Birta Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Updated Directions! from Linda Miller

From Ola take Highway 10 East to Birta. Turn left onto Santa Fe Ridge (has road sign there). Also there is a big sign that says Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church. Go to Pleasant Ridge Road and turn right. You can see the cemetery as you turn. The cemetery is on the right on Pleasant Ridge Road.

Copied and updated 25 June 1992 by Cornelia and Lee Ann Daniels. Originally typed Jul 1992 by Ellen Moudy. Decoration Day is the 2nd Sunday in May.

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Directors of Birta Cemetery
Photos courtesy of Linda Miller

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Abernathy, Berniece d/o Oscar Lark & Ella Frances (Shull)22 Jun 191117 Oct 2004SSDI
Abernathy, Charles Oscar s/o Fred & Eva18 Sep 194425 Sep 1945
Abernathy, Chester Lee h/o Valerie (Roberson)23 Feb 1999SSDI
Abernathy, Ella Frances (Shull) w/o Oscar Lark7 Sep 189021 May 1973SSDI
Abernathy, Eva w/o Fred5 Feb 1921Nov 1992SSDI
Abernathy, Fred S2 US Navy WWII s/o Oscar Lark & Ella Frances (Shull)11 Aug 19199 May 1987SSDI
Abernathy, Harold W. s/o Oscar Lark & Ella Frances (Shull)14 May 191624 May 1976
Abernathy, J.L.14 Apr 19185 Jun 1961SSDI
Abernathy, Jesse10 Jan 188610 Feb 1968SSDI
Abernathy, John Opal23 Oct 19085 Dec 1983SSDI
Abernathy, Julia Ann d/o Willie A. & Margaret A.B & D3 May 1959
Abernathy, Justin US Navy WWII s/o Oscar Lark & Ella Frances (Shull)22 Nov 191316 Aug 1986SSDI
Abernathy, L.A.7 Apr 185026 Oct 1902
Abernathy, Margaret A. w/o Willie A. (M) 17 Jan 1947 m/o Willie Ann, Linda Ree, Chester Lee, Mary Agnes, & Julia Ann7 Nov 1928Living
Abernathy, Marie w/o Virgil26 Oct 1916 8 Aug 1988SSDI
Abernathy, Melvin L.18907 Jan 1939
Abernathy, Minnie (George) d/o John E. & Sintha Jane (Price) w/o Jesse6 Jul 18818 Jul 1968
Abernathy, Nancy Ethel w/o S.M.20 Nov 188917 Feb 1917
Abernathy, Oscar Lark22 Sep 188317 Oct 1975SSDI
Abernathy, Samuel Marion17 Jan 188227 Feb 1972SSDI
Abernathy, Virgil s/o Jesse & Minnie (George)5 Mar 191226 Jul 1986SSDI
Abernathy, Willie A. s/o Jesse & Minnie (George)19 Sep 191410 Oct 1983SSDI
Adams, Audra E. w/o Thurman E.9 Oct 1899 7 Jul 1980SSDI
Adams, Thurman E.7 Jan 190028 Jan 1972
Akers, Isaac Ernest (Mason)187822 Sep 1965
Akers, Lula A. w/o Isaac Ernest18911960
Aldridge, Maude w/o William20 Jan 1902 Living
Aldridge, William24 Dec 190326 Jan 1931
Alfred, Virgie Ellen12 May 191211 Oct 1988SSDI
Alexander, Emmitt A.31 Mar 190621 Nov 1970SSDI
Alexander, Jessie Lee25 Aug 190624 Aug 1977SSDI
Alexander, Leon A. "Cotton" US Army s/o Emmitt A. & Wilma M. (Rogers) h/o Jane (M) 29 Nov 19588 Dec 193316 Oct 2007SSDI
Alexander, Wilma M. (Rogers) w/o Emmitt A.18 Jul 1910Dec 1995SSDI
Allen, Bertha Belle (Sanders) M/1 Grover Alverson M/2 Thomas M. Allen d/o Alfred & Carrie (Lowrance)15 Jun 190511 Aug 2001SSDI
Allen, Floyd "Ted"27 Sep 19033 Jun 1979SSDI
Allen, James P. PFC US Army WWII3 Dec 192428 Aug 1991SSDI
Allen, Margaret Edith w/o Floyd3 Sep 1904Mar 1989SSDI
Allen, Martha V. (Dunn) w/o James P.5 Sep 192121 Sep 1988SSDI
Allen, Reuben Andrew "Bud" Ark. Sp 4 US Army WWII16 Jan 193013 Jan 1969
Allen, Thomas Murphy Pvt. Ark. 87 Div. WWI14 Nov 189316 Feb 1971
Alverson, Cleveland14 Jun 19302 May 1995
Alverson, Dorothy M. w/o Cleveland (M) 30 Oct 194731 Mar 19337 Oct 1989
Alverson, Grover19041948
Alverson, Olgar22 Feb 191220 Nov 1989
Alvey, Dessie Merl (Box) w/o Martin S. (M) 192130 Jan 19034 Apr 1980
Alvey, J.P.B & D11 --- 1988
Alvey, Jo Rome Phillips59 yr30 Apr 1989
Alvey, Joseph Bernard9 Sep 188530 Jan 1968SSDI
Alvey, Lawrence Edward US Army WWII25 Jul 19203 May 1996
Alvey, Martin Spalding Texas PFC Co. C 4 Fld. Sig. Bn. WWI 4 Feb 189321 Jan 1969WWIR
Austin, John Henry (Mason)
Info. Contributed by Judy
15 Aug 184630 Nov 1908
Barnett, Isaac PFC US Army3 Mar 190628 Feb 1978SSDI
Barton, D.H.23 Apr 186422 Jan 1923
Baskin, E.J. w/o W.T.6 Jun 184018 Mar 1910
Baskin, Effie Jane17 Mar 190511 Jul 1983SSDI
Baskin, Inf.19031903
Baskin, James Robert8 Feb 187517 May 1949
Baskin, Jimmy E. dates

Baskin, Lottie19101912
Baskin, Nora E.8 Jul 190021 Aug 1967
Baskin, Robert McClellan E 1 US Navy WWII Korea17 Aug 19282 Feb 1986
Baskin, Sarah Elizabeth30 Dec 187418 Jun 1937
Baskin, William T. Civil War Union Co. C 3rd Ark dates
Baskins, John M.20 Oct 189724 Jan 1972SSDI
Baskins, William S.29 Jan 193725 Aug 1966SSDI
Beach, Elsie E. (Harman) w/o George Allison4 Aug 187525 Oct 1914
Beach, Sam J.18561919
Bell, Aubrey T.30 May 1907Living
Bell, Louise (Poteet) w/o Aubrey T. d/o Grover & Alice (Spri)13 Jun 191127 Jan 1998SSDI
Benedict, Dennis Lee (M) 14 Dec 192425 Mar 18885 Jul 1988SSDI
Benedict, Ora Mae w/o Dennis Lee m/o Dorris, Lorene, Levoye, Levon, David, Lynelle, Arlyss, & Cherry15 May 190510 Jul 1991SSDI
Benefield, Charles Alfred s/o Edgar Nelson & Sallie F. (Daniels)12 Jul 19252 Oct 1989SSDI
Benefield, Clayton Lavan19281 Oct 1938
Benefield, Cletus Venson US Army WWII14 Jul 192413 Feb 1981SSDI
Benefield, Edgar Nelson30 Nov 189720 Oct 1992SSDI
Benefield, James K. "Jim" s/o Edgar Nelson & Sallie F. (Daniels) h/o Patsy (Garrett)14 Dec 192730 Jan 2006SSDI
Benefield, Laura (Smith) d/o William H. & Voila Mae (Williams) w/o Billy J.18 Feb 19408 Apr 2009
Benefield, Lennis V.17 May 190217 Mar 1984SSDI
Benefield, Lloyd Reed s/o Edgar Nelson & Sallie F. (Daniels)2 Oct 19307 Mar 2008SSDI
Benefield, Mary Ellen (Barrett) w/o Lennis V. d/o Robert & Effie Flora Belle31 May 190214 Feb 1999SSDI
Benefield, Reba Dell (Rodgers) d/o Floyd R. & Lyda M. (George) w/o Charles Alfred22 Sep 19265 May 2008SSDI
Benefield, Roy Lamar WWII s/o Edgar Nelson & Sallie F. (Daniels) h/o Juanita (Tucker)15 Sep 192011 Aug 2007SSDI
Benefield, Sallie F. (Daniels) d/o Augustus & Eliza (Goodson) w/o Edgar Nelson15 Mar 190019 May 2000SSDI
Billings, Mary E. w/o William H.30 May 186816 Apr 1924
Billings, William H.15 Sep 186612 Apr 1911
Bly, Howard Junior s/o Thomas Howard & Jessie Clarice (Dempsey)6 Sep 19329 Nov 2004SSDI
Bly, Jessie Clarice (Dempsey) w/o Thomas Howard26 Sep 191325 Mar 1995
Bly, Judy Anne d/o Thomas Howard & Jessie Clarice (Dempsey)25 Mar 195222 Mar 1967
Bly, Thomas Howard15 May 19084 Nov 1962
Bly, Waneta Irene3 Apr 192512 Sep 1994
Bowman, Clara Uleen w/o Lloyd22 Sep 191120 Dec 1993SSDI
Bowman, Floyd23 Aug 19075 Jun 1983SSDI
Bowman, Lloyd23 Aug 190727 May 1991SSDI
Boyce, Alex Madison Pfc. US Army WWII14 Jun 191516 May 1996SSDI
Boyce, Helen w/o Roy Don30 Jan 19256 May 1990
Boyce, James Luther Ark. Pvt. US Army WWII8 Apr 19295 Mar 1970SSDI
Boyce, Jennie L. w/o M.L.15 Jun 186425 Apr 1932
Boyce, Lettie B.L.3 Feb 190817 Jul 1977SSDI
Boyce, Mattie25 Sep 18894 Oct 1973SSDI
Boyce, Milton L.26 Jul 185029 Jul 1916
Boyce, Roy D. Ark. Tec 5 Co. B 86 Engr Avn. Bn. WWII10 Aug 192018 May 1967
Boyce, Rubbie L. d/o T.W.17 Jan 191110 Dec 1911
Boyce, Ruie Mae25 Nov 191229 Nov 1960
Boyce, Thomas W.188628 Sep 1956
Boyce, Vird E. w/o A.M.10 Dec 1912Jun 1985SSDI
Brasher, Clyde27 Oct 190410 May 1996SSDI
Brasher, Gladys (Crow) w/o Clyde26 Apr 1909Jun 1985SSDI
Brasher, J.S.14 Oct 18721 Sep 1932
Brasher, Nan1 Apr 188031 Jan 1978SSDI
Brasher, Sadie19 Sep 19027 Aug 1903
Bratton, Joe G.8 May 191820 Jul 1993SSDI
Bratton, Lillian w/o Joe G.18 Apr 1901 17 Apr 1979SSDI
Brewer, Seth Allen gs/o John Ed & Margaret E. (Turner) VestalB & D13 Aug 1990
Brown, Jewell (Hulsey) Brandon d/o James F. & Sena M. (Coker) M/1 Roy Brandon M/2 Rubin C. Brown1 Jan 1917 4 Mar 2008SSDI
Brown, Rubin C. s/o Archie & Mollie (Gray)20 Feb 19138 Mar 1998SSDI
Cale, Nissie4 Feb 189514 Nov 1967
Campbell, Lewis M.27 Oct 187915 Jan 1936
Campbell, Dave21 Jan 191929 Aug 1938
Campbell, Eva w/o Ezra25 Jan 19116 Jan 1988SSDI
Campbell, Ezra26 Jul 1904Aug 1954
Campbell, Tracy w/o Lewis M.10 Jul 1884 24 Jan 1941
Carson, Albert Quitman30 Jul 190223 Jul 1988SSDI
Carson, Alma w/o Albert Quitman20 Nov 1902Sep 1977SSDI
Carson, Geraldine d/o Albert & Alma20 Feb 19233 Jul 1933
Carson, Linda Carol2 Jul 195119 Jul 1951
Carson, Nellie Lucy19 Jan 191127 Aug 1950
Carson, Vena Lou (Pockrus) d/o Alford Jackson & Susan Elnora (Eubanks)3 Aug 189121 Jan 1928
Carson, William B.17 Jul 188312 Nov 1966SSDI
Carter, Garland George12 Jul 188623 Feb 1977SSDI
Carter, Lee Baron s/o Garland George & Lillian (Fulcher) B & D1908
Carter, Lillian (Fulcher)16 Aug 18863 Jul 1958
Carter, Lina Leony d/o Garland George & Lillian (Fulcher)19111913
Cathey, Betty L. (Mason) d/o William Elgin & Mannie Lee (Boyce) w/o Erby L.27 Mar 19295 Sep 2005SSDI
Chancellor, Billy Eugene s/o Clyde Franklin & Debbie Lee (Coates)14 May 19382 Jun 1999
Chancellor, Clyde Franklin s/o Sloan Oscar & Lela Arizona (Brown)14 Feb 191029 Dec 1983
Chancellor, Debbie Lee (Coates) w/o Clyde Franklin d/o Ezekiel Claude & Mittie Viola (Crawford)29 Apr 191514 Jan 1961
Christenberry, John D.1 May 19131 Feb 1994SSDI
Christenberry, Zelma w/o John D.10 Jul 190914 Jan 1985SSDI
Coates, Dennis s/o Walter Lee & Bertha Mae (Crawford) 11 Dec 19158 Jun 1916
Coates, Ezekiel Campbell s/o Thomas William Jr. & Susan Jane (Campbell)7 Feb 1855Mar 1941
Coates, Ezekiel Claude s/o Ezekiel Campbell & Lucinda (George)18 Nov 18818 Jun 1967
Coates, I.A. w/o E.Z.10 Jun 185117 Jan 1902
Coates, Inf. d/o Ezekiel Campbell & Lucinda (George)19121912
Coates, Leonard Arnold s/o Ezekial Claude & Mittie Vioala (Crawford) Ark. Pvt. 1885 Ser Unit WWII21 Mar 191022 Nov 1957
Coates, Mittie Viola (Crawford) w/o Ezekial Claude12 Oct 188822 Jul 1962
Coates, Ralph s/o Walter Lee & Bertha Mae (Crawford)27 Jun 191717 Jan 1921
Coates, Roscoe James s/o Ezekiel Campbell & Lucinda (George)19091920
Coates, Sylvester Otto s/o George Thomas & Rebecca (Sloan)13 Jun 19013 Nov 1905
Coates, Verna d/o Walter Lee & Bertha Mae (Crawford)3 Jul 19134 Jul 1913
Coates, William Oliver s/o George Thomas & Rebecca (Sloan)22 Sep 190421 Nov 1904
Coker, Cora F. (Davis) w/o Henry R. (Eastern Star)22 Jul 188015 Jul 1966SSDI
Coker, Henry R. (Mason)187421 Jun 1957
Coker, Henry R. Jr. Conn. M/Sgt. US Army WWII Korea29 Dec 191522 Jul 1970SSDI
Coker, Hettie24 Jul 18834 May 1926
Coker, Inf. d/o H.R. & C.F.30 Jun 19035 Jul 1903
Coker, James B.25 Sep 191819 Nov 1986SSDI
Coker, Joe18741908
Coker, L.E. (Mason)19 May 184315 Feb 1928
Coker, Loretta Maree (Johnson) d/o Henry C. & Catherine (Long) w/o Connie V.18 Feb 19201 Jun 2004SSDI
Coker, Lutisha w/o Joe18761922
Coker, M.E.15 Jan 18537 Nov 1917
Coker, Mildred M. (Ellison) w/o James B. d/o Edwin & Ethel (Frost)27 Oct 191824 Feb 1997SSDI
Coker, Winifred Mary (Stearle) Tec 5 US Army WWII w/o Henry R. Jr. d/o Charles H. & Frances M. (Coakley)13 Aug 191426 Dec 1998SSDI
Crank, Albert Calvin M/Sgt. US Army WWII Korea (Mason)10 Dec 190527 Jan 1977SSDI
Crank, Emma E. (Coker) (Eastern Star)14 Sep 191210 Jul 1974SSDI
Crowder, Mary E. d/o W.D. & M.L.22 Oct 190223 Oct 1902
Curless, Evelyn Irene (Scruggs) Heinzelman d/o Little Roland & Birtha (Campbell) M/1 Benny Heinzelman M/2 Marvin Elmer Curless19 Oct 19401 Jun 2004SSDI
Daniel, Albert Bart US Air Force WWII s/o George A. & Eva Liza (Goodson)6 Sep 19101 Oct 1985 SSDI
Daniel, Eva Liza (Goodson) w/o George A.18701963
Daniel, George A. "Gus"18585 Mar 1937
Daniel, Otto s/o George A. & Eva Liza (Goodson)20 Feb 18986 Nov 1980SSDI
Daniels, Henry1 Jul 188910 Feb 1975
Davenport, Viola E. (Smith) w/o Virgil Kenneth (M) 6 Feb 195928 Oct 194014 Sep 1995
Davenport, Virgil Kenneth15 Feb 1939Living
Davis, M. Marie d/o G.C. & M.E.21 Aug 191018 Sep 1911
DeLoach, Irene (Spencer) w/o William Floyd (M) ca. Jun 1911 14 Feb 1887Nov 1967SSDI
DeLoach, Roy L. "Square" s/o William Floyd & Irene (Spencer) h/o Jewell Geneva20 Mar 191222 Mar 2004SSDI
DeLoach, William Floyd1 Sep 1873ca. Oct 1961
Dempsey, J. Ira (Mason)21 Feb 187629 Oct 1964SSDI
Dempsey, Nora May w/o J.Ira18791958
Deshazo, James E. s/o John13 Oct 1892 15 Apr 1911
Dilbeck, Cynthia Ann (Conway) b. Anderson Dist., NC w/o John Joel5 Aug 183228 Mar 1917
Dilbeck, John Joel s/o William W. & Sarah25 Sep 182911 Oct 1889
Dinnerville, William E. "Al" s/o James Alexander & Pearl Carolina (Styx) h/o Sarah (Benefield)27 Dec 192728 Oct 2003SSDI
Doak, BabyB & D3 Dec 1961
Doak, Eliza P.5 Aug 19208 Oct 1991SSDI
Doak, Brother Kenneth Ray13 Aug 19328 Mar 1991SSDI
Donnell, Emma Jean22 Jul 193528 Nov 1982SSDI
Doucette, Robert P.13 Mar 193727 May 1995
Duncan, Ruby Jewel (Mahon)24 Oct 1920 4 Sep 1991SSDI
Dunckon, Don Murray25 Sep 19391 Dec 1991SSDI
Dunker, Stella Evelyn (Frost)4 Jul 1910 6 Nov 1991SSDI
Dunn, Arthur17 Sep 192114 Apr 1989SSDI
Dunn, Dorothy Lou (Mann) w/o Lark (M) 12 Jan 1946 d/o Joe & Belle2 Jun 192526 Feb 1999SSDI
Dunn, Henry3 Oct 1880Sep 1972SSDI
Dunn, Lark14 Aug 191317 May 1981SSDI
Dunn, Lelon US Navy WWII5 Apr 192417 May 1992SSDI
Dunn, Millie w/o Henry18891964
Edwards, Ruthie MarieB & D19 Jul 1937
Eldridge, Billy S.15 Nov 192728 Oct 1988
Eldridge, Glennie N. w/o S. Vester (M) 20 Jul 19249 Jul 1907Jul 1995SSDI
Eldridge, Patsy Jean d/o S. Vester & Glennie N.16 Jan 193013 Nov 1933
Eldridge, S. Vester15 Feb 19052 Aug 1984SSDI
Eldridge, Stacy A.1 Jan 19643 Jan 1964
Eldridge, Thomas J. Tec 4 US Army WWII19 Apr 192612 May 1992SSDI
Eldridge, Velma L. w/o Thomas J. (M) 9 Oct 194314 Feb 1926Living
Elisson, Alanida188225 Apr 1902
Ellison, Albert K. Ark. T/Sgt. US Army WWII12 Nov 192411 Aug 1971SSDI
Ellison, Albert R.15 Jan 190116 Apr 1996SSDI
Ellison, Christine E. (Hauff Lopez) d/o Frank & Nora (Kerr) w/o Phillip (M) 11 May 200128 Nov 197324 Feb 2006SSDI
Ellison, Edwin I.19 May 18949 Jan 1979SSDI
Ellison, Ethel (Frost) w/o Edwin I.26 May 18991 Nov 1982
Ellison, Frances E. w/o Richard22 Dec 186611 May 1945
Ellison, John D.27 Jul 188414 Feb 1970SSDI
Ellison, John J.13 Jun 182319 Mar 1906
Ellison, L. Pearl w/o A.R.19001972
Ellison, Martha A. w/o John J.13 Nov 1846---
Ellison, Richard Civil War CSA Price's Ark. Reg'tno date16 Mar 1938CPF
Ellison, Sarah J. w/o John D.11 Feb 188728 Dec 1964
Ellison, Sherman L.24 Jul 192825 Mar 1993
Ellison, L. Verdell (George) d/o Aaron Kimzey & Nancy Elizabeth (Sullivan) w/o Vernon E.28 May 191213 May 2005
Ellison, Vernon E.11 Jan 191113 Jun 1975SSDI
Ellison, Yoshiko w/o Sherman L. (M) 9 Mar 19601 Jan 1931Living
Emberson, Gregory Lynn13 Sep 198224 Jan 1983
England, Scott Eugene s/o Norbin & Jane (Via)15 Nov 196217 Sep 1995
Eubanks, John Madison19 Dec 183616 Sep 1910
Eubanks, Martha C.26 Dec 185222 Aug 1936
Evans, Glynn Odell US Air Force Korea s/o Damon Odell & Stevie Fay (Gaydon) h/o Elizabeth Anna (Galli) (M) 28 Mar 196519 Sep 193011 Sep 2003SSDI
Evans, Virta12 Feb 188112 Jun 1909
Facundus, Lehde Lea26 Feb 19753 Aug 1993
Faulker, Audie Lee w/o Robey L.21 Jul 190422 Feb 1989
Faulker, Robey Lester19 May 190111 Apr 1981
Findley, Kristopher Lynn s/o Terry L. & Terry L. (Goodson) h/o Brittany Sue3 Oct 19826 Aug 2006SSDI
Fletcher, Bill (Mason)14 Feb 188131 Jul 1939
Fletcher, Maggie (Pierson)15 Jan 1893 3 Jun 1944
Flood, Clarence s/o Edward Ira & Donnilee L. (Foster) 3 Jun 192413 Mar 1998SSDI
Flood, Donnilee L. (Foster) w/o Edward Ira4 Feb 190010 Nov 1974SSDI
Flood, Edward Ira Ark. Pvt. 63 Co. 165 Depot Brig. WWI1 Feb 189318 Mar 1969WWIR SSDI
Flood, Kenneth W.13 May 195517 May 1955
Flood, Otis O. US Navy WWII12 Jan 1922 12 Sep 1989SSDI
Flood, Patrick4 Jun 19585 Jun 1958
Flood, Troy J. Ark. S-1 US Navy WWII9 Dec 19263 May 1972SSDI
Flood, Vicki L.10 Dec 19569 Jul 1957
Foster, Jeremy William s/o Jeff & Vickie25 Apr 19851 Oct 2004
Fox, Mollie18751916
Freeman, Alice Jean8 Jul 195723 Aug 1957
Freeman, Charles Eugene Cpl. US Army WWII Korea19 Nov 192530 Jan 1987SSDI
Freeman, Donald A. Ark. Cpl. US Army WWII8 Mar 19128 Nov 1973SSDI
Freeman, Eula A. w/o James M.18751958
Freeman, Floyd M.4 Jan 190515 Jan 1943
Freeman, Ida Belle (Owens) d/o John & Gracie (Crites) w/o Charles Eugene22 Jan 193015 Nov 2000SSDI
Freeman, James M.186722 Feb 1945
Freeman, Santford G. Ark. Pvt. US Army WWII1 Nov 190113 Jun 1966SSDI
Frinkle, Stephen William "Steve" s/o Gerald & Beatrice h/o Vickey23 Jun 195525 Oct 2008SSDI
Frisbee, Christopher Columbus30 Oct 1843 25 Dec 1903
Frost, Allen F.30 Jan 190527 Feb 1991SSDI
Frost, Effie Jane8 Jan 19004 Dec 1975SSDI
Frost, Margaret18601927
Frost, Samuel T.1 Jul 183222 Nov 1923
Fulcher, Duane Hoover s/o Arch9 Nov 191525 Aug 1916
Fulcher, E.C. w/o L.F.20 Jan 18627 Jan 1911
Fulcher, Inf./o L.F. & E.C.B & D15 Apr 1904
Fulcher, Josie2 Dec 19072 Jun 1985SSDI
Fulcher, Leander F. s/o Steve & Eva23 Mar 19126 Apr 1912
Fulcher, Lee F.9 Jan 18532 Feb 1927
Fulcher, Luther10 Jul 18842 May 1906
Fulcher, Oscar18771953
Fulcher, Robert E.20 Jan 187926 Sep 1905
Gaydon, Alton23 Dec 190420 Jan 1952
Gaydon, Earl W.1 May 190018 Feb 1954
Gaydon, Fannie9 May 18743 Jan 1918
Gaydon, Harry15 Nov 187015 Jul 1871
Gaydon, Herring Leon "Pete" Pvt. US Army WWII25 Mar 192429 Dec 1944
Gaydon, James A.22 Aug 18729 Mar 1928
Gaydon, James A.20 Jun 18933 Jul 1895
Gaydon, John W.18701957
Gaydon, Kate w/o John W.1872---
Gaydon, Letta (McCoy) M/1 __________ Scott M/2 Alton Gaydon (M) 24 Oct 19252 Mar 190627 May 1991
Gaydon, Lillie Lee d/o J.A. & Martha20 Oct 18998 Sep 1902
Gaydon, Martha w/o J.A.7 Jul 18711 Dec 1956
Gaydon, Odis Roscoe s/o J.A. & Martha6 Oct 190220 Aug 1903
Gaydon, Ora (George) w/o Earl W.28 Oct 190123 Mar 1985SSDI
Gaydon, Rutha d/o J.M. & M.C.13 Sep 191117 Apr 1916
Gaydon, Spencer8 Apr 184211 Mar 1897
Gaydon, Tillman J.18 Oct 184617 Jan 1886
George, Aaron Kimzey "A.K."18 Apr 1874 5 Nov 1969SSDI
George, Aaron T. s/o Aaron Kimzey & Nancy Elizabeth (Sullivan)30 Jan 190518 Apr 1910
George, Alice9 Apr 188011 Nov 1918
George, Allen Ciscerole18611937
George, Cora Ella (Wytt) w/o Lilburn Green26 Feb 189115 Aug 1956
George, Flavel Marlin s/o Marlin & Monnie Boyce (McCoy) 7 Feb 194315 Mar 1958
George, Garry Dale s/o Cecil Doyle & Jaunell (Rodgers) 1 Jul 195116 Feb 2003SSDI
George, Herman Jack US Army WWII s/o Lilburn Green & Cora Ella (Wytt) h/o Birtie L.17 Apr 192118 Apr 2003SSDI
George, Ida B. w/o J. Marion18781955
George, Irma Maerene (Williams) d/o W. Alexander & Inez (Kirkpatrick) w/o Rufus A.10 Jul 191522 Apr 2005SSDI
George, Isaac Webb Civil War CSA Cavalry Co. I 39th GA Vol. 19 Jul 184010 Dec 1903CPF
George, J. Marion18681941
George, James Lester Pvt. US Army WWII s/o Lilburn Green & Cora Ella (Wytt)1 Dec 191529 Jan 1995
George, Lilburn Green26 Feb 18842 Apr 1965
George, Lillian16 Jun 191321 Sep 1913
George, Mary Jane (Frisbee) d/o Christopher Columbus & Sarah Jane w/o Allen Ciscerole18648 Jun 1945
George, Monnie Boyce (McCoy) d/o F. Alec & Rilla R. (Boyce) w/o Marlin20 Mar 19234 Mar 2005SSDI
George, Nancy Elizabeth (Sullivan) w/o Aaron Kimzey13 May 188426 Sep 1971SSDI
George, Rufus Autry s/o Aaron Kimzey & Nancy Elizabeth (Sullivan)18 May 19143 Nov 1988SSDI
George, Ruthe Elizabeth d/o Aaron Kimzey & Nancy Elizabeth (Sullivan)Jun 1926-----
Gilpin, Rev. Alvin L. "Bill"8 Apr 1905 Sep 1964SSDI
Gilpin, Mary "Vay" (Barnes) w/o Alvin L.25 May 19099 Aug 1987SSDI
Goff, Mrs. A.R.26 Jan 189020 Mar 1920
Goff, Inf. s/o A.R. & MaudB & D1911
Goodson, Cynthia A. w/o James A.18601946
Goodson, Effie M. w/o Milos J.1 Feb 1888 Apr 1981SSDI
Goodson, Evelyn Louise (Sampley) d/o Jessie & Lucille (Brigman)28 May 19426 Feb 2006SSDI
Goodson, Fay s/o A.L. & T.8 Mar 190329 Jun 1905
Goodson, Fay H.22 May 19052 Jun 1989
Goodson, Felix Franklin5 Jan 190824 Mar 1989SSDI
Goodson, Fred s/o Joe & Ziza3 Sep 190822 Feb 1911
Goodson, Ida C. (Person) w/o John F. (M) 29 Oct 18858 Mar 186930 Jul 1893
Goodson, 2 Inf. d/o A.J. & dates

Goodson, Jacob S. h/o Jennie (Ringer) (M) 18704 Apr 184019 Mar 1915
Goodson, James A.18571939
Goodson, John F. (Mason)24 May 18638 Sep 1910
Goodson, Kitty McClendon w/o J.F. (M) 9 Dec 189426 Apr 187328 Dec 1938
Goodson, Mark s/o A.J. & N.A.24 Sep 188219 Jul 1884
Goodson, Mark s/o I.C. & J.F.3 Jun 18927 Sep 1895
Goodson, Mary C. w/o M.W.24 Jul 18357 Jul 1904
Goodson, Mathiew W. b. Lincoln Co., N.C.25 Aug 18289 Jul 1888
Goodson, Milos J.17 Sep 187810 May 1949
Goodson, Nellie I. w/o Fay H.28 Mar 191227 Feb 1997SSDI
Goodson, Oscar s/o I.C. & J.F.27 Dec188711 Mar 1894
Goodson, Phelix s/o A.J. & N.A.23 Aug 18797 Nov 1879
Goodson, Ruben s/o A.J. & dates

Grady, Henry19181927
Graves, Charles R.15 Jan 19051 Oct 1955
Graves, Thelma w/o C.R.12 Feb 19106 Nov 1961
Gray, Joseph Civil War Sgt. Co. K 2nd Ark. Mt. Rifles18 Feb 183117 Mar 1900
Gray, Margaret (Smith) w/o Joseph1840 1905
Guinn, Theodore L.6 Jul 1912Jun 1958SSDI
Hacker, Andrew J.15 Jan 1893Jul 1973SSDI
Hacker, Birtie E. w/o Andrew J.18931958
Hacker, Cecil Vernon s/o Andrew J. & Bertie E.29 Jun 192229 Jul 1978SSDI
Hacker, Emmitt Brown Calif. PFC Mil. Police Corps WWII11 Nov 191821 Jun 1970SSDI
Hacker, Helen E. (Nordin)29 Mar 19105 Apr 1994SSDI
Hacker, Marion Curtis PFC US Army WWII19 May 19201 May 1978SSDI
Hale, John F. (W of W)30 Jul 187824 Mar 1917
Hale, Warren E. Pvt. US Army WWI s/o Estes A. & Ida Mae (Red)26 Oct 189629 Nov 1975SSDI
Hambright, Anna (Frost) w/o Eugene M.12 Feb 18827 Dec 1958
Hambright, Ellen S.185910 Dec 1930
Hambright, Ernest A. Pvt. Co. L. 2nd Inf. Ark. N.G. WWI17 May 189325 Jun 1956
Hambright, Eugene M.24 Aug 187821 Jun 1960
Hankins, Dickno dates

Hankins, Jimno dates

Hankins, John H. Civil War CSA Ark. Sgt. Co. K 13th Regt. AR Inf.8 Jan 18327 May 1924CPF
Hankins, Juliano dates

Harlow, Ellin R.5 Mar 19106 Oct 1947
Harlow, Julius Clindon Sr. US Navy Chaplain s/o Julius C. & Ellin Rhea (Abernathy) f/o Ellen Mae, Theresa Lynne, Julius Jr. "Butch"23 Nov 193012 Jun 2001SSDI
Harlow, Mattie E.14 Aug 188021 Jan 1950
Harlow, Robert H.20 Aug 187526 Mar 1946
Harlow, Roland H.1 Jul 192521 Sep 1938
Harp, Carrieno dates

Harp, Ednano dates

Harp, Elizabeth Ann w/o J.M.18521884
Harp, Florenceno dates

Harp, John Marion18481900
Harrison, Floyd (Mason)26 Dec 190921 Nov 1980SSDI
Harrison, Jimmie w/o Floyd d/o G.A. & Eva (Goodson) Daniels19131964
Heinzelman, Benny (M) 1 Sep 195929 Oct 1937 (1939?)7 Oct 1995
Higginbotham, Estine (Dunn)3 Oct 191614 May 1997
Holbrook, Hattie P. (George) d/o Aaron Kimzey & Nancy Elizabeth (Sullivan) w/o Rufus B. (M) 9 Aug 193611 Apr 191617 May 2003SSDI
Holbrook, Rufus B. Tec. 5 US Army WWII30 May 191324 May 1988SSDI
Holder, Grace M.6 Nov 19015 Jun 1999
Holder, Lonnie A.21 Oct 189930 Apr 1970
Holman, Vicky Lynn31 Jul 195215 Feb 1965
Holt, Mary Elizabeth (Rodgers) w/o Charles Jackson3 Feb 186615 Dec 1899
Honecutt, Ida Marie (Smith) d/o Pinckney K. & Julia Ann (George) w/o James (M) 15 Jun 19633 Feb 19404 May 2009
Howard, Annie (Jewell)16 Aug 191819 Jul 1976
Howard, George Cleo Ark. PFC Co. A 106 Eng. Bn. WWII s/o Joe Elder & Lillian22 Feb 19187 Dec 1961
Howard, Joe Elder5 Mar 189013 Aug 1968SSDI
Howard, Johnnie Leo Ark. S/Sgt US Air Force WWII Korea s/o Joe Elder & Lillian2 Jun 19217 Dec 1957SSDI
Howard, Lillian w/o Joe Elder10 Feb 1896 2 Sep 1975SSDI
Howard, Sybil w/o G.C.1922Living
Howard, William Melvin3 Jan 191417 Jun 1996
Hrynilwicz, John H.12 Feb 191724 Aug 1998
Hulsey, Inf. s/o James F. & Sena M. (Coker)no dates

Hulsey, 2 Inf. s/o James F. & Sena M. (Coker)no dates

Hulsey, Opal T. s/o James F. & Sena M. (Coker)19041949
Hulsey, Sena M. (Coker) w/o James F.1 Jan 18958 Jun 1963
Hulsey, William E. "Bill" US Navy Korea s/o James F. & Sena M. (Coker)17 Mar 193729 Sep 2002 SSDI
Irwin, G.W.11 Sep 18517 Jul 1887
Irwin, John F. s/o G.W. & M.S.20 Jan 188429 Sep 1884
Irwin, Monroe18731911
Johnson, Anna w/o J.M.18 Sep 187415 Sep 1957
Johnson, Claude L.7 Jun 192623 May 1989SSDI
Johnson, Claudis s/o E.C. & S.A.26 Jan 189012 Mar 1896
Johnson, David31 Mar 189815 May 1899
Johnson, Elbridge C. s/o Wiley & Arvilla5 Sep 185515 Dec 1931
Johnson, Gearldine G. w/o C.S. (M) 10 Sep 194517 Mar 1928Living
Johnson, Helen R. (Jones) d/o William & Josie (Ellison) w/o Ted (M) 16 Nov 19408 Jun 191826 Apr 2001SSDI
Johnson, Hester M.2 Mar 190811 Jun 1929
Johnson, Houston E. Pfc. US Army WWI14 Apr 18922 Nov 1975WWIR SSDI
Johnson, Inf. d/o W.H.20 Sep 19173 Nov 1917
Johnson, Inf. d/o E.C. & S.A.1894 1895
Johnson, Jackson3 Aug 189428 Jan 1929
Johnson, James M.12 Feb 186815 May 1919
Johnson, Jimmie Pvt. US Army WWII22 Mar 19005 Oct 1990SSDI
Johnson, Martha J. w/o H.E.25 Dec 1901 Sep 1985SSDI
Johnson, Myrtle30 Mar 189625 Sep 1979
Johnson, Oliver L.22 Nov 190216 Nov 1940
Johnson, Rosen Grant186310 Jan 1901
Johnson, Raymond18 Jan 191116 May 1928
Johnson, Synthia A. w/o Elbridge C.2 May 185514 May 1916
Johnson, Stephanie Ann26 Jun 197622 Jun 1983
Johnson, Ted5 Sep 191313 May 1995
Johnson, Wiley18241902
Johnson, Zada "George" w/o Jackson7 Sep 19038 Apr 1990SSDI
Jones, Alma Lee23 Dec 191210 Aug 1913
Jones, Cal w/o Button20 Sep 18562 May 1912
Jones, Graham s/o J.O. & Susan21 Sep 190321 Feb 1904
Jones, John Henry25 Dec 18473 Dec 1918
Jones, Josie24 Nov 18799 Mar 1958
Jones, Mary Susan w/o J.H.3 Jan 18528 Nov 1910
Jones, Nancie---Feb 1911
Jones, Paul Edwin Chp. Clk. US Navy WWI WWII3 Aug 18941 Dec 1977SSDI
Jones, Susan S. w/o J.O.7 Feb 18849 Dec 1912
Jones, William "Button"25 Dec 185625 Apr 1933
Jones, William Harold Ind. Sgt. 147 Engr. WWI28 Sep 189818 Sep 1949WWIR
Keller, Inf. d/o John & BirthaB & D16 Jul 1908
Kendrick, Alta Clara w/o I.E.4 Nov 1896 29 Sep 1964
Kendrick, Clara Marie14 Sep 19177 Oct 1933
Kendrick, Ila Everett (Mason) s/o Ambrose Gilbert & Sarah Ann (Rackley)9 Sep 18886 Nov 1968 SSDI
Keplar, Goldie E. (McElnoy)19 Feb 1905 13 Sep 1988SSDI
Kimzey, Leonard Franklin31 Dec 191015 Aug 1996
Kimzey, Modean O. (George) d/o Aaron Kimzey & Nancy Elizabeth (Sullivan) w/o Leonard Franklin (M) 12 Dec 195312 Jul 19189 May 2005SSDI
Kinser, Doris19181950
Kinser, Geraldean d/o Alf & Lillian May (Scott)19211943
Kinser, Ruby Doris19199 Dec 1950
Kinsey, Viola Pearl (Noakes) d/o Tom & Mary Emily m/o Judy & Betty gm/o Jeannie, Carolyn, Judy, Trish, Lori21 Mar 191327 Apr 2003
Lawley, Maggie Sue6 Jan 192930 Dec 1931
Laymance, George R. Tx. Pvt. Co. A 38 Sig Tng Bn WWII17 Jun 190111 Sep 1965SSDI
Leach, James William25 Jul 195216 Sep 1994
Leach, Tammy Leann w/o James William (M) 24 Nov 197812 Sep 1959Living
Lewis, Lucy J. (Craft)
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Tombstone Picture from Linda Miller
18612 Jul 1927
Liveley, Kandra Annette d/o Bobby & Doris (Via)30 Mar 19717 Oct 1988
Lowrance, L.J. w/o J.N.28 Jan 188513 Jul 1914
Lowrie, Judson Y. "Jake"24 Mar 19254 Jun 1995SSDI
Lowrie, Ruby Lee (Smith) w/o Judson Y. (M) 28 Jan 194516 Jun 192728 Mar 1991SSDI
MacDonald, Gordon M.28 Aug 190417 Mar 1974SSDI
MacDonald, Minnie B. w/o Gordon M.29 Mar 1902Aug 1983SSDI
Mahan, Ina (Brasher)15 May 19066 Apr 1970SSDI
Mahon, Chilili I.12 Apr 19242 Jul 1999SSDI
Mahon, Francis28 Oct 191814 Sep 1980SSDI
Mahon, Hal Sr.
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Tombstone Picture from Linda Miller
9 Sep 18854 Feb 1947
Mahon, Hal Jr. s/o Hal Sr. & Nicy Lillian (Lewis) h/o Martha Bell (Gilley)16 Feb 192627 Feb 2005
Mahon, Helen A. w/o Francis10 Dec 1924 28 Sep 2000SSDI
Mahon, Leonard s/o Hal & Lillian (Lewis) WWII Member of VFW #85252 Dec 191625 Jul 1979SSDI
Mahon, Nicy Lillian "Lillie" (Lewis) w/o Hal
Tombstone Picture
Additional Info and Tombstone Picture from Linda Miller
23 Apr 188723 Jun 1955
Mangham, Jacqueline Johnson18 Jul 1937 Apr 1986SSDI
Marcum, Alpha Cassie18971913
Marcum, Amanda Fulcher18401911
Marcum, Annette9 Jun 190811 Jun 1992SSDI
Marcum, Duma w/o Leo3 Dec 190013 Oct 1977SSDI
Marcum, Eric Levan2 Jul 191519 Jun 1993
Marcum, Ethel L.18931954
Marcum, Fidell20 Jul 192212 Jun 1986SSDI
Marcum, James Alton18901912
Marcum, James Henry25 Dec 189410 May 1975SSDI
Marcum, John A. Civil War CSA Co. Capt. McFarlin's GA Inf. At his death, he was the last CSA veteran in Yell Co., AR1853 25 May 1951CPF
Marcum, Rev. John Ivan19 Sep 18922 Jun 1992SSDI
Marcum, Leighton E. Sgt. US Army WWII16 Mar 192311 Jan 1987SSDI
Marcum, Leo1912Living
Marcum, Luther s/o R.H. & M.S.5 Oct 188828 Nov 1908
Marcum, Magadaline S.20 Sep 185719 Nov 1916
Marcum, Maggie Aline21 Sep 19174 Feb 1919
Marcum, Mary E. w/o John A.18651971
Marcum, Mary Elizabeth w/o Eric Levan12 Jun 1922Living
Marcum, Plez Jefferson PFC US Army Korea4 Oct 19255 Sep 1984SSDI
Marcum, R.W.186413 Jun 1941
Marcum, Robert H.17 May 186213 Jun 1941
Marcum, Sintha C.5 Jan 189525 May 1941
Marcum, Verna Alene16 Apr 190330 Oct 1974SSDI
Marcum, William Floyd31 Jan 189228 Dec 1966SSDI
Martin, Vera L. (Frost)27 Aug 191428 Nov 1968SSDI
Mashburn, Dennis R. USMC s/o Cleo & Pauline Cleta (Moore) h/o Karen8 Oct 195023 Nov 2002SSDI
Mashburn, Pauline Cleta (Moore) w/o Cleo d/o Horace Lee & Edna Ruth (Swor)27 Dec 192128 Dec 2002SSDI
Mason, Alex dates

Mason, Delia18727 Jun 1963
Mason, Donald S/Sgt. US Army Air Corps WWII s/o William Elgin & Mannie Lee (Boyce)25 Sep 191531 Jul 1994
Mason, Elsie M. (Via)15 Aug 191423 Sep 1975SSDI
Mason, Eugene190212 Sep 1928
Mason, Jim dates

Mason, John18611927
Mason, John Oliver "Otto"5 Dec 189926 Jun 1976SSDI
Mason, Lola S. (Robinson) w/o John Oliver16 Nov 190027 Dec 1972SSDI
Mason, Mannie Lee (Boyce) w/o William Elgin10 Feb 189527 May 1970SSDI
Mason, Susie Rodgers h/o Laura M.21 Aug 18995 Nov 1987
Mason, T.A. (Mason)14 Feb 191217 Nov 1989
Mason, William Elgin11 Nov 188820 Aug 1933
McAnally, Mary Sue28 Dec 193230 May 1985
McCain, N.E.188022 Jun 1953
McCarley, Gertrude18 Aug 190027 Apr 1901
McCarley, John Henry s/o A.C. & Grace5 Apr 190531 Aug 1908
McCarley, M.M. w/o A.C.15 Aug 187622 Feb 1901
McCarley, Willie12 Sep 18977 Jun 1900
McCoy, Alice (Nelson) w/o William Wesley1 Aug 190313 Aug 1975SSDI
McCoy, Annie Chloe (Fletcher) w/o Charles Henry (M) 27 Jul 192913 Jul 191115 Jun 1984SSDI
McCoy, Belle Irwin18791963
McCoy, Charles Henry15 Jul 190215 Apr 1992SSDI
McCoy, Charles Monroe9 Dec 18626 Oct 1940
McCoy, Eva A. w/o Harry G.25 Sep 1895 26 Oct 1958
McCoy, F. Alec20 Oct 18799 Dec 1961
McCoy, Francis P.28 Oct 190429 Oct 1931
McCoy, Harry G.14 Nov 188619 Mar 1973SSDI
McCoy, Helen AnnB & D15 Oct 1974
McCoy, Inf. s/o LeonB & D1912
McCoy, Ira T. s/o James William & Louisa Jane (Coates) 10 Aug 189816 Feb 1969SSDI
McCoy, James William25 Dec 18746 Oct 1916
McCoy, Louisa Jane (Coates) d/o Ezekiel Campbell & Judy Almetia (Tanner) w/o James William9 Sep 18788 Jan 1921
McCoy, Mary Jane5 Aug 187031 Jul 1964
McCoy, Mikael O.B & D1985
McCoy, Nancy18271911
McCoy, Rilla R. (Boyce) w/o F. Alec3 Aug 18855 May 1937
McCoy, William Wesley8 Sep 1889Oct 1973SSDI
McDaniel, Alonzo18791957
McDaniel, Baby19171918
McDaniel, Violet18871948
McElroy, Florence31 May 187014 Dec 1959
McElroy, John H.22 Apr 186214 Jan 1929
McElroy, M.T.G.30 Mar 189024 Aug 1916
McGhee, Annie Laura (Nelson) w/o James Franklin10 Feb 19034 May 1968SSDI
McGhee, George W.22 Feb 192819 Dec 1973SSDI
McGhee, Griffin A. Jr. Pfc. US Army WWII7 Mar 192216 May 1995
McGhee, Inf. s/o G.A. & AnnaB & D7 Mar 1922
McGhee, James Franklin27 Dec 18827 Feb 1961
McGhee, John E.13 Oct 193523 Oct 1981SSDI
McGhee, Marguerite w/o George W.4 Sep 1929Living
McGhee, Mary Anna18 May 190031 Jan 1974
McGlothlan, Alfred S.
Additional Info from Eva & Joe McGlothlan
McGlothlan, Auga w/o Alfred S.
Additional Info from Eva & Joe McGlothlan
McGlothlan, Claudia M.22 Dec 19102 Jul 2002
McGlothlan, Inf.
Additional Info from Eva & Joe McGlothlan
1 Jul 191117 Jul 1911
McGlothlan, J. Porter12 Apr 190724 Oct 1980
McGlothlan, Odos
Additional Info from Eva & Joe McGlothlan
McGlothlan, Russell Mack
Additional Info from Eva & Joe McGlothlan
19 Sep 195129 Nov 1964
McGlothlan, William R. (Mason)
Additional Info from Eva & Joe McGlothlan
2 Dec 189613 Nov 1929
McMinn, Fay s/o J.F. & Cora20 Oct 190717 Apr 1910
Mercer, Annie E. w/o Perry Monroe1 Dec 190623 Nov 1970SSDI
Mercer, Deliah Jane (Corning) w/o Evert L.29 Oct 193128 Sep 1990
Mercer, Evert L. f/o Vicky L., Sherry A., Robert K., Tina R., Brenda L., and Bradford R.10 Jul 19289 Apr 1994SSDI
Mercer, Perry Monroe3 Sep 190029 Aug 1988SSDI
Mercer, Violet SueB & D27 Mar 1933
Meyer, Doyle Perry Sr. USMC s/o Julius C. & Golding (Cates) h/o Le Hong1 Sep 192831 Dec 2008 SSDI
Mincher, Verda Aline10 Feb 191412 Jun 1994
Mitchell, Carolyn (Abernathy) w/o Truman Lee (M) 12 Jul 1965 28 Nov 1944Living
Mitchell, Truman Lee s/o Floyce "Buck" & Girlie14 Oct 193814 Jun 2003
Moore, Kenneth C. US Navy WWII13 Aug 192419 Feb 2003
Morgan, Bessie w/o J.W.8 Apr 189215 Feb 1952
Morgan, Elizabeth15 Mar 18281 Dec 1900
Morgan, Joseph W.26 Sep 188926 Aug 1964
Morgan, Vournie Lee d/o R.L. & S.C.4 Sep 18992 Nov 1900
Morrison, Donald Ray4 Oct 196823 Sep 1978
Murphy, A.L.4 May 188413 Jan 1918
Nail, Luna V.3 Feb 190627 Apr 1942
Nesom, Calbert G. Miss. Corp, MFD Det---9 Oct 1933
Nesom, Lillian (Jones) (Eastern Star)26 Jan 188413 Sep 1963
Neuhart, Jaunell (Rodgers) George d/o Ira Edwin & Mary Ann (George) M/1 Cecil Dale George M/2 ______ Neuhart9 Jul 192616 Jul 2006SSDI
Noakes, Bobby Dean Sr.28 Jan 19417 Jul 1996
Noakes, Irvin C.9 Oct 1905Apr 1975SSDI
Noakes, Mary Emly17 Apr 187525 Dec 1967
Noakes, Matthew Alan s/o Bobb Dean Jr. & Becky28 Apr 198114 Sep 2002
Noakes, Ruby Joyce (Roberts) d/o Roland & Beatrice (Laney) w/o Bobby Dean Sr. (M) 28 Jan 196111 Nov 19421 Jan 2009SSDI
Noakes, Viona19 Jul 19072 Feb 1972SSDI
Noakes, William Tom29 Apr 186820 Aug 1950
Nordin, Della w/o G.Q.18741939
Nordin, Jessie Verena w/o Robert Amon Sr. (M) 8 Oct 193023 Aug 19149 Feb 2000
Nordin, Robert A. Jr.9 Aug 19311 Jan 2000
Nordin, Robert Amon Sr.13 Mar 19134 May 2000
Nordin, Stella18981947
Owen, Frank7 Oct 191016 Aug 1987
Owen, Johnie w/o Frank (M) 28 Jan 19379 Mar 191124 Aug 1994
Pacello, Peter Joseph h/o Lois (Alvey) Cpl. US Army WWII25 Aug 19206 May 1987SSDI
Parker, C.A.11 Sep 186329 Mar 1889
Parker, Cynthia E. w/o M.A.1 Feb 1914 Living
Parker, Dora B.18841952
Parker, Elizabeth dates

Parker, Eugene V. "Gene" 27 Nov 19121 Sep 1982SSDI
Parker, Inf./o J.O. & S.E.25 Dec 19084 Feb 1909
Parker, J.O.26 Jun 189110 Aug 1918
Parker, J.W.8 Oct 18857 Dec 1907
Parker, James M.18721940
Parker, Jeff D.5 May 186126 Apr 1941
Parker, Lee (Mason)19056 Jan 1959
Parker, Mary d/o J.D. & S.16 Jul 188623 Aug 1888
Parker, Melvin A.10 Oct 18971 Apr 1977SSDI
Parker, Oscar s/o J.D. & S.E.12 Feb 18894 Apr 1910
Parker, Rhoda E.186625 Oct 1910
Parker, Robert15 Nov 187815 Jun 1966SSDI
Parker, Ruth (Robinson) d/o Thomas & Sarah Elizabeth (Harper) w/o Lee24 Oct 19078 Mar 1999SSDI
Parker, Sarah E.14 Oct 18671 Aug 1941
Partee, Janet Coker14 Jan 19092 Jun 1952
Pearson, Eston18661937
Penuel, Burton23 Jun 190729 Mar 1970SSDI
Penuel, Pearl (Wright)5 Dec 1895Mar 1975SSDI
Petillo, Fannie (Boyce) w/o William Shafter (M) 17 Feb 1923 5 Nov 190522 Feb 1974SSDI
Petillo, William Shafter29 Nov 189815 Mar 1976SSDI
Pierson, John Allen28 Oct 188312 Nov 1945
Pitts, J.W.25 Jul 183915 Nov 1908
Pitts, Lela28 Oct 18931 Sep 1927
Pitts, Susan18 May 1839---
Pockrus, Fay F.25 Apr 19112 Jul 1911
Pockrus, Roy A.19 Feb 190710 Mar 1907
Pockrus, William H.G. s/o Alford Jackson & Susan Elnora (Eubanks)Sep 1882after 1941
Potter, Evelyn w/o Roger K.16 Sep 1914 22 May 1982SSDI
Potter, Roger K.30 Jun 19156 Sep 1990SSDI
Poulos, George L. s/o Peter & Cutie (Mercer)7 Jun 191514 Dec 1997SSDI
Puckett, Bonnie Sue (Boyce) d/o Bud & Maudie Jeanette (Hulsey)20 Jan 193526 Sep 2007SSDI
Putman, Douglas Lynn s/o Gene Lee & Kathy (McAnally)4 Dec 19691 Dec 1989
Rainey, Inf. twin s/o Roy Lester & Maud Revlla (Faulkner)16 Sep 1920no date
Ratliff, Harvey G. Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI11 Dec 189525 Sep 1972SSDI
Ratliff, Ruby P. w/o Harvey G.16 Mar 190010 Apr 1985SSDI
Rea, Sara Ruth (Singleton) d/o Joseph E. & Ruia (Hambright) M/1 Adolph J. McCauley M/2 Elvon Del Rea9 Aug 191913 Feb 2003SSDI
Reed, Elzie A. s/o A.T. & R.26 Dec 19107 Feb 1911
Riley, James Christy s/o Hugh Gow & Willa Lee (Hampton) US Air Force Pilot Major WWII Korea Purple Heart
Tombstone picture
9 Oct 191819 Mar 2003SSDI
Riley, Justin Henry3 Jul 189126 Jan 1973SSDI
Riley, Nell N. w/o Justin Henry1 Feb 189618 Feb 1996SSDI
Riley, Rheba Beatrice (Benefield) w/o James Christy
Tombstone picture
25 Mar 192219 Oct 2000
Riley, Robin Clayton s/o James Christy & Rheba Beatrice (Benefield)20 Nov 195317 Mar 2003
Ringgold, Della Mae (Frost)4 Jul 1901 20 Mar 1977SSDI
Ritchie, Rena (Alverson)19091954
Roberts, Ethel w/o J.L.9 Jul 18896 Feb 1911
Robinson, John P. s/o Inez
Additional Info from Erin Myers
21 Jun 193223 Apr 2008
Robinson, Inez1 Jan 190125 Nov 1957
Robinson, J. Arch31 Jul 18951 Jul 1951
Robinson, Joe Thomas1 Jun 193628 Sep 1980SSDI
Robinson, N.A. m/o L.W.4 May 186124 Jan 1918
Robinson, Rhoda Gaydon w/o N.E.2 Mar 184623 Oct 1910
Robinson, Sarah I. w/o T.B.18741931
Robinson, Thomas B.18621911
Rodgers, Andrew J.18771935
Rodgers, Carolyn R. (Frost) w/o Charles W.20 Oct 1944Living
Rodgers, Cassie w/o William18651952
Rodgers, Charles W. s/o Floyd R. & Lyda M. (George)5 Sep 193215 Apr 1998SSDI
Rodgers, Dovie (Green)1 May 190722 Jun 1971SSDI
Rodgers, Edwin Carroll s/o Ira Edwin & Mary Ann (George)25 May 194024 Dec 1978SSDI
Rodgers, Eldora22 Sep 188219 Jan 1902
Rodgers, Floyd R.29 Dec 190128 Aug 1969SSDI
Rodgers, Fred14 Mar 19164 Aug 1983SSDI
Rodgers, Hugh10 Jan 184927 Dec 1893
Rodgers, Ira Edwin "Ted"10 Dec 19056 Feb 1983SSDI
Rodgers, Lennie L. w/o A.J.18801960
Rodgers, Lyda M. (George) d/o Aaron Kimzey & Nancy Elizabeth (Sullivan) w/o Floyd R.16 Aug 19032 Dec 1986SSDI
Rodgers, Mary Ann (George) w/o Ira Edwin (M) 4 Jul 192517 Nov 1907Living
Rodgers, Ruby Lee (Waldo) Ketcherside Wade d/o Arch Sr. & Sallie (Nordin) M/1 Ellis Ketcherside M/2 Armon Wade M/3 Fred Rodgers20 May 192022 Jul 2005SSDI
Rodgers, Sinda22 Apr 183125 May 1908
Rodgers, William18621938
Rogers, Luke Ark. Pvt. 162 Depot Brig. WWI15 Aug 189126 Feb 1962WWIR
Rood, Cora19001947
Rose, Roy E. Pvt. US Army21 Jul 1917Jan 1974SSDI
Ross, Alfred T.185320 Nov 1904
Rummel, Lona (Rickett) d/o William B. & Venia (Carson) 2 Dec 191728 Feb 1991
Scoles, Johnie E.18 Jan 191424 Jan 1985
Scoles, Keith R.B & D1 Aug 1950
Scoles, Lealau P.9 Jan 191528 Jun 1992
Scruggs, Birtha (Campbell) w/o Little Roland27 Sep 191425 Nov 1959
Scruggs, Little Roland14 Jun 189722 Apr 1968SSDI
Scruggs, Ronnie19 Jun 195125 Nov 1959
Shaw, Mary Elizabeth1 Feb 19293 Nov 1979
Sheets, Tressie Victoria (Dukes)12 Nov 188625 Sep 1925
Shiflett, Joe18811946
Sims, Ruby N. (Barnes)18 Aug 191414 May 1993SSDI
Singleton, Baby Boyno dates

Singleton, Joe E.12 Oct 189726 Dec 1984
Singleton, Ruia H. w/o Joe E. m/o Sarah, Ruth, Ellen, Jean, Johnny & Carolyn30 Mar 189823 Jan 1982
Sloan, Martha E. w/o G.F.18 Oct 18431 Oct 1897
Sloan, Mary A.23 Jan 18328 Mar 1911
Smith, Bertha M.22 Nov 189810 Nov 1946
Smith, Elliott s/o G.W. & Ida13 May 190813 Nov 1909
Smith, Inez (Thompson)9 Sep 1899Oct 1975SSDI
Smith, Joe Ed Pvt. US Army Korea7 Nov 193126 Dec 1988
Smith, Julia Ann (George) w/o Pinckney K.15 Oct 191417 Dec 1981SSDI
Smith, Patricia Lynn25 Sep 19637 Dec 1999
Smith, Pinckney K.20 Dec 191327 Feb 1995SSDI
Smith, William R.27 Aug 1891Mar 1975SSDI
Somers, Henry C.18941957
Somers, Mable C.10 Jan 190727 Nov 1995
Speight, Grace (Eastern Star)----17 Sep 1955
Speight, James "Pete"19 Nov 19052 Jul 1974SSDI
Speight, Ruby E. (Hambright) (Eastern Star) d/o Eugene M. & Anna (Frost) w/o James3 Sep 19113 Apr 2006SSDI
Speight, W.C.18761934
Storment, Carl R. Sgt. US Army WWII19 Apr 190611 Jul 1988SSDI
Storment, Dema M. (George) d/o Allen & Mary (Frisbee) w/o Carl R.14 Feb 19118 Jun 1997SSDI
Storment, Inf. s/o William O. & Laura10 Mar 191011 May 1910
Storment, Joe F. s/o James Franklin & Josephine E. (Barnett) h/o Sibyl (Goodson)8 Apr 191214 May 1998SSDI
Storment, John Thomas s/o Mike & Marcia6 Oct 197522 Jan 1995
Storment, Laura w/o William O.15 Dec 189121 Jul 1975SSDI
Storment, Ruth Elizabeth (McGhee) d/o James Franklin & Annie Laura (Nelson) w/o Thomas Madison6 Jun 191924 Aug 2009
Storment, Thomas Madison (Mason) US Army WWII s/o James Franklin & Josephine E. (Barnett)8 Dec 191725 Aug 2006SSDI
Storment, William O.18821951
Stovall, Jesse J.26 Jul 189728 Aug 1965SSDI
Sullivan, Carlon J. (Mason) s/o Thomas J. & Pearl (Payton)14 Aug 19107 Sep 2006SSDI
Sullivan, Francisno date1885
Sullivan, Freeman Frances Pfc. US Army s/o Thomas J. & Pearl (Payton)4 May 191211 Jan 1993
Sullivan, Hetta E. w/o Carlon J.22 Feb 191011 May 1993SSDI
Sullivan, Levi O. SI US Navy s/o Thomas J. & Pearl (Payton) h/o Betty (Via)4 Sep 192422 Oct 1991SSDI
Sullivan, Mary Ann9 Mar 185824 Nov 1936
Sullivan, Pearl (Payton) w/o Thomas J. m/o Carlon J., Freeman Frances, Cyntha, Woodrow Wilson, Thomas, Marshall, Bessie, Vaydus, Levi O., & Retha6 May 188714 Sep 1968 SSDI
Sullivan, Terry L. s/o Levi O. & Betty (Via)9 Jan 19571 Jun 2004SSDI
Sullivan, Thomas J. "Sam"28 Aug 188222 Oct 1950
Sullivan, Woodrow Wilson s/o Thomas J. & Pearl (Payton) 23 Jan 191628 Mar 1989SSDI
Swilling, Irene (Hambright)19141969
Tanner, Bitha J. w/o Clayborn B.3 Aug 189230 Mar 1980SSDI
Tanner, Clayborn B.15 Feb 186625 Jul 1965
Tanner, Elmirie L. d/o B.C. & A.C.5 Nov 189321 Jan 1897
Tanner, James Sgt. US Army WWII s/o Jack & Annie (Nelson)2 Apr 192117 Nov 2000SSDI
Tanner, Lena M. (Rainey) w/o James (M) 23 Aug 19466 Sep 19257 Dec 1993
Tanner, Martha A. d/o C.H. & L.5 Aug 187030 May 1897
Tanner, Pamela Michelle d/o Andy & Tami27 Feb 198715 Sep 2007SSDI
Thacker, Cassa Loucinda (Dilbeck) w/o George Washington d/o John Joel & Cynthia Ann (Conway)24 Jun 186516 Jan 1900
Tharp, Gerald Wayne s/o Bill & Audie (Gaydon)29 Nov 192111 Mar 2005SSDI
Tigg, Mellissa K.27 Oct 187527 Jul 1902
Tillery, James Clyde28 Feb 192016 Mar 1942
Tippit, Jackie12 Aug 1949Living
Tippit, Sherry E. (Bly) w/o Jackie12 Jul 195624 May 1981SSDI
Tucker, Dudley Arthur30 Mar 188510 Oct 1961
Tucker, Ida May (Faulkner) w/o Dudley Arthur (M) 5 Oct 1906 15 Dec 188126 Jul 1932
Tucker, Inf. s/o Dudley Arthur & Ida May (Faulkner)9 Oct 190710 Oct 1907
Via, Alfred Noel3 Mar 19192 Nov 1981SSDI
Via, Bertrice E.18821953
Via, Bobby G. (Mason) s/o Thomas P. & Ruby L. (George) h/o Doris (Fields) Lively18 May 194013 Feb 2009SSDI
Via, Charles N. "Dick" s/o Jeff D. & Clara Lee (Tanner) 10 Aug 193512 Aug 2004SSDI
Via, Clara Lee (Tanner) w/o Jeff D.4 Nov 19026 Jan 1981SSDI
Via, Donald T. s/o Thomas P. & Ruby L. (George)no dates

Via, Jeff D.3 Feb 190428 Oct 1991SSDI
Via, Johnie s/o S.E. & B.E.27 Sep 190130 Nov 1902
Via, Lloyd C. Pfc. US Army WWII6 Mar 19274 Sep 1996
Via, Marlene Yvvone (Martin) d/o Frank & Lillian (Bratton) w/o Charles N.30 Mar 193714 Jun 2006
Via, Ralph s/o S.E. & dates

Via, Ruby L. (George) d/o Hardin & Carrie (Allen) w/o Thomas P.7 Jul 190330 Sep 1977SSDI
Via, Simeon s/o S.E. & B.E.11 Feb 18978 Dec 1899
Via, Simeon Ellis187813 Jan 1947
Via, Theda Pauline d/o Thomas P. & Ruby L. (George)24 Aug 19214 Jul 1923
Via, Thomas P.1 Aug 189529 Nov 1952SSDI
Via, William Henry "Willis"25 Jul 1875 19 Jul 1966SSDI
Via, Wilma w/o Donald T.19 Jun 1936Living
Wallace, Audie A. s/o E.G. & M.J.16 Dec 190913 Nov 1915
Wallace, Joseph A. s/o J.A. & M.D.8 Jul 190724 Apr 1908
Wallace, M.E.10 Apr 188227 Apr 1914
Wallace, Mary E. w/o W.H.2 Jun 190025 Oct 1918
Wellerman, George19051995
Wellerman, Kathelene19071995
Williams, Alice L.30 May 18666 Mar 1889
Wilson, Dorothea Ann192631 May 1934
Wilson, Edna Ruth19233 Nov 1929
Wilson, Mark L. Ark. Pvt. US Army WWIca. Aug 18903 Dec 1939WWIR
Wilson, Martha Ann2 Sep 189622 Dec 1982SSDI
Wilson, Thomas Lee s/o M.L. & Anna M.12 Feb 192316 Oct 1923
Wyont, Mable L. (Alverson) d/o Olgar & Ruie (Boyce) w/o Dan14 Jan 193512 Jun 1997SSDI
Young, Arthur A.27 Jun 19217 Oct 1970SSDI
Young, Arthur E.18 Dec 195321 Dec 1953
Young, James A.10 Mar 1943--
Young, Jewell M. w/o Arthur A.5 Feb 192715 Dec 1996SSDI
Young, R.M.18731931

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Last updated 18 Jun 2011