Dry Fork, on the Yell And Perry County, Arkansas Line

Copied and updated 18 Mar 1994. This cemetery is on Hwy. 45 just on the Yell and Perry County Line.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Blythe, James C.28 Oct 186815 Mar 1917
Blythe, Samuel M. s/o James C. & N.T.30 Nov 188827 Apr 1892
Bohlander, Luria Ruth (Wright) d/o Robert Wallace & Anna Yancy (Stephens) w/o Wendell Edward7 Dec 191020 Apr 1971
Bohlander, Wendell Edward s/o John & Carrie (Humphries) 27 Dec 190510 Feb 1980SSDI
Halsell, Carvel Waylen Sr. s/o Odie Dewey & Vivian Aleen (Bradley) h/o Mary Ellon (Achenbach)31 Mar 193423 May 2003SSDI
Halsell, Odie Dewey WWII Ark. US Navy s/o Charley Neal & Effie Elizabeth (Noles)14 Jun 191313 Dec 1973
Halsell, Vivian Aleen (Bradley) w/o Odie Dewey19 Sep 191627 Aug 1986
Halsell, Waylen Sr. h/o Mary69 yr23 Mar 2003
Handy, Norman L.B & D16 Apr 1938
Higginbothan, M.T. w/o N.T.22 Dec 1847 5 Feb 1911
Higginbothan, N.T.10 Mar 183831 Jan 1914
Jones, Clarence Francis (M) 27 Apr 193424 Feb 19153 Feb 1990SSDI
Jones, Velva Irene (Hawks) w/o Clarence Francis d/o William Henton & Mary (McGhee)18 Aug 191628 Jan 2001SSDI
Keener, Albert F. twin s/o James W. & M.E.31 Aug 18946 Oct 1896
Keener, Carey E. d/o James W. & M.E.7 Mar 188923 Mar 1889
Keener, Effie J. d/o James W. & M.E.12 Oct 189810 May 1899
Keener, James W.6 Nov 185913 Jun 1924
Keener, Joseph Andrew s/o W.J. & Della11 Feb 191023 Mar 1910
Keener, Lewis E. s/o James W. & M.E.14 Apr 190416 Feb 1906
Keener, M.E. w/o James W.no dates

Keener, Mary E. twin d/o James W. & M.F.31 Aug 18941 Oct 1896
Keener, Minnie C. d/o James W. & M.E.2 Sep 189031 Aug 1898
Martin, Caldonia B. (Keener) w/o Charley P. d/o Tom31 Dec 188318 Jul 1932
Martin, Charley P.4 May 186218 May 1934
Martin, Inf. d/o Charley P. & Caldonia B. (Keener)B & D16 Jan 1905
Martin, Myrtle d/o Charley P. & Caldonia B. (Keener)27 Dec 190211 Aug 1905
Martin, Willis Benjamin Ray3 Mar 186916 Jul 1941
Nooner, John P. s/o William Thomas & Martha Elizabeth (Martin)7 Nov 19259 Jul 1971
Nooner, Martha Elizabeth (Martin) w/o William Thomas d/o Charley P. & Caldonia B. (Keener)7 Jul 190421 Jan 1976SSDI
Nooner, Thomas Stanley s/o William Thomas & Martha Elizabeth (Martin)2 Nov 192914 Mar 1943
Nooner, William Thomas29 Jul 19049 Jan 1971SSDI
Reed, W.M.12 Aug 184813 Jun 1910
Secrest, Elvira C.1840only date
Secrest, Joseph D.1826only date
Secrest, Matilda E.3 Jul 18873 Oct 1898
Tinsley, George Washington8 Apr 18445 Sep 1928
Watson, Nancy Bell (Nooner) d/o William Thomas & Martha Elizabeth (Martin)16 Jan 192727 Aug 1982

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