Chalybeate Springs Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated February 1992 by Basil Hunt. The cemetery is located on Hwy. 80 12 miles west of Danville, on the right side of the road.

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Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Bradley, Ila Fay (Davis)28 Aug 191216 Feb 2002SSDI
Brown, Kimberly Dawn14 Feb 196915 Feb 1969
Burch, Johnie Napoleon s/o W.N. & Margaret5 Apr 188718 Jul 1888
Carrouth, Delia L. d/o Johnnie R. & Emma Catherine (Jordon)13 Sep 190522 Feb 1910
Carrouth, Ella E. d/o Johnnie R. & Emma Catherine (Jordon)21 Jan 19032 Oct 1904
Carrouth, Emma Catherine (Jordon) w/o Johnnie R.26 Dec 186729 Jun 1921
Carrouth, Jessie R. s/o Johnnie R. & Emma Catherine (Jordon)25 Feb 18859 Aug 1886
Carrouth, Johnnie R.15 Oct 186212 Dec 1956
Carrouth, Linton Lawdell s/o Johnnie R. & Emma Catherine (Jordon)12 May 192329 Apr 1937
Covey, Jim13 Mar 189824 Oct 1949
Covey, Viola S. (Sipes) d/o Frank A. & Norah S. (Scott) w/o Jim27 Apr 190021 Oct 1973
Damon, Alean (Davis) w/o William G.15 Sep 190712 Feb 1992
Damon, Rachel A. w/o ThomasJan 18649 Jun 1948
Damon, Thomas S. Civil War Union Co. A 26th KY Inf.Aug 1844no dates
Damon, William G.25 Oct 19005 Sep 1971SSDI
Davis, Stephan Bradley h/o Lisa s/o Alan & Norma (Crumley)25 Oct 196111 Aug 1991
Duke, Mrs. B.L.A. w/o James A.18734 Jan 1893
Duke, James A. s/o William E.23 Nov 1869 12 Aug 1927
Emery, Sylvia Jane (Noblett) d/o Albert & Dora Ann (Pledger)25 May 193912 Sep 2000SSDI
Fowler, Alonzo Nathaniel "Lonnie" s/o Wiley Petty & Martha22 Jan 188824 Nov 1965
Fowler, Alpha s/o William Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Fowler)11 Jan 190816 Nov 1985SSDI
Fowler, Brenda Kaye (VanGilder) d/o Leon & Loraine (Scoggins) w/o Troy Lee20 Dec 195010 Jun 2000 SSDI
Fowler, Earl (Mason) s/o William Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Fowler) h/o Dollie3 Jan 190124 May 1955
Fowler, Erma (Woodall) w/o Alpha3 Dec 191215 May 1991SSDI
Fowler, G.F. dates

Fowler, Granville Fred s/o Alonzo Nathaniel "Lonnie" & Mary Elizabeth (Pledger)17 Aug 19119 Oct 1990
Fowler, Lucy d/o William Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Fowler)14 Feb 1905Mar 1981SSDI
Fowler, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Fowler) w/o William Edward d/o William Joseph E.B. & Lettie M. (Odom)9 Jun 188327 Apr 1934
Fowler, Mary Elizabeth (Pledger) w/o Alonzo Nathaniel25 Aug 189224 Apr 1968
Fowler, Roy L. h/o Sadie V. (James) s/o Alonzo Nathaniel & Mary Elizabeth (Pledger)22 Apr 191623 Jun 1992SSDI
Fowler, Synthia (Sinthey Noblett Fowler) Jane Sanders w/o Wiley Petty
Additional Info from Becky Fowler
13 Jul 185718 Apr 1919
Fowler, Wiley Petty (initials only on marker) s/o William M. & Lucinda Elizabeth
Additional Info from Becky Fowler
28 Jan 185724 Jan 1934
Fowler, William Adolphus "Dolphus" s/o William Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Fowler)26 Jun 189830 Nov 1972SSDI
Fowler, William Edward s/o Wiley Petty & Martha16 Dec 187527 Apr 1936
Fowler, Woodrow s/o William Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Fowler)1 May 191322 Mar 1931
Hunt, Malicie J.4 Nov 190431 Oct 1919
Hunt, Sarah Jane w/o Harrison44 yr 8 mo 3 ds1 Dec 1880
Hunt, Vonda Jane d/o Abe & Emma11 Nov 192516 Sep 1931
Johnson, Andrew Birt182610 Jun 1877
Johnson, Lenedes F.18521877
Johnson, Sarah B.182020 Nov 1888
Jordan, Sarah Jane d/o Simeon & Mary Ann187520 Sep 1875
Kimbrough, C.T.5 Jun 188518 Sep 1954
Kimbrough, Hattie Mae w/o C.T.30 Sep 189027 Apr 1959
Kimbrough, Herman29 Sep 19135 Oct 1966SSDI
Kimbrough, Inf. s/o J.A. & Rebano dates

Kimbrough, James Bond s/o C.T. & Hattie Mae24 Jan 19256 Jul 1925
Manning, Jewel C.12 Aug 190917 Sep 1913
Mayben, Clarence5 May 1942Dec 1980SSDI
Mayben, Mary Virginia (Bice) w/o Clarence d/o Jesse10 Oct 19422 Apr 1977SSDI
Meirndorf, Bradley Ray Inf. s/o Mark Edward & Donna Renee (Spears)no date10 Sep 2003
Meirndorf, Mark Edward s/o Floyd Edward & Claudea h/o Donna Renee (Spears)20 Sep 19711 Oct 2005SSDI
Musgrave, Sallie A.C. w/o W.W.5 Oct 1845 3 Sep 1892
Noblett, Cecil Malone s/o Albert & Dora Ann (Pledger)14 Mar 191820 May 1986SSDI
Noblett, Emmie M. w/o Jim Tom15 Dec 1912 26 Jun 1995
Noblett, Jim Tom14 Nov 190730 Jun 1965
Noblett, Tom Jr.20 May 192929 Jul 1967
Noblett, Victorine w/o Cecil Malone23 Mar 1928Living
Owens, Carol S.----------24 Jun 1956
Pledger, Howet----------5 Apr 1940
Pool, B. Etter s/o G.W. & L.O.Mar 1898Apr 1898
Pool, Dovie s/o G.W. & L.O.Feb 1900 Sep 1903
Pool, George A. s/o G.W. & dates

Pool, Martha Bell d/o G.W. & L.O.B & D1 Sep 1896
Pool, Rebecka d/o G.W. & L.O.Sep 1891Apr 1895
Pound, Juanita (Thacker) w/o Carol d/o Malachi Thomas & Mary Elizabeth (Carrouth)no dates

Ray, Cecil I. s/o J.A. & Rachel Ark. Pfc. 162 Inf. WWII 20 Feb 19193 Jun 1944
Ray, J.A.1 Dec 18821 Dec 1963
Ray, Rachel w/o J.A.12 Dec 188811 Nov 1974SSDI
Roberson, Bobby Gene Inf. s/o Phil & Bonice (Thacker)no dates

Roberson, Bonice (Thacker) w/o Phil d/o Malachi Thomas & Mary Elizabeth (Carrouth)3 Nov 19156 Feb 1937
Roberts, Jacob1878no dates
Rose, E.D.20 Mar 18865 Dec 1929
Rose, Edward F. WWII Pfc. Texas 116 Inf. 29 Div. BSM3 Sep 192321 Mar 1951
Rose, Joseph David31 Aug 191121 Jun 1986SSDI
Rose, Lillie (Black) w/o E.D.13 Mar 1892 Living
Sanders, Jake I.4 Mar 18608 Dec 1907
Sanders, Luster C. s/o Walter17 Oct 1910 25 Aug 1977SSDI
Sanders, Martha Jane30 yr 9 mo 17 ds17 Mar 1877
Sanders, Mary Jane30 Oct 18593 Jul 1942
Sanders, Reba w/o Luster C. (M) 17 March 195426 Dec 1929Living
Sanders, Walter William4 Sep 188622 Jun 1982SSDI
Scott, Walter V.18821927
Scott, Walter W.24 Aug 184726 Dec 1892
Sipes, Effe Hazel d/o Frank A. & Norah S. (Scott)18 Jul 18989 Aug 1898
Sipes, Frank A. s/o Alfred & Mary F. (Lowery)Dec 18721954
Sipes, Inez d/o Frank A. & Norah S. (Scott)12 Mar 18961 Apr 1916
Sipes, Mae d/o Frank A. & Norah S. (Scott)12 Feb 190420 Sep 1916
Sipes, Norah S. (Scott) w/o Frank A.Aug 18751939
Sipes, Samuel Alfred s/o Frank A. & Norah S. (Scott)19071918
Sipes, William18731931
Smith, Cannie18881921
Smith, Susie w/o W.P.187720 Jan 1905
Stanberry, Danny RayB & D17 Nov 1946
Thacker, Boone19211939
Thacker, Effie (Manning) w/o Oscar C.18881974
Thacker, Fannie Garland d/o Oscar C. & Effie (Manning) 15 Apr 191723 Jul 2000SSDI
Thacker, George s/o Oscar C. & Effie (Manning)B & D18 Oct 1908
Thacker, George Washington s/o James M. & Francis Ann "Fanny" (Blanton)7 Apr 18571 Aug 1927
Thacker, Lizzie w/o George Washington (Eastern Star)17 Feb 18688 Jun 1927
Thacker, Lula Mae19236 Jul 1925
Thacker, Malachi Thomas (Mason) s/o George Washington & Cassa L. (Dilbeck)23 Dec 189027 Dec 1929
Thacker, Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" (Carrouth) w/o Malachi Thomas23 Nov 189025 Aug 1980SSDI
Thacker, Oscar C.25 Jul 18861 Apr 1955
Thacker, Robert M. s/o Oscar C. & Effie (Manning)B & D1926
Tidwell, Henry Samuel10 Sep 18786 Mar 1948
Tidwell, Jessie F. A. Pvt. Ark Q.M. Corps. s/o Henry Samuel & Mary Clifton (Fowler) killed at Normandy2 Sep 19097 Jun 1944
Tidwell, Mae (Burch) w/o H.C. d/o W.N. & Margarett (Eastern Star)26 Aug 189320 Mar 1916
Tidwell, Mary Clifton (Fowler) d/o Wiley Petty & Martha w/o Henry Samuel15 Jan 188017 Oct 1922
Tidwell, William Lee16 Oct 190316 Oct 1903
Tidwell, Cleo c/o Elmer & Gladys (Sipes)
Tidwell, Elmer s/o Henry S. & Mary Clifton (Fowler)
Tidwell, Gladys (Sipes) w/o Elmer
Tidwell, John O. s/o Elmer & Gladys (Sipes)
Tidwell, Larry Lee s/o Elmer & Gladys (Sipes)
Tidwell, Leo s/o Elmer & Gladys (Sipes)
Tidwell, Melba Louise d/o Elmer & Gladys (Sipes)
Tidwell, Mildred d/o Elmer & Gladys (Sipes)
16 Feb 1905
2 yr
1 Jun 1947
1 Jun 1947
1 Jun 1947
1 Jun 1947
before 1946
1 Jun 1947
1 Jun 1947
1 Jun 1947
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tidwell, and their five living children were killed 1 Jun 1947 by a tornado that struck Union and Star City communities near Pine Bluff, AR, where they lived. Child Larry Lee died prior to the storm. Mr. Tidwell was the son of Henry S. and Mary Clifton (Fowler) Tidwell.
Tucker, Charles Lee "Charlie" "Tugie" US Air Force s/o James Franklin & Lillian Folada (King) h/o Mary Louise (Fowler)19 Mar 193920 Nov 2003SSDI
Walker, Charlieno dates

Walker, Sarah J.187710 Apr 1938
Ward, Billy Ray14 Feb 19387 May 1943
Ward, Dellie (Noblett) d/o Albert & Dora Ann (Pledger) w/o Earl Leslie16 Nov 19131 Jan 1982
Ward, Earl Leslie s/o Sid & Tennie (Duke) h/o Mammie (Pruitt)21 Sep 19139 Apr 1997SSDI
Ward, Earl Loyd29 Aug 193710 Apr 1938
Ward, Loyd L.7 Jul 194010 Jul 1941
Ward, Sid2 May 189115 Mar 1968SSDI
Ward, Tennie (Duke) w/o Sid30 Dec 1892 14 Jan 1939
Woodard, Carl30 May 192017 Nov 1967
Woodard, Grady L.28 Apr 189617 Feb 1972SSDI
Woodard, Vinnie A. (Sipes) w/o Grady L.29 Jul 18978 Dec 1975SSDI

Unmarked graves

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Adams, Hubert George
unmarked grave to right of his wife facing east
18632 Jun 1943
Adams, Ida Bell (Fowler) w/o Hubert George d/o William Joseph E.B. & Lettie M. (Odom)
unmarked grave to right of Troy W. Fowler grave facing east
1884no date
Fowler, Bettie Jean d/o Earl & Nola Etta "Dolly" (Renfrow)
unmarked grave to right of Earl Fowler
10 May 19381 Jan 1939
Fowler, Edith Janelle Inf. d/o William Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Fowler)no dates

Fowler, Inf. sons of Nathan
unmarked graves to the west side to the left and behind Jessie Tidwell grave facing west
no dates

Fowler, Mary Magdalene Inf. d/o William Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Fowler)no dates

Fowler, Troy W.
unmarked grave to the right of his parents facing east
1 May 191722 Mar 1931

Above information furnished by Othalene Fowler Inman

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