Brearley Cemetery, Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas

Part 3 (N to Z)

List Of Words And Abbreviations You Will Find In This Cemetery


This will help in reading the Czech markers in this cemetery. We have tried to get all the spelling just as it appears on the markers. We feel this is part of the history of Yell Co. Many of the old timers could not read or write any other language. Over the years the spelling of the family names have changed.

narozen (m)/narozena (f) - Born
zemřel - Died
zde odpoèívá - "Here Lies"
odpoèívej ve svatém pokoji - "Rest in Holy Peace"
matka - Mother
otec - Father
roků - year

Czech months have different spellings depending on the usage of the month. If you are referring to the month by itself (i.e. I'm going on holiday in January), the first of the two spellings would be used (in this example, January would be leden). If you are referring to a specific date within a month (i.e. I'm leaving on holiday the 15th of January), the second of the two spellings would be used (in this example, 15th of January would become 15. ledna). Also of note, the names of Czech months are not capitalized.

leden/ledna - January
únor/února - February
bøezen/bøezna - March
duben/dubna - April
kvìten/kvìtna - May
èerven/èervna - June
èervenec/èervence - July
srpen/srpna - August
záøí/záøí - September
øíjen/øíjna - October
listopad/listopadu - November
prosinec/prosince - December

Many thanks to Lucie Haschkova for her wonderful assistance with the translations and the language lessons on usage of Czech terms.

Brearley Cemetery, Dardanelle, Arkansas

The drawing is to show how the sections are numbered, by using the existing roads inside. The section number will be by each name. They are listed by name, birth, death, and section.

Brearley Cemetery, Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas

This cemetery is west of Dardanelle on Highway 27, just past the intersections of Hwys. 7, 22 & 27. It is on the hill behind the Best Western Motel. This cemetery was copied and updated 7 Feb 1994 by Gloria Roberts Craig, Cornelia Taylor Daniels and Lee Ann Daniels. Originally typed by Gloria Roberts Craig.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedLocationAdditional Verification
Nash, Jason Todd23 Nov 197030 Apr 19725
Neelly, Eli10 Mar 180717 May 18891
Neelly, Ellen Elizabeth (Craig) d/o David Jr. & Nancy Agnes (Stockard) w/o Eli12 Dec 18105 Nov 18571
Neelly, Isabelle "Belle" d/o Eli & Ellen Elizabeth (Craig) bur. in unmarked grave next to her father18355 Feb 19171
Neelly, Nannie w/o J.R.14 Feb 185027 Mar 18802
Neidecker, Johnnie F. Ark. Pfc. Btry C. 53 Fld Arty Bn WWII 25 Jan 192827 Aug 19705
Nelson, Lewis M. S/Sgt US Army WWII s/o John Fair & Glidden (Hollingsworth)22 Aug 191921 Nov 19933SSDI
Nelson, Martha Veazey (Daniel) d/o William Arthur & Gail (Veazey) w/o Lewis Montgomery (M) 23 Jun 194514 May 19233 Oct 2008
Neumeier, MaryAnn (Brabec) d/o Van F. & Anna (Wesley) w/o Norman P.25 Dec 193120 Mar 2006
Nichols, James H. s/o Morene (Atkinson) Pfeifer5 Sep 194316 Aug 19654
Nichols, Leona (Eubanks) w/o Walter Herbert (M) 3 Jun 1917 9 Sep 190118 Sep 19935SSDI
Nichols, Marze M.29 May 18757 Sep 19632
Nichols, Rev. Melton B.2 Jun 187625 Dec 19432
Nichols, Walter Herbert1 May 189530 Dec 19825SSDI
Nolen, James Edward26 Feb 190722 Sep 19813SSDI
Nolen, James M.---19403
Nolen, Liezette H.184219663
Nolen, W.A.24 Jul 18628 Mar 18892
Norton, Leslie Ray4 Jan 19555 Oct 19867
Norton, Lorena M. w/o Wilburn T.12 Dec 190722 Feb 19924
Norton, Seth Allen s/o James Lee & Kim Cheri (Stringer) 21 Apr 198715 Jun 2006
Norton, Wilburn T. US Navy P.H.M.I. WWII190819764
Nový (Nová?), Anna w/o Jacob183010 Jan 19022
Nový, Antone WWII15 Oct 190830 Mar 19832SSDI
Nový (Nová?), Barbora w/o Van16 May 186422 Apr 19202
Nový, Caryl (Chandler)190019362
Nový (Nová?), Fannie Mary d/o Frank & MaryB & D10 Jun 19004
Nový, Frank187219462
Nový, Frank s/o Joseph Jr.& Mary dates
Nový, Gladys (Jones) d/o Wilfred Claudius & Maude M. (Rushing) w/o Van31 Dec 191030 Oct 20076SSDI
Nový, Jacob181413 May 18832
Nový, Joseph6 Jan 185219 Apr 19392
Nový, Joseph Jr. "Joe"28 Jan 1885 21 Oct 19782
Nový (Nová?), Mary w/o Frank187919502
Nový, Mary P. w/o Joseph Jr.20 Apr 189510 Jul 19732SSDI
Nový (Nová?), Rose Ann d/o Frank & Mary15 Feb 190323 Feb 19034
Nový, Van15 Mar 186024 Jan 19392
Nový, Van (M) 9 Apr 19383 Apr 1906 12 Dec 19916
Nový, Will14 Apr 188026 Jan 19402
Nunneley, Sarah T. w/o W.M.181918 Feb 18831
Nunneley, W.M.17956 Dec 18671
Opseth, Jewel E. (Gentry) d/o W.C. & Estelle (Penn) w/o Reuben Benjamin8 Dec 192030 Jan 2008
Opseth, Reuben Benjamin s/o Ole Hans & Gina (Winge)23 Jul 19082 Jul 2004
O'Quinn, James Calvin18 Oct 187219 Mar 19354
O'Quinn, Jo Anna22 May 188124 Feb 19244
Orsburn, Howard M. Jr. (32nd Degree Mason) WWII h/o June (Jewell)1 Sep 192731 Aug 2001
Orsburn, June (Jewell) d/o Doc & Millie w/o Howard M. Jr.11 Mar 19297 Sep 2007
Osborn, Anna (Vaughn) d/o Jesse & Lula (Kent) w/o Ernest E. (M) 19 Aug 193521 Oct 19177 Aug 20005
Osborn, Ernest E.3 May 19121 Oct 1993

Owens, Preston Matthew PFC US Army National Guard HHB First 206 Field Artillery Battalion3 Oct 19876 Oct 2007
Page, Jessie d/o T.R. & Sophia (Marinus)10 May 187514 Mar 19573
Park, Annie D. (Shipp) w/o W.F.17 Apr 18712 Feb 19393
Park, W.F.21 Sep 18685 Apr 19563
Parker, Harley M. s/o John M. & M. Isabelle30 Jan 188030 Jan 19183
Parker, Joe F. s/o James Franklin & Pearl Mae (Roberts) h/o Janelle (Johnson)4 Dec 19358 May 2000
Parker, John M.24 Nov 18499 Oct 19433
Parker, Laura E.5 Feb 187517 Sep 19673
Parker, M. Isabelle w/o John M.35 yr 9 mo 20 da18 Jan 18963
Parker, Parker Col. Ret. US Army WWII18 Feb 19046 Nov 19763
Parks, Louise (Dunbar) w/o Paul (M) 193120 Nov 190025 Dec 19831SSDI
Parks, Paul Sgt. US Army WWII22 Jul 1904 15 Nov 19901
Parrish, Elizabeth w/o Lorenza D.3 Aug 182521 Oct 18803
Parrish, Lorenza D.31 Mar 181425 Mar 18823
Parsons, dates
Parsons, Beatrice w/o Lonnie13 Oct 1920 4 Mar 1987
Parsons, Wesley Carter s/o Carter & Polly24 Sep 196414 Oct 19645
Partin, Carl21 Nov 189926 Jul 19855
Partin, Ruby Jewel (Forrest) d/o Foster G. & Floy (Peter) w/o Carl (M) 14 Jan 19235 Nov 190325 Mar 19945
Partridge, Ava (Dean) w/o Jack White17 Feb 192111 Oct 19885
Partridge, Jack White Pfc. US Army WWII9 May 192022 Dec 19865
Passmore, Arthie w/o George M. (M) 24 Nov 193525 Mar 19203 Feb 19875SSDI
Passmore, George M.10 Jan 190014 Sep 19765SSDI
Pastor, Marcelino Francisco Inf. s/o Gabriel & Maria Guadalupe (Navarette)no date3 Dec 2006

Pate, Eulah19011970 5
Pate, Roy D.9 Nov 1896Nov 19745SSDI
Patrick, Ann Larch22 Oct 189913 Sep 19873
Patrick, Audra (Chappell) d/o Wiley w/o Henry KerkseyJan 188519603
Patrick, Henry Kerksey8 Mar 18816 May 19813
Patrick, Jasper Ernest (W of W) s/o Henry Kerksey & Audra (Chappell)27 Aug 190717 Feb 19273
Patrick, Sophia Marinus w/o W.H.20 Jan 18587 Jul 19093
Patterson, A.S.1 Nov 184919274
Patterson, Martha A.185419274
Patton, Rev. Franklin5 Jan 18204 Mar 18953
Pazdera (Pazderová?), Cennie A. w/o Frank J.189419533
Pazdera, Frank J.16 Apr 1890Apr 19723
Pazdera, John M.6 Apr 193215 Dec 19753
Pazdera, Mary S. (Burchfield) d/o John Calhoun & Lou Ellen (Henry) w/o George5 Oct 191816 Feb 2006
Peak, Robert E. "Bob" h/o Joan (Vail)18 Mar 195528 Dec 2005
Pearce, Annette (Batson) d/o Reese Ellis & Violet w/o Lloyd29 Nov 192027 May 19873SSDI
Pearce, Lloyd191819883
Peaslee, Georgia H.3 Apr 188213 Aug 19134
Peavler, Lawrence T.191219915
Peavler, Opal N. w/o Lawrence T.28 Jul 19191 Apr 20005SSDI
Peebles, Francis Marion8 Jul 1903Jun 19574
Pennington, Gilbert R.9 Nov 1905Jan 19694
Pennington, Jimmy Joe (Mason) Ark. H. M.3 US Navy Vietnam16 Aug 194619 Jul 19735
Pennington, Nora Lee (Underwood) d/o Millard Harrison & Ozzie E. (Smith) w/o Francis Dale29 Apr 19229 Aug 2005
Pennington, Rena w/o Gilbert R.190519392
Perry, A.D.9 Aug 18755 Apr 19291
Perry, Benton Freeman s/o James K. & Larissa M.31 Jul 186519 Oct 18661
Perry, Harry E.17 Jul 186713 Sep 18901
Perry, James K. Civil War CSA Capt. Co. H. 1st Ark Mtd. Rifles1 Mar 18373 Dec 19101
Perry, John T. Civil War CSAno dates
Perry, King28 Mar 194311 Mar 18721
Perry, Larissa M. w/o James K.28 May 184031 Aug 18701
Perry, Malone s/o James K. & M.O.B & D10 May 18791
Perry, Mary Elise w/o J.M.---8 Jun 18711
Perry, Oscar Mayler s/o James K. & Larissa M.14 Apr 187014 Oct 18701
Perry, Pauline (Dorvin)15 May 181513 Jan 18981
Perry, Willie E. s/o John T. & Perses15 Jan 187015 Sep 18731
Perryman, Ophelia Frances (Fay) w/o Raymond Lawrence Sr.13 Jun 19002 Apr 19621
Perryman, Raymond Lawrence Jr. s/o Raymond Lawrence Sr. & Ophelia Frances (Fay)8 Nov 191930 Jun 19761SSDI
Perryman, Raymond Lawrence Sr. s/o Ollie10 Jun 18968 May 19611
Perryman, Robert M. s/o Raymond Lawrence Sr. & Ophelia Frances (Fay)14 Apr 192216 Apr 1977 2
Person, Bertha Mae (Armour) (Eastern Star) d/o Shelby Lee & Susie (George) w/o John A. (M) 1 Sep 190717 Feb 189118 May 19592
Person, Clarence Herbert s/o John A. & Bertha Mae (Armour)15 Jan 191628 Sep 19702
Person, Ethel Eudora (Armistead) w/o Herbert Asa29 Jan 189330 Dec 19845SSDI
Person, Floy Marie/Rhea (Furr) d/o Martin Alexander & Louise Katherine (Reynolds) w/o James Edward2 Jul 191127 Sep 19842
Person, Herbert Asa Ark. Pvt. 13 Co. 162 Dep. Brig. WWI s/o Edward Randolph & Jennie Bell (Smith)24 Oct 189610 Sep 19664
Person, Herbert Neal s/o Herbert Asa & Ethel Eudora (Armistead)18 Feb 192113 Dec 1993 4SSDI
Person, James Edward "Bud" (Mason) Ark. Pvt. 1340 Comb. Unit WWII s/o John A. & Bertha Mae (Armour)26 Jul 190828 Jul 19712SSDI
Person, John A.3 Sep 18872 Feb 19622
Person, Dr. Ruben Edward "Rube" (Mason) s/o Edward Randolph & Jennie Bell (Smith) M/1 Mattie (Richards) M/2 Ruby (Rainey)14 Apr 188410 Jul 19594
Person, Ruby (Rainey) Gilley M/1 _________ Gilley M/2 Ruben Edward Person (M) 20 Apr 192931 Oct 190121 Oct 19934
Petillo, Grady s/o John Wesley & Lucy Ann Elizabeth (Evans)16 Nov 190429 Jan 19722
Petillo, James Nathan "Jim" s/o John Wesley & Lucy Ann Elizabeth (Evans)4 Mar 191124 Mar 19442
Petillo, John Wesley9 Jul 18798 Mar 19522
Petillo, Lavoy (Oglesby) Sheets s/o Nicklas Jackson & Arah Elizabeth (McCarty) M/1 Lloyd Stephen Sheets M/2 Morris S. Petillo15 Sep 19211 Aug 20054 SSDI
Petillo, Lucy Ann Elizabeth (Evans) d/o Benjamin F. & Margaret Virginia (George) w/o John Wesley27 Apr 1880 28 Aug 19672
Petillo, Morris S.14 Aug 191317 Feb 19574
Petillo, Violet24 Jul 190628 May 20012
Petty, F.G.24 May 187615 Jul 18822
Petty, Hervy s/o J.T. & Lucinda Irene14 Nov 186921 Nov 18882
Petty, J.T.23 Jun 183820 May 18912
Petty, Lucinda Irene w/o J.T.25 Feb 1846 11 Feb 18872
Peugh, Enna Nell (Partain) w/o J. Thomas (M) 7 Aug 19493 May 1930Living2
Peugh, J. Thomas10 Apr 19274 Dec 19912
Pfeifer, Anna "Annie" (Brabec) w/o Mack2 Nov 18756 Apr 19692SSDI
Pfeifer, Anton s/o Mack & Anna (Brabec)1 Sep 19068 Sep 19062
Pfeifer, Antone Ark. Pfc. 1817 Ord Co. WWII11 Nov 189726 Oct 19622
Pfeifer, Bessie d/o Van & Francis (Kubát)B & D25 Mar 19172
Pfeifer, Charlie28 Nov 19069 Mar 19862
Pfeifer, Francis (Kubát) w/o Van10 Aug 18884 Aug 19792SSDI
Pfeifer, George R. Ark. S/Sgt. 132 Inf. WWII1 Jul 191115 Apr 19452
Pfeifer, Henry28 Oct 1908May 19772SSDI
Pfeifer, Jennie A. w/o Henry6 Apr 1911 25 Feb 20022SSDI
Pfeifer, Joey s/o Joseph & Mary (Yendrick)190219072
Pfeifer, Joseph186419402
Pfeifer, Joseph "Joe"10 Mar 1904Aug 19772SSDI
Pfeifer, Mack27 Sep 187618 Jan 19452
Pfeifer, Mary (Yendrick) w/o Joseph1867 19322
Pfeifer, Mary E. w/o George R. m/o Bob20 Jan 191311 Jan 19912
Pfeifer, Mayrue194019462
Pfeifer, Morene (Atkinson) d/o Duffie H. & Mary Pearl (Rammer) w/o Ernest E.19 Aug 191927 May 2004
Pfeifer, Ray Edwin s/o Joseph & Tillie4 Dec 193815 Dec 19382
Pfeifer, Sheryl Diane (McNew) d/o Oliver & Jettie w/o Larry20 May 194921 Sep 2007
Pfeifer, Tillie w/o Joseph13 Jul 1906Mar 19932SSDI
Pfeifer, Van18821956 2
Pfeifer, Walsie M. (Flanery) d/o Robert & Charlotta (Renfro) w/o Robert W.10 Mar 193125 Mar 2005
Phelps, Mary J.8 Jan 184524 Feb 18941
Phillips, Agnes (Lindsey) w/o Frank William31 Jul 191416 Aug 20013SSDI
Phillips, Fannie (Hoover) w/o Fred H. Jr.23 Jul 191019 Sep 19922
Phillips, Frank William "Cody" s/o Fred H. & Mabel Love (Cole)20 Nov 190930 Jan 19783
Phillips, Fred H. s/o William Pickney & Henrietta Philadelphia (Neely)17 Jul 187813 Jun 19112
Phillips, Fred H. Jr. s/o Fred H. & Mabel Love (Cole)18 Aug 19066 Dec 19952
Phillips, George Elmer s/o Fred H. & Mabel Love (Cole) 8 Oct 190117 Nov 19731SSDI
Phillips, George Washington Civil War CSA s/o Stephen & Violet (Hood)18361 Nov 18961
Phillips, Gustavus N. s/o George Washington & Sarah I. (Allen)1 Aug 186423 Feb 18851
Phillips, Henrietta Philadelphia (Neely) w/o William Pickney (M) 17 Dec 187320 Feb 18406 Mar 19142
Phillips, Joel D. s/o George Washington & Sarah I. (Allen)1 Jan 186715 Apr 18791
Phillips, John Elmer s/o William Pickney & Henrietta Philadelphia (Neely)7 Feb 187628 Sep 18842
Phillips, Lula B.16 Apr 18722 Sep 18731
Phillips, Mabel Love (Cole) w/o Fred H.28 Aug 187917 Feb 19502
Phillips, Mae Alice d/o George Washington & Sarah I. (Allen)4 Mar 186020 Oct 18751
Phillips, Mary E. (Neely) w/o George Washington6 Mar 183325 Jan 18884
Phillips, Philip William s/o Frank William & Agnes (Lindsey)29 Jun 194115 Mar 19933
Phillips, Reba Gearldine (Cornwell) w/o George Elmer26 May 190218 Mar 19691 SSDI
Phillips, Sarah I. (Allen) w/o George Washington8 Sep 183815 Feb 18771
Phillips, William Pickney s/o Stephen & Violet (Hood) M/1 Fanny Jane (Beck) M/2 Henrietta Philadelphia (Neely)19 May 183110 May 18812
Pierce, Corinne (George) w/o Robert J.
Additional Information by Curtis Pierce
9 Sep 189326 Feb 19823
Pierce, E. Roscoe1 Apr 188230 Nov 19403
Pierce, Infant d/o E. Roscoe & O.E.
Additional Information by Curtis Pierce
B & D28 Aug 19083
Pierce, Infant s/o Robert J. & Corinne (George)
Additional Information by Curtis Pierce
B & D18 Dec 19153
Pierce, Robert J.
Additional Information by Curtis Pierce
22 Feb 18901 Apr 19353
Pierce, Sarah Jane w/o Zach Jacob
Additional Information by Curtis Pierce
5 Aug 18536 Jul 19313
Pierce, Zach Jacob
Additional Information by Curtis Pierce
11 Jan 184917 May 19083
Piercy, Bobby Campbell s/o William H. & Maude Mae (Campbell) h/o Rosemary19 Jun 19304 Jan 1998
Pigeon, Anne "Annie" (Novy) w/o John5 Jul 18838 Oct 19562
Pigeon, Antone Emil12 Mar 191815 Nov 19932
Pigeon, Joe s/o John & Anne (Novy)19 Mar 189814 Jan 19792SSDI
Pigeon, Van28 Sep 18961 Nov 19722SSDI
Pilquist, Allie w/o Goodrich E.186919603
Pilquist, Goodrich E.187919623
Pilquist, Merle (Dexter) Croom191219533
Pittman, Terry Lee s/o Larry & Patricia (Humphrey)no date9 Feb 19947
Pitts, Julius E.3 Nov 187620 Jun 19373
Pitts, Mary E. (Wallace) (Eastern Star) d/o Judge Wallace w/o Julius E.6 Mar 188213 Jul 19583
Pitts, Robert Lynn s/o Bill & Linda25 Dec 196130 May 19906
Pittser, Laura (Hodge)5 Oct 191819 Jul 19913SSDI
Pledger, Harvey O.31 Jan 187529 Aug 19651
Pledger, Mary G.13 Nov 188119 Sep 19471
Ploss, John D.6 Nov 183329 Mar 19202
Ploss, Mary w/o John D.8 Oct 184614 Mar 19162
Ploss, Olive Medenwald d/o August & Fannie Tennessee (Nunnley) w/o Robert18851972

Ploss, Robert - Operator of Ploss Hotel, 2nd & Pecan St. 18 Nov 1880Oct 19645
Pockrus, John O. Ark. Pfc. US Army WWII24 Oct 19164 Oct 19765SSDI
Pockrus, Mildred L. (Jones) d/o Harry Lee & Sarah J. (Harmon) w/o John O.20 Mar 192024 Jun 2005
Poe, Ralph Alonzo KS Col. US Army WWII Korea ARCOM25 Oct 190027 Nov 19715 SSDI
Poe, Ruth13 Dec 190230 Jan 19945
Poe, William Allen KS Capt. US Air Force Vietnam31 Mar 193727 May 19725
Polk, Annette H. w/o Isaac W.7 Apr 1876 29 Jun 19203
Polk, Isaac W. (W of W)3 Jan 187719 Mar 19323
Pool, Imogene M.8 Jan 191615 Nov 19772
Poole, William C.31 Dec 183719 May 18882
Poore, Nash David24 Nov 19464 Mar 19913
Potter, Martha Ann d/o F.A.13 May 1832 31 Oct 18801
Potter, Tawny Justice d/o Edward & Linda (Kigger)no date10 Mar 1989

Powell, Carrie C. w/o Kenneth W.190219695
Powell, Kenneth W.3 Jun 1895Nov 19735SSDI
Pratt, Mary (Carper)26 Sep 1898Jul 19712
Pratt, Victoria E. w/o W.T.11 Feb 1862 6 Jun 19162
Pratt, W.T.19 Mar 185723 Oct 19222
Prichard, Annie Ellen (Henson) Sullivan 2nd w/o John W.
Additional Info from Freda Cowdell
11 Apr 18561 Dec 1912 2
Prichard, Lola O. d/o John W. & Annie Ellen (Henson)
Additional Info from Freda Cowdell
27 Jan 189923 Aug 1899 2
Primm, Betty Jo (Barnett) d/o Raymond Dewey & Clyde Lillian (Goocher) w/o Fay4 Mar 19273 Mar 2008
Procházka (Procházková?), Anna (Kmoch) w/o Václav18 Oct 186021 Dec 1906 2
Procházka, Anton (Antonín?) F.4 Jan 186913 Jan 19494
Procházka, Delpha Mae (Jackson) w/o James19 Jul 19263 Oct 19865
Procházka, Edward R.22 Nov 19169 Mar 20004SSDI
Procházka, Elsie (Kazda) w/o James19 Nov 189027 Jul 19622
Procházka, Frank Ark. Pvt. Co. K 127 Inf. US Army WWI 1 Dec 188710 Nov 19182WWIR
Procházka, Frank Pfc. US Army s/o James & Elsie (Kazda)3 Oct 19205 May 1989

Procházka, Henry14 Jul 190315 Feb 19694SSDI
Procházka, James22 Jun 188230 May 19322
Procházka, James "Jim" s/o James & Elsie (Kazda) 19 Jul 192120 Feb 20075SSDI
Procházka (Procházková?), Mary w/o Frank24 May 190414 Mar 1988

Procházka (Procházková?), Mary L.12 Aug 187718 Jan 19414
Procházka (Procházková?), Rosalie26 Jan 183017 Sep 19112
Procházka (Procházková?), Ruth L.7 May 1925Living4
Procházka, Václav17 Aug 1855 7 Nov 19162
Purden, Sov. W.R. (W of W)25 Sep 18--26 Feb 19031
Race, H. James23 Mar 194323 Jul 19926
Race, Jo Ann w/o H. James (M) 2 Aug 196325 Jun 1945Living6
Ragland, Laura w/o Obe18 Mar 188423 Jun 19742SSDI
Ragland, Margaret Ayleen4 Nov 190921 Nov 20012
Ragland, Mary E.18 Dec 185819 Feb 19223
Ragland, Obe Spanish American War 1898-19024 Jan 191419 Nov 19542
Ragland, Percy187418903
Ragsdale, Hollis J.1 Jan 19149 Jun 19762SSDI
Ragsdale, Orra A. (Person) (Eastern Star) d/o John A. & Bertha Mae (Armour) w/o Hollis J.12 Jul 191430 Dec 20062SSDI
Ragsdale, Shirley Ann (McGohan) Brown d/o Leonard Herman & Walsie I. (McLain) M/1 Melvin Darrell Brown M/2 Jerry Lynn Ragsdale m/o Mitchell & Lynn11 Jun 193812 Sep 19916
Ramey, Jeremiah "Jay" s/o Thurman & Lamona Kay (Stewart)31 Oct 197528 Mar 2005
Ramey, Laquita Joyce (Lott) d/o George & Melba Estell (Adams) w/o Sam22 Feb 194922 Nov 2006
Ramirez, Katherine Suzette32 yr 5 mo 15 da10 Mar 19917
Ramsey, Mary Helen w/o Jasper9 Oct 1926 11 Feb 1998
Ray, Bobbie Jo (Tramel) d/o Robert & Cora (Virden) w/o William L.15 Dec 193019 Feb 2007 5SSDI
Ray, Howard K. h/o Jackie20 May 191711 Jan 19915
Ray, William L.23 Jan 191618 Jul 19945SSDI
Rayburn, Emma T.9 Aug 184319 Dec 19343
Rayburn, James P.17 Oct 182926 Aug 18873
Rayburn, W.T.18 Aug 183012 Feb 18831
Rector, Norma Lee (Murdock) d/o Herbert O. & Ethel (Hulsey) w/o Bud3 May 192111 Nov 2000
Rector, Rita F. (Parker) d/o Everett & Julia F. (Hill) w/o David8 Jul 19446 Oct 2001
Reed, Burel Edward25 Oct 190724 Feb 19932
Reed, Emma Elizabeth w/o Burel Edward17 Jul 191210 Apr 19892
Reeves, Fannie dates
Reid, Barbara Ann (Poe)12 Oct 193515 Jul 19875
Reppond, Tommy O. s/o Tommy & Marcie Myrtle (Level) h/o Wanda
Additional Info from Stacie Ford
5 Jan 192829 Mar 2002
Renfroe, Eleanor20 Jul 191130 Jul 20002
Renfroe, Eulis18 Feb 1900Oct 19782
Reynolds, Freddy Leon27 Nov 193720 Oct 19907
Reynolds, Iona M. (Rogers) d/o Merrell & Audrey Mae (Williams) w/o J.H.27 Jun 19336 Sep 20077SSDI
Reynolds, J.H. "Jay"23 May 192727 Jul 19927SSDI
Reynolds, Virginia w/o Freddy Leon13 Jan 1947Living7
Richardson, Ida Ola (Holliday) Magness (Eastern Star) d/o Raymond "Tobe" & Veda Mae (Marshall) M/1 Jerry Lloyd Magness M/2 Frank Emory Richardson25 Jun 19318 Oct 2003
Richardson, Frank Emory (Mason) s/o Lon Curtis & Carrie Melendia (Berry) M/1 Dorothy (Linger) M/2 Ida Ola (Holliday)13 Sep 19257 Jan 2006
Richey, Ella F. w/o Homer C.22 May 1905 12 Jun 20026SSDI
Richey, Homer C.30 Jun 190422 Jul 19966SSDI
Rieley, Archie b. England185029 Jan 18992
Riggin, Frances J.13 May 186910 Apr 19471
Riggin, P.H. Civil War CSAno dates
Riley, Charles PTE Co. G 2nd Reg. Ark ATE GS Spanish-American War12 Mar 186512 Nov 19042
Ristine, Lola w/o Warren190819632
Ristine, Warren189619602
Roach, William Thomas "Bill" h/o Inice (Walker)6 Jun 192113 Mar 19887SSDI
Roberson, Jackie Leon (32nd Degree Mason) s/o Leon Frank & Laura h/o Sue (Moore)17 Jan 193711 May 2004
Roberson, Laura (Cook) d/o Jack & Bessie w/o Leon Frank 24 Feb 19196 Mar 2008
Roberson, Leon Frank28 Sep 1914Living3
Roberson, Verna Eual (Caldwell) Miller w/o Leon Frank24 Apr 191211 Sep 19753
Roberts, Rev. J.J. D.D. b. Green Co., PA25 Nov 181414 Mar 18831
Roberts, Joseph Arthur s/o J.J. & Ida A.19 Aug 188622 Apr 18873
Roberts, Kathryn "Kathy" (Miller) d/o Bertrand C. Jr. & Ruby Nell (Webb) w/o Buddy
Additional Info from Annette McClenahan
19 Mar 19613 Jul 2003
Robertson, Harry L.14 Aug 191810 Mar 19532
Robinson, A. Louvenia w/o E.Y.13 Jul 182111 Mar 18791
Robinson, Charles B. Jr.11 Jun 19392 Nov 19822
Robinson, Rev. Charley Boyce D.D. Chaplain Lt. Col. US Army WWII2 Feb 189921 Mar 19762
Robinson, Fannie B. w/o Frank R.23 May 18696 Oct 19262
Robinson, Frank R. (W of W)21 Feb 1856 9 Dec 19292
Robinson, Infantno dates
Robinson, Irene192219592
Robinson, J. Fannie w/o Frank R.19 Dec 186618 Feb 18883
Robinson, Janie d/o Frank R. & Fannie B.15 May 189616 Feb 19002
Robinson, Louis20 Feb 189419 Sep 19842
Robinson, Love w/o Louis10 May 1901Jul 19942
Robinson, Mary (Hines) Watkins w/o Charley Boyce9 Oct 190514 May 19842
Robison, Willard D. "Bill" s/o William E. & Ellen (Parker) h/o Mary8 Jun 19296 Jan 1998
Rockhold, Minnie (Bonville) Hearn M/1 Charlie Hearn M/2 ----- Rockhold grandmother Evelyn Boyce Snyder186515 Jul 19602
Rogers, Adriana Lorena11 Apr 197731 May 19936
Rogers, Audrey Mae (Williams) w/o Merrell20 Apr 19042 Mar 19765SSDI
Rogers, David Earl s/o Merrell & Audrey Mae (Williams) 27 May 194630 Aug 19875
Rogers, Isaac Milton "Ikey" s/o Merrell & Audrey Mae (Williams) h/o Sue18 Aug 193813 Dec 1997
Rogers, James T. "Toby" s/o Merrell & Audrey Mae (Williams)14 Dec 194029 Mar 20035SSDI
Rogers, Merrell "Buck" Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI16 Dec 18956 Jun 19715SSDI
Rogers, Millard J.26 Apr 19096 Oct 19845SSDI
Rogers, Willis Elva s/o Thomas F. & Callie (Grady) h/o Opal Allene (Jones)1 Mar 19185 Feb 2008
Rollans, Bentley B. s/o Lonzo & Lillie (McIntosh) h/o Mary Ann (Pfeifer)17 Dec 19262 Nov 2002
Rollow, Carl Wray25 Feb 189426 Jun 19373
Rollow, Ora Belle w/o Carl Wray9 Nov 18971 Feb 19833
Rook, Darlene Ann (Shaffer) d/o Ralph V. & Lena O. (Watson) w/o Joe F. Jr.23 Nov 193518 Apr 2003
Rook, James Clarence "Nanny Pa"20 Jul 190530 Nov 19785SSDI
Rook, Mayza (Fitch) "Nanny Mama" w/o James Clarence28 Dec 191011 Jul 19935 SSDI
Rook, Velda L. (Alexander)6 Dec 192428 Feb 2002
Rorex, Albert6 Nov 189012 Jan 19552
Rorex, George L.24 Dec 18675 Oct 19502
Rorex, Hal Jackson s/o George L. & Ida (Aston)11 Dec 191120 Nov 19202
Rorex, Ida (Aston) w/o George L.8 Jan 186830 Sep 19422
Rorex, Margaret Elise (Carter) d/o George W. & Addie Lee (Cunningham)14 Aug 189511 Nov 1980 2SSDI
Ross, Clarence E.14 Nov 189225 Oct 19181
Ross, Fred s/o James Alex & Mary I. 2nd Ark. Vol. Co. L Spanish-American War1 Dec 188026 Oct 18991
Ross, Ina23 Jul 189327 Dec 19644
Ross, James A.191319504
Ross, James Alex24 Dec 18593 May 19281
Ross, Mary I. w/o James Alex5 Aug 1862 25 Apr 19351
Ross, Nina L.1918Living4
Ross, Philip Michael SP 3 US Army Korea22 Nov 19357 Apr 1981

Ross, William A.29 Dec 182526 May 18651
Ross, William Cecil s/o James Alex & Mary I.17 Oct 188420 Dec 18851
Rowland, Annie M. (Fitzjurls) w/o Charles Richard3 Sep 1938Living5
Rowland, Charles Richard28 Sep 193412 Nov 19795SSDI
Rowland, Mark Anthony s/o Ray Lee & Alice (House)22 Sep 197722 Mar 1997
Rubin, Erma Lee (Sims) w/o M. Allen (M) 20 Oct 197625 Dec 1930Living7
Rubin, Dr. M. Allen native of New York - Dentist23 Mar 191323 Oct 19837
Rush, Donie E. w/o A.L.27 Jan 186114 Nov 18941
Rush, Syrus s/o A.L. & Donie E.9 Apr 18914 Nov 18951
Russell, Irene (Croom)13 Feb 191110 Aug 19913
Russell, James H. US Army s/o William A. & May h/o Annolee2 Oct 191931 Jul 2005
Rutledge, Alfred H.2 Feb 186715 Feb 19532
Rutledge, Rhoda E. w/o Alfred H.19 Aug 186915 Oct 19242
Ryals, Elmo L.25 Aug 190513 Apr 19967SSDI
Ryals, Janet (Stewart)31 May 192514 May 19764
Ryals, Nettie V. w/o Elmo L. (M) 26 Jan 19249 Jan 191025 Aug 19857SSDI
Saldana, Jesus Hernandez Jr. s/o Jesus Sr. & Delores (Hernandez) h/o Pam (Sawin)15 Jun 19449 Feb 2001
Salsman, Ireta (Lafay)11 Nov 19178 Mar 19913
Sanders, Billy Jack26 Jan 19264 Feb 19304
Sanders, Freeman L.9 Feb 190520 Feb 19594
Sanders, Hazel Juanita24 Nov 19072 Jan 19794
Sanders, Rita Mae d/o Roy31 May 195731 Oct 19817
Sanders, Roy L. s/o Norman & Mable (Parker) h/o Willie Mae17 Jan 193122 Jan 2003
Saunders, Charles Burford11 Aug 192119 Jan 19842
Saunders, Edna M.11 Jul 191810 Jul 19892SSDI
Saunders, Edward24 Nov 187625 Dec 19232
Saunders, Florence183519242
Saunders, G.J.18278 May 19032
Saunders, George James (Mason)10 May 19166 Jun 19992SSDI
Saunders, Thomas H.194120 Feb 19422
Saunders, Violet Mae (Hancock) (Eastern Star) d/o Joseph Henry & Armenta Elizabeth "Minnie" (Downs) w/o George James21 Sep 191420 Feb 19732
Saunders, William Allen "Shawn" s/o George James & Violet Mae (Hancock)14 May 194422 Dec 1998
Sawin, Twila May (LaPlant) d/o George & Edith (Lewis) w/o Leo14 Mar 19268 Nov 2000
Scarbrough, Francis w/o Maners S.10 Jun 1885Jan 19702
Scarbrough, Maners S.187719342
Schmietendorf, Marlene w/o Martin193413 May 1994

Schoutese, Sandra Jean (Adams) w/o Leo31 Dec 195012 Jan 19906
Schuemann, Alvin William s/o Herman & Emma (Schroeder) 15 Jan 191413 May 20017SSDI
Schuemann, Dorothy Helen (Andres) d/o William & Marie (Brunner) w/o Alvin William16 Dec 191628 Aug 20027SSDI
Scoles, Lorene A.24 Oct 190220 Dec 19883SSDI
Scott, Arlerria (Hasty) w/o James C. Sr.23 Sep 1923Living5
Scott, Coy David S2 US Navy WWII2 Jul 190915 Mar 19917
Scott, Emerson Ethridge (Mason) s/o Thomas Warren & Priscilla Elvira Adelaine (Sitton)15 Sep 18868 Aug 19504
Scott, Florence Etta (Fudge) d/o Andrew & Fannie Mae (Hunter) w/o Coy David23 Nov 191826 Feb 1997 7SSDI
Scott, Herbert C.188419563
Scott, Inf. s/o Emerson Ethridge & Urcie (Pratt)B & D21 Aug 19134
Scott, Jack Milus (Mason) SKD 2 US Navy WWII s/o Roy J.31 Dec 19166 Feb 19831 SSDI
Scott, James C. Jr. "Jim" s/o James C. Sr. & Arlerria (Hasty)2 Nov 195017 Sep 19815
Scott, James C. Sr.27 Sep 1925Living5
Scott, Joe Milus s/o C.M. & VelmaB & D7 May 19273
Scott, Jonathan F. SP4 US Army Vietnam7 Nov 193827 Mar 19807SSDI
Scott, Mary E. w/o Herbert C.188919643
Scott, Olin Carl27 Mar 191210 Feb 1983

Scott, Ursie (Pratt) w/o Emerson Ethridge2 Feb 188925 May 19244
Scott, Wanda L. (Woodson) w/o Jack Milus24 Aug 1916Living1
Seamons, Landoma183224 Nov 18862
Searcy, James Lloyd BM2 US Navy WWII s/o Carl L. & Opal Fern (Eulinger) h/o Anita Pearl (Adney) (M) 27 Apr 19463 Nov 192227 Jan 2006
Sedláčková, Maria - base of monument reads SEDLACKnarozena 15. srpna 1844zemřela 9. dubna 19312
Selph, Carra (Veazey) youngest d/o George L.24 Oct 190424 Dec 19353
Sevic, Adeline189518992
Sevic, Anna w/o John186619432
Sevic, Annie1 May 188014 Jul 19642
Sevic, Charles190819302
Sevic, Fred18961911 2
Sevic, Infants - 4 monuments alikeno dates
Sevic, Joe21 Oct 18727 Nov 19392
Sevic, Joe Jr.29 Dec 19042 May 19352
Sevic, John18621936 2
Sevic, Selma (Bowman) d/o Andrew J. & Della (Dethradge) w/o Van28 Jun 19095 Mar 19985SSDI
Sevic, Van26 Mar 19083 Apr 19915SSDI
Shands, Lucy S. w/o Rev. J.F.22 Dec 1842 18 Oct 18854
Shannon, Elizabeth B.13 Sep 191816 Jan 19831
Shannon, Neill W.17 Oct 194913 Dec 19731
Shannon, William H. Lt. JG - lost at sea6 Jun 194626 Mar 19701
Sharp, Iva Gertrude (Grant) d/o Jim & Allie (Fields) w/o Marshall Dewitt15 May 190827 Sep 20025SSDI
Sharp, Marshall Dewitt31 Mar 1913Living5
Sheegog, Marguerite b. Nocona, TX28 Apr 189612 Feb 19232
Sheffield, Jerry Elbert s/o Jesse & Thelma (Mead)26 Jun 194915 Jul 2003
Shelton, Sallie A. (Hurst)1 Jan 18357 Dec 18933
Shepherd, Charles Thomas (W of W) s/o John Washington & Lavinna (Hollingsworth)20 Oct 188423 Nov 19511
Shepherd, Gerald T. "Buster" s/o Charles Thomas & Lula Rebecca (Davis)3 Dec 190625 Mar 19977SSDI
Shepherd, Green Madison Franklin Alexander s/o John Jr. & Temperance (Epps)1 Jun 184717 Nov 19381
Shepherd, Lula Rebecca (Davis) d/o Joseph Leoneous & Marguerite Rebecca (McKenzie) w/o Charles Thomas4 Jun 188426 Dec 19771SSDI
Shepherd, Margaret Ann (Haston) d/o William C. & Jane (Denny) w/o Green Madison Franklin Alexander (M) 7 Jan 18691 Dec 185011 Jan 19241
Shepherd, Mildred O. w/o Gerald T.15 Jan 19121 Jun 19937
Shinn, Arthur Munroe s/o William Ervin & Theodora Clay (Lemoyne)
Additional info from Marjorie Johnson
31 Aug 187615 Aug 1879 2
Shinn, Fannie Hester d/o William Ervin & Theodora Clay (Lemoyne)
Additional info from Marjorie Johnson
14 Mar 187222 Aug 1872 1
Shinn, Henri Eileen d/o William Ervin & Theodora Clay (Lemoyne)
Additional info from Marjorie Johnson
11 Oct 18781 Jan 18882
Shinn, Theodora Clay "Dora" (Lemoyne) w/o William Ervin (M) 1 Nov 1866
Additional info from Marjorie Johnson
4 Dec 184422 Jan 19352
Shinn, Walter Ervin s/o William Ervin & Theodora Clay (Lemoyne)
Additional info from Marjorie Johnson
4 Sep 18736 Aug 18782
Shinn, Dr. William Ervin Civil War CSA Cavalry - taken prisoner during Battle of Vicksburg
Additional info from Marjorie Johnson
19 Dec 18342 Jan 18882
Shinn, Willie Duncan s/o William Ervin & Theodora Clay (Lemoyne)
Additional info from Marjorie Johnson
20 Feb 187025 Dec 1876 2
Shipp, Annie D w/o W.F.17 Apr 18712 Feb 19393
Shumake, Allen Dale Sr.8 Sep 195819 Sep 19946SSDI
Sigle, Verne Ernest6 Apr 19088 Nov 19857SSDI
Simmons, Eric Wayne s/o StephenB & D 9 May 1982

Simmons, Thelma Sue (Dunn) d/o William D. & Laura H. (Baker) w/o Fay19 Sep 19106 Jul 2004
Sims, Bonnie L. (Collins)26 Jul 1928Dec 19725
Sims, Dr. Carroll Columbus s/o John Jarrett Jr. & Eliza Ann (Mullings)
Additional Info from Deborah Meek
15 Feb 186816 May 19354
Sims, Gerald Ezra22 Mar 19122 Nov 19817SSDI
Sims, Inf. s/o Carroll Columbus & Lula (George)
Additional Info from Deborah Meek
B & D9 Nov 19104
Sims, Inf. s/o Carroll Columbus & Lula (George)
Additional Info from Deborah Meek
B & D7 May 19124
Sims, Leonard Jackson20 Mar 19035 Feb 19937
Sims, Lula (George) d/o Jesse James Sr. & Martha Ann (Cook) w/o Carroll Columbus (M) 20 Jun 1900
Additional Info from Deborah Meek
Sims, Mary Rebecca (Rook) d/o James Clarence & Mayza (Fitch) w/o Rennae L.4 Feb 193116 Oct 2006
Sims, Neely Irene (Garner) w/o Leonard Jackson (M) 16 Apr 192426 Sep 190325 Aug 19937SSDI
Sims, Noma B. (Dodson) w/o Gerald Ezra18 Mar 1913Living7
Sims, Rennae L. s/o Leonard Jackson & Neely Irene (Garner)19 Sep 192515 Dec 2001
Sims, William E. Sgt. US Army WWII13 Nov 192731 Oct 19906
Singer, C.D.24 Apr 1872Jul 19373
Singer, Lula (Berry)26 Feb 187729 Jun 19593
Singulová, Barboranarozena 184319. dubna 19092
Sisco, Carl L.11 Dec 191326 May 19903
Sisco, Eileen (Tankersley) w/o Carl L. (M) 12 Sep 193615 Sep 191715 Sep 19993 SSDI
Slater, Ella Augusta w/o John27 Sep 1849 11 May 19273
Sly, Glenn A.1 Oct 189325 Feb 19723
Smalley, Carl S.10 Jun 190929 Apr 19741
Smathers, Jewell13 Oct 190928 Feb 19874SSDI
Smathers, Lena Myrtle (Moore) w/o Sam G.3 Sep 188715 Apr 19724
Smathers, Sam G. M/1 Lena (Custer) M/2 Lena Myrtle (Moore) 187511 Sep 19574
Smiley, Jemima R. w/o Robert3 Feb 1848 12 Nov 19094
Smiley, Robert (Mason)17 Jul 18414 Jan 16934
Smith, Annie (O'Neal) w/o O. Denton1890 19712
Smith, Aubry Love17 Jul 191127 Feb 19765SSDI
Smith, Bert B. s/o L.O.5 May 190410 Oct 19261
Smith, Bula May w/o Henry Z.5 May 1914 13 Apr 19867
Smith, Charles Leon184923 Dec 19054
Smith, Charlie L. s/o Charles Leon
Additional Info from Cheryl George
10 Apr 18799 Feb 1961

Smith, E.P.7 Mar 18723 Dec 19401
Smith, Edwin O.13 May 192016 Feb 19735
Smith, Erastus G. (Mason) Civil War CSA14 Mar 18337 Sep 18901
Smith, Erastus G. Jr.19 Sep 186927 Sep 18721
Smith, Ernest V. s/o Willis Haywood & Myrtle M. (Ives) 2 Oct 190927 Jul 19792SSDI
Smith, Frances C. w/o Fred A.20 Jul 1906 22 Apr 19914SSDI
Smith, Fred A.16 Jun 1904Mar 19694
Smith, George Washington7 Jan 185221 Nov 19311
Smith, George Thomas16 Nov 18952 Jun 19875SSDI
Smith, Henry Z.9 Feb 19091 Nov 19907
Smith, J.F.21 Jan 18579 Jul 19271
Smith, James Dale s/o Walter C. & Jerusha J.4 Feb 192210 Aug 19332
Smith, James Elbert s/o George Washington & Sarah Iola (Peak)23 Oct 18815 Dec 19021
Smith, Jeanie M. (Askelson) w/o Robert15 Mar 194328 Feb 1990
Smith, Jerusha J. w/o Walter C.16 Dec 188224 Nov 19462
Smith, Johnnie N. (Moore) w/o Ted3 Aug 192917 Nov 19994SSDI
Smith, Kent Alan7 Jul 19646 Jan 19847
Smith, L.O.18557 Jan 19291
Smith, Lillie Catherine Caroline "Callie" (Jackson) d/o George Washington & Sarah Iola (Peak)31 Oct 188918 Feb 19824SSDI
Smith, Lyle Boyce28 Dec 190615 Apr 19732
Smith, Martha J. w/o Erastus G.18 Jul 18305 Jan 19111
Smith, Martha M. w/o J.F.5 Aug 186219 Nov 19021
Smith, Minnie (Bryson) w/o E.P.24 Dec 187413 Apr 19231
Smith, Minnie M. w/o Charlie L.
Additional Info from Cheryl George
4 Nov 188915 Sep 1969

Smith, Mollie Thomas (Barnett) d/o James Moore & Emily (Neal) w/o Dal14 Mar 18711970

Smith, Myrtle M. (Ives) w/o Willis Haywood22 Oct 18839 Jan 19623
Smith, Nora Bell (Fox) d/o Sam & Etta w/o George Thomas m/o Martha Myers26 Jul 18911 Nov 1979 5SSDI
Smith, O. Denton189019542
Smith, Orvil Ray s/o Gilbert & Rosie Jewel (Weaver) h/o Rebecca (Molz)7 May 194412 Nov 2002
Smith, Rosie Jewel (Weaver) d/o Harvey & Nettie (Smith) w/o Gilbert27 Jun 19206 Jan 2008
Smith, Russell Lee s/o Wheatley Russell & Lena (Humphreys) US Army WWII Korea6 Nov 192810 Dec 19795
Smith, Sarah Iola (Peak) w/o George Washington23 Dec 18591 Feb 19351
Smith, Shelia d/o Ted & Johnnie N. (Moore)194919504
Smith, Rev. T.J. - licensed in 185230 Mar 183126 Nov 18854
Smith, Ted Ark. S2 USNR WWII22 Jun 1922 20 Jul 19614
Smith, Velma B. (Jolley) w/o Ernest dates
Smith, Vernis L. Ark. Pvt. US Army WWII190819684
Smith, Walter C.187314 Jun 19392
Smith, Wayne s/o Ernest V. & Velma B. (Jolley)17 Jan 193919 Jan 19402
Smith, Willis Haywood s/o George Washington & Sarah Iola (Peak)11 Mar 188411 Oct 19673
Smith, Zelma (Shepherd) w/o Aubry Love29 Apr 191831 Jan 19975SSDI
Snider, Billy LaFait s/o Billy & Dianne (Masters)B & D18 Sep 19742
Snuggs, Julia A. w/o R.G.16 Mar 184025 Oct 18843
Snuggs, R.G. Civil War CSA18291900

Snyder, Evelyn (Boyce) d/o Rube T. & Lillian Laura (Hearn) w/o Harold10 Nov 19155 Feb 19925
Snyder, Harold s/o Roy C. & Mildred (Poland) - founder of AVI Feed Mills3 Apr 191521 Feb 19725
Snyder, Kenneth K. s/o Roy C. & Mildred (Poland) h/o Rachel (Manuel)8 Dec 191724 Oct 1999
Southern, B.F.31 Dec 18584 May 18961
Southern, F.L. d/o B.E. & A.J.29 Mar 188823 Mar 18961
Spears, Clifford N. "Bud" US Army s/o Leonard & Alma (Beck) h/o Joyce24 Jan 193622 Dec 2007
Spears, Leona (Jaggers)22 Oct 191017 Aug 19944SSDI
Speer, Byron s/o W.A. & Roxie25 Sep 188820 May 18893
Speer, Charley s/o W.A. & Roxie13 Jan 188617 May 18873
Spencer, Lillian L. w/o R.J.190819481
Spencer, Thomas L.192819601
Spivey, Jacob R. s/o W.H. & Martha J.1 Oct 18617 Aug 18621
Spivey, Martha J. w/o W.H.7 Mar 183430 Jun 18641
Spivey, Walter P. s/o W.H. & Martha J.B & D16 Nov 18521
Staab, Charles Edward b. KYMar 1844no date

Staab, Harry Lamar Jr. s/o Harry Lamar Sr. & Ida (Harmon)9 Jun 190317 Jul 19031
Staab, Harry Lamar Sr.187619221
Staab, Ida Hart (Harmon) w/o Harry Lamar Sr.188319241
Staab, Mary Elizabeth (Lear) w/o Charles Edward b. KY - no marker16 Mar 185621 Jan 1900

Staab, Mildred Olene Inf. d/o Harry Lamar Sr. & Ida (Harmon)no dates
Stancikas, Joseph Anthony Cpl. US Army WWII23 Aug 19162 Sep 19875
Stancikas, Nina (Bullard) d/o Britt & Ora Mae (Webb) w/o Joseph Anthony9 Dec 191820 Mar 20085SSDI
Standridge, J.M. (W of W)11 Oct 18718 Jun 19074
Stanfield, Lessye M. w/o Omer Edwin22 Apr 19007 Dec 19604
Stanfield, Rev. Omer Edwin (Mason) - Presbyterian Minister of the Gospel7 Mar 189711 Aug 19754
Starbuck, Ida1 Sep 187214 Dec 19192
Stevenson, Grace Ellen w/o James Forbes9 Sep 18728 Jun 19534
Stevenson, Harold Studley22 Dec 189220 Feb 19704
Stevenson, James Edwin 2nd Lt. US Army WWII s/o James Forbes & Grace Ellen4 Oct 189425 Jul 1980

Stevenson, James Forbes27 Jan 186924 Aug 19524
Stewart, Betty L. w/o John L. (M) 28 May 194624 Oct 192816 Aug 19854SSDI
Stewart, Hazel P. (Shepherd) d/o Charles Thomas & Lula Rebecca (Davis) w/o Roy T.26 Jan 191517 Jun 2004
Stewart, Henry Stanley22 Jan 189116 Nov 19803SSDI
Stewart, John L.8 May 1923Living4
Stewart, John R. s/o A.L. & M.E.17 May 18758 Dec 18972
Stewart, Roy T. (32nd Degree Mason) s/o George W. & Juley Ann (Johnson)14 Jan 19105 Jun 2006
Stewart, Ruby F.5 Nov 189319 Nov 19823SSDI
Stewart, Sofia M. (Eberhard)8 Jun 1917 20 Jul 19943SSDI
Stinner, Earl L.18 Feb 188915 May 18903
Stinner, Ernest C.10 Nov 189019 Sep 19453
Stinner, Henrietta16 Apr 186925 May 19303
Stinner, Peter25 Sep 186521 Mar 19263
Stinnett, Christina Paige d/o Thomas C. & Elizabeth (Woodson)29 Dec 198330 Sep 2007

Stirman, Babyno dates

Stirman, Charlieno dates

Stirman, Harveno dates

Stirman, George I.184918921
Stirman, dates

Stirman, John I.19 Aug 187821 Feb 19313
Stirman, Myrtleno dates
Stirman, Nellie (Smith) w/o George I.185119491
Stirman, Willis T. "Willie"9 Apr 18835 Feb 19333
Stratton, Milton Levi Sr.19 Jul 191123 May 19805SSDI
Strayhorn, Anna Claire22 Aug 191216 Oct 19122
Strayhorn, Daisyno dates
Strayhorn, Helen (Goans) w/o S.L. b. Green Co., MO12 Dec 184727 Feb 18752
Strayhorn, India W. w/o S.L.1 Mar 1858 13 Nov 19102
Strayhorn, Lute D.17 Oct 187815 Mar 19222
Strayhorn, Mary d/o William & S.C.24 Dec 186425 Jun 18661
Strayhorn, Mary w/o Samuel D.11 Nov 1814 22 Aug 18902
Strayhorn, Mary (Davis) d/o Samuel D. & Mary8 Sep 185324 Sep 18581
Strayhorn, Neely E. w/o Lute D.1 Mar 188112 Dec 19522
Strayhorn, S.L. Civil War CSA5 Jan 1840 10 Jan 19152
Strayhorn, Samuel D.67 yr 4 mo 1 da16 Jun 18812
Strayhorn, William C.12 yr 8 mo 27 da2 Aug 18802
Strayhorn, Willie4 yr 11 mo 11 da1 Aug 18421
Strnad, Babyno dates
Strnad (Strnadová?), Barbara (Smolik) w/o Joseph20 Dec 18652 Jun 19564
Strnad, Ernest Allen s/o Paul Joseph & Mary (Cinger)13 Jan 193817 Oct 1997

Strnad, Joseph11 Aug 186930 Nov 19494
Strnad, Mary (Cinger) w/o Paul Joseph (M) 14 Feb 193328 Nov 190719 Apr 19885 SSDI
Strnad, Paul Joseph s/o Joseph & Barbara (Smolik)25 Jan 19058 Sep 20015 SSDI
Stroh, Jack19391994 6
Stubbs, James Dalton26 Aug 1890Jan 19672SSDI
Stubbs, Mary Ellen (Hames) w/o James Dalton3 Sep 18883 Oct 19772SSDI
Sturtevant, Alice (Emery) w/o Winfred Lyle

Sturtevant, Winfred Lyle1 Jul 190713 Feb 19867SSDI
Sugg, Bernice A. w/o Henry M.28 May 1860 14 Apr 19362
Sugg, Charles Sturgis189219574
Sugg, Elmer7 Oct 18916 May 19112
Sugg, Henry M.3 Oct 18595 Apr 19182
Suggs, Betty (Wayne)19 Jan 193827 Aug 19563
Sullivan, Belle w/o J.A.26 Dec 187928 Oct 19182
Sullivan, Cynthia Jane (Tucker) w/o William Newton b. KY - no marker18361914

Sullivan, Howard B. Sgt. US Army WWII5 Jun 192028 Sep 19815SSDI
Sullivan, Pauline (Waid) w/o Howard B. m/o Charles31 Oct 191715 May 20015
Sullivan, William Newton18325 Dec 1894

Summers, Agnes Marie (Finley) d/o Stanley & Mary Jane (Wright) w/o Doyle B.12 Dec 191421 Jan 1998
Summers, Alice w/o George186817 Mar 19412
Summers, Doyle B. s/o Jasper M. & Vera Velma (Burge)6 Jun 191525 Jun 1997
Summers, George1870no date2
Summers, J.P. Ark. Pfc. US Army Air Force WWII s/o Jasper M. & Vera Velma (Burge)30 Sep 19233 Mar 19724
Summers, Jasper M. "Jap"15 Dec 188922 Aug 19394
Summers, Robert S. s/o Jasper M. & Vera Velma (Burge) 26 Nov 193110 Sep 19934
Summers, Vera Velma (Burge) w/o Jasper M.7 Jul 18928 May 19634
Sutterfield, Dorsey Farris (Mason) US Army Korea s/o Walter E. & Bertha (Farris) h/o Rebecca Faye (Morrison)21 Jun 192722 Jan 2003
Swaim, Herschel J. WWI14 May 1895Apr 19735SSDI
Swaim, Jewel Mae (Roberts) d/o Fenner Marshall & Ethel Amanda (Madison) w/o Hershel J.3 May 190524 Aug 20015
Swilley, Jennie Lyn15 Aug 19752 Nov 19916
Swilley, John Marion "Johney" s/o Frank & Mattie (Mathney) h/o Carolyn (Crow)27 Apr 192124 Feb 1998
Swilling, Jennie B. w/o Joe F.190519852
Swilling, Joe F.188419602
Swilling, John W.4 Mar 186819 Jun 19101
Swilling, Julia E. w/o B.F.184219341
Swilling, Samuel H. s/o B.F. & Julia E.11 Oct 187517 Jan 18991
Swilling, William E. s/o B.F. & Julia E.5 Dec 187223 Jan 18791
Swindall, Dr. D.D. gf/o Dixie JenningsFeb 182021 Jul 18911
Swindle, Mamie189618993
Swindle, Orval189118983
Swindle, Willie189618963
Sykes, Dr. James Donald USAF Vietnam s/o Harry & Dorothy h/o Jeanne Carol (Fortner)11 Nov 194313 Jan 2003
Tajovský, Josef188226. listopadu 19344
Tajovský, K.11. záøí 184414. èervna 19334
Tajovský, Louis Sr.Dec 188119444
Tajovský, Mate J.11. listopadu 1852 15. záøí 19154
Talley, Chris Lynn s/o David & Arlene gs/o Louie & Anna (Moudy)
Additional Info from Beth Coger
5 Feb 197218 Apr 19735
Talley, Curt s/o David & Arlene25 Jun 197416 Jun 1997

Taylor, Clyde (Carrell) d/o William W. & Grace Ardella (Shepherd) w/o Jefferson Davis30 Aug 190617 Mar 19745SSDI
Taylor, Delbert Raymond Ark. S/Sgt. US Army WWII s/o William Jennings Bryan & Millie Loucindy (Hill)17 Sep 1920 5 Feb 19754SSDI
Taylor, Ether Cleon (Payne) w/o Ira Winfield22 May 188317 Dec 19734SSDI
Taylor, George Washington Spe. US Navy WWII17 Sep 190126 Nov 19835SSDI
Taylor, Ira W. Sgt. US Army WWII s/o Young Ezekiel & Laura Ellen (Dodson)7 Sep 19179 Mar 1987 5SSDI
Taylor, Ira Winfield25 Nov 188227 Nov 19704SSDI
Taylor, Jefferson Davis s/o Young Ezekiel & Laura Ellen (Dodson)14 Feb 190511 Jul 19785SSDI
Taylor, Jesse R. s/o Young Ezekiel & Laura Ellen (Dodson)12 Feb 189428 Oct 19664SSDI
Taylor, Laura Ellen (Dodson) d/o James R.C. & Martha (Dean) w/o Young Ezekiel24 Oct 187531 Mar 19604
Taylor, Minnie Myrtle d/o Young Ezekiel & Laura Ellen (Dodson)16 Oct 189518 Dec 19734SSDI
Taylor, Myrtle (Ward) w/o Jesse R.1897 19574
Taylor, Oreta (Tilmon) w/o Delbert Raymond1925Living4
Taylor, Seni (Adney) w/o Charlesno dates

Taylor, Virginia (Whitfield) d/o Robert & Oma (Hamilton) w/o Ira W. (M) 25 Jul 194216 Dec 1925Living5
Taylor, Wilburn E. s/o Jesse R. & Myrtle (Ward)25 Aug 191526 Mar 19574
Taylor, William J. "Bill"24 Nov 193511 Apr 1999
Taylor, William Jennings Bryan s/o Young Ezekiel & Laura Ellen (Dodson)20 Oct 190118 Mar 19554
Taylor, Young Ezekiel s/o Jesse Razbald & Malissa E. (McCutcheon)28 Jul 18705 Feb 1957 4
Teasley, Frank N. III Ark. Sp. 4 US Army Vietnam26 Sep 193917 Apr 19704
Tedford, Claude M.24 Dec 188526 Jul 19534
Tedford, Elsie P. w/o Claude M.17 Nov 188812 Apr 19724
Tedford, Eric Leon s/o Sonny & Luretta (Robertson)B & D14 Aug 19714
Tedford, Garland Ottis "Slick"31 Dec 191013 Jan 19854
Thao, Thao b. Thailand h/o Phouay10 Aug 194216 Mar 1998

Thomas - flat stone, name spelled with nail heads

Thomas, Anna23 Feb 18802 Sep 19745
Thomas, Basil Clayton s/o Powell Clayton & Ivie Louisa (Wright) h/o Marlene (Swopes)4 Apr 193527 Mar 2001
Thomas, Corabelle (Peddy) d/o Willis Emmett & Edna (Blackburn) w/o Virgil2 Oct 19235 Feb 2002
Thomas, Ivie Louisa (Wright) d/o James L. & Mary (Irwin) w/o Powell Clayton5 Jan 19136 May 2005 5SSDI
Thomas, Lucretia A. Mathews w/o Ben L. (M) 1 Oct 1878 - he is buried Grace Cemetery, Yell Co.12 Feb 18347 Jun 19182
Thomas, Lucy (Howell) w/o William (M) 19 Jan 1881 4th child of Judge Haynes A. Howell16 Mar 185320 Sep 19263
Thomas, Martha12 Oct 188122 Nov 18813
Thomas, Powell Clayton17 Dec 190229 Dec 19675SSDI
Thomas, William30 Jun 18485 Feb 18833
Thompson, Buena Pearl "Bea" (Stark) d/o E.L. & Martha (LaRue) w/o Earl Sr.12 Sep 193821 Mar 2007
Thompson, Charles P.9 Oct 181325 Jul 18873
Thompson, Corinne E.27 Nov 18216 Oct 18942
Thompson, Ella G. (Woods) d/o John & M.J.17 yr 5 mo 22 da17 Jun 18742
Thompson, Harriet T. w/o C.T.28 Jun 1807 12 Feb 18893
Thompson, Inf. d/o W.E. & Ellano dates
Thompson, J.S.184919191
Thompson, Milton W.31 Jan 184527 Jun 18883
Thompson, Robert D.27 Aug 192012 Jul 19936
Thompson, Sue M. w/o J.S.186219471
Thompson, Virgil L. M/Sgt. US Air Force US Army WWII Korea 24 Aug 192119 May 19884
Thompson, W.C.189719471
Thomson, Andrew M.6 Sep 190627 Jan 19795SSDI
Thomson, Clem P.182818942
Thomson, George Lester22 Jan 190319 May 19882SSDI
Thomson, Georgia (Stansell) d/o G.W. & Bertha (House) w/o Andrew M.29 Jun 19094 Aug 19985SSDI
Thomson, Nancy E. w/o Clem P.183218912
Thomson, Winnie B. (Crow) d/o William L. & Fannie Maude (Hall) w/o George Lester19055 Apr 19912
Thone, Wanda Lee (Mashburn) d/o Roger & Zola (Crow) w/o Johnny14 Oct 192630 Sep 2002
Thornton, Ruby Edna C.189213 Jan 19382
Thurman, William Thomas74 yr4 Nov 1916

Tillman, Mildred Lois (Adams) d/o Willison & Clellie B. (Campbell) w/o William Opal6 Mar 192012 Apr 19946SSDI
Tillman, William Opal Sgt. US Army WWII1 Feb 192210 Jun 19926
Tillmon, Edgar Ark. Pvt. Btry E. 142 Field Arty. US Army WWI 24 Feb 18978 May 19662WWIR
Tillmon, Gussie V. w/o Edgar15 Feb 1902 14 Apr 19712
Tilmon, Basil Briece "Buddy" s/o Willie A. & Bertha M. (Dacus) h/o Thelma11 Mar 192013 Mar 19865SSDI
Tilmon, Bertha M. (Dacus) w/o Willie A.13 Mar 189724 Dec 19323
Tilmon, Bessie E. (Nolen) w/o Willie A.3 Nov 190416 Jan 19665
Tilmon, Billy s/o Willie A. & Bertha M. (Dacus) h/o Treva Louise (Rook)30 Mar 192830 Nov 2007
Tilmon, Cena B. (Adney) w/o Charles E.5 Mar 18736 May 19503
Tilmon, Charles E. s/o J.T. & Elizabeth J. (Cline)5 Jan 187410 Aug 19283
Tilmon, Manley s/o J.T. & Elizabeth J. (Cline)
Sep 1889

Tilmon, Mary Frances w/o Thomas Opal3 Mar 1921Living3
Tilmon, Thomas Opal12 Oct 19128 Sep 19963SSDI
Tilmon, Willie A. "Bill" s/o Charles E. & Cena B. (Adney) h/o Allie (Gandy)28 Apr 190128 Jan 1980 5SSDI
Tippin, Edwin B.186519442
Tippin, Leslie O. s/o Edwin B. & Bell (Hutchinson)25 Mar 188926 Mar 19772
Tippin, Macie (Cale) w/o Leslie O.1889 19472
Tipton, William C.6 Aug 19341 Aug 19936
Toffelmire, Margaret O. (Warren) d/o Ira Otha & Artie Grace (Moore) w/o William H.18 Nov 191916 Jul 2000
Toller, Anna w/o Joseph18652 Jan 19394
Toller, Joseph186619354
Toomer, J.W.26 Aug 184625 Dec 18804
Toomer, Martha d/o J.W. & Thresa A. (Whitney)B & D18804
Toomer, Thresa A. (Whitney) w/o J.W. (M) Sep 187145 yr22 May 18854
Torgerson, Eric Scott s/o David & Sherrie2 Oct 19897 Apr 2000
Tousky, Lewis Sgt. US Army WWII25 Dec 191330 Nov 19824SSDI
Tousky, Ora Faye w/o Lewis (M) 4 Oct 19447 Feb 1924Living4
Townsend, Ethel (Garaway) w/o James Walter8 Sep 190814 Mar 19985SSDI
Townsend, James Walter s/o Adeline (Austin)19 May 19122 Apr 19775SSDI
Tramel, Delmar s/o Robert & Cora (Virden)16 Nov 192611 Jun 1998
Tramell, Robert22 Nov 190515 Oct 19322
Tramell, Sallie187519502
Traxler, Oscar William3 Sep 19144 Aug 19943
Tucker, Ardon Glenn (Mason) s/o William Richard & Phoebe Jane (Harkey)5 Sep 190917 Nov 1965 5SSDI
Tucker, Arley Richardson R. Ark. CM 3 US Navy WWII s/o William Richardson & Phoebe Jane (Harkey)
Additional Info from Beth Coger
13 Jan 19139 Dec 19735 SSDI
Tucker, Betty Lavon (Robinson) d/o Dale J. & Ruby L. (Hubbard) w/o Truman B. Jr.5 Jun 19446 Sep 2006
Tucker, Carrie E. (Lawrence)186728 Mar 19624
Tucker, Della May (Barnett) d/o Alfred H. & Cynthia (Smith) w/o Ardon Glenn3 Jul 191220 May 20065SSDI
Tucker, Flossie L. (Garner) w/o Arley Richardson
Additional Info from Beth Coger
12 Oct 191213 Jul 19955 SSDI
Tucker, James H.190019494
Tucker, Jemmy W. s/o T.J. & Betty23 Jan 186010 Jul 18601
Tucker, Jesse Calvin "Jack" s/o Charles Clayton & Mary Josephine (Boggins)7 May 1895Oct 19675SSDI
Tucker, Lester L.4 Jan 189527 Mar 19184
Tucker, Lillie Mae (Roland) w/o Jesse Calvin26 Nov 189624 Oct 19885
Tucker, Lucille (Person) w/o Opie Reid10 Mar 1922Living2
Tucker, Lucille (Smith)26 Nov 19089 Dec 19504
Tucker, Margaret Maude (Miller) d/o Jefferson Davis & Zillah Viola Lea (Farris) w/o Sam Watson Gustavason (M) 6 Oct 19234 Feb 19015 Feb 19985SSDI
Tucker, Mattie E. w/o Dr. T.J.184326 Apr 18681
Tucker, Opie Reid s/o Dudley A. & Ida M. (Faulkner) M/1 Mary Lou (Avery) M/2 Lucille (Person)26 Dec 19137 Mar 19722
Tucker, Sam Watson Gustavason8 May 1905 28 Feb 19925
Tucker, Thomas Jefferson186430 Jul 19422
Turnbow, J.B.25 Nov 1927Living6
Turnbow, Louise G. w/o J.B. (M) 7 Oct 194912 Oct 192923 May 19916SSDI
Turnbow, Nelle Pearl (Adney) d/o Felix & Elnora (Thompson)24 Dec 19043 Jul 19885SSDI
Turner, Raymond Lee Ark. Pfc. T.T. Co. 28 Inf. US Army WWII 23 Sep 19193 Jan 19682
Undergraves, Marie Jeanette11 Oct 1906 5 Jan 19792SSDI
Undergraves, Milton S.15 Jun 190424 Apr 19782
Upton, Anita18781952 1
Upton, Edna (Cumpe)21 Oct 190521 Jun 19911
Upton, George F. Jr. Ark. SK I USNR WWII3 Sep 190918 Jun 19671
Upton, George F. Sr. - Editor & Owner Dardanelle Post Dispatch 1905-195213 Feb 18787 Nov 19671SSDI
Upton, Janelle Penelope (Lemoyne) d/o William B. & Johnnie Bell (Cunningham) w/o George F. Sr.188030 Jul 19741
Upton, Mary Belle w/o C.E.26 Feb 185528 Apr 19151
Upton, Robert Pvt. US Army WWII5 Apr 191630 Oct 19861
Upton, William Eldridge6 Jan 19077 Feb 19841SSDI
Urmston, InfantB & D18924
Urmston, InfantB & D18934
Urmston, Stanton s/o E.S. & May1898 18994
Urton, Mary Elizabeth19 Aug 1918Jul 19952
Urton, Richard Lewis15 Sep 19147 Apr 19902
Utley, Marie B. (Zessin) w/o Willie Q.2 Dec 19228 Nov 19887SSDI
Utley, Willie Q. s/o Oze L. & Emma (Henderson) M/1 Marie B. (Zessin) M/2 Ida (________)9 Nov 192427 Aug 2002
Vance, Bobbye (Bradley) d/o Robert & Gertrude (Clark)27 Feb 192612 Oct 2001
Vandiver, Cornelia Jane (Sullivan) Bristow d/o E.C. & Rebecca (Adams) M/1 William S. Bristow M/2 ---- Vandiver10 Aug 187110 Mar 19422
Vandiver, James Dixon1 Sep 19149 Dec 19901
Vandiver, Magaline (Webb) w/o James Dixon1 Aug 1923Living1
Vandiver, Rena (Hovis) d/o Jasper M. & Miriam (McKenzie) w/o William Baron187919721
Vandiver, William Baron s/o W.H. & Madora (Parish)18786 Jun 19611
Vaňourek, A.186019304
Varner, Edna R.28 Mar 188913 Oct 19372
Vaughn, Barbara d/o Roscoe A.B & D 8 May 19371
Vaughn, Bertha D.19 Nov 190821 Oct 19802SSDI
Vaughn, Bertie (Kent) w/o Robert Cleveland188519532
Vaughn, Billie Jean (McGlothin) d/o Clarence & Cora (Sawyer) w/o Joe H.17 Mar 19282 Jan 2001
Vaughn, Charles W.10 Jan 182525 Apr 19071
Vaughn, Charles W.15 Jul 187030 Oct 19391
Vaughn, Dogan Frederick30 Mar 190111 Nov 19553
Vaughn, Earl Hubert s/o Robert Cleveland & Bertie (Kent) M/1 Velma L. (Dodson) M/2 Louise (Corley)24 Sep 19084 Feb 20045SSDI
Vaughn, Fannie Sue w/o Roscoe A. (M) 1 Jul 193625 Oct 191618 Nov 19905SSDI
Vaughn, Francis (Tidwell) d/o Anderson & Mary w/o Jarrett20 Jun 182721 Mar 18721
Vaughn, Frank B. s/o Charles W. & Lila (Farmer)15 Dec 19061 Jun 19211
Vaughn, George Allen15 Nov 191422 Jan 19514
Vaughn, Harry17 Jul 188112 Sep 19052
Vaughn, Inf. s/o Joe H. & Billie Jean (McGlothin)B & D28 Feb 19613
Vaughn, Jess J. s/o William Jerry & Savannah (Farmer)18875 Mar 19611
Vaughn, Joe H.4 Apr 192331 Jul 19703
Vaughn, John s/o John Owen & Lucy Ann (Furr)13 Sep 189624 Feb 19102
Vaughn, John Owen9 Oct 18664 Jan 19412
Vaughn, Lavada Elizabeth "Vay" (Smith) d/o George Washington & Sarah Iola (Peak) w/o Rubin18 Jun 189510 Mar 19574
Vaughn, Lila (Farmer) w/o Charles W.29 Jan 187216 Nov 19321
Vaughn, Lola (Harkey) d/o Joseph H. & Rosalie (Gaydon) w/o Dogan Frederick21 Aug 18992 Dec 19763SSDI
Vaughn, Lucy Ann (Furr) w/o John Owen1 Oct 187710 Dec 19372
Vaughn, Lula J. (Kent) d/o James Henry & Elizabeth (Boatman) w/o Jess J.188917 May 19641
Vaughn, Neel S. s/o Charles & Mary J.14 May 187816 Nov 18851
Vaughn, Octa10 Dec 190212 May 19792SSDI
Vaughn, Ollie P. w/o Harry21 Jun 188111 Feb 19442
Vaughn, Orlan James Ark. S/Sgt. 8 US Air Force A.M. & O.L.C. WWII16 Dec 19108 Aug 19695
Vaughn, Robert Cleveland "Bob"188519642
Vaughn, Roscoe A.4 Feb 191325 Nov 19875SSDI
Vaughn, Rubin "Rube"15 Sep 188728 Apr 19784SSDI
Vaughn, Ruby s/o John Owen & Lucy Ann (Furr)23 Aug 189824 Oct 19102
Vaughn, Sarah Savannah (Farmer) w/o William Jerry (M) 12 Sep 188022 Jun 18605 Mar 19271
Vaughn, Stephen B. s/o Lawrence Jr. & Cheryl Lynn (Terry)18 May 19856 Jan 2007
Vaughn, Veatress d/o William Jerry & Sarah Savannah (Farmer)--3 Feb 18991
Vaughn, Velma L. (Dodson) w/o Earl Hubert19 Dec 190814 Nov 19845SSDI
Vaughn, William Jerry9 Oct 18607 Feb 19571
Vaughn, Willis b/o Jarrettno marker

Veazey, Eolian Inf./o Robert & Mollie20 Oct 18732 Nov 18731
Veazey, George L.28 Oct 186627 Mar 19463
Veazey, Mary Virginia (Mephanm) w/o William R. (M) Dec 1879 b. St. Louis, MO6 Nov 18589 May 1925 4
Veazey, Minnie L.187619443
Veazey, Ray s/o Robert & Mollie30 Jun 188114 Aug 18821
Veazey, Robert (Mason) Civil War CSA16 Jan 182919 Jan 19001
Veazey, Susan A. w/o Robert11 Jul 1831 1 May 18711
Veazey, William R.21 Feb 185723 Apr 18944
Vernan, Henry (Mason) Hot Spur Lodge #1167 NU England----6 Jul 19061
Veselá, Barbora w/o Jan Veselý - odpoèívej ve svatém pokoji - on top of monument MATKA and above name zde odpoèíva24. kvìtna 18535. ledna 19282
Veselá, Josenarozena 2. prosince 1838zemřela 10. listopadu 19092
Veselá, Josefa183929. øíjna 19074
Veselý, Antonín2. února 186728. února 19252
Veselý, Antonín s/o J.M.8. èervence 189319. srpna 18933
Veselý, Frantilka s/o J.M.10. øíjna 19144. bøezna 19173
Veselý (Veselá?), Matka Frantiska15. èervna 184415. bøezna 18814
Veselý, Jan - odpoèívej ve pokoji - on top of monument OTEC1. listopadu 184331. bøezna 19102
Veselý, Johan18767. øíjna 19094
Veselý, Little Johnno dates
Veselý, Josef7. èervence 1865 24. èervna 19342
Veselý, Joseph18. ledna 183922. února 19212
Veselý, Joseph186518. bøezna 18864
Veselý, Karel4. dubna 190112. dubna 19012
Veselý (Veselá?), Marie w/o Josef20. ledna 187110. srpna 19532
Veselý, Václav183919. února 19234
Veselý, Václav f/o Bill Wesley21. bøezna 187128. bøezna 19102
Veselý, Václav s/o J.M.5. bøezna 18966. øíjna 18973
Vestal, Margaret E. (Turner) d/o John D. Sr. & Jessie (Moore) w/o John Ed4 Nov 19339 Jan 2005
Větrovský (Větrovská?), Anna w/o Anton J.14 Oct 189923 Aug 19845
Větrovský, Anton (Antonín?) J.10 Feb 1896Mar 19865
Vodrážka, Adolph Sr.25 Jan 190030 Oct 19837
Vodrážka (Vodrážková?), Annie w/o Van1 Oct 187215 Jun 19343
Vodrážka (Vodrážková?), Bessie (Pfeifer) w/o Adolph Sr. (M) 1 Nov 192510 Sep 19007 Dec 19847
Vodrážka, Frank Max24 Jan 1933 7 Jul 19917
Vodrážka, Frantisek "Frank" s/o Václava & Anny - on other side of this monument is Frank with names & dates in English 17. prosince 19035. listopadu 19243
Vodrážka, George Joseph
Additional info from Judith M. Vogel
16 Oct 191021 Mar 19895SSDI
Vodrážka (Vodrážková?), Gladys w/o Van8 Nov 19175 Oct 19965SSDI
Vodrážka (Vodrážková?), Lillian M. w/o George Joseph (M) 2 Sep 19344 Feb 1911Living5
Vodrážka, Sybil M. (Emberson) d/o Monroe Daniel & Naomi Ludina (Witt) w/o Frank Max (M) 8 Feb 195820 May 19398 May 20047SSDI
Vodrážka, Van10 Dec 18718 Feb 19503
Vodrážka, Van Jr.19 Feb 1911 16 Aug 19895SSDI
Waddell, Jean N. (Beal) d/o Julius & Theo (McMinn) w/o Wesley L. Sr. (M) 194813 Apr 192818 Mar 20067SSDI
Waddell, Mary Ollie (Gootee)24 Feb 1905 28 Dec 19877
Waddell, Wesley L.2 May 192421 Jun 19937
Wade, John Carl23 Apr 191530 Nov 2000
Waid, Earnest Ray s/o Henry Oscar & Norma (Havens) h/o Vorene (Taylor)1 Oct 191226 Sep 2001
Waid, Vorene (Taylor) d/o Henry Jackson & Ada Alma (Green) w/o Earnest Ray16 May 19147 Aug 2006
Waid, Wendell Ray s/o Earnest Ray & Vorene (Taylor) h/o Anita (Sloss)13 Apr 194031 Dec 2004
Waider, Charles E.9 Jan 187319 Jun 19513
Walden, Edgar W. s/o J.T. & Neva (Brown)20 Oct 188928 Nov 18984
Walden, J.T. (W of W)30 Jul 187118 Nov 19104
Walden, Minnie I. d/o J.T. & Neva (Brown)6 Aug 190612 Jul 19074
Walden, N.C. w/o W.M.29 Oct 184531 Aug 18974
Walden, Neva (Brown) w/o J.T.187619504
Walden, R.L. s/o W.M. & N.C.22 Jul 18666 Mar 18884
Walden, W.M.183725 Nov 18854
Walker, Allen "Pud" SFC US Army WWII15 Aug 191321 Apr 19795
Walker, Alton s/o Amos Jackson & Martha Louisa (George) 26 Jan 191112 Oct 1997
Walker, Artie Leigh23 Jan 18846 Jan 19504
Walker, Austin A. SFC US Army WWII15 Feb 19144 Feb 19775SSDI
Walker, Cordell (Lievsay) d/o James M. & Hattie (Burt) w/o Austin A. (M) 22 Dec 19345 Apr 191418 Nov 19985SSDI
Walker, Inf. d/o N.O. & L.B & D Sep 19013
Walker, Jack US Army WWII Korea Vietnam s/o Amos Jackson & Martha Louisa (George) h/o Jessie (Reed)18 Feb 192429 Jul 2002
Walker, James Jackson1 Oct 18698 Dec 19584
Walker, John E.28 Aug 184530 Mar 18934
Walker, Lamar (Mason)21 Aug 188425 Oct 19664
Walker, Lillie Jones w/o M.P. (M) 14 Nov 190011 Jan 187918 Sep 19013
Walker, Linnie (Hawkins) w/o James Jackson8 Aug 18768 Nov 19544
Walker, Mary Elnora11 Nov 18445 Jul 19204
Walker, Ruby D. (Garner) w/o Allen18 Apr 192314 Oct 19995SSDI
Wall, M.E. (Crawford) d/o W. & P.K. w/o W.P.2 Feb 184710 Feb 18741
Waller, Eugene h/o Mary (Klober)190728 Jun 19634
Waller, Noble Eugene s/o Eugene & Mary (Klober) h/o Betty (Brown)193928 Jun 19634
Wallis, James W. "Jimmy"28 Apr 191015 Aug 19921SSDI
Ward, Daisy D. w/o Ray O.2 May 1911Living6
Ward, Danny R. s/o Opal Ray & Laverne (Drewery) h/o Sue 27 Feb 19561 Oct 1997
Ward, David H. s/o Harold Smith & Eva Beatrice (Baker) 16 Jun 195222 Jan 2004
Ward, Earl R. s/o James Rufus & Sinie E. (Todd)12 Jun 191227 Apr 19865 SSDI
Ward, Emily A. (Campbell) w/o Earl R. m/o Charles & Janet10 Aug 191325 May 19985SSDI
Ward, Florence (McKenzie) 1st w/o Andy - she & infant twins are buried together----19411
Ward, James Rufus s/o James P. & Susan Adline (Campbell) 28 Sep 187923 Dec 19705SSDI
Ward, Judea Mae (Taylor) b. Rest Haven Cemetery, Russellville, AR17 Dec 189722 Jun 1987

Ward, Neal26 Sep 191830 Apr 19755
Ward, Nellie w/o Norman E.3 Jun 19169 Jan 1998
Ward, Norman E. s/o James Rufus & Sinie E. (Todd)18 Feb 19108 Jun 2001
Ward, Ray O.2 Jan 19054 Nov 19216
Ward, Sinie E. (Todd) w/o James Rufus20 Aug 18833 Feb 19705
Warren, Artie Grace (Moore) w/o Ira Otha189319722
Warren, Claudine26 Dec 19172 Jan 19844SSDI
Warren, Dorothy (McKenzie)21 Jul 190224 Aug 19921
Warren, Ira Otha31 Jul 188722 Mar 19852SSDI
Warren, Lora L. (Brown) d/o Emmitt & Lucielle w/o John R18 Jan 1973/td>23 Jan 2008
Warren, Robert Ewing "Reedy" h/o Mozelle (McCray)17 Apr 19134 Dec 2002
Warren, Stanley Vernon s/o Joe & Gladys (Musgrove) h/o Mary Jane (Lewallen)1 Jun 194831 Jan 1998
Warren, Wendy LeeB & D3 Aug 19582
Warren, William W. S/Sgt. US Army11 Jun 19157 Mar 19924SSDI
Watkins, Gussie Mae (Taylor) d/o Ira W. & Ether Cleon (Payne) w/o Harold30 Oct 19149 Dec 19915
Watkins, Harold "Becky" s/o Willie & Ethel15 Mar 19108 Nov 19765SSDI
Watson, Charles Lee6 Sep 19313 Jan 1984
Watson, Eddie C.8 Feb 188417 Mar 18841
Watson, Eva C. (Fryar) w/o Ivan J. (M) 24 Nov 19274 Apr 191320 Sep 19817 SSDI
Watson, Ivan J.14 Aug 190510 Nov 19937SSDI
Watson, Tucker Joe Scott s/o Jeffrey Scott & Jessica Michelle (Tucker)27 Apr 20016 May 2001

Watt, Dorris (Grey) w/o Pete native of Ft. Scott, KS19319 May 19805
Wayne, Gertie w/o Matt C.12 Oct 190119 Apr 19853
Wayne, Matt C.16 Aug 19005 Nov 19903
Weaver, Bobby Dale3 Jul 195027 Jun 19945SSDI
Weaver, Brenda J. w/o B.D.22 Jun 1951Living5
Weaver, Jimmy W. s/o Joseph Brooks & Margie Leona (Floyd) h/o Pat8 Aug 19428 Jun 2001
Webb, Edna Mae12 Mar 1901Jan 19725SSDI
Webb, M.V.2 Nov 186116 Feb 18921
Webb, Thomas B.23 yr 3 mo 6 da8 Jul 18851
Weber, David Charles US Air Force s/o Wayne & Lenora (Schliesman) h/o Debbie26 Dec 19494 Jun 2005
Webster, Jimmy Don29 Jan 19606 Oct 19815
Wedge, Margie Louise (Osburn) d/o Earnest & Sarah (Wedge) w/o Noah L.2 Apr 19407 Nov 2005
Weisinger, Leo O.189419534
Welch, Clark W.63 yrs24 Oct 18914
Wells, Brian Ray s/o Wallace Ray & Corelia (Adaire)18 Nov 195919 Jun 19865
Wells, Cora Rachel (Ewton) d/o Houston & Mary w/o Jack 28 Apr 190717 Oct 19795SSDI
Wells, Elizabeth S.28 Aug 190018 Oct 19733
Wells, Horace M.23 Aug 19113 Jun 19474
Wells, Inf. s/o JackB & DJul 19265
Wells, Jack Ark. Pvt. Co. D 2nd Inf. Tng. Reg. US Army WWI 21 Feb 189717 Jul 19535WWIR
Wells, Prather N.24 Jan 189329 Sep 19643
Wells, Sarah Florence4 Jul 18878 Mar 19181
Wells, Wallace Ray s/o Benjamin Wallace & Kathleen (Thompson) h/o Corelia (Adaire)8 Aug 19357 Mar 1999
Wesley, Alice w/o Van A.22 Jan 190919 Nov 19925
Wesley, Anna "Annie" w/o Antonín18704 Jan 19452
Wesley, Anna d/o Van Jr. & Vlasta (Procházka)191319452
Wesley, Anna E. (Mašek) d/o Frank & Olga (Sevic) w/o Bill (M) 27 Oct 193719 Sep 191715 Oct 20012SSDI
Wesley, Annie (Pheifer) w/o Antone1876 19572
Wesley, Annie w/o Van6 Jun 187812 Feb 19522
Wesley, Anton19 Apr 190231 Jul 19792SSDI
Wesley, Antone Bernard5 Feb 1909Oct 19772SSDI
Wesley, Bessie A. d/o Antone & Annie (Pheifer)15 Jan 18982 Dec 19912
Wesley, Bessie E. d/o Joseph & Mary (Mashek) s/o Van P. 20 Apr 191030 Dec 20002SSDI
Wesley, Bessie Josephine190719622
Wesley, Bill b/o Hugh & Henry30 Jul 191023 Nov 19762SSDI
Wesley, C. Van23 Sep 18765 Feb 19532
Wesley, Cena18681947 2
Wesley, Charles E. s/o Edward Edwin & Pauline (Cinger) 31 Oct 19189 Apr 19192
Wesley, Charles E. s/o Van A. h/o Jeannie (McCullock)25 Jul 193717 Dec 19805
Wesley, Charlie Ark. Cpl. Co. A 934 Signal Bn. WWII27 May 190929 Jan 19722 SSDI
Wesley, Clement4 Sep 191814 Oct 19182
Wesley, Edward Edwin9 Oct 189115 Sep 19872SSDI
Wesley, Elena L. (McQuire) Miller d/o Horace & Margaret Ella (Campbell) M/1 Ruel Miller M/2 Robert A. Wesley16 Aug 191011 Feb 2001
Wesley, Elmer Buck Cpl. US Army WWII19 Nov 19177 Oct 19782
Wesley, Fannie Mae w/o Joe Henry22 Feb 190623 Apr 19969SSDI
Wesley, Frank186719422
Wesley, Frank E.9 Dec 1902Aug 19634
Wesley, Frank T.29 Sep 18795 Aug 19592
Wesley, George J.12 Dec 191022 Apr 19652
Wesley, Helen w/o Hugh Martin11 Nov 1904 28 Apr 19352
Wesley, Hobart30 Jun 190725 Sep 19382
Wesley, Hugh Martin10 Nov 190012 Feb 19852SSDI
Wesley, Jenny188119632
Wesley, Jerry L. s/o Jimmie R. & Frances (Brabec)3 Aug 19533 Apr 19942
Wesley, Jimmie R. s/o Van Jr. & Vlasta (Procházka) h/o Frances (Brabec)4 Oct 191516 Dec 1997
Wesley, Joe Ark. Pfc. US Army WWII20 Nov 191524 Nov 19742
Wesley, Joe F.13 Sep 189919 Mar 19662SSDI
Wesley, Joe Henry25 Jan 189819 Jan 19624
Wesley, Josephin6 May 190915 Mar 19974SSDI
Wesley, Josephine19 Mar 18833 Nov 19542
Wesley, Josephine E. w/o Van P.6 Mar 1900Jan 19902SSDI
Wesley, Leo Joe s/o Joe Henry & Fannie Mae23 May 19351 Jan 19364
Wesley, Mary18921930 2
Wesley, Mayrue D. (Holland) d/o Stacker w/o Van3 Jan 191716 Jan 19975SSDI
Wesley, Pauline (Cinger) w/o Edward Edwin6 Jun 18971 Sep 19752SSDI
Wesley, Pauline A. (Pfeifer) w/o Joe F.4 Mar 19025 Jan 19852SSDI
Wesley, Robert A. s/o Edward Edwin & Pauline (Cinger) 3 Sep 192030 Oct 2002
Wesley, Rudolph "Rudy" Ark. Pvt. US Army WWII3 Sep 190429 Jan 19722SSDI
Wesley, Václav s/o Van Jr. & Vlasta (Procházka)narozen 1. srpna 1907zemřel 11. srpna 19074
Wesley, Van5 Sep 190629 Oct 19855SSDI
Wesley, Van A.190119845
Wesley, Van Jr.187819552
Wesley, Van P. s/o Joseph & Mary (Mashek)18 Sep 19075 Feb 19962SSDI
Wesley, Vlasta (Procházka) w/o Van Jr.6 Feb 188615 Oct 19692SSDI
Wesley, Will18711910 2
West, Ben F.10 Jul 18616 Feb 19372
West, Douglas E.20 Sep 188727 May 19352
West, Rex A. s/o Ben F. & Sallie N. (Thompson)10 Feb 188528 Nov 19462
West, Sallie N. (Thompson) w/o Ben F. (M) 4 Oct 188214 Jul 186219 Apr 19172
Westlake, Bessie d/o J.J. & Emma L.17 Feb 189510 Mar 18954
Westlake, Emma L. w/o J.J.6 Jun 187516 Mar 18994
Westlake, Ralph s/o W.D. & Fanny27 Dec 18948 Jan 18953
Westlake, Robert H.22 Nov 187313 Aug 18983
Wheeler, Alex Woodrow Pvt. US Army WWII22 Jan 19209 Oct 19834SSDI
Wheeler, Elda Mae (Taylor) d/o William Jennings Bryan & Millie Loucindy (Hill) w/o Alex Woodrow (M) 15 Mar 19247 Apr 19244 Apr 20034SSDI
Wheeler, Katie M. (Smith) w/o Thurman L.20 Mar 191522 Oct 19754
Wheeler, Thurman L.7 Oct 191631 Jan 20004
White, Irene Ruth (Morgan) w/o M.L.5 Nov 192228 Dec 19926SSDI
White, John L. s/o Silas C. & Martha A.31 Mar 18499 Dec 1880

White, Lue Tishia w/o William19 Feb 1923 23 Sep 19906SSDI
White, M.L. (32nd Degree Mason) WWII s/o James Madison & Iva Francies (Gilbreath)15 Feb 19189 May 20056SSDI
White, Martha A. w/o Silas C.10 Jul 1819 2 Apr 19142
White, Nancy Ann7 Dec 193727 Sep 19884
White, Nannie E.22 Feb 186122 Feb 19052
White, Samuel C.36 yr 10 mo28 Jul 18912
White, Silas C.17 Sep 180829 Jan 18852
White, Susan E. d/o William & Lue Tishia5 Apr 195427 Jul 19906
Whitecotton, David1 Oct 189923 Dec 19583
Whittlesey, F.V. b. Winconnes, IN4 Nov 18516 Aug 1902

Wieser, Florence w/o Frank H.18 Nov 1879 29 Dec 19414
Wieser, Frank H.19 Oct 187629 Jul 19204
Wieser, Glenn E.13 Nov 19063 Oct 19874
Wieser, Herman s/o L. & Sophia3 May 188230 Sep 19303
Wieser, L.4 Dec 18374 Oct 19163
Wieser, Lacy19051953 3
Wieser, Ruby19051937 3
Wieser, Sophia w/o L. b. Germany185122 Dec 19143
Wieser, William L.27 May 191323 Nov 19334
Wiley, John E. "Bob"8 Aug 1886Feb 19655
Wiley, Judith (McCray) d/o Johnny & Odelle22 Oct 194028 Jan 19925
Wiley, Sue (Patton) d/o Franklin & Martha w/o Dr. J.H. 31 Mar 185326 Sep 18873
Wilkins, Charles F. Th.M.15 Jun 189011 Oct 19695
Wilkins, Charles F. Jr. US Army WWII 2nd Inf. Reg of 5th Inf. Div. 3rd Army s/o Charles F. & Evie (Elder) h/o Joyce Aileen (Brown) (M) 194516 Mar 19214 Feb 2007
Wilkins, Evie (Elder) w/o Charles F.22 Nov 18986 Dec 19935
Williams, Brian Keith s/o Garland & Betty (Morgan)27 Aug 19663 Apr 2004
Williams, George (Mason)1 Jan 181927 Apr 18661
Williams, Jack14 Oct 186618 Oct 19031
Williams, James Leonard191019572
Williams, Josie (Balloun)189019334
Williams, Lem9 Apr 188319 Nov 18832
Williams, dates
Williams, Martha Beatrice "Bea" (Reppond) d/o Tommy & Marcie Myrtle (Level)
Additional Info from Stacie Ford
29 Aug 193215 May 1999
Williams, Martha Maie---14 May 19641
Williams, Mary J. w/o Ruel10 Jul 18493 May 19131
Williams, Rhoda Ann (Annis) d/o Rev. J.B. w/o George - J.H. Brearley gave him land 1842 & he moved his goods from Norristown to Dardanelle182721 Nov 18521
Williams, Ruel1 Apr 18448 Dec 18811
Williams, Waino F. WWI b. Finland came to America age 124 Oct 18934 Jan 19785SSDI
Willis, Mildred Marie (Farnam) w/o Walter Coy (M) 19 Oct 192913 Jan 19122 Aug 19845SSDI
Willis, Oscar O. s/o George Henry & Nora Dell (Craig)29 Aug 191428 Mar 19925
Willis, Verena M. (Cain) d/o James Emmitt & Minnie F. (Webb) w/o Oscar O.25 May 19138 Dec 1997 5SSDI
Willis, Walter Coy s/o George Henry & Nora Dell (Craig) 22 Oct 190811 Apr 19985SSDI
Willock, George Luther30 May 189116 Feb 19582
Willock, Ruby (Keilch) w/o George Luther17 Apr 189224 Mar 19702
Willson, Dr. Curtis Reed b. Sevierville, TN Civil War CSA17 Mar 182816 Jan 19133
Willson, Helene188818893
Willson, James Alexander s/o Curtis Reed11 Jul 18601 Jun 19144
Willson, John Nathan18621886

Willson, Mary Allman184218693
Willson, Maurice Elbert188818883
Willson, Minnie (McElwee)7 Dec 18646 May 19434
Willson, Robert Dickson18681886

Willson, Thomas Adam18661882

Wilson, Ann (Klober) w/o Lester E.26 Oct 1912Dec 19944SSDI
Wilson, Charles Leroy s/o Johnny & Effie (Honeycutt) h/o Rebecca Jane (Phillips)1 Oct 19255 Feb 2004
Wilson, Edmund9 Nov 18925 Jan 19184
Wilson, Frank26 Sep 18708 May 19023
Wilson, J.A.3 Jun 182424 May 18963
Wilson, Jane8 Jun 179922 Jul 18813
Wilson, Joe B. s/o J.A. & Betty26 yr 9 mo26 Aug 19003
Wilson, John b. Sevier Co., TN Professed Christianity & joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1823; died in faith a member in Pope Co., AR1 Oct 179110 Oct 18523
Wilson, Joyce28 Mar 18946 Mar 19144
Wilson, Lester E. M/Sgt. US Army WWII16 Sep 19171 Nov 19894SSDI
Wilson, Lou23 Aug 186026 Sep 19174
Wilson, R.B. Jr.9 Apr 191923 Jun 19885SSDI
Wilson, Robert H. s/o J.A. & Betty23 yr 6 mo9 Mar 18993
Wilson, Violet L. w/o R.B. Jr.7 Jan 1925 24 Nov 19785SSDI
Winters, Amos A. Jr. Pfc. US Army Vietnam26 Dec 194830 Oct 19917
Winters, Sally A. w/o Amos A.5 May 1957 Living7
Wirt, Anna E. w/o G.L.184619431
Wirt, Anna Irene23 Aug 190820 Jul 19901
Wirt, Ben F. s/o G.L.187319611
Wirt, Ben J. s/o Ben L. & Irene M.10 mo 6 da12 Mar 19121
Wirt, Judge G.L. (Mason) Civil War CSA Co. F 1st AL Inf. Wilcox's Brigade2 Nov 184415 Jul 19151CPF
Wirt, Irene M. w/o Ben L.188819581
Wirt, Kitty G.191219311
Wirt, Selwyn----17 Feb 19121
Wirzfeld, Nicholas John10 Nov 18852 Sep 19594
Wise, Ellen (Robinson) w/o Harold Gordon6 Oct 192013 Mar 19932
Wise, Harold Gordon2 Feb 190518 Apr 19932
Wishard, Clifford Maywood s/o Robert W. & Permelia (Rayburn)
Additional Information by Kenneth Preston Bradley
20 Mar 187021 Jan 18731
Wishard, Ernest s/o Robert W. & Permelia (Rayburn)
Additional Information by Kenneth Preston Bradley
Wishard, Ethel Grace d/o Robert W. & Permelia (Rayburn)
Additional Information by Kenneth Preston Bradley
1 Dec 18748 Jul 18791
Wishard, Permelia (Rayburn) w/o Robert W. - no marker
Additional Information by Kenneth Preston Bradley
no dates
Wishard, Robert W.
Additional Information by Kenneth Preston Bradley
22 May 18425 Jul 18751
Witt, Lura L.12 Nov 196227 Jul 19895
Witt, Verene (McKinney) d/o William H. & Nona (Luman) w/o James Madison23 Dec 191222 Aug 2002
Wood, Bernice (Masters) d/o W.W. & Nan191519402
Wood, Charles R. s/o John & Mary J. (Cole)31 yr 8 mo 18 da7 Mar 18712
Wood, George W.5 Dec 185413 Nov 19184
Wood, Kate w/o George W.8 May 18583 Dec 19194
Wood, Willie May d/o George W. & Kate12 Dec 18887 Oct 18924
Woods, Mary J. (Cole) w/o John9 Jul 1819 11 Jan 18992
Woodson, Billy Brannar24 Sep 19291 Jul 19861
Woodson, J.C.26 Aug 188917 Sep 19651
Woodson, Patricia Ann (Rossi) w/o Billy Brannar25 Mar 1930Living1
Woodson, Phillip Carl h/o Darlene (Konkel)20 May 194716 Jan 19791
Woodson, Ruby (White) w/o J.C.8 Sep 1894 1 Apr 19681SSDI
Woodson, Sarah Ruth d/o Billy Brannar & Patricia Ann (Rossi)31 Aug 196019 Oct 19761
Wootton, Connie M. (Owens) d/o Bedford & Bertha (Anderson) w/o Samuel4 Feb 193825 Jan 2004
Wootton, Samuel A. s/o Tandy & Rebecca (Sebourn)7 Dec 19382 Dec 2003
Word, Janet Gertrude (Petillo) d/o John Wesley & Lucy Ann Elizabeth (Evans) w/o James E.24 Dec 19018 Jul 1981

Worley, Zillah Jane "Jennie" (Brinson) d/o John Quincy & Agnes Jane (Scarlett) w/o Elbert Richard28 Jul 187225 Jan 19492
Wright, Lela M.2 Mar 1882Jul 19723SSDI
Wright, Thomas A.2 Jan 1882Sep 19793SSDI
Yates, Sharon Louise "Sherrie" (Bennington) d/o Ramey Ellis & Laura (Piper) w/o Kyle7 Sep 194321 Feb 2004
Yendrek, Andrew J. Ark Cpl. Co. B 346 Inf. US Army WWI18 Oct 18947 Apr 19652 WWIR
Yendrek, Bobby Joe s/o John E. & Jewel16 Jun 193110 Oct 19392
Yendrek, Gus Marvin Ark. Sgt. US Army WWI25 Mar 18969 Aug 19725WWIR SSDI
Yendrek, Hazel K.190119695
Yendrek, Inf. d/o Joseph & RoseB & D18992
Yendrek, John E.18 May 189330 Jan 19382
Yendrek, Joseph23 Dec 18609 Mar 19392
Yendrek, Rose "Rosie" w/o Joseph27 Jul 18676 Mar 19422
Young, Betty w/o Sherman27 Apr 192918 Aug 2007
Young, Sherman US Navy s/o James A. & Bessie (Cornelius)13 Dec 19293 Jan 2007
Yulinek (Julínek?), Anton (Antonín?)188119512
Zeller, Aylmer Perry13 Mar 188526 Dec 19551
Zeller, John A.11 Sep 1883Feb 19691
Zimmer, Elizabeth Ann (Barnett) w/o Robert C.23 May 19492 Sep 19936SSDI
Zimmer, Robert C. USAF Vietnam s/o Clem & Elizabeth (Rotert) M/1 Elizabeth Ann (Barnett) M/2 Kathy (Gray)19 Nov 1944 30 May 2000
Zipp, Audie A. (Dacus) w/o Benedict Carl12 Jan 191122 Nov 19933SSDI
Zipp, Benedict Carl "Ben" s/o John & Josephine (Sawerer) 19 Apr 19091 Sep 20023SSDI
Zoubek (Zoubková?), Elizabeth w/o J.F.6 May 18614 May 19052
Zoubek, J.R. s/o J.F. & Elizabeth29 Apr 188725 Jan 19062

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