Fitch or Fawbus Cemetery, on the Yell-Perry County Line, Arkansas

Copied and updated 27 Sep 1994 by Julia Taylor and Cornelia Daniels. From Centerville take Hwy. 154 to Junction of Hwy. 155. Turn right, go about 15 miles. Cemetery will be on the right side of road. A large sign across the road marks the cemetery. Located in Perry County, Arkansas.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Allen, Charles E. s/o Edward & Bessie Ann (Sacrey) h/o Evelyn10 Aug 19226 Nov 1997SSDI
Archer, Ettie Ann26 Oct 191529 Jun 1920
Archer, Eva M. (Hubbard) d/o Bob & E. (Teel) w/o Idus R.
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
24 Dec 189617 Feb 1978SSDI
Archer, Idus R.
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
8 Jan 189414 Jan 1971SSDI
Archer, Infant of Ides R. & Eva (Hubbard)B & D1926
Archer, Opal M. Ark. Pfc. US Army WWII19 Apr 192216 Jan 1945
Archer, Raymond E.193420 Aug 1936
Archer, Virgil L.19201941
Ashcraft, Cassie w/o Lonnie27 Apr 1907 20 Jun 1968
Ashcraft, Lonnie M/1 Cassie M/2 Zettie (Ingram)2 Oct 19028 Feb 1977SSDI
Boillotte, Estella (Massey) Branch M/1 Marion Cecil Branch M/2 George Boillotte4 Dec 188919 Jan 1982SSDI
Bradshaw, Sherman H.15 Apr 189117 Nov 1958
Brixey, Hadie Jane (Robinson) d/o Robert Houston & Mattie J. (Fitch) w/o James Oscar22 Sep 191127 Jul 1997SSDI
Brixey, James Oscar6 Feb 19091 Jun 1983SSDI
Burge, Dora E.21 Dec 187628 Dec 1958
Callahan, Ethel Ludie (Pearson) Hubbard M/1 Ora L. Hubbard M/2 ------ Callahan22 Jun 190718 Dec 1996SSDI
Chancellor, Bessie (Allen) w/o Leslie G.1 Dec 189714 Mar 1977SSDI
Chancellor, Leslie G.11 May 188213 Mar 1949
Chappell, Ellen w/o Tom22 Feb 186812 Dec 1929
Chappell, Tom15 Nov 185221 May 1930
Christmas, Bertha C. (Fitch) w/o Charley H.18 Aug 190230 Jul 1973SSDI
Christmas, Billy Joe s/o Verlin & Frances (Wallace)16 Apr 197522 Oct 2006SSDI
Christmas, Charley H.13 Mar 189820 Aug 1974SSDI
Christmas, Sunny Louise d/o Verlin & Frances (Wallace) 25 Nov 198517 Apr 2005SSDI
Coldar, John W.18641938
Coldar, Nancy Jane w/o John W.1873No date
Crow, Alice (Robinson) d/o Robert Houston & Mattie J. (Fitch) w/o W.J. (M) 25 Aug 19373 Dec 19138 Nov 2004SSDI
Crow, William J. "Sonny"23 Jan 191621 Aug 1987SSDI
Douglas, Joseph Sherman s/o Joshua & Berley26 Feb 192126 Jul 2006SSDI
Douglas, Reba E. (Hubbard) d/o Ora L. & Ethel Ludie (Pearson) w/o Joseph Sherman6 Sep 19242 Sep 2004SSDI
F. (carved on a rock R.F.)no dates

Faulkner, Bethel (Teel) w/o Thurman Lavan1 Jan 192019 May 1975
Faulkner, Thurman Lavan1 Sep 19155 May 1964
Fawbus, Chesley A. Pfc. US Army b. Casa, AR gave his life in service for our country on Okinawa while serving with Co. M 105th Inf. 27th Div. 10th USA2 Mar 192422 Apr 1945
Fawbus, Daisy16 Nov 189726 Jul 1972
Fawbus, Floyd E.14 Dec 188910 Jul 1964
Fitch, Dortha w/o True M. (M) 15 Dec 19579 Feb 194311 Apr 1994
Fitch, H.A.2 Jun 18505 Jun 1919
Fitch, Lourindia w/o H.A.26 Feb 18526 Dec 1908
Fitch, MarthaApr 187117 Sep 1878
Fitch, True M.18 Jan 1935Living
Hall, Frances Charlotte (Schmidt) d/o Franz & Esther (Holmes) w/o T.F.28 Nov 19085 Feb 2007SSDI
Henderson, Nina Sue w/o William22 Aug 1945Living
Henderson, William "Bill"22 Oct 194226 Nov 1982
Hubbard, Burna Dean d/o Ora L. & Ethel Ludie (Pearson) 26 Nov 194227 Dec 1989
Hubbard, Carl R. s/o Ora L. & Ethel Ludie (Pearson)24 Jun 193415 Aug 1995SSDI
Hubbard, Elizabeth (Teel)16 Feb 187020 Aug 1944
Hubbard, dates

Hubbard, Harve O. (M) 2 Sep 194328 Nov 19068 Jan 1985SSDI
Hubbard, dates

Hubbard, Ora L.26 Jul 19045 May 1945
Hubbard, Ora Mae w/o Harve O.17 Feb 1911 16 Apr 2000SSDI
Hubbard, R.A. "Bob"17 Aug 187022 Jul 1941
Hubbard, Rimmel Anderson1 Feb 19296 Jul 1929
Hubbard, Ruthy May28 Jun 193215 Oct 1933
Hubbard, Syble Calesta w/o William Thomas6 May 191524 Jan 1994
Hubbard, William Thomas Pfc. US Army WWII15 Aug 191626 Nov 1988
Jeffers, William Andrew23 Jun 197926 Jun 1979
Johnson, Bonnie L. (Winton) w/o Walter15 Jan 19019 May 1969SSDI
Johnson, Charlie s/o Walter & Bonnie L. (Winton) h/o Dean13 Jun 193114 Oct 2002SSDI
Johnson, Walter31 Aug 190419 Mar 1932
Jones, Vance Winton17 Nov 194817 Sep 1950
Kenly, Cecil Wilson9 May 191730 Dec 1974
Kohn, Anna w/o William18871935
Kohn, Charles William Sgt. US Army WWII6 Jan 19169 Nov 1981SSDI
Kohn, Lucy w/o Charles William1 Dec 1915 3 Jan 1993SSDI
Kohn, William18791934
Massey, Elizabeth18681938
Massey, Verna15 Feb 190817 Nov 1991
Massey, William18601931
Matthews, Ida M.12 Apr 188511 Mar 1982
Matthews, Mary L. (Christmas) d/o Charley H. & Bertha C. (Fitch) w/o Earl P.18 Jan 193015 Mar 1998SSDI
Mitchell, Ellie (West) w/o Robert L.4 Feb 19022 Dec 1988SSDI
Mitchell, Helen R. w/o J.W.1 Jan 1932 Living
Mitchell, J.W. "Bill"22 Feb 192924 Jan 1978
Mitchell, James Brent28 Jun 197021 Mar 1991
Mitchell, Nettie Mae (West) w/o William H.190627 Jun 1990
Mitchell, Robert L.17 Sep 18963 Feb 1965SSDI
Mitchell, William H.5 Dec 1900Jul 1972SSDI
O'Bryant, David Wayne28 Feb 197413 May 1990
Rainey, Aubrey O. s/o Ellis Alexander & Cora A. (Bradshaw)
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
15 Jan 191630 Dec 2000SSDI
Rainey, Cora A. (Bradshaw) w/o Ellis Alexander (M) 8 Jun 1912
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
9 Nov 18893 Mar 1966
Rainey, Ellis Alexander M/1 Cora A. (Bradshaw) M/2 Minerva (Patton)
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
25 May 189529 Jan 1982SSDI
Rainey, Estelle w/o Otho W.22 Sep 1915 5 Apr 1993
Rainey, Grace (Kohn) w/o Aubrey O.
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
6 Aug 190713 Feb 1977
Rainey, Mable N. w/o Vinis14 Apr 1922 13 Feb 1992
Rainey, Minerva (Tucker)29 Jun 189621 May 1982
Rainey, Oma I. (Morgan) w/o Virl Pat10 Apr 191227 May 1999SSDI
Rainey, Otho W. (Mason) s/o Ellis Alexander & Cora A. (Bradshaw)16 Oct 19132 Oct 2000SSDI
Rainey, Vinis "Shorty"20 Jan 192117 Apr 2002SSDI
Rainey, Virl Pat s/o Ellis Alexander18 May 191825 Jan 1993SSDI
Reed, Emily18451877
Robinson, Bytha M.25 May 191011 Mar 1972
Robinson, Carolyn L.18 Mar 195114 Jul 1986
Robinson, Dale J. s/o William A. & Sophia Jane (Hamilton)20 Jun 19257 Nov 2003SSDI
Robinson, Dora w/o John11 Aug 186715 Jan 1892
Robinson, Edna w/o John5 Feb 184812 Feb 1887
Robinson, Essie M.26 Dec 190318 Mar 1931
Robinson, Gracie w/o Joe F.18881962
Robinson, Hazel (Hance) w/o Leonard d/o Usty & Ethel (Alexander)
Additional Info from Nicky
21 Jun 192322 Jul 1995
Robinson, Infant d/o Opal W. & VidaB & D9 Jan 1945
Robinson, Joe F.1887No date
Robinson, John24 Mar 184815 Jan 1899
Robinson, Leonard30 Nov 192026 Feb 1991
Robinson, Marion (Branch) d/o Marion Cecil & Estella (Massey) w/o Norman C.6 Sep 191810 Feb 2006
Robinson, Mattie J. (Fitch) w/o Robert Houston2 Mar 188615 Feb 1916
Robinson, Melissa w/o Ollie30 Mar 1892 25 Jul 1972SSDI
Robinson, Norman C.15 Dec 191413 May 1964
Robinson, OdellPlot reserved

Robinson, Opal W. s/o William A. & Sophia Jane (Hamilton)16 May 191311 Mar 1982
Robinson, Ollie11 Apr 188631 Mar 1949
Robinson, Ruby L. (Hubbard) (Eastern Star) w/o Dale J.1938Living
Robinson, Sophia Jane (Hamilton) w/o William A.6 Oct 188616 Jan 1974SSDI
Robinson, Vida w/o Opal W.22 Aug 1915 Living
Robinson, William A.16 Sep 188218 Jan 1974SSDI
Robison, Aline w/o Ray25 Feb 1929Living
Robison, Charles R. "Chub"29 Aug 1952 29 Oct 1987
Robison, Claude E.27 Dec 190329 Jun 1981SSDI
Robison, Delbert Wayne (Mason)193719 Aug 1962
Robison, Loy J. (Mason)8 Apr 190718 Feb 1985SSDI
Robison, Pearl11 Apr 19079 May 1981SSDI
Robison, Ray R. (32nd Degree Mason) s/o Claude E. & Essie (Barkwell)21 Nov 19298 Aug 2006SSDI
Rogers, William B.18 Dec 190025 Sep 1990
Rook, Will "Bill" Jr.9 Dec 193615 Apr 1987SSDI
Seigrist, Harold W. s/o Billy & Dolly17 Sep 196318 Sep 1999SSDI
Smith, Bell27 Jul 190431 Jan 1905
Smith, Emma w/o Seth13 Mar 187624 Jan 1958
Smith, Eva Mae8 Mar 19124 Jun 1915
Smith, Otha Drilla28 Dec 18933 Jan 1894
Smith, Seth7 Jul 187328 Nov 1958
Smith, True Jack30 Dec 19201 Aug 1976
Springfield, Mary E. (Fleming) w/o Frank28 Jul 18351 Apr 1905
Tanner, Dona Smith (Whitfield)18 Feb 18958 Nov 1986SSDI
Teel, Bill s/o Thomas Devoe & Ethel Y. (McCallister) h/o Patricia (Horejs)24 Aug 193513 Jun 2003
Teel, Clarence20 Apr 190811 Apr 1964
Teel, Ethel Y. (McCallister) w/o Thomas Devoe13 Apr 19118 Jun 1983SSDI
Teel, John G.4 Jan 187930 Apr 1972SSDI
Teel, Mane w/o Clarence7 Oct 19056 Feb 1988
Teel, Mary Emily w/o Robert S.1 Nov 188512 Sep 1962
Teel, Maye w/o John G.7 Aug 18866 Jun 1946
Teel, Robert S.18831955
Teel, Thomas Devoe17 Jun 19102 Nov 1994SSDI
Wells, Bobby Charles s/o Charlie Monroe & Marie (Poteete) h/o Janice (Robinson)17 Jan 194230 Oct 2000SSDI
Whitfield, George W.15 Feb 189112 Oct 1923
Whitfield, Ofus s/o George Willie & Dona Jane (Smith)19 Aug 191127 Sep 1968
Whitfield, Rosa (Archer) w/o William T.
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
30 Mar 190513 Sep l994
Whitfield, William T.
Tombstone Picture from Jeanette Roth
11 May 190410 Aug 1971SSDI

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