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This additional information about the seven unmarked Grigsby graves in Mt. George Cemetery was submitted by Johnny Grigsby.

My name is Johnny Grigsby. I live in West Monroe, LA. I'm writing in regard to the Grigsby head stones in the cemetery behind the Church of Christ building. I made those cement blocks for my dad. His name was Ruben Grigsby. He would go up there almost every year to what they called decoration day. His dad was W.L. Grigsby, my grandfather; he was a brother to Homer Grigsby. I've heard my dad speak of his uncle Homer more than one time. I was four years old when my dad moved to LA. That was in 1935, but during WWII my dad got an A model truck and we would go to see grandpa almost every summer until my dad moved him down here to be close to him. It's been a long time, but I believe grandpa lived about three quarters of a mile going toward Bellevile from that cemetery. On the registry of the cemetery Fred Grigsby is my dad's brother; he didn't know which grave was his so he just had me to put the surnames on the stones; he did know they were all in a row. My dad said the way Fred died was they were cutting wood and a tree fell on his leg and broke it and gangrene set up and he died from it. Me and my wife went up there the seventh of Oct. 2001. That was the first time I had seen those head stones since I had made them. I believe my dad said the reason he moved was that Petit Jean river flooded that year and water got about ten inches over his cotton, and it was too late to plant it again.

The following information about the seven unmarked Grigsby graves in Mt. George Cemetery was submitted by Karen Grigsby Nichols.

I had placed a query re: Mt. George Cemetery in Yell County re: the 7 GRIGSBY graves that were unmarked. I received an email from a lady who is the grandniece of a Charles GRIGSBY. He identified the Grigsby family as that of (William) Lawrence Grigsby, wife Nancy and some of their boys. I have a family group sheet that the librarian from Pope County sent me and it has some information on it that might help someone find their ancestor. I am not in Arkansas, or I would follow up on this.

Charles Grigsby reports that his parent's names were Homer and Anna (Gross). The information on the Family Group Sheet was obtained by a Mr. and Mrs. Homer D. Grigsby. There is no date, but the husband is listed as Grigsby, the first name did not copy well enough to read, but the wife is Jane Cobb. There are the following surnames: Mobley, Robinson and Goddard in addition to those mentioned above.

I don't know if this is of any use but, I know it casts some light on who is buried in those 7 graves. If I learn anymore I will pass it along. I will get back with Charles' niece and have her ask him some more questions.

Karen Grigsby Nichols

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