Briggs Memorial Park Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

This cemetery is two miles west of Briggsville on Hwy 28, right off of the Hwy. It is also called the Briggs Family Cemetery.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Aikman, Anna (Bogle)26 Aug 189912 Nov 1992SSDI
Aikman, Jean (Crutchfield) d/o Ernest Leroy & Willie Gertrude (Dennison) w/o Jim21 Oct 193225 Aug 2006SSDI
Aikman, W.F. "Bill"9 Oct 190330 Oct 1988SSDI
Bates, James Richard Sr.4 Feb 194115 Aug 1989SSDI
Bates, Peggy Nan (Gilmore) d/o Cecil Leon & Doris Maxine (Derrick)14 Sep 194116 Sep 1996SSDI
Bevers, Earl Edmund
Additional Info from Tonda Crenshaw
19 Mar 19138 Aug 1986
Bevers, Lucille (Compton) w/o Earl Edmund
Additional Info from Tonda Crenshaw
27 Apr 190515 Dec 1999
Bogle, Anna E. "Annie" (Briggs) d/o William Dodd & Felicia Ann (Coleman) w/o James J. Sr.186130 Sep 1945
Bogle, Dixie V. d/o W.F. & T.E.13 Apr 18909 Sep 1890
Bogle, Earl s/o James J. Sr. & Anna E. (Briggs) h/o Lola (McTygrit)18841951
Bogle, Ethel J. inf d/o Earl & Lolano dates

Bogle, Gusty S. (Ritchey) w/o James B.20 Aug 190918 Oct 1995SSDI
Bogle, James J. Sr.13 May 185716 Jan 1900
Bogle, James B. "Jimmy" Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI s/o James J. Sr. & Anna E. (Briggs)28 Oct 189727 Sep 1970WWIR SSDI
Bogle, Willie w/o James B.28 Jun 190025 Jun 1923
Bogle, Willie Halen s/o James J. Sr. & Anna E. (Briggs) 31 Aug 188224 Feb 1883
Briggs, Bertha B. w/o James P.20 Mar 18946 Dec 1988SSDI
Briggs, Charles M. s/o William Dodd & Felicia Ann (Coleman)30 May 186319 Sep 1868
Briggs, Little Eva d/o James Pat & Lucy Amanda (Albright)19 Apr 189210 Feb 1897
Briggs, Felicia Ann (Coleman) w/o William Doddca. 183931 Dec 1917
Briggs, James P.19 Aug 18938 Feb 1976SSDI
Briggs, James Pat (Mason) s/o William Dodd & Felicia Ann (Coleman)25 Dec 185823 Nov 1937
Briggs, Levi L. s/o William Dodd & Felicia Ann (Coleman) 24 Mar 187317 Jun 1950
Briggs, Lucy Amanda (Albright) w/o James Pat (Eastern Star) 26 Apr 186230 Apr 1935
Briggs, Mary (Eastern Star)7 Mar 189714 Sep 1942
Briggs, Mary Belle w/o Levi L.18 Jan 187916 Oct 1921
Briggs, O.L. "Cap" USA (Mason)8 Jan 1918 Living
Briggs, Ola d/o James Pat & Lucy Amanda (Albright)1 Feb 188331 Oct 1883
Briggs, Philno dates

Briggs, Roberta (McBride) d/o John Henry & Agnes Bertha (Castleberry) w/o O.L.1 Jan 191814 Feb 1986SSDI
Briggs, Royno dates

Briggs, T.E. w/o W.F.18 Oct 186722 Jul 1892
Briggs, Wallace D. (Mason) s/o William Dodd & Felicia Ann (Coleman)3 Apr 187613 Sep 1930
Briggs, William Dodd s/o James & Rebecca (George) - Briggsville, AR was named for him26 Jun 181829 Mar 1895
Briggs, William F.30 May 18636 Aug 1906
Cudd, Ina Lou (Briggs)20 Aug 19014 Jul 1962
Derrick, Hermoyne d/o Ira Dotson & Edna
Additional Info from Karen Tester
22 Feb 191826 Feb 1918
Gilmore, Cecil Leon (Mason) s/o William Horace & Maude (Rogers)12 May 191524 May 2003
Gilmore, Doris Maxine (Derrick) w/o Cecil Leon22 Feb 191814 Mar 1987SSDI
Gladden, Annie d/o Eli C. & Edna (Briggs)26 Oct 189529 Jul 1897
Gladden, Edna (Briggs) w/o Eli C. d/o William Dodd & Felicia Ann (Coleman)13 May 187017 Jan 1906
Gladden, Eli C.26 Jan 186128 Aug 1897
Kinsey, Mary (Auston) w/o "Tump" - In Memory - buried in Corpus Christi, TX17 Jan 193923 Apr 1992 SSDI
Ladd, Eulerle w/o William Monroe14 Apr 189127 Jul 1974SSDI
Ladd, William Monroe Ark. F-1 US Navy WWI26 Jun 188721 Apr 1967SSDI
Meyer, Hermoyne (Ladd)12 Sep 19251 Dec 1950
Montgomery, Lola (Bogle) w/o Harold L.1 Jun 191030 Nov 1988SSDI
Pitts, Flora w/o Will A. (Eastern Star)30 Oct 1890Oct 1974SSDI
Pitts, James Briggs17 Oct 191414 Sep 1915
Pitts, Martha BlairB & D4 Nov 1927
Pitts, Will A. (Mason)18818 Mar 1960
Pitts, Will Pat16 Oct 191620 Jun 1918
Russell, Betty J. (Bogle) d/o Earl & Lola (McTygrit) w/o Philip B.21 Mar 193414 Sep 2001SSDI
Smith, Mathew L. "Spud" (32nd Degree Mason)18991959
Smith, Sylva E. w/o Mathew L. (Eastern Star)18951966
Stevenson, William A. s/o Rev. J.B. & L.B.16 Aug 189526 Sep 1895
Swain, Edna (Bogle)9 Feb 189629 Jan 1986
Williamson, Valera "Beda" (Briggs) d/o James Pat & Lucy Amanda (Albright)29 Mar 188917 Sep 1948

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