Chickalah Hill Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated April 1992 by Marilyn Roberts and Cornelia Daniels. This cemetery is located on Highway 27 about 10 miles west of Dardanelle, Arkansas.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adaire, Lillian S.30 Jul 1922Living
Adaire, Linda Kay (Yow) d/o William Luther & Mary Evelyn (Brown) M/1 -------- Brownlee M/2 Randall Adaire24 Jan 194420 Jul 2000SSDI
Adaire, Royce W. WWII Sgt. US Army11 Apr 190821 Jun 1975
Adkison, Arizona8 Mar 190824 Aug 1909
Adkison, Bessie L. w/o Floyd Sr.22 Mar 1917Feb 1985
Adkison, Edith Ann (Waid) Williams d/o Teeb Wiles & Mary Lou Agnes (Hancock) M/1 Joe Williams M/2 Jerry David Adkinson6 Nov 191029 Jan 1992
Adkison, Floyd Jr.193927 Feb 1940
Adkison, Floyd Sr.29 May 1914Jul 1973SSDI
Adkison, James L.19421942
Adkison, James M.9 Jan 188313 Jan 1972SSDI
Adkison, Jerry David19 Apr 190731 Mar 1941
Adkison, Margarette w/o James M.8 Sep 188827 Feb 1969
Adkison, Morrell J.10 Nov 191114 Mar 1918
Adkison, N.E.24 Jun 185121 Aug 1915
Adkison, Troy Earl s/o Floyd Sr. & Bessie L. (Sides)27 Oct 194716 Feb 1998SSDI
Adkison, W.H.25 Jul 184420 Jun 1900
Banks, Little Bessie d/o J.C. & M.T.20 Oct 18928 Jun 1900
Banks, Little Ruby d/o J.C. & M.T.20 Dec 189031 May 1900
Barnett, Alfred W. s/o William Newton & Lilly May (Baird)Jan 18973 Apr 1958
Barnett, B. Lemoyne
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
23 Dec 19228 Feb 1995SSDI
Barnett, Emily (Neal) w/o James Moore14 Jan 184810 Feb 1900
Barnett, Eunice d/o William Newton & Lilly May (Baird) 30 Dec 189225 Mar 1894
Barnett, Harry Franklin19191920
Barnett, James Moore s/o Matthew Huston & Fidelia J. (Simpson)2 Jun 184226 Jul 1901
Barnett, Lilly May (Baird) w/o William Newton19 May 187429 Oct 1947
Barnett, Lucille d/o William Newton & Lilly May (Baird) 6 Mar 19031 Jun 1935
Barnett, Mary J.22 Nov 183830 Nov 1898
Barnett, Dr. William Newton (W of W) s/o James Moore & Emily (Neal)1 Jul 186719 Aug 1905
Belcher, Flossie A. (Durning) w/o George Washington27 Oct 190526 Jun 1995
Belcher, George Washington s/o William Shore & Ida Bell (Inman)30 Oct 190226 Apr 1953
Bench, James Edward2 Jun 197110 Dec 1977
Bernard, Ruth (Leighton)5 Jul 19041 Mar 1999
Bernard, Lena w/o W.M.2 Dec 18667 Apr 1929
Bernard, Inf. d/o W.M. & Lena1 Feb 189512 Feb 1895
Bernard, W.M. (W of W)4 May 186424 Mar 1916
Berry, Minerva J.7 Apr 186422 Apr 1939
Berry, Olgia14 Nov 192816 Dec 1932
Berry, William R.2 Nov 186411 Nov 1946
Blevins, Winnie B.10 Nov 189929 Dec 1970
Brenner, Waneta
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
12 May 19145 Sep 1995SSDI
Brenner, William "Bill"
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
7 Sep 191630 Jan 1993SSDI
Brewer, Glendal R.7 Apr 19184 Feb 1991
Brewer, Lillie M. w/o William L.26 Apr 189031 Oct 1963
Brewer, Wiley Hayden WWII Pvt. US Army7 Jul 190920 Jun 1985SSDI
Bernard, Robert Lee27 Jun 19079 Dec 1907
Brewer, William L.18 Feb 188025 Apr 1963
Britt, Babyno dates

Britt, Fatherno dates

Britt, Motherno dates

Britt, Mahala S.22 Apr 186526 Apr 1947
Britt, Wanda Lou d/o Vola & Ollie18 Jun 192315 Dec 1931
Brown, A.N.16 Sep 189416 Dec 1916
Brown, Charles Carey s/o W.M. & Clyde20 Jun 19193 Jun 1920
Caldwell, Evalee Sonora (Morris)6 Oct 192027 Dec 1978
Caldwell, Mary Helen22 Feb 19067 Jan 1934
Campbell, Alta F. (Brown) w/o John T.8 Sep 189126 Dec 1976SSDI
Campbell, Alan28 Sep 188913 Mar 1901
Campbell, Bently31 Oct 19042 Dec 1928
Campbell, Charles Edward s/o L.E. & E.L.30 Oct 192915 Feb 1933
Campbell, Charles Mark s/o Thomas Joby & Emily Ann (Satterfield)4 Nov 18755 Oct 1908
Campbell, Elizabeth May (Limbard) w/o Peter Harvey18 Dec 186922 Nov 1953
Campbell, Emily Ann (Satterfield) w/o Thomas Joby4 Jan 183826 Jul 1885
Campbell, Eva Lillian (Harkey) w/o Lonnie Edward4 Jul 1906Feb 1965
Campbell, Gertie w/o Bently3 Jul 190527 Feb 1930
Campbell, John T. M/1 Mona (McCamant) M/2 Alta F. (Brown)3 Aug 1880Feb 1971SSDI
Campbell, Ladane s/o John T. & Alta F. (Brown)Jul 191710 Jan 1935
Campbell, Lonnie Edward s/o Peter Harvey & Elizabeth May (Limbard)16 Mar 1901Mar 1986
Campbell, Peter Harvey s/o Thomas Joby & Emily Ann (Satterfield)4 Jan 187027 Feb 1927
Campbell, Shirley Pat d/o John T. & Alta F. (Brown)B &##8; D3 Jan 1935
Carter, Bill20 May 1907Sep 1964
Carter, Brenda Kay d/o Charles Lemoyne & ChristineB & D13 Aug 1953
Carter, Charles Lemoyne "Bud"
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
24 Jul 193122 Jun 1996SSDI
Carter, Geneva (Pitts) w/o Bill4 Mar 191112 Mar 1991
Carter, Ilar20 Nov 187413 Jun 1959
Carter, Inf. s/o C.L. & Lizzie (Adcock)no dates

Carter, Inf. s/o C.L. & Lizzie (Adcock)no dates

Carter, J.S.24 Jan 18869 Nov 1950
Carter, Lizzie (Adcock) w/o C.L.18881934
Carter, Maggie w/o W.R.18681953
Carter, Maggie Louise d/o C.L. & Lizzie (Adcock)1 yrno dates
Carter, Mildred V. (Drewry) d/o Roy & Isa (Parsons) w/o Sherman21 May 19243 Feb 2006SSDI
Carter, Millisa Jean d/o Lamar & ImogeneB & D2 Mar 1963
Carter, Sherman11 Aug 191828 Jan 1993SSDI
Carter, Steve A. s/o Charles L. & Christine (Bonds)21 May 19575 Mar 1990
Carter, Treva (Satterfield) w/o Willie Britian21 Apr 191021 Feb 1983
Carter, W.R.18601900
Carter, Willie1900Feb 1943
Carter, Willie Britian "Wid"26 Nov 1907 14 Jun 1991SSDI
Carter, Wilma Lee w/o Bill12 Oct 190811 Apr 1935
Cates, James Carl22 Aug 190130 May 1902
Cates, James Henryno dates12 Dec 1904
Cates, Laura Aliceno dates9 Apr 1932
Chandler, Olga G.18984 May 1928
Choate, Camilla LynB & D21 Apr 1964
Choate, R.L. "Bos" h/o Tryl21 Oct 1909 18 Apr 1999SSDI
Choate, Winfred M. s/o Stelle & Lottie11 Aug 19205 Sep 1925
Christy, Bernice19101920
Christy, Charles H.18771913
Christy, George Robert s/o William Henry & Martha Jane (Jennings)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
Christy, Geraldine (Dodd) (M) 18 Apr 1947 w/o Robert L.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
7 Aug 1928Living
Christy, Hannah Caldonia (Waid) w/o George Robert
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
Christy, Ina (Stanley) w/o Charles H.26 Nov 1887Jul 1980
Christy, Marshall Green s/o George Robert & Hannah Caldonia (Waid)2 Dec 1888May 1970SSDI
Christy, Mary Ellen (Jones) w/o Riley Wilson18841929
Christy, May (Fraser) d/o John Ranstom & Mary Ellen (Campbell) w/o Marshall GreenFeb 18941963
Christy, Riley Wilson s/o George Robert & Hannah Caldonia (Waid)Jun 188324 Feb 1952
Christy, Robert Elton WWII Pvt. US Air Force s/o Riley Wilson & Mary Ellen (Jones)21 Jul 191521 Jul 1974
Christy, Robert L. s/o Marshall Green & May (Fraser)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
13 Jun 1923Living
Christy, Roy Albert s/o George Albert & Sarah A. (Morris)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Lori Dorminey
22 Sep 189512 Mar 1948
Christy, Rufus Harmon s/o Marshall Green & May (Fraser)
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
Covey, Rose Esther (Bobbitt) d/o Coye Brannam & Margaret w/o Daviye3 Aug 194618 Oct 2002SSDI
Cowger, Charles Henry9 Aug 187029 Apr 1958
Cowger, Cora Nevada6 Jan 187624 Feb 1958
Cowger, J.B. "Pete"18 Feb 19096 Jul 1984SSDI
Cowger, Maude May17 May 190229 Feb 1904
Cowger, Naomi M. w/o Neil B.21 Nov 1917 Living
Cowger, Neil B.8 Jan 18956 Dec 1977SSDI
Cowger, Paul WWII Pvt. US Army3 Oct 1898 Mar 1981SSDI
Crowe, Michael D.B & D5 Jan 1970
Curtis, Christopher J. s/o J.T. & Mattie6 Aug 189922 Jun 1904
Curtis, John T.18661947
Curtis, Mattie w/o John T.18701946
Curtis, Syro Fanicia10 May 19344 Oct 1935
Dearman, John2 Dec 184720 Feb 1912
Dearman, William J.13 Feb 188528 Sep 1911
Dennis, Ralph28 Aug 1886Sep 1975
Dennis, Verna w/o Ralph27 Oct 189018 Nov 1965
Edwards, Linda F. (Robison) d/o J.L. & Nora (Prince) w/o Clyde11 Apr 19521 May 2005SSDI
Ellis, Gertrude (Miller) Christy d/o Jefferson Davis & Zillah Viola Lee (Farris) M/1 Roy Albert Christy M/2 Verner Ellis
Tombstone picture
Additional Info from Lori Dorminey
15 Oct 189817 May 2001 SSDI
Garion, Billy
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
B & D10 Jun 1936
Garion, Ruby (Wilson)
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
7 Sep 191510 Jun 1936
Garner, Barbara D. (Keesee) d/o Raymond & Reba Lee (Holt) w/o Robert
Additional Info from Peggy Rounsaville
27 Dec 194626 Jun 2003SSDI
Garner, Calvin s/o C.M. & M.N.17 Jun 189118 Aug 1897
Garner, Denver s/o Robert Lee & Ada (Hill)12 Jan 191815 Apr 2005SSDI
Garner, Karrie LuEllen d/o Stephen gd/o Denver & Mary Ellen (Carter)19 May 19719 Aug 1991
Garner, Mary Ellen (Carter) w/o Denver
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
6 Dec 192421 Jan 1997SSDI
Garner, Millas15 Jun 18671 Apr 1907
Gault, Arnona M. w/o James C.23 Sep 1907 3 Nov 1959
Gault, Harvey s/o W.O. & Lula P. (Campbell)10 Sep 191111 Nov 1927
Gault, James C.31 Aug 19093 Jul 1973
Gault, Lula P. (Campbell) w/o W.O. (M) 14 Jul 189818771960
Gault, W.O.18761947
Gault, William B. s/o W.O. & Lula P. (Campbell)31 Jul 19017 Jan 1919
Geurian, Cleveland
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
12 Nov 188712 Aug 1975
Geurian, Rena w/o Cleveland
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
24 Dec 18869 Jul 1965
Gideon, Ethel Mae (Snider)22 Sep 190817 Jul 1988SSDI
Gideon, Riley D.13 Jul 189729 Jan 1992SSDI
Gideon, William Arthur9 Oct 193322 Sep 1985SSDI
Graveley, F.S.18761951
Green, Harmon18781959
Green, Rilla w/o Harmon18801951
Greene, Mary Ellen d/o Hazel Ray & Bessie E. (Sturdivant)3 Apr 19399 May 1983 SSDI
Hames, Dennis R. WWI Pvt. US Army23 Jul 189719 Sep 1950WWIR
Hames, Dora18661904
Hames, John E.18621902
Hames, Laura Eudora (Satterfield) d/o Marcus Lafayette & Peru Ellen (Collins) w/o Thomas F.20 Jun 186812 Jun 1900
Hames, Mabel18991903
Hames, Thomas F. Pfc.12 Feb 18641 Dec 1945
Haney, James H.185916 Jun 1942
Haney, Maggie w/o James H.18701936
Harkey, Audie Mae w/o Monassie Barto1 Mar 190029 Dec 1974
Harkey, Fay Lamar1 Aug 190919 Jun 1961
Harkey, Jo Anna d/o Fay Lamar & Geola7 Oct 193721 Sep 1942
Harkey, Minnie Jane25 Feb 18869 Dec 1969
Harkey, Monassie Barto WWI Pvt. Ark. Co. K Bn Repl Trng Ctr. s/o William M. "Billy" & Emma Caroline (Dooley)15 Oct 18862 Jun 1961WWIR
Harris, Frankie d/o J.H. & Annie5 Feb 189314 Oct 1898
Harris, J.H. "Hamp"18571957
Harris, Lano d/o J.H. & Annie6 Jan 189622 Dec 1896
Harris, Neal V. s/o J.H. & Annie28 Jun 189914 Oct 1900
Harris, Nellie Bly d/o J.H. & Annie9 Sep 190130 Oct 1903
Harrison, Velma I.15 Sep 19203 Nov 2000SSDI
Hatfield, Peter Aaron Clay
Additional Info from Peggy Rounsaville
1 Sep 196920 Jan 2006
Head, Dorothy Mae w/o Leo Franklin13 Jun 192228 Jan 1984
Head, Leo Franklin WWII US Navy2 May 192125 Aug 1990
Heffington, Opal Evelyn d/o Aristabulus & Julia Ann (Robertson)1 Nov 190821 Apr 2005 SSDI
Hegeman, Austin McKenzie
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
25 Mar 19951 Jul 2000
Hensley, Reagen Douglas16 Jan 197010 Oct 1987
Horn, Georgia Bernard27 Feb 190129 Jan 1921
House, Mary w/o J.H.18341903
Howard, Betty Gail24 Apr 197225 Apr 1972
Howell, Terry L.
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
29 Sep 194723 Apr 1999SSDI
Huffman, Dorthula Emmaline w/o A.H.23 Mar 188115 Oct 1923
Hunter, Willard "Bill"15 Dec 194510 Jun 1987
Jetton, Walter E.22 Sep 191611 Jul 1959
Johnson, Burke Jr. s/o Burke Sr. & Mary31 Oct 18361 Sep 1890
Johnson, Burke Sr. s/o Benjamin & Theodocia (Wilson) b. VA31 Jan 179710 Jan 1871
Johnson, George Washington s/o Burke Sr. & Mary12 Dec 18231891
Johnson, Martha Isiphena d/o George Washington & Zenobiah W.9 Mar 18707 Oct 1886
Johnson, Mary w/o Burke Sr.16 Dec 1798 20 Nov 1871
Johnson, Zenobiah W. w/o George Washington5 Sep 182910 Feb 1873
Jones, Bennie Fay16 Oct 19002 Apr 1902
Jones, Jennie (Weissinger) d/o Jesse J. & Emma Melissa (Dewitt) w/o John T.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
8 Feb 188125 Oct 1956
Jones, John T.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
19 Jul 187317 Jun 1949
Joos, Hattie (Babb) Satterfield M/1 Tom Satterfield M/2 ____________ Joos m/o Kenneth Satterfield
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
29 Dec 189430 Jan 1990
Keesee, Reba Lee (Holt) d/o George Washington & Pinkie Indiana w/o Raymond
Additional Info from Peggy Rounsaville
19 Aug 192427 Feb 2006SSDI
Kemp, Edna E.26 Oct 190218 Dec 1975
Kemp, Jack K.29 Jan 192314 Nov 1967
Kemp, Jonathan Otto WWI10 Mar 189421 Jan 1977WWIR
Kemp, Minnie M. (Reynolds) w/o Jonathan Otto3 Aug 190211 Dec 1990
Kemp, William L.9 Mar 190117 Jun 1973SSDI
King, Auburn s/o L.A.3 Apr 190424 Jul 1907
King, Cassie18 Jan 193018 Apr 1931
King, Celeste (Harris) d/o Charlie & Minnie (Whitecotton)28 Jan 19128 Apr 1991
King, Clara (Dodson) d/o Arthur & Josephine (Buckner) w/o Eldon Leroy20 Mar 191512 Dec 2003 SSDI
King, Clinton s/o Martin Hughes & Fannie Ethel (Miller)
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
20 Feb 19102 Aug 1910
King, Cynthia Caroline (Sugg) w/o James Thomas1 Mar 18472 Dec 1918
King, Elmer18881963
King, Fannie Ethel (Miller) d/o Jefferson Davis & Zillah Viola Lea (Farris) w/o Martin Hughes20 Nov 18899 Jun 1980
King, Garvin P.16 Apr 18831 Oct 1905
King, James Thomas6 Oct 18382 Dec 1908
King, Josie Bernard18921951
King, Lee Roy (Nebo Tent #36)24 Feb 1878 25 Nov 1905
King, Martha Rita "Mattie" (Waid) w/o Lee Roy d/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy)2 Nov 18806 Aug 1899
King, Martin Hughes18761931
King, Otha L.27 Jun 190823 Apr 1980
King, Ruedean w/o Otha L.27 Mar 1917Living
King, Sadie19 Nov 19139 Aug 1927
King, Wilburn A.10 Nov 190119 Jul 1903
Kisner, Jane (Bell)
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
30 Jun 185610 Jun 1943
Lee, Mary w/o W.O. Lee45 yr15 Jun 1886
Lewis, Bennie T.
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
25 Mar 192413 Apr 1996SSDI
Lewis, Joe Elmer h/o Theora (Harkey)12 Dec 19011 Sep 1990
Locke, Nancy Ellen (Waid) d/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy) w/o James30 May 18731 Dec 1924
Looper, James Paul WWII Ark. Pfc. Co. A 386 M.P. Ser. Bn.31 Oct 191916 Jan 1961
Loupe, Clara J. w/o Louis N.6 Sep 1846 17 Aug 1934
Loupe, Edna C. d/o Louis N. & Clara J.2 Sep 188516 Feb 1898
Loupe, Louis N. s/o Joe Maurice & Elizabeth T. (Johnson) 14 May 184815 Mar 1923
Lynn, Harry30 May 189024 Jul 1956
Mauldin, Vera Webester11 May 189114 Dec 1947
McCray, Alice T. w/o J.N.22 Jun 185630 Dec 1899
McCray, Cora O. w/o John Berton30 Mar 188510 Dec 1932
Miller, David Henry14 Mar 18437 Jan 1929
Miller, Harold1 May 194517 Apr 1970
Miller, Lena Mae19301939
Miller, Samuel Thomas s/o Tammy3 Nov 199826 Jan 1999SSDI
Miller, Tommie23 Jan 191229 Oct 1962
Mitchell, Leslie8 Jul 190325 Oct 1906
Moore, Jewel May d/o J.K. & L.E.9 Nov 190923 Feb 1910
Moore, John K. s/o J.K. & L.E.8 Jul 192227 Jun 1923
Moore, John William6 Oct 191222 Nov 1962
Moore, Sarah E.7 Oct 185719 Mar 1915
Morgan, Cordie26 Feb 189115 May 1931
Morgan, Elizabeth18781960
Morgan, Ethel w/o John H.13 Jul 1883Nov 1969SSDI
Morgan, George H.18371920
Morgan, Isabelle H. w/o George H.18501904
Morgan, John H. (Mason)18751955
Morgan, Samuel W. s/o George H. & Isabelle H.9 Oct 189311 Jan 1895
Morris, James Larry Vietnam Sp 5 US Army P.H.
Additional Info from Judy Metcalf
12 Jan 194920 Feb 1970
Morris, Lenora Melvina (Jones) 2nd w/o Philemon23 Dec 185111 Jan 1912
Morris, Philemon b. NC29 Jan 183124 Apr 1914
Morris, R.W.8 Jan 182424 Apr 1914
Morris, Viney28 Dec 185122 Jan 1917
Myers, Albert L.13 Oct 188222 Jan 1917
Nygaard, Larry Lee s/o Veda Enid (Raines) h/o Sharon3 Oct 195614 May 2005SSDI
Orrick, dates

Parks, Carmen Earcle (Phillips) d/o Jasper Lafayette & Martha Volenta (Hancock) w/o William Edward9 Feb 18965 Mar 1986SSDI
Parks, H.S.27 Feb 19121 Sep 1967
Parks, Laura E. (Scott) d/o Berry L. & Inez (Cecil) w/o William Earl18 Aug 19102 Jan 2000
Parks, Tilda25 Jul 18891 Jan 1910
Parks, Wila Mae20 Feb 196031 Mar 1980
Parks, William Earl14 May 19084 Jun 1978
Parks, William Edward (M) 24 May 191918 Jun 189828 May 1985SSDI
Parks, Wilma Fay (Christy)11 Feb 191925 Apr 1972
Patty, Amos s/o E.I. & N.A.10 Jul 188129 Oct 1899
Patty, Angeline w/o Isaac E.13 Apr 1855 16 Feb 1905
Patty, Isaac E.18551906
Patty, Jessie15 Sep 18875 Mar 1919
Patty, Tom W. (W of W)15 Sep 189019 Aug 1915
Pennington, Amanda E. (Forbus) 1st w/o Van Larry m/o two sons d/o Joseph D. & Winnieno date1888
Pennington, Hesla (Satterfield) w/o Loyd R.5 Nov 191231 Jul 2001SSDI
Pennington, Loyd R.17 Jun 191018 Dec 2002SSDI
Pledger, James Noel s/o James Virgil & Bertha B. (Barnett)11 Nov 190521 Apr 1906
Pledger, James Virgil s/o James Abraham & Katie L. (Smith)14 Mar 18863 Aug 1951
Ramey, James "Jim"9 May 190214 Sep 1974SSDI
Ramey, James Lee28 Jun 195624 May 1987
Ramey, Lee Sarahno dates

Ramey, Sarah Jane18671952
Ray, Dr. J.A. s/o Joe A. & Sarah E.28 Oct 187826 May 1935
Ray, Minnie E. (Glover) w/o Dr. J.A. d/o Preston & Lillian (Cantrell)25 Feb 187831 Jan 1979
age almost 101

Rector, Buford Arden s/o Charlie Lewis & Dorothy Ann (Tucker)14 Aug 19122 Sep 1985SSDI
Rector, Charlie Lewis s/o James Bennett & Millie M. (Hampton)16 Apr 188816 Jun 1951
Rector, Dorothy Ann (Tucker) w/o Charile Lewis3 May 18921 Oct 1946
Rector, Doyce Ann d/o Buford Arden & Helen Louise (Holland)28 Jan 194215 Feb 1942
Rector, Helen Louise (Holland) d/o John Floyd & Helen Katherine (Gothord) w/o Buford Arden24 Mar 192329 Mar 1996SSDI
Rector, Jimmie Don s/o Robert Lee Sr. & Ada (Sims) US Navy27 Feb 194817 Mar 1967
Rector, Robert Lee Sr. s/o James Bennett & Millie M. (Hampton)31 Oct 187916 Jan 1960
Reeve, Mary B.10 Nov 19171 Mar 1986
Reeve, Walter M.8 Jan 190111 Sep 1985
Reynolds, ---------- (on right of Cordie - monument is broken, can't read)65 yr 8 mo 6 ds

Reynolds, Cordie w/o S.B.19 May 187013 Mar 1894
Reynolds, Inf. s/o S.B.& Mary E.18 Oct 188417 May 1886
Reynolds, Prof. L.B.25 May 18494 Mar 1895
Reynolds, Mary E. w/o S.B.20 May 185725 Aug 1885
Reynolds, S.B.26 Aug 185721 Mar 1910
Robbins, Edna M. (Heffington) Cowger
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
20 Jan 190913 Dec 1999SSDI
Robinson, Florence w/o Frank18831940
Robinson, Frank G.18611934
Rounsaville, Gerstle Reed10 Jul 19143 Jul 1989SSDI
Rounsaville, Lillian Reva Augusta (Garner) w/o Gerstle Reed (M) 27 Jan 193719 Jul 191630 Sep 1993 SSDI
Rutherford, Icy Vera23 Sep 189514 Oct 1964
Satterfield, Clara E.28 Apr 188418 Dec 1933
Satterfield, David R.23 Feb 19117 Aug 1911
Satterfield, George C.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
2 Jun 188721 Jul 1943
Satterfield, Hester Aubrey
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
25 May 190820 Jul 1941
Satterfield, John M.5 Nov 185928 Dec 1936
Satterfield, Louisa Elizabeth "Bettie" (Claborn) w/o W.C.1 Jan 18372 Jan 1921
Satterfield, Lum L.
Tombstone picture
Additional Info and Picture from Cyndy Perkins
23 May 189822 Aug 1932
Satterfield, M. Harry7 Jan 190423 Apr 1949
Satterfield, Margaret E. "Maggie" w/o William R.14 May 187111 Jul 1942
Satterfield, Marion11 Aug 189112 Dec 1914
Satterfield, Tom18 Oct 18885 Jun 1936
Satterfield, William Columbus "Lum" s/o Peter & Hester (Denton)3 Apr 183510 Nov 1898
Satterfield, William R.30 Oct 186124 Nov 1949
Savage, Daniel L.5 Feb 18795 Jan 1925
Savage, Ollie M. w/o Daniel L.16 Sep 188520 Jan 1953
Shipp, J.M.18491904
Shockley, Inf./o Gordon & Pauline (Patrick)B & D1945
Sims, Carrie F.29 Sep 188022 Nov 1960
Sims, D. Birt17 Apr 18801 Jul 1935
Sims, Fannie (Rheuark) d/o Thomas N. & Johnnie (Hall) twin s/o Annie (Rheuark) McDonald w/o John Columbus26 Mar 190320 Jan 1988SSDI
Sims, Flora F.87 yr 9 mo 4 ds21 Jun 1990
Sims, Guy19021955
Sims, John Alonzo s/o John Jarrett Jr.26 Sep 186219 Jul 1949
Sims, John Columbus s/o John Alonzo & Mary Malissa (Calhoun)5 Dec 18966 Aug 1988SSDI
Sims, Leroy WWII s/o John Alonzo & Mary Malissa (Calhoun)16 Jun 190925 Sep 1987SSDI
Sims, Mary Malissa (Calhoun) w/o John Alonzo27 Feb 187319 Jun 1950
Sims, Roxie V. w/o Leroy6 May 192011 Oct 1998SSDI
Smith, Annie Mae d/o L.O. & M.T.23 Jul 190930 Mar 1910
Smith, Rose Mary (Womack) d/o Joel Clinton & Lila Marie 29 Sep 19609 Nov 2005
Southard, Linda Mae (Green) d/o Hazel Ray & Bessie E. (Sturdivant)22 Dec 194123 Jul 1998 SSDI
Standridge, Veda Enid (Raines) Nygaard M/1 __________ Nygaard M/2 Floyd Standridge6 Apr 192212 Aug 1998SSDI
Sturdivant, Eliva (George) w/o Thomas V. d/o David Hawkins & Mary (Dacus)Mar 18741954
Sturdivant, Thomas V. s/o G.W.18721955
Sturdivant, Vera Lee d/o Thomas V. & Eliva (George)19199 Nov 1941
Swaim, Connie S. (Bruhn) d/o Gerald & Lorraine w/o James 16 Sep 196724 Jan 1998SSDI
Talley, George H.6 Feb 18976 Jun 1981SSDI
Talley, Lollie Mae (Morgan) w/o George H.16 Oct 190724 Feb 1989SSDI
Thompson, Sie Franklin Jr. s/o Sie & Dorothy
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
2 Mar 1930Living
Tillmon, Leotta (Brewer) w/o A.B.22 Apr 191221 Apr 1941
Vaughn, Susan Elizabeth d/o Marcella (Head) Sheets9 Jun 196027 Feb 1999SSDI
Waid, Charles Wiles19 Oct 185119 Oct 1919
Waid, Chester Theron WWII Pvt. Ark A.T. Co. 357 US Army s/o Oscar Henry & Norma Adline (Haven)12 Oct 19071 Jun 1958
Waid, Deward Charley WWII Ark. ADEC. US Navy s/o George Marion & Myrtle Victoria (Headfeth)28 Mar 19049 Apr 1961
Waid, Earnest Earl s/o Teeb Wiles & Mary Lou Agnes (Hancock)21 Apr 191321 Jan 1975
Waid, Eli Gutery s/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy) 19 Mar 188213 Jun 1951
Waid, George Marion s/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy) M/1 Bessie (Howard) M/2 Myrtle Victoria (Headfeth)24 Feb 187719 May 1956
Waid, Ivaleen Ellen (Lynn) w/o Robert Omar3 May 191831 Aug 1996
Waid, Jasper Newton s/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy)25 Jun 18945 Apr 1899
Waid, Jasper Newton s/o Teeb Wiles & Mary Lou Agnes (Hancock)8 Oct 19233 Feb 1980
Waid, Lester Alfronzo s/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy)14 Jan 189625 May 1952
Waid, Lucy Ann (Christy) d/o William Henry & Martha Jane (Jennings) w/o Charles Wiles23 Sep 185419 Sep 1943
Waid, Madge Modine d/o Lester Alfronzo & Lessie (Cates) 13 Jun 192011 Feb 1926
Waid, Mary Lou Agnes (Hancock) w/o Teeb Wiles29 Dec 188427 Dec 1961
Waid, Marze Francis Cpl. WWII killed in action at Manila s/o Teeb Wiles & Mary Lou Agnes (Hancock)1 Dec 191719 Feb 1945
Waid, Mildred Inez w/o Chester M/2 _______ Critesno dates

Waid, Myrtle (Morris) w/o Deward Charley19 Mar 1903Jan 1980
Waid, Myrtle Victoria (Headfeth) w/o George Marion5 Jan 187820 May 1906
Waid, Norma Adline (Haven) d/o W.M. & Susan Josephine (Ward) w/o Oscar Henry10 Dec 188620 Nov 1978SSDI
Waid, Oscar Henry s/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy) 11 Dec 188527 Mar 1946
Waid, Ovalee E. s/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy) 1 Mar 189117 Sep 1912
Waid, Robert Omar s/o Teeb Wiles & Mary Lou Agnes (Hancock)26 Apr 190810 Oct 1981SSDI
Waid, Teeb Wiles s/o Charles Wiles & Lucy Ann (Christy) 14 Jan 187926 Jan 1947
Waid, Twin s/o Teeb Wiles & Mary Lou Agnes (Hancock)no dates

Wallace, Callie May w/o W.R.190811 Jul 1936
Ward, Andy L. WWII Tech 5 Ark. 1850 SVC Cond. Unit6 Mar 19172 Jan 1965
Ward, Luna L.22 Dec 192025 Jun 1962
Webester, Charley W.17 Mar 18713 Dec 1936
Williams, Joseph Sr. "Joe" WWI Pfc. US Army11 Aug 18982 Dec 1980WWIR SSDI
Willis, Ruth (King)16 Jul 191517 Dec 1983SSDI
Willis, T.L. "Tommy"16 Jul 190729 Nov 1949
Womack, Inf.B & D28 Apr 1952
Womack, Joel C.2 Nov 193320 Dec 1961
Woods, Bob18921956
Woods, Christine w/o Heartsill dateLiving
Woods, Hattie (Gentry) w/o Bob13 Mar 1898Jun 1977
Woods, Heartsill K. "Tooter"12 Mar 1925 24 Feb 1986
Woods, Sgt. Leon killed in action WWII19231944
Woods, Ouida E. (Kirkwood)
Additional Info from ryeinsurance
26 Apr 192928 May 1996SSDI
Young, Florence w/o J.N.26 Apr 187928 Jan 1915
Young, Inf.B & D13 Jan 1904

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