mar 191516 Feb 1991
Wiggins, Lucinda G.17 Mar 183016 Jan 1878
Wiggins, Opal18 Jun 190928 Jul 1911
Wiggins, Vernon10 Dec 191029 Jul 1911
Williams, J.P.25 Nov 186627 Apr 1922
Woolley, Fannie21 Apr 188611 Dec 1918
Woolley, Inf./o G.H. & Fannieno dates

Wright, Children no namesno dates

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