Chula Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 20 Mar 1994. This cemetery is west of Aly, Arkansas. Hwy 28 from Plainview and then Hwy 27 to Aly. Turn right off Highway 27 at the Aly Cemetery onto Chula Road. Go about 6 miles. The Chula Cemetery sign is on the left. Turn onto a small road. The cemetery is about one or two tenths of a mile on the right - down a small hill. Very well kept. Fenced with a gate.

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Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Burnett, Jerl D. Tec 4 US Army16 Dec 191921 Apr 1993SSDI
Clover, Martha w/o C.H.183323 May 1899
Curtis, Mary A.8 Mar 18796 Jul 1881
Daniels, Velma Etta (Williams) w/o Buford29 Dec 190519 Jun 1966
Kilgore, Eva Fay d/o Edison & Lillian12 Sep 193219 Oct 1932
Killins, Albert D.16 Aug 18675 Sep 1922
Mabary, Agnes20 Jan 18875 May 1902
Mabry, Arthur Burton1 Sep 187921 May 1961
Mabry, Bernest W.1 Jun 191126 Jun 1959
Mabry, Bertha d/o James O. & Catherine A.2 Mar 18835 Jun 1900
Mabry, Buford24 Sep 189120 Sep 1903
Mabry, Catherine A. w/o James O.8 Jul 186127 Feb 1953
Mabry, Elvin Wilburn WWII Ark. MOMM #3 USNR30 May 19138 Mar 1963SSDI
Mabry, Ephraim W.19 Mar 182527 May 1908
Mabry, Hester9 Sep 190223 Mar 1904
Mabry, Inf. s/o Bernest & AlmaDec 193331 Dec 1933
Mabry, James O.26 Mar 185619 Oct 1939
Mabry, Luther R.16 Feb 18891 May 1971SSDI
Mabry, Mary Jane "Janny"18 Dec 188311 Jan 1967SSDI
Mabry, Ruia R. (Melton) w/o E.O. d/o S.C. & Lena8 Aug 190819 Nov 1933
Muncrief, Mittie w/o J.W.188831 Mar 1910
Pillar, Edward D.2 Feb 183827 Mar 1913
Savelle, James C.5 Mar 190930 Aug 1993SSDI
Savelle, Vera Mae6 Sep 191830 May 2004SSDI
Skaggs, Edna (Mabry) d/o J.O.17 Mar 1894 Oct 1967SSDI
Skaggs, Louisa J. w/o H.F.6 Jun 18389 May 1908
Smith, Benjamin s/o dates

Smith, Charles Edward "Eddy" s/o Charles & Tilda (Williams)24 Mar 188328 Oct 1968SSDI
Smith, David K.7 Jul 185211 Jun 1931
Smith, Edith d/o Charles Edward & Luticia Neecie Jane (Mabry)no dates

Smith, Luticia Neecie Jane "Lou" (Mabry) w/o Charles Edward 16 Mar 18856 Aug 1974SSDI
Smith, Marvin s/o dates

Summit, Gladys (Mabry) w/o John Lee29 Aug 190026 Apr 1927
Summit, Hattie Mae (Thompson) w/o John Lee9 Sep 190926 Feb 1933
Summit, John Lee9 Jun 189122 Apr 1970SSDI
Willard, John Edmond s/o John Pettit & Susette (Stiles) 12 Feb 187730 Mar 1936
Willard, John Pettit Civil War Union gf/o Harry Elton Willard12 Mar 183729 Apr 1923
Willard, Susette (Stiles) w/o John Pettit13 Sep 18436 Mar 1916
Willard, Venice d/o B.C. & Oregon1 Apr 191112 Jan 1912
Williams, Emma F. w/o Nathaniel A.5 Aug 18804 Jul 1951
Williams, Essa d/o S.L. & Emma9 Mar 189822 Dec 1898
Williams, Nathanel A.26 Mar 18719 Dec 1936
Woods, Eula P. w/o Walter A.10 Feb 1897 6 May 1993SSDI
Woods, Walter A.16 Apr 188625 May 1970SSDI
Woolard, Gertrude L. d/o Arch E. & Nettie1 Feb 18904 Mar 1897
Woolard, Nettie w/o Arch dates

Woolard, Three c/o Arch E. & Nettieno dates

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