Durvin Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 9 March 1993 by Julia Sills Taylor and Cornelia Taylor Daniels. This cemetery is located on Highway 22 out of Dardanelle. It is on the right side of the road as you approach the Logan County line. The street is currently named "River Oaks Lane". It was at one time the Sills Family cemetery before being made a public cemetery in the early 1940's.

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Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Apple, Johnnie R.11 Feb 19289 Apr 1976
48 yr 1 mo 28 ds

Apple, Melvin s/o John A. & Martha E. "Mattie" (Parker) 10 Oct 189318 Nov 1979SSDI
Barnett, Herbert Lewis s/o Lewis & Mae (Kent) h/o Freda 12 Jul 192927 Oct 2004SSDI
Barnett, Hollis Kent s/o Lewis & Mae (Kent)6 Feb 192715 Jun 1963
Barnett, LaVerne w/o Hollis Kent23 Dec 1926Living
Boyce, Ferrell L.13 May 195015 Sep 1977
Boyce, Walter h/o Erma14 Apr 192514 Oct 1998SSDI
Brockman, Elizabeth M/1 ------ Moore M/2 ------ Birkhead M/3 ------ Brockman28 Feb 180823 Oct 1883
Bunting, Benny Lyndon s/o Benny & Helen4 Feb 197127 Apr 1989
Carpenter, Elmer s/o J.L. & M.E.12 Jun 18976 Dec 1899
Clubb, Cecil5 Jun 191421 Mar 1984
Clubb, Nossie Mae (Fuller) McKnight d/o Robert Fullerton & Evie (Ward) M/1 Luke McKnight M/2 Cecil13 Jun 191127 Dec 2003SSDI
Davis, Anna Jean (Hodges) w/o Dexter21 Feb 19254 Jul 1964
Davis, Dexter D. "Dickie"26 Feb 194520 Apr 1988
Dunlap, Grover J. Mo. Cook 138 Inf. 35 Div. WWI11 Jan 18939 Sep 1949
Epperson, Hazel A. w/o Roscoe E.2 Jun 190926 Jul 1991
Epperson, Roscoe E.3 Mar 18867 Mar 1981SSDI
Epperson, T.G.2 Dec 188419 Sep 1913
Epperson, Tennessee w/o Thomas J.6 Oct 185029 Oct 1925
Epperson, Thomas J. Civil War CSA 1861-65 Co. B Ark. Cav.3 Jun 184421 Dec 1905CPF
Farnam, Commerno dates

Farnam, Phelma (Louie) w/o W.M.5 May 189917 Jun 1977
Farnam, W.M. "Mack"18 Sep 190030 Aug 1982
Faulkinbury, Berniece d/o Ralph Francis & Elizabeth (Hodges)21 Mar 191931 May 1947
Faulkinbury, Edward Captain "Cap" s/o Ralph Francis & Elizabeth (Hodges)29 Jul 191331 Jul 1958
Faulkinbury, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Hodges) w/o Ralph Francis 3 Jun 18815 Apr 1959
Faulkinbury, Ralph Francis s/o Francis Marion & Delilah Christine (Tomlinson)29 Oct 18805 Feb 1966
Fields, Andy W.28 Jan 18797 Oct 1895
Fields, James N.7 Apr 187516 Nov 1895
Flurry, Bonnie (Lott) w/o Ralph W.24 Mar 1926Living
Flurry, Linda C. w/o Ralph D.26 Sep 1951 Living
Flurry, Ralph D. s/o Ralph W. & Bonnie (Lott)24 Jul 195215 Mar 1975
Flurry, Ralph W.8 Oct 192724 Jan 1992
Fullerton, Evie3 Oct 187717 Apr 1965
Gann, Mamie (Hodges)23 Mar 18982 Dec 1971SSDI
Glenn, Bobby Jean (Hodges) w/o William Herman d/o Benjamin Franklin & Chellie (Jenkins)6 Feb 192829 Jun 1998SSDI
Glenn, Janet Kay19571957
Glenn, William Herman s/o William B. & Sammie (Tucker) 23 May 19274 Mar 1998SSDI
Griffin, Catherine (Stinnett) w/o Benjamin Franklin3 Apr 18409 Aug 1884
Griffin, Violah Walton d/o Benjamin Franklin & Catherine (Stinnett)2 Dec 187728 Sep 1884
Grist, Retha E. (Bratton) Hodges d/o George W. & Ider Bell (Kelley) M/1 Eugene E. Hodges M/2 Harold R. Grist20 Nov 19278 Jul 2004SSDI
Hillard, Vickie (Hodges) d/o Robert Franklin & Gladys Maude (Thomson)25 Jun 195712 Feb 1982
Hodges, Albert Eugene23 Aug 18879 Dec 1946
Hodges, Albert Eugene Jr. Pfc. US Army WWII10 Jun 192111 Oct 1974SSDI
Hodges, Ben F.30 Mar 1889Jan 1972SSDI
Hodges, Boyd Monroe s/o Matthew Monroe & Myrtle L. (Jaggers)17 May 192017 May 1974SSDI
Hodges, Chellie (Jenkins) d/o John & Mary (Jones) w/o Ben F.26 Sep 190021 Jun 1997SSDI
Hodges, Clinton Carl "Jack" s/o Lee A. & Tula J.19311932
Hodges, Cora B.18891958
Hodges, Coy Thomas s/o Matthew Monroe & Myrtle L. (Jaggers)3 Aug 191728 Sep 1977SSDI
Hodges, Doyle S.19221958
Hodges, Edwin C. Ark. Pvt. 77 P.W. Escort Co. A.S.C. WWI4 Jan 189431 Aug 1961WWIR
Hodges, Esley E. (Rutledge) d/o Alfred & Rhoda (Kee) w/o Edwin C.23 May 189516 Oct 1994SSDI
Hodges, Eugene E.6 Sep 19195 Jul 1980SSDI
Hodges, Fate13 Oct 18869 Jan 1963
Hodges, Georgia L.22 Feb 18972 Dec 1981SSDI
Hodges, Gladys Maude (Thomson) d/o Lester & Winnie w/o Robert Franklin (M) 24 Dec 194211 Mar 19215 Jan 2004SSDI
Hodges, Gladys P. (Sawrie) w/o Loyd J. (M) 9 Sep 19394 Aug 192121 Jan 2002SSDI
Hodges, Gregory Douglas s/o Bill E. & Ruby J. (Byrum)18 Dec 197011 Aug 2003SSDI
Hodges, Harvey Ark. Pvt. 302 Engrs 77 Div. Served in A.E.F. in France 191830 Jan 189222 Jan 1931
Hodges, Hattie18 Mar 189314 Nov 1965
Hodges, Henry M. "Buddy"15 Jul 191710 Mar 1984SSDI
Hodges, Hester Lee (Haney) Mansker d/o George Wash & Rosa Leuellen (Douglas) w/o Coy Thomas28 Aug 192322 Feb 1988
Hodges, Jack2 Jun 19279 May 1959
Hodges, John18791881
Hodges, Lee A.18841959
Hodges, Leona Lucille14 Jan 191821 Dec 1971SSDI
Hodges, LeVona (Farnam) w/o Boyd Monroe6 Jan 1925Living
Hodges, Lillian13 Aug 189517 May 1976SSDI
Hodges, Loyd J. s/o Matthew Monroe & Myrtle L. (Jaggers)14 Oct 19188 Sep 1985SSDI
Hodges, Lucille (Davis) w/o Toby Richard18 Mar 1935Living
Hodges, Mace3 Jun 18966 Sep 1976
Hodges, Margaret J. (Biggs) native of Shelby Co., TN w/o Richard T.8 Dec 185815 Jan 1932
Hodges, Martin R.15 Jul 185212 Jan 1920
Hodges, Mary18751893
Hodges, Matthew Monroe12 May 188513 Jun 1943
Hodges, Maudie w/o Fate9 Jun 189424 Sep 1980SSDI
Hodges, Melba R. w/o Roy A.8 Sep 1920Living
Hodges, Minnie w/o W.T.18921919
Hodges, Myrtle L. (Jaggers) w/o Matthew Monroe31 Mar 188918 Aug 1961
Hodges, Phyllis Rae (Morris) Anthony d/o Wendell & Doris (Billups) M/1 ________ Anthony M/2 ________ Hodges20 Jun 193810 Mar 2005SSDI
Hodges, Ranzy18881967
Hodges, Ray O. Ark. Pfc. 44 Armd. Inf. Bn. 6th Armd Dev. WWII1 Mar 19108 Apr 1945
Hodges, Rebecca Lynn d/o Robert Franklin & Gladys Maude (Thomson)B & D8 Sep 1947
Hodges, Richard T. "Tobie"11 Mar 18518 Sep 1947
Hodges, Robert Franklin31 Jul 192112 Apr 1994SSDI
Hodges, Robert R.17 Feb 192517 Oct 1984SSDI
Hodges, Roy A. s/o Matthew Monroe & Myrtle L. (Jaggers) 16 Apr 191620 Jun 1974SSDI
Hodges, Sally19221959
Hodges, Sarah-----1888
Hodges, Sidney A.11 Jun 185912 Feb 1914
Hodges, Terrie Sue d/o Robert Franklin & Gladys Maude (Thomson)B & D18 Nov 1954
Hodges, Thomas Ray "Tinker" s/o Coy Thomas & Hester Lee (Mansker)22 Apr 1941 13 Jun 1977
Hodges, Toby Richard4 Jun 193121 Jul 1987
Hodges, Tula J. w/o Lee A.18941956
Hodges, Violet M. w/o Robert R. (M) 24 Sep 19485 Mar 1930Living
Hodges, Virgie Lee w/o Doyle S.1927Living
Hodges, Walter s/o Fate & Maudie10 Dec 192016 Mar 1929
Hodges, Willie18791959
Hodges, Zibrah w/o Druary1815

Huff, William E. Civil War Union 1861-65 Co. D 7th TN Mtd. Inf.no dates

Hurst, -------------11 Mar 1914
Jackson, D.18751953
Jackson, Hattie w/o D.18771933
Latham, Demona Sue7 Dec 195728 Jun 1969
Lott, Hazel Lee d/o Buster & Ethel7 Nov 193829 Jun 1941
Lott, Roda9 Oct 188812 Sep 1942
Miller, Inf./o William Riley & Bertie (Harold)no dates

Miller, Lonnie W. s/o William Riley & Bertie (Harold)5 Apr 19033 Nov 1905
Miller, Ollie May d/o William Riley & Bertie (Harold)1 Feb 190511 Jun 1906
Mueller, Mary M. (Hodges) w/o Roy M.13 Oct 192215 Dec 1996SSDI
Mueller, Roy M. LT.C. US Army WWII7 Jul 191231 Dec 1976
Myers, ------- (Mother)no dates

Myers, Dee (Son)27 Sep 193724 Jul 1992
Myers, Elmer (Father)23 Jan 1893Dec 1974SSDI
Parsons, Berta A. w/o Dave19 Nov 191121 Jan 1998SSDI
Parsons, Bertha M.28 May 193828 May 1938
Parsons, Betty D.22 Jul 193922 Jun 1950
Parsons, Dave7 Apr 190816 Nov 1973SSDI
Parsons, George W.11 Mar 19106 Sep 1973
Passmore, Margaret Ann (Hodges) w/o Lewis Spencer m/o James Spencer and Sherry Ann8 Nov 193414 Jan 1977
Phelps, Babies - six graves - all are infantsno dates

Phelps, Ellis Powell28 Dec 18727 Nov 1922
Reasoner, Robert Lovely s/o W.M. & E.8 yr 2 mo 17 ds19 Nov 1850
Sawrie, BabiesNo dates

Sawrie, Edward26 Dec 19137 May 1983SSDI
Sawrie, Ellen M. w/o Vernon W.9 Jan 1883 19 Jan 1966
Sawrie, Glendon Thomas Sgt. US Army WWII h/o Pauline Ann "Polly" (Browning)17 Aug 1917Jan 1982
Sawrie, Richard S. Civil War CSA MO Cav. Co. C (Arkansas Death Record Index has death date of 14 Oct 1926)28 Feb 1844 26 Oct 1925
Sawrie, Ronald Thomas s/o Glendon Thomas & Pauline Ann (Browning) h/o Diane10 Aug 19452 Sep 2005SSDI
Sawrie, Vernon W.1 Sep 188225 Apr 1931
Sills, Anna Mae (Wood) w/o Clyde Cecil m/o Cecil, Edith, Nadine & Julia Ann4 Feb 189714 Jun 1995
Sills, Arthur E. s/o William & Elenora16 Oct 187128 Aug 1885
Sills, Baby d/o William Albert & Matilda A.B & D23 Jan 1903
Sills, Cecil D. Sr.27 Oct 191416 Jan 1998SSDI
Sills, Clyde Cecil28 Aug 189322 Nov 1984SSDI
Sills, Douglas E.11 Aug 189914 Mar 1924
Sills, Elenora w/o William21 Jul 184219 Apr 1909
Sills, Emma d/o William & Elenora27 Dec 187816 Aug 1883
Sills, Glendle Edgar Pfc. US Army WWII21 Sep 192129 Mar 1975
Sills, Harry L. Ark. Pvt. Co. L. 2 Regt. Ark. Inf. Spanish-American War20 Mar 187716 Sep 1898
Sills, James E.20 Sep 186913 Feb 1901
Sills, James O. s/o William Albert & Matilda A.27 May 190418 Aug 1905
Sills, Leroy s/o William & Elenora27 Sep 188017 Aug 1885
Sills, Matilda A. w/o William Albert1871 6 Feb 1939
Sills, Moreo (Johnson) w/o Cecil D. Sr.27 Sep 191413 May 1991
Sills, Olice Almirah18731918
Sills, Opal W. d/o William Albert & Matilda A.12 Apr 19101 Jun 1983SSDI
Sills, Rennah S. (Wood)18751942
Sills, Vernia d/o William Albert & Matilda A.21 Nov 189710 Oct 1898
Sills, William2 Jan 18364 Apr 1894
Sills, William Albert186818 Feb 1939
Stinnett, Callie D. (Hodges) w/o L.L.20 Jan 188124 Jan 1971SSDI
Stinnett, Earl L. "Boot"13 Jan 190716 Dec 1985SSDI
Stinnett, L.L. "Pat"19 Jul 187114 Mar 1936
Stinnett, Pauline (Bolden) w/o Earl L.28 Jun 190421 Jun 1949
Stinnett, Ruth J. "Ruthie" d/o L.L. & Callie D. (Hodges) 18 May 190929 May 2000SSDI
Stinnett, Sophia Sue d/o Tommy Nelson & Bobbie Sue (Esch)B & D2 Dec 1957
Stinnett, Tommy Nelson s/o Earl L. & Pauline (Bolden) h/o Bobbie Sue (Esch)7 Feb 193714 Jan 2003SSDI
Taylor, Addie Mae (Hodges) d/o Matthew Monroe & Myrtle L. (Jaggers) w/o Albert Young (M) 30 Dec 194417 Oct 1926 28 Jan 1993SSDI
Taylor, Albert Young s/o I.W. & Ether f/o Robert, Ronald, Rebecca and Renita3 Aug 191923 Jul 1989SSDI
Taylor, Vennie (Hodges)10 May 18914 Sep 1976SSDI
Tilley, Jonathan Ray17 Jun 197122 Jun 1971
Wood, Candy L. (Flurry) d/o Ralph w/o Todd29 Mar 197121 Jan 1999
Woods, Rennah S. (Sills)18755 Jul 1942
Yarbrough, Eula w/o James E.12 Apr 1890 16 Apr 1979SSDI
Yarbrough, James E.1 Feb 189119 Jul 1964

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