Elizabeth Hall Cemetery, Logan County, Arkansas

Copied and updated October 1991 by Anna & Louis Talley. Originally typed by Ellen Moudy. This cemetery is located at New Blaine, about 12 miles from Dardanelle. It is off Highway 22 West. There is a sign on the left side of the road to show where to turn. The cemetery was named for Elizabeth Real and the Masonic Hall which is there. A well-kept cemetery. A lot of Yell County people buried here.

New information from LeMoyne Jones
The land for the cemetery was given by my great-grandfather Lowrey as a burial place for Elizabeth Real (also known as Elizabeth Hall) who, according to family history, died on a wagon train passing along the old military road that ran in front of his farm. They asked for a place to bury her and my great-grandfather told them they could bury her on the hill on the backside of the farm. It became a local cemetery. He had not been back long from service in the Confederate Army. This is a story that has been handed down by the Lowrey family for generations. I cannot vouch for its authenticity however. I have heard it since I was a child, and I am 80 years old. I also heard the same story from the Jones side of my family.

Photograph provided by Richard Dycus.

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adams, Gerald N.16 Nov 190928 Dec 1985SSDI
Adams, Vestal G. w/o Gerald N.20 Dec 191019 Jan 1996SSDI
Alcorn, Aliceno dates

Allen, Annie w/o T.A.18541923
Allen, Joe W. (Mason)20 Nov 18828 Mar 1930
Allen, L.A.27 Apr 19059 May 1905
Allen, Nora29 Jan 18781 Oct 1910
Allen, T.A.18561944
Appleton, Edgar Lee Sr.2 Jan 19208 Feb 1991
Appleton, Harlan "Chick"56 yr18 Mar 2003
Appleton, Sula Faye w/o Edgar Lee Sr.27 Dec 1922Living
Arnold, ------no dates

Arnold, Mr.----no dates

Arnold, Mrs. ------no dates

Aulgur, Gustava D. w/o Raymond J. (M) 14 Jun 19318 Mar 19136 Jul 1997
Aulgur, Raymond J.18 Jun 19048 Aug 1969
Ayers, Violet W.5 Mar 190923 Oct 1995SSDI
Baldwin, Mary Louise (Dutoit) d/o Alex & Della (Zink) w/o William H.26 Feb 19101 Jun 2000SSDI
Baldwin, William H.25 Aug 190231 Jul 1979SSDI
Barnham, Ammalno dates

Bata, Adell A. (Thompson) d/o Will & Annie (Birkhead) w/o Jessie Alvin14 Sep 190312 Oct 2002 SSDI
Bata, Jessie Alvin14 Nov 190225 Aug 1983
Bata, Pattie Jo9 Jan 1933Living
Beck, Earnest C.10 Mar 1929Living
Beck, Imogene L. w/o Earnest C.12 Jul 19293 Jan 1992
Beebe, George17 Aug 18556 Jun 1933
Beebe, Samuella w/o George25 Apr 186911 Dec 1947
Bell, Audrey Polly Louise w/o Frank Richard28 Mar 19279 Feb 1991
Bell, Frank Richard9 Oct 1923Living
Bell, John A. Pvt. US Army WWI12 Oct 189728 Jan 1984WWIR
Bell, Ruby (Couthern) w/o John7 Feb 1891 18 Jun 1982SSDI
Billingsley, Alta B. (Hays) w/o James A.29 May 1901Dec 1979SSDI
Billingsley, James A. WWIca. Dec 18911937
Birkhead, Annie w/o Oran B.25 Nov 1890 8 Oct 1910
Birkhead, Arfrona (Briney) w/o James L.4 Jul 186414 Dec 1944
Birkhead, Aron Budd s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)18851957
Birkhead, Bessie d/o John Thomas Jr. & Floy D. (Parker) 11 Feb 190528 Oct 1910
Birkhead, Boswill Miller s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)16 Mar 189117 Jan 1974 SSDI
Birkhead, Charles C. (Mason)12 Jun 1904 14 Oct 1953
Birkhead, Cleveland s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)30 Sep 188211 Oct 1904
Birkhead, Corlela (Jones) d/o Arthur N. & Ella O. (Sisk) w/o Lowell S.16 Sep 191431 Jan 2004SSDI
Birkhead, Effie (Chansley) w/o Aron Budd3 Dec 1886Oct 1974
Birkhead, Elbert Troy s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)12 Aug 189115 Jan 1954
Birkhead, Emma A. (McReynolds) w/o Oran B.16 Apr 189018 Dec 1980SSDI
Birkhead, Floy D. (Parker) w/o John Thomas Jr.20 Jul 187914 Feb 1910
Birkhead, Frances Dunn w/o Oran Keith1 Dec 1932Living
Birkhead, Hattie Mae (Smith) w/o John Thomas Jr.6 Nov 18864 Jul 1977
Birkhead, Horace s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)18741950
Birkhead, Ida (Copeland) w/o Horace1879 1966
Birkhead, Inf./o John Thomas Jr. & Floy D. (Parker)25 Dec 189726 Dec 1897
Birkhead, Inf. s/o Oran B. & AnnieB & D26 Sep 1910
Birkhead, Ira Bill s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)28 Feb 1894Jun 1967
Birkhead, Jack24 Feb 191720 Mar 1996
Birkhead, James L.21 Feb 185520 Oct 1933
Birkhead, James Nile s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)16 Mar 188925 Jan 1966
Birkhead, Jimno dates

Birkhead, John Thomas (Mason) s/o Rhoda Civil War Union Co. D 3rd AR Cav.8 Mar 184127 Jun 1905UPF
Birkhead, John Thomas Jr. s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)16 Jul 187724 May 1947
Birkhead, Katieno dates

Birkhead, Lawrence William s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)18721956
Birkhead, Lowell S. s/o Oran B. & Emma A. (McReynolds) 6 Oct 191310 Oct 2002SSDI
Birkhead, Lula Elizabeth (McReynolds) w/o Ira Bill4 Apr 1900Aug 1982SSDI
Birkhead, Mattie E. (Lowrey) d/o John W. & Anner (Griffith) w/o James Nile10 Jan 189624 Oct 1972SSDI
Birkhead, Minnie (Blair) w/o Lawrence William18761966
Birkhead, Modene w/o Wayne O.13 Jan 1917 10 Dec 1992SSDI
Birkhead, Nadine (Sills) w/o Jack d/o Clyde & Annie (Wood)1 Apr 191913 May 1989
Birkhead, Oleta Juanita192716 Nov 1930
Birkhead, Oran B. s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)31 Oct 188619 Jun 1973 SSDI
Birkhead, Oran Keith s/o Oran B. & Emma A. (McReynolds) 28 Jul 193010 Jul 1996SSDI
Birkhead, Orland R. s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)16 Feb 187919 Mar 1901
Birkhead, Oteus s/o John Thomas Jr. & Floy D. (Parker) 8 Oct 189819 Dec 1900
Birkhead, Rhee d/o Lawrence William & Minnie (Blair)27 Aug 189827 Mar 1974SSDI
Birkhead, Rhoda m/o John Thomas18121895
Birkhead, Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler) w/o John Thomas (Eastern Star)18 Jan 185513 Jul 1922
Birkhead, Stella (Robinson) w/o Boswill Miller28 Mar 18936 Dec 1984SSDI
Birkhead, Sylvia Annie d/o Lawrence William & Minnie (Blair)29 Jan 190214 Feb 1902
Birkhead, Wayne O.12 Sep 1915Living
Birkhead, Wily N. s/o John Thomas & Safronia Arkansas (Hufstetler)8 Sep 18805 Oct 1882
Black, Martha I.14 Aug 1888Oct 1975
Blair, Alene3 Jan 192026 Mar 1936
Blair, Bert E. Jr. s/o Bert E. Sr. & Ola F.12 Jun 19235 Sep 1995SSDI
Blair, Bert E. Sr.31 Jul 189428 Dec 1969SSDI
Blair, Inf. d/o Ray & Maggie Mae (Burnham)B & D22 Aug 1926
Blair, Jimno dates

Blair, John T.18611940
Blair, Maggie Mae (Burnham) d/o Loranzo Dow & Mattie Blanche (Horn) w/o Ray2 Jul 19007 Sep 1983
Blair, Ola F. w/o Bert E. Sr.23 Apr 1898 18 Feb 1977
Blair, Ray US Navy WWI3 Jul 189818 Nov 1983
Blair, Tennie w/o John T.18691956
Bluebaugh, John Alton25 Jan 19069 Jan 1958
Bowen, Kerri WaneseB & D26 Feb 1971
Bowen, Roy L. h/o Kathi13 Jan 193521 Apr 2006SSDI
Bowman, Ruthno dates

Bowman, Walterno dates

Bradley, Frances L. w/o George Chris11 Aug 19024 Jun 1992SSDI
Bradley, George Chris12 Aug 189115 Jan 1954
Bradley, Rayno dates

Bradley, Samuel R. s/o George Chris & Frances L.B & D21 Jan 1942
Brazil, Belva R. w/o Radford E.28 Feb 1890no date
Brazil, Radford E.26 Dec 187710 Oct 1913
Breedlove, Jackie Sue12 Aug 195429 Nov 1985
Breedlove, Janey D. w/o Loman L.15 Oct 19133 Aug 1963
Breedlove, Loman L.27 Apr 1914Mar 1978
Brewer, James Bennett s/o J. Horace & Clara Belle (Rector) WWII PFC #37107730 Co. I 357 Inf. 90th Div. US Army died in the service of his country in France7 May 190712 Jun 1944
Brewer, Joe E.9 Oct 190910 Oct 1992SSDI
Brewer, Wanda M. w/o Joe E.14 Feb 1921 Living
Brewster, Jason Rudolf s/o John & Lillie26 Jun 197427 Feb 1977
Brinley, Isabellno dates

Brinley, Jimno dates

Brinley, William B. Civil War CSA Sgt. Co. B 16th Ark. Inf. no dates

Brisson, Elmer M.2 Dec 189125 Jun 1985
Brock, Lendell1 Feb 192520 Apr 1991SSDI
Brock, Lollie w/o Thomas18921971
Brock, Martha Alma (Ward) w/o Lendell9 Jun 1926Living
Brock, Thomas18891976
Brook, Lela Delham4 Apr 188219 May 1913
Brown, Adaline-----------1890
Brown, Babyno dates

Brown, Billy s/o S.W. & Serena A.2 Dec 189629 Nov 1902
Brown, Burton E. (Mason)188019 May 1951
Brown, G.R.12 Sep 1917Living
Brown, George R.185729 Oct 1914
Brown, Inf.'s (2 graves)no dates

Brown, Marie26 Aug 1903Sep 1982SSDI
Brown, Mary (Frazer) w/o George R.1859 1883
Brown, Mary Etta (Mullings) d/o Isaac & Viola (Roberts) w/o Vernon10 Sep 191018 Nov 2002SSDI
Brown, Mavern w/o G.R.31 Jan 191917 Oct 1997SSDI
Brown, Rosie E. w/o Burton E.18 Oct 1882 Aug 1969SSDI
Brown, Serena A. w/o S.W.30 Jul 186016 Jul 1907
Brown, Vernon "Jimmy"29 Aug 19075 Aug 1977SSDI
Bruton, Babyno dates

Burnham, Alberta Jane (Horn) d/o James Alexander & Sarah Elizabeth (Bell) w/o Iven12 Sep 187915 Apr 1977SSDI
Burnham, Anna d/o Loranzo Dow & Mattie Blanche (Horn)3 Jul 189816 Mar 1899
Burnham, Annie (Birkhead) d/o James L. & Arfrona (Briney) w/o Loranzo Dow16 Nov 188312 Jul 1982
Burnham, B. Inf./o Fannie & Virgil26 Aug 192825 Oct 1929
Burnham, Bill Iven23 Apr 193813 Apr 1943
Burnham, Catherine Jane (Roady) d/o Loranzo Dow & Malinda (Wells) w/o George W.18451875
Burnham, Clara Jane d/o Iven & Alberta Jane (Horn)27 Nov 18961 Aug 1897
Burnham, Clarkno dates

Burnham, Ellen I. d/o George W. & Catherine Jane (Roady) 18711877
Burnham, Emly Malinda (Roady) d/o Loranzo Dow & Malinda (Wells) w/o Henry C.22 Dec 18522 Jan 1891
Burnham, Fannie w/o Virgil19031981
Burnham, Gene Ivan s/o James Haskell Sr. & Lela Faye (Robinson)10 Jul 192928 Oct 1929
Burnham, George W. s/o Isaac Newton & Polly Ann (Thompson)18411879
Burnham, Inf.B & D1916
Burnham, Inf./o George W. & Catherine Jane (Roady)B & D1875
Burnham, Iven (Masonic #14777) s/o Henry C. & Emly Malinda (Roady)7 Mar 187412 Oct 1911
Burnham, James Haskell Jr. s/o James Haskell Sr. & Lela Faye (Robinson)9 Oct 19229 Apr 1924
Burnham, James Haskell Sr. s/o Iven & Alberta Jane (Horn)16 Jul 1904Sep 1969SSDI
Burnham, Lela Faye (Robinson) d/o Robert Berge & Nell Elizabeth (Horn) w/o James Haskell Sr.29 Oct 19056 Feb 2000SSDI
Burnham, Loranzo Dow s/o Henry C. & Emly Malinda (Roady) 30 Jul 186811 Jul 1950
Burnham, Margina d/o Margie & Harold1 Jun 19457 Jun 1945
Burnham, Mattie Blanche (Horn) d/o Sparlin P. & Suzanne (Sims) w/o Loranzo Dow13 Mar 18743 Mar 1931
Burnham, Robert s/o Loranzo Dow & Mattie Blanche (Horn) 30 Jul 18961 Sep 1897
Burnham, Rosia (Dearmore) d/o Edward J. & Louisa Jane (Sisk) w/o William Isaac6 Sep 188216 Sep 1919
Burnham, Ruth L. (Morgan) d/o C.C. w/o Larry1 Jan 193717 Jun 2000SSDI
Burnham, William Isaac s/o Henry C. & Emly Malinda (Roady)187030 Jun 1928
Bushong, Betty Sharlene (Griffith)2 Sep 1932Living
Buttram, Babyno dates

Buttram, Charlie Leeno dates

Buttram, Gradyno dates

Buzbee, Bettie U. w/o Coy18801955
Buzbee, Bonnie s/o Mordaunt & Carrie (McAdoo)28 Dec 18992 Aug 1983SSDI
Buzbee, Carrie (McAdoo) d/o Theodore Potts w/o Mordauntca. 1872no date
Buzbee, Coy19 Nov 1873Jan 1968
Buzbee, Elizabeth w/o Tilman17 May 1840 2 Nov 1899
Buzbee, Fannie (Dodson) d/o Charles Alfred & Della Mae (Wade) w/o Bonnie11 May 19044 Feb 1990
Buzbee, Hattie (Burnham) d/o Iven & Alberta Jane (Horn) w/o Paul Hill4 Sep 189914 Sep 1943
Buzbee, Hugh Gordon Pvt. US Army WWII11 Sep 190520 May 1975
Buzbee, Leroy19031965
Buzbee, Lula w/o Reedy2 Jun 187731 Oct 1969
Buzbee, Mordauntno dates

Buzbee, Paul Hill WWII Ark. SA. VCA USNR s/o Mordaunt & Carrie (McAdoo)4 Oct 189610 Aug 1961
Buzbee, Reedy31 Aug 187611 Dec 1966SSDI
Buzbee, Tillman Morton s/o Bonnie & Fannie (Dodson) h/o Eleanor21 May 193724 May 2003SSDI
Buzbee, Tilman16 Sep 183927 Jul 1925
Caldwell, Maggie GaleB & D7 Oct 1975
Caldwell, William H.16 Aug 191625 Mar 1996SSDI
Caldwell, Zelta M. (Davis) w/o William H.8 May 191822 Mar 2000SSDI
Cameron, Barbara Jean25 Jul 19377 Jul 1938
Cameron, Charles Wayne17 Jul 196620 Jul 1991
Cameron, Genevia (Parker) w/o Horace10 Oct 1919Living
Cameron, Harold Dean US Coast Guard s/o Horace & Genevia (Parker) h/o Rosa (Millan)18 Dec 193811 Oct 2003SSDI
Cameron, Horace "Buster" s/o John D. & Mattie (Johnson) 19 Sep 191724 Apr 2003SSDI
Cannon, Emma Sue9 Nov 19436 Sep 1978SSDI
Carter, Anviel11 Jan 188715 Jan 1887
Carter, Baby c/o Fred & Annie L.no dates

Carter, Coy c/o Fred & Annie L.no dates

Carter, Eliza M. w/o Joseph M.7 Oct 1837 27 Jul 1909
Carter, Fred21 Jan 188825 Sep 1889
Carter, Joseph M.
Additional Info from Linda Bearden
25 Mar 183815 May 1902
Carter, Omie d/o Fred & Annie L.27 Feb 190016 Sep 1902
Case, Myrtle w/o William H.11 Jan 1913 Living
Case, William H.6 Dec 190922 May 1985SSDI
Cauldwell, Bobby Charles19 Dec 19346 Dec 1983SSDI
Cauldwell, Daisy Genice22 Nov 19267 Jul 1927
Cauldwell, David D.24 Apr 19034 May 1983SSDI
Cauldwell, Herbert H.4 May 192919 Dec 1989
Cauldwell, Hoyett25 Jul 192518 Apr 1926
Cauldwell, James M.18781957
Cauldwell, Johnny Franklin23 Jun 192422 Mar 1977SSDI
Cauldwell, Lizzie w/o James M.16 May 189115 Apr 1972SSDI
Cauldwell, Vira3 Jun 190420 May 1943
Cauldwell, Wilma Sue (Kelley) d/o Bob & Ethel (Dotson) w/o Herbert H.25 Jun 19341 Jan 2004SSDI
Cauldwell, Zona4 May 191011 Oct 1984SSDI
Cauldwell, Zona (Farmer) d/o William Thomas & Rebecca E. (Davis)no dates

Chitwood, Garrett C. Jr. s/o Garrett C. Sr. & Lorene L. 27 Feb 193119 Apr 1991
Chitwood, Garrett C. Sr.29 Sep 1889Feb 1968
Chitwood, Lorene L. w/o Garrett C. Sr.19061993
Chitwood, Vera Sue d/o Garrett C. Sr. & Lorene L.30 Jun 192714 Oct 1928
Clark, Josephine30 Apr 191731 Oct 1918
Clark, Woodrow30 Jul 191215 Jul 1914
Cook, Dorothy Mae (Baker) w/o Kirby James22 Feb 192524 Mar 2004SSDI
Cook, Capt. Kirby James25 Jul 192314 Jun 1992SSDI
Copeland, George W.8 May 187427 Aug 1902
Copeland, Glennno dates

Copeland, Jewell19001968
Cornwell, Dr. Gilroy Scarlett29 Jan 1906 27 Mar 1994
Cornwell, Roberta (Blair) d/o Bert E. & Ola (Thompson) w/o Gilroy Scarlett3 Oct 191610 Feb 2001SSDI
Cotton, Inf.no dates

Cotton, Vina (Blair)no dates

Cox, Grace
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
no dates

Cox, Marcus Aurelius s/o William P. & Margarette F.
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
ca. 1877no date
Cox, Margarette F. w/o William P.
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
25 Feb 185713 Nov 1884
Cox, W.J. s/o William P. & Margarette F.
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
20 Nov 187412 Feb 1877
Cravens, Ancil s/o Nehemiah & Grace (Brown)18 Sep 190811 Aug 1909
Cravens, Atha Lee w/o J. Garland18 Sep 1921Living
Cravens, Belle (Thompson) w/o Sampson10 Oct 187315 Apr 1967SSDI
Cravens, Burlno dates

Cravens, Edna M. (Dotson) w/o William Mark5 Aug 189124 Dec 1988SSDI
Cravens, Elizabeth (Cravens) d/o John & Jane (Belcher) w/o William Lamb13 Sep 182812 Apr 1888
Cravens, Elizabeth (Houser) d/o Hiram R. & Joicy Ophelia (Sory) w/o Nehemiah20 Aug 18811955
Cravens, Elizabeth Frances (Corban) d/o Wilkins & Elizabeth (Coffey) w/o John Logan (Eastern Star)10 Feb 184214 Mar 1904
Cravens, Emma B. (Smith) w/o John Jackson7 Nov 18696 Dec 1897
Cravens, Fleta Fern19301976
Cravens, Fred s/o Sampson & Bell (Thompson) (32nd Mason) 8 Apr 190829 Aug 1981SSDI
Cravens, Grace K. (Roady) d/o Ott w/o Fred12 Feb 190629 Oct 1997SSDI
Cravens, Gracie (Brown) w/o Nehemiah (M) 30 Dec 190611 Jan 18851 Sep 1914
Cravens, Harland R. s/o Jesse Lamb & Maggie L. (Dodson) 16 May 192429 Mar 1936
Cravens, Homer Brown s/o John Logan & Elizabeth Frances (Corban)18764 May 1939
Cravens, Ila Mae27 Apr 190930 Jan 1998SSDI
Cravens, Inf./o Eddno dates

Cravens, Inf. twins of B.no dates

Cravens, J. Garland4 Feb 1920Living
Cravens, Jesse Lamb s/o John Jackson & Emma B. (Smith) 26 Feb 18941 Apr 1948
Cravens, John Jackson s/o Robert B. & Margarette Matilda (Grubb)16 Apr 18594 Mar 1931
Cravens, Johnnieno dates

Cravens, Jonathan Logan (Mason) s/o Jesse Lamb & Martha (Logan)17 Feb 182930 Dec 1923
Cravens, Josephine (Sory) w/o Millardca. 1863no date
Cravens, Lavada May (White) d/o Joseph S. & Rebecca (Humphrey) w/o Norman Jackson16 Oct 189719 Sep 1980SSDI
Cravens, Maggie L. (Dodson) d/o Albert & Lavona (Humphrey) w/o Jesse Lamb189718 Mar 1932
Cravens, Margaret d/o Jonathan Logan & Elizabeth Frances (Corban)187414 Sep 1876
2 yr 2 mo 16 ds

Cravens, Marthano dates

Cravens, Mary (Thompson) w/o Homer Brown18791963
Cravens, Millard s/o Robert B. & Margarette Matilda (Grubb)1 Mar 185728 Jan 1890
Cravens, Millard Jackson Cornelius s/o Walter Thompson & Elizabeth (Tyree)1 Jul 1888no date
Cravens, Nehemiah s/o John Logan & Elizabeth Frances (Corban)20 Feb 188013 Nov 1949
Cravens, Nora E. d/o John Logan & Elizabeth Frances (Corban)186823 Sep 1872
4 yr 3 mo 19 ds

Cravens, Norman Jackson s/o John Jackson & Emma B. (Smith)21 Oct 189021 Sep 1967SSDI
Cravens, Ruth Edna d/o Homer Brown & Mary (Thompson)18 Apr 191822 Jun 1918
Cravens, Sampson s/o John Logan & Elizabeth Frances (Corban)18721965
Cravens, William Lamb s/o Jesse Lamb & Martha (Logan)11 Sep 18226 Nov 1888
Cravens, William Mark s/o John Jackson & Emma B. (Smith) May 189213 Feb 1951
Cronk, Elijah J. Sr.10 Jun 1893Aug 1971SSDI
Crow, Agnes w/o Wendell W.19071972
Crow, Baby s/o Walter W. & Girtie M.10 Aug 191020 Aug 1910
Crow, Girtie M. w/o Walter W.13 Jul 1889 -----------
Crow, Hermanno dates

Crow, Inf. d/o Joe & Wanda (Jones)no dates

Crow, Joe s/o Newton & Merdel18 Feb 192321 Jun 2001SSDI
Crow, Myrtle w/o N.E.15 Sep 189315 Sep 1928
Crow, N.E.15 Oct 189027 Jul 1936
Crow, Walter W.20 Jan 18851 Mar 1958
Crow, Wanda (Jones) w/o Joe30 Sep 1926 Living
Crow, Wendell W.19087 Aug 1928
Crowder, Phillip Ivan s/o Thomas Jr. & Samantha Whitten 2 mo10 Aug 2004
Darmon, Budno dates

Darning, Azzieno dates

Davis, ------------- w/o Daniel Everett19101995
Davis, Annieno dates

Davis, Bob C.8 May 192929 Dec 1998SSDI
Davis, Cloyd (native stone)2 Jun 193820 Jul 1938
Davis, Daniel Everett19 Dec 1908Jan 1971SSDI
Davis, Dorotha Faye w/o James Wallace4 Oct 190322 Dec 1993SSDI
Davis, Glendle Miller16 May 193524 May 1990
Davis, James Leroy WWII Pvt. US Marines28 Oct 192429 Jan 1989SSDI
Davis, James Wallace23 Jan 19037 Oct 1950
Davis, Josie J.25 Aug 187922 Mar 1947
Davis, Mary E. d/o R.H. & M.20 Jan 190412 Feb 1910
Day, Emma E.22 May 19109 Aug 1955
Deason, Plato Muriel28 Aug 191622 Jul 1994SSDI
Denton, Buel S.13 Aug 190821 Sep 1981SSDI
Denton, Dora2 Jul 18788 Oct 1914
Denton, Everett s/o J.S. & P.3 Feb 19049 Apr 1904
Denton, Mildred E. w/o Buel S.2 Jun 1912 15 Mar 1990
Dixon, Arthur20 Mar 191718 Jan 1991
Dixon, Bill21 Nov 18958 Feb 1968
Dixon, Carrie F. w/o George H.23 Jul 19057 Jul 1994SSDI
Dixon, Charley H.24 Mar 187210 Jun 1946
Dixon, George H.20 Nov 190518 Aug 1988
Dixon, Harley1 Jul 19142 Apr 1928
Dixon, Hattie2 Apr 19001 Nov 1954
Dixon, Jeff15 May 190713 Dec 1933
Dixon, Marie w/o Arthur18 Nov 191828 Feb 1972
Dixon, Ples9 Aug 190910 Jul 1931
Dixon, Rosa J. w/o Charley H.9 Apr 1872 3 Apr 1958
Dodson, Albert s/o George Washington & Miriam (Starks) Sep 18661935
Dodson, Elmer Fay19101910
Dodson, George A.31 Mar 189517 Oct 1962
Dodson, Lavona (Humphrey) d/o Hustus & Louisa (Horn) w/o Albert18701922
Dodson, Myrtle w/o George A.4 Mar 1896 1 Jan 1983
Dotson, Cecil Lee s/o Marion Smith & Sarah Etta (Horn) 14 Nov 19099 Oct 1993
Dotson, Marion Smith s/o George Washington & Susan (Smith)4 Feb 188112 Sep 1943
Dotson, Nellie Mae (Wise) d/o Alonzo & Mary (Hopkins) w/o Cecil Lee16 Mar 19038 Nov 1990
Dotson, Robert Estil s/o Marion Smith & Sarah Etta (Horn)2 Dec 19136 Jun 1982SSDI
Dotson, Sarah Etta (Horn) d/o James Alexander & Sara Elizabeth (Bell) w/o Marion Smith28 May 188615 Oct 1977SSDI
Dycus, Mattie Mae w/o Robert Lee21 Sep 192226 Sep 1990
Dycus, Minnie Bell w/o Noah Webster
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
6 Feb 1895Jul 1984
Dycus, Nabano date1 Oct 1955
Dycus, Noah Webster
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info from Richard Dycus
14 Jun 18851 Oct 1956
Dyer, Linnie (Lasater)3 Dec 1902-----------
Elkin, Colonel Raymond E.13 May 189211 Jul 1968SSDI
Elliott, Lloyd16 Sep 189517 Aug 1976SSDI
Elliott, Neta Fayno dates

Elliott, Thula w/o Lloyd11 Oct 19039 Nov 1993SSDI
Ennis, Annie Jewell d/o John B. & Nellie (Tritt)no dates

Ennis, John B.-----------1927
Ennis, Nellie (Tritt) w/o John B.
Eskew, Clintno dates

Eskew, Clintno dates

Eskew, Grace d/o R.R. & M.I.11 Mar 188614 Aug 1886
Eskew, J.B.8 Feb 18866 Feb 1904
Eskew, Johnno dates

Eskew, Minnie E.24 Sep 189215 Aug 1898
Evitts, Harland s/o F.E. & J.C. (on side - circle within triangle M_O_A_ No. 2608. -- on other side, circle with a six-point star D_C_M_A_Z_T No. 4323)26 May 188810 Jan 1908
Farnam, Albert Edward s/o John Russell & Mary M. (Moore) 15 Feb 18783 Feb 1950
Farnam, Anmaeno dates

Farnam, Ardie w/o Orval L.1909----------
Farnam, Arthur19021968
Farnam, Belle D. (Moore) w/o Albert Edward29 Nov 187729 Oct 1970SSDI
Farnam, Burl6 Nov 191229 Oct 1981SSDI
Farnam, Charles Austin (Mason) s/o John Russell & Mary M. (Moore)31 Mar 186322 Nov 1947
Farnam, D.J.
Farnam, E.A.
Farnam, Harlem
Farnam, L.
Farnam, S.E.
Farnam, T.L.
These 7 Farnam graves are in a row with no dates
Farnam, David24 Dec 195415 Mar 1975
Farnam, Dellar w/o Hobert7 Jul 19026 Sep 1989
Farnam, Donald R.2 Aug 1922Living
Farnam, Effie18961908
Farnam, Emalea (Hodges) d/o Matthew Monroe & Myrtle L. (Jaggers) w/o John Randal (M) 9 Oct 194429 Nov 192212 Jun 2005SSDI
Farnam, Floyd18941911
Farnam, Fred Robert18981950
Farnam, George Walter s/o John Russell & Mary M. (Moore) "MASONIC III"18 Aug 187431 Jan 1963
Farnam, Hallie Joyce (Burnham) d/o James Haskell & Lela Faye (Robinson) w/o Royce Bentley17 Jan 1926Jun 1986
Farnam, Hartsel L.8 Jun 19239 Apr 1948
Farnam, Hobert16 Dec 189829 Jul 1950
Farnam, Irvan Lee s/o Irving & Mabel (Cravens)B & D24 Feb 1938
Farnam, Irving s/o William Leslie & Josephine (Horn)10 Jun 1898Mar 1974SSDI
Farnam, James Dewey s/o John Randal & Emalea (Hodges) h/o Martha (Grenwelge)18 Aug 194516 Jan 2004SSDI
Farnam, Jess s/o William Leslie & Josephine (Horn)1 Sep 190017 May 1971SSDI
Farnam, Jimmy Jay s/o James Dewey & Martha (Grenwelge) 20 Jul 196721 Dec 1972
Farnam, John Randal4 Nov 189917 Oct 1978
Farnam, John Russell20 Jul 18281 Jun 1910
Farnam, John Russell Jr. s/o John Russell & Mary M. (Moore)14 Apr 187030 Jul 1951
Farnam, Josephine "Josie" (Horn) d/o Nathan Francis & Mary Catherine (Joyner) w/o William Leslie8 Apr 18711957
Farnam, Mabel (Cravens) d/o Sampson & Bell (Thompson) w/o Irving24 Jun 19102 Jul 1995SSDI
Farnam, Mamie (Woods) w/o Seth3 Mar 1908Living
Farnam, Mary Etta (Johnson) w/o Thomas Allen30 Jan 18875 Jun 1986
Farnam, Mary M. (Moore) d/o Lovett & Mary Ann (Munn) w/o John Russell1 May 184027 May 1909
Farnam, Mildred (Mathis) w/o William C.16 Sep 190728 Nov 1996SSDI
Farnam, Myrtle (Vassaur) d/o Rose More & Babe (Lowery) w/o Jess19 Apr 19034 Nov 1989
Farnam, Ola Jane w/o Arthur20 Feb 1906 May 1984
Farnam, Orval L. Tec. 5 US Army WWII26 Jun 1909Jan 1976SSDI
Farnam, Otis A.28 Nov 191416 Mar 1996SSDI
Farnam, Renora "Nora" (Lasater) d/o William Merrit & Sarah (Kirkpatrick) w/o George Walter10 Sep 186615 Jun 1944
Farnam, Robert s/o Albert Edward & Belle D. (Moore)23 Sep 18989 Sep 1899
Farnam, Royce Bentley s/o Jess & Myrtle (Vassaur)19271970
Farnam, S.R. s/o Seth & Mamie (Woods)10 Mar 192813 Oct 1987SSDI
Farnam, Seth16 Jan 190024 Aug 1983SSDI
Farnam, Shirley Faye17 Feb 19441 Dec 1958
Farnam, Susan L. (Hufstetler) w/o Charles Austin21 Oct 186513 Mar 1949
Farnam, Thomas Allen s/o John Russell & Mary M. (Moore) 18 Dec 188027 Sep 1962
Farnam, William C.31 Aug 190912 Jun 1993SSDI
Farnam, William Leslie s/o John Russell & Mary M. (Moore)14 Jan 186823 Jan 1947
Farris, Earl s/o James Monroe & Patria (Thompson)no dates

Farris, Hattieno dates

Farris, James Monroe "Jim"no dates

Farris, Patria (Thompson) w/o James Monroe (M) 2 Jul 1896------Aug 1912
Findley, Ruby (Cravens) d/o Sampson & Bell (Thompson) w/o Samuel L.14 Jan 190425 Dec 1991
Findley, Samuel L.19101955
Fisk, Ralph E.19001964
Fisk, Rena E. w/o Ralph E.3 Mar 1902Jul 1983
Fitzgerald, Baby19 Nov 191023 Nov 1910
Fitzpatrick, Gerald Eugene4 Oct 192018 Oct 1940
Fitzpatrick, Edward Lee3 Jun 188628 Jun 1951
Fitzpatrick, Ola Vastie w/o Edward Lee10 Mar 188923 Oct 1972SSDI
Ford, Mrs.no dates

Frazier, Catherine L.18391908
Freeman, Billieno dates

Freeman, Thelmano dates

Funkhouser, Arthur M.13 Jun 190913 Jan 1966
Funkhouser, Harold M.19311966
Funkhouser, Pauline J. w/o Arthur M.4 Apr 191212 Jul 1987
Garrison, Lena w/o Tom C.28 Feb 189814 Aug 1985SSDI
Garrison, Minnieno dates

Garrison, Tom C. "Tommie"4 Feb 189317 Mar 1969SSDI
Gattis, Clide11 Aug 189720 Nov 1949
Gattis, Dim w/o Clide27 Jul 1890----
Gattis, Donald Denno dates

Gattis, Iva Jewell6 Sep 19218 Feb 1923
George, Mildred I. (McCutcheon)25 Aug 19208 Jun 1990
Glass, Joanna (Rowland) w/o Karl Daly Jr.24 Feb 1936Living
Glass, Karl Daly Jr.3 Jan 19333 Apr 1985SSDI
Goldsworthy, Alice L.18 Jul 190027 Dee 1986SSDI
Gray, Ann w/o Bernard Marshall5 Jan 1921 Living
Gray, Bernard Marshall "Bernie"15 Mar 192214 Nov 1987
Green, ---------no date1913
Green, Estell (Smith)22 Oct 190625 Jun 1971
Greggs, Billy Gene US Air Force6 Apr 192811 Oct 2004SSDI
Greggs, Debra Ann (Johnson) w/o Billy Gene14 Jun 194826 Aug 1994SSDI
Griffith, Alma Correnia d/o Reedy & Callie Mae17 Sep 191426 Oct 1927
Griffith, Arvel Lee12 Feb 19134 Dec 1913
Griffith, Callie Mae w/o Reedy6 May 1895 13 Jan 1982
Griffith, Charlie22 May 18666 Jul 1920
Griffith, Floyd Armonia c/o George G. & Mary Maud23 Mar 18952 Jun 1905
Griffith, Gale19111974
Griffith, George Elmer19065 Sep 1935
Griffith, George G.18739 Jul 1918
Griffith, HarvyJan 18762 May 1876
Griffith, J.M.22 Feb 184410 Oct 1912
Griffith, James Rabon s/o George G. & Mary Maud19 Mar 190418 Nov 1905
Griffith, Jerry Lee19 Sep 19091 Apr 1978
Griffith, Mary Ellen w/o Charlie12 Feb 18721 Apr 1961
Griffith, Mary Maud w/o George G.187613 Nov 1944
Griffith, Maryetta24 Jan 187512 Nov 1876
Griffith, Minnie (Dodson d/o Albert & Lavona (Humphrey) w/o Walter18911968
Griffith, Reedy10 Sep 189224 Aug 1954
Griffith, Rosy Ann17 Oct 184723 Mar 1914
Griffith, Voisa (Holstock)19141968
Griffith, Walter15 Jul 1890Nov 1963
Grimmett, Dr.no dates

Grissom, Elmer M.2 Dec 1891Jun 1985
Grissom, Nellie A. w/o Elmer M.2 Apr 189315 Dec 1957
Gunter, C.C.1 Sep 18432 Feb 1908
Gunter, Mary w/o C.C.17 May 185421 Oct 1902
Hale, Tomno dates

Hall, Henry Earl13 Dec 18868 Oct 1975SSDI
Halvorson, Jerome S. US Navy WWII14 Jul 192724 Dec 1989SSDI
Hamilton, Albert J.17 Dec 18767 Feb 1962
Hamilton, Anna29 Oct 18793 Dec 1960
Hampton, Donnie18941937
Hampton, Harold L.9 Mar 1917Dec 1962
Hampton, J.B.no dates

Hampton, John W.19201953
Hampton, Naomi V. w/o Harold L.1922Living
Hanna, Mary w/o Oliver19 Jan 188827 Nov 1979SSDI
Hanna, Oliver20 Sep 187925 Jun 1956
Harkey, Barbara C.19 Jan 18125 Aug 1888
Harrison, Babies (3 graves)B & D
B & D
B & D

Harrison, Baby (2 graves)no dates

Harrison, Ben Bentley s/o Sam & Daisy (Smith)26 Feb 190614 Jan 1978SSDI
Harrison, Bessie (Real) d/o James Franklin & Carrie (McAdoo) w/o Ben Bentley21 Nov 191125 Jun 1933
Harrison, Bucky LeeB & D16 Aug 1961
Harrison, Daisy (Smith) d/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens) w/o Sam2 Jan 188215 Nov 1918
Harrison, Descieno dates

Harrison, Dora E. w/o Math18771948
Harrison, Frankieno dates

Harrison, Gracie w/o Winford5 Oct 1910 25 Feb 1999
Harrison, Gwendolyn Sue d/o J.B. & Idell (Robinson)19446 Aug 1947
Harrison, Idell (Robinson) d/o Robert Berge & Nell Elizabeth (Horn) w/o J.B.15 Sep 191214 Nov 1983SSDI
Harrison, J.B.22 May 191331 Oct 1997SSDI
Harrison, Jack18901943
Harrison, James J.2 Oct 185812 Aug 1928
Harrison, Keith Lynn s/o Richard S. & Loreen G. (White) B & D24 Feb 1940
Harrison, Leeno dates

Harrison, Lloyd12 Aug 193017 Dec 2002SSDI
Harrison, Loreen G. (White) d/o Marvin L. & Essie (Millspaugh) w/o Richard S.7 Apr 19152 Sep 2006SSDI
Harrison, Martha J. (Burnham) d/o George W. & Catherine Jane (Roady) w/o James J.16 Feb 18685 Apr 1959
Harrison, Math18781958
Harrison, Mattie18941910
Harrison, Nancy w/o R.B.8 Sep 183321 Oct 1902
Harrison, Rebecca (Parks) w/o John Berry10 Dec 185316 Apr 1888
Harrison, Reverend Richard S.23 Feb 191126 Oct 1979
Harrison, Sam s/o John Berry & Rebecca (Parks)10 Oct 188019 Mar 1930
Harrison, Verroner J.18871908
Harrison, Winford3 Apr 19044 Jul 1977
Haycox, Babyno dates

Haycox, George Jr. s/o George & Missouri Ann (Underwood) 3 Jan 188628 Mar 1961SSDI
Haycox, Lillieno dates

Haycox, Mattie w/o George24 Mar 188816 Apr 1976
Haycox, Sarahno dates

Haycox, Vassorno dates

Henderson, Edwin19 Mar 1935Living
Henderson, Elton25 May 1937Living
Henderson, Imogene W. w/o Ted14 Oct 1914 24 May 1995SSDI
Henderson, Ted12 Feb 190826 Oct 1988SSDI
Hensley, Hubert C.16 Jan 191017 Sep 1995
Hensley, Sallie Mae w/o Hubert C.2 Apr 191411 Dec 1992SSDI
Heubner, Claude E. Pvt. US Army WWI (32nd Mason)14 Dec 189522 Nov 1972SSDI
Heubner, Hazel w/o Claude E.14 Dec 1909 29 Mar 1980SSDI
Heubner, Robert C.24 Jan 19462 Mar 1951
Hixson, N. Oleta (Birkhead) d/o Boswill Miller & Stella (Robinson) w/o Robert Carlton17 Sep 191320 Feb 1967
Hixson, Robert Carlton (Mason) Ark-Tec. 5 Inf. Repl. Tng. Center WWII s/o Pleasant Wesley & Mary Emily (Lasater)8 Jan 19094 Jan 1955
Hojer, Dorothea E.4 Aug 189912 Jan 1991
Holmes, Chesterno dates

Holmes, Dessieno dates

Holmes, Ellen18701951
Holmes, Euel Davidno dates

Holmes, Frankno dates

Holmes, Lucilleno dates

Horn, Audery w/o Ruck18851912
Horn, Baby (3 graves)no dates

Horn, Chester D.28 Feb 19033 Jan 1976
Horn, David B. s/o Sparlin P. & Suzanne (Sims)25 Nov 185923 Dec 1946
Horn, Flora A. (Lay) d/o james M. & Mary Delilah (Roady) w/o David B.26 Dec 187015 Jun 1931
Horn, Florence18611891
Horn, Fred A. Pvt. US Army WWII4 Dec 190018 Feb 1966SSDI
Horn, Gussie T. w/o Chester D.19 Jul 1908Living
Horn, James s/o Clarence Jefferson & Rena (Dotson) h/o Joann (Robinson)7 Dec 192514 Dec 2003SSDI
Horn, Joseph R. "Joe" s/o Sparlin P. & Suzanne (Sims)187024 Nov 1914
Horn, Launa (Lowery) d/o Elijah Mason & Sarah Elizabeth (Lockridge) w/o David B.14 Feb 18669 Jan 1887
Horn, Mary Catherine (Joyner) w/o Nathan Francis18431890
Horn, Mildred C. (Wewer) w/o Fred A.26 Aug 190722 Dec 1979SSDI
Horn, Myrtle191621 Oct 1931
Horn, Ray19201921
Horn, Robert s/o Sparlin P. & Suzanne (Sims)25 Dec 188131 Oct 1887
Horn, Ruck29 Nov 188115 Jan 1967SSDI
Horn, Samuel s/o Sparlin P. & Suzanne (Sims)11 Feb 18675 Mar 1917
Horn, Sparlin P. s/o David & Rebecca (Davis)13 Mar 183513 Jun 1901
Horn, Suzanne (Sims) w/o Sparlin P.27 Mar 183828 Feb 1899
Horn, Timmy D.27 Aug 196226 Mar 1985
Horne, Alva14 Jul 191428 Apr 1963
Horne, Baby (2 graves)no dates

Horne, Bertha E. (Horne) d/o Robert S. & Della A. (Rollans) w/o Alva27 Jul 190811 Feb 2004
Horne, Bessie w/o Claudeno dates

Horne, Claudeno dates

Horne, Della A. (Rollans) d/o William Riley & Mary Elizabeth (Tillman) w/o Robert S.7 Oct 18883 Apr 1956
Horne, Delonia17 Oct 187618 Feb 1958
Horne, Emmett B.11 Apr 191911 Jun 1958
Horne, Henry A.6 Feb 187513 Dec 1950
Horne, Hesterno dates

Horne, James W.18831963
Horne, Maudie18951959
Horne, May w/o Will25 Nov 187119 Nov 1955
Horne, Mildred19 Oct 191722 Jan 1998SSDI
Horne, Nathan Francis18411911
Horne, Nettieno dates

Horne, Paskell L.17 Feb 190921 Sep 1996SSDI
Horne, Robert S. s/o Nathan Francis & Mary Catherine (Joyner)11 Jul 188511 Nov 1960
Horne, Robert S.31 Jan 19242 Feb 1941
Horne, Roberta26 Apr 188418 Nov 1952
Horne, Will22 Jun 18661 Nov 1940
Hottinger, Charles Kirby s/o Kirby A. & Margaret M. (Brinkman) h/o Thelma Gay (Flurry)9 Nov 19345 Nov 1998SSDI
Houser, Addieno dates

Houser, Alonzono dates

Houser, Cass A.24 Sep 188030 Mar 1952
Houser, Cynthiano dates

Houser, Everette s/o C.H. & Mattie8 Nov 190116 Oct 1908
Houser, Fred s/o William F. & Sarah Emely14 Nov 189212 Mar 1894
Houser, George A. (Mason)25 Oct 188520 Jun 1901
Houser, Halley Estelle d/o Cass A.15 Jun 191020 Jul 1915
Houser, Inf. d/o C.H. & MattieFeb 19001902
Houser, Inf. Twins of A.C.no dates

Houser, J.C. s/o Cass A. & Lavena (Brown)14 Mar 191212 Oct 1919
Houser, Jordanno dates

Houser, Lavena (Brown)18933 Mar 1936
Houser, Lula d/o C.H. & Mattie2 Oct 190329 Nov 1903
Houser, Maggie Bennett d/o William F. & Sarah Emely11 Sep 186825 Jul 1891
Houser, Myrtle (Dean) d/o George Luther & Virginia Lucinda (Council) w/o Walter H.27 Nov 188618 Apr 1958
Houser, Roger C.4 Feb 191220 Feb 1912
Houser, Sarah Emely w/o William F.7 Jan 18472 Feb 1914
Houser, Susanno dates

Houser, Waldro Guy s/o Walter H. & Myrtle (Dean)14 Sep 192022 Oct 1920
Houser, Walter H.18831954
Houser, William F.5 Mar 184113 Apr 1923
Howe, Charles H. family - 6 killed by cyclone
Howe, Charles H.
Howe, David H.
Howe, Della Gertie
Howe, James R.
Howe, Mildred May
Howe, Pheby
18 Apr 1920
18 Apr 1920
18 Apr 1920
18 Apr 1920
18 Apr 1920
18 Apr 1920
18 Apr 1920

Howe, Chester H. Okla. Pvt. 167 Armd. FA-BN WWII Purple Heart21 Apr 19192 Feb 1952
Howe, John O.4 Dec 188820 Jan 1937
Howe, Malinda E. w/o John O.23 Jan 1893 9 Jun 1936
Huff, Andy18631923
Huff, Bernie w/o Andy18841936
Huff, Carl18 Aug 190813 Jun 1991
Huff, Mattie (Garner) w/o Carl24 Feb 1917Living
Huff, Neta Faye d/o Carl & Mattie (Garner)B & D6 Aug 1938
Hughes, GarlandB & D7 Nov 1945
Hughes, Glenda JoyceB & D12 Oct 1954
Hughes, Lillie Mildred (Harrison) d/o Sam & Daisy (Smith) w/o Willie Ray7 Apr 191012 Nov 1984SSDI
Hughes, Willie Ray s/o John W. & Arminta M. (Yarbrough) 3 Jul 19088 Jan 1997SSDI
Humphrey, Alva w/o Jesse Franklin11 Aug 1889no date
Humphrey, Augustus Civil Warno dates

Humphrey, Bertha Lee (Tritt) d/o James Marion & Sarah Elizabeth (Humphrey) w/o Harmon Leslie3 Aug 18947 Jun 1967
Humphrey, Dora w/o Joe Watt3 Dec 187716 Mar 1960
Humphrey, Harmon Leslie s/o Stephen Franklin & Martha Jane (Harvey)27 Nov 189019 Apr 1962
Humphrey, Huston Civil War Union Co. A 4th Ark. Cav. s/o Lewis & Sarah184117 Mar 1919UPF
Humphrey, Jesse Franklin s/o Stephen Franklin & Martha Jane (Harvey)7 Sep 187527 Aug 1945
Humphrey, Joe Watt (Mason)6 Aug 187510 May 1950
Humphrey, Joseph R. (Mason)2 Jan 185130 Aug 1876
Humphrey, Louise (Horn) d/o David & Rebecca (Davis) w/o Huston2 Jun 184424 Jun 1906
Hurman, Roseno dates

Jacobson, Kamrud Akre13 Aug 195324 Aug 1996SSDI
Jacobson, Mary Ann13 Jun 19555 Nov 1990
Jenkins, John W. T/Sgt. US Air Force WWII Korea3 Apr 1922Jul 1980
Jenkins, Vivian R. w/o John W. (M) 11 Oct 1963no dates

Johnson, Anna Lois (Newman) d/o Homer O. & Maude H. (Horn) w/o Grady19151992
Johnson, Babyno dates

Johnson, CleoB & D1932
Johnson, Corenne d/o Jim Whit & Lillie (Utley)8 Jan 190422 Oct 1906
Johnson, Ethel (Buzbee) d/o Mordaunt & Carrie (McAdoo) w/o Thomas E.12 Jun 1894Feb 1914
Johnson, Glenn2 Oct 191420 May 1916
Johnson, Gracie Mae (Dodson) d/o Albert & Lavona (Humphrey) w/o Rev. John Coy189413 Jan 1942
Johnson, Gracie Mearee (Brown)15 Jan 190522 Aug 1991
Johnson, Grady s/o Samuel A. & Nettie Mae (Tritt)3 Jul 1914Apr 1984SSDI
Johnson, Inf./o Thomas E. & Ethel (Buzbee)B & DFeb 1914
Johnson, Jerome N.27 Jun 188311 Oct 1968SSDI
Johnson, Jim Whit1 Jan 18839 Feb 1949
Johnson, Rev. John Coy s/o John F. & Lavinia Jane (Rainwater)18865 Nov 1940
Johnson, John F.18531906
Johnson, John N.12 May 18187 Aug 1884
Johnson, Johnnie w/o Jerome N.25 Jul 188919 Dec 1918
Johnson, Lavinia Jane "Viney" (Rainwater) d/o Ebenezer & Sarah (Eskew) w/o John F.186215 Dec 1931
Johnson, Lillie8 Jan 190422 Oct 1906
Johnson, Lillie (Utley) w/o Jim Whit2 Aug 188422 Feb 1976
Johnson, Lucille19101912
Johnson, Mary L.28 Jan 187813 Dec 1961
Johnson, Mary Norano dates

Johnson, Nettie Mae (Tritt) d/o James Marion & Sarah Elizabeth (Humphrey) w/o Samuel A.18891972
Johnson, Nina G.191122 Apr 1928
Johnson, Roy Lee19201 May 1925
Johnson, Rubie C. d/o Jerome N. & Johnnie2 Feb 191717 Oct 1918
Johnson, Samuel A. s/o John F. & Lavinia Jane (Rainwater)18881964
Johnson, Thomas E. s/o John F. & Lavinia Jane (Rainwater)27 Feb 18848 Aug 1922
Jones, Annano dates

Jones, David L.25 May 18326 May 1908
Jones, Emma Recie w/o Virgil C.4 Nov 19005 Nov 1958
Jones, Grace (Lowery) w/o H.L. "Roy"19 Nov 190330 Aug 1993SSDI
Jones, H.L. "Roy"26 Dec 18993 Mar 1991
Jones, Homer S. Ark. Pvt. Engineers WWII Purple Heart buried at sea21 Jun 191327 Nov 1943
Jones, James L.23 Nov 18735 Feb 1959
Jones, Joyce Laverne19361959
Jones, Lillie B. w/o James L.8 Apr 1881 5 Jul 1957
Jones, Maggie Marie d/o James L. & Lillie B.30 Nov 19042 Jan 1981SSDI
Jones, Mary L.no dates

Jones, Mittieno dates

Jones, Prue J. (Crow) w/o Homer S.1913 1969
Jones, Sarah M. w/o David L.24 Oct 1836 19 Feb 1916
Jones, Virgil C. Ark. PFC Provost Guard Co. WWI29 Nov 189726 Aug 1956WWIR
Jones, W.R. "Bud"30 Mar 187126 Apr 1945
Jones, William Coyno dates

Jones, William Lamar3 Oct 192918 Jan 1931
Keathley, Charlene w/o George22 Dec 1926 20 Jan 1997SSDI
Keathley, George27 Aug 1904Jan 1986SSDI
Keeton, Betty Ann w/o Ralph D.3 Oct 1940 15 Sep 1992SSDI
Keeton, Charles R.24 Sep 19365 Jun 2001SSDI
Keeton, Marie P. w/o Charles R.1 Sep 1926Living
Keeton, Ralph D.1939Living
Kelley, Kelly Lee PFC US Army WWII6 Dec 191824 Oct 1975
Kelly, A.M. s/o Robert Lee & Martha Jane (Houser)19 May 190219 Oct 1903
Kelly, Ina (Wise) w/o Paul19 Aug 1910Living
Kelly, Joseph Dee s/o J. Dee & Amanda J. (Cravens)1 Dec 187329 Jun 1936
Kelly, Kathryn Louise w/o Robert Joseph25 Apr 1951Living
Kelly, L.D. s/o Joseph Dee & Lillie (Cravens)3 Aug 19013 Jul 1904
Kelly, Lillie (Cravens) w/o Joseph Dee18871918
Kelly, Martha Jane (Houser) d/o Hiram R. & Joicy Ophelia (Sory) w/o Robert Lee3 Aug 18781 Jan 1984
Kelly, Paul s/o Joseph Dee & Lillie (Cravens)9 Nov 19136 Apr 1973
Kelly, Robert Joseph24 Nov 19481 Aug 1994SSDI
Kelly, Robert Lee s/o J. Dee & Amanda J. (Cravens)1 Dec 187327 Aug 1954
Kelly, Robert Lee s/o Joseph Dee & Lillie (Cravens)10 Dec 191120 Jun 1985
Kelly, Willene Ethel (Dotson) d/o Marion Smith & Sarah Etta (Horn) w/o Robert Lee21 Sep 191123 Jun 1986
Keys, Carl Leon30 Apr 191431 Oct 1989
Keys, Helen E.21 Nov 19326 Jan 1946
Keys, Juanema A. (Williams) w/o Carl Leon11 Dec 191527 Dec 1997SSDI
Kidd, Vivie (Thompson) w/o F.E.19 Dec 190230 Oct 1926
Kimberling, Rufus Austin18 Dec 1925Living
Kimberling, Wanda Faye w/o Rufus Austin15 Jun 19241 Feb 1988
King, Wayne17 Aug 193515 Feb 1936
Kisling, Lee Devail s/o Elmer C. & Clara (McQuay) h/o Pauline Lee (Bailey)31 Jul 19335 Aug 2004 SSDI
Lane, S. James Jr. Tec. 5 US Army WWII17 Oct 192015 Mar 1975
Lasater, A.R.23 Jul 187226 Dec 1949
Lasater, Dixie T. w/o A.R.4 Apr 187920 Oct 1942
Lasater, Fronia E.5 Dec 187828 Dec 1956
Lasater, Inf. d/o Seth O. & Mattie Florence (Raulson)no dates

Lasater, Inf. s/o Seth O. & Mattie Florence (Raulson)no dates

Lasater, Mattie Florence (Raulson) w/o Seth O.18861930
Lasater, Mattie Sue (Robinson) d/o Robert Berge & Nell Elizabeth (Horn) w/o Troy Gene28 May 191923 Jul 1940
Lasater, Seth O. s/o William Merrit & Sarah (Kirkpatrick)10 Dec 18821945
Lay, Charles R. s/o James M. & Mary Delilah (Roady)22 Feb 187410 Oct 1891
Lay, Harlow B.3 Jan 187718 Jun 1892
Lay, James M. (Mason) s/o Bartlett & Alice18 Oct 182819 Jan 1888
Lay, Lucile M.191212 Jan 1928
Lay, Mary Delilah (Roady) w/o James M.27 Oct 184710 May 1910
Lay, Newman W. s/o James M. & Mary Delilah (Roady)2 Aug 188517 Oct 1885
Lee, S. Floyd18831956
Lipe, Birtha12 Aug 190421 Nov 1909
Lipe, Grace B. w/o Thomas I.20 Feb 1884 13 Oct 1966
Lipe, Hurbert s/o L.J. & Arzona17 Dec 190012 Dec 1905
Lipe, James Henry26 Jan 190315 Feb 1961
Lipe, Jewell (Moore) d/o Ben & Lila w/o Roscoe Carlton 9 Sep 189923 Apr 2002SSDI
Lipe, Lena E.23 Jul 190810 Oct 1915
Lipe, Lila Norene (Cravens) d/o John Jackson & Mary Jane (Dodson) w/o James Henry8 Feb 19136 Apr 2001SSDI
Lipe, Mary Isabelle "Belle" (Carter) w/o Simon Peter John Wylie Green23 Feb 186019 Dec 1941
Lipe, Roscoe Carlton s/o Simon Peter John Wylie Green & Mary Isabelle (Carter)23 Nov 18985 Apr 1947
Lipe, Simon Peter John Wylie Green s/o Isaac & Mary (Fink)7 Jan 185511 Aug 1947
Lipe, Thomas I.24 Sep 18789 Jun 1955
Longstrat, M.R.no dates

Loper, 2 baby gravesno dates

Loper, Mrs. Zacharyno dates

Loper, Zacharyno dates

Loper, Zaderno dates

Lovelady, Avo w/o Floyd Curtis13 Apr 191022 May 1974
Lovelady, Floyd Curtis6 Nov 190129 Jun 1992SSDI
Lowe, Cass
Lowe, Lilly
Lowe, Will
no dates
no dates
no dates
these 3 graves are together.
Lowe, Clara (Jones) w/o Sylvan Truman6 Sep 190831 Jul 2002SSDI
Lowe, Sylvan Truman (Mason)1 Nov 190527 Jan 1963
Lowery, A. Raymond s/o John W. & Anner (Griffith)28 Inc 18863 Aug 1940
Lowery, A. Raymond Jr. s/o A. Raymond & Idell15 May 192222 Nov 1941
Lowery, Anner (Griffith) w/o John W.23 Sep 186821 Aug 1930
Lowery, Catherineno dates

Lowery, Cleveland W.7 Nov 191230 Mar 1997
Lowery, Diller Mahala w/o James Wesley6 Sep 187921 Nov 1946
Lowery, Dorsey E.no dates

Lowery, E.J.23 Dec 187415 Feb 1904
Lowery, Eddie12 Oct 188612 Oct 1888
Lowery, Elijah Mason h/o Sarah Elizabeth (Lockridge)27 Dec 183512 Feb 1897
Lowery, Grover24 Dec 18881 Jan 1889
Lowery, Idell w/o A. Raymond22 May 1895 31 Aug 1970
Lowery, Inf. s/o Robert & ZettieB & D10 Apr 1908
Lowery, J.R. Civil War CSA Co. A Tenn. Inf.18401877
Lowery, James Wesley8 Jul 18704 Feb 1947
Lowery, Jennings s/o John W. & Anner (Griffith)18971961
Lowery, Jessie Vera w/o Cleveland W.18 Oct 19144 Mar 1973
Lowery, John W.23 Sep 186422 Jan 1949
Lowery, Leila Real7 Dec 18765 Nov 1901
Lowery, Leota (Cravens) d/o Sampson & Bell (Thompson) w/o Ollie M.29 Oct 19025 May 1999
Lowery, Maeno dates

Lowery, Mark18671935
Lowery, Ollie M. Ark. Sgt. Co. B 7th Bn. WWI s/o John W. & Anner (Griffith)9 Sep 189331 May 1969WWIR SSDI
Lowery, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" (Lockridge) w/o Elijah Mason15 Jul 183923 Mar 1923
Lowery, Solonno dates

Lowery, Timothy Lee2 Jan 19613 Jul 1993SSDI
Lowery, Winnie w/o Jennings21 Nov 1900 7 Feb 1998
Lowery, Zettie w/o Robert3 Feb 189112 Nov 1959
Lowrey, Burenno dates

Lowrey, C.R.no dates

Lowrey, Cecil Real18991900
Lowrey, Evelyn (Robinson) w/o Robert Steele13 Jan 1920Living
Lowrey, Hesterno dates

Lowrey, Icy Real18971900
Lowrey, Nora Ann w/o C.R.18751961
Lowrey, Ollie Fred27 Dec 19305 Jun 2002SSDI
Lowrey, Robert20 Dec 188516 Jan 1963
Lowrey, Robert Steele18 Jan 191717 Feb 1994SSDI
Lowrey, Woodrow "W.C."12 Nov 191230 Mar 1997SSDI
Lowrey, Woodrow Clark s/o C.R. & Nora Ann30 Jul 191415 Jul 1917
Lowry, Bob18681912
Lowry, FredB & D1905
Lowry, Lethano dates

Lowry, Myrtleno dates

Lowry, Tennie w/o Bob18731955
Lowry, VeraB & D1914
Maddon, Lyndon M. "Lynnie"19 Jul 195525 Aug 1995SSDI
Marshall, Artieno dates

Marshall, George Marvin s/o William R. & Louise E. (Moore)24 Nov 188315 Jul 1969SSDI
Marshall, J.R.18891964
Marshall, Lawrence1 Aug 190924 Sep 1993
Marshall, Louisa E. (Moore) w/o William R.186122 Feb 1928
Marshall, Maude (Vassaur) d/o Rose More & Martha Comfort (Roulston) w/o George Marvin18821960
Marshall, Myrtleno dates

Marshall, Ottis s/o George Marvin & Maude (Vassaur)23 Jan 191214 Nov 1917
Marshall, Pearl (Chisholm) w/o J.R. (M) 2 Jul 19088 Aug 189129 Oct 1979
Marshall, R.M. US Army WWII9 Jun 19234 May 1987
Marshall, William R.185022 Sep 1928
Martin, Lindell Bryce s/o William Walton & Flora Bain (Castleberry) h/o Elizabeth (Happy)18 Sep 19251 Feb 1999SSDI
Maxwell, Charlene d/o Violet W. Ayers11 Nov 1932Living
Maynard, Leon R.1 Aug 191619 Feb 1994SSDI
Maynard, Reenono dates

Maynard, Sybil w/o Leon R.24 Apr 191821 Oct 1988SSDI
McClung, D.E.17 Jan 188327 Nov 1901
McClung, John Richard7 Jan 18--27 Nov 1904
McClung, Julia Beatrice (Lowery) d/o Elijah Mason & Sarah Elizabeth (Lockridge) w/o John Richard4 Sep 186223 Apr 1937
McClung, Pearl d/o John Richard & Julia Beatrice (Lowery)25 Aug 189117 Jan 1892
McClung, Robert V.13 Oct 18876 Dec 1908
McClure, Elisha W.12 Mar 18994 Sep 1975
McClure, Ruby G. w/o Elisha W.2 Dec 1897 19 Jun 1971SSDI
McCollum, Rickey Allen19591978
McCutcheon, Bernice w/o Presley29 Dec 192128 Sep 1970
McCutcheon, Etola F. w/o Omar Ruel27 Feb 1928Living
McCutcheon, Ida M.29 Nov 190615 Feb 1987
McCutcheon, Inf. Twins of Samuel N. & Susan M.no dates

McCutcheon, Irene P. w/o Marvin L.20 Feb 19192 Jan 2003
McCutcheon, Marvin L.22 Feb 19105 May 1987
McCutcheon, Omar Ruel6 Mar 192627 Feb 1994SSDI
McCutcheon, Presley1 Mar 191516 Feb 1974SSDI
McCutcheon, Samuel N.18801954
McCutcheon, Susan M. w/o Samuel N.1885 1963
McElroy, Mary Lucille24 Dec 192317 Jun 1994SSDI
McKenzie, Sheri Lyn w/o Timothy Mark20 Jan 19538 Dec 1994
McKenzie, Timothy Mark23 Nov 1958Living
McMinn, Mrs. ---no dates

McPherson, G.R. "Mac"18351904
McPherson, George R. "Uncle"18377 May 1930
McPherson, May w/o George R.18351904
McReynolds, Alice E. w/o Ollie N.27 Jan 18936 Apr 1972
McReynolds, Elmer18961955
McReynolds, Leona w/o Elmer18971952
McReynolds, Ollie N.20 Mar 189531 Jan 1980SSDI
Mellon, E. Boyd19 Nov 19207 Dec 1992SSDI
Mellon, Ramonia w/o E. Boyd31 Mar 1929 Living
Miller, Dr. B.M.31 Dec 183311 Oct 1901
Miller, Daisy d/o Dr. B.M. & Martha J.13 Dec 187010 Jul 1877
Miller, Martha J. w/o Dr. B.M.15 Sep 184718 Jul 1890
Miller, Oris s/o Dr. B.M. & Martha J.10 Jul 187319 Nov 1876
Moore, 2 babiesno dates

Moore, A.J.no dates

Moore, Alma24 Apr 191213 Oct 1913
Moore, Ann w/o William H.no dates

Moore, Annieno dates

Moore, Asleeno dates

Moore, Ben F.18691956
Moore, Billno dates

Moore, Claudieno dates

Moore, Curtno dates

Moore, Delila Bell (Burnham) d/o Henry C. & Emly Malinda (Roady) w/o Ben F.4 Jul 187615 Aug 1968SSDI
Moore, Emma G. w/o E.24 May 18886 May 1911
Moore, Georgeno dates

Moore, Georgia w/o Holman18891970
Moore, Grady24 Mar 18904 Jul 1907
Moore, Holman18881972
Moore, Isaacno dates

Moore, James M. (Mason)27 Oct 183810 May 1886
Moore, Joanno dates

Moore, Jolly J.18891891
Moore, Lee Roy22 Jan 190928 Jun 1969
Moore, Lindano dates

Moore, Loveno dates

Moore, Nancy Bob d/o Mr. & Mrs. Jerrell M.14 Feb 192919 Feb 1929
Moore, Pollyno dates

Moore, Riley Edward "Babe"
Additional Info from Terri Hauck
28 Jul 186316 Oct 1902
Moore, Sallie I. w/o James M.11 Nov 1839 1 Jan 1891
Moore, Susanno dates

Moore, William H.no dates

Moss, M.R.no dates

Moulston, BabyB & D1925
Muler, ---no dates

Newman, Avanell d/o Homer O. & Maude H. (Horn)17 May 192116 Oct 1921
Newman, Homer O. s/o Pleasant Austin Jr. & Mary Caroline (Dixon)18 Feb 189227 Dec 1960
Newman, Maude H. (Horn) d/o William H. & America Ann (Burnham) w/o Homer O.11 Mar 189324 May 1976SSDI
Nichols, Burl J.18821958
Nichols, Carrie w/o F.M.18681936
Nichols, F.M.18611936
Nichols, Joelno dates

Nichols, Lee26 Aug 19036 Nov 1996SSDI
Nichols, Lela22 Jun 189730 Sep 1982
Nichols, Leona w/o Burl J.20 Feb 1888Oct 1985
Nichols, Loreneno dates

Nichols, Manervano dates

Nichols, Newtonno dates

Nichols, Ollieno dates

Nichols, Virvil (Harrison) w/o Lee27 Nov 190425 Sep 1982SSDI
Nichols, Williamno dates

Nickles, A.no dates

Nickles, C.no dates

Nickles, Joeno dates

Nickles, R.no dates

Nuckols, Weeoma19 Nov 193530 May 1998SSDI
Ooten, Inf. 4 babiesNo dates

Owen, Bruce GlynnB & D4 Sep 1973
Owen, Gayle Dean s/o W. Loyd & Georgia h/o Alice M.19 Jun 193123 Jun 2004SSDI
Owen, Georgia "Georgie" w/o W. Loyd29 Dec 1906Aug 1972SSDI
Owen, W. Loyd18981958
Owens, Georgia19061919
Page, James Milton (Mason) US Air Force s/o Henry Herman & Clarissa Christine (Smith) h/o Florence16 Mar 195011 Aug 2004SSDI
Parker, Baby (2 graves)no dates

Parker, DeEtter d/o J.J. & N.C.11 Jan 190320 Aug 1906
Parker, Evie B. d/o J.J. & N.C.17 Jun 188815 Jun 1890
Parker, Fate18781909
Parker, Jemima w/o M.W.9 Feb 183314 Feb 1897
Parker, Joshua M.8 Sep 185720 May 1939
Parker, Laryno dates

Parker, Lindle16 Jun 193912 May 1956
Parker, Lucille M. (Dycus) w/o Otis Lee12 Aug 1912Living
Parker, M.W.30 Mar 18299 Jul 1908
Parker, Mary Francis "Mollie" w/o Dr. W.L.Dec 1854Jul 1936
Parker, Molleyno dates

Parker, N.C. w/o J.J.2 Feb 18715 Feb 1905
Parker, Otis Lee10 Jan 19119 Jan 1972
Parker, Mrs. Rosa M.188924 Nov 1928
Parker, Susan Melinda w/o Joshua M.7 Sep 18614 Sep 1940
Parker, Dr. W.L. (Mason)9 Mar 185311 Nov 1900
Parker, Willie190519 Jan 1920
Parks, Edward P. Civil War Union Co. E 4th Ark. Cav.no dates

Parks, Elizabeth w/o Edward P.16 Jan 184326 Aug 1892
Parks, Ellano dates

Parsley, Mary D. d/o W.H. & L.C.1 Dec 18806 Feb 1881
Pennington, Clyde Austin US Army WWII s/o J.T. & Claudia (Blevins) h/o Jewel31 Mar 192026 Mar 2003SSDI
Perigo, Delmar Ira7 Jan 191124 Mar 1978SSDI
Perigo, Gladys S. w/o Delmar Ira6 Jan 19065 Dec 1993SSDI
Pharis, Bill C.6 Dec 19421 Sep 1989
Pharis, James Steven17 May 19516 Dec 1994SSDI
Pharis, Janis A. w/o Bill C.1 Oct 1945 Living
Pilgreen, Elvis Carter19231981
Pilgreen, Zola Rae (Birkhead) w/o Elvis Carter1922Living
Plunkett, Edith Corbin (Cravens) d/o John Logan & Elizabeth Frances (Corban) w/o Clinton Hubert1 Apr 188230 Aug 1914
Poynter, Annieno dates

Poynter, Brent P.no dates

Poynter, John H. Ark. Cook 162 Dept. Brig. WWI14 Dec 188615 Dec 1946
Poynter, Lollieno dates

Privett, Hanna FayeB & D1997
Pyron, Shirley C.12 Feb 193012 Sep 1992SSDI
Rainwater, Andrew Jack s/o Ebenezer & Sarah (Eskew)10 Dec 185229 Jan 1898
Rainwater, Arlis B. s/o Nathaniel E. & Fannie (Vassaur) 22 Dec 190718 Apr 1993SSDI
Rainwater, Babies of John (6 graves)no dates

Rainwater, Bessie Dale (Huff) w/o Arlis B.19 Jul 191215 Sep 1987SSDI
Rainwater, Bobno dates

Rainwater, Bonnie B. d/o Miles Eber & Laura Elmina (Frazier)16 Feb 18904 Oct 1890
Rainwater, Catherine18591922
Rainwater, Charlie N. s/o Miles Eber & Laura Elmina (Frazier)18861887
Rainwater, Diana Dellno dates

Rainwater, Ebenezer s/o James & Apposley (Cunningham)29 Apr 18216 May 1904
Rainwater, Ernie Everett s/o Miles Eber & Laura Elmina (Frazier)190320 Dec 1918
Rainwater, Fannie (Vassaur) d/o George & Rosie (Oxford) w/o Nathaniel E.188117 Jul 1935
Rainwater, H.A.18521878
Rainwater, Ida M.191413 Dec 1915
Rainwater, Infants (3 graves)no dates

Rainwater, J. Earl s/o Andrew Jack & Sarah Elizabeth (Eskew)3 Nov 189526 Oct 1954
Rainwater, J.O.no dates

Rainwater, James A.R.no date28 May 1924
Rainwater, James Allen13 Dec 188123 May 1929
Rainwater, Laura Elmina (Frazier) w/o Miles Eber1 Sep 18662 Mar 1948
Rainwater, Maeno dates

Rainwater, Martha J. w/o Reece M.21 Oct 1908Jul 1977SSDI
Rainwater, Mattieno dates

Rainwater, Miles Eber s/o Ebenezer & Sarah (Eskew)23 Apr 186228 Sep 1941
Rainwater, Nathaniel E. s/o Andrew Jack & Sarah Elizabeth (Eskew)24 Jan 187824 Dec 1931
Rainwater, Reece M.19081964
Rainwater, Rote Raymond s/o Miles Eber & Laura Elmina (Frazier)18981906
Rainwater, Sarah "Sally" (Eskew) d/o Samuel & Nancy w/o Ebenezer8 Feb 18231 Jul 1906
Rainwater, Sarah Elizabeth (Eskew d/o William & Mary w/o Andrew Jack25 Sep 18551 Oct 1896
Rainwater, Zellano dates

Ranzie, Mandyno dates

Ranzie, Minnie A. d/o J.L. & V.L.14 Nov 190526 Jan 1906
Ranzie, Vannieno dates

Ray, Carol Louise20 Sep 195816 Apr 1997SSDI
Real, -------------24 Mar 1907only date
Real, Adrainno dates

Real, Allenno dates

Real, Baby11 Sep 188314 Sep 1883
Real, Cecil4 Feb 189926 Jan 1900
Real, Churchillno dates

Real, Elizabeth - first person buried in this cemetery in 1868
This memorial marker was placed in 1975 by the Elizabeth Hall Cemetery Association.
no date1868
Real, George Washington (Mason)14 Oct 183311 Nov 1904
Real, Icy5 Jul 189724 Mar 1900
Real, Idano dates

Real, Irano dates

Real, James Franklin s/o Edward B.F. & Elizabeth (Cravens)1 Jan 185420 Oct 1933
Real, Laura Josepine d/o George Washington & Martha Jane (Hill)15 Dec 186118 Jan 1912
Real, Lula (Pettit) w/o James Franklin25 Jan 187118 Mar 1908
Real, Martha Jane (Hill) d/o Winkfield & Martha (Anderson) w/o George Washington7 Mar 183121 Nov 1920
Real, Notrano dates

Real, Una (Cravens) w/o James Franklin17 Dec 18551 May 1883
Real, W.A. (Mason)13 May 18603 Feb 1906
Rich, Josie19 Apr 187427 May 1938
Roady, C.C. "Bud"13 Nov 190715 Jul 1973
Roady, Etta13 Dec 18835 Jul 1955
Roady, Garland E.9 Sep 190627 May 1962
Roady, Hattie d/o W.C. & Clarisa21 Jan 18836 Sep 1884
Roady, John S. s/o John Sid & Norma J.L.4 Nov 190128 Feb 1905
Roady, John Sid187619 Jun 1944
Roady, Loranzo Dow15 Mar 1819no date
Roady, Malinda (Wells) w/o Loranzo Dow15 Mar 181921 Aug 1886
Roady, Norma J.L. w/o John Sid187828 May 1944
Roady, Ruby27 Feb 190419 Jan 1984
Roady, Ruth d/o Ott & Lucy11 Aug 190425 Aug 1904
Roberts, Henry E. Ark. Pvt. Co. D 8th Machine Gun Bn. WWI7 Feb 189625 May 1961
Roberts, Mirlie Jean7 Feb 190821 Aug 1961
Robinson, Arie 1st w/o Dr. G.W.27 Mar 188028 Jul 1905
Robinson, Audrey L. w/o Wilburn Leon31 Jan 1927Living
Robinson, Cecil8 Mar 1893Jun 1987SSDI
Robinson, Dink s/o Philip & Lena Ann (Underwood)24 Dec 190119 Jan 1975SSDI
Robinson, Dr. G.W.18731959
Robinson, Huah s/o Dr. G.W. & Arie1 Apr 190515 Aug 1905
Robinson, Lila 2nd w/o Dr. G.W.28 Feb 189217 Jun 1910
Robinson, Lula w/o Cecil189325 Dec 1932
Robinson, Myrtle A. w/o Steve I. (M) 24 Dec 190818931977
Robinson, Nellie Elizabeth (Horn) d/o Henry w/o Robert B.2 Mar 18828 Apr 1976SSDI
Robinson, Nona (Farnham) d/o William Leslie & Josephine (Horn) w/o Dink4 Jul 19057 Dec 2004 SSDI
Robinson, Robert B. s/o Joseph Samuel & Martha (White) 12 May 187822 Nov 1967SSDI
Robinson, Steve I.27 Oct 1884Nov 1969
Robinson, Wilburn Leon s/o Dink & Nona (Farnham)8 Mar 192411 Jun 1976
Rodgers, Leon O'Dell (Mason)25 Aug 1916 5 Aug 1981SSDI
Rodgers, Pearlie Faye (Birkhead) w/o Leon O'Dell (Eastern Star)27 Dec 191619 Mar 1996SSDI
Rogers, Aubrey Pearl12 Jan 1912Living
Rogers, Berniceno dates

Rogers, Ora (Harrison) d/o Sam & Daisy (Smith) w/o Aubrey Pearl22 Sep 191114 Jan 1980SSDI
Rollans, Bertha (Farnham) d/o Albert Edward & Belle D. (Moore) w/o Roy O. Sr.1 May 190710 Jul 1959
Rollans, Roy O. Sr. s/o Robert Price & Martha Jane (Tillman)15 Aug 190214 Sep 1978SSDI
Rollans, Pvt. Roy O. Jr. Co. C 648th Tank Destroyer Bn. WWII killed in action s/o Roy O. Sr. & Bertha (Farnham)19 Jan 192311 Apr 1944
Romero, Ernest "Ernie" III18 Nov 197821 Jun 1997SSDI
Rook, Lela Delilah w/o George B.4 Apr 188218 May 1913
Roper, Babyno dates

Roper, Mary Ellen (Farnam) d/o John Russell & Eliza w/o James F.5 May 185921 Mar 1914
Roper, Hattieno dates

Roper, Hazelno dates

Roper, James F.14 Oct 18529 Jan 1901
Roper, Lillieno dates

Roper, Lovenano dates

Roper, Mayno dates

Roulston, BabyB & D1925
Roulston, Daisy Maybelle (Rollans) d/o James Edward & Mary E. (Keller) w/o Mack Carl10 Jul 190418 May 1993SSDI
Roulston, Danial V.8 Feb 192827 Jul 1934
Roulston, Eliza Jane (Russell) w/o James Cross23 Nov 182929 Oct 1877
Roulston, Elmer S.27 Aug 189321 Jul 1974SSDI
Roulston, Flonnie M.29 Apr 192127 Jul 1934
Roulston, Frannieno dates

Roulston, George12 Dec 188220 Apr 1920
Roulston, Henry C.18581950
Roulston, Inf. s/o Robert P. & Nancy M. (2 graves)no dates

Roulston, James Cross - charter member of Elizabeth Lodge that he helped build in 18673 Jun 18231 Feb 1877
Roulston, James Everett27 Dec 190315 Mar 1991SSDI
Roulston, Jessie H. w/o Elmer S.21 Mar 18926 Dec 1971
Roulston, Jewell (Wurst) w/o James Everett31 Jul 190228 Feb 1988SSDI
Roulston, Jicy Edna (Rollans) d/o James Edward & Mary E. (Keller) w/o Robert15 Feb 19108 Jul 1928
Roulston, Lonnieno dates

Roulston, Lucille J.28 Nov 19026 Mar 1989SSDI
Roulston, Mack Carl10 Aug 190113 Oct 1992SSDI
Roulston, Mamie (Young)13 Jun 1909Living
Roulston, Mary L.28 Jan 187813 Dec 1961
Roulston, Melvinno dates

Roulston, Nancy M. w/o Robert P.1 Nov 186114 Feb 1928
Roulston, Reva Ruth22 Jun 19314 Feb 1998
Roulston, Rileyno dates

Roulston, Robert P.8 Jan 185211 Mar 1944
Roulston, Sallie w/o Henry C.18666 Nov 1936
Roulston, Sherman Lee s/o James Everett & Jewell (Wurst) 21 Jun 19236 Sep 1930
Roulston, Trannieno dates

Roulston, W.R.30 Sep 189125 Jul 1960
Rowland, W. Arch (Mason)20 Apr 183821 Jun 1915
Roulston, Willieno dates

Roulston, Winnieno dates

Rowland, Annie Beatrice d/o W.J. & I.L.18 Aug 190013 Sep 1901
Rowland, Babyno dates

Rowland, Elbert G.187412 Jan 1948
Rowland, Irma F. w/o John H.29 Jul 1921 Living
Rowland, Jean w/o Elbert G.18781965
Rowland, John H.13 Aug 190712 Aug 1956
Rowland, Mahala Ann w/o W. Arch13 Mar 18443 Nov 1899
Rowland, Ray D.19021971
Rowland, Sallyno dates

Rowland, Valentine15 Mar 181221 Aug 1890
Rowland, Wordna S. w/o Ray D.19031973
Schnider, Henry C.11 Dec 1907Aug 1972SSDI
Schnider, Lula K. w/o Henry C. (M) 13 Aug 19285 Jan 191230 Jul 1990
Schwieryohann, Rose Mary22 Dec 192329 Jun 1986
Sellars, Babyno dates

Sellars, Edwardno dates

Sellars, Ella M. (Rollans) d/o Horace G. & Maude M. (Brandon) w/o Kenneth James Sr.13 Jan 190321 Feb 1995
Sellars, Emmett V.19041969
Sellars, Ester d/o James Oliver & Lena D. (White)19 Jan 19012 Feb 1903
Sellars, James Horace1 Dec 192619 Jan 1978
Sellars, James Oliver s/o Edward C. & Sarah Jane6 Nov 18749 Jan 1931
Sellars, Kenneth James Sr. (Mason) s/o James Oliver & Lena D. (White)28 Sep 189815 Jan 1970
Sellars, Lena D. (White) w/o James Oliverno dates

Sellars, Mary Janeno dates

Sellars, Polly Anna (Rainwater) d/o Andrew Jack & Sarah Elizabeth (Eskew) w/o James Oliver6 Aug 188824 Dec 1974
Sellars, Samno dates

Sellars, Mrs. Samno dates

Sellars, William E. "Bill"10 Mar 193923 Feb 1991
Sewell, Sarahno dates

Shelton, Burnham Brooks s/o Virgil O. & Fannie (Burnham) 26 Aug 192825 Oct 1929
Shelton, Fannie (Burnham) d/o Loranzo Dow & Mattie Blanche (Horn) w/o Virgil O.19031981
Shepheard, William I.18951964
Shepherd, Martha V. w/o J.K.12 May 1873 17 Aug 1906
Sheppard, Roscoe6 Aug 188917 Mar 1956
Shirley, Ann24 Aug 193918 Aug 1957
Shirley, Bernice S. w/o Namon H.13 Nov 1920Living
Shirley, Canada w/o John Wesley14 Mar 18652 Jul 1938
Shirley, H. Odell10 Mar 189312 Nov 1966
Shirley, John Wesley25 Apr 185712 Jun 1936
Shirley, Namon H.30 Oct 191515 Feb 1992
Shirley, Notra w/o H. Odell29 Aug 1892 23 May 1953
Shoptaw, Mollyno dates

Sims, Eulis N.20 Jul 19326 Nov 1989SSDI
Sims, Joyce Oleta (Farnam) d/o Seth & Mamie (Woods) w/o Eulis N.3 Jul 193517 Jan 2006SSDI
Sisk, Allirene w/o Herman R.8 Sep 1910 23 Jan 1996SSDI
Sisk, Cynthia J. w/o Joseph H. (Eastern Star with 3 chain links)30 Jul 187614 Jun 1946
Sisk, Herman R.10 Oct 190812 Mar 1994
Sisk, Joseph H. (Masonic "100F")9 Nov 187222 Mar 1958
Skew, Minnie E.18921898
Smith, 2 baby gravesno dates

Smith, Ader d/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens)31 Jul 19011 Jun 1903
Smith, Alice d/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens)29 Nov 189018 Sep 1898
Smith, Ambrose J. s/o Burl & Jane E. (Odell)1 Feb 185520 Dec 1939
Smith, Archie L. s/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens) 10 Mar 188330 Mar 1955
Smith, Arizona (Lasater) d/o William Merrit & Sarah (Kirkpatrick) w/o Archie L.9 Sep 188125 Mar 1956
Smith, Carl (Mason) s/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens)15 Nov 190323 Dec 1963
Smith, ElizabethNov 1868Feb 1921
Smith, Esterno dates

Smith, Ethel (Jones) d/o James L. & Lillie B. w/o Carl
Additional Info from LeMoyne Jones
29 Jan 190216 Nov 1992
Smith, Geneva Jean w/o Loyd18 Dec 1933 Living
Smith, Geneva S. (Johnson) d/o John F. & Lavinia Jane (Rainwater) w/o Robert Morris12 Dec 189218 Aug 1974
Smith, Gentian d/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens)5 Nov 188422 Jun 1885
Smith, Grace A.18898 Aug 1939
Smith, Gwindale22 Sep 19332 Aug 1955
Smith, H.J. Ark. 1st Lt. 5th Marines 1 Mar. Div. WWII Korea 22 Mar 191824 Sep 1950
Smith, Hazel M. w/o Richard A.30 Aug 191418 Apr 1983
Smith, Horace H.no dates

Smith, Inf. s/o Richard A. & Hazel M.B & D1 Nov 1942
Smith, Jessie s/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens)22 Mar 189512 Oct 1895
Smith, John Francis h/o R.G.L.186413 Dec 1926
Smith, Johnnie29 Nov 1895Jan 1969SSDI
Smith, Lasater s/o Archie L. & Arizona (Lasater)18 Feb 191311 Aug 1913
Smith, Loyd5 Nov 191510 Jul 1990
Smith, Lillian E.12 Mar 190021 Nov 1936
Smith, Lillie Dale (Cravens) d/o Robert B. & Margarette Matilda (Grubb) w/o Ambrose J.18 Nov 186228 Aug 1932
Smith, Mattie (Dodson) d/o Albert & Lavona (Humphrey) w/o Will23 Aug 18897 Mar 1967
Smith, Okla M. w/o Robert L.19 Jul 1916 Living
Smith, R.G.L.18583 Jan 1934
Smith, Richard A. Okla. Pvt. Co. B 152 Inf. WWI14 Mar 18941 Sep 1970WWIR
Smith, Robert L. s/o Robert Morris & Geneva S. (Johnson)14 Feb 191527 Sep 1982
Smith, Robert Morris s/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens)5 Jan 18898 Aug 1914
Smith, Rubie D. d/o John Francis & R.G.L.30 Sep 189226 Aug 1900
Smith, Ruthie30 Sep 189225 Aug 1902
Smith, Virgil L.17 Dec 190822 May 1953
Smith, Virginia C. w/o Johnnie19001953
Smith, Walter L. s/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens) 30 Jun 18899 Aug 1909
Smith, Will Ark. Wagoner Co. F 114 Engineers WWI s/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens)13 Dec 188712 Feb 1958WWIR
Smith, William A.18931960
Smith, Willie May d/o W.B. & Savannah8 Mar 189723 --- 1900
Sory, Babyno dates

Sory, C.J.no dates

Sory, Don h/o Audrey L.76 yr8 Sep 2003
Sory, Franklin D.2 Jan 193720 Nov 1941
Sory, Homer Hardy18971951
Sory, Mandyno dates

Sory, Martha w/o Millard Buel22 Jun 1891 29 Jan 1929
Sory, Millard Buel18891963
Sory, Thomas J.18881948
Sory, Verna M. w/o Thomas J.190020 Dec 1939
Sory, Violet (Dixon)14 Sep 191110 Jan 2000SSDI
Spicer, Belva (Cravens) w/o Carl William11 Sep 191230 May 2003
Spicer, Carl William21 Jul 191229 Aug 1993SSDI
Spicer, Cecil A.6 Aug 190817 Jan 1967
Spicer, J.W.10 Jul 192719 Nov 1927
Spicer, Ruth Mae w/o Cecil A.11 Jul 1906 12 Jul 1990
Stanfield, Jesse Morris (Mason)20 Apr 18772 Apr 1941
Stanfield, Loue (Vassaur) d/o Rose More & Martha Comfort (Roulston) w/o Jesse Morris24 Dec 18799 Apr 1958
Stanfield, Opie M. s/o Jessie Morris & Loue (Vassaur)31 May 19127 Oct 1972
Stanfield, Ottno dates

Stanley, Jeffno dates

Stapleton, Billy Jack Jr.31 Aug 196016 Mar 1977
Stapleton, Hugh Abner Pvt. US Army WWI31 Jul 18978 Jul 1976WWIR SSDI
Stapleton, Myrtle Elizabeth w/o Hugh Abner (M) 13 Apr 1919 1 Oct 190017 May 1982SSDI
Stapleton, Ruth Janelle
Additional Info from LeMoyne Jones
8 May 19353 Mar 1993SSDI
Stephens, Buford E.6 Mar 18991 Feb 1931
Stephens, Lorena May (Danker) d/o Authur & Lucille (Brown)12 Mar 192622 May 2005SSDI
Stephens, Melissa Diann (George) d/o Lewis & Mildred (McCutcheon)6 Feb 19609 Sep 2004 SSDI
Stewart, Aliceno dates

Stewart, Furman9 Sep 190817 Sep 1945
Stewart, George W.6 Feb 18703 Apr 1950
Stewart, J.D.Dec 1866Apr 1957
Stewart, Janieno dates

Stewart, Linnie30 May 186928 Jan 1953
Stewart, Sethno dates

Talley, Josephine Fay (Howe) w/o Walter d/o C.H.18 Apr 193128 Sep 1984
Teague, Lucy L. w/o Robert L. (Eastern Star)24 Nov 190616 Mar 1972SSDI
Teague, Robert L. (Mason)4 Mar 190620 Mar 1990
Thomas, Adam D. Jr.23 Aug 186220 Feb 1938
Thomas, Albert L.18921950
Thomas, Benjaminno dates

Thomas, Edwardno dates

Thomas, Hannah (Farnam) d/o John Russell & Mary M. (Moore) w/o Adam D. Jr.28 May 1872no date
Thomas, Hattie L.14 Oct 19017 Mar 1981
Thomas, Hermanno dates

Thomas, Walter L. Ark. Pvt. 150 Field Arty. 42nd Division WWI6 Jan 189429 Apr 1950WWIR
Thompson, 2 baby gravesno dates

Thompson, Albertno dates

Thompson, Alford22 Jan 186715 Jul 1915
Thompson, Andy J.18751959
Thompson, Annie Pearl24 Nov 19166 Oct 1917
Thompson, B.S.12 Mar 187414 Feb 1922
Thompson, Belvano dates

Thompson, Bobby T.10 Aug 1928Living
Thompson, Boog D. "Bud"9 Jun 190914 Jan 1999SSDI
Thompson, Buster Brown22 Nov 191013 Dec 1981
Thompson, C.C. (Mason)29 Nov 18402 Mar 1910
Thompson, Charityno dates
Thompson, Charles "Charlie"no dates

Thompson, Clayborn26 Sep 190116 Nov 1971
Thompson, Darlene (Dickson) w/o Bobby T.18 Feb 193416 Dec 1984
Thompson, Edgarno dates

Thompson, Edna G. (Flurry) w/o Otis Joe15 Apr 190618 Jul 1987SSDI
Thompson, Ellen w/o Andy J.18821965
Thompson, Fayno dates

Thompson, Filano dates

Thompson, George W. s/o B.S. & Mary Ann19 Oct 191420 Jun 1916
Thompson, Guy18865 Dec 1926
Thompson, Inf./o Neta Fayno dates

Thompson, Iris d/o Andy J. & Ellen3 Oct 19029 Sep 1924
Thompson, J.B.no dates

Thompson, James Benson18411891
Thompson, Jerry Lamar s/o James Benson & Lydia (Hammond) 7 Sep 18807 Sep 1908
Thompson, Jessieno dates

Thompson, Joeno dates

Thompson, John B.no dates

Thompson, LeGretano dates

Thompson, Lenano dates

Thompson, Leona w/o Guy18981955
Thompson, Lydia (Hammond) w/o James Benson18441881
Thompson, Mary Ann w/o B.S.21 Nov 1879 30 Sep 1928
Thompson, Mary Jane (Dodson) d/o George Washington & Susan (Smith) w/o Jerry Lamar16 Dec 187912 Oct 1937
Thompson, Miah18711955
Thompson, Minta M. (Bennett) w/o Dr. R.C. d/o Joseph & Asenath14 Dec 186319 Nov 1888
Thompson, Mollie w/o C.C. (Eastern Star)30 Jan 185612 Aug 1909
Thompson, Neta Fayeno dates

Thompson, Newmno dates

Thompson, Newtonno dates

Thompson, Nina w/o Buster Brown24 Jan 1924Living
Thompson, Otis Joe8 May 19076 Aug 1982SSDI
Thompson, Rachelno dates

Thompson, Rayno dates

Thompson, Sethno dates

Thompson, Sharleyno dates

Thompson, Silasno dates

Thompson, Tomno dates

Thompson, Vester J. (Mason)7 Mar 19159 Jun 1964
Thompson, Viola Flody w/o Boog D.9 Apr 19093 Mar 1999SSDI
Thompson, Vira w/o Alford7 Dec 187527 Jul 1963
Thompson, William "Billy Joe"192728 Mar 1932
Thurman, Rosano dates

Tillman, -----18831943
Tillman, Joeno dates

Tillman, Tomyno dates

Tilman, Mary J. w/o W.J.24 Mar 185014 Oct 1889
Tritt, Edna Jane (Mosley) d/o Edward Carl & Dora Marion (Redden) w/o James Estil20 Oct 190231 Aug 1990
Tritt, James Estil "Jimbo" s/o James Marion & Sarah Elizabeth (Humphrey)19 Feb 19033 Dec 1994
Tritt, James Marion s/o Ira & Mary (DeMoss)29 Dec 185724 Dec 1917
Tritt, Sarah Elizabeth (Humphrey) d/o Hustus & Louisa (Horn) w/o James Marion2 May 18675 Oct 1954
Trusty, Lois (Robinson)no date13 Jun 1930
Turner, Welton Delbert15 Feb 19211 Nov 1981
Turner, Willie Mae (Huff) w/o Welton Delbert20 Aug 192029 Dec 1981
Utley, Blanche I.31 Oct 1905Feb 1990
Utley, Burl L.8 Feb 18828 Jan 1949
Utley, Candaceno dates

Utley, Dora w/o James R. (Eastern Star)26 Aug 185628 Mar 1940
Utley, Elizabeth (Lowe) w/o Thomas J.27 Aug 18606 Apr 1940
Utley, Eugene C.7 Jan 1908Jun 1980
Utley, Fannie Bell w/o Burl L.12 Jan 188430 Jun 1947
Utley, Dr. Felix M.18781918
Utley, Frederick N. (Mason)9 Mar 185714 May 1927
Utley, Herschel L.8 Mar 189118 Jun 1919
Utley, James R. (Mason)17 Apr 184714 Jan 1918
Utley, Jessieno dates

Utley, Lela (Smith) d/o Ambrose J. & Lillie Dale (Cravens)24 Nov 189613 Apr 1979SSDI
Utley, Lillie M.1912Living
Utley, Minnie A.no dates

Utley, Nellieno dates

Utley, P.J. s/o Burl L. & Fannie Bell8 May 190612 Nov 1906
Utley, Pearl18951900
Utley, Sallie w/o Thomas J. (M) 2 Jan 187912 May 185913 Feb 1880
Utley, Sarah I. w/o Frederick N.27 Aug 186131 Dec 1919
Utley, Susan M. w/o Dr. Felix M.8 Aug 1881Feb 1976
Utley, Tennieno dates

Utley, Thomas J. (Mason)13 Feb 185227 Nov 1920
Vassaur, Agnesno dates

Vassaur, Alene d/o Edgar & Florence Mae (Wurst)3 Jan 192026 Mar 1936
Vassaur, Babe (Lowery) w/o Rose More6 Sep 18736 Nov 1937
Vassaur, BabyB & D1920
Vassaur, Easterno dates

Vassaur, Genevano dates

Vassaur, Martha Comfort (Roulston) d/o John C. & Eliza J. w/o Rose More18541885
Vassaur, J. Monroe s/o Rose More & Martha Comfort (Roulston)18831900
Vassaur, Rose More s/o Duvall & Louvina Jane (Lynn)25 Jul 185811 Mar 1918
Vassaur, Sethno dates

Vassaur, Vestal Irene5 Jul 191425 Nov 1997SSDI
Vaughn, C.C. infantno dates

Venable, James A.9 Oct 187920 Dec 1960
Venable, Myrtle L. w/o James A.18 Dec 189028 Jan 1968
Waid, Ilena (Davis) w/o Lee Adrin23 Jul 192815 Jul 1999SSDI
Waid, Lee Adrin2 Jul 192721 Jul 1992SSDI
Walker, Eddieno dates

Walker, Idano dates

Walker, Rebecca Jane (Woody) M/1 ________ Denton M/2 Samuel B. Walker20 Mar 182015 Dec 1886
Walker, Samuel B.20 Jul 180912 Mar 1876
Waltjen, John Edward US Army s/o Fred & Jane h/o Laura 19 Jun 193226 Feb 2006SSDI
Wesley, James18701947
White, Baby (2 graves)no dates

White, Bettieno dates

White, Daisyno dates

White, Essie (Millspaugh) w/o Marvin L.18 Feb 18945 Oct 1974SSDI
White, Eula G. w/o Helmon L.22 Aug 1904 29 Aug 1974
White, Helmon L.23 Apr 19059 Jan 1986
White, Jimno dates

White, Joelno dates

White, Mrs. Joelno dates

White, Joseph S.18721899
White, Leona L. w/o Walter L.9 Sep 1881 16 Nov 1948
White, Lola Maeno dates

White, Marvin L.21 Mar 18897 Oct 1981SSDI
White, Mayme Lee (Johnson) d/o John F. & Lavinia Jane (Rainwater) w/o Osborne17 Apr 18973 Nov 1977SSDI
White, Osborne s/o Joseph S. & Rebecca (Humphrey)9 Feb 189425 Sep 1988
White, Rebecca J. (Humphrey) d/o Huston & Louisa (Horn) w/o Joseph S.18731956
White, Richmond Voyed9 Jul 190021 Feb 1958
White, Sula Lee16 Aug 19027 Oct 1990
White, Tomno dates

White, Virginia Nellno dates

White, Walter L. III23 Apr 18811 Feb 1972
White, Wendel Lee s/o Richmond Voyed & Ellen26 Jul 193831 Oct 1939
Whitecotton, Leta Mae14 Feb 19215 Sep 1923
Whitecotton, Samanthano dates

Whity, Mrs.no dates

Williams, Daveno dates

Williams, Dolores E. (Kisling) Brewer d/o Elmer C. & Clara (McQuay) M/1 Burlin S. Brewer M/2 _______ Williams12 Feb 19363 Apr 2004SSDI
Williams, Dollie w/o Nathan25 Sep 1892 Jul 1987SSDI
Williams, Dora Ethel Mae w/o Henry Allen9 Dec 189325 Jun 1960
Williams, Freeling E.10 Feb 185911 Feb 1942
Williams, Henry Allen27 Mar 189314 Mar 1976SSDI
Williams, Kittie M. w/o Seldon L.22 Apr 192128 May 1974
Williams, Myrtleno dates

Williams, Nannie w/o Freeling E.23 Oct 186828 Feb 1954
Williams, Nathan18851964
Williams, Ralph H.6 May 19026 May 1985SSDI
Williams, Robert Lee Ark. PFC Co. E 357th Inf. WWI Purple Heart30 Apr 189619 Jul 1936
Williams, Royd Olin21 Feb 194321 Aug 1981
Williams, Seldon L.2 Nov 191616 Apr 1979SSDI
Williams, Virginia V. w/o Ralph H.16 Apr 190614 Apr 1992
Wing, Dalton J.28 Aug 190819 Apr 1993SSDI
Wing, Norma M. w/o Dalton J.13 Mar 1921 15 Apr 1999SSDI
Wise, Elijahno dates

Witt, John Hogan29 Jun 188227 Jul 1963
Witt, Leuna w/o John Hogan4 Mar 188618 Dec 1979SSDI
Wood, A.E. (Mason)17 Feb 188430 May 1911
Wood, Annie L.no dates

Wood, Bobby Rue20 Nov 19309 Apr 1937
Wood, Clifford s/o J.M. & V.E.18 Mar 189628 Jul 1896
Wood, Earl15 Sep 190226 May 1995SSDI
Wood, Eldon B.19281947
Wood, Hazel Catherine (Hamilton) d/o James Allen & Genevra Caroline (Plunkett) w/o Lynn3 May 19085 Jan 2001SSDI
Wood, Henry28 Jan 187817 Mar 1951
Wood, Letha I. w/o Earl16 Apr 19075 May 1978SSDI
Wood, Lynn Ark. Pvt. US Army WWII (Mason)15 Dec 19073 Jul 1976SSDI
Wood, Pearl w/o Ruel12 Feb 190520 Jun 1988
Wood, Ruel23 Feb 190713 Dec 1999
Wood, Sallie w/o Henry23 Jul 18817 May 1966
Wood, Virgie w/o A.E.18 Sep 18867 Feb 1976
Woodall, Robin (Kisling) d/o Lee Devail & Pauline Lee (Bailey) w/o Robert20 Feb 196328 Jan 2003
Wooten, Babyno dates

Wright, Josie Robert (Parker) w/o Wesley John18851962
Wright, Paul S. "Pete"12 Sep 192715 Oct 1994SSDI
Wright, Wesley John s/o James Buchanan & Nancy Tennessee (Horn)22 Dec 1883Sep 1963
Yother, Cora P. w/o Henry A.6 Sep 1898 22 Nov 1974
Yother, Henry A.5 Jul 18989 Jul 1963
Yother, Joel L.16 Nov 192429 May 1996SSDI
Young, Mamie Bell (Roulston) d/o George W. & Hattie (Peller) w/o Lester13 Jun 190911 Dec 1998SSDI

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