Graves Cemetery, Logan County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 5 March 1994 by Cornelia and Lee Ann Daniels. This cemetery is about 1 1/2 miles west of the Yell County line. It adjoins the First Baptist Church grounds at Delaware, Ark. on Hwy 22 West. A large cemetery and well-kept.

Photographs provided by Richard Dycus.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Abney, Maryno dates

Adcock, Lucille (Rollans) w/o William Frank m/o Frank & Margaret18 Jul 191611 Jul 1992
Adcock, William Frank WWII SSgt. US Army8 May 191415 Dec 1990
Alden, ------------no dates

Allen, Henry17 Jul 18529 Jul 1888
Allen, R.P. Civil War Union 2nd Ark R.P. Co. C dates

Anderson, Billie Don4 Nov 19403 Jan 1943
Anderson, Buford L.22 Sep 19281 Jun 1993SSDI
Anderson, James8 Aug ----3 Jul ----
Anderson, James Odell s/o Floyd & Ava5 Jul 193927 Jul 1940
Anderson, Jesse E. "Gene"15 Oct 193825 Nov 1995SSDI
Anderson, John M.19101972
Anderson, Lloyd A.6 Jan 191314 Mar 1970
Anderson, Pressie Marie w/o Lloyd A.17 Mar 192019 Jan 1993SSDI
Anderson, Ronald Lee s/o Buford L.23 Jun 19516 Dec 1977
Anderson, Roy Leon S/Sgt. HHB 2Bn 33 Arty. 1st Inf. Div. Vietnam-P.H.4 May 19429 Feb 1968
Ard, Permelia18 Mar 18267 Dec 1910
Arnold, Budno dates

Atkinson, AmyB & D17 Jun 1923
Atkinson, Betty (Redfield) d/o Norman Allen & Mary Ellen (Koonce) w/o Bill12 Feb 192814 Aug 2002SSDI
Atkinson, Clois Corrin25 Aug 19241 Aug 1937
Atkinson, Emma A. (Parson) w/o Homer H. (M) 6 Aug 192211 Feb 190217 Aug 1987
Atkinson, Homer H. s/o Jeff & Eliza (McKinney)10 Jun 19013 Nov 1987
Atkinson, Ila Fay30 Sep 19272 Jun 1978
Atkinson, dates

Bailey, Alice M.11 Jan 190419 Jun 1986
Bailey, Anna (Harrison)Dec 1903Aug 1954
Bailey, Destinyno date1995
Bailey, Elizabeth189111 Aug 1933
Bailey, Evelyn (Wood) d/o Harvey Millard & Nellie (Roberson) w/o Norris Bill Jr.16 Sep 192219 Jul 2001SSDI
Bailey, Mary E. (Carroll) w/o Sewell W.12 Oct 190519 Jul 1994
Bailey, Norris Bill Jr.4 Jun 192225 Nov 1949
Bailey, Richard Bryan4 Jan 197328 Feb 1973
Bailey, Richard Lee SP-5 US Army Vietnam27 Aug 195124 Jun 1975
Bailey, Sewell W.19 Oct 190511 Mar 1988
Baker, dates

Baker, Coy G. w/o Odes L.18911977
Baker, G.E. "Uncle Jip"no dates

Baker, Mrs. dates

Baker, Johnnieno dates

Baker, Limb of ---------no dates

Baker, Marshano date16 Sep 1941
Baker, Maryno dates

Baker, Odes L.16 Aug 1904Oct 1986SSDI
Barnard, Clinton Lendal27 Sep 19212 Jul 1993SSDI
Barnard, Nell Lorena (Roulston) d/o Joseph & Hanna (Wurst) w/o Clinton Lendal7 Feb 19178 Jun 1997SSDI
Barnes, James L.18441928
Barnett, Gilbert A.29 Oct 19078 Mar 1982
Barnett, Lila Lorene (Johnson) d/o Ambrose Richard Sr. & Louella (Parsons) w/o Gilbert A. (M) 25 Dec 193412 Mar 19161 Apr 2005SSDI
Barnett, Martha Ann (Johnson) Cox M/1 Robert A. Cox M/2 William Barnett
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
74 yr16 Sep 1941
Barns, Ellenno dates

Barns, Jimno dates

Barto, Joe23 Feb 189612 Mar 1966
Barto, John23 Jun 185229 Aug 1928
Barto, John R.4 Feb 18774 Feb 1953
Barto, Mary w/o John7 Oct 18554 Mar 1924
Barto, Mattie M. (Rollans) d/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman) w/o John R.19 Dec 187516 Feb 1965
Bata, Ardilla w/o Reuben A. (M) 5 Jul 190813 Jan 189011 Dec 1980SSDI
Bata, Bertha May d/o Reuben A. & Ardilla18 Jul 191012 Jul 1915
Bata, Myrtle Mae18 Oct 18907 Dec 1959
Bata, Reuben A.8 Feb 188721 Aug 1972SSDI
Bata, Ruth (Wood) d/o G. Norman & Dora (Farnam) w/o Winifred E. (M) 7 Jul 193713 Jul 191716 Apr 1985SSDI
Bata, Winifred E.7 Jul 191624 Apr 1986SSDI
Batchelor, James Frank16 Jun 191328 Nov 1989SSDI
Batchelor, Sadie Mae (Wood) d/o Newton Watt & Vina Bertha (Simms) w/o James Frank (M) 2-5-19341 Jan 191015 Mar 1999SSDI
Bell, Dena (Parsons) w/o Wesley Milburn18 Mar 190414 Sep 1967
Bell, Mae19041967
Bell, Wesley Milburn13 Jul 190428 Nov 1989
Berry, Oscar W.12 Feb 18898 Sep 1972SSDI
Berry, Rosalie (Black) w/o Oscar W.12 Feb 189510 Mar 1981
Billings, William H.13 Jul 192618 Jul 1928
Billings, Wiss L.27 Dec 19073 Nov 1930
Blalock, Adeline C.12 Jul 191026 Feb 1991
Blalock, Bonnie (Reasoner) w/o Henry1903 1954
Blevins, Martha Jane (as on monument)11 Apr 1870 (born)4 yr 3 mo 13 ds
Bolden, Dewey Leeno dates

Bolden, James Earl72 yr 11 mo 22 ds30 Jul 1952
Bolden, Mamie Reeceno dates

Bolden, Velvie Earleneno dates

Bowman, Celmore19041929
Bowman, John1 Apr 185914 Nov 1943
Bowman, Lucie w/o John1 Feb 186025 Sep 1938
Brandon, -----------no dates

Brandon, dates

Brandon, Ellenno dates

Brandon, Emilyno dates

Brandon, Florence w/o H. Norman12 Jul 18844 Sep 1969
Brandon, H. Norman18 Mar 187815 Apr 1968
Brandon, Hubert N. s/o W.N. & M.L.1 Oct 18967 Jun 1908
Brandon, Jasperno dates

Brandon, Mattie d/o A.C. & Orgon27 Jul 187620 Apr 1877
Brandon, Oral s/o R.L. & J.6 Aug 190828 Apr 1909
Brandon, Orgon15 May 185510 Feb 1891
Brandon, Sarahno dates

Braudrick, Elizabeth18891960
Braudrick, Orvil Lee "Bill"17 Feb 191710 Feb 1993SSDI
Braudrick, Reatha Pearl w/o Orvil Lee19 Aug 1920Living
Brewer, ------------- w/o Billno dates

Brewer, Babyno dates

Brewer, Mary
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
no dates

Brigam, James Lynn19171996
Broadrick, Lizzie Sandersno dates

Brock, Billy Ray31 Aug 1928Living
Brock, Eva N. w/o Billy Ray22 Nov 1900 24 Jul 1987
Brock, Inf.B & D25 Jul 1911
Brock, Jewel d/o J.H. & Maggie L.4 Dec 190411 Oct 1916
Brock, John Jackson s/o J.H. & Maggie L.19 Mar 190125 Apr 1904
Brock, Maggie L. w/o J.H.7 Sep 18764 Sep 1915
Brown, Allan H.18751918
Brown, Carroll B.3 May 19092 Jun 1976SSDI
Brown, Charlieno dates

Brown, James W.19 Oct 190028 Feb 1977SSDI
Brown, Jimno dates

Brown, Kateno dates

Brown, Martha Katherine (Woods) w/o Allan H.18741928
Bryant, Gerald W.24 Jul 194629 Jul 1946
Bryant, dates

Burnham, Cheryl Jean (Lee) d/o Denton Ray & Shirley Ann w/o George28 Jan 19578 Aug 2004SSDI
Burns, Charles Ray19331933
Burris, Delbert F.189029 Apr 1948
Burris, Ernest4 May 191421 Oct 1995
Burris, Franklin Dewitt19 May 193929 May 1939
Burris, Nancy L. w/o Delbert F.18931984
Burris, Tessie Lee "Mitz" w/o Ernest (M) 17 Jun 193812 Nov 19213 Jun 1989SSDI
Campbell, Ernest L.12 Feb 19093 Apr 1975SSDI
Campbell, George Thomas23 Dec 188015 Apr 1961
Campbell, Isaac8 May 193213 May 1992SSDI
Campbell, Jehu L.16 Oct 19286 Mar 1997SSDI
Campbell, Maeno date1929
Campbell, Maggie (Meni) w/o George Thomas d/o David H. & Arline (Kirk)17 Jan 188920 Sep 1965
Campbell, Ola H. (Deeds) w/o Ernest L. (M) 27 Nov 192731 Mar 1913Nov 1992SSDI
Campbell, Sallie E.15 Nov 18979 Mar 1980SSDI
Carrigan, Mary Anna "Annie" d/o Sam H. & Elizabeth (Rollans) w/o Robert C.12 May 18756 Jun 1947
Carrigan, Robert C.29 Jun 18779 Oct 1943
Carroll, A.W.5 Sep 187721 Jun 1962
Caviness, Charley C.13 Apr 1902May 1980
Caviness, Dinna18691958
Caviness, George Thomas WWII US Navy20 Jul 191211 Jan 1991
Caviness, Jennie19101958
Caviness, Mary V. w/o George Thomas30 Aug 192025 Jan 1989
Caviness, Pauline20 Dec 191821 Aug 1923
Caviness, Tom26 Aug 190125 Oct 1961
Chandler, Gladys J. (Shahan) d/o Leslie & Lavada (Hernanzas) w/o Hershall16 Aug 192421 Oct 2004 SSDI
Chandler, Hershall s/o James & Mamie (King)26 May 191316 Dec 2003SSDI
Chastain, Amanda w/o H.J.5 Aug 185015 Mar 1925
Chastain, H.J.8 Feb 184412 Oct 1906
Clark, Bobby Larue d/o J.C. & Ocie (Wood)193218 Sep 1932
Clark, Robert Lee5 mo 6 ds19 Dec 1945
Clemons, Bertha Lee (Curry) d/o Millard & Minne (Dunston) w/o John T.10 Dec 19207 Aug 1998 SSDI
Clemons, James F.26 Jun 19052 Oct 1971SSDI
Clemons, John T.20 Dec 1914Dec 1975
Clemons, Linda Louise27 Nov 19531 Apr 1971
Clemons, Lucynda w/o James F. (M) 10 May 193123 Jun 191418 Jul 1990
Conrad, Leonard L. Army National Guard s/o Floyd & Ada Louise (Terry) h/o Naomi Eloise (Black)16 Aug 19416 Oct 2004SSDI
Copeland, -------- (2 graves marked, painted on rock)no dates

Copeland, Lonnieno dates

Copeland, Mary Jane w/o Remmer18701923
Copeland, Remmer18681933
Cox, Carlton s/o Frances Edwin & Mary A.
Tombstone picture
Monument picture - 4 children of Frances Edwin & Mary A. (Carlton, Lizzie Irene, Mary Francis, Samuel J.)
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
1 Mar 188422 Oct 1899
Cox, Clara Howard (Epperson) w/o George Washington Sr.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
5 Jun 188219 Aug 1975SSDI
Cox, Florence Johnson18891892
Cox, George Washington Sr. s/o James F. & Susan Lusinda (Morris)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
5 Apr 187816 Dec 1962
Cox, George Washington Jr. M/1 Keith (Malone) M/2 Ineda W. (Midgett)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
22 Apr 1918Living
Cox, Grandmotherno dates

Cox, Ineda W. (Midgett) d/o Willie Levi & Effie Edna (Meredith) w/o George Washington Jr.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
22 Nov 19279 Sep 2001SSDI
Cox, James E. "Jim" s/o James F. & Nancy Catherine (Reasoner)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
1 Jan 185529 Jul 1900
Cox, Leslie Vernon s/o George Washington Sr. & Clara Howard (Epperson)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
22 Aug 191530 Aug 2003
Cox, Lizzie Irene d/o Frances Edwin & Mary A.
Tombstone picture
Monument picture - 4 children of Frances Edwin & Mary A. (Carlton, Lizzie Irene, Mary Francis, Samuel J.)
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
12 Jul 188824 Aug 1888
Cox, Marilyn Rachel d/o George Washington Jr. & Keith (Malone)4 Jul 194218 Nov 2004SSDI
Cox, Mary Francis d/o Frances Edwin & Mary A.
Tombstone picture
Monument picture - 4 children of Frances Edwin & Mary A. (Carlton, Lizzie Irene, Mary Francis, Samuel J.)
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
5 Sep 189629 Oct 1898
Cox, Paul Odell WWII Ark. Pfc. 254 Inf. 63 Inf. Div. s/o George Washington Sr. & Clara H.
Tombstone picture
Military marker picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
5 Oct 192418 Apr 1945
Cox, Rodiano dates

Cox, Rosa Lee (Roberts) w/o Leslie Vernon
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
1 Nov 192311 Aug 1998SSDI
Cox, Samuel J. s/o Frances Edwin & Mary A.
Tombstone picture
Monument picture - 4 children of Frances Edwin & Mary A. (Carlton, Lizzie Irene, Mary Francis, Samuel J.)
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
19 Jul 188926 Oct 1889
Cox, Susan Lusinda (Morris) w/o James E.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
31 May 185612 Jun 1929
Cravens, ---------------no dates

Cross, Stella Johnie (Carringan) w/o Emery d/o R.C. & A.M. (Lewis)21 Sep 18975 May 1958
Crotts, F.C. h/o Rena26 Jan 19085 Jun 1941
Darnan, Lola
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
no dates

Dasler, Irisno date19 Apr 1956
Davis, Clarenceno dates

Davis, James Martin188315 Feb 1937
Davis, Wadie Belle (Rollans) d/o James Taylor & Lucy Ann (Underwood) w/o James Martin27 Nov 188318 Nov 1960
Dean, Billyno dates

Deeds, Allenno dates

Deeds, Caleb Monroe "Roe"
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
14 Jan 187624 Jun 1962
Deeds, Donald Larry12 Nov 194710 Mar 1967
Deeds, Earl19091950
Deeds, Emie w/o Allenno dates

Deeds, Emma Parish18783 Jan 1963
Deeds, Florenceno dates

Deeds, Georgie w/o Caleb Monroeno dates

Deeds, Gracyno dates

Deeds, Homer James18 Jan 19175 Apr 1990
Deeds, Imogene W. (Rollans) d/o William Robert & Lillie Jane (Boothe) w/o Homer James18 Apr 19179 Dec 2003SSDI
Deeds, Inf./o Caleb Monroeno dates

Deeds, Infants of Thomas Mountique & Nancy Jane (Brandon)no dates

Deeds, Ira O. "Jack"9 Jan 190327 Oct 1978
Deeds, Irene w/o Earl1907Living
Deeds, James Carter19 Jan 18696 Jan 1947
Deeds, James Emanues30 Jul 193517 Jul 1987
Deeds, John L.13 Feb 1881Jan 1965
Deeds, Johnnie Clydeno dates

Deeds, Larry (infant)1951only date
Deeds, Lenano dates

Deeds, Linnie Lee w/o Ira O.2 Aug 1901 12 May 1952
Deeds, Marion E. s/o Thomas Mountique & Nancy Jane (Brandon)19 Mar 188831 Dec 1968
Deeds, Marion Lois "Mary" (Graves) w/o James Carter11 Dec 18774 Feb 1956
Deeds, Maryno dates

Deeds, May F. (Cox) d/o Robert A. & Martha Ann (Johnson) w/o Caleb Monroe More Information and Tombstone Picture!
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
May 18835 Feb 1916
Deeds, Nancy Jane (Brandon) w/o Thomas Mountique8 Jan 18441927
Deeds, Pauline (Chesser) d/o Jim & Becky w/o Marion E. 10 Jun 19171 Dec 2003SSDI
Deeds, Randy Lee19 Jul 196416 May 1973
Deeds, Regina Lee12 Mar 197417 Mar 1974
Deeds, Ruby Jewell3 Nov 191129 Sep 1940
Deeds, Thomas Mountique16 May 18467 Dec 1930
Deeds, Viadia (Johnson) w/o John L.1888 1961
DeHart, Lilly Mae w/o Fred2 Feb 189330 Sep 1924
Denney, Mickey (McConnell)22 Dec 1960 2 Mar 1984
Dodson, Norman Odell US Army s/o William & Winnie (Davis) h/o Ora Dovie25 Mar 19196 Aug 2002 SSDI
Dorman, Annie7 Jul 19045 Apr 1994
Dossenbach, Josephine (Reidhaar)4 Sep 184116 Jun 1916
Doster, Wynema (Bell) d/o Wesley Milburn & Dena (Parsons)18 Apr 19268 Apr 1956
Earwood, Millard Linvell "Skip" US Navy Korea s/o William Ersie & Gurstal Ada (Skaggs) h/o Ima (Jean)13 Oct 19343 Apr 2003SSDI
Farmer, Naomi (Pledger) d/o W.M. & Nora (Lyon)27 Mar 189826 Mar 1989
Farnam, Ernest L. s/o B.H. & Cora L.27 Dec 192014 Feb 1921
Farnam, Flora A. (Rollans) d/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman) w/o John Russell Jr.3 Jun 187312 Nov 1950
Farnam, Mary Elizabeth d/o John Russell Jr. & Flora A. (Rollans)23 Jun 189123 Nov 1894
Faulkinbury, Kirby L.20 Mar 193619 Jan 1997
Fisher, Ethelno dates

Fisher, Fannie J. w/o John F.11 Jun 1888 16 Jul 1943
Fisher, Jennie25 Jun 18936 Jan 1969
Fisher, John F.19 Dec 18774 Jun 1952
Fisher, W.C.15 May 188826 Apr 1944
Flurry, Gertie B.14 Feb 189815 Feb 1936
Flurry. Inf. s/o W.L. & ElizabethB & D23 Jun 1936
Flurry, Inf. s/o W.L. & ElizabethB & D30 Jun 1934
Flurry, Infs./o Rufus Conrad & Marie RosellaB & D9 Jul 1934
Flurry, Loice twin d/o W. Roscoe & Modean
B & D
29 Apr 1938
29 Apr 1938
30 Apr 1938

Flurry, Marie Rosella (Garrison) w/o Rufus Conrad Jr. (M) 6 Jan 193431 Jul 191118 Oct 1992SSDI
Flurry, Modean w/o W. Roscoe27 Feb 1918 9 Jul 1988
Flurry, Rufus Conrad Jr. s/o Rufus Conrad Sr. & Susie (Fisher)5 Jan 191514 May 1998SSDI
Flurry, W. Roscoe30 Jan 190913 Sep 1981
Flurry, William Jerry "Sonny" s/o W.L. & Elizabeth3 Jan 19309 Sep 1939
Fondren, Travis Eugene29 Dec 194026 Feb 1994
Foster, Bessie Jane w/o Charles Roland23 Oct 19304 Feb 2004
Foster, Charles Roland17 Mar 192822 Jun 1987SSDI
Foster, dates

Foster, Jacobno dates

Foster, Jimmy C.B & D27 Sep 1956
Foster, John A.5 Feb 189517 Jan 1969SSDI
Foster, Keith David SPC US Army Korea25 Apr 193318 Sep 1988SSDI
Foster, Luther D.28 Apr 18923 Jun 1976SSDI
Foster, Mary Edna w/o Luther D.16 Jan 18962 Jul 1980SSDI
Foster, Nettie L. w/o John A.1 Oct 1896 3 Oct 1977
Foster, Stineyno dates

Foster, Verna Mae w/o Keith David8 Nov 1932Living
Freer, M. Ellen9 Jan 191129 Dec 1989SSDI
Garner, Az G.18801964
Garner, Bertha A. (McClure) w/o Jeff26 Jan 190831 Dec 2001SSDI
Garner, Dollie (Berry) w/o Az G.18851955
Garner, Dorthy w/o Pady1919Living
Garner, Jeff s/o Az G. & Dollie (Berry)31 Mar 190413 Oct 1987SSDI
Garner, Pady s/o Az G. & Dollie (Berry)31 Dec 190627 May 1955
Garrisan, Annie w/o Robert C.12 May 1875 3 Jun 1947
Garrisan, Robert C.29 Jun 18779 Oct 1946
Garrison, Ada Louise (Terry) d/o Lewis & Sara E. (McCullarr) w/o Floyd26 Aug 191824 Nov 2006SSDI
Garrison, Ben Lewis1938Living
Garrison, Dorothy14 Apr 193113 Nov 1955
Garrison, Jerry L.3 Nov 195213 Nov 1955
Garrison, Josephine Louise w/o William H.23 Aug 189219 May 1979SSDI
Garrison, Kitty G. w/o William H. II12 Dec 1937Living
Garrison, Linda Kay w/o Ben Lewis19441964
Garrison, Mary F.15 Sep 187924 Dec 1932
Garrison, Oscar5 Jul 189422 Dec 1920
Garrison, Robert T.22 Feb 186213 Apr 1949
Garrison, Ronnie17 Apr ----13 Nov 1944
Garrison, Rosella (Johnson) d/o William Stanford & Sarah (Davis) w/o Robert T.24 Nov 1867no date
Garrison, William H.7 Sep 18876 Feb 1951
Garrison, William H. II s/o William H. & Josephine Louise23 Aug 192517 Oct 1984SSDI
Garrison, William H. III s/o William H. II & Kitty G.B & D20 May 1958
Garson, Oscarno dates

Gatcher, Annie w/o J.J.2 Aug 188712 Mar 1907
Gates, Billy Eugene US Army23 Apr 1942 Jan 1986
Gentry, Bennie R.3 Nov 19093 Feb 1988SSDI
Gentry, L.C. US Army Korea s/o Jessie & Cora (Smith) h/o Helen (Rollans)16 Apr 193122 Jan 2005SSDI
Gentry, Polly Estella "Stella" (Reed) d/o Martin & Dora (Dossie) w/o Bennie R.27 Dec 191420 Jun 1999SSDI
Govia, Lucille (Taylor)2 Nov 191816 Feb 1962
Graves, Ada Lou (Rollans) d/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman) w/o Robert L.16 Aug 187725 Sep 1936
Graves, Cletis Robert s/o Robert L. & Ada Lou (Rollans) h/o Beatrice (Williams)9 Sep 191116 Sep 2003SSDI
Graves, Earnest Clifton7 Nov 191815 Jun 2004SSDI
Graves, Edna (Moore) w/o Robert Sherman27 Oct 189730 Mar 1971
Graves, Francis M. w/o James M.11 Nov 184817 Dec 1915
Graves, Franklin P.16 Jan 185330 Oct 1853
Graves, George McKinley21 Dec 189916 Dec 1932
Graves, George W.20 May 18598 Dec 1899
Graves, Dr. George W. (Mason)12 Nov 1872 18 Nov 1933
Graves, Grace W.5 Dec 188730 May 1889
Graves, Horace W.5 Dec 188730 May 1889
Graves, Inf. d/o Jacob & Lucinda (Flick)B & D1852
Graves, Jacobno dates

Graves, Jacob (Mason) s/o William Jacob & Peggy (Johnson)30 Nov 18229 Aug 1916
Graves, James M.28 Dec 184511 May 1936
Graves, John J.28 Jul 185011 Jun 1887
Graves, Johnnie d/o Robert L. & Ada Lou (Rollans)25 Dec 190829 Jun 1974SSDI
Graves, Joseph Watt25 Mar 18979 Apr 1960
Graves, Lucinda (Flick) w/o Jacob20 Sep 18276 Mar 1880
Graves, Maggie M. w/o Raymond E.19 Apr 18965 Sep 1958
Graves, Martha6 Mar 184426 Oct 1850
Graves, Mary R. w/o George W.3 Mar 1862 6 Mar 1940
Graves, Nancy10 Mar 184829 Mar 1953
Graves, Nancy w/o John J.13 Dec 185030 Jan 1936
Graves, Pauline d/o J.M.20 Dec 191821 Aug 1923
Graves, Raymond E.15 Jun 189419 Jul 1941
Graves, Robert L.9 Feb 187918 Mar 1914
Graves, Robert Sherman (INHOC-SIGNO VINCES)31 Dec 18929 Sep 1934
Graves, Tomno dates

Graves, William "Willie"no dates

Gray, Jane18711916
Gray, M.18681950
Griffin, Corley c/o Herman & Eva26 Apr 191926 Jan 1921
Griffin, Eva w/o Herman20 Aug 189413 Apr 1977SSDI
Griffin, Herman22 Feb 189321 Nov 1974
Griffin, Nettie Bell (Johnson) w/o Virgil Lawrence5 Sep 18701 Jul 1945
Griffin, Virgil Lawrence29 Nov 18604 Sep 1947
Griffin, William M.9 Dec 18955 Oct 1980
Halstead, Aunt "Sarry"no dates

Hanes, Hazel (Garrison)15 May 19279 Oct 1995
Hankins, Duffy (White) w/o dates

Hankins, T.W. (W of W)12 Sep 187112 Nov 1910
Harrison, Infants (2 graves)no dates

Harrison, KatherineMay 1932Dec 1935
Harshfield, Herbert UzB & D5 Oct 1927
Harshfield, Ida w/o James Harlow27 Sep 18672 Feb 1951
Harshfield, James Harlow6 Aug 186017 Sep 1940
Harshfield, James Herbert2 Mar 189818 Feb 1988SSDI
Harshfield, Janette14 Jun 19004 Sep 1991
Harshfield, Lottie Lillian (Jay) w/o James Herbert23 Mar 19011 Dec 1990
Harshfield, Martin26 Feb 191022 Jan 2001
Harshfield, Robert Lee30 Dec 19041 Sep 1934
Harshfield, Zona w/o Martin m/o David & J.E.28 Jul 19126 Sep 1992
Harz, Albert WWII Pvt. US Army13 Aug 19049 Nov 1984
Harz, Lorene Rena (Berry) d/o Oscar W. & Rosalie (Black) w/o Albert21 Dec 191620 Apr 2005SSDI
Hawkins, Axie Jane w/o H.W.18771916
Hawkins, Deweyno dates

Hawkins, H.W.12 Sep 187112 Nov 1910
Hawkins, Janeno dates

Hawkins, Ray D.19041987
Heath, Loyd C. s/o William Arthur & Ludie Lutecia (Morris)15 Feb 191422 Aug 1993SSDI
Heath, Ratha Mae (Garner) d/o Az G. & Dollie (Berry) w/o Loyd C.12 Feb 191519 May 2003SSDI
Hickerson, James E.29 Aug 19061 Nov 1983
Hickerson, Rena (Cox) w/o James E. d/o George W. Sr. & Clara Howard (Epperson)12 May 191324 Apr 1980SSDI
Higgins, Athalea (Shomaker) w/o George Garland29 Aug 1921Living
Higgins, Georgeno dates

Higgins, George Garland WWII Tec. 5 US Army23 Mar 191910 Sep 1988
Higgins, Johnno dates

Higgins, Johnnie Gineno dates

Higgins, Lucy18 Oct 19179 Nov 1997
Higgins, Mancel Monroe12 Sep 18951 Jul 1986SSDI
Higgins, Mavern Isabell w/o Mancel Monroe (M) 25 Mar 19184 Mar 190428 Nov 1994SSDI
Higgins, Otis L. US Army WWII11 Jun 1929 28 Aug 1978SSDI
Higgins, Permelia18 Mar 18267 Dec 1910
Hill, Henry B. Jr.5 Sep 192615 Dec 1995
Hill, Sarah L.13 Nov 185518 Jun 1951
Hobson, Betty Ann (Johnson) w/o Jimmy m/o Jay d/o Clifford William & Agnes Nuel (Deeds)21 Feb 193730 Oct 1982
Hodges, Nellie (Burns)5 Apr 189719 May 1972SSDI
Holland, Lela E. (Bates) w/o Millard11 Mar 189426 Mar 1991SSDI
Holland, Maude (Pledger) w/o Stacker1889 1970
Holland, Millard10 Mar 189625 Jul 1976SSDI
Holland, Mitchell Lee17 Jan 191822 Aug 1943
Holland, Stacker18881955
Horn, Betty L. w/o Thomas McRay (M) 3 Apr 194630 Jul 192916 Jun 1988
Horn, Inf. s/o H.A. & JaneB & D 18 Mar 1904
Horn, Thomas McRay17 Oct 1922Living
Horne, Rilla V. (Jones)6 Nov 190213 Jan 1992SSDI
Hubble, Mable Mae1 Mar 191311 Aug 1989
Hux, Jesse C. Jr. "Scooter" s/o Jesse C. Sr. & Mary (Johnson)20 Dec 19589 Sep 2003SSDI
Jaggers, Evelyn19 Oct 192621 Dec 1926
Jay, Babyno dates

Jay, Bobby Harold h/o Nancy Lee (Burris) s/o Lee & Ima Pearl (Griffen)31 Dec 19279 Mar 1997SSDI
Jay, Daveno dates

Jay, Dora (Farnam) Wood Winner M/1 G. Norman Wood M/2 William M. Winner M/3 __________ Jay23 Apr 189320 Nov 1979
Jay, Edwardno dates

Jay, Grannyno dates

Jay, Green WashingtonSep 18581932
Jay, Ima Pearl (Griffin) w/o Lee22 Jul 188623 Dec 1928
Jay, Janetta Lee (Vaughn) w/o Kenneth Eugene dates

Jay, Jeralno dates

Jay, Kenneth Eugene Sr. US Army WWII s/o Lee & Ima Pearl (Griffin) h/o Janetta25 Oct 19249 Sep 2003SSDI
Jay, Kennyno dates

Jay, Lee17 Nov 188315 Jun 1948
Jay, Liddieno dates

Jay, Maeno dates

Jay, Mary dates

Jay, McKennleyno dates

Jay, Newtonno dates

Jay, Opieno dates

Jay, R.C. - carved on rockno dates

Jay, Ruthano dates

Jay, Shirleyno dates

Jay, Tonyno dates

Jay, dates

Jefferson, Thomas26 Jun 181225 Apr 1892
Jenkins, Claude Clarence20 Oct 189515 Dec 1969
Jenkins, Cora B. w/o Elmer7 Jul 18993 Apr 1987SSDI
Jenkins, Elmer6 Apr 18933 Oct 1955
Jenkins, Francis E.14 Aug 190821 Dec 1995SSDI
Jenkins, Fred6 Jan 1898Nov 1978SSDI
Jenkins, Hazel (McClure) w/o Francis E.25 Feb 191229 Nov 2002SSDI
Jenkins, Jeanetta K. (Burkes) d/o Jack & Stella (Hollowoa) w/o Roger Francis25 May 191826 Nov 2000SSDI
Jenkins, Jimmy Fred s/o Fred & Mayrue US Navy Korea12 Dec 193130 Aug 1981
Jenkins, Joey s/o Joe & Joan21 May 196910 Feb 1986
Jenkins, John H.17 Jul 18634 Dec 1949
Jenkins, Mary A. w/o John H.27 Jul 1873 27 Jan 1948
Jenkins, Mayrue w/o Fred25 May 19063 Oct 1995SSDI
Jenkins, Roger Francis19 Jul 191726 Sep 1982SSDI
Jenkins, Thomas Scott2 Apr 196122 Oct 1978
Johnson, A.J. s/o William Aaron & Genearh4 Apr 192519 Jan 1926
Johnson, Agnes Nuel (Deeds) d/o James & Lois (Graves) w/o Clifford William14 Oct 19141 Jan 2004SSDI
Johnson, Alton Earl s/o William Henry & Nettie Jane (Rollans)21 Aug 191614 Oct 1928
Johnson, Ambrose Rowan s/o Ambrose Richard Sr. & Louella (Parsons) h/o Louise (Weaver)28 Mar 192613 Jun 2000SSDI
Johnson, Ambrose Richard Sr.10 Aug 1888 10 Jun 1958
Johnson, Anna B. "Annie" (Rollans) d/o James Taylor & Lucy Ann (Underwood) w/o John W.18801963
Johnson, Archie Amos s/o William Henry & Nettie Jane (Rollans)9 May 191213 Nov 1924
Johnson, Audra J. w/o Walter D.20 Apr 190226 Sep 1998SSDI
Johnson, Bessie d/o Cortess & Leora Josephine (Rollans) 13 Apr 18928 Sep 1900
Johnson, Buren John WWII (Mason) Ark. Sgt. Co. A. 14 Tank Bn. BSM-P.H. s/o Cortess & Leora Josephine (Rollans)10 Feb 19142 Feb 1970
Johnson, Byron s/o Robert A. & Tennessee (Johnson)3 Jan 190316 Sep 1905
Johnson, Clifford William WWII S.Sgt. US Army Air Corps28 Jan 191730 Dec 1985SSDI
Johnson, Rev. Cortess s/o William Stanford & Sarah (Davis)23 Oct 187623 Apr 1934
Johnson, Danno date1906
Johnson, Effie w/o Felix18791959
Johnson, Elizabeth18821900
Johnson, Ellen d/o Robert A. & Tennessee (Johnson)4 Apr 189020 Jul 1891
Johnson, Ethel d/o Cortess & Leora Josephine (Rollans) 21 Jan 190029 Aug 1900
Johnson, Everett Wayne s/o John W. & Anna B. (Rollans) 20 Apr 193913 Jan 1942
Johnson, Felix18751963
Johnson, Fred A.5 Oct 1885May 1976SSDI
Johnson, Genearh H. w/o William Aaron16 Oct 190213 Nov 1993
Johnson, Grace J. w/o Tony R.12 Aug 1914 31 Oct 1983SSDI
Johnson, H. Adron s/o William Henry & Nettie (Rollans) 4 Jan 190126 Nov 1967SSDI
Johnson, Herman Henry US Army WWII s/o John W. & Anna B. (Rollans)
Tombstone picture
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
18 Jul 189715 Dec 1982SSDI
Johnson, Inf. s/o William Henry & Nettie Jane (Rollans) 21 Feb 190614 Mar 1906
Johnson, Inf. twins of Bob & Lindano dates

Johnson, Irena23 Sep 190322 Nov 1984
Johnson, Jackno dates

Johnson, Jimno dates

Johnson, Jimmy Dale s/o Clifford William & Agnes Nuel (Deeds)17 Nov 195524 Sep 1973
Johnson, John W. s/o William Stanford & Sarah (Davis)5 May 18711951
Johnson, Johnnie Geren19191939
Johnson, Leora Josephine (Rollans) d/o James Taylor & Lucy Ann (Underwood) w/o Cortess12 Nov 187626 Oct 1965
Johnson, Lindsey A. WWII Ark. Pvt. 345 Inf. 87 Div.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
13 Oct 192516 Dec 1944
Johnson, Louella (Parsons) w/o Ambrose Richard Sr.11 Jun 189030 Dec 1969
Johnson, Mamie14 Mar 19209 Apr 1920
Johnson, Marshelno dates

Johnson, Marthano date1905
Johnson, Mary J.18631890
Johnson, Minnie E. (McClure) w/o Fred A.18871970
Johnson, Myrtle F. w/o Buren John18 Nov 1913Living
Johnson, Nancy L. d/o William Stanford & Sarah (Davis) 14 Dec 185624 Jun 1894
Johnson, Nettie Jane (Rollans) d/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie w/o William Henry20 Dec 187514 Jul 1946
Johnson, Richard Lee19211922
Johnson, Rev. Robert A.29 Feb 18582 Aug 1943
Johnson, Robert Carlton WWII T.Sgt. 12th Air Force 442nd Bomb Sqd.13 Feb 192030 Jan 1946
Johnson, Robert M.18 Jun 189226 Sep 1984SSDI
Johnson, Rosa dates

Johnson, Royno dates

Johnson, Rubie Jewel d/o R.M. & C.21 Jun 190916 Jul 1915
Johnson, Ruth Ann (Smith) w/o Robert M.26 Jan 19013 Jun 1992
Johnson, S.L.19001902
Johnson, Sarah (Davis) w/o Willam Stanford (Eastern Star)5 Nov 183527 Mar 1904
Johnson, Sue w/o H. Adron15 Aug 190111 Dec 1987
Johnson, Tennessee (Johnson) d/o William Stanford & Sarah (Davis) w/o Rev. Robert A.17 May 186515 Oct 1955
Johnson, Tony Richard s/o Ambrose Richard Sr. & Louella (Parsons)26 Feb 19145 Feb 1987SSDI
Johnson, Walter D. s/o Cortess & Leora Josephine (Rollans)21 Aug 189829 Jul 1974
Johnson, William Aaron s/o William Henry & Nettie Jane (Rollans)17 May 19033 Nov 1971
Johnson, William Henry14 Oct 187818 Oct 1954
Johnson, William R.18581905
Johnson, William Stanford (Mason)23 Nov 1834ca. 1917
Jones, Bradford L.26 May 18355 Oct 1904
Jones, Dait18891898
Jones, Floy w/o Orville13 Jul 1903Living
Jones, Inf./o W.R. & C.A.B & D 22 Jan 1886
Jones, Irene d/o Luther L. & Mary E.14 Oct 191726 Nov 1918
Jones, John M. s/o Bradford L. & E.E.11 Apr 186027 Aug 1884
Jones, Luther L.28 Nov 188815 Apr 1978
Jones, Mary E. w/o Luther L.13 Oct 1888 18 May 1978
Jones, Orville7 Feb 190316 Sep 1967
Jones, Ruth A.30 Apr 191116 Aug 1980SSDI
Jones, W. Richard7 Nov 186520 Oct 1941
Keen, Annie18891898
Keen, Gen18891898
Kelton, Florence w/o John R.18801940
Kelton, John R.10 Aug 188121 Aug 1966
Kelton, Maud S. w/o John R.14 May 1881 4 Mar 1914
Kerr, Emmeline (Wood) d/o Leslie Edward & Hazel D. (Berry) w/o Harold Delbert19 Apr 1933Living
Kerr, Dr. Harold Delbert3 Jan 19331 Jul 1993
Kester, Ethel S. w/o George D.4 Jul 1904 13 Jan 1971
Kester, George D.16 Mar 18984 May 1963
Kinkey, Babyno dates

Kirk, Joel Ryan Jr.6 Feb 19753 Jul 1989
Kirk, Nellie D. (Bolden) w/o Samuel S.29 Dec 190814 May 1991SSDI
Kirk, Sammie Erline d/o Samuel S. & Nellie D. (Bolden) 24 Jan 19375 Feb 1937
Kirk, Samuel S.26 Feb 190417 Jun 1981SSDI
Knickerbocker, Walter F. s/o D.S. & A.M.20 Aug 18872 Sep 1888
Kuehl, Edwin Byron6 Apr 195721 Jan 1992SSDI
Lansford, Cora Evelyn d/o L.L. & Jennie14 Feb 191323 Oct 1918
Lauces, Lulano date17 Jul 1893
Lee, Denton Ray13 Sep 193512 Oct 1994SSDI
Lee, Shirley Ann w/o Denton Ray19 Nov 1936Living
Lewis, 3 childrenno dates

Lewis, Elizabeth "Bettie" (Rollans) d/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie Evaline (Johnson) w/o Samuel H.6 May 18573 Aug 1934
Lewis, Samuel H.3 Mar 184618 Mar 1887
Lievsay, Braiden Michael s/o Misty5 Nov 200230 Dec 2002SSDI
Lievsay, Essie Marie w/o John Cecil29 Mar 191813 Sep 2000SSDI
Lievsay, John Cecil3 Dec 192025 Sep 1992
Limbird, George F.21 Feb 18746 Mar 1960
Limbird, Maude L. w/o George F. (M) 6 Mar 191014 Sep 188815 Dec 1983SSDI
Limbird, Ruth Neoma d/o George Edward & Maude Lee (Hatfield)23 Sep 19127 Aug 2002SSDI
Lindley, Cassander (Stafford) w/o Tom10 Sep 19056 Apr 1991
Lindley, Tom26 Oct 190125 Oct 1961
Lindsay, Lorraine (Roberson)5 Sep 1911 10 Jan 1989
Lockamy, H.H. "Dewey"28 Jul 18549 Jun 1927
Lockamy, Inf. s/o H.H. & Josie10 Oct 192114 Nov 1921
Lockamy, Josie w/o H.H.3 Dec 188310 Oct 1921
Lowery, Amyno dates

Lowery, Johnno dates

Lowery, Lula26 Mar 188617 Jul 1893
Lynn, Amos19131932
Lynn, Elmer s/o J. Tal & Mary R. (Graves)18891966
Lynn, Emilyno dates

Lynn, Harmonno dates

Lynn, dates

Lynn, J. Tal15 Sep 18531 Jul 1928
Lynn, Lester13 Sep 19144 Aug 1986SSDI
Lynn, Mary Effie (Rollans) d/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman) w/o Elmer18911969
Lynn, Mary R. (Graves) d/o Jacob & Lucinda (Flick) w/o J. Tal18 Aug 18559 Sep 1928
Lynn, Modean w/o Lester27 Mar 19166 Jan 1974
Lynn, Pollyno dates

Lynn, Robert B.11 Dec 189325 Dec 1959
Markee, Mae (Pledger)3 Oct 189423 Sep 1974
Martin, Kateno dates

Martin, Rachel (Reasoner)no dates

Martin, Williamno dates

Maxwell, Brenda Lorraine w/o Don L.11 Apr 195620 Jan 1992
Maxwell, Don L.20 Feb 196126 Feb 1995
McCallie, Ornieno dates

McCarty, Billno dates

McClure, A.H.H. Civil War CSA Sgt. Co. D 56th Georgia Inf.
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
McClure, Arthur18861955
McClure, Francis84 yr 2 mo 27 ds21 Mar 1963
McClure, Lizzie J. w/o Dr. William Y.20 Sep 186716 Jul 1947
McClure, May w/o Arthur18881980
McClure, Sarah Janeno dates

McClure, Dr. William Y.17 Jan 18629 Feb 1925
McConnell, Roger Dale s/o Albert & May (Rollans)27 Dec 194916 Dec 1965
McConnell, Walter Lee s/o Albert & May (Rollans)18 Apr 19443 Sep 2005SSDI
McCormick, Francis B.21 Aug 190223 Aug 1916
McGilberry, Cora Lee (Rone) d/o Warren Donaldson "Dock" & Julia Ann (McCubbin)16 Sep 189820 Sep 1977
Meadows, Earl Heartsill10 Apr 191914 Mar 1989SSDI
Meadows, Nadine Lynn w/o Earl Heartsill16 Jul 191926 Jul 2001SSDI
Meadows, Thelma Inez (Vassaur) d/o Henry Anderson & Martha Malita (McCormick) w/o Earl Heartsill19 Oct 19178 Feb 1963
Mellon, Edward Alex27 May 189029 Oct 1943
Mellon, James Loyd s/o Edward Alex & Johnnie L.6 Dec 192620 Sep 1941
Mellon, Johnnie L. w/o Edward Alex19 Oct 189923 Sep 1953
Miller, Jackno dates

Miller, Myrtleno dates

Minor, Anna Mae w/o Dr. Samuel W.21 Sep 188915 Aug 1964
Minor, Dr. Samuel W.8 Oct 18714 Jul 1956
Mitchell, Melba Ruth (Wood)29 Jul 1930 4 Oct 1990
Moore, Everett L.7 Mar 1911Sep 1961
Moore, Jill18771930
Moore, Jocie E. w/o Dr. John H.13 Apr 187723 Dec 1930
Moore, Dr. John H.16 Sep 186916 Jul 1948
Morgan, Dora10 Sep 192026 Mar 1995
Morris, Georgia M. w/o William M.22 Jun 186522 Feb 1888
Morris, J.E. h/o W.R.8 Apr 186231 Dec 1903
Morris, Willey d/o J.E. & W.R.8 Oct 18967 Sep 1898
Morris, William M.30 Oct 185827 Dec 1887
Morris, Willie M.19 Feb 188831 Aug 1888
Mowery, James D. WWII Sgt. US Army2 Jan 19174 Sep 1990
Mowery, Leona (Rollans) w/o James D.7 Jun 19206 Oct 1999SSDI
Mullens, Grandmano dates

Musgrave, Annie F. w/o Levi N.10 Mar 1898Feb 1969
Musgrave, Levi N.1 Feb 1902Jan 1983
Musgrave, Russell Lee19 Feb 195519 Dec 1976
Myers, Amos A. s/o P.E. & Nannie1 Jun 18977 Jul 1897
Myers, Roy S.10 Sep 189315 Nov 1908
Noble, Karl Ray Sr. s/o Dweward Ralph Sr. & Jewell Dean (Wurst)15 Oct 19584 Oct 2006SSDI
Norris, John Collin Jr. s/o John Collin Sr. & Mabel Marie (Thomas)24 Jul 193430 Jul 2005SSDI
Norton, Joel E. s/o Harmon & Elenor (Roebuck)13 Oct 195014 Feb 2006SSDI
Norton, Shelia LynnB & D10 Dec 1971
Orr, James William "Elwood"3 Mar 19668 Dec 1984
Oxford, Charles L.186429 May 1944
Oxford, Percy w/o Charles L.18721930
Parker, C. Leverne (Bigbee) w/o Warren G.17 Feb 19261 Dec 1997
Parker, J.D.19336 Jul 1998
Parker, James Frank3 Mar 188619 Jan 1965
Parker, John D.26 Jan 189529 Dec 1977SSDI
Parker, Lillie Mae d/o James Frank & Pearl M. (Roberts) 2 Jun 19318 Mar 2004SSDI
Parker, Nannie M. w/o John D. (M) 25 Jan 191431 Aug 18971 Oct 1989SSDI
Parker, Pearl M. (Roberts) w/o James Frank16 Jan 19052 Aug 1993
Parker, Robert Sebern4 Dec 19142 Feb 1987
Parker, Tennessee26 Sep 18594 Jun 1936
Parker, Virginia Sulano date5 Dec 1939
Parker, Warren G. "Bill" WWII Tec 5 US Army21 Jun 192130 Dec 1986SSDI
Parker, Willene d/o John D. & Nannie M.7 Dec 1930Oct 1931
Parson, Bentleyno dates

Parson, Fred Pfc. US Army WWII
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
6 Jun 19131 Jan 1986SSDI
Parson, Hattie L. w/o Henry A.2 Aug 1902 7 Apr 1960
Parson, Henry A.7 Apr 18983 Jul 1949
Parson, James26 Nov 190114 Mar 1986SSDI
Parson, John dates

Parson, Liddieno dates

Parson, Lizzieno dates

Parson, Mary Francis (Taylor) w/o George Washington15 Sep 187924 Dec 1932
Parson, Mimie Earle (Drewery) w/o James8 Feb 190128 Oct 1968
Parsons, Ader11 Jul 189527 Jan 1897
Parsons, Clarendia w/o Fred6 Jan 192218 Dec 1994
Parsons, dates

Parsons, Everett McKinley s/o Thomas Edd & Rosie (Pirshall) h/o Sena Bell (Whorton)21 Feb 191617 Sep 2006SSDI
Parsons, Baby Eddno dates

Parsons, Gabe6 Jan 18982 May 1924
Parsons, George C.16 Nov 191026 Nov 1992
Parsons, George Washington30 Apr 187624 May 1962
Parsons, Herman s/o Gabe26 Jul 192317 Mar 1934
Parsons, James E.31 Aug 187117 May 1960
Parsons, Jimno dates

Parsons, Joel (Mason)26 Jan 184227 Aug 1904
Parsons, John11 May 186612 Aug 1947
Parsons, Marthano dates

Parsons, Richard Luther s/o George Washington & Mary Francis (Taylor) M/1 Eulene (-------------) M/2 Mary (Hammack)6 Apr 191426 Aug 1998SSDI
Parsons, Rosie E. (Pirshall) w/o Thomas Edd (M) 21 Jan 1914 18 Sep 189325 Aug 1981
Parsons, Sarah "Sallie" D.J. w/o John2 Mar 186610 Jun 1952
Parsons, Thomas Edd27 Jul 189329 Feb 1984
Peden, James1 Sep 192427 Aug 1983
Peden, Loretta (Rollans) w/o James - In memory of James & Loretta who died in Huron, CA2 Mar 193327 Aug 1983
Phelps, Billy Ray27 Sep 194519 Dec 1988
Phelps, Earl Jessie26 May 19135 Mar 1949
Phelps, Eva (Berry) w/o James F.31 Oct 190410 Jun 1954
Phelps, James F.14 Jul 19015 Jul 1985SSDI
Pike, Allie Roberta19071936
Pitts, Susie28 Jul 190112 Jul 1981SSDI
Pitts, William Henry187211 Feb 1942
Pledger, Arthur A.9 Sep 1892Jul 1977SSDI
Pledger, L. Juanita (Breazzeal) d/o Thomas Jefferson & Arnie (Shelton) w/o Arthur A.3 Feb 192023 Oct 2001SSDI
Poynter, Emily A. w/o George A.18756 Feb 1928
Poynter, George A.24 Aug 18725 Dec 1954
Poynter, Jicie Ellen (Rollans) d/o James Taylor & Lucy Ann (Underwood)18981923
Pulliam, Charley28 Jul 18898 Feb 1982
Pulliam, Mary w/o Charley11 Jan 189816 Jan 1974
Ragsdale, Johnno dates

Rainwater, Aleneno dates

Rainwater, Amos Leo US Army WWII s/o Leander A. & Minnie Belle (Rollans) h/o Mozelle (Jenkins)15 Nov 192130 Aug 2005SSDI
Rainwater, Billy Deanno dates

Rainwater, Cyrusno dates

Rainwater, Dora Rosetta "Rosa" (Rollans) d/o Robert Price & Martha Jane (Tillman) w/o Ozia Marion18 Feb 188714 Mar 1980SSDI
Rainwater, Dorothy L. d/o Ozia Marion & Dora Rosetta (Rollans)29 Sep 191624 Apr 1918
Rainwater, Inf./o Samuel Simpson & Sarah (Graves)B & D10 Jul 1896
Rainwater, Isa L. d/o Ozia Marion & Dora Rosetta (Rollans)8 Jul 190925 Aug 1981SSDI
Rainwater, Leander A. "Lee" s/o Andrew Jack & Sarah Elizabeh (Eskew)6 Mar 18866 Dec 1967SSDI
Rainwater, Minnie Belle (Rollans) d/o John Franklin & Amanda (Tillman) w/o Leander A. (M) 6 Oct 191227 Jun 189427 May 1989SSDI
Rainwater, Nitano dates

Rainwater, Ozia Marion s/o Samuel Simpson & Sarah (Graves)11 Sep 188510 Nov 1965
Rainwater, Samuel Simpson s/o Ebenezer & Sarah (Eskew) 16 Dec 18582 Nov 1941
Rainwater, Sarah (Graves) d/o Jacob & Lucinda (Flick) w/o Samuel Simpson25 Jan 186630 Jun 1947
* Reasnor, Solomon (Reznor) - See below
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus

Reasoner Row
Pictures from Richard Dycus
Picture 1Picture 2
Reasoner, Ada J. d/o John A. & Tillie
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
16 Dec 18936 Jan 1922
Reasoner, Addie J. d/o J.M. & Martha G.
Tombstone picture
Tombstone picture (View 2)
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
12 Feb 18948 Sep 1910
Reasoner, Caroline C. w/o Stephen L.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
2 May 182231 May 1887
Reasoner, Charlie15 May 188026 Sep 1962
Reasoner, Clark R.21 Feb 190126 Aug 1969
Reasoner, Clyde J.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
7 Dec 189729 Jul 1966
Reasoner, Della d/o Thomas Elzie & Martha E. (Jamison) 12 Dec 189010 Mar 1891
Reasoner, Fanny S. w/o William R.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
27 Aug 19054 Jun 1999
Reasoner, Francis May (Garrison) w/o Leland E. d/o William H. & Josephine (Wurst) m/o Jimmy & Patricia Ann10 Jun 191426 Jun 1964
Reasoner, Grace Lee w/o James D. (M) 19 Jul 1943
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
7 Jun 19183 Nov 1998
Reasoner, Inf. s/o Clyde J. & Pearl
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
B & D9 Jan 1943
Reasoner, J.M.
Tombstone picture
Tombstone picture (View 2)
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
5 Jun 186413 Jun 1918
Reasoner, James D.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
27 Sep 191123 Jan 1997
Reasoner, John A.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
22 Aug 185815 Jul 1929
Reasoner, John Edward
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
22 Feb 189622 Apr 1974
Reasoner, Leland E. s/o Thomas Elzie & Martha E. (Jamison)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
14 Dec 19108 Aug 1974SSDI
Reasoner, Lenano dates

Reasoner, Martha E. (Jamison) d/o Albert & Elizabeth (Rollans) w/o Thomas Elzie
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
25 Nov 187121 Sep 1944
Reasoner, Martha G. w/o J.M.
Tombstone picture
Tombstone picture (View 2)
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
25 Sep 186916 Sep 1943
Reasoner, Matilda "Tillie" w/o John A.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
10 Feb 186923 Oct 1936
Reasoner, Ola Joe w/o John Edward
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
12 Apr 189827 Jun 1974
Reasoner, Pearl w/o Clyde J.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
22 Aug 190116 Apr 1983
Reasoner, Stephen L.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
26 Jul 181613 Jan 1884
Reasoner, Sybil (Webb) w/o Clark R.19 Jan 190719 Oct 1991
Reasoner, Thomas Elzie
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
4 Aug 18596 Mar 1943
Reasoner, Veneano dates

Reasoner, W.W.
Tombstone picture
Tombstone picture (View 2)
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
9 Jan 185324 Jun 1929
Reasoner, William R. "Bill" WWI US Army
Tombstone picture
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
15 Oct 18956 Feb 1965
Reasoner, William W. "Bill" s/o Clark R. & Sybil (Webb) h/o Glynda16 Sep 194130 Aug 2003SSDI
Reed, Artie G. (Brown) w/o William E. m/o Jessie, Sharon, Grace, Lois, Leon, David and James "Jimmy"10 May 190711 Jan 1994
Reynolds, Rebecca18771967
Reynolds, William4 Oct 190030 Sep 1977
* Reznor, (Reasnor) Solomon
* Solomon is beside Stephen L. all in Reasoner Row and spelled this way too
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
22 Nov 17902 Sep 1835
Richards, Will P.19 Mar 18761 Dec 1962
Richards, William Patrick18821968
Richardson, Gibbie A.B & D2 Oct 1977
Richardson, Gustavus D.B & D1 Oct 1977
Roady, Faye E.2 Jul 193120 Sep 1931
Robbins, Kay w/o Natt11 Jan 190628 Feb 1989
Robbins, Natt21 Aug 190315 Mar 1993
Roberson, Hugh Cyrus8 Jul 190525 Mar 1991
Roberson, Lorraine (Lidsay)5 Sep 191110 Jan 1989
Roberson, Nannie Ruth (Horn) d/o Thomas & Dora Alice (Lasater) w/o Hugh Cyrus30 Mar 191122 Dec 1981
Roberts, Alletta M. d/o J.O. & Marie12 Aug 19355 Aug 1937
Roberts, Buddie US Army WWII Ark. S/Sgt. 337 Inf.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
12 Dec 192021 Aug 1944
Roberts, Joe W.22 Jan 18848 Feb 1962
Roberts, Leroy24 Sep 192731 Jul 1940
Roberts, Mary Jane185627 Jun 1933
Roberts, Sussie Ann w/o Joe W.3 Mar 1888 23 Sep 1949
Robertson, Leonno dates

Robertson, Lorettano dates

Robinson, Betty Louise d/o Clyde & Ruth (Farnam)B & D2 May 1936
Robinson, Cecil Leon Jr. s/o Cecil Leon Sr. & Lula (Utley)22 Mar 19228 Apr 1998SSDI
Robinson, Clyde s/o Joe C. & Viola (Whitecotton)13 Dec 191322 Nov 2003SSDI
Robinson, Ellie C. d/o J.F. & Ellen7 May 19008 Oct 1900
Robinson, Fannie May d/o Phillip & Lena Ann (Underwood) 5 Feb 188522 Oct 1889
Robinson, George E. s/o Joe C. & Viola (Whitecotton)21 Feb 19318 Jul 1997SSDI
Robinson, Gilbert L. Vietnam s/o Clyde & Ruth (Farnam) 8 Jul 19451 Jul 2005SSDI
Robinson, Ima Jean (Garner) d/o Az G. & Dollie (Berry) w/o Lee Orren27 Dec 19183 Apr 2004SSDI
Robinson, J.P. WWII US Navy s/o Joe C. & Viola (Whitecotton)6 Jan 192321 Jul 1981 SSDI
Robinson, J.T. "Teeter" s/o Clyde & Ruth (Farnam)19411964
Robinson, Joe C.13 Jul 18882 Feb 1959
Robinson, John H. s/o Joe C. & Viola (Whitecotton)7 Apr 19289 May 1959
Robinson, John R.43 yr 3 mo19 Apr 1875
Robinson, Johnnie R. w/o George E.29 Jun 1934Living
Robinson, Lee Orren s/o Joe C. & Viola (Whitecotton)28 Jan 191219 Sep 1978SSDI
Robinson, Lena Ann (Underwood) w/o Phillip24 Mar 185913 Jan 1923
Robinson, Margaret Ann d/o Cecil L. Jr. & Shirley A. (Weaver)Jun 1947Dec 1947
Robinson, Mary A. w/o John H.13 Apr 1928 Living
Robinson, Michael JayB & D10 Nov 1951
Robinson, Noah s/o Eli & Permelia31 Oct 187828 Oct 1909
Robinson, Patsy Carol d/o Clyde & Ruth (Farnam)6 Oct 195530 Oct 1955
Robinson, Phillip30 Nov 18584 Sep 1935
Robinson, Ruth (Farnam) d/o T.A. & Mary (Johnson) w/o Clyde8 May 191613 Aug 1998SSDI
Robinson, Sarah H. (Brandon) w/o John R.18 Apr 183220 Apr 1907
Robinson, Shirley A. (Weaver) w/o Cecil Leon Jr.11 Aug 1931Living
Robinson, Viola (Whitecotton) w/o Joe C.30 Aug 189226 Aug 1975SSDI
Rollans, Aaron J. s/o F. Alexander & Alice G. (Reasoner) 22 Feb 18829 Oct 1882
Rollans, Addie Maude (Brandon) w/o Horace GreeleyApr 18821906
Rollans, Adell L. d/o William Robert & Lillie Jane (Boothe)192916 Feb 1943
Rollans, Alice G. (Reasoner) w/o F. Alexander25 Dec 186117 Jun 1948
Rollans, Alvin11 Sep 19028 Jul 1904
Rollans, Amanda M. (Tillman) w/o John Franklin8 Jan 185613 Nov 1938
Rollans, Annie20 Mar 188028 --- 1886
Rollans, Annie Evaline (Johnson) d/o Daniel & Elizabeth (Killian) w/o Thomas Jefferson14 Apr 183217 Mar 1896
Rollans, B.L. c/o Bonnie Leroy & Lue ViennieB & D14 Feb 1921
Rollans, Babyno dates

Rollans, Baby Girlno dates

Rollans, Bonnie Leroy WWI Ark. Pvt. US Army s/o Thomas Daniel & Nancy (Stinnett)14 Nov 18969 Nov 1932WWIR
Rollans, Callie w/o T.B.18821952
Rollans, Charles Albert s/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie Evaline (Johnson)23 Jan 18681916
Rollans, Charlie A.16 Sep 18862 Jul 1956
Rollans, Children of Bill & Lizzie (5 graves)no dates

Rollans, Clarence L. s/o William Robert & Lillie Jane (Boothe)2 Jan 190723 Aug 1939
Rollans, David McArthur26 Jan 194413 Dec 1992
Rollans, Dellar C. (Cox) d/o James F. & Susan Lusinda (Morris) w/o Julius A.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
23 Sep 188014 May 1929
Rollans, Dorothy D.191816 Jun 1918
Rollans, Dorothy M. w/o Maxie Loyd (M) 3 Aug 194027 Apr 1921Living
Rollans, Dorthano dates

Rollans, Earnest Doyle s/o Ocie18 Nov 192228 Apr 1956
Rollans, Elizabeth A.19221927
Rollans, Elmer s/o F. Alexander & Alice G. (Reasoner)18 May 190111 Sep 1904
Rollans, Everett Elmer s/o Arthur Harrison & Minnie (Jay)19201955
Rollans, F. Alexander s/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie Evaline (Johnson)25 Dec 18598 Dec 1946
Rollans, Fannie E. d/o John Franklin & Amanda (Tillman) 20 Mar 188028 Sep 1886
Rollans, Fannie M. d/o Robert Price & Martha Jane (Tillman)5 Oct 18855 Jan 1904
Rollans, Fred Randolph7 Dec 19514 Jan 1952
Rollans, Geneva Ruth17 Jun 191910 Feb 1921
Rollans, George W. s/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman)29 Jul 18816 Jun 1897
Rollans, Guinnie R. (RN) US Coast Guard WWII25 Jan 191914 May 1992
Rollans, Harvey H. s/o Robert Price & Martha Jane (Tillman)23 May 188931 Oct 1917
Rollans, Dr. Horace Greeley11 Oct 1872 1 Oct 1941
Rollans, Ida Ellen (Vassaur) d/o Jean Duval & Lovina Jane (Lynn) w/o Charles AlbertAug 18711973
Rollans, Inf. s/o James Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Keller) B & D24 Nov 1913
Rollans, Inf. Twins of Bonnie Leroy & Lue ViennieB & D1918
Rollans, Irene L. w/o Julius A.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
23 Oct 189510 Feb 1948
Rollans, James Edward s/o James Taylor & Lucy Ann (Underwood)13 May 18741968
Rollans, James Edward Ark. FN US Navy
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
3 Apr 19392 Nov 1957
Rollans, James Fay WWII US Army12 Dec 19002 Jan 1983
Rollans, James Marion (W of W) s/o F. Alexander & Alice G. (Reasoner)14 Sep 188317 Oct 1918
Rollans, James Taylor s/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie Evaline (Johnson) h/o Ann14 Aug 18512 Jul 1922
Rollans, James Taylor s/o James Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Keller)19 Dec 19061 Apr 1989SSDI
Rollans, Jemima May (Parker) w/o James Marion30 Dec 18841 Dec 1966
Rollans, Jocie Jewel29 Jan 19125 Jun 1921
Rollans, John Franklin s/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie Evaline (Johnson)20 Nov 185615 Dec 1923
Rollans, John Horace s/o John Franklin & Amanda M. (Tillman) h/o Annie16 Dec 18856 Mar 1919
Rollans, John Jefferson s/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman)Mar 18801962
Rollans, John T. (Mason) s/o Robert Price & Martha Jane (Tillman) h/o Lizzie N.9 Jan 188323 Nov 1911
Rollans, Julius A. s/o Thomas Daniel & Nancy (Stinnett)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
21 Oct 1880no date
Rollans, Leland R. WWII (Mason) Ark. Pfc. Co. A. 115 Engr. Cbt. Bn. s/o Arthur Harrison & Minnie (Jay)24 Dec 1916 22 Jul 1971
Rollans, Lenden Lonzo "Ted"30 Apr 1918 27 May 1987SSDI
Rollans, Lillie F. w/o W. Lonzo10 Jan 1899Nov 1972SSDI
Rollans, Lillie Jane (Boothe) w/o William Robert3 Mar 188819 Nov 1976SSDI
Rollans, Lindell Arvis s/o James Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Keller)1 Aug 192431 May 1956
Rollans, Loretta Mae (Freer) d/o M. Ellen29 Dec 194211 Mar 1993
Rollans, Lucy Ann (Underwood) d/o William Berry & Julia (Burnham) w/o James Taylor16 Jun 18583 Jun 1949
Rollans, Lue Viennie w/o Bonnie Leroy13 May 189829 Mar 1988
Rollans, Luther Riley WWII Ark. Pfc. 1116 Mil. Police Co. AVN s/o James Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Keller)8 Sep 192116 Dec 1965
Rollans, Lydia Irene w/o Leland A.24 Aug 19154 Sep 1986
Rollans, Mable LouiseB & D12 Jul 1921
Rollans, Margaret A. w/o Olan L.5 Jan 1929Living
Rollans, Margie L. (Deeds) w/o James Taylor d/o John & V. (Johnson)19 Nov 1907Jul 1974SSDI
Rollans, Marie R. w/o Oliver J.2 Mar 1919Living
Rollans, Martha Jane (Tillman) w/o Robert Price d/o John & Susan A.29 Apr 18629 Apr 1945
Rollans, Mary Elizabeth (Keller) d/o John & Mary Mahala (Cranfield) w/o James Edward4 Feb 188415 Nov 1970
Rollans, Mary Elizabeth (Tillman) w/o William Riley3 Oct 184916 Jul 1959
Rollans, Maudie M. (Brandon) w/o Horace Greeley11 Apr 18821 Oct 1906
Rollans, Maxie Loyd s/o James Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Keller)30 Oct 19194 Aug 1985
Rollans, Millis15 Jul 191318 Aug 1929
Rollans, Minnie (Farnam) d/o William Leslie & Josephine (Horn) w/o John Jefferson29 Jun 1893Mar 1973
Rollans, Nancy (Stinnett) w/o Thomas DanielJun 18557 Jun 1933
Rollans, Olan L.12 Oct 191416 Sep 1984
Rollans, Oliver J. s/o Arthur Harrison & Minnie (Jay)31 Jan 191930 Apr 1965
Rollans, Olphus Fay17 Jul 193930 May 1991
Rollans, Onie Ann d/o James Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Keller)28 Mar 190822 Jun 1915
Rollans, Otis dates

Rollans, Ramonino dates

Rollans, Randolphno dates

Rollans, Robert Price s/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie Evaline (Johnson)20 Mar 186110 Jun 1930
Rollans, Ruby Lucille d/o C.A. & Myrtle29 Mar 191020 Jun 1921
Rollans, Shirley Ann (Johnson) w/o Olphus Fay9 Feb 1942Living
Rollans, Stella Alice (Bata) d/o Andrew & Dora Alica w/o William Ocie11 Sep 18996 Feb 1999 SSDI
Rollans, Susan Verna d/o Robert Price & Martha Jane (Tillman)16 Jun 18914 Jan 1911
Rollans, T.B. "Bob"16 Jul 1878Jan 1964
Rollans, Thomas A. s/o John Franklin & Amanda (Tillman) 16 Mar 188227 Jul 1882
Rollans, Thomas Daniel s/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie Eveline (Johnson)15 Feb 185623 Dec 1938
Rollans, Thomas Jefferson s/o William & Nancy Ann (Clement)16 Jun 181225 Apr 1892
Rollans, Thomas Jefferson s/o James Taylor & Lucy Ann (Underwood)9 Sep 187817 Jun 1884
Rollans, Ulis & Julius (Twins)15 Nov 190627 Nov 1906
Rollans, W. Lonzo s/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman)18951953
Rollans, Wanda Lee w/o Lenden Lonzo20 Oct 1920Living
Rollans, Wendell Arvis6 May 195026 Jun 1990
Rollans, Wendell C. Pvt. US Army Air Corps. WWII s/o John Jefferson & Minnie (Farnam)9 Feb 191424 Aug 1982
Rollans, Wendell Jarvis Pfc. US Army WWII
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
1 Aug 192428 Mar 1996
Rollans, William E.3 Jun 187731 Aug 1877
Rollans, William J. WWII Ark. Pfc. 311 Engrs. CMBT-Bn 86 Div.2 Aug 19262 Oct 1948
Rollans, William L. Jr.B & D1930
Rollans, William Ocie s/o F. Alexander & Alice G. (Reasoner)11 Oct 1897Jun 1973SSDI
Rollans, William Riley s/o Thomas Jefferson & Annie Evaline (Johnson)21 May 18496 Oct 1921
Rollans, William Robert s/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman)Jan 18851959
Rone, Julia Ann (McCubbin) w/o William Donaldson25 Dec 187629 Oct 1929
Rone, William Donaldson "Dock"17 May 187613 Aug 1940
Rood, Charley Pleasant31 Oct 190812 Aug 1991
Rood, Lora Ethel (Harshfield) w/o Charley Pleasant27 May 19065 Apr 1990
Rood, Montie P.B & D20 Apr 1946
Roper, Martha A.2 Jun 18507 Feb 1900
Roulston, Bartley (Mason)16 Jan 192211 Nov 1974
Roulston, Elbert19241944
Roulston, Hannah M. w/o Joseph A.18881970
Roulston, Joseph A.20 Jul 1885Jan 1970
Roulston, Lindsey6 Oct 191211 Nov 1980
Ruble, Mavis I. (Lindley) d/o Tom & Casander (Stafford) w/o Leroy2 Aug 19319 Nov 2006SSDI
Sanders, Allieno dates

Sanders, Audrey B. w/o Cecil B.20 Apr 1918Living
Sanders, Cecil G.30 May 191818 Dec 1951
Sanders, David Lee26 Oct 1946Oct 1979
Sanders, Elder Lee29 Sep 192621 May 1928
Sanders, Elsie Lee19214 Nov 1925
Sanders, Frank James "Frankie"28 Dec 190910 Mar 1968SSDI
Sanders, George W.18671941
Sanders, George W.B & D1916
Sanders, George Walter4 Feb 188418 Sep 1961
Sanders, Groverno dates

Sanders, Gustie Ann w/o George Walter16 May 188716 Nov 1936
Sanders, Herbert Barlon1 Feb 19118 Mar 1978
Sanders, Herbert L.8 Mar 19247 Jul 1961
Sanders, Herbert "Pete" s/o Herbert Barlon & Oleva16 Aug 194616 Dec 1965
Sanders, Jess15 Dec 1896Aug 1942
Sanders, John R. Jr. s/o John R. Sr. & Mary192322 Nov 1941
Sanders, John R. Sr.18911957
Sanders, Lilly May191510 Jun 1916
Sanders, Mary
Sanders, Mary w/o John R. Sr.9 Sep 1890 30 Mar 1988SSDI
Sanders, Mary Ann12 Mar 194012 Apr 1940
Sanders, Oleva w/o Herbert Barlow13 Sep 1922Living
Sanders, Roger19261928
Sanders, Tessieno dates

Schnider, Belle w/o W.M.14 Dec 187022 Sep 1903
Schreiber, Annies L.B & D31 Oct 1921
Scott, Armarda
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
no dates

Shelton, Mary M.23 Apr 187710 Jan 1910
Shepherd, John WWI Ark. Pvt. 162 Depot Brig.-----------22 Nov 1932
Shoemaker, Etta w/o Lonnie14 Feb 189913 Jul 1983
Shoemaker, Farris D. Korea Ark. Pvt. 79 Engr. Const. Bn.29 Aug 193130 Dec 1950
Shoemaker, Florence May w/o John H.3 May 187826 Dec 1925
Shoemaker, Gary Loyd4 Apr 195420 Jul 1995
Shoemaker, Inf. s/o Robert M. & Johnnie A.B & D5 Oct 1925
Shoemaker, John H.27 Apr 187015 Mar 1944
Shoemaker, Johnnie A. w/o Robert M.27 Dec 189629 Dec 1988SSDI
Shoemaker, Lonnie10 Sep 189823 Sep 1986
Shoemaker, Robert Loyd Jr.10 Feb 1957Living
Shoemaker, Robert M.18 Jun 189623 Aug 1986SSDI
Shoemaker, Vicky w/o Robert Loyd Jr.25 Apr 1955Living
Sims, Lovie L.16 Mar 190317 Aug 1905
Sivage, Hazel Geneva (Deeds) w/o Howard L.C.3 Mar 193312 Feb 1994
Sivage, Howard L.C.22 Aug 1931Living
Smith, Amanda w/o Eli E.11 May 1881Dec 1973SSDI
Smith, Clarence4 Dec 190417 Oct 1991
Smith, Earl s/o Eli E. & Amanda26 Jun 190818 Jul 1915
Smith, Eli E.18781962
Smith, Hilda w/o Clarence18 Oct 1926Living
Sory, Elizabeth J.10 yr 6 mo 17 ds13 Feb 1972
Sory, Floyd J. WWII Pvt. US Army16 Jan 19131 Feb 1973
Sory, Jo Ann20 Jan 193521 Apr 1935
Sory, Ruby B. w/o Floyd J.27 Jan 19159 Dec 1997
Standridge, Leon (32nd Degree Mason) s/o Boyd & Syble Maybell (Rainey) h/o Patsy (Vaughn)7 Jul 193913 Oct 2004SSDI
Stewart, Joseph f/o Dessie Hendrix1858 1931
Stewart, Ola Lea90 yr2 Jan 2007
Stone, Gurstal Skaggs Earwood14 May 1910 19 May 1996
Swinney, dates

Swinney, Mary dates

Sykes, William dates

Taylor, Eavie29 Jan 189919 Nov 1929
Taylor, Glyn Alvin7 Dec 19162 Jan 1996
Taylor, Green B.25 Jan 189413 Dec 1977
Taylor, Inf. DaughterB & D1922
Taylor, Inf. SonB & D1924
Taylor, Kittie Mae d/o Glyn Alvin & Wilma L.30 Jun 19373 Oct 1937
Taylor, Lionel16 Jun 192716 Jul 1976
Taylor, Thurman L.24 Dec 19292 Jul 1984
Taylor, Vernel w/o Green B.3 Nov 190818 Feb 1996
Taylor, Virginia A.17 Feb 19258 Nov 1993
Tillman, Belle L. w/o John F. (Eastern Star)186922 Apr 1926
Tillman, Benjamin Edward WWII S-2 US Navy1 Jul 19232 Mar 1978
Tillman, Cecil L. Ark. Pvt. 141 Inf. 36th Div. US Army
1 Jun 1922
Tillman, Dorothy11 Oct 189430 Jan 1994
Tillman, Earnest M.16 Feb 190712 Apr 1964
Tillman, Gracy Pearl d/o John F. & Belle L.16 Jan 188816 Nov 1895
Tillman, Hilda Joe192229 Nov 1927
Tillman, James R.3 Apr 18873 Oct 1961
Tillman, John F. (Mason)18651932
Tillman, John William25 Oct 192030 Jun 1988
Tillman, Joseph L. "Joe"188430 Jan 1924
Tillman, Robertno dates

Tillman, Susanno dates

Tilman, Cecilno date1 Jun 1922
Tilmon, Homerno dates

Tilmon, Jackno dates

Tilmon, Kateno dates

Tilmon, Lillie18801942
Tilmon, Marielno dates

Tilmon, Marshelno dates

Tilmon, Peggieno dates

Tilmon, Tommieno dates

Tilmon, dates

Tucker, Marie (Horn) d/o Thomas & Dora Alice (Lasater) 23 Mar 19131934
Tuttle, Hilda Martha Jane (Deeds) w/o Jerry Marlin20 Sep 193122 Aug 2006SSDI
Tuttle, Jerry Marlin28 Apr 195112 Oct 1988
Tuttle, Linda Carol d/o Jerry Marlin & Hilda Martha Jane (Deeds)19 Feb 195423 Feb 1997SSDI
Tuttle, Martin Wesley30 Jan 19254 Feb 1997
Tuttle, Nelda Lee d/o Jerry Marlin & Hilda Martha Jane (Deeds)4 Nov 19592 Jul 1998
Underwood, Arthur s/o Madison Grant & Laura Ellen (Brunson)19 Jun 1903Feb 1989SSDI
Underwood, "Father"18691958
Underwood, James F.3 Mar 18613 Feb 1927
Underwood, Jemima9 Oct 18854 Jan 1894
Underwood, Jimno dates

Underwood, Lawrence18691958
Underwood, Louisa181815 Jul 1898
Underwood, Luiza w/o James F.18671947
Underwood, Malachi Civil War Union Co. D 3 Regt. Ark. Cav.
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
Underwood, Malchie (couldn't read)1818 ----------
Underwood, "Mother"18701928
Underwood, Reuben Civil War Union Co. O 3rd Ark. Cav.
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
no dateca. 1890UPF
Underwood, Susan "Sussie"1901Living
Underwood, Susan Lilyan12 Feb 196313 Feb 1963
Underwood, Susie Malinda (Campbell) w/o Arthur d/o G.T. & Maggie (Menie)19071960
Underwood, Thomas dates

Underwood, William B. Civil War CSA Co. K 31st Regt. Ark. Inf.
Military marker
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
15 Feb 18263 Feb 1867
Underwood, WillieB & D1907
Vassar, Charles W. "Charlie" Civil War Union Pvt. Co. D 3rd Ark. Cav.5 Nov 184915 Aug 1932UPF
Vassaar, Charles W. (W of W) s/o George W. & Mattie (Braudrick)22 Mar 18944 Jan 1919
Vassaur, Carrie I. d/o Henry Anderson & Martha Malita (McCormick)30 Jul 191311 Oct 1914
Vassaur, Chodesno dates

Vassaur, Dewalno dates

Vassaur, Dorotha (Wood) d/o G. Norman & Dora (Farnam) w/o Lee E. (M) 6 Feb 192926 Mar 191315 Feb 2004SSDI
Vassaur, George W. s/o Duvall & Louvina Jane (Lynn)186231 May 1934
Vassaur, George W. s/o Henry Anderson & Martha Malita (McCormick)19 May 191220 May 1912
Vassaur, H.A.19 Feb 19202 Apr 1927
Vassaur, Henry Anderson s/o George W. & Mattie (Braudrick)7 Jul 1889Sep 1975SSDI
Vassaur, James Oliver s/o Charles W. & Pearl (Rollans) 4 Oct 19164 Nov 1972
Vassaur, Lee E. WWII Cox. US Navy s/o George W. & Rosie (Oxford)21 Dec 190714 Jan 1975SSDI
Vassaur, M.M. d/o Henry Anderson & Martha Malita (McCormick)B & D19 Feb 1920
Vassaur, Martha Malita (McCormick) w/o Henry Anderson18941971
Vassaur, Mattie (Braudrick) w/o George W.18601897
Vassaur, Pearl (Rollans) w/o Charles W. d/o Robert Price & Martha Jane (Tillman)18 Oct 189327 Jul 1919
Vassaur, Perry M. s/o Henry Anderson & Martha Malita (McCormick)B & D23 Aug 1915
Vassaur, Rosie (Oxford) w/o George W.18791931
Vassaur, Tockno dates

Vaughn, Loyd J.5 Nov 191423 Feb 1944
Venson, Johnnieno dates

Vinson, Agnesno dates

Vinson, Eddno dates

Vinson, Rosyno dates

Vinson, Sarahno dates

Walker, ZedelmaB & D21 Jul 1925
Wallis, Lester Vernon Sp.3 US Army Korea30 Sep 192929 Apr 1983SSDI
Weaver, Eva Nevada22 Jul 18958 May 1991
Whitby, Normano dates

White, Laura Jo15 Sep 194131 Aug 1984
White, Zackery Ray3 Oct 198829 Jan 1989
Whitecotton, Alma w/o Ottie1 Jan 19006 Jun 1994
Whitecotton, Chodesno dates

Whitecotton, Emma (Rollans) d/o Charles & Ida Ellen (Vassaur) w/o John19 Jun 18928 Sep 1971
Whitecotton, Eutha A. w/o Lindsey H.21 May 1932Living
Whitecotton, John14 May 185911 May 1927
Whitecotton, JohnnyB & D1 Mar 1888
Whitecotton, Josie E. "Granny"18801976
Whitecotton, Lindsey H.25 Sep 19283 Feb 1984
Whitecotton, Mabel (Garner) d/o Az G. & Dollie (Berry) w/o Murry3 Nov 190818 Jan 1981SSDI
Whitecotton, Murry4 Aug 190314 Aug 1992
Whitecotton, Ottie18 Apr 189020 Dec 1959
Whitecotton, Ruby Jewelno dates

Whitecotton, Thelmano dates

Whitecotton, William "Ottis"22 May 1918 25 Nov 1991
Whorton, Fred Jr. "Buddy" s/o Fred Sr. & Carrie Mae14 Jan 195925 Jan 1962
Wiggins, Columbusno dates

Wiggins, Maryno dates

Winner, William E. US Army WWII s/o William M. & Dora (Farnam) h/o Arminta (Wilhelm)22 Jul 19255 Feb 2005SSDI
Wood, Alyne25 Jan 192711 Aug 1980
Wood, Angela Dawn22 Jul 196815 Jun 1995SSDI
Wood, Arthurno dates

Wood, Bentley E.2 Sep 192518 Jan 1942
Wood, Billy John27 Jul 19294 Jan 1989
Wood, Bonnie d/o G. Norman & Dora (Farnam)27 Jan 191122 Apr 1912
Wood, Carmelita w/o William Harrison14 Oct 1930Living
Wood, Children of John & Emily (5 graves)no dates

Wood, Donie (Higgins) w/o Willie Evert "Brownie"3 Jul 190214 Oct 1984SSDI
Wood, Dorris May w/o Paul J. Pershing15 Feb 1923Living
Wood, Ernest19191960
Wood, Ezra Herman27 May 19208 May 1981
Wood, G. Norman28 Oct 18885 May 1918
Wood, George W.27 Jul 18646 Jan 1932
Wood, Harvey H.22 Jan 192112 Feb 1992
Wood, Harvey Millard (Mason) s/o George W. & Permelia J. (Robinson)29 Dec 189213 Mar 1975SSDI
Wood, Hazel D. (Berry) d/o Oscar W. & Rosalie w/o Leslie Edward (M) 21 Sep 1932 m/o Emmaline, Jimmy and David23 Oct 191411 Apr 2004SSDI
Wood, Iono w/o Ernest31 Aug 191928 Jun 1993
Wood, Jacksonno dates

Wood, James A. s/o Obediah & Sarah (Gray)17 Mar 183820 Mar 1913
Wood, Jerry T.B & D19 May 1943
Wood, Jesse Andrew20 Sep 18947 Sep 1983SSDI
Wood, Jesse Lee "J.L." s/o Jesse Andrew & Olvia Lee (Harrison) h/o Sybil M.24 Apr 192529 Apr 1997SSDI
Wood, Jimno dates

Wood, John O. (W of W) h/o Carrie Emily (Robinson) s/o James A. & Mary Ann (Cannon)9 Mar 186122 Sep 1915
Wood, Lena Maude (Sellars) w/o Harvey H. (M) 31 Oct 19422 Mar 1922Living
Wood, Leslie Edward s/o Newton Watt & Venia (Sims)5 Apr 19122 Mar 1991SSDI
Wood, Leta Fern17 Feb 193521 Mar 1995SSDI
Wood, Lula M.23 Apr 193511 May 1935
Wood, Maryno dates

Wood, Mary Ann (Cannon) w/o James A. (M) 4 Feb 1860 d/o John & Elizabeth (Denton)18 Dec 183717 Dec 1915
Wood, Mary Bessie18941961
Wood, Mary Helen28 Nov 193514 Sep 1938
Wood, Nellie Susan w/o Harvey Millard3 Apr 190215 Apr 1988SSDI
Wood, Olvia Lee (Harrison) w/o Jesse Andrew24 Sep 19008 Aug 1966
Wood, Paul J. Pershing19 Aug 191816 Apr 1990
Wood, Permelia J. (Robinson) w/o George W. d/o John & Sarah (Brandon)24 Mar 186715 Dec 1950
Wood, Rosey w/o H.L.18 Oct 188119 Jul 1906
Wood, Russell Karl13 Feb 195612 Jun 1980
Wood, Ruth Edith (Hawk) w/o Wilson Sr.8 Sep 19183 Feb 1991
Wood, Sidney A.2 Jan 19071 Jul 1992
Wood, Thelma V. w/o Sidney A.28 Sep 1925 18 Jan 1964
Wood, Vina (Sims) w/o Watt18911971
Wood, Watt s/o George W. & Permelia J. (Robinson)18861936
Wood, William Harrison28 Jun 193015 Sep 1957
Wood, Willie Evert "Brownie"20 Feb 1898 24 Jun 1974SSDI
Wood, Willie R.23 Apr 193517 May 1935
Wood, Wilson Sr.24 Aug 191918 Aug 1969
Wurst, A. Florence w/o Walter B.25 Sep 190223 Aug 1986SSDI
Wurst, Charles Fred6 Feb 1929Living
Wurst, Charlyne (Myers) w/o Charles Fred14 Sep 193123 Mar 1994SSDI
Wurst, Clyde Roger s/o Gustavus Carlton Sr. & Dovie (Smith)3 Dec 191321 Nov 2001SSDI
Wurst, Dora Mae (Elam) w/o Clyde Roger10 Jun 19178 Dec 1978
Wurst, Dovie (Smith) w/o Gustavus Carlton Sr. (M) 9 Jan 1908 27 Aug 189030 Apr 1986SSDI
Wurst, G.11 Jul 185320 Apr 1929
Wurst, Gustavus Carlton Jr. WWII Pfc. US Army12 Jul 192721 Jul 1989
Wurst, Gustavus Carlton Sr.8 Sep 188525 Jan 1981SSDI
Wurst, John R.26 Dec 190615 Dec 1980SSDI
Wurst, Lorena O. w/o John R.29 Dec 1915 Feb 1995SSDI
Wurst, Mary A. w/o G.17 Feb 186127 Jun 1945
Wurst, Richard David "Cracker" (Mason) s/o Clyde Roger & Dora Mae (Elam) h/o Nellie (Underwood)9 Oct 19414 Jun 2005SSDI
Wurst, Susanna (Pulliam) w/o Huston84 yr21 Mar 2005
Wurst, Walter Bessel WWI Ark. Pvt. Cen. Inf. Off Tng Sch.6 Nov 189518 Nov 1963WWIR
Young, Clarence L.25 May 18886 Apr 1961

The Graves Cemetery is located on the Jacob Graves land west of Delaware, Logan County, Arkansas, on Highway 22. In December 1968, the Home Extension Service sponsored the listing of the cemeteries in Logan County. Mrs. Edna Graves was asked to take up the names and dates. Lester Lynn, Brigham Lynn, May McConnell and Daisy Roulston helped Mrs. Graves copy the information. At that time, there were 786 known graves and 128 unmarked graves.

The first person buried in this cemetery was Martha Graves, daughter of Jacob and Lucinda (Flick) Graves. Martha Graves born 1844, died 1850. Baby Graves, 1852. Nancy Graves born 1848, died Nov 1853. Franklin Graves, born 16 Jan 1853, died Oct 1853.

The oldest grave in the cemetery is that of Solomon Reasoner 1780-1835. This grave was moved from the north side of the Arkansas River when the Dardanelle Dam was being built. This cemetery was first a family cemetery. A family traveling in a covered wagon lost a child, and Jacob Graves let them bury it there. No name or dates. In the southeast corner of the cemetery is the grave of a man by the name of Alden. He was a spectacle salesman traveling over the country, and died while spending the night at the Mountique Deeds home. Elmer Roulston and John Copeland buried him. No one knew where he was from. This information was furnished by Daisy Rollans Roulston.

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