Chickalah Methodist Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated June 1991 Marilyn Roberts and Cornelia Daniels.

From Dardanelle, take Hwy 27 West to Danville, go through Chickalah and just after you cross Chickalah Creek turn right on County Road. The Cemetery is about a quarter of a mile from the turn off on the right side of the Hwy. The old Chickalah Methodist Church used to be here. It has been moved to the main road in Chickalah.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
_____________, Rhonda - on a boardno dates

Allen, Mary E. (Darnell)10 Sep 18771 Jun 1928
Barnes, Arvie20 Apr 18896 Nov 1889
Barnes, Ida12 Jan 18947 Sep 1900
Barnes, Willie c/o J.L. & L.A.20 Dec 189013 Aug 1899
Bowers, T.T.26 Dec 18762 Mar 1905
Brown, Alice T. w/o Dr. C.C.18571932
Brown, Dr. C.C. (Mason)21 Feb 185030 Nov 1920
Brown, Voett s/o Dr. C.C.27 Jan 190117 Apr 1911
Caldwell, Elsie Dee3 Jan 18891 Aug 1975SSDI
Caldwell, Henry "Bud"12 Dec 191313 Mar 1990SSDI
Caldwell, Jenny Lee13 May 18966 Feb 1938
Caldwell, Mark18801942
Calhoun, John Clinton18341900
Calhoun, John W. s/o John Clinton & Mary Jane (Womack) 25 Dec 187725 Aug 1889
Calhoun, Mary Jane (Womack) w/o John Clinton18431900
Cannon, Ella d/o W.N. & Roena E. (King)24 May 188919 Sep 1889
Cannon, George P. s/o W.N. & Roena E. (King)3 Jul 188725 May 1888
Cannon, Lulu M. d/o W.N. & Roena E. (King)2 Oct 18954 Mar 1896
Cannon, Roena E. (King) w/o W.N.11 Oct 18666 Aug 1914
Cannon, W.N. (W of W)16 Jan 186319 Feb 1900
Choate, Allyne19041913
Choate, Inf. s/o John N. & Macieno dates

Choate, John N.11 Jan 187319 Jan 1967SSDI
Choate, Keith & Kevin Twin s/o Rodney & DebbieB & D13 Jun 1972
Choate, Macie w/o John N.18751913
Choate, Selma Pauline (Banks) d/o Valentine Merrett & Norma Emaline (Weems) w/o Ernest Lamar21 Apr 191215 Jun 1994SSDI
Coffey, P.J. s/o William Perry & Prudence E.6 Feb 18782 Jun 1891
Coffey, Prudence E. w/o William Perry185531 Mar 1939
Coffey, W.T. s/o William Perry & Prudence E.6 Aug 18746 Apr 1891
Coffey, William Perry185324 Feb 1941
Collier, Cornelia E. (Harn) w/o Col. E.G.46 yr8 Sep 1876
Collier, dates

Darnell, Inf. d/o John W. & Mary E.B & D24 Dec 1901
Darnell, John W.29 May 187713 Apr 1907
Darnell, Mary E. w/o John W.10 Sep 1877 1 Jun 1928
Downs, Gladys L.16 Nov 190816 Aug 1918
George, Corelia w/o A.J.74 yr 6 mo 25 ds 26 Jun 1892
Haney, Louisa w/o T.L.27 May 18386 Sep 1918
Haney, Mary C. (Webster) w/o Albert C.18641927
Haney, Paul Fulton22 Jan 189510 Feb 1897
Haney, Thaddus L.3 Jun 183518 Mar 1925
Haney, William Douglas s/o Sidney & Mary25 Oct 190216 Nov 1902
Harkey, Ada (Dye) w/o John Kay3 May 1880 12 Feb 1899
Harkey Inf. s/o John Kay & Ada (Dye)no dates

Harn, Margaret (on the Collier Monu.) m/o Cornelia E. Collier, Mary & Laura A. Harnno dates

Harris, Eli29 Apr 183025 May 1893
Harris, Inf. d/o J.H. & A.L.B & D25 May 1888
Hull, Carmel G. (Caldwell) d/o Marcus Pless & Sally Elsie (Reynolds) w/o W.J.14 Dec 190617 Jun 2003SSDI
Hull, Eldridge Wilton s/o W.J. & Carmel G. (Caldwell)2 Mar 192716 Feb 1943
Hull, W.J. "Jim"30 Oct 19022 Dec 1997SSDI
Johnson, Frances A.24 May 18271 Aug 1840
Johnston, Della w/o L.A.13 Sep 188511 Mar 1907
Looper, Edith Merle w/o James S.11 Jul 189419 Dec 1978SSDI
Looper, Edith Pearl d/o James S. & Edith Merle10 Dec 192716 Feb 1943
Looper, James S.31 Dec 188723 Feb 1962
Looper, Zelgar M.28 Oct 19121 Jun 1914
Looper, Zelma Fay d/o James S. & Edith Merle22 Oct 192124 Jul 1934
Lorenson, Lance Lynn s/o Larry & Betty (Choate)22 Feb 196110 Oct 1985SSDI
Madison, Dr. J.W.28 Jul 18266 Sep 1897
Madison, Mary S.19 Apr 180630 Nov 1892
Massey, James (on native stone)about 29 yrspring of 1841
Massey, Martha w/o James (on native stone)about 24 yrfall of 1841
McCray, ------- The McCray Family 4 rocked up graves in a group

McCray, Elizabeth J. w/o John30 Aug 1820 29 Jan 1899
McCray, Henry s/o John & Elizabeth J.
Tombstone picture
16 Nov 18378 Jul 1846
McCray, Ida M. w/o John N.25 Jun 1868 no dates
McCray, Inf./o John & Elizabeth J.
Tombstone picture
25 Feb 184215 Apr 1842
McCray, Jennie d/o John N. & Julia A.20 Aug 188619 Apr 1915
McCray, John12 Nov 181324 Jul 1877
McCray, John N.8 Feb 185128 Dec 1930
McCray, Julia A. w/o John N.11 Oct 1858 11 Feb 1891
McCray, Lillie M. d/o John N. & Julia A.22 Feb 18817 Mar 1889
McCray, Thomas J. Civil War CSA 1861-65 Co. H 1st AR Mtd. Rifles h/o Annie G.11 Mar 18398 Apr 1921 CPF
McCray, William s/o John & Elizabeth J.
Tombstone picture
20 Sep 184420 Jan 1845
Michael, ______________ stone broken------16 Apr 1899
Michael, Charlie7 Jul 189310 Apr 1899
Michael, H.M.18511904
Michael, Henry18821961
Michael, Macie w/o H.M.18561932
Michael, Ola w/o Henry188413 Jul 1931
Murdock, Jordan E. s/o William E. & Martha C. (Haney)
Additional Info from
17 Oct 188118 Jul 1901
Murdock, Jerdan s/o H.O. & Inez23 Aug 191223 Nov 1929
Murdock, Martha C. (Haney) d/o J.J. w/o William E.
Additional Info from
9 Jan 18621914
Murdock, William E. s/o Daniel
More Information
Additional Info from
18 Jul 18554 Oct 1940
Olson, Greg s/o Raymond & Winona Faye (Phillips)4 Nov 196115 Mar 2004SSDI
Phillips, Ashley Pue s/o Jasper Lafyette & Martha Volenta (Hancock)24 Aug 190427 Mar 1985SSDI
Phillips, Ina Lue30 Nov 194019 Feb 1941
Phillips, Jasper Lafyette (FHM)26 Dec 186929 Oct 1957
Phillips, Lionel Berton s/o Jasper Lafyette & Martha Volenta (Hancock)5 Mar 190225 May 1977
Phillips, Lottie E. w/o William J.30 May 187815 Oct 1897
Phillips, Little Mace s/o William J. & Lottie E.12 Jul 189717 Nov 1897
Phillips, Martha W.4 Nov 193912 Feb 1968
Phillips, Susie (Downs)24 Jun 18738 Oct 1946
Phillips, William J.12 Mar 18665 Sep 1896
Price, Drury18301902
Roberts, Ethel A. w/o Fenner M.11 Aug 187921 Jun 1967
Roberts, Fenner M.2 Oct 188015 Feb 1953
Roberts, Kenneth W.11 Feb 19156 Dec 1943
Scott, Berry L.18871919
Scott, Cecil Anthony s/o Berry L. & Inez (Cecil)25 Dec 191125 Jul 1977SSDI
Scott, Inez (Cecil) w/o Berry L.8 Oct 188522 Jul 1963
Scott, Lillie W.16 Sep 187918 Feb 1893
Scott, Lula A.7 Jan 187331 Dec 1898
Scott, Mammie Mize11 Feb 188013 Jun 1914
Scott, Otto Murry6 Sep 18776 Aug 1956
Scott, Permelia E. (Haney) w/o W.D.3 Mar 184513 May 1938
Scott, Ruby Nell (Reynolds) d/o Benjamin Hall & Nancy Kathryn w/o Cecil Anthony3 Apr 191119 Jan 2003SSDI
Scott, Sarrah J. w/o William D.18435 Jul 1868
Scott, William D.29 Oct 18415 May 1929
Smith, Daisy d/o E.P. & M.B.16 Jul 190715 May 1908
Smith, Little Edward s/o E.P. & M.B.28 Apr 19058 Jul 1908
Smith, Millard s/o E.P. & M.B.8 Feb 190419 Sep 1904
Smith, Tommy s/o E.P. & M.B.20 Nov 18978 Aug 1899
Tackett, Glenda Louise d/o Lewis & Violet8 Oct 194015 Apr 1941
Ward, Leland William "Bill" native of Texas s/o W.E.8 Aug 193727 Oct 1979SSDI
Ward, Markie A. (Hull) w/o Leland William20 Aug 1933Living
Yarbrough, Ella E. (Dement) d/o James Monroe & Mary Etta (Applegate) w/o William James8 Jan 188831 Jan 1947
Yarbrough, William James s/o James Knox Polk & Mary Letitia (Holmes)
Additional Info from Jack W. Yarbrough
30 May 186824 Nov 1948

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