Hamilton Cemetery, on Round Mountain, near Rose Creek, Perry County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 27 Sep 1994 by Julia Taylor and Cornelia Daniels. From Centerville take Hwy. 154 East to Junction of Hwy. 155. Turn right, go about 3 miles to Junction 324, turn left. Cemetery is on left side of Hwy. about 1 1/2 to 2 miles in Perry County, Arkansas.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Addie, Fay H. w/o Cleve31 May 19313 Dec 1998SSDI
Ashcraft, A.M.18781906
Ashcraft, Calvin Monroe10 Apr 185813 May 1931
Ashcraft, Dilly w/o Joe18671947
Ashcraft, J.A.26 Apr 183511 Dec 1922
Ashcraft, Joe18651941
Ashcraft, Kermit A.11 Dec 191918 Sep 1994SSDI
Ashcraft, Lilburn s/o W.E. & L.E.4 Jun 190511 Aug 1905
Ashcraft, Luther H.22 Jan 189529 Apr 1994
Ashcraft, S.H.14 Mar 184527 Feb 1928
Ashcraft, Vera Almedia d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.A.4 Jan 19168 Sep 1916
Baker, Jewelno dates

Barnes, Dovie Mae w/o William Leo3 Feb 191328 Apr 1974
Barnes, William Leo24 Mar 191128 Nov 1996SSDI
Barrett, Irene Dimp w/o Robert L.27 Oct 1912Living
Barrett, Robert L.6 Aug 191618 Jul 1992
Billings, M.S.J. d/o E.F. & J.A.26 Dec 187125 Aug 1880
Bridgman, Dorothy N.27 Apr 19233 Dec 2001
Chappell, Alene19201931
Chappell, Edith (Wade) w/o Luther T.3 Sep 188830 Oct 1957
Chappell, Jennyno dates

Chappell, Luther T.2 Oct 188631 Aug 1956
Chappell, Maxine19261928
Chappell, Mirion15 Feb 190610 Mar 1906
Chappell, Rufus C.18629 Jun 1950
Cody, Allie (Hamtiton) w/o L.A.29 Dec 189510 Jun 1979
Cody, Bertha Irean w/o Sam Huston17 Mar 18982 Apr 1983SSDI
Cody, Celestia w/o Cleve C.11 Jul 1907 9 Feb 1986SSDI
Cody, Cleve C. (M) 20 Aug 192226 Nov 19024 Jul 1983SSDI
Cody, Collins Sr.3 Jan 189515 Oct 1992
Cody, Gladys27 Dec 191616 Jun 1920
Cody, Infant s/o Wilburn & Mittieno dates

Cody, J.J. h/o Anna15 Apr 19233 Nov 2002SSDI
Cody, Keith O.28 Aug 19607 Mar 1994SSDI
Cody, L.A.20 Jul 18934 Nov 1950
Cody, Lavae27 Oct 19154 Feb 1916
Cody, Lonzo17 Mar 19172 Dec 1980SSDI
Cody, Olin Dale24 Jul 192421 Nov 1924
Cody, Oma (Smith) w/o C.E.23 Jul 189714 Nov 1978
Cody, Rhoda18501900
Cody, Baby Rubyno dates

Cody, S.J. w/o W.C.18731941
Cody, Sam Huston5 Oct 18988 Apr 1938
Cody, Vader18921899
Cody, W.C.18701949
Cook, Alta5 Feb 189711 Sep 1921
Cowan, A.R.18521919
Evans, Bethel d/o R. Emmett & Rilla H.B & D4 Jun 1925
Evans, Jodie L. s/o R. Emmett & Rilla H.1 Nov 1947

Evans, Martha P. Caudell Bird9 Mar 1873 1895
Evans, R. Emmett5 Oct 1902Living
Evans, Rilla H. w/o R. Emmett16 Apr 1905 6 Apr 1980SSDI
Gossage, Patricia Ann28 Aug 194730 Oct 1947
Gresham, James19001930
Hale, Julia1900May 1921
Hamilton, Adano dates

Hamilton, Austonno dates

Hamilton, Baby of John W.B & D1914
Hamilton, Baby of John W.B & D1917
Hamilton, Baby of John W.B & D1927
Hamilton, Baby of John W.B & D1929
Hamilton, Baby of John W.B & D1935
Hamilton, Bertha w/o Frank (M) 20 Feb 192718 Apr 1907Living
Hamilton, Delbert L. s/o Frank & Erma (Cummins)19161920
Hamilton, Donald Ray s/o James Albert19 Jul 19415 Aug 1941
Hamilton, Dorthy A.19151924
Hamilton, Emma w/o J.R.24 Dec 186827 Dec 1937
Hamilton, Ethel w/o Joe (carved on rock)9 Jul 18844 Jun 1910
Hamilton, Frank8 Jan 190320 Feb 1976SSDI
Hamilton, Frankie Jane18961914
Hamilton, Ila (Chappell) w/o Robert Pinky26 Dec 188022 Jan 1965
Hamilton, J.L. (Mason)17 May 183830 Jan 1909
Hamilton, J.R.7 Sep 18698 Feb 1941
Hamilton, James Albert29 Mar 19192 Aug 1982
Hamilton, John W.14 Jul 18844 Apr 1966
Hamilton, Lonnie Calvin22 Sep 190611 Jul 1982SSDI
Hamilton, Mamie J. w/o John W.22 Aug 18944 Oct 1972
Hamilton, Mary C.8 Jan 184122 Sep 1909
Hamilton, Mary Etta w/o Samuel David13 Sep 185430 Mar 1913
Hamilton, Randolphno datesnative stone
Hamilton, Robert Pinky13 Jan 187730 May 1954
Hamilton, Rosa A. w/o Roy E.2 Jan 1900 3 May 1986SSDI
Hamilton, Roy E.25 Dec 190220 Jul 1982
Hamilton, Samuel David25 Jun 18441 Sep 1931
Hamilton, Violano datesnative stone
Hamilton, Walter F.18971921
Hamilton, Will13 Dec 189415 Dec 1951
Helton, Rose Leeno datesnative stone
Holoman, D.M.native stone31 Jan 1898
Holoman, Nancy E. w/o D.M.native stone 1900
Hubbard, Alice (Cody) w/o Don16 Feb 1927 7 Jun 2000SSDI
Isbell, Eli & Levi twin s/o W.D. & Nancy (Orr)B & D1889
Isbell, Robert Jesse s/o W.D. & Nancy (Orr)18961897
Isom, A.O.4 Sep 18841 Oct 1884
Isom, Cassy M. (native stone)2 Sep 1888 9 Sep 1902
Isom, Ottoway (native stone)Jan 1888Jun 1889
Isom, R.E. (native stone)23 Aug 18309 Jul 1881
Isom, R.J. (native stone)28 Sep 186211 Jun 1896
Kinsey, Vevon Sybil (Hamilton) d/o Robert Pinky & Ila (Chappell)19181973
Long, Bessie w/o Roscoe Conklin18 Aug 190013 Nov 1965
Long, Billy LoWayne30 Oct 195227 Apr 1960
Long, Burton Alfon "Al"12 Aug 192427 Sep 1979
Long, C.T.B & D25 Nov 1923
Long, Lillie Mae w/o William H. (M) 22 Sep 19115 Dec 18968 Mar 1970
Long, Roscoe Conklin (Mason)6 Jun 1899 5 Jul 1992SSDI
Long, William Hardgrove30 May 188929 Feb 1948
Milligan, Harrett18691913
Milligan, Shermanno dates

Milligan, Willieno dates

Milligan, Willisno dates

Murry, Sarah Lafays "Faye" (York)6 Jul 19252 Jun 1990
Orr, Joe24 Oct 1841no date
Osbrook, ------- w/o Dickno dates

Osbrook, Inf./o Dickno dates

Osbrook, Jimmyno dates

Pitts, Chesterno dates

Pitts, Isaac James88 yr 7 mo 24 da7 Mar 1961
Pitts, Laurano dates

Plaxco, John R. S/Sgt. US Army WWII7 Nov 19195 Jul 1975
Rainy, ChesterFHM faded

Robertson, Alvinnative stone

Robertson, Floyd26 Aug 188528 June 1937
Robertson, May18861914
Robertson, Robert5 Aug 190918 Jan 1926
Robinson, Lish W.12 Apr 190716 Aug 1980SSDI
Robinson, Lois W. (Williams) d/o Johnnie W. & Martha Oma (Hamilton) w/o Lish W.18 Dec 191130 Jun 2000SSDI
Robison, Bertha (Hamilton)18 Apr 190728 Sep 1999SSDI
Sharp, Betty Jean7 mo 14 da5 Dec 1979
Sharp, Lena L. w/o Wesley H.18901949
Sharp, Wesley H.188212 Mar 1936
Standridge, Lloyd TEC 5 US Army WWII s/o John Oscar & Hettie (Pearson)14 Sep 191911 Oct 1992SSDI
Stone, Eli D.M. (on rock)7 Dec 189320 May 1905
Stone, Dr. W.H.C.18411916
Story, Alexander26 Jul 18527 May 1930
Story, Mary L.15 Feb 185811 Dec 1931
Swilley, Hubert B. Pvt. Ark. 328 Base Hq. A.B. Sq. A.A.F. WWII2 Jan 190221 Dec 1952
Tucker, Cinthia Hana18861887
Tucker, Elzie Ann18911892
Tucker, Mattie E. w/o William H.30 May 185120 Oct 1920
Tucker, William H.1 Jul 18506 Mar 1934
Vint, Elijah28 Dec 186928 Sep 1909
Vint, Ellen24 Jan 187028 Feb 1908
Wagner, Albert Lee15 Jun 191323 Apr 1971SSDI
Wagner, Frank9 Jul 186328 Jan 1919
Wagner, Nina w/o Albert Lee1 Sep 1913Living
Wagner, Sam (twin of Van)23 Apr 19076 Aug 1907
Wagner, Sarah Jane w/o Frank25 Dec 1871 23 Mar 1914
Wagner, Van (twin of Sam)23 Apr 19074 Aug 1907
Whitfield, Gracie Ellen12 Dec 191926 May 1922
Whitfield, Martha Oma (Hamilton) Williams M/1 Johnnie W. Williams M/2 ------------ Whitfield 24 Nov 189219 Mar 1982
Williams, Johnnie W.12 Oct 189112 May 1911
Williams, Martha Jane (Bennett)19 Mar 185620 Sep 1921
Yarbrough, Inf. d/o J.T.19161916
Yarbrough, Johnny19151915
York, Audie Ellith26 Sep 18996 Oct 1934
York, Charles W.13 Dec 194011 Jan 1981
York, Elizabeth6 Dec 19087 Feb 1989
York, Robert L.7 Oct 189421 Oct 1977

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